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J. T. FOWLER, D.C.L., F.S.A. 



BURSARS' BOOKS, 1456-1459, 



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At a General Meeting of the SURTEES SOCIETY, held in 
Durham Castle, on Tuesday, March 6th, 1917, 

It was resolved, 

Thar CANON FOWLER prepare a third volume of the 
Memorials of Fountains from manuscripts belonging to the 
Marquess of Ripon and to the Ingilby family. 


The first volume of the Memorials of Fountains was issued 
by the Surtees Society in 1863, under the able editorship of 
the late Mr. J. R. Walbran, of Ripon, F.S.A. The second 
volume, which was issued in 1878, contains eighty pages of 
original documents prepared by Mr. Walbran, whose work 
was cut short by his decease on April 9th, 1869. No one 
having been found to carry on the work as he began it, the late 
Canon Raine was requested by the Society to complete the 
volume. This he did, by adding to the above-mentioned 
eighty pages an appendix, consisting chiefly of reprints of 
some valuable brochures by Mr. Walbran, on various subjects 
more or less connected with the Abbey, and the volume, so 
completed, was issued in 1878. One of the tracts therein con- 
tained, namely a note of Fountains Records and their places 
of deposit, suggested to me the preparation of this third volume. 
Among the records described are (1) a book of Bursars' accounts 
preserved in the Studley Muniment Room, and (2) a Memoran- 
dum book, consisting principally of accounts, in the collection 
of MSS. at Ripley Castle. My experience in copying and 
editing Ripon and Durham Account Rolls created a great 
interest in other records of the same kind, and Mr. Walbran's 
abstracts from the Studley and Ripley MSS. led to expectations 
on my part, which have been more than fulfilled. The Marquis 
of Ripon and the late Lady Ingilby most liberally en- 
trusted their MSS. to my care, and I have now copied every 
word of them. They are not too long to be printed in extenso, 
and they will serve as excellent specimens of accounts as kept 
in the fifteenth century. 

The Bursars' book is a folio volume on paper, loose in its 
vellum cover, and it has suffered greatly from damp, as also, 


apparently, from the depredations of mice. It has included, 
when complete, the whole of the receipts and expenses of three 
years, namely 1456-1459, but several leaves have been lost. 
The present number of these is 78 (pages 1 to 156), size about 
11 J by 8 inches. On the cover are inscriptions and scribblings, 
now scarcely legible, but the dates 1668 and 1678 can be dis- 
cerned, and on many of the pages are castings up of sums, 
translations of headings, and other notes, in a seventeenth 
century hand. It is remarkable that none of the totals are 
entered in the original writing; the word Summa was every- 
where left with a blank after it. Those totals which were inserted 
in the seventeenth century, and others that have only now 
been made out, are given in seventeenth century or in modern 
form as the case may be. The Table of Contents now provided 
shows at a glance the various heads under which the receipts 
and expenses are entered. 

Such accounts as these, relating as they often do to the most 
trivial as well as to more important matters, have nevertheless 
a peculiar interest and value as constantly bringing us into 
close mental touch with daily life in Fountains, a place now r 
visited by thousands of people, but by most of these known 
only as a ruined abbey, or an object for a drive. Its memory 
still lives in these old books, " so much more durable and lasting 
is paper than stone and timber." 1 

The Memorandum book, twice described in itself, pp. 95, 
253, as "'penes' (or * propter ') seruos siue famulos," is 
called by Mr. Walbran " Prior Swynton's account book," 2 
and internal evidence indicates that it is a record of 
jbhe management of Thomas Swynton, a monk of Foun- 
tains, who became Abbot in 1471, but I do not know on 
what authority Walbran styled him " Prior." On fo. 8 of 
the book (p. 105) we find expenses " Prioris et Th. Swynton " 
(1453-4), but T. S. may have been Prior at some other time. 
Mr. Walbran has given some interesting particulars about the 
man in Vol. i, p. 149, but nothing with regard to the alleged 
Priorate. It is clear that Swynton held some office of impor- 

1 Mon. Angl. epitomised, 1693. Ep. Dedic. 

2 Vol. ii, 104. 


tance, but I have not found anything to confirm Walbran's 
description of him as " Prior." 

This book is a volume at present consisting of 118 leaves, 
size about 8J by 5J inches. The first three leaves are not 
numbered, then come leaves numbered in the original hand 
on the verso of each, 1, 2, 3, to 110, 102 being repeated, then 
in tens, 120 to 190, then, on the recto of each, 200, 201, 202, 
then eleven leaves not numbered. For present convenience 
all the leaves after 110 are now numbered in pencil consecu- 
tively down to 132, the last fifteen leaves being lost, as was 
noticed by Walbran in 1861 ; the actual number is, as stated 
above, 118. Capital letters from A to S are set on the tops 
of the leaves, A on 1 to 12, B on 12 to 24, and so on; the inten- 
tion appears to have been to enter places under their initial 
letters, Aldfield under A, Baldersby under B, and so on, but 
this plan has not been adhered to with any consistency after 
the first few pages. 

The cover is similar to that of the Bursars' book, but it 
is fast on, and the leaves are in good preservation. On the 
outside is written " Fountains Receipts & Disbursements, about 
the year 1454 No. 25." In the lining of the end cover is some 
interesting church music, some further particulars of which 
will be found on pp. 254, 255. Mr. Walbran has given a good 
account of the contents of this book in Vol. i, 149, note, and 
in Vol. ii, 104 ; they are of a very miscellaneous kind, and not 
written in an orderly fashion. The dates range from 1446 to 
1458, thus beginning ten years earlier and ending one year 
earlier than the Bursars' books. The years are almost always 
expressed in Arabic figures, the units and tens only being 
given. These figures are sometimes used in the castings up, 
J;he pounds being expressed by three dots, the shillings by 
two, and the pence by one, thus, 3:- 9: 7- 6, 3 9$. 1\d. The 
items are often " run on " continuously, not written clearly 
in columns, as they always are in the Bursars' books. All 
the accounts in both books are printed continuously in this 
volume, in order to economise space. In accordance with the 
general practice of the Surtees Society, contractions have, as 
a rule, been expanded, but in many cases it is impossible to 


say how a word would have been written if not contracted. 
Such words, therefore, have either been printed in some con- 
tracted form, or expanded conjecturally, and the printed forms 
represent nothing but what the Editor has thought most likely 
or convenient. When a word occurs again and again on the 
same page, being repeated, perhaps, in every line, it has seemed 
sufficient to print it in a contracted form, after giving it 
in full in the same connexion. So again it has seemed suffi- 
cient to print common Christian names in some shortened form, 
in order to save space. My own opinion is that all MSS. ought 
to be printed with the original contractions and not " expanded" 
in any case. The same opinion was expressed by the late Sir 
Thomas Duff us Hardy in 1878, in his Preface to the Registrum 
Palatinum Dunelmense. As he observes, " Some erroneous 
extensions of abbreviated words are ludicrous, and show the 
danger of attempting to extend contracted words." And he 
gives a page and a half of examples of mistakes committed 
by Dugdale and other learned editors. It is said that very 
few people would read a document printed with contractions. 
I think that anyone who cared to read a Latin document at all 
might soon learn to read it with contractions, and would not 
be misled by wrong expansions. 

If we now compare the two books, we shall find that the 
Bursars' book is very neatly written in a regular, clerkly hand, 
as clear as print or a liturgical MS. This MS., as has been 
shown above, is in some parts defective. The Memorandum 
book is untidily written, but it is in sound condition; some 
leaves, however, have been purposely cut out. It is mainly 
concerned with dealings between Swynton and the Abbey 
servants and tenants, and it shows that wages were often 
jpaid, and rents, etc., received, in kind, as by live stock, textiles, 
etc., the estimated value being set down in money. Thus a 
debtor and creditor account was kept with each servant or 
tenant. Dealings of a similar kind appear to have been usual 
in Scotland in recent times. In a modern story, a minister 
relates his experience with the " merchant " who bought the 
spare produce of his glebe. " No money," he says, " passed 
between us. It was a case of giffgaff, he receiving butter, eggs, 


chickens and sometimes vegetables, and giving us their value 
in bread, groceries, feeding-stuffs, and seeds." 1 

The whole of the period covered (1446-1459) comes within 
the time of Abbot John Grenewell, 1442-1470, and so within 
the reigns of Henry VI and Edward IV. The Bursars' book 
contains many records of the expenses incurred for the Abbot. 2 
In 1457-8 he went to Woburn and to Meaux, both daughter 
houses of Fountains, for the creation of new abbots, and from 
Woburn he went to Oxford to make provision for study, in 
probable connexion with which we note an allowance of 5 
a year to a student. In the same year occurs a payment of 
205. 9d. at the baptism of a son of John Paslew, also ISd. to 
a man hired to show the Abbot the way, apparently to Cros- 
thwaite. The Memorandum book records a payment of 2d. 
to one Tyrqwyte, who, when the Abbot went to Harlsey, in 
1453-4, to baptise the son of Sir James Strangways, showed 
the party the way through a wood, and in the following year 
there were expenses at Ripon for the baptism of the son of 
Roger Ward. It appears to have been usual then, as now, 
to secure the services of great ecclesiastics either to baptise 
or to act as sponsors for the children of their friends. The 
Nevilles and the Percys were glad to engage the Priors of 
Durham for such occasions. Abbot Grenewell was perhaps at 
times in poor health, if we may judge from the many delicacies 
and medicines that were bought for him, as for instance, oysters, 
partridges, quails, pulvis vitalis, pulvis pestilencice, unguents, 
liquorice, and other medicines not described, as well as certain 
utensils. Some of these things were brought by messengers 
as presents, as also venison, fowls, apples, pears, plums, etc. 
The Prior of Newminster, another daughter house of Fountains, 
brought a present of " seal fish." Both " seal fish " and por- 
poises occur in the Durham accounts, 3 and were not, perhaps, 
considered to come under the Benedictine and Cistercian pro- 

1 " Janet Armstrong," by Joseph Laing Waugh, in Chambers' a Journal, 
Dec. 1st, 1916, p. 786. 

2 See Index, under Abbot. 

3 Bede relates how St. Cuthbert and his companions, when on travel and 
under stress of hunger, found " tria frusta delfininse carnis": the metrical 
Life says " Thre peces of porpas thar thai fande," 1. 1769. 



hibition of the flesh of quadrupeds. Birds were not prohibited, 
and we find that they, as well as fish, were often procured, 
even during Lent. One may wonder how the flesh of marine 
mammalia could be made eatable, unless under conditions of 
Polar starvation, but medieval cookery books contain directions 
for the cooking and spicing of porpoise. 1 And " seal fish " was 
specially provided for the Prior of Durham, as well as sent to 
the Abbot of Fountains. The Abbot was supplied with raisins, 
figs and nuts, and with vinum duke and other wines ; moreover, 
on one occasion at least, with panis inunctus, probably what 
we now call " bread and butter." On another occasion 500 
" sprottes " were bought for him for 14e/. These may have 
been cured sprats, or else fresh smelts; the quantity suggests 
the former as more likely. From time to time the Abbot 
sojourned at his manors and granges. He and his retinue 
were once at Baldersby manor for three weeks, and at another 
time he was at Brimham, supplied with fowls, etc., on the spot, 
and having his wine from the Abbey. 

We have very few references to the church or its furniture ; 
these matters would be in the special care of the sacrist, but 
we find mention of many subordinate buildings, the aula 
hiemalis, the lardarium hiemale, the coquina abbatis, the new 
dovecot, the barkhouse and bark-mill, the malt-mill, the smelt- 
mill, the stabulum carectarice, the stabulum parvum juxta 
stabulum commune, the porcaria or piggery, the lanaria or wool- 
house, the rotaria or wheelwright's shop, mention also of mills 
and of smoke-houses (domus fumosce) at several granges. There 
is no mention of a slaughter-house, or of a butcher; sheep and 

1 In the Daily Mail of February 19, 1918, appeared a letter from 
Mr. Herbert G. Ponting, F.R.G.S., in which he deprecates the waste of three 
or four hundred thousand carcases of seals this year, and the loss of so much 
valuable food to a hungry world. He writes from personal knowledge as 
follows : 

*' The fur seal is well known to be of much finer flavour than the hair seal, 
yet I have lived on the flesh of the latter for many months in the Antarctic 
and liked it well. A steak from a young hair seal is excellent, and I should 
certainly relish one to-day. As for fried seal's liver, like Kipling's fat-tailed 
sheep, He who never hath tasted the food, by Allah ! he knoweth not bad 
from good.' . . . And what about whale meat ? I have often eaten it in 
Japan. It is delicious, not unlike juicy beef. Neither seal nor whale meat 
has the least trace of fishy taste." 

Twelve porpoises and seals are mentioned in the provision for the installa- 
tion feast of Abp. Neville in 1466. 


cattle are constantly referred to in Swynton's book as being 
for the kitchen, or being sent to the kitchen, and hides, etc., 
coming from the kitchen, and it seems probable that they 
were killed in a yard adjoining, and the carcases and hides hung 
under the pentises therein. 1 I am not aware that a slaughter- 
house has ever been identified in any ancient monastic plan. 

The mills were mostly water-mills, but there is mention of a 
windmill somewhere in the country. A hospitium at York is re- 
ferred to more than once. On the occasion of an assize, Swynton 
and another had to remain at York for five days, " in hospicio 
nostro." Mr. Walbran was doubtful whether these words re- 
ferred to an inn, or to a house of their own (Vol. i, 149^). But 
we now find that the bursar paid for a pavement repairing at 
York, and for " hespes," also for a candelabrum, and for 
mowing at Thorpe, pro hospicio Ebor., whence it would appear 
that the hospice belonged to the Abbey. The wife of Tho. 
Jacson may have been the housekeeper, and there was also 
a cook at York. 

Cottages, sheds, and other less important buildings were 
mostly constructed of timber, or of wattle and daub, and were 
thatched, but Swynton mentions 3,000 " sclates " (Yorkshire 
slates no doubt) being sent to Brangerhouse, and the same 
number to Galphayhouse ; these houses would probably be 
stone-built. The Abbey church and principal monastic build- 
ings would be roofed with lead. 

For some time before the middle of the fifteenth century, 
the Cistercians had done away with their original institution 
of conversi or lay brethren, who were occupied in servile 
labours, and the monks employed, instead of them, a large 
staff of paid servants. At the end of the Memorandum book 
is a list of 117 Fountains servants in about 1456; here their 
names and particular occupations are set down. In the 
Bursars' book we have further information about them under 
the heads of Stipendia Operariorum, and Mercedes Famulorum, 
and Forestariorum, and it may be sufficient here to refer to 
these lists. The Abbot, the Prior, and other chief officers, 
had servants of their own, paid by the Abbey. All were men 

1 Described in Hope's Fountains Abbey, p. 101. 


or boys except the lotrix, but the washing did not all devolve 
on her, there was also a communis lotor. The list includes 
five tascatares or tascarii, who appear to have been taskmasters 
or " foremen." Craftsmen also, as carpenters, smiths, wheel- 
wrights, the communis scissor, etc., are included, and even the 
Abbot's gentlemen (generosi). We are told in Rites that the 
Prior of Durham was " attended upon both with gentlemen 
and yeomen of y e best in y e countrie as y e honorable service 
of his house deserved no less," and we may safely assume that 
the same might have been said of the Abbot of Fountains in 
the fifteenth century. 

Among the hundreds of curious and interesting details in 
these accounts, it is difficult to make a selection, but, besides 
what have been already mentioned, the following notes may 
serve to give some idea of their extent and variety. 

Sales of wool of six different qualities, of hides, straw, 
chaff, and manure, of pigs, horses, lead, tanners' bark, cheese 
and butter, neat cattle, hay, and corn. Towards the beginning 
of each year's receipts we find De satisfacientibus, and De 
Eventibus. These are classed together in 1458-9, and appear 
to be certain fees for church offices, oblations, and tithes of 
corn, calves, and bees, fees for absolutions of the departed, 
oblations at the head of St. Anne, at the shrine of St. Aelred, and 
at the chapel of St. Michael, tithes from a few places named, etc. 
Also, De Extractis Curiarum, sums " extracted " or profits, 
of nineteen manorial courts. Then balances of the accounts 
of the masters of the herds and flocks, proceeds of wool sales 
and of pannage, and De pratis venditis, which last heading seems 
to refer to the grass of meadows sold standing. These receipts 
are followed by eight lists of places from which annual rents 
were collected. Each list consists of about thirty places, more 
or less, named in topographical order for the convenience of 
the collectors, so that it is quite easy to trace their travels on 
a map. One of these journeys extended as far as to some 
places near Huddersfield, the return being made by Ferrybridge, 
from which place there was a long but direct route to Fountains 
by way of Boroughbridge. The total of annual rents in 1456-7 
was 808 Is. 2%d., and in the two following years nearly the 


same. Among these are some " pepper rents," then amounting 
to 1 lb., valued at lid. and at 22d., and not reduced, as later, 
to a peppercorn only. Then follow arrears of rents to the 
amount of 143 19s. After receipts come expenses, first 
Firmce Forinsecce, rents or other dues paid by the Abbey to 
various churches, etc. (85 14s. S^d.). Then the expenses of 
three granges and five tithe barns, servants, or labourers' 
wages, harvesting, in which work women took great part, hay- 
making, ploughing, threshing, winnowing, weeding, collecting 
and carriage of tithe corn and hay, care of cattle, etc., expenses 
of the Magister Averiorum in branding with St. Wilfrid's burn- 
ing iron or otherwise, etc., driving cattle and sheep, agistment, 
etc., and of the Magister Ovium for care of the sheep, driving 
them, etc. Much tar was bought; mixed with grease it formed 
the sheep-salve then in general use. The shepherd carried his 
tar box about with him, as well as his crook and a pair of 
shears. Sheep washings and shearings at nine different places 
are entered separately. Next come entries of wine bought, 
iron bought, ploughshares, osmunds, 1 shoeing of horses, 
wainclouts, nails, and a " pair " of steps. Spices bought, 
including medicines, " pepper of ginger," almonds, etc. Her- 
rings and other fish, chiefly salted, including a few salted eels 
for the Abbot. Warnesturce, including wax, honey, which took 
the place of sugar in medieval cookery, lamp oil, onions, nut 
oil, salt fish, raisins, leeks, figs, and salt. Staurum, i.e. stock, 
including boars, sows with little pigs, many horses, mares with 
foals, etc. Certain sums, Denarii liberati, paid to the lord 
Abbot, to the monachus coquince, to the monachus tannarice, and 
to the masters of the cattle, the sheep, of the works generally, 
and of the lead-mines. Swynton mentions a Custos fabricce 
ecclesice. Then come Varice Expensce, extending over several 
pages. Among these we may note yearly payments of 7s. to 
the Pope's collector, of Sd. to the Corporation of York for 
gogyle, 1 5 to a scholar, 10s. for yeast, also medicines for the lord 
Abbot, many law expenses, including a brief for the delivery 
of John Esby, who was imprisoned at the suit of W. Hull, 
an apostate, shoeing of horses, horse bread for horses of Sir James 
Strangways, expenses of the Duke of York at Swanley, paper, 

1 For this and other unfamiliar words see the Glossary. 


parchment, saddles and harness, oat straw for the Abbot's 
chamber, watching the flocks at Fountains Fell, boots, shoes, 
and leggings, materials for ink, sea coal, salt, yarn, dyeing, 
locks, getting plaster, shearing cloth, rakes, etc., to one carry- 
ing vessels of bragot, 1 for fowls against Lent, for goat's flesh, 
for 10 Ib. of bronze for a magna olla, for seeking stolen oxen, 
for a " pair of clavichords," for little oil-barrels, for green 
tartaryn 1 for a vestment, for bolting-cloths, to the poor on 
Maundy Thursday, for mending a silver sprinkler, for a felt 
hat for the bursar, budge, 1 and other things for the Abbot men- 
tioned above, repairs of a clock, hemp seed, a myrtle [?] for 
the Abbot, 24 rakes, canvas for woolsacks, a pair of beads for 
the Abbot, knives and gloves for the servants at Christmas, 
curing the Abbot's horse, dishes and bowls, soap, charcoal and 
seacoal, lepes 1 and skeps, razors and sharpening thereof, a deer- 
skin for the Abbot's boots, oat straw for his camera, quicksets 
for hedges, gold thread and silk for vestments, mole-catching 
and mole-skins, and spreading of mole-hills, a present of 75. Sd. 
to a doctor of Rievaulx and his servant, contribution of 105. to 
an Oxford student, to a son of John Paslew as a christening 
present, with expenses, 205. 9d. ; paper for a map of the world, 
7 quires for accounts, pulvis pestilencice, medicines for the 
brethren, making faggots and hedges, watching a pinfold, 
solatia to friends at Ripon, cabbage and plants, album ferrum 
(tin plate) for lanterns, the Corpus Christi play, special pro- 
vision for guests, as fresh fish for the Lord William Scrope, 
swans and other birds for the Earl of Northumberland, for 
repairing an aumbry at the church and a new lock, collecting 
plants, probably self-sown or other quicksets, required for a 
hedge by the side of a ditch, a reredos for Crosthwaite. In 
the changing of a " saltsaler " a sum of 14s. Sd. was paid. 
Tanners' bark was " excorticated " at Wheldrake. They 
paid 20s. to the Vicar of Arncliffe for tithe of Arnclifcote. We 
find a payment for 85. Qd. for pitch and rosin pro navibus, and 
the Abbey may have had some ferry-boats or other small 
vessels of their own on the rivers, though no other mention 
of such craft occurs in these accounts or in Swynton's book. 

1 For this and other unfamiliar words see the Glossary. 


Under Pannus linens we find linen and buckram for the 
Abbot, and linen for the barber, for the Infirmary, the Refec- 
tory, and the Abbot's store-room. Under Pannus laneus, a 
scapular of say for the Abbot, white cloth for the Cistercian 
habits of the novices, kersey for the Abbot, russet for the ser- 
vants, an almuce for the Abbot, and much white and black 
cloth for monastic habits. Swynton mentions cloths called 
kanyete, meld, albus, and grisius. 

Charges for Eeparaciones extend over five pages in 1457-8. 
In 1456-7 the leaves that would have contained them are lost. 
In 1458-9 they are incomplete. We find entries of 10 J and of 
3 acres of meadows pro tectura tenementorum, as if coarse grass 
was used for thatch (see p. 53w, and Glossary under Tectura) ; 
numerous repairs of houses, sheds, walls, fisheries, etc. ; making 
a fence between the lands of the abbots of Fountains and of 
Sawley in Craven; a similar fencing off at Milby appears in 
the Memorandum book; making water-gates or drains, hedging 
and ditching ; repairing the supports of the banks of the Nidd ; 
hedging round coney-garths; mending the great clock; building 
new houses, etc.; embanking by the Nidd and in Borrowdale, 
cutting brushwood and making fences ; binding books ; mending 
the windows of the church and other windows; payments or 
return presents to the Prior of Newminster in 1457-8 for a 
mantle and for fish and " seal-fish," which things come 
strangely among reparaciones ; Swynton records a payment 
of 8s. for two ells of black cloth (a very high price), given to 
the Prior of Newminster for bringing seal-fish to the Abbot 
of Fountains in 1455. Under repairs we further find the mend- 
ing of a causey and the clearing out of " Fontans dicke " at 
Wheldrake, the repairing of the crown and chest of St. Anne, 
etc. The repairs in 1458-9 are of much the same kind; they 
include those of smoke-houses at five places, the plastering of 
a new house, getting stone, repairing a pavement at York, 
making a dovecot at Rainton, fixing the mill axle and repairing 
the mill and the miller's house, as also the causey again, at 
Wheldrake, making a parva domus for 3s. 6d., repairing the 
cowhouse at Dacre, and a tenement in the Horsefair at Ripon, 


Under Stipendia Operariorum, remaining only in 1457-8, 
we find a part payment of 13s. 4d. for making a clock, and pay- 
ments for getting garthwood, stone, and quicksets; also for 
sawing and work in the wheelwright's shop and about the 
monastery, in glazing and plumbing, in carpenter's and smith's 
work, work about the stable and dovecot at Marton, cleansing 
the ditch at Rowell, etc. 

Under Cariagia come payments for carriage of timber, 
wool, two horse-loads of salmon from Baldersby (on the Wharf e) 
to the monastery, lead, salt from the sea to the monastery, 
tithe corn, tithe hay, plaster, planks, tar, wine, seacoal from 
Rale, co. of Durham, marl, moss, sand, leather, malt, etc. 

Under Dona (gratuities), sums varying in amount, to a 
king's messenger, to one bearing letters from the curia Romana, 
to the herald of the lord of Norfolk, to a gentleman of the lord 
John Nevill, to a prisoner of the lord of Egremont, to servants 
of the abbots of Kirkstall and Meaux, to various lawyers and 
scribes, to the bailiffs for the delivery of John Esby from prison 
in London, and to the jailors there, to the players belonging 
to the monastery, to an anchorite of Richmond, to minstrels 
at Christmas, to a messenger of the abbot of Woburn, to the 
boy bishops of Ripon and of York, to the lord of Sarum's fool, 
to a Durham minstrel and to many others, and to fools from 
Byland and elsewhere, one of these named Adam, another 
Solomon, to Roger Ward's servant bringing a letter to the Abbot, 
to the preaching friars in rye, and to other friars in money, to 
a blind minstrel, to a poor man Sd. on account of a fire, the 
guild of the Crucifix at Ripon, to divers minstrels by the lord 
Abbot, to a fabulator ignotus, to two men bringing quicksets, 
to wandering monks, to men bringing venison, partridges, fruit, 
etc., to the king's minstrels and their " boys," to a bearer of 
royal letters, to the novices at their bleeding times, to a royal 
messenger bringing the privy seal, to one going to the Holy 
Land, " to two Scots " on various occasions, apparently men 
seeking work. 

Allocations and defalcaciones form the subject of a long 
list of reductions on rents, and are not of very much interest, 
the reasons not being given as a rule, but we find allowances 


for lands destroyed by floods, or diminished by the digging 
of a quarry, for a wall thrown down, for butter and cheese 
supplied by tenants beyond their agreements, for rent of 
Whixley unjustly detained by " Banke " (with whom the Abbey 
had a lawsuit, " in materia Ric. Banke "), for various agreements 
and other business transactions, etc. There was an allowance 
of 2s. for a bow given by the Abbot, and we learn from Swynton 
that a bow had a year or two before been bought at Lincoln 
at the same price. 

After these come payments in finibus, brevibus, et amercia- 
mentis, of no great interest; then Expensce minutce, never ex- 
ceeding a few pence, but incurred for a great variety of little 
things, such as (1456-7) a bellstring for St. Michael's chapel, 
a felt hat, spurs, and water-budgets for T. Swynton, a cande- 
labrum for the hospice at York (only 4d.), several little things 
for the Abbot, as oysters, cords, mending a silver spoon, soap, 
a book, black silk, carrying drink for him to Brimham, paper, 
gloves, first a pair at 2d. which he probably found not good 
enough, for he soon after had three more pairs at 4d. ; spurs for 
the bursar, two couples of rabbits, materials for ink, red wax, 
and vermilion. In 1457-8 similar charges, and, for the Abbot, 
" Cotum " (qu. cotton ?), white thread, wine and pears, liquorice, 
riddle-cord, painting his staff, thread for his chamber; also for 
others, a felt hat for T. Swynton, triaca, a " herenseu," pepper, 
ginger, door-locks, shoes, and 4d. for looking for a lost fawn. 
There is only a fragment of the account for 1478-9; its contents 
are much as above so far as they go. 

Expensce d'ni Abbatis are for several journeys on business 
or pleasure, but the record contains few particulars of special 
interest. On one occasion Id. was paid for navigium at Acaster, 
perhaps only the ferry. Swynton records the same at York, 
probably the old ferry where Lendal Bridge now is. 

Expensce Itinerancium are set forth at great length in each 
year. They were incurred by the principal officers of the 
monastery, or by persons sent by them, and are mostly of a 
similar nature to those of the Abbot. Sometimes messengers 
went to borrow money, or to buy commodities, as wine, salt 
salmon, and fowls, or to York for groceries. Charges of 5s. 4d. 


were incurred by some who went a-hunting at times, and there 
were expenses of William Wilson at Aberford in the time of 
his sickness, Is.; and of John Esby visiting Wm. Hartcastell 
when sick in Nidderdale, 6d. On one occasion John Overend 
went as far as Wetherby with an " extraneous " monk. 

Then come Expensce Curiarum, the expenses incurred in 
holding fifteen different manorial courts ; these did not amount 
to much. 

Then payments Clericis et Feodariis, twenty-seven in num- 
ber, including the Vicar of Crosthwaite, and then Mercedes 
famulorum, only fifty-five as against 117 in the list at the end 
of the Memorandum book, so that we may suppose above half 
of the latter to have been paid only in kind. Under Mercedes 
Forestariorum thirteen are named, but there are only two in 
Swynton's list; these two were perhaps in a servile position, 
not master foresters. Next come payments Conventui in 
habitu, which seems to mean all members of the house in 
monastic habit, amounting to 40 16s. IQd., with some small 
extras, viz. to the Prior in regardo yearly, 13s. 4^.; to the Sub- 
prior, 3s 4d. ; to the Cantor, 3s. 4c. ; to the Succentor, Is. 8d. ; 
to the deacons of the cloister, 3s. 4d. ; and to four other officers 
in habitu, 5 6s. Wd. We have seen above that the Abbot 
and certain officers received salaries, or at any rate had yearly 
sums placed at their disposal; the Abbot had 31 3s. 4d. All 
this seems to be far removed from the old monastic idea that 
proprietas, i.e. a monk's having anything of his own, was a 
mortal sin. 

In each year there are several entries under the heads 
Solucio debiti antiqui and Solucio debiti novi. Some of the 
amounts are considerable, but they explain themselves, and 
need not be further referred to here. Then come Terrce emptce, 
quite small purchases of land ; followed by Expensce pro materia 
de Crostwat, " ut plenius patet per tutivillum," or, " ut plenius 
patet Tutivill." Tutivillus occurs frequently in these accounts, 
and the term is explained in the Glossary, where also the dif- 
ferent uses of patet are pointed out. Next come some entries 
under Bladum emptum, which, being reckoned by acres and 
roods, would seem to refer to standing corn, wheat, rye, and 


oats, in most cases bought from tenants and farm bailiffs. 
Lastly come purchases of wheat, rye, barley, oats, and pease, 
bought by the quarter ; these accounts afford much information 
upon the prices of corn. The average prices per quarter, 
omitting fractions of %d., work out as follows: 

Grain supplied as 

Grain bought, 1456-8, part of wages, 

from Bursars' Book. 1446-7, 1458-9, from Average of both 

1456-7. 1457-8. Average. Swynton's Book. together, 

x. d. s. d. . d s. d. f. d. 

Wheat ..5 4 -.4 4i..41Qi Wheat ..5 7f Wheat ..5 3 

Barley .. 3 6}..310..3 8 Barley ..3 7f Barley ..3 8 

Oats ..1 8 ..1 7..l 7f Oats . . 1 8 Oats ..1 8 

Rye ..40.. 40 Rye . . 4 4 Rye ..42 

Green Pease 49.. ..49 Green Pease 4 5 Green Pease 4 7 

Pease not Pease not Pease not 

described . . 3 4 . . 3 4 described 5 4 described 4 4 

Besides these, there were supplied small quantities of grey 
pease, barley-malt, and " Crepis." It will be noticed that the 
prices are a little higher in the wage price than in the purchase 
price, viz. wheat, 9|d. higher; Barley, fd. less ; Oats, fd.; Rye, 
4jd. ; Green Pease, 3f d. less ; other Pease, 2s. more. The last may 
have been some sorts of garden pease supplied at a high price 
as being rarities. From the large amount of green pease men- 
tioned in Swynton's book, it seems likely that they formed a 
common article of diet. See Pisce virides in the Glossary. 

So far as I have been able to make out, the prices of live- 
stock are either about the same as Thorold Rogers gives for 
the same period in his History of Agriculture, or lower. As 
I have included the many entries in Swynton's book in the 
averages that I have taken, it may be that oxen, sheep, etc., 
were valued to those who were employed by the Abbey, at 
something below their market prices. But as there were so 
many different descriptions of cattle and sheep, it is often 
difficult to decide precisely what is meant by any one term, 
and in the cases of calves, lambs, and young pigs, the price 
naturally varied very much according to their ages, as in 
all animals according to their condition. Cows and sheep 
were often valued together with their calves and lambs, and 
porcellus may mean anything from a sucking pig to one almost 
full grown. 


The prices of the principal kinds of stock that occur in these 
accounts are as follows: 

Horses are priced at 10s. to 53s. 4d. Mares, 12s. 4d. and 
26s. 8d. Bulls, 5s. to 27s. Oxen, 8s. to 15s. Cows, 4s. 6d. 
to 13s. 6d. ; with their calves, 6s. to 12s. Vaccce debiles, 4s. 
to 8s. Bullocks (bovetti), 4s. to 11s. 6d. Stirks, Is. 6d. to 4s. 
Stirketts, Is. 2d. to 5s. Twynters, 3s. 4d. to 5s. Heifers, 4s. 
to 6s. 8d. ; with their calves, 5s. to 9s. 6d. Calves, Is. to 2s. 4d. 
Rams and Hurtards, lOd. to Is. 8d. Muttons or wethers 
(multones), Sd. to 2s. 2f d. Sheep (oves), 3d. to Is. Qd. ; with 
their lambs, lOd. and Is. 2d. Boars, 8s. to 13s. Pigs, 3d. to 
2s. d. Sow and 6 pigs, 3s. Porcelli, Id. to Is. Sturds 
("giddy " animals), Sheep, 3d.; Stirketts, Is. 4d. and Is. Sd. ; 
Heifer, 4s. Qd. 

Miscellaneous articles as follows: 

Albus (pannus), often sold by the dozen ells, at 4d. to 14jd. 
an ell; Albus, of blawfront, Is. 8fcL; Almonds, 3d. lb.; Barrels, 
little, for oil, 3 at 6d. each ; Bell-clapper, Id. ; Bell-string, 2d. ; 
Blodius (pannus), Is. Sd. an ell; Boots, Is. 8d. to 3s. a pair; A pair 
of boots and spurs at 2s. Wd. ; Bow, 2s.; Bowges, 8d. and lid. 
a pair; Bronze for an olla, 1 \d. a lb. ; Budge, 25 skins for 3s., 12 
for Is. 6d. ; Caligae for the Abbot, Is. 2d. the pair; Candelabrum 
for York, 4d. ; Capa for the Bursar, 6s. 8d. ; Charcoal (carbones), 
quantities not stated; Cheese, 8d. a stone; Cresset (iron), Is.; 
Deerskins, lOd. to 14cL; Faggots, 2s. a hundred; Felt hats, Id. 
to lid.; Flekes, 5d. each; Gasket, Is. Qd. ; Galegse, 4d. a pair; 
Gloves, ordinary, 2d. to 4d. a pair; superior, 9d. and I4d. ; for 
harvest or other labourers, Is. a dozen pairs. Geese, 5d. each; 
Grisius (pannus), Is. an ell; Halters, Id.; Hausorium, 8d. ; 
Hen, 2d. ; Herenseu, 4d. ; Hides, 2d. to 4d. each, from kitchen, 
13s. 4d. and 17s. a hundred, 154 for 13s. 4d. (see Morts, Deer- 
skins, Sheepskins, Pelch, Pelles, Pellis cervi). Honey, 8d., lOd., 
to Is. 4d. a gallon; Iron, 5s., 6s., and 6s. 8d. a cwt.; Kanyete, 
Is. and Is. 3d. an ell; Knives, 4 pairs for 15d., and lOd. a pair; 
Lamp oil, Is. 2d. a gallon; Laneus (pannus), 6 ells for 5s. lOd., 
and 14 for 4s. 2d. ; for scapular, 2s. 6d. an ell ; black, 3s. and 
3s. 4d. ; Lineus (pannus), 3d. to 5d. and 8d. ; for the Abbot, 7 ells 
for 25. 6eZ.; for Kilnsey, 3d. an ell; for Baldersby tenants, 4d.; 


for refectory and hospitium, Sd. ; for the Abbot's store-room, 
3 Jd. ; for rasurse, 4d. ; 2 pese for 10s. Id. ; 2J ells for 1 Id., 16 for 
45. 5|d., 4J for Is. 6d., 5 for Is. 9|d. ; Locks, 3d. each, one for 
the Abbot's chamber 6d., two for the gates lid., lock and key 
for the stable 6d. ; Marl, 4d. and 2d. a load; Meld (pannus), 
Is. 4d. an ell; Mirtus, 22s.; Morts, 10s. 3jd. and 13s. 4d. a hun- 
dred; Oil, Is., Is. Id., and Is. 4d. a gallon; Olla, 2s. 2d.', Onions, 
8d. a bushel; Onion seed, 8d. a lb.; Osmunds, 15s. a barrel; 
Pair of beads for the Abbot, 5s. 8d. ; of steps (iron), 2d. ; for a 
"pair of clavichords" only a part payment of 2s. appears; 
Pannus, 1 ell and 7 quarters, 21d. ; Paper, 4d. a quire, 7 quires 
for 2s. 2d. ; do. for a Mappa Mundi, Sd. ; Parchment, 2fd. a skin; 
Pelch, Is. 6d.; Pelles, 3d., 3|d., 3 for 10d.; Pellis cervi, 2s. 4d.; 
Pepper, Is. 4d. and Is. lOd. lb.; Pitch, l|d. lb.; Ploughshares, 
7d. each, 9 for 5jd. ; Purse for the Abbot, Wd. ; Quails, 4 for lOd. ; 
Rabbits, 6d. a couple; Rakes, 6d. and Is. a dozen; Ribbon, 
black, 7 ells for 6d.; Riddle cord, 110 fathoms for Wd.; Roset 
or russet, Id. to Is. 3d. an ell; Sacc (sacking ?), 3d. an ell; Sad- 
dles, Is. 4d., 2s., 5s.; saddle and bridle, 7s.; Salt, 13s 6d., 14s., 
and 16s. a chaldron, 4s. a quarter; Salt fish, 6s. 8d. a score, 
42s. lOd. a hundred, 60 for 13s. 4d., 6 for 20d., 2 for 14d.; Sea- 
coal, Is. and Is. 4d. a quarter, i.e. 4s. and 5s. 4d. a chaldron; 
Sheepskins, 3d., 3jd., and 4d. each; Shoes, usually 6d. or 7d. a 
pair, a pair at 4d., and a pair for a boy at 3d. ; Soap for the Abbot, 
4d. a lb. ; Spikings, 400 for Is. 2d. ; Sprottes, 500 for Is. 2d. ; 
Spurs, 4d., 5d., and 6d. a pair; Steps, pair of (iron), 2d. ; Stirrup 
leathers and collar, Is. ; Straw for thatch, 10 thraves for 3d. ; Ta- 
bula for Crosthwaite, 26s. 8d. ; Tar, Is. a gallon, 6s. 8d. to 12s. 2d. 
a cade or barrel; Toga, 10d., 2s. 9d., 3s. 4d., 3s. 10d., of Kendal 
and of russet, each 2s. 4d. ; Tunic, 5s.; Waggon, 30s.; Wain- 
clouts, 2s. a dozen and 21 for 6s. 8d. ; Wattling, 6d. per f other; 
Wax, 6s. to 8s. a dozen Ibs. ; Wine, 26s. 8d. to 66s. 8d. a hogs- 
head average of 7 purchases, about 48s. 2Jd. ; Woollen (see 
Laneus); Yeast, 10s. by the year. 

Returning now to Swynton's book, we shall find that it 
is not compiled on any definite pre-arranged plan, as, indeed, 
has been shown above, and therefore it does not lend itself to 
any such analysis as that which we have given of the Bursars' 


books. We can do little more than point out a number of 
miscellaneous details scattered through the whole book, and 
as they will all be found in the Index, there is no need for 
references here. The following are some of the principal sub- 
jects of the memoranda, and they will be followed by notes 
of curious or otherwise interesting particulars. At the begin- 
ning is an alphabetical list of places, with a few references to 
pages, and at the end, a similar list of servants and craftsmen. 
The greater part of the book consists of accounts of business 
transactions between Swynton and others on behalf of the 
Abbey, and the chief or responsible servants, and tenants, or 
sometimes their widows or executors, taking the form of debtor 
and creditor reckonings, not always easy to be understood. 
The following case is a simple one. Richard Lamberd, tascator, 
requires on account of threshings sums together amounting to 
13s. 9d. So he asks Th. Swynton to let him have a bullock 
worth 3s. 8d., having already received wheat, rye, pease, and 
oats worth 12s. 5^d., and 4eL in cash. Thus there will still be 
due to him lljd., besides which he asks for 6d. for labour with 
seacoal ; this item, however, is not allowed, and so is crossed out. 
Then there are accounts of rents, etc., received by Swynton, 
and of expenses incurred by him on behalf of the monastery. 
Thus on one occasion he had received 30s., but spent in a number 
of ways, of which particulars are given, 15 7s. l\d., so that 
there was due to him 13 17s. l^d. There are accounts with 
the masters of the herds and of the flocks ; a list of debts owing 
by the abbot of Fountains to the abbot of St. Mary's at York; 
purchases of cattle and of sheep ; the shaving of Th. Swynton, 
John Quixlay, and others, and their expenses at the Lent assize 
at York, for some lawsuits in which they were interested. They 
sojourned in their own hospice, living on Lenten fare, but 
treating divers gentlemen in York to wine. Expenses of 
smelting and carriage of lead, of T. S. raising money in Craven, 
harvest wages, often earned by women, sales of wood, manure, 
straw, and chaff, purchases of corn at the winter fair, servants 
and craftsmen's wages in money and in kind, a very clear 
example of which will be found in fo. llv. of the MS. These 
men often received wages in sheep or cattle, two persons some- 


times sharing an ox or a cow between them, or they were sup- 
plied with togas, boots and shoes, etc., or with diet while at 
work, or with money, or with any or all of these things, 
according to agreement. When, as was sometimes the 
case, they had small holdings, they paid their rent more 
or less in live-stock, or in textiles, presumably home- 
woven, as did many other of the small tenants. These 
mixed rents were called Denarii et denariatce, " pennies and 
pennyworths." On one occasion a carpenter was employed 
for from two days to eight weeks and three days at each of 
six outlying places, his longest job being to make a domus 
fumosa or smoke-house (p. 213). Rents of cottages and small 
holdings, accounts with about twenty craftsmen and principal 
servants, a curious English memorandum near the end recording 
claims made by John Kettlewell in connection with charge of 
herds and flocks. In this paragraph occur the curious words 
ortys and epheds, for which see Glossary. Then come receipts 
of wool at Kilnsey from ten places in Craven, next the Nomina 
famulorum, and lastly a few small memoranda. 

Among many other matters of detail, some of which have 
been referred to already, the following may be noted. In 
1456 we find T. Swynton and John Selby the bursar at York, 
for some purpose not stated, about the feast of All Saints, 
and as there is a payment of Id. for bread for the Abbot, it 
would appear that he was there also. They had flesh on Sunday, 
Oct. 31, and on All Saints' Day (Monday, Nov. 1) a goose and 
supper, also a goose and supper on All Souls' Day (Tuesday, 
Nov. 2), supper on Wednesday, and breakfast on Thursday; 
they paid also for horse-shoeing and candle, and for bread, 
drink, and horse-bread, so that they doubtless rode on horse- 
back to and from York. They would most likely be lodged 
in their own hospice. 

There are four payments for absolution after death, besides 
two in the Bursars' book and two in Vol. i, 148, 196. On this 
subject something will be found in the Glossary. The payments 
would perhaps answer to our Burial fees. A cow was given in 
alms at the gate on All Souls' Day, presumably in the form of 
beef, and for similar distributions of corn, malt, and herrings, 


on certain other days (see Vol. i, 258). John Barbour, of Ripon, 
appears to have had a cow for curing one of the Abbot's coach- 
men. Near the beginning is a short note of the bounds of 
Melmerby, near Ripon. The Vicar of Crosthwaite was provided 
with a blue toga. One Robert Weste received a sheep valued 
at I4d. on the occasion of his wife's churching. The relict of 
William Wartre, a carpenter, received 15s. on the day of his 
burial, besides bread and ale through the week. The relict of 
Tho. Pymson received gloves and sheepskins and two sheep, 
pro nupciis suis, soon after which another Tho. Pymson, prob- 
ably her son, received, pro nupciis, gloves and sheepskins, and 
by these words we are probably to understand the weddings 
of the parties named. The gloves would be for the ceremony, 
and the sheep perhaps for the wedding feast, but the meaning 
of the sheepskins is not evident. 1 These receipts appear to 
have been in part satisfaction for wages due. At p. 238 is a 
long account of purchases of corn, but the prices are not stated. 
Next before this are some large purchases of live-stock, the prices 
of which are given. On pp. 181, 182 we find two curious 
words, " ellers " and " temple," both of which are explained in 
the Glossary. A blue toga was made for the Vicar of Cros- 
thwaite. Felt hats were worn by monks on travel; Swynton 
had one pro equitacione, price lOd. The nundince hiemales, so 
often mentioned, would be St. Wilfrid's fair in October, still 
maintained at Ripon. The field-names and other place-names, 
of which there are so many in pp. 182 to 190, are to a great 
extent those of places long forgotten and that cannot now be 
identified, single houses and the like that have been extinct 
for ages. Nevertheless their names would be of great interest 
to any who might be collecting and studying similar words. 
Gloves, as well as boots and shoes, are very often mentioned, 
and in considerable numbers. The former appear to have been 
made by local glovers, especially Robert Glover, of Ripley, out 
of local hides. Two dozen pairs were bought for autumn, i.e. 

1 The mention of gloves is interesting, because it was customary then, as 
now, to wear gloves on the way to church, and to take them off for the join- 
ing of hands. In a representation of the sacrament of marriage in painted 
glass now in the Chapter-house at Durham the bridegroom and bride are 
joining ungloved hands, the former holding a glove in his disengaged hand. 


for the harvesters, and cost 2s., as did other dozens, all at Id. 
a pair. On one occasion the master of the works had three 
dozen, costing 85. 4d., probably for the masons and others em- 
ployed by him. In the Bursars' book, however, we find a pair for 
the Abbot priced at 2d., others for him at 4d., and another pair 
for the Vicar of Topcliffe at 9d., but Thorold Rogers mentions 
gloves given to distinguished visitors which cost 2s. I0d., and 
in later times more than twice that sum. There were, as 
Thorold Rogers points out, three sorts of gloves : for labourers 
at Id. a pair, for ordinary use at 2d. to 6d., and for complimen- 
tary presents at much higher prices. Calves were bought for 
the Abbot's kitchen for the feast of St. Ambrose, and lambs 
for Trinity Sunday and Corpus Christi. Twelve bullocks were 
sent as a present for the installation banquet of Archbishop 
William Booth, in 1452. We learn something about Lenten 
fare from the account of Brothers Swynton and Quixlay, who 
were frequently travelling together, at the York assizes, men- 
tioned above. On the first day they had fish. On the second, 
fish, salt, and mustard, " etc." On the third, fish and spices, 
figs and raisins. On the fourth, as on the second, on the fifth, 
as on the third. Then they had " human " bread as well as 
horse bread, and drink all the time. We have three accounts 
with Robert Glover, of Ripley, showing what hides he received, 
and what he did with them. He appears to have dealt in hides, 
gloves, etc., and on two occasions to have supplied leather pro 
Organis. Many different kinds of hides are named. Women 
helped in the harvest fields, and probably in the hayfields also. 
Business, such as paying for corn, was transacted occasionally 
on Sundays, and even whole accounts were made up. So, too, 
on great feasts. 1 On one occasion T. Swynton received from 
the Bursar I2d. ad ostium lecti sui, and another time 2d. ad 
ostium Cellarii ; perhaps these particulars were inserted as 
helps to memory. Rye straw was provided for the church, 
probably for the floors of the stalls. Rushes were procured in 
order to be used for floors, as we have seen that oat straw was 
used for the Abbot's camera. Pigs were fed on grey pease, 
and pigeons on the green variety. Cattle were branded with 

1 See Index under." Holy days " and " Sundays." 


St. Wilfrid's burning-iron as well as with owners' marks. Three 
thousand slates were carried to Brangerhouse, and the like to 
Galphay house. On one occasion 100 stockfish were bought 
at York for 29s. Porterage and cords to tie them up with 
cost 2d. They would doubtless be carried to the Abbey on 
pack-horses. Another time 100 cost 20s. Stockfish were 
bought also at Hull and at Scarborough. On one occasion 
the carriage of 500 " ad aquam apud Hull " cost 2%d. They 
were probably bought of a merchant there, and shipped at 
the old harbour, to go up the rivers to York or Boroughbridge, 
and thence by road to the Abbey. In the seventeenth century 
we are told of " Hull, whose greatest riches is ascribed to the 
gainefull trade they haue by Hand-fish, dried and hardened, 
commonly called stock-fish." 1 Andirons were made for the 
Abbot's camera by the smith of Aldfield, who did a good deal 
of other work in 1454. 

We have occasional indications of some dispute between 
the Convent and the Vicar of Crosthwaite, of which benefice 
the Abbot and Convent were the patrons. In or about 1455 
Swynton went to Rievaulx, Byland, and Meaux, about a bulla 
generalis in connection with Crosthwaite. There is a note of 
the expenses of Th. Swynton and Mr. Th. Farleton (6s. Id.) 
going with four horses as far as Burgh under Stainmoor, in 
1455, to speak, communicate, and meet with the Vicar of 
Crosthwaite, " sed non venit, etc." It is interesting to find 
that the monks of Fountains, like those of Durham, cultivated 
friendly relations with the principal orders of friars, bestowing 
on them presents of money, corn, etc. To the preaching friars 
of York a cow was given on the vigil of the Nativity of St. Mary, 
1455. 2 Some account of customary rents in kind in Nidderdale, 
in 1454, will be found on p. 244. 

The Glossary and the List of Places will, it is hoped, be 
found helpful. The former makes no pretence to completeness 
as a Glossary, having been constructed solely with reference 
to the present volume. The latter contains all the names of 

1 Speed, Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World, 1631, Bk. i, ch. 41, 
p. 81. 

* On this subject, see Index, under Friars. 


places that occur, identified as far as possible. In the case 
of the many field-names that have lost their meanings and 
have long been forgotten, we can only give a reference or two 
to the text. Every place is named in the general Index in its 
most important forms, and with references to all the passages 
in which it occurs. I regret that I have not been able to do 
more than I have done in the illustration of the original matter. 
The infirmities of age and the consequent removal from books 
and libraries have stood in the way, but I trust that this volume, 
the twelfth and last that I have had the honour of editing for 
the Surtees Society, will prove acceptable to those of our mem- 
bers who are interested in monastic antiquities. 

I have done the best that I could with the Index, but 
cannot guarantee absolute correctness or completeness. 

It now only remains for me to record the thanks of the 
Surtees Society and myself to the Marquis of Ripon for allowing 
me the use of his MS., to Mr. Oswald H. Wade, his Lordship's 
agent, for his trouble in connexion therewith, to the Hon. 
Lady Ingilby, and to Sir William Ingilby, for the use of the 
Ripley Castle MS. Also to my friend, Mr, John Bilson, F.S.A., 
for the loan of the printed volumes of the Chartulary, which 
have afforded material help in the identification of places. 



March, 1918. 


ACCOUNTS FOB 1456-7 (remaining portion) . . . . . . . . 1 

De extractis curianim . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 

De porcis venditis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 

De equis venditis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 

Other sales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 

Ex pede compoti magistri Averiorum . . . . . . . . 1 

Ex pede compoti magistri Ovium . . . . . . . . 1, 2 

De Cerevisia vendita . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 

De Bosco vendito . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 

De pannagijs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 

De pedibus compotorum Averiorum . . . . . . . . 2 

De pedibus compotorum Ovium . . . . . . . . 2, 3 

De pratis venditis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 

Summa totalis ree., vsque ad Annuas firmas . . . . . . 3 

Annuse firmae . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-6 

De Arreragijs firm arum . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-7 

Firirue forinsecae . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 

Expensae grangiarum . . . . . . . . . . . . 7, 8 

Expensae Orriorum decimalium . . . . . . . . . . 8, 9 

ffalcaciones et ffenaciones . . . . . . . . . . 9 

Expensse Magistri Averiorum . . . . . . . . . . 9, 10 

Expensae Magistri Ovium . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 

Lociones et Tonciones . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 

Vinum Emptum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 

Ferrum Emptum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10, 11 

Species emptae .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 11 

Allecia et pisces . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 

Warnesturae Emptae . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 

Staurum Emptum .. .. .. .. .. .. . . 11, 12 

Denarij liberati d'no Abbati (et vj aliis) . . . . . . 12 

Variae Expensae . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-16 

Pannus lineus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 

Pannus laneus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 

A leaf missing, perhaps two; probably contained Reparaciones 

and Stipendia Operariorum. 

Cariagia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 

Dona . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17-19 

Allocaciones et defalcaciones . . 19-23 


In finibus brevibus et Amerciamentis . . . . . . . . 24 

Expensae minutse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24, 25 

Expensae d'ni Abbatis . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 

Expensae Itinerancium . . . . . . . . . . . . 2631 

Expenses Curiarum . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 

Clericis et ffeodarijs . . . . . . . . . . . . 31, 32 

Mercedes ffamilorum . . . . . . . . . . . . 32, 33 

Mercedes fforestariorum . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 

Conventui in habitu . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 

Solucio Debit! Antiqui 33, 34 

Solucio Debiti Novi 34-36 

Terras emptae 36 

Bladum emptum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36, 37 

Expensae circa Eccl. de Crostwat . . . . . . . . 37 

ffrumentum emptum . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 

Siligo empta.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 37 

Ordium emptum . . . . . . . . 37, 38 

Avenae emptae . . . . . . . . . . . . 38, 39 

Pisae Emptae virides .... . . . . 39 

COMPOTUS FR. JOH. SELBY, 1457-8 . . . . . . . . . . 39 

Receptus De rem. .... 39 

De lana vendita . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 

De pellibus ovium venditis . . . . . . . . . . 39 

De stramine paliis et fimo venditis . . . . . . . . 39 

De satisfacientibus . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 

De Eventibus 39, 40 

De Extractis Curiarum . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 

De porcis venditis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 

De Equis venditis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 

De blado vendito . . . . . . . . . . . . ... 40 

De Plumbo vendito . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 

De Tanno vendito . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 

De Monacho Tannariae . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 

De caseo et butiro venditis . . . . . . . . . . 40 

De Averijs venditis . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 

De pedibus compotorum Magistri Averiorum . . . . 41 

A leaf of the original MS. missing, see foot-note on p. 41 . 

De pratis venditis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 

De Allerdale - .. .. 41 

De Ecclesia de Crostwate . . . . . . . . . . 41 

Annuae firmae . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41, 42 

ffirmae forinsecae . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 

Expensse grangiarum . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 

Expensae Orriorum Decimalium . . . . . . . . . . 43 

ffalcaciones et ffenaciones . . . . . . . . 43 


Expensse Magistri Averiorum .... . . 43, 44 

Expensae Magistri Ovium . . . . . . . . . . 44, 45 

Lociones et Tonciones ...... 45 

Vinum Emptum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 

fferrum Emptum .... 45 

Species emptse . . . . . . . . . . . . 45, 46 

Allecia et Pisces . . . . . . . . . . 46 

Warnesturse Emptse . . . . . . . . 46 

Staurum Emptum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46, 47 

Denarij liberati (d'no Abbati et vj aliis) . . 47 

Varies expenses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47-52 

Pannus lineus ........ 53 

Pannus laneus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53 

Reparaciones . . . . . . . . . . . . 5356 

Stipendia Operariorum . . . . . . . . . . . . 56, 57 

Cariagia 57, 58 

Dona 59-62 

Allocaciones et Defalcaciones . . . . . . . . . . 62-65 

In finibus, Brevibus, et Amerciamentis . . . . . . . . 65-67 

Expensse Minutse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67 

Expensae D'ni Abbatis 68 

Expensae Itinerancium . . ..... . . . . . . 69-74 

Expensae Curiarum . . . . . . . . . . . . 74 

Clericis et ffeodarijs . . . . . . . . . . . . 74 

Mercedes ffamulorum . . . . . . . . . . . . 74, 75 

Mercedes fforestariorum . . . . . . . . . . . . 75 

Priori (et aliis) in Regardo . . . . . . . . . . 75 

Solucio Debiti Antiqui . . . . . . . . . . . . 76 

Solucio Debiti Novi . . . . . . .... . . 76 

Terrse Emptse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 77 

Materia de Crostwate . . ...... . . . . . . 77 

Bladum Emptum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 77 

ffrumentum Emptum . . . . ... . . . . . . 77 

Ordium Emptum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 77, 78 

A venae Emptse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78 

Pisse emptse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78 

COMPOTUS FRATRIS JOH'lS SELBY, 1458-9 . . . . . . . . 78 

Rec. De Rem. . . . . , . . . . . . . . . 78 

De lana vendita . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78 

De pellibus ovium vend. . . . . . . . . . . . . 79 

De stramine, paliis, et fimo . . . . . . . . . . 79 

De Eventibus et satisfacientibus . . . . . . . . 79 

De Extractis Curiarium . . . . . . . . . . . . 79 

De porcis vend. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79 

De Equis vend. , , . . , . . . . , , , 79 


De Blado vend . . . . 79 

De plumbo vend. . . . . . . . . .... . . 79 

De Tanno vend. . . : 80 

De Monacho Tannarise . . . . . . . . . . . . 80 

De Caseo et Butiro vend. . . . . . . . . . . 80 

De Averijs vend. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80 

De Servisia vend. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80 

De pedibus Compotorum Magistri Averiorum . . . . 80 

De pedibus Comp. Mag. Ovium . . . . . . . . . . 80, 81 

De Bosco vendito . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 81 

De Pannagio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 81 

De pratis venditis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 81 

De Ecclesia de Crostwate . . . . . . . . . . 81 

Annuse firmae 81, 82 

ffirmse forinsecse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82 

Expensse Grangearum . . . . . . . . . . . . 82, 83 

Reparaciones (i) 83-85 

(Fragment) Pannus lineus . . . . . . . . . . 85 

Pannus laneus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 85 

Reparaciones (ii) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 85, 86 

Expensse Orreorum decimalium . . . . . . . . 86, 87 

Falcaciones et Fenaciones . . . . . . . . . . . . 87 

Expensse Magistri Aueriomm .. .. .. .. .. 87,88 

Expensse Magistri Ouium . . . . . . . . . . 88 

Lociones et Tonsiones . . . . . . . . . . . . 88 

Vinum Emptum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88 

Ferrum Emptum . . " 88, 89 

Species Emptse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89 

Allecia et pisces . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89 

Warnestura . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89 

Staurum 89, 90 

Denarii liberati d'no Abbati, etc. . . . . . . . . 90 

Varise Expensse 90,91 

The contents of the Memorandum Book are of such a kind that it would 
be almost impossible to tabulate them. 


[The first leaf, which would include the original heading, is wanting. 
The corresponding leaf of 1457-8 is followed by De Exiiibua Curiarum, which 
is on fo. 1 recto or p. 1 of the manuscript as now numbered. The missing 
portion was doubtless much the same as what will be found below, at the 
beginning of 1457-8.] 

[1] [Much decayed.} De extractis Curiarum. De Qweldryg, . . .; 
De Marton, xvjd. ; De Balderby, xjs. ; De Aldburgh, . . . ; De 
Sclenyngforth, ijs. viijd. ; De Galghay, ijs. yd. j 1 De Aldfeld, . . . ; 
De Morkar, . . . ; De Cayton et Ryplay, . . . ; De Stanburn, . . . ; 
De Brimbem, Hartwith et Dacre, . . . ; De Ville (sic) Beuerlay et 
Sixford, . . . ; De Mallam, . . . ; De Kylnsay, . . . ; De Lytton, 
. .. . ; De Dysforth, . . . ; De Rayngton, . . . ; De Thorpvnder- 
wod, . . . ; De Marston, . . . 

Summa, 17s. 5d. 
De porcis venditis, xiijs. ijd. 

De Equis venditis, nichill. 

Summa. . . . 


Summa, . . . 

, , . vijs. 

Summa, . . . 

iiijZt. ixs. vjd. ob. 

Summa, . . . 

. . vend., . . . 

Summa, . . . 

vend., . . . 

Summa, . . . 

vend., . . . 

Summa, . . . 
(Ex) pede compoti Magistri Aueriorum. 


(Ex) pede compoti Magistri ouium. 2 


1 These four amounts are in paler ink, perhaps entered secunda manu, or 
faded by damp. The rest, and the sum total, are left blank. 

2 Here and above the sums have not been entered. The leaf is very im- 
perfect. See the corresponding page in 1457-8, where " patet " stands in 
place of " summa." 


De ceruisia vendita, viijs. vnjd. 


[3] (De Bos)co vendito. (Apud) Aldburgh per Ric ; 

(Apud) Sutton per Steph. . . .; Apud Thorp vnderwod per 
J. . . .; Apud Bradlay per (blank)', Apud Slenyngford per 
Steph. . . . ; Apud Qheldryke per Joh. Neusom, . . . ; Apud Stan- 
burn per Robertum Dycunson, . . . ; Apud Marton per Joh'em 
Harper, . . . ; De Carbonibus venditis apud Brimbem, . . , 1 

Summa, . . . 

De pannagiis. Apud Marton, . . . ; Apud Thorpvnderwod, 
. . . ; Apud Qweldryke, . . . 2 Summa, . . . 

De pedibus compotorum Aueriorum. De Syxfurth, vs. ; De 
Beuerlay, (blank); De Nutwithcote, viijs. ; De Holmhous per 
Will'm bolton, ijs. viijd. ; De Aldburgh per Th. lytstar, 
vijs. viijd. ; De Pott per Will'm Askwith, (blank) ; De Calfalhous 
per W m Askwith, i\d. ob.; De Hasthahous per Emmot bolton 
et W. Thackwray, xxiiijs. i]d. ob. ; De lofthous per Ric. 
Toppan et T. Atkinson, xs. xjd. ob.', De Morkar, (blank)-, De 
Haddokstayns per Joh'em Ketylwell et W. Man, xxijs. xjd. ; 
De Brimbem per Ro tum Thacwray, iiijs. ; 

[4] . . . , xs. ; . . . , js. vjd. ; . . . , iiij<s. vjd. ; . . . , xxvs. vd. ; 
. . . , xjs. ijd. ; . . . on, (blank); (Th)ackwray, (blank) ; per Rob. 
. . . rper et Ric. Golwat, ijs. 

Summa, 7 05. 2Jd. 

(De pedibus)* compotorum ouium. lay, . . . ; (De 

Arn)clifcot per W m Abram, xd. ; (De Cony )ston per Rob. 
Setyll, viijd. ; (De Mydlo)whous per Joh. Brown, xjd.; (De 

Tran)hous per Will. Knoll, viijd. ; per W. Askwith et 

W. Jonson, iijs. iiijd. ; (De) Northcot per W. Setyll et Joh. 
Constantyn, iiijd. ; (De) Brimbem per Joh'en broon et Rob. 
West, ijs. ; De Warsall per Joh'em West et Joh. lalandes, xxd. ; 
De Colgilcote per Will'm Atkinson, xixd. ; 4 De Aldburgh per 
Th. lystar, xvijs. xd.; De Morkar per Rob tum lambart, iijd. ; 
De Apilgarth per Will'm Broon, ]d. ; De Brighous per Rob tum 

1 Fore-edge gone, and with it the amounts. 

2 The three amounts left blank. 

3 Gaps supplied from p. 133 of the MS. 

4 ijs. vjd. erased. 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1456-7 3 

benson, vd. ; De Chapelhous, (blank) ; De Nutwithcote per Ric. 
Becwith, iijd. ; De Malwaterhous, (blank)-, De Haddokstayns, 
(blank) i De Brimbem per Ro tum Scafe, 1 ijs.; De Dacre per 
Th. golthwat, xvd. ; De Balderby per Rob'tum Atkinson, 
xd. ob. Summa, 1 Us. lljd. 2 

[5] (De p)ratis venditis. (De) qweldric, . . ; De Acaster, . . . ; 
De Elingthorpe, . . . ; De Geuendale, . . . ; De feno decimal! de 
Marton, . . .; De feno decimali de Astynby et Neuby, . . . , 
De feno decimali de Raynton, . . . ; De feno decimali de Dis- 
forth, . . .; De pratis de Balderby, . . .; De feno decimali 
Ibidem, 3 . . .; De Catton, xs. ; De Anderby, iiijZi. ; De Picall, 
xijs. ; De Yarnwyke, vjs. viijd. ; De Blatoncar, xxvjs. viijcL; 
De Scotton, iiijs.; De Staynburn, iijli. xvjs.; De Colcrofte et 
Bencrofte, xjs. iiijd. ; De Brothirton, ijs. ; De Cowton et qwyn- 
holm, (blank); De Markington, (blank)-, De Ryplay, (blank). 

Summa, 11 Ss. Id. 

De Allerdale, (blank) ; De Crostwat cum hamlectis, xvli. xs.; 
De Stangwat et Watenland, xvijfo*. vjs. vii]d. ; De Espnes, xls.; 
De Cokyrmouth, xijd. Summa, 34 17<s. 8^. 
[6] (Sum)ma totalis receptae, vsque ad Annuas firmas, 4 . . . 

(Annuce firmce). ^(1) (De Sancto Botulfo), xxijfo'. viijs. ; 
(De Scarbur)gh, xiijs. iiijd. ; (De Wymb)ylton, xxvjs. viijd.', (De 
Sant)on, vjs. viij^. ; (De Qwe)ldrike, . . . ; (et terris) darell, . . . ; 
(Et grangea) Ibidem, Ivijfo'. xs. ijd. ob. ; (De Northstr)et in Ebor., 
iijZ*.; (De Tenura) vescy, (blank) ; (De Mykyl)gate Ibidem,v^'. xs.; 
(De Juburt)gate Ibidem, (blank) ; (De Peterg)ate Ibidem, (blank); 
(De Stan)gate Ibidem, vijs.; (De Trech)erlayn Ibidem, vs.; 
(De M)onkton super moram, xlvjs. viijd.; De Marston, 
vij^'. xiiijs. viijd. ; De Clausuris Ibidem, iijli. ixs. vjd.; De 
Cattail, xls.; De Kyrkhamerton, xxxvij,?. iiij^. ; De grangia 
Ibidem, ii]li. v]s. viijd. ; De Grenehamerton, xxxjs. ; De Clausuris 
Ibidem, xxxiijs. iiijd. 

Summa prima, 115 6s. O^d. 

1 Or Scase ? 

2 The sums entered in modern form have been supplied by the Editor ; 
others have been supplied in the seventeenth century. 

3 Fore-edge gone thus far. 

4 Cannot be determined, owing to the defective condition of the MS. The 
words and numerals in Annuce ftrmce have been supplied, where missing, 
from the same accounts in the following year. 


[7] (2) (De Tho)rpvnderwod, (\iijli. vijs. viijd.) ; (De Q)wyxlay, 
vj(li. vs. iiijd.); De parua vsburn, xxx(ijs. viijd.); De Kyrk- 
byhall, ixli. (vjs. viijrf.); De Aldwarke, iijli. ; De Grafton, xls. ; 
De Meylby, xxjs. viij(d.); De Hewyke, xs.; De Marton, 
'. xvj(d.) ; De Disforth, xxijli. xiiijs. (vijd.) ; De Ranyngton, 
xjs. vjd.; De Catton, iiijs. iijd. ; De Melmorby, vijli. 
xviijs. ii(ijd. ob.); De Suttonhowgraue, xxjs.; De Rouwell, xxs. ; 
De Yarnwyke, iiijs. ixd. ; De Pycall, iij^'. xs. iiijcZ. ; De Kyrt- 
lyngton, xvjcZ. Summa secunda, 153 lls. 5\d. 

(3) De Balder by, xljli. xixs. ijd.; De Clausuris Ibidem, xxs. ; 
De Andyrby, etc., xiijli. vijs.; De Neusom, vli. viijs. ; De 
Kyrkbywyske cum grangea, viijfo*. xijs. xd.; De Synderby, 
xiiijs. ; De Holme, xiijs. iiij^. ; De Skipton, xxxvjs. ; De Scab- 
neuton, xviijs.; De Thornton super moram, vli. vs. viijd. ; 
De Neuby, viijs. ; De Sandhuton, xxiiijs. ixd. ; De Grenebery, 
xxs.; De Cowton, in]li. xui]d. ; 

[8] (De Eadem), jli. piperis; (De grangia Ibidem), iiijfo'. ; (De 
yarum), (blank)', (De Cauton), xxd. ; (De Dromundby), liijs. 
iiijd. ; (De Stokslay), xiijs. iiijd. ; (De Eston), (blank) ; (De 
Ka)rlton, (blank); (De E)ssby, (blank)] (De) Cotom, (blank); 
(De) Redcar, (blank). 

Summa tercia, 93 16s. 3d. 

(4) (De Al)dburgh cum molend., xv]li. v]s. viijd. ; (De S)wyn- 
ton, iiijli. xvjs. vd. ; (De Wa)rdermaske, xvjs. ; (De Il)keton, 
xlvjs. vjd. ; (De EJlynstrjmg, vs.; (De Po)tte, vli. v]s. viijd. ; 
(De) Bramlay, vjli. ; (De D)alhagh, ixli. ; De Carlesmor Et 
Swetton, vli. xvjd. ; De Growelthorpe, vi]li. ixs. iii]d. ; De 
Kyrkeby malshart, xxixs. vd. ; De layrton, iijs. iiijd.; De 
Wyncslay, iijli. vs. xd.; De Wodhous, iiijs. ; De Galghay gal- 
ghalez Bratwate moseyng Et de Symfeld, xx^'. ; De Aserlay, 
xixs. iii]d. ; De Button, xxli. ; De Slenyngforth, xiiijli. xiiijs. iiijd. ; 
De Northstanlay, xs. ; De Eadem, iijs. iiijd. ; De Tanfeld, 
jli. piperis. Summa quarta, 118 17s. 6eL 

[9] (5) (De) Aldfeld cum molend., (xxjli. xixd. ob.); (De) 
Swanlay, vjli.; De longlay, xli. (iijs.); De grantlay, ixs.; De 
Eadem, vjs. (viijd.); De Byrkow, vs. vjd. ; De Hundgate, iijs.; 
De Eveston, xs. ; De Eadem, xviijs. ; De Sallay, xlijs. ; De 
Studelay Roger, jd. ; De Clutherum, vd.; De Rypon, vli. vjs.; 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1456-7 5 

De Eadem, xijd. ; De Ingerthorpe, xxxs. ui]d. ; De Wallerthwate, 
xxvjs. viijd. ; De Markynton, xxxvijs. xd.; De Thornton 
episcopi, iijs. ; De Hartwith Wynslay Cum molend. Ib'm, 
xxiiijfo'. xs. i]d. ; De Dacre, xls. ; De Neuhous, vli. ; De Beuerlay, 
vjli. xiijs. iiijd.; De Morhous Ibidem, uijli. vjs. viijd. ; De 
Caldstanfald, xiijs. iiijd. ; De Hardcastell, xlvjs. viijd.; De 
Syxford, xxvjs. viijd.; De holmhous, m]li. vjs. viijd.; De 
Calfalhous, xxs. ; De Bowrthwate, uijli. ; De lofthous, xiijs. iiijcZ. ; 
De Trope, xiijs. iiijrf. 

Summa quinta, 101 155. 3|(Z. 

[10] (6) (De Cayton), xxfo'.; (De Sowthstanla), vijs.; (De 
Riplay Birtwa)th (et Scawra), vjli. vs. vjd.; (De Stanburn), 
xiijli. iijs.; (De Rygton), vjfo'. iiJ5. vd. ; (De mole)ndino Ibidem, 
(blank); (De Kobe), xs.; (De Cas)tlay, vijs. ; (De) Otlay, xxs.; 
(De) Ilkelay, xxxs.; (De) Morton, xijs.; De Bradlay, xiiijfo'.; 
De Helm, xlvj.5. viijd; De Heton, iijK. xs. iijd. ; De Eadem, 
]li. piperis; De Dalton, ijs.; (De) Awnlay, xxiij^. iiijc^.; (De) 
Wolronwell, iij$.; (De) Schaw, vijs. ; (De) Kelkare, viijs.; (De) 
Eland, xvjd; De lyuersege, vjs. vii]d. ; De fferybrig, iiijs.; 
De Bramton, viijs. ; De Hundisflet, vs. 

Summa sexta, 73 4s. 2d. 

[11] (7) (C)ravyn. De Mallom, (xiijli. xijs. vii]d.) ; De molend. 
Ibidem, x\s. ; De Scothorpe, ixs. ; De Calton, xxs. ; De Preston, 
xixs. (iii]d.)', De Arnsford, viij^.; De Wygilsworth, xxs. viijc^.; 
De Holmknotes, xls. ; De Rughclose, xxs.; De ffornagilhous, 
xls. ; De Westsydhous, xlvjs. vii]d. ; De Caupanhow, xls. ; De 
Tranhous, xxvijs. ; De Tranhous hull, liijs. iujd. ; De Mallwater 
hous, xxxiiJ5. iiij^. ; De Mydlowhous, xxs. ; De Colgylhous, 
xxiijs. iiijd ; De Nedyrbordlay, v}li. xiijs. iiijc?. ; De langerhous, 
iiijli. ; De Neuhous, iijK. ; De Colgylcote, xlvjs. viij^. ; De 
Ouerbordlay et folcote, vjli. xiijs. iiijd. ; De Treschfeld, lv9. xd. ; 
De Lynton, xs. ui]d. ; De Thorpe, iiijs. iiijd. ; De Byrnsall, xij^. ; 
De Apiltrewyke, ijs.; De Hebden, viijs. 

Summa septima, 71 Os. 2d. 

[12] (8) (De Kylnsay), xli. xjs. iiijrf.; (De Molend.), xxxs.; 
(De Skarthcot), iijfo'.; (De Chapelhous), iiijK.; (De Northcot), 
xls.; (De Conyston), xiijs. iiijcZ. ; (De Ketyl)well, ixs. ; (De 
Arn)clyfe, iiijK. iijd.; (De Ar)nclyfcote, vli. vjs. viijd.; (De) 


Owlcotes, iijs.; (De) Darnbrukhous, iijli. vjs. viijd. ; (De) 
lytton, viijli.; De Nederhesylden, vjli. xiijs. iiijd. ; De Ouer- 
hesylden, iiijli. xiijs. iiijc?. ; De Haltongyll, xijli. ; De ffoxhope, 
viijfo'. ; De Grenfeldcoche, xls. ; De Horton, xxxs. jd. ; De 
Studhyrdhall et ffontanscale, liijs. iiijd. 

Summa octaua, 80 10s. 4cL 
Summa Annuarum firmarum, 808 Is. 2^d. 
Summa to tails rec. cum Rem. 1 

De Arreragiis firmarum. De Ric. Tollare, iijli. vs. iiijd. ; 
De Ric. Benson, iijli. xviijs.; De Katerina Deen, lijs. iijd. ; 
De Henrico Lytton, ijs. ; De Johanne Dicson, Westsydhous, 
i\]li. iiijs. xd. ; De Johanne Pacoke, Ivjs. xd. ; De Th. Brown de 
Kyrkbywyske, xvijs. xd. ; 

[13] De Ric. Wiliamson Ibidem, xjs.; De Johanne ffych de 
Arnsford, xLs. ; De WilTmo lauson, xvijs. ; De Joh'e Wyndsowr, 
vjd. ; De Georgeo Knoll, mjli. vs.] De Henrico luge, vs. ; De 
Xpof. Tenand, vs. iiijdL; De Joh'e Pownce (?), xxijcZ. ; De 
Will'mo Wryght, viijs. viijd. ; De WilFmo Tenand, vjs. ixd. ; 
De Will'mo Knoll, Pycall, i]d. ; De Th. batman, iijli. xvjs.; 
De Will'mo leche, iiijs. xd. ; De Relicta Joh'is Wygilsworth, 
vs. iiijd. ; De Joh'e Preston, vjs. i]d. ; De Joh'e Tenand, vjs. xd. ; 
De Henrico Elyson, iiijs. ijd. ; De Ric. ffyche, m]li. iijs. v]d. ; 
De Rob. Battes, vs.vd. ; De Joh'e Tomson, bordlay, xxxviijs. ]d. ; 
De Joh'e Jacson, xxs. ixd. ; De Will'mo knoll, Tranhous, 
xiiijfo'. vs. ob.; De Thoma kyd, xij^'. xjs. iiijd. ; De Rob'to 

sti sunt Proctor, vfo'. xj^.; De Joh'e Yowdale de borodale, xiiijs. iijd. ; 

ilocati. j) e Rob'to Byrched, iiijfo'. vs. x]d.\ De Joh'e Wilson, liiijs.; 
De Rob. langstroth, Ivijs. ii]d. ; De Th. Eest, Ivs. xd. ; De Th. 
Atkinson, xxixs. v]d. ; De Joh'e Atkinson, iijli. iiijs. vd. ; De 
Th. langstroth', xiijs. iiijd. ; De. Rob. Wylson, xxxvijs. \}d. ; 
De Margareta Coldale, xxxviijs. ixd.; De Margareta Stage, 
xxjs. ijd. ; De Xpof. Redclyfe, xvs. ; De Joh'e Atkyinson, 2 
iijli. xvijs. jd. ; 

[14] . . . llyamson, Ivijs. vjd. ; . . . dale, xviijs. vd. ; . . . Stan- 
law, xiiijfo'. ixs. vjd. ; ...Stag', ii]li. vjs. viijd.', ...Joh'e 
Stag', xxxixs. iiijd. ; . . . Atkinson, vjfo'. xvs. vjd. ; . . . o Yow- 

1 Cannot be determined, owing to the defective condition of the MS. 

2 A marginal line connected with side note six lines above extends thus far. 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1456-7 7 

dale, Ivjs. vijd. ; . . . Rob. Nicholson, viijs. viijd. ; . . . Joh'e 
Qwyntyn, xlixs. viijd.; De Jenkyn Yowdale, xiiijs. iijd. ; De 
Rob. Yowdale, xxxiiijs. ob.; De Th. Yowdale, vjli. viijs. vjd.; 
De Joh'e langstroth, xs. Total, 143 195. Qd. 
[15] Blank, but for a few words at the top in a later hand, 
now scarcely legible. 

[16] (Firmce Jorinsecce.) (Ecclesise Sancti) Petri Ebor. pro 
decimis de Topclyfe, xlviijfo'. ; (Precentori) dictse ecclesise pro 
decimis de Thorpe, iijli. vjs. viijd. ; (Eidem) ecclesise pro 
Slenyngforth, xxx9. ; (Priori) Sanctse trinitatis pro Northstret, 
xvjs.; (Eidem) pro Qweldryke, iiijli. xiijs. iiijd.; (Do)mui Sancti 
Leonardi pro eadem, xli. xiijs. iiijd. ; (Pri)ori de Kyrkham pro 
eadem, xls. ; Capellano de fferybrig pro eadem, xls.; Priori 
de Nouoburgo pro eadem, vs. ; Item eidem pro caldwell, 
xxxiijs. iiijd. ; Eidem pro Carlesmor, iiijs. yd. ob.; Monasterio 
beatae Marise Ebor. pro Cowton, xxxvs. ; Monialibus de Monk- 
ton, xxs. ; Priori Sancti Oswaldi pro bradlay, vjs. viij^. ; D'no 
de Ilklay pro Ilklay, vjd. ; Hospitali Sancti Johannis pro 
brimbem, xs. ; Ecclesise de Rypon pro Morkar, xxxs.; Eidem 
pro monte Michaelis, ijs. v]d.; Eidem pro Swanlay, ijs. ; Eidem 
pro Aldfeldnorthous, ixs. ; D'no Archiepiscopo pro ten. in 
Rypon, xvjd. ; Hospitali beatse Marise Magdalense Ib'm, xd. ; 
Eccl'ise de byrnsall pro Kylnsay, xiijs. iiij^.; Eccl'ise de 
Arnclife pro Arnclyfcote, xxs. ; Hered. Joh'is lene pro Arnclife, 
v]d. ; D'no de percy pro eadem, xviijs. iiijd. ; Eidem pro Arnford, 
xxs. viij<l ; Abbati de Sallay pro eadem, xiijs. iii)d. ; Monialibus 
de Kyrkles pro Heton, ijs. iijd.', Communitati ciuitatis Ebor. 
pro tenura Vessy, xviijd. ; Hered. Reginald! pro eodem, 
xvjd; Communitati de Scarburgh pro ten. Ib'm, xviijd ; 
Hered. Adse Hawer pro eueston, ijs. Summa, 85 14s. S^d. 

[17] Expensce grangiarum. 

Morkar. Custodi Ib'm in mercede, xiijs. iiij^. ; Joh'i Setyll, 
xiiijs.; Will'mo Kendell, xs. viijd. ; Steph. Ouerend, xiiijs. ; 
Edmundo Kendell, x<9. ixd. ; In expensis Autumpnalibus Ib'm, 
xxvjs. vjd. ; pro falcacione pratorum Ib'm, xxiijs. iiijd. ; pro 
Arracione Ib'm, (blank)-, pro Trituracione Ib'm, xxs. vijd. ; 
pro Runcacione Ib'm, iijs. xd. ; Xpofero Abbott ad Aratrum 
Ib'm, xd. Summa, 6 17s. 


Brimbem. Custodi Ib'm in mercede Will'mo Stavelay, 
xiijs. iiijeZ. ; ffilio eiusdem in mercede in parte, xvjd. ; In ex- 
pensis Autumpnalibus Ib'm, xjs. iijd. ; pro ffalcacione pratorum. 
Ib'm, xijs. ; pro Arracione Ib'm, xvjcL ; pro Trituracione Ib'm, 
xjs. x]d. ; pro Runcacione Ib'm, (blank) ; Trituranti Ib'm per 
dietas, xvd. Summa, 2 12s. 5d. 

Haddocstans. Custodi Ib'm in mercede, xiijs. iiijd. ; Will'mo 
lambart in mercede, xiiijs. ; Georgio Raskell in mercede, xiiijs. ; 
In expensis Autumpnalibus Ib'm, xijs. xjd. ; pro falcacione 
pratorum Ib'm, xxxvjs. viijd. ; Ad Aratrum Ib'm per Robertum 
Atkinson, iijs. xd. ; pro Trituracione Ib'm, xiiijs. iijdL 

Total, 5 95. Od. 

[18] (Expensce Orriorum) decimalium. 

(Name of place missing.) (Custodi) Ib'm in mercede, xxs. ; 
(pro colleccione) granorum et cariag' Ib'm, xxiiijs. ; (pro 
ca)riag' feni decimalis et fenacione, (blank)-, (pro f)alcacione 
pratorum in manu d'ni, (blank); (pro) Custodia bourn Ib'm 
pingnium, iijs. iiijd.\ pro ventilacione Ib'm, iiijs. ijd. ; pro 
Reparacione orrij decimalis Ib'm, vjs. vijd. ; pro Trituracione 
Ib'm, xiiijs. ixd. ; pro Crebris Ib'm, (blank). 
Summa, 3 12s. Wd. 

Marion. Custodi Ib'm in mercede, xvjs. viijd. ; pro col- 
leccione bladi decimalis de Dysford et cariagio, xlvs. iiijd.; 
pro colleccione bladi dec. de Marton et cariagio, xxjs. viijd. ; 
pro ffalcacione orti manerij Ib'm, xviijdL ; pro Trituracione 
Ib'm, xxixs. xjd. ; pro ventilacione Ib'm, iiijs. }d. ; pro cariagio 
granorum ad monasterium, (blank) ; pro Custodi bourn Ib'm,vs. ; 
pro Cribris 1 Ib'm, (blank)', Tascarijs Ib'm, ijd. ; In Reparac' 
orrij decimalis Ib'm, vijs. vjd. ; pro carriagio decimarum 
Anni prseteriti, xxxijs. ; pro colleccione decimarum de Astynby 
cum carr. Anni prseteriti, xlvs. iiij^. ; pro Trituracione eorundem, 
xxxviijs. vjd. Summa, 13 Is. Od. 

Custodi Ib'm pro colleccione firmarum hoc anno ex 
conuencione, xiijs. ivd. 

Summa, 13 14s. 4d. 

[19] Ranyngton. Custodi Ib'm in mercede, xxs. ; pro col- 
leccione et cariagio bladi decimalis Ib'm, xxs. ; pro colleccione 

1 Corrected from Crebris. 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1456-7 9 

et cariagio bladi decimalis de Astenby, xxviijs. ; pro 
Trituracione Ib'm, xiijs. ; In ventilacione Ib'm, xvjd. ; Tascarijs 
Ib'm, (blank)', pro Cariagio grani decimalis ad monasterium, 
(blank)', pro Custodi bourn Ib'm, vs. ; pro Crebris Ib'm, (blank); 
pro falcacione et fenacione Ib'm orti manerij, viijs. ui]d. ; pro 
Reparacione orrij decimalis Ib'm, (blank); pro Cariagio decim. 
bladi Dysford, (blank); pro Colleccione earundem, (blank). 
Summa, 4 15s. Sd. 

Burton lenard.Iu falcacione et fenacione Ib'm, xiiijd. ; 
pro Colleccione bladi Ib'm et cariagio, ijs. vjd. ; pro Trituracione 
eiusdem, xiijs. viijd. ob.; pro ventilacione eiusdem, xxd. ; pro 
Sportis et Scutellis, (blank); pro Ceris et clavibus, vd. ; pro 
Reparacione orrij decimalis Ib'm, iiij^. ijd. 
Summa, 1 3s. 1\d. 

Aldjeld. pro Colleccione bladi decimalis Ib'm, (blank); 
pro Cariagio eiusdem ad Morkar, (blank); pro Trituracione 
eiusdem, ixd. ; pro ventilacione eiusdem, (blank). 

Summa, 9d. 

[20] (ffalcaciones) et ffenaciones. (pro ffalcacione) et ffena- 
cione pratorum monasterij, xlvjs. ijd. ob.; (pro ffalcacione) 
pratorum de Morkar, 1 (illegible) ; (Apud H)addocstanes,(t^e^'6Ze) ; 
(Apud) Brimbem, (illegible); (Apud) Ranyngton, (illegible); 
(A)pud Thorp vnderwod, (illegible); Apud Marton, (illegible); 
Apud Qweldryke, ijs. viijd. ; Apud Thorpe pro hospicio Ebor., 
(blank) ; pro ffalcacione et fenacione de Monkeyng per Robertum 
Benson, vjs. ; Roberto lambard pro falcacione in monasterio, 
vjd. ; pro ffenacione in pratis monasterij, xjs. viijd. 

Summa, 3 Is. O^. 2 

Expenses Magistri Aueriorum. In expensis Joh'is Esby in 
Arsura Stirccett' in parte, viijd. ; In agitacione aueriorum 
communitatis de balderby ad mon., i\d. ; In consimili per Th. 
Lambart, iiijc?. ; pro Custod' Sleght' per Jac. ffawsyd cum eduleo, 
xiiijs. ; pro Agitacione Aueriorum per Henricum Hesilden, xxcZ. ; 
pro expensis in Arsura Stirccett', iijd.; pro Agistamentis iiij 
vaccarum per W m Aswyth, iiijs. ; pro Custod' gregis bouett' 
in sestate, xiiijs.; pro Custod' Aueriorum apud Dalhag per 

1 Five lines of figures faded and illegible. 

2 See note 1. 


W m Qwelhous, xxs. ; pro Custod' vlceti Ib'm, xs. ; pro Custod' 
de Cowsyd, xs.', In Agitacione Auerionim et ouium per W m 
Brown ex conuencione, iiijs. ; In consimili per W m Abbott ad 
balderby et de balderby, iiijd. ; In consimili procustodia Stirckett' 
per J. Hesylden, xiiijs. ; In consimili pro custodia de Crochuuse, 
vijs. ; In consimili pro drapis, xxd. ; Pro custodia de Sleghtes 
per Ric. ffaucyd, xs.; Magistro Aueriorum in mercede, xxvjs. 
viijd. Summa, 6 18s. 9d. 

[21] Expensce magistri ouium. pro Custodia ouium apud 
Chapelhous per Marg. lawndes, xiijs. iiijd. ; pro Agitacione 
ouium per eandem, vjd. ; pro Agitacione ouium de Kilnsay ad 
padlabrig per filios Joh'is Broon, ijd. ; pro Custodia gregis de 
Colgilcot per W m Atkinson, xxvjs. viijd. ; pro Custodia mul- 
tonum per Robertum Proctor, xiijs. iiijd. ; pro Custodia ouium 
de Mydlowhous per Johannem Broon in estate, xs. ; pro 
Custodia gregis Jerciarum per Robertum Setyll, xiijs. iiijd. ; 
pro Custodia ouium de Morkar per Annum per Rob. Lambard, 
xvs. ; pro Custodia hogg' per eundem, vijs. 
Summa, 4 19s. 4d. 

[22] Lociones et Tonciones. Apud Northcote per W. Setyll, 
(blank) i Apud Morkar, (blank)] Apud Arnclyfcote per Will'm 
Abram, ijs. iiijd. ; Apud Dacre, (blank) ; Apud Mydlowhous 
per Joh'em Brown, ixs. i]d. ; Apud Colgylcote per W m Atkinson, 
iijs. vjd. ; Apud Kylnsay, (blank); Apud Ouerbordlay per Rob. 
Proctor, iijs. ; Pro locione et Tonsura coquinse draps per W. 
broon, iiijd. ; Apud Chapelhous per Relictam laland', iijs. 
Summa, 1 Is. 4d. 

Vinum Emptum. Will'mo Wells pro iij hoggeshedes vini 
Rubei, vjfo'.; Thomse Armorer pro consimili, xli. ; W mo Wells 
pro iij pipis vini, xijfo'. iijs. iiijd. 

Summa, 28 3s. 4d. 

[23] Ferrum Emptum. In vomeribus emptis apud Rypon per 
W m Smyth, ijs. ; In v c ferri empt. de Th. Armorar Ebor., xxxs. ; 
In xviij vomeribus de W mo Raner de lyuerseg, xs. vjd. ; In 
Osmundis empt. Rypun, ijs. i]d. ; In ferrura e quorum in Cravyn, 
i]d. ; In j dos. Wayncloyt de Agnete boon, ijs. ; In j Cressand 
pro coquina conuentus, xvjd. ; In viij dos. plucloyttes et clauis 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1456-7 11 

de Rob. Dycunson in parte, xiiijs. ; In uno pare de steppes, ijd. ; 
InWayncloyttes per Joh'em Setyll,vijd. ; In Clauis per Robertum 
Sandall, x viijd. ; In xij vomeribus emptis de Agnete boon, vijs. ; 
In ferrura equorum, iiijd. ; vxori Joh'is Boon pro clauis emptis, 
ijs. iijd. ; In vj Wayncloytes emptis per Th. keyng, xijd. 
Summa, 3 14s. Sd. 

Species emptce. pro Speciebus emptis de Ro to Colinson 
per vices, xvijs. vd. ; pro Speciebus emptis de Relicta J. bolton, 
xixs. viijd. ; per vices. Summa, 1 175. Id. 

[24] (Allecia) et pisses. Wethirall per Th. Swynton pro 
pissibus et Allecijs, vjli. ixs. ixd. ; (pro pi)ss. recent, d'no 
Abbati, iiijd. ; (pro) anguillis salsis eidem, viijd. ; (pro) ij seym 
salmon de Joh'e Neusom, xvs. ; (pro) xx piscibus salsis de 
W mo Wrampan, vjs. viijd. 

Summa, 7 12s. 5d. 

Warnesturce Emptce. In ij dos. Cerse 1 empt. per Joh'em 
Esby, xiijs. iiijd. ; In x lagenis mellis de Joh'e Harison, Tanf., 
vjs. viijd. ; In Cera empt. de W mo Moor per vices, xxxiijs. ; 
In oleo lampadar' empto de Agnete Boon, xiiijs. xd.; In con- 
simili de xpofero Buth, vijs. ix^. ; In j buscello Ceparum, viij^. ; 
In j potell olei coquinse d'ni Abbatis, viijd. ; In oleo Auelan' 
d'no Abbati, yd. ob.\ In oleo lampadar' empto diuersis tem- 
poribus de vxore boon, xiijs. iiij^. ; In v lagenis mellis coquinae, 
vs. ; In ij dos. Cerse de Wrampan, xiijs. iiij^. ; (In xx piscibus 
salsis de eodem, vjs. viijcL); 2 In vj lagen' olei lampad', vijs. ; 
In j li. Racemorum et j strenyour, iijd. ob. ; In porris emptis, 
xijd. ; In iij lagenis olei, iiijs. ; In Cepis emptis, ijs. xjd. ; In 
incubus, Racemis, etc., vijd. ; In j dos. Cerse et iiij dos. Rosyn 
de W mo Wrampan, xiij.s. iiijd. ; In j dos. Cerse vxori Joh'is 
boon, vjs. ; In j potel olei, vjd. ; In iij Chald' salis cum cariagio, 
xlijs. Summa, 9 13s. 4d., less 6s. Sd. crossed out. 
[25] Staurum Emptum. In vno Apro de W mo Broon de 
balderby, vs.; In vno equo empto de Th. Becwith per W. 
harope, liijs. iiijd.; In vno equo empto de Henrico Sylson, 
xlvjs. viijd.; In vno equo empto Cariag' pistrinse, xvjs. viijd.; 
In vno equo empto de Ro to Proctor per Joh. Esby, xxvjs. viijd. ; 

1 MS. has cere, of wax, not candles. 

2 Crossed out. 


In ij Juuencis cum pullis de Katerina Deen, xxvjs. viijd. ; 
In j equo empto de WilTmo qweylhous, xs. 
Summa, 9 5s. Od. 

Denarij liberati, d'no Abbati, xxxli. iijs. iiijd. 

Monacho Coquinse, (blank). 

Monacho Tannariae, (blank). 

Magistro Aueriorum, (blank). 

Magistro ouium, (blank). 


Magistro operum Ro to Sandall pro seruientibus infra et 
extra vt plenius patet librum eiusdem fratris, lijli. xvijs. vjd. 

[26] (Magistro) Minerse, (blank). 

Summa totalis vsque variae expensae, 427 13s. 3Jd. 

Varice Expensce. Collectori d'ni papae, vijs. ; Magistro 
Adae Copandale pro subsidio, liijs. iiijd. ; D'no Regi pro decim. 
de Bostan, xiijs. vd. ob. ; D'no Comite (sic) Northumbriae pro 
dominio de Arnclyfe, xxxiijs. iiijd. ; D'no Archiepiscopo pro 
Cunyngarth apud Rypon, xiijs. iiijd. ; Eidem pro Ten. Joh'is 
Qwyxlay in Rypon, iiijd. ; Eidem pro Ten. in Otlay, viijd. ; 
Magistro de Rybstan pro Aldfell (sic), ijs.; Monti Jer'lem pro 
Ten. in Anderby, vd. ; D'no Will'mo Plumpton pro Aldfeld, vs. ; 
heredibus Will'mi Tempest pro Aldfeld, xxvjs. viijcZ. ; Vicario 
de Kyrkby Malshart pro decim, de Nedderdale, iijli. ; fforestarijs 
de lytton dale, xxxiiijs. viijd. ; vxori Will'mi Tollar de pathela- 
brig ex conuencione, xiijs. iiijd. ; Joh'i Qhwixlay pro Ten. in 
Ripun, x<s. ; Henrico Yong pro Ten. in Mallam, xs. ; vxori 
Rob'ti Reyd pro corodio, iiijs. ; Communitati Ciuitatis Ebor. 
Ebor. (sic) pro gogyle, viijd. ; Castro de Skipton pro Wynd- 
banke, iiijd ; In Spuma per Annum, xs. ; Nicholao Duffeld pro 
Rata scolari per vices, vli. ; In concordia facta cum Ric. 
leythlay, ixs. ; In prostracione et succisione meremij apud 
Marton pro oreo J. harpour, ijs. ; Joh'i harper de Marton pro 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1456-7 13 

ij Togis deficientibus, viijs. ; In ferrura equorum d'ni Abbatis 
et officialium per Ric. Raskell, iiijs. vjd. ; Ro to Sadilar pro 
reparacione harnasij d'ni Abbatis, xxiijd.; Joh'i burton pro 
semine cepum emendo, xd. 

21 4s. 9jd. 

[27] In cariagio et mess, bladi de Anderby vsque balderby 
nuper Ro t! Tomson, ... j 1 In colleccione de messe et cariagio 
straminis ad Aulam de balderby, xvjs. . . .; In j dos. Albi 
liberati in rasura nouiciorum vidz Cundall et Esbye, xs. . . . ; 
Magistro Noviciorum dictorum, viijs. viijd. ; pro Arestacione 
Joh'is Watson, Rypon, iiijd. ; pro sigillacione literse Citacionis 
in materia de Crosthwate, iijs. iujd. ; In scriptura literae Cita- 
cionis vicarij Ib'm, ijs. ; In scriptura libelli pro dicta ecclesia, 
ijs. ; In vno freno et reparacione cellse Joh'is Esby, viijd. 6b.\ 
In medicinis emptis domino Abbati per Clesby, ijs. ; In hope 
empt. apud Skarburgh per W m Askwith, ijs. ; In j breve de 
Certiorari pro vicecomiti Cumbri0e pro indictacione, etc., 
iijs. iiijd. ; In consimili pro vicecomiti Ebor., ijs. vjd ; Item 
pro j breve pro deliberacione Joh'is Esby de prisona ad sec- 
tarn W. Hull, iijs. iiijd. ; pro factura billam (sic) supplicat. 
versus Ric'm Banke, iijs. iiijcL ; Item pro scriptura eiusdem, 
ijs.; In scripcione Instrument! in regestro in sacrament o dicti 
Joh. esby prsestito et W. Hull Apostat, iijs. . . .; In scrutinio 
rotulorum pro primo priuato sigillo, iijs. iiijd. ; In scriptura 
literaa sigillandae cum priuato sigillo de nouo, ijs. ; In sigillacione 
literae contra Ric'm banke, vjs. viijd. ; In pise. rec. apud 
Burbryg empt. pro Mag'ro Will. Skrupe, ixd. ; In conduccione 
Ric. Elyngworth legis periti pro materia Ric. banke, xxs.; 
In consimili Edmundo qhwetlay per vices, xs. ; pro declaracione 
billse et scriptura ij billarum suppli m , etc., xs. ; In Jantaculis 
dicto consilio et navig. per vices, ijs. ixd.; In j breve supplic. 
pro Th. Hope, Joh'e Hope, etc., et H. Hope, xijd. ; In j breve 
suppli. pro Ric. Banke, Joh'e Haryson, W mo Scharpe, etc., xijd. ; 
In scriptura et factura condicionis obligacionis Ric. Banke 
pro parte nostra, xxd. ; Pro j Breve in cancellaria ad Capiend. 
Joh. forest pro obligacione, ijs. vjd.; pro Returno eiusdem, 
xvj d.; pro j breve extend, facias non sigill., ijs. viijd.; pro j 

1 Paper destroyed. 


breve vocato Capias vtlegatum Ric. Banke et pro copia, etc., 
ijs. iiijd. ; In ferruris equorum et reparacione cellarum, singulis 
et ligaturis equorum, iijs. ; In ferruris equorum apud Rypon 
versus Crostwate, viijt/. ; In Merle per Joh'em Neusted de 
balderby, iijs. i]d.\ In ferr. equorum officialium per Ric'm 
Raskell Ib'm per vices, ijs. viijd. ; In una Carecta empta de 
Rob. Tomson de Anderby, xvjs.; Item pro xliij ladis merle 
per Ten. de Dysford, xiiijs. viijd. ; In Carbonibus liberatis 
monasterio per Th. Dowgell et W m Askwith, xxxiijs. xd. ; In 
pane equo (sic) apud Ripon, ijs. jd. ; In scriptura billarum et 
papiro per Th. Malthous, xxiijcZ. ; Juuenibus in panno per 
Cellerarium, xxxvjs. viijd. (12 7s. 2Jrf.) 
[28] . . . r' iij rode prati lib. manerio de Qhweldryke, 
xxvijs. iiijd. ; . . . de ix c iij xx fagotes apud Marton, vjs. iiijd. ; 
. . . empt. Ib'm in expens. d'ni Abbatis, iiijd. ; (In) merlera 
empta apud Marton, xxd. ; (In) pabulo pro iiij xx bobus apud 
Chapelhous, vjs. viijd. ; (In) volatilibus emptis de Joh'e bedale, 
ixs. ; In papiro empto per Th. Malthous et scriptura billarum 
compoti, xiiijd. ; In perdicione pecuniae in denariatis receptis 
per Th. Swynton, iiijs. ; In j pari ocrearum pro Th. Swynton, 
xxd.; In perquisione et sigillacione copiae vnius obligacionis 
nuper Joh'is foster de qhwyxlay, iijs. m]d. ; Item Rukby pro 
labore suo in Rubea cera, ix^. ; In panno nigro pro Th. Swynton 
pro capa, vjs. ; In conduccione virorum pro ponderacione 
plumbi W mo Wrampan, iijd. ; In vij quaternis papiri pro com- 
poto, ijs. ijd. ; Clericis in die S'ci Thomae Apostoli, vijs.; In 
pergameno et papiro per vices, iiijs. vijd. ; In vna Cella bursario, 
vs. ; Puero de stabulo d'ni Abbatis in Roset, xvd. ; In vno 
pari botarum bursario, etc., ijs. iiij^. ; In Scriptura et sigilla- 
cione a Commissario Ebor., ijs. vijd. ; In mandatis pauperum 
In Cena d'ni, viijs. xd. ; In Scriptura reformacionis cuiusdam 
a magistro Henrico Alen, iiijd.; In vna Capa Bursario, etc., 
vjs. viij^. ; In medicinis d'no Abbati per vxorem Joh'is belton, 
xxd. ; In pane equino per W m Wilson, vjdL ; Vicario de Arn- 
clyfe pro decim. de Arnclyfcote, xxs. ; In Agitacione aueriorum 
et ouium in Cravyn et ad mon. per vices, xxjd. ; In perdicibus 
d'no Abbati, etc., viijd. ; In pane equino pro equis Jacobi 
strangways, ijd. ; In mutacione vnius Saltsalar, etc., xiiijs. viijd. ; 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1456-7 15 

In Reparacione Cellae et ferruris equorum ebor., vd. ; In stramine 
Auenaceo empto de Joh'e qhwarfe ad cameram d'ni Abbatis, 
xi]d.\ In expensis ducis Ebor. per Joh'em ad Swanlay, xvjd. ; 
In vj ladis marlerse per Joh'em Rowclyfe, xijd. ; In scafis et 
discis de Will mo Duffeld, ii]s. viijd. ; In vigilacione in le ffell 
per W m sergentson per iij noctes, xij^. ; In Clauis emptis Ripon, 
iijd. ob.\ Subpriori per librum communitatis, xxd. (7 19s. OJd.) 
[29] In ij ladis feni empt. de Joh'e Tomson de bordlay pro 
offic., . . .; In ij paribus ocrearum et reparacione earundem 
Bursario per vices, vs. . . . ; In vigilacione apud ffell per Rogerum 
deen per iij noctes, xijd. ; In excorticacione Tanni apud qhwel- 
dric, xijd. ; In mensa familorum nostrorum custodiencium equos 
communitatis Ib'm per vij septimanas, vs. xd.; Joh'i Tupe 
pro colleccione firmarum Dysforth ex conuencione, xiijs. iiijd. ; 
In vno plaustro empto de Joh'e qhwarfe, xxxs. ; In v xx x fathom 
redill cord, xd. ; pro reparacione ocrearum Th. Swynton, vijd. ; 
In Agitacione Auerioriim ad W m Mor Ebor., ijd. ; Will'mo Cun- 
dall et socijs in Cultellis, xvd. ; In materijs emptis pro incausto, 
iijd.; In vna cella empta de vxore W 1 , ijs. ; Monti Jerl'm, xs. ; 
In mensa Th. Dicunson apud balderby custodientis equos 
communitatis per quindenam, xviijd. ; In Carbonibus marinis, 
vjs. viijc^. ; In aptacione et suicione togae W Sparth, iijc^. ; 
In iij Chaldyr salis in parte, xlijs. j 1 D'no Henrico Scruton pro 
pise, recent, duci ebor., iJ5. viijd. ; In sotul. et caligis Ro to 
Sandall, xi]d. ; In filo empto apud Ripon pro Ric. Carpenter, 
ijs.; Eidem Ric. pro diuersis emendis, viijd. ; Joh'i Segfeld 
pro le garn emendo per vices, iiijs. i']d. ; Item pro Tinctura fili, 
iiijd. ; Item pro Rasura panni communitatis, iijd. ; Item pro 
Tinctura panni Roberti Sandall, xviijd ; Laurencio Darby pro 
reparacione Armarij ecclesiae et Alia cera, xijd. ; Item pro 
duobus ceris pro portis, xjd. ; In j equo conducto versus Ketyll- 
well, iiijc^. ; Item pro perquisicione de vj foder plaster, ijs. ; 
Item in j Cella et freno pro Ro to Sandall in parte, iiijs. vjd. ; 
Thomae Scherman pro rasura panni communitatis, xxd.; 
In xxiiij rastris communitati, xijd.; In reparacione botarum 
et sotularium Rob to Sandall, xiijd.; In ferrur. equorum apud 
Ripon, vd. ob.\ In Clauis emptis apud Ripon, iijs. iiijd.; In 

1 Crossed out, 


Cera d'no Abbati, xviijd. ; pro Custod. bosci et hulceti apud 
Dalhag, xxs. (8 12s. Ojd.) 

Summa, 50 3s. OJd. 

[30] (Pa)nnus linens. (Dn)o Abbati per bursarium in j 
vlna et di, xd. ; (E)idem per eundem in xv vlnis lini, vs. ; Bar- 
bitonsori in lineis, xxjd. ; In xxv vln. de Joh'e Tupe, vjs. ; 
In xxv vln. de eodem, vjs. viijd. 

Summa, 1 Os. 3d. 

Pannus laneus. D'no Abbati in j scapulare de sago, 
iijs. v]d. ; In ij dos. Albi empt. de Joh'e Tupe pro Juuenibus, 
xxiiijs. ; D'no Abbati per bursarium in ix vln. Albi, iiijs. vjd. ; 
D'no Abbati per eundem in Carsay, iijs.; In iiij vlnis emptis 
de W mo Rand d'no Abbati, iiijs. ; D'no Abbati per bursarium 
in ij dos. Albi, xiiijs. ; In ij vln. roset pro W rao Sparth, xxd. ; 
Th. Swynton in iiij vln. pro capa, iijs. iiijd ; D'no Abbati in 
j vlna per T. Neusom, xd. ; In xxix vln. Albi de Joh. Tupe pro 
nouicijs, xxxs. ; In ij dos. Albi de eodem, xxixs. viijd. ; In vj 
vln. Albi de eodem, vs. xd. ; In panno Albo et Russet de Rio. 
ffausyd liberate hospicio et Juuenibus, iiijW.; In panno pro 
camera d'ni per Th. Clesby, vijs. ijd. 

Summa, 10 11s. 6d. 

(Eeparaciones ?} 



[31] pro cariagio meremij ad domum nuper Ric. golthwate 
per W. Malthous, viijd. ; pro cariagio lanee a kylnsay ad monas- 
terium per Joh. Tomson, vjs. viijd.; pro cariagio de ij sem 
salmon de balderby ad monasterium, xxijd ; pro cariagio 
plumbi pro Joh'e glasyn, viijcZ. ; pro cariagio salis, xixd. ob.\ 
pro carriagio granorum decimalium de Marton et Joh 'is Dobson 
ad monasterium, xxs. v]d. ; pro carriagio g a 2 Salis a mare 
ad monasterium in parte, xs. 

Summa, 2 Is. 

1 A leaf or two must be missing here, for in 1457-8 we have a page and a 
half under this head, between Pannus laneus and Dona, and there are no 
Reparaciones here. 

2 The scribe seems to have been going to write granorum, as in the pre- 
ceding entry, and to have forgotten to erase. 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1456-7 17 

Dona. Nuncio d'ni Regis in parte,-ijs.; Rob'to Smalwod, 
ijs. ; Escaccatori, vjs. viijd. ; W mo Gretham portanti literas a 
curia Romana, iiijd. ; ffamilo Ric. Aske, xijd. ; Ministral* d'ni 
Joh'is huthom, vjd. ; Magistro W mo Brand procuratori nostro, 
vjs. viijd. ; Joh'i Beer generoso d'ni Joh'is Nevell, iijs. iiijd. ; 
Rob'to gascar de Allerdayle, xijd.', Ministral' d'ni de Clyfford, 
ijs. ; Cuidam captiuo d'ni de Egremoth, iiijd. ; In vino dato d'no 
Edwardo Bethom, xijd. ; ffamilo Abbatis de kyrkestall, xijd.; 
In vino dato concilio nostro ebor. pro materia Crosthwate, xxd. ; 
Magistro Joh'i Scherman pro examinacione bullarum, xiijs. iiijd. ; 
ffamilo Magistri Ro u Thornton pro redempcione diet arum 
bullarum, xls. vjd. ; Magistro Joh'i Scherman pro labore suo 
et consilio in inhibicione, etc., vjs. viijd.; Capellse de Raynton, 
viijs. ; ffamilo d'ni Jacobi Strangwase, viijd. (4 185. 6d.) 
[32] (. . .)tori supradictae Inhibicionis et compulsorise, xxcZ.; 
(Ma)gistro Henrico Alen pro collacione copiarum et sub- 
scripccione, xijd. ; Magistro Th mae ffarlton scribae in dicta 
materia, iijs. iiijd.; In vino dato concilio nostro dicto pro 
eadem materia, xijd. ; Mag'ro Th. tfarlton pro labore suo apud 
Crosthwate in citacione vicarij, etc., xxvjs. viijd.; Mag'ro 
W mo Schirwod pro labore suo in dicta materia, xxd.; Mag'ro 
Joh'i Hexham notario pro Transumpto in dicta materia, 
vjs. viijd.; Nicholao gyrlyngton pro consilio suo pendente 
materia Ric. Banke, vjs. viijd. ; Edmundo qhwetlay pro labore 
suo ad dn'm cancellarium, iijs. iiijd.; Balliuis pro feodo in 
deliberacione Joh'is esby lond. de prisona, iijs. viijd. ; Janitoribus 
carceris Ib'm, xxd.; Edmundo qhwetlay et Joh'i Halton et 
aliis Attornatis in curia, xiijs. iiijd.; Ric. Welden Armigero 
laboranti pro Joh'e esby, vjs. viijd. ; Clericis vicecomitis lond. in 
mutacione Abbatis nominis et J. esby de rotulo, ijs. ; Henrico 
Thwates pro labore in curia de knarsburgh, vjs. viijd. ; Ministral' 
d'ni de Egremonth, xijd. ; Cuidam nuncio misso pro Joh'e 
faux, iiijd.; Ro to Tanfeld in materia Ric. Banke, vjs. viijd.; 
W mo Tankard in fagotis apud Marton, vjd.; W mo Skelton de 
Pontiburgo in consimili, iiijd.; Balliuo de Pontiburgo in con- 
simili, iiijd.; Radulpho harbotell per Th. Malthous, iijs. iiijd.; 
lusoribus nostris propriis in pann', etc., iiijs. vijd.; Tenent' 
de Aynderby in potu, iiijd. ; In Elemosina d'ni Abbatis apud 


Topclyfe, ijd. ; Joh'i Bostan de Ottryngton, viijd. ; W mo 
Womslay exchatori in parte, i\s. ; MinistraF Rad. eschton, vjd. ; 
Rob'to Beer Armigero, vjs. viijd. ; ffamilo Abbatis de Kyrkestall, 
vjd. ; W mo Davtre pro labore suo penes W m Clapam, vjs. viijd. ; 
Joh'i Suerte 1 portanti volatilia d'no Abbati, iiijd. ; Joh'i Raner 
Balliuo in j toga, ijs. ; Incluso de Rychmund, xxd. ; ffamilo 
d'ni Abbatis de Melsa, ijs. (5 19s. 5d.) 
[33] Nicholao gyrlyngton pro consilio in materia Joh'is 
Cunstable, . . . 2 ; Joh'i Catryke pro labore cum d'no Abbate 
ad comitem Northumbrise, . . . 3 ; Vni stulto Comitis sar., 4 
iiijd. ; Joh'i Thwates ad Curiam de Knarsburg ad ostendend. 
obediencias nostras, vjs. viijd. ; Vni ministraulo vocato Thyrkeld, 
v]d. ; Cuidam viduse, iiijd. ; Mag'ro Adam Copyndall, iijs. iiijd. ; 
Cuthberto Colwell, iijs. iiijcZ. ; Cuidam venienti de Joh'e esby 
cum equo communitatis, v]d. ; Diuersis ministrallis in natiuitate 
d'ni. xxd.; lusoribus d'ni W ml Plumpton, xijd. ; ffamilo Joh'is 
Hewyke, viijd. ; Nuncio d'ni de egremonth, xijd. ; Nuncio Joh'is 
Redman, iiijd.; Episcopo puerili de Ripon, iijs. iiijd.; ffamilo 
d'ni Egremonth, iiijd.; W mo Bestayn, viijd. ; Joh'i Smalwod, 
xijd.; Nuncio Abbatis Woburn, xijd.; Ministraulo d'ni de 
Clyfforth, viijd. ; Mag'ro Joh'i Hexham pro materijs Joh'is 
savell et Abbatis qhwallay, vjs. viijd. ; Ministraulo Baronis de 
grastoke, vjd. ; Joh'i Stafford in regardo, iijs. iiijd.; Cuidam 
minis traullo, xd. ; Nuncio Ric. Aldburgh, iiijd. ; Ministraullo 
de bostan, viijd. ; Ministraullis d'ni principis et duels penbruke 
et Warwyke, vjs. viijd. ; vni stulto d'ni Sar., iiijd. ; vni ministrallo 
Dunelm., iiijd. ; Mag'ro WilTmo Scherman in regardo, iijs. iiijd.; 
Ministraullo d'ni Northfolch, xijd.; Mag'ro Henrico Alen pro 
scriptura transumpti, iijs. iiijd.; Mag'ro Th. ffarleton pro 
consimili, iiJ5. iiijd.; Ministraulis d'ni fitz hugh, xijd.; vni 
stulto, xijd. ; In elemosina d'ni Abbatis, vd. ; Ministraulis d'ni 
Egremund, xijd. (2 19s. 9d.) 14 : 11 : 1 5 
[34] (Min)istraullo d'ni Joh'is Nevell, viijd. ; (M)inistraullo 

1 Or, Snerte ? 
2 vj. 

3 vj. Corner of leaf destroyed. 

4 Sarum, or, Sarisburiensis. 

5 The amount up to this point is only 13 17s. 8d. The sums entered 
in this manner are so expressed in the MS.; the dots stand for a. d. 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1456-7 19 

d'ni Th. Haryngton, vjd. ; Adae stulto, iiijd. ; Henrico Hoghton 
in j vacca, viijs. ; Nicholao gyrlyngton pro labore suo ad castrum, 
xxd. ; Duobus ministraulis d'ni de Olyfforth, xxijd. ; Jacobo 
keton in regardo in j stirkett, vs. iiijd. ; Ministraullo d'ni Sar., 
xd. ; Will mo hoge in dono, xijd.; Joh'i qhwyxlay in regardo 
in j vacca cum vitulo, ixs. ; vni pj^ndar pro gatlaws, iijd. ; Joh'i 
strangways, xxd.; vni Armigero d'ni regis, iijs. iiijd.; W mo 
Euers in donis in j vacca, xs. ; Nuncio Th mae broghton, xijd. ; 
Rob'to gascarth, ijs.; ffamilo Rogeri Ward portanti literam 
d'no Abbati, iiijd. ; Ric. burgh, ijd. ; ffamilo d'ni regis, iijs. iiijd. ; 
Joh'i Symson balliuo Rychm'd, iijs. iiijd.; Ric. kendell de 
Nutwithcote in elemosina, iijs. iiijd. ; ffratribus pnedicatoribus 
in siligine, xxd. ; Joh'i Raner in tinctura togae, xijd. ; Eidem in 
panno pro toga, ijs. jd. ; ffratribus S'ci Augustini, minoribus et 
Carmelitis, vs. ; Nich. gyrlyngton per Th. Neusom, vjs. viijd. ; 
W mo Radclyffe in j pilio, xd. ; Will" 10 Downom in dono d'ni, 
iijs. iiijd. ; Vni purcyvant d'ni Northfulchiae, iijs. iiijd. ; Edmundo 
Hexham pro scriptura libri compotus, vjs. viijd. ; vni Militi 
veniente (sic) de scocia, vjs. viijd.; Radulpho Harbotell, 
vjs. viijd.; Item eidem, xxd. ; Ministraulis d'ni Northumb. 
et d'ni Th. Haryngton, ijs. ; Magistro Joh'i lancaster et Joh'i 
Scherman, iijs. iiijd. (5 8s. lOd.) 

Summa, 19 6s. 6d. 

[35] Allocaciones et defalcaciones . In allocacione firmse de 
Melmorby detentae per Joh'em Norton, iiijd.; In Alloc. firmae 
nouae clasurae apud Rigton detentae per Ric' Aldburgh, iiijs. ; 
In consimili pro ten. in manu Joh'is Thwates, ijs. vjd.; In 
con'li pro blabery crofte Ib'm, xd. ; In defalcacione firmae 
Joh'is Brown de balderby ex conuencione, vjs. viijd.; In 
con'li pro ten. Joh'is Gryll Ib'm, vs.; In con'li pro ten. W ml 
Brown Ib'm, vjs. viijd.; In con'li pro ten. Joh'is Dukett pro 
ij Annis, vjs. viijd. ; In defalc. firmae W mi Wygels worth eo 
quod fuit in manu d'ni, xiiijd. ; In con'li pro ten. W ml Sisson 
ex conuencione, iijs. iiijd.; In con'li pro ten. Alani exilby, 
vjs. viijd. ; In alloc. Joh'i Tupe seniori pro tribus ortis in manu 
d'ni apud Raynton, xviijd. ; In con'li pro domo nuper Th. Ray 
in parte in manu d'ni, vs.; In con'li pro ten. nuper Th. Bell, 
iijs. ; In con'li pro ten. nuper ffyxby, iiijs. ijd. ; In con'li pro 


terris nuper W mi Marion, xxd. ; In con'li pro ij Acr. de terris 
dominicis, xijd. ; In con'li pro vj Acr. iij Rod. de terris dominicis 
denuo inclusis Ib'm, vjs. viijd ; In Alloc. Joh'i Tupe pro j 
toga deficiente, iiijs. ; In con'li pro Michelltofte apud Disseford 
in manu Skrope, xjs. ; In con'li pro libera firma Th mae greyn, 
viijs. vd. ; In con'li pro firma linns, ijs. ; In con'li pro j post, 
posit, super solum d'ni Scrope, vjd. ; In con'li pro ij acr. ten. 
nuper Joh'is Taylyor, iijs. ; In con'li pro terris ten. nuper 
Joh'is Scharrow in manu d'ni, viijs.; In con'li pro ten. nuper 
Joh'is Tupe in manu d'ni, ijs.; In con'li pro ten. nuper Joh'is 
qwixlay in manu d'ni, iiijs. ; In Alloc. pro ten. de Melburn pro 
pratis destructis per aquam, vijs. v]d. ; In con'li pro pratis in 
manibus Ro 11 Dobeson, xxvjs. viijd. ; In con'li pro pratis in 
manibus eiusdem vidz v Rod, vs. ; In con'li in manibus W ml 
Howson, iiijs. ; In con'li in manibus W mi Wybsay, iiijs. ; In 
con'li in manibus W mi ffoxhols, iiijs. ; In con'li Balliuis Inter 
Vsam et Derwent, viijs. ; In con'li apud Neuby, ijs. ; In con'li 
apud Sandhuton, ixd. (8 Us. Sd.) 14;. 16: (?) 
[36] In con'li Mag'ro Th. Drury, vijs. ; In Alloc. Ric. Waclyn 
pro j. Acr. et di. destructis per aquam, vjs. ; In con'li pro ij 
Acris consimili modo destructis, viijs. ; In con'li pro iij Acris 
j rod. destructis per aquam, xiiijs. ; In Alloc. gilbart kyrkby pro 
parte pontis positi super solum eius, xijd. ; In con'li pro j Acr. in 
manu d'ni, iiijs. ; In con'li pro v rod. in manibus Joh'is haliday, 
vs.] In Alloc. Th. Blafrunt j Acr., iiijd ; In con'li pro j Acr. 
conducta in ten. gilberti kirkeby, xijd. ; In con'li pro j rod. in 
manibus d'ni Gilberti, xijcZ. ; In Alloc. Th. Spayn pro pratis 
destructis per aquam, ij<9. ; In Alloc. Relictae lalandes pro spryng 
Indus., ijs.; In defalc. firmae Schepard apud qhweldric, vd. ; In 
Alloc. prseposito de firma Th. Buchell eo quod clam fugit, xviijs. 
iii]d. ; In Alloc. eidem pro mourendes in ten. Towthorpe, ijs. ; In 
con'li eidem pro terris nuper Joh'is Haleday, xls. ; In con'li de 
firma de Nederbordlay, xxvjs. v]d. ; In Alloc. eidem custodi Ib'm 
pro le spryng in manu d'ni, vjs. viijeZ. ; In Alloc. Joh'i et W. 
buke pro muro de Cowsyde prostrate per Ric. Percy, xls.; 
In Alloc. W mo Tollar pro edulio Th. Ayrton, xiijs. iiijd.; In 
Alloc. W mo Bolton de holmhous pro vacca deficiente, vijs.; 
In Alloc. Th. Barber Ebor. pro conduccione lud., etc., iiijs. v]d. ; 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1456-7 21 

In Alloc. Joh'i Dale pro di. Acr. deficiente, vjd. ; In defalc. 
firmae de galghay ex conuencione, xxs. ; In alloc. Th. Atkinson 
de Malham pro j Acra detenta per Joh'em malham, vjd. ; 
In Alloc. Joh'i Tomson de bordlay pro vj bus. ordii ex con- 
uencione, ijs. ; In Alloc firmae de Saynton, ijs. viijeZ. ; In con'li 
duorum tenementorum in Mikylgate ebor., xxxs. ; In con'li 
firmae de Skarburgh, xxvjs. viijd.; In con'li firmae de Aldwarke, 
vjs. viijd. ; In con'li firmae de Hewyke, ijs. ; In Alloc. firmae 
de yarnwyke, iiijs. ixd.; In con'li de kyrkelyngton, xvjd.; 
In con'li de Skypton, iijs. iiijcZ.; In con'li de Skabneuton, 
iiijs. viijcL ; In con'li apud Thorntonmour, xxvs. viijd. ; In 
Alloc. W ml ffall de Anderby pro vno orto in manu W 1 Smisforth 
pro ij Annis, iijs'. iiijd. (17 145. Qd.) 

[37] In defalcacione firmae de Kyrkby Malsherd, ijs. . . .; 
In defalc. firmae de Sutton, vjs. . . .; In defalc. firmae de 
Sclenyngforth, xiijs. . . .; In Alloc. firmae de tenura Joh'is 
Ranald, xxvjs. . . . j 1 In Alloc. firmae de Aldfeld bankes quia 
ponitur in separali, xiijs. uijd. ; In defalc. firmae Molend. Ib'm, 
vjs. yiijd. ; In Alloc. pro terris in Wyston pro qwerrera Ib'm, 
xviijs.; In Alloc. pro Studlay Roger, }d. 6b.\ In Alloc. liberae 
firmae de Clotherom iniuste detentae, vd. ; In Alloc. tenurae 
Joh'is Boon de Rypon, xxxiijs. uijd. ; In defalc. firmae de 
Merkyngton, vjs. ixd. ; In defalc. firmae de Caton, xxs.; In 
defalc. firmae de Womwell, iijs.; In Alloc. firmae de Schaw et 
Gylcar detentae per Ric. Savell, xvjs. iiijd. ; In defalc. firmae de 
Scothorpe, ixs. ; In defalc. firmae de Calton, xxs. ; In Alloc. 
firmae de Newhous, iijs. iiijd. ; In Alloc. firmae de Burnsall, 
iiijs. m]d. ; In Alloc. Ib'm, xijd. ; In Alloc. firmae de Scarthcote, 
xxxs. ; In Alloc. preposito de Qweldrake pro colleccione 
firmarum, iiijs.; In Alloc. firmae de Nederhesylden detentae 
per Th. Tenand, vli. ; In Alloc. eidem Th. pro dominio de 
Arnclyfe, xxxiijs. iiijd. ; In Alloc. Joh'i car pro fogeyng in 
manu d'ni, xls. ; In Alloc. eidem pro langeyng Ib'm, xs.; In 
Alloc. pro Columbario apud Growellthorpe iniuste detento, 
xijd. ; In Alloc. lib. firmae de Ryplay per hered. yngylby 
detentae, iijs. iiijd. ; In Alloc. lib. firmae de Wynxlay per hered. 
Tempest iniuste detentae, ijs. ; In Alloc. firmae de Thornton 

1 Paper gone. 


episcopi detentse per Walworth, iijs.; In Alloc. terrarum de 
Stanlay in manu d'ni, iijs. iiijcL ; In defalc. firmse de Dromonby, 
vjs. viijd. ; In defalc. firmse de Conychton, iiijs. ; In defalc. 
firm ae de ketylwell; xijd. ; In alloc. firmse WilFmi gyllyam in 
Kyrkhamerton, xviijs. ; In defalc. firmse W 1 Dawson de Mel- 
morby, viijd. (23 2s. lid.) 

[38] (In AUo)c. firmse de Pikill, iiijs. vjd. ; (In Allo)c. firmse 
de Cav . . (?) apud Crostwat de per Joh. staegger (?), vj<s. viijd. ; 
(In Al)loc. pro Strandes Ib'm in manu d'ni, vjs. viijd. ; (In) 
defalc. firmse de Crostwat, xxijs. viijd. ; In Alloc. pro manario 
in manu d'ni cum pertinenciis, xls. ; In Alloc. firmse de Scayth- 
wat hoc A in manu d'ni, xxvs. xd. ob.\ In Alloc. Ric. Kendell 
de Nutwithcote ex conuencione, xiijs. iiijc^. ; In defalc. firmse 
de Wardermarske, ijs.; In defalc. firmse de Sutton, xxxvjs.; 
In Alloc. firmse de Twathous pro custodia Aueriorum, xjd. ; 
In Alloc. liberse firmse de Pykall detentse per d'ni fitz Rand(olf ?), 
viijs. ; In Alloc. de pede compoti lanarise, xxviijs. iijd. : In 
Alloc. pro tenura Ro 11 Byrswod de Raynton in manu d'ni, 
vijs. ; In defalc. firmse ten. Blacbanke Ib'm, ijs. vjd. ; In Alloc. 
tenurse Joh'is Tupe de Dysforth, viijs. ; In Alloc. tenurse Th 1 "* 
Ra prseter id quod inde venit, xvs. ; In Alloc. pro tenura 
Gyllyng in manu d'ni, ijs.; In Alloc. pro tenura Joh'is M'ton, 
ijs. ; In Alloc. de ij Acris prati in tenura Wenslay, vs. ; In Alloc. 
Joh'i Tupe pro iiij togis, xvjs. ; In Alloc. pro Cotagio Joh'is 
Taylyor de Queldrice, ijs:; In Alloc. Ro to Moscrope pro 
molend. in manu d'ni, ixs. iiij^. ; In Alloc. firmse de Cowpastour 
Ib'm eo quod non sit separale, xs. ; In Alloc. pro Cotagio Joh'is 
Neuson, xijcZ. ; In Alloc. tenurae xpoferi Gybson detentse, 
liijs. ixd. ob.\ In Alloc. pro Cotagio Ric. Terrer in elemosina, 
iijs. ; In Alloc. pro piscaria in manu Joh'is Adam, iijs. iujd. ; 
In Alloc. pro firma Elise Cracce et Morendes in manu d'ni, 
xxvjs. iiijc^. ; In Alloc. pro Cot. Rog. Moge, iiijs. ; In Alloc. 
pro Tenura Joh'is haleday iniuste detenta, xls.; Vxori Joh. 
Boon de Rypoii ex convencione in fagotis, vjs. ; In Alloc. 
W mo kempe in consimili per Sand., 1 ijs. ; In Alloc. firmse de 
Haldynbanke apud Rygton detentse per Joh. Twates, xjs. ; 
In con'li pro tenura Ib'm detenta per Redman, vijs. ; In Alloc. 

1 Sandall, the bursar ? 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1456-7 23 

Ro to gamyll de Thornton super Moram pro j ten. deficiente, 
xijd. (21 125. 2d.) 

[39] In Alloc. Joh'i Cur' pro toga, iiijs. ; In defalc. firmae de 
grafton, vjs. viijd ; In defalc. firmae de parua Vsburn iniuste 
detentse, xixd. ; In Alloc. de Seells apud balderby in manu d'ni, 
xxs. ; In defalc. pratorum de Elynstryng', ijs.; In defalc. firmae 
Molend. de Marston, xvs.; In defalc. firmae de Wra, iiijs. ; 
In defalc. firmae de frerstubbyng, vjs. ; In Alloc. firmae de 
Neuclose apud Rigton, iiijs.; In defalc. firmae de langerhous, 
vjs. viijd. ; In defalc. firmae de Galghay, xxs.; In Alloc. firmae 
de ffreyrstubyng, iijs. viijd. ; In Alloc. Ten. de boston in manu 
d'ni hoc Anno, ixli. xs. iiijd. ; In Alloc. liberae firmae de Melmorby 
iniuste tentae per Joh. Norton, 1 iiijd. ; In defalc. firmae de 
Wymbylton, xiijs. iiijd. ; In Alloc. firmae de Acaster, vjs. viijd. ; 
In defalc. firmae de Suthstlyn, xiijs. iiijd. ; In defalc. firmae de 
Mormonkton, vjs. viijd. ; In defalc. firmae de Slotergate ebor. 
xxxiiijs. ; In Alloc. tenurae nostrae in Northstrete in manu 
d'ni, iijZ*. vj<s. viijd. ; In Alloc. firmae pratorum de Gendale 2 
iniuste detentae, iiijs. ; In Alloc. firmae pratorum de yarnwyce 
iniuste detentae per (blank), vjs. viijd. ; In Alloc. firmae pratorum 
de Brothirton, ijs. ; In Alloc. firmae de Blatoncar, xxvjs. viijd. ; 
In Alloc. firmae in Cokyrmowth, xijd. ; In defalc. firmae de 
Stanthwate, xiijs. iiijd. ; In Alloc. firmae de Grenhamerton 
detentae per Rogerum Ward, ijs.; In Alloc. firmae solutae Joh'i 
Malyverer de Kyrkbyhall, xxs.; In defalc. firmae de parua 
Vsburn, vjs. viijd. ; In defalc. firmae de Melby, viijs. ; In Alloc. 
firmae de Suttonhowgrafe, xxjs. ; In Alloc. firmae de Rouwell 
in manu d'ni, ijs.; In Alloc. firmae de Yarnwyce detentae per 
Wandesford, iiijs. ixd. ; In defalc. firmae de Kyrkby Wyske, 
xvjs. viijd. ; In defalc. firmae de Synderby, viijd.', In Alloc. 
firmae de Clausuris de Cowton, vjs. viijd. ; In Alloc. firmae de 
Cowton iniuste detentae, xxd. ; In Alloc. firmae de Stokyslay, 
xiijs. iiijd. ; In Alloc. firmae de Elynstryng iniuste detentae, vs. ; 
In Alloc. Xpof. Horsman pro vno Arcu dat. per dn'm Abbatem, 
ijs. (26 9s. Qd.) Summa, 97 lOs. Qd. 

1 Crossed out, and something like " qr an " in margin. 

2 Gendale, or Geudale ; clearly written without any sign ot contraction ; 
can scarcely be meant for Givendale. 


[40] In finibus brevibus et Amerciamentis. Pro fine ten. nuper 
Joli'is Malour in Aynderby, ixd. ; Item monti JerTm pro 
eadem per vices, xd. ; pro fine facta in Thornbergh per Will. 
Dagett, vs. }d. ; In fine pro Joh'e Esby, iijs. vjd. ; Castro 
Richm'd pro halikeld, iijs. iiijd.', pro concordia facta cum 
Joh'e backhous, viijd. ; pro concordia facta cum Stephano 
Talbott in parte, v]li. xiijs. iiijd. ; In fine castri pro tenura nuper 
Joh'is malour, viijd. ; pro essonia in Wapent. inter vsam et 
darwent, viijd. ; pro concordia cum W mo folefate in parte, 
xxxs. ; pro concordia cum W mo farnell per Th. Bekwith, xls. ; 
D'no Th. Haryngton pro Wapent. de Clarow, iiijli. viijs.; 
pro concordia facta cum Joh'e Scathelos seniore, viijs. ; pro 
concordia cum W mo Calvard, vs. vjd.; In Amerciamentis 
perditis apud bostan, xxd. ; pro scrutinio prsesentacionum in 
curia de knarsburgh, xijd. ; pro essonia in curia de Aynsty, ijd. ; 
Henrico Daveson pro ij tolts, ijs. ; In viridi sera vicecomiti 1 
Joh'i hentholm, vijs. iiijd. ; pro concordia facta cum Th. knoll, 
ixs. ; pro concordia facta cum Th. Calton, iiijs. viijd. ; pro 
concordia facta cum Joh'e qwarfe, xixs. iiijd. ; In fine castello 
de Richmund pro kyrkby Wiske (et Newsom), 2 xiijs. iiijrf. ; 
pro concordia cum Joh'e Byrnyston pro W. Malthous, vijs.; 
pro concordia cum vicecomiti Cumbriae pro indiccione, xxs. ; 
pro concordia cum W mo Clapham de Ripon, vjs. viijd. \ pro 
fine de Wyndbanke, iiijd. ; pro Amerciamentis perditis in curia 
de Skypton, viijd. ; pro Amerciamento Th mae Clapham in 
parte, xxvjs. viijd. ; Ric. Skar' pro gatlaw, i]s. ; Balliuis de 
Clarow pro contumacia placitorum, v]d. ; Th. Wryght de bostan 
pro Amerciamento, xxd. ; Gwidoni Elslay pro consimili, xijs.; 
In Amerciamentis ad frendles wap'nt', vjs. viijd. ; Th mie 
Clapam pro concordia, xxs. ; Xpofero Conyers pro concordia 
in parte de xfo'. pro labore uel materia bellford, iijli. vjs. viijd. 
Summa, 27 9s. Wd. 

[41] Expensce minutce. In vna corda pro capella Michaelis. 3 
ijd. ; In reparacione carr' versus mare per Schrope, ijd.', In 

1 In viridi cera vicecomiti. 

2 Secunda manu. 

3 In a seventeenth century hand, at the top of the page, " for buying a 
belstring for the chappell of " (paper gone). 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1456-7 25 

clau' 1 emptis pro Smelt myln, jd. ; pro ij nekes emptis de Ric. 
Pott, xd. ; In j par calcarum pro Th. Swynton, iiijd. ; In j par 
bowges pro eodem, xjd. ; In j felthat pro eodem, xd. ; In singulis 
equorum, ijd. ; In Redlych d'no Abbati, iiijd. ; In vno candelabro 
pro hospicio Ebor., iiijd. ; In iiij peltis pergameni, xjd. ; In 
calebe, iijd. ; In ostrijs d'no Abbati, iiijd. ; In pergameno, xvjd. ; 
In cordulis d'no Abbati, ixd. ; In emendacione vnius cocliarij 
prorupti Abbatis, iiijd.; Portanti potum ad brimbem pro d'no 
Abbate, ijd. ; In vno libro (pro) d'no Abbate, iijd.; In papiro 
pro d'no Abbate, yd. ; In cera rubea, jd. ; In ijli. smigmatis 
d'no Abbati, viijd. ; In singulis equorum, ijd. ; In feno empto 
apud Kilnsay, iiijd. ; In cera rubea et vermyon, ijd. ; In papiro, 
viijd. ; In vna citacione, ijd. ; In contumacione curise, ijd. ; 
In triaca pro d'no Abbate, iijd ; In materia pro Incausto, iiijd. ; 
In j pare Cirotecarum d'no Abbati, ijd. ; In j pare Calcarum 
bursario, vd. ; In paruo cado pro oleo, vjd. ; In ij cowpill 
cuniculorum, xijd. ; In nigro serico d'no Abbati, iiijd.', In vno 
pari Sirotecarum d'no Abbati, iiijcZ. ; In ij paribus Sirotecarum 
d'no Abbati, viijd. Summa, 15s. d. 

[42] Expensce d'ni Abbatis (expenses of the Lord Abbot; in 
17th century hand). In exp'n d'ni Abbatis apud Marton 
per Rob. Cuke et alios, xviijd. ; In exp'n eiusdem apud 
Kilnsay, vjd. ; In exp'n eiusdem apud Topclyfe per vices ad 
Comitem Northumbriae, xxxjs. xd. ob. ; In exp'n eiusdem Ebor. 
pro die habenda cum Jac. Tenand et Alijs, xxxix<9. iijd. ; In 
exp'n eiusdem apud Rypon, iiijd. ; In exp'n eiusdem apud 
Brimbem, ijd. ; In exp'n ebor. pro materia Ric. banke in parte, 
xvs. iijd.} Item apud Topclyfe pro dicta materia, ijs. ixc. ob.', 
In exp'n apud Harwod pro dicta materia, iiijs. xjd. ; In exp'n 
eiusdem apud Masham, xvjd. ; In exp'n eiusdem apud Ryplay 
pro die j cum W Plumpton, vs. xd. ; In exp'n eiusdem apud 
Mydylham ad episcopum exestre, iijs. ; In exp'n eiusdem vsque 
Sallay et redeundo, ixs. ixd. ob. ; In consimili ebor. ad d'nm 
Archiepiscopum pro materia episcopi exestre, xjs. vd. ; In 
con'li Ib'm pro materia Ric' banke, xxiiijs. iiijd. ob. ; In con'li 
Apud Mydylham, iiijs. iijd. ; In exp'n eiusdem ad d'nm Jacobum 
Strangways, vs. ixd. ; In con'li Apud Thorpe Wod, iijs. vijd. 
Sunima, 8 5s. Id. 

1 Clavis or Clavibus ? 


Expensce Itinerancium. In exp. Joh'is Esby apud Marton 
per vices, viijd. ; In exp. eiusdem et Th. Swynton apud balderby 
pro compotis faciendis, iiijd. ; In exp. Joh'is Hostyler apud 
Marton et alibi pro negocijs, etc., iijd. ; In exp. Joh'is esby 
cum Neusom et West pro vino emendo apud Hull, ixs. vijd. ; 
In exp. eiusdem ebor. pro materia Ric. Banke, ijs. vjd. ; In 
exp. eiusdem Ib'm pro vino emendo, ijs. xd. ob.\ In exp. Rob'ti 
bland versus Hull pro vino, etc., xvjcL ; In ferrura equorum 
Joh'is esby ebor., iijd. ; In exp. W 1 Wilson apud Ripon cum 
billis privileg' excommunicacionis, ijd. ; In exp. Joh'is esby et 
qhwixlay apud pathelabrig, viijdL ; In exp. eorundem apud 
Cravyn cum ferrura equorum, xxiijeZ. ob. ; In exp. Adse ffaucyd 
versus Crosthwat, iijs. iiijd. ; In exp. W. Apilton in patria 
in negoc' d'ni Abbatis; patet billam, ixs. iijd. ob. (1 13s. 2|d) 
[43] In exp. Joh'is esby et Ric. Aldburgh pro compoto cum 
Th. palesar de Sandhutton, vijrf. ; In exp. Joh'is esby Joh. 
Cur', etc., pro Jure in curia de Aynsty, xvrZ. ; In exp. Joh'is 
esby et Rob. Sand pro jure inter vsam et Derwent, xv]d. ob. ; 
In exp. eorundem ebor. pro ferro emendo, viijd. ; In exp. Joh'is 
esby ad d'nm Archiepiscopum per viij dies, vjs. vijd. ; In exp. 
W 1 Wilson apud Abyrford tempore in 1 infirmitatis suse, xijd. ; 
In exp. Rob. mawde apud bradlay, iiijd. ; In exp. Joh'is harlsay 
ad Wapent. de Bemslay, v\d. ; In exp. offic. apud Ripon pro 
die habenda cum Joh'e Norton pro grenbanke, ijs. ]d. ; In exp. 
Joh'is esby in valle ad visitandum W m Heptenstell infirmum, 
v)d. ; In exp. Joh'is harlsay versus Crosthwate in parte, 
iijs. iiijd. ; In exp. Joh'is esby et Henrici Thwates pro materia 
J. de Potte apud ebor., ijs. i]d. ; In exp. eiusdem ad d'nm 
Northumbriae pro materia Jac. Tenand, etc., xiiijd. ob.\ In 
exp. Joh'is Cote ad Joh'em katryke pro dicta materia per 
vices, ixd. ; In exp. Rob'ti Mawd versus Harwod pro Joh'e 
Stafford, \\\]d. ; In exp. Joh'is Ouerend pro Joh'e qhwixla}^, }d. ; 
In exp. Joh'is esby Joh. Cur' et Aliorum apud Topclyff pro 
sigillacione obligacionis Jac. Tenand, v]d. ; In exp. Joh'is esby 
et Joh'is Selby ebor. pro materia de Crosthwate per iij dies, 
iiijs. }d. ; In exp. Joh'is esby ebor. pro inhibicione facienda 
d'no episcopo karliolensi, iijs. vd. ; In exp. Adae ffawcyd versus 

1 So in MS., for in tempore. 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1456-7 27 

parcum ludum (sic) pro mutuacione pecuniarum, iijs. ijd. ; 
In exp. Th mai Dicunson ebor. expectantis pro Th. flfarleton 
cum equo per j dies (sic), xiijd. ; In exp. Adse ffawcyde versus 
kendall ad Th. Broghton pro Citacione vicarij Crosthwate, 
vjs. viijd. ; In exp. Mag'ri Th. farleton versus Crosthwate pro 
dicta citacione, xiijs. iiijd. ; In exp. Joh'is esby Th. Clesby ebor. 
pro vino emendo, iijs. \}d. ; In exp. Rob'ti Mawde ebor. et 
qhweldric, vjcZ. ; In exp. Th. Dicunson versus Bradlay pro 
clau', iiijd. ; In exp. Edmundi qhwetlay ad d'nm Cancellarium 
pro breve, xxd. ; In exp. Th. bee with re Henrici Thwates et 
Aliorum in curia Knarsburgh, ijs. xd. ; In exp. Joh'is esby 
ad querend. d'nm privati sigilli et apud Rokingham, vijs. viijd. ; 
In exp. Adse ft'awsyde apud staynburn, iii]d. ; In exp. Joh'is 
esby et W 1 Sam ad d'nm W m Plompton, viijd. ob.; In exp. 
eiusdem cum Henrico Th wattes ad curiam de knarsburgh, 
xxiij^.; In exp. Ro u Mawde versus bradlay, etc., ixd. ; In exp. 
eiusdem apud Topclyfe, ijd. ; In exp. Joh'is esby et Henr. 
Thwattes ad maiorem ciuitatis ebor., etc.,viij^. ; In exp. eiusdem 
versus lond. Ib'm et reuertendo per xxxj dies, xxxvijs. iiijd. ob. ; 
In exp. Th m ' E ke}^ng ebor. in negociis d'ni Abbatis, ixd. 
(5 135. Wd.) 

[44] (In) exp. eiusdem et Th. Swynton apud Ripon, vijd. ; 
In exp. Ro u Mawde versus Henr. thwates, viijd. ; In exp. 
Joh'is hostyler ad Joh'em Cattyke, xiiij<i. ; In exp. Cellerarij 
et bursarij apud qhweldrike, ijs. iijd. ; In. exp. J. esby J. Selby 
et Th. Swinton apud balderby, iijs. ; In exp. Joh'is Pudsay apud 
Kylnsay, vjd. ; In exp. T. Becwyth ad d'nm Rob. vghtreth, 
xiiJ6\ iiijc?.; In exp. Joh'is Robynson versus mare pro Warrie- 
stura, xjs. viijc^. ; In exp. Ric. Raner in consimili, xvjd. ; In 
exp. Th. Swynton cum mag T. ti'arlton versus Crostwat, xvs. ; 
In exp. eiusdem ebor. pro materia de Crostwat, iiijs. xd. ; In 
exp. eiusdem Apud Karlell ad synod, vijs. vii]d. ob.', In exp. 
eiusdem Apud Ripon per vices, xiiijd ; In consimili per eundem 
apud Brimbem et pathelabrig, vijd. ; In con'li per eundem versus 
Melsam, vs. ixd. ; In con'li per eundem ebor. cum edmundo 
hexham pro materia Crostwat, vs.; In con'li per eundem 
apud Thorntonbrig, viijd. ; In con'li per eundem et J. qwyxlay 
pro die habenda cum Tenantis, iijs. xjd. ; In con'li per Ro tum 


bland in patria, iiijd. ; In con'li per Th. Swynton ad curiam 
Xpof. Conyers, ii]d.\ In con'li per eundem apud knarsburgh 
cum Joh'e qhwattes, xiijcZ. ; In con'li Apud Semar ad Comitem 
Northumb., iiijs. v\d. ; In con'li per eundem versus Scarburgh 
per vj dies, vjs. iiijd. ; In con'li per eundem apud Brimbem et 
Curiam de Knarsburg, xvjd. ; In con'li per eundem Apud 
Balderby, i]d. ; In exp. Joh'is Selby apud Brimbem, vd. ; In 
exp. eiusdem ebor. cum Alijs offic. pro materia de Crostwat, 
vs. xd.; In exp. fratrum ad ordines, vijs. xd. ; In exp. bursarij 
ebor. et Otlay pro diuersis negocijs, ijs. }d. ; In exp. Ric. Person 
ad lowthparke in parte, xijd. ; In exp. bursarij ebor. pro diuersis 
Agendis, iijs. viijd. ; In exp. Ro u mawde ad loquendum cum 
nuncio d'ni regis, iiijd. ; In exp. Cellerarij et bursarij ebor., 
ijs. vjd. ; In exp. Apud kyrkhamerton ad Wapentag' et ebor., 
xixd. ; In exp. Ro u Bland ebor. in negocijs, vd. ; In exp. Bursa- 
rij ad loquend. cum d'no T. Covell et Tesaurario per vices, 
vijs. iiijd; In exp. carriag' versus Semar ad d'nm Northumbr., 
ijs. ]d. (6 85. 2Jd.) 

[45] In con'li per eundem Apud otlay ad Wapentag', vijd. ; 
In con'li per eundem ad Wapentagium de Stanclife, xxd. ; 
In exp. Ric. Person versus Suthwell in parte, vjd.; In exp. 
bursarij apud Ripon pro empcione sepum, 1 iiijd. ; In con'li 
per eundem apud ebor. per vices pro empcione vini, viijs. viijd. ; 
In con'li per eundem, et Senescallo apud pathelabrig per vices, 
ijs. vijd. ob. ; In con'li ebor. pro materia de Crostwate, vs. vd. ; 
In con'li per eundem Ib'm, iijs. iiijd ; In exp. Th. longlay et 
soc. apud Kilnsay in sedificacione camerse Ib'm, iijs.; In con'li 
per bursarium tempore nundmarum Ripon pro colleccione 
firmarum, iiJ5. uijd. ; In con'li apud ebor. per Cellerarium, 
bursarium, et Joh'is (sic) qwyxlay pro materia Joh'is man, 
xiijs. v]d. ; In con'li per Joh'm Harlsay ad Turnum vicecomitis 
apud Wederby, viijeL ; In con'li per bursarium apud Pathelabryg, 
iijdL; In con'li per eundem apud Rypon in Rogacionibus, 
ijs. iiijd. ; In con'li per Th. Dicunson in negoc. d'ni,'iijcL; In 
con'li per bursarium causa mutui pecuniarum, vd.; In con'li 
per eundem apud Topclyfe ad loquendum cum d'no Northumb., 
vijcZ. ; In con'li per Catorem versus Scarburgh in parte, xiiijd. ; 

1 So in MS., either for ceparum, of onions ; or septum, of hedges (quicksets ?). 

BURSARS' BOOKS. 1456-7 29 

In con'li per Ro tum Mawde ebor., vd. ; In con'li per W. Wilson 
et Th. Dycunson apud balderby, ixd. ; In con'li per bursarium 
ebor. pro materijs de Crostwat', ixs. vd.', In con'li Ib'm Alias 
per eundem, xviijd. ; In con'li per W m Wilson Ib'm, xixd.; 
In con'li per bursarium Ib'm, iijs. ; In con'li per eundem et Th. 
Swynton in Allerdale, xs. vd. ob.; In con'li per bursarium ebor. 
in negoc. d'ni Abbatis, iijs. x\d. ; In con'li per Joh'em yowdale 
a domo propria vsque Bows cum firma de Borudale, xxiijcZ. ; 
In exp. Th. Malthous apud Bostan per vices, xiijs. in]d. ; In 
con'li per Th. ffarton apud Crostwate in parte, iiijs. ; In con'li 
per Th. Clesby ebor., iijs. iiij^. ; In con'li per Cellerarium apud 
Knarsburgh pro die habenda cum plumton, vjs. v\\]d. ; In 
con'li per Th. Keyng et Alios versus Rale, ijs.; In con'li per 
bursarium Apud Toplyfe, i]d. ; In exp. W. Askwith ebor. pro 
oleo emendo, iiijcZ. ; In exp. W 1 Wilson in patria per vices, 
i]s. ]d.\ In con'li per Joh'm Harlsay ebor. iiijd (5 135. Wd.) 
[46] (In) exp. Cellerarij et bursarij In Cravyn, ijs. v]d. ; In 
exp. Joh'is Cote versus qhwallay, iiijd. , In exp. Ro u Sandall 
ad Wapent. de Stanclif, vujd. ; In con'li per bursarium et 
Joh. Cur' ebor., iijs. x]d. ; In con'li per eundem ad Henr. 
Suthill, v]d. ; In con'li per eundem et Jacobum keton ad Curiam 
pontiburgi, x]d. ; In con'li per bursarium versus Cravyn, vjd. ; 
In con'li per Th. Dicunson ad Joh'm Katryke, viijdL ; In con'li 
per bursarium ad Wapent. de Clarow, iijd. : In con'li per eundem 
ebor. pro materia de Crostwat, iiijs. vjd. ; In con'li per eundem 
Apud Rypon tempore nundinarum, ijs. ; In con'li per Th. 
Dycunson versus Cravyn, vjd. ; In con'li per officiates apud 
Ripun, xd. ob. ; In con'li per bursarium apud karlell ad sinod, 
xujs. xd. ; In con'li per eundem apud Bows, ijs. iijd. ; In con'li 
per eundem ebor. ad loquendum cum Henrico Twates, iijs.viijd. ; 
In exp. offic. cum Joh'e Pudsey in Arnclyfe per vices, vijs. vijc^. 
ob. ; In con'li per Th. darnbruke hi Cravyn, v]d. ; In con'li per 
Th. Swynton apud Marton et qweldrike, xxiijd. ; In con'li ad 
Scarburgh pro Warnestura emenda, vijs. ixd. ; In con'li per 
eundem ad Kyrkestall pro mutuacione pecun', iiijd. ; In con'li 
per eundem in Cravyn pro collectione firmarum, ijs. ; In con'li 
per eundem apud Ripon pro die habenda cum W Clapam, 
xviijd.; In exp. W 1 Wilson ad Joh'm Catryke, viijd.; In con'li 


per Ro tum Mawde Ebor., vjd.; In con'li per Th. Swynton apud 
balderby, iiijd. ; In con'li per Ro tum bland cum litera ad Th. 
Clapam, iiijd. ; In con'li per Th. Swynton apud pathelabrig 
per die habenda cum Th. Clapham, etc., iijs. iiijd. ; In exp. 
Cariagij ad mare pro Warnestura, vjs. viijd. ; In con'li per 
Th. Clesby et Wilson ad balderby, iiijd. ; In con'li per J. esby 
et Swynton ad balderby, xxjd. ; In con'li per Th. Swynton apud 
Crosthwat, vjs. viijd. ; In con'li per eundem Apud Aluerton pro 
materia Ric. banke ad d'nm Jacobum strangways per vices, 
iiijs. yd. ob. ; In con'li per Th. Neusom in patria, iijd. ; In 
con'li per Joh. esby et Swynton ad balderby pro materia 
palesar, iijs. vjd. ob. (4 8s. 4d.) 

[47] In exp. Joh'is Selby apud balderby, ixd. ; In con'li Ib'm 
per Th. Swynton per vices, vjd. ; In con'li per Bursarium et 
Th. Swynton Ib'm, xd. ; In con'li ffamilorum versus Wark- 
worth cum carr', xxijd. ; In con'li per priorem et bursarium 
apud balderby versus harlsay, xvijd. ; In exp. Ro u Sandall 
apud Ripun pro materia W 1 Clapham, viijc?. ; In con'li per 
eundem apud byrkeby et brimbem, ixd. ; In con'li per eundem 
apud Ripon et Marton, xiiijd. ; In con'li per eundem apud 
Tanfeld et Ripon, xvijd. ; In con'li per eundem in patria pro 
diuersis Agendis, viijd. ; In con'li per eundem in Cravyn ad 
Wapentagium, xxijd. ; In con'li per eundem apud Beueiiay, 
viijcL ; In con'li per eundem Apud Kyrkeby et Ripon, xvjcZ. ; 
In con'li per eundem apud Knarsburg, iijcZ. ; In con'li per eundem 
apud Ketylwell ad Wapentagium, xvjd. ; In con'li per eundem 
apud Skypton ad Curiam Ib'm, xii]d. ; In con'li per eundem 
apud Wapentagium inter vsam et Darwent, ijs. iijd ; In con'li 
per eundem apud Ripon tempore nundinarum, xvjd ; In 
con'li per eundeni apud Neuton ad Wapentagium, viijcL ; 
In con'li per eundem apud Skipton ad Curiam Ibidem, xiijd. ob. ; 
In con'li per eundem apud knarsburgh et Ripon, xvd. ; In 
con'li per eundem ebor. pro materia Joh'is Pudsay, ijs. iijd. ; 
In con'li per eundem apud Ripon in die S'ci Wilfridi, viijd. ; 
In con'li per eundem apud fflasby ad Wapentagium, xiijd. ; 
In con'li per eundem apud Walchfurth bryg ad Wapentagium, 
ijs. ]d. ob.; In con'li per eundem in patria pro colleccione 
firmarum per vices, ijs. iijd. ob.; In con'li per eundem apud 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1456-7 31 

Ripon per vices, xxiijd ; In con'li per eundem in patria, xjd.; 
In exp. Ric. Raner versus Cravyn in negocijs, mjd. ; In con'li 
per Ro tum Cundall apud burton, vd. ; In con'li per Joh'm esby 
apud london. pro materia de Crostwat, xvjs. viijd. ; In con'li 
per eundem versus Rychmund, xd. ; In con'li per Ro tum bland 
ebor., iijd. ; In con'li per Joh. harlsay ad Wapentagium, xd. ; 
In con'li per Th. Clesby pro vino emendo, xvjdL ; In exp. 
Mag'ri Joh'is Hexham apud nouum Castrum pro materia 
Crostwat, vjs. viijd. ; In con'li per Th. Clesby apud knarsburgh, 
ixd. ; In con'li per Joh'm harlsay versus Crostwat in parte, 
xixd. ; In exp. Th. Clesby ebor. per vices cum nuncio d'ni 
Regis, vs. viijd. (3 9s. 9Jd.) 

[48] (In) exp. Joh'is Selby apud Rypon et burgb(rig) in 
negocijs d'ni Abbatis viijd. ; Item per eundem Apud ebor. et 
Rypon in negocijs d'ni Abbatis, viij^. ; In exp. Ric. Person et 
Th ffi Diconson versus ebor., vjd. ; In exp. Th^ Clesby apud 
Ripon ad Nundinas, viijd. ; In exp. eiusdem apud Toplyfe et 
Ripon in negocijs, vijd. ; In exp. Th. Cur' versus ebor., iiijd. 
(2 Is. Od.). Summa, 29 Ss. 2d. 

Expensce Curiarum 1 (expenses of the Court, in 17th century 
hand). Apud kylnsay cum lytton, Mich., iijs. viijd. pasc; 
Apud Mallam, in parte, vij^. ; Apud Qweldric, in parte, ii]d. ; 
Apud Marston, (blank)-, Apud Thorp vnderwod, (blank)] Apud 
Marton, Michael., ijs. pasce xxiijd. ; Apud Ranton, viijd. ; Apud 
Dysford, (blank) ; Apud Balderby, (blank): Apud Brimbem, 
(blank); Apud Aldburgh, (blank); Apud Benglay, (blank); Apud 
Stan burn, (blank) ; Apud Galghay, (blank) ; Apud Slennyngford, 
viijd. Summa, 9s. 9d. 

[49] Clericis et ffeodarijs (Clarkes and feodaries). 2 D'no 
Will'mo Plumton, iijli. vjs. viij^. ; D'no Th mse Haryngton, xls. ; 
Th mffi Becwyth, vli. ; Will'mo Hartlyngton, xls. ; Joh'i qwyxlay 
senescallo, xls. ; Ro to Danby, xxs.; D'no Jacobo Strangwase, 
xxvjs. viij^. ; Xpofero Conyers, xiijs. iiijd. ; Gwidoni Roclyfe, 
xiij,s. iiij^.; Nicholao gyrlyngton, xiijs. iiijc^. ; Ro to Tanfeld, 
xiijs. iiij^. ; Ric. Thornbergh, xiijs. iiijd. ; Rog. Tenand, xxs.; 
Joh'i Redman, xiijs. iiij^. ; Ro to Warcope, xiij. iiij^. ; Joh'i 

1 See Vol. I, 405, and note 2. 

2 Secunda manu, seventeenth century. 


Stafforth, xiijs. iiijd. ; Henrico Thwates, xiijs. iiijd. ; Joh'i 
Hewyce, xiijs. iiijd. ; Vicario de Crostwate, vjli. xiijs. iiijd. ; 
Ric. Aske, xxvjs. viijd. ; Jacobo Metcalfe, xxs. ; Mag'ro Th. 
Drury, xxvjs. viijd.; Th. Clapham, xxxs.; Th. Bolforth, xxs. ; 
Joh'i Catryke, xxvjs. viijd. ; Th m;e Broghton, xxvjs. viijd. ; 
Joh'i Mallom, xiijs. iiijd. 

Summa, 40 10s. Od. Suma, SOU. 10s. 1 

[50] Mercedes ffamilorum (Servantes wages, in 17th century 
hand). -- Stephano Talbot, xxvjs. (viij^.); 2 W mo Stafford, 
xxs.; Joh'i Burton, xxs.; Ro'to Harope, xxs. ; W mo lemynge, 
xxxiijs. iiijd. ; W mo golqwate, xxs. ; Ro to leydes, xiijs. iiijd. ; 
W mo Wyrell, xxiijs. iiijd.; Joh'i Kendell, xiijs. iiijd.; Joh'i 
lambyrd, xiijs. iiijd. ; Joh'i Robynson Carectario, xxvs. ; 
Th. ketloc kydder, xvjs. viijd. ; W mo hubard in bursaria, xviijs. ; 
ffamilo prioris, xiijs. iiijd.; Joh'i Cote, xiijs. iiijd.; Ric. Person, 
xs. ; Th. percyvell familo infirmorum, iijs. iiijd. ; W mo Marchall 
in stabulo Abbatis, vjs. viijd.; Ro to Bland, xvs. ; Communi 
lotrici, xs. ; Ro to Brown in porcario, xiijs. iiijd. ; Petro ffletcher 
Ib'm, xiijs. iiijd.; Thm* Taylyor, xxs. ; Communi Sissori, 
xxviijs. ; Radulpho ouerend communi lotori, xiijs. iiijd. ; W mo 
Askwith Catori, xxs.; Ro to Mawd familo Cellerarij, xviijs. ; 
Joh'i Man familo Bursarij, xvjs. viijd.; Joh'i West Camerario, 
xxs.; Rad. Snath, xxs. ; ffamilo communis stabuli, vjs. viijd.; 
Edwardo Cruke, xvjs. viijd.; Th mae keying, xvjs. viijd.; Adse 
ffavcyd, xxs. ; W mo Wilson, xiijs. iiijd. ; Gott. ffych communi 
Inplacitori, x\s. ; 

[51] W mo horsman, xvjs. viijd.; Ric. Barkhous, xiijs. iiijd.; 
Will'mo Brown opilioni, iiijs.; Will'mo Abbott, xvjs. viijd.; 
Molendinario, xxs. ; Communibus plaustrarijs in ^Estate hoc 
Anno, iijfo*. xxd. ; Ro to Thyrkeld per Rob. Sendall, xijd.; Ric. 
langton puero in hospicio, iiijs. vjd. ; Will'mo Sparth consan- 
gvineo d'ni Abbatis, viijd., It', vd. ; Joh'i darnbruce puero 
camerae d'ni Abbatis, vjs. ijd. ob. ; Ro to Wrekes puero seruiente 
in promtuario d'ni Abbatis, ixs. vjd.; Th. esby puero Cellerarij, 
xvjd. ; Xpofero duffeld puero stabuli d'ni Abbatis, vjs. ijd.; 
Joh'i Hudswell ad portam, xiijs. iiijd.; Th. Redman in Infirmi- 

1 Secunda manu, seventeenth century. 

2 viijd. erased. 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1456-7 33 

torio per Joh. Tupe et Sand., 1 xvjd. ; Joh'i Ranald, (blank)-, 
Joh'i harlsay, xxvjs. viijd. ; Th. Dycunson in stabulo, xijs.; 
(Ro to Ketylwell) 2 in stipendijs operariorum, (blank). 
Summa, 43 Os. 5jd. 

[52] Mercedes fforestariorum. fforestario de Qweldrice, xls.; 
fforestario de Thorp vnderwode, x\s. ; ffor. de Button, xxvjs. viijd. 
ffor. de Aldfeld, xxvjs. viijd. ; ffor. de ffontansfell, xxvjs. viijd. ; 
ffor. de kylnsay, xxvjs. viijd. ; Custodi de Bostan, xxvjs. viijd. ; 
ffor. in parco monasterij, xxs. ; ffor. de Brymbem, xxs.; ffor. 
de Warsall, xiijs. iiijd. ; ffor. de Nyderdale, xiijs. iiijd. ; ffor. de 
Aldburghe, xiijs. iiijd. ; ffor. de Cayton, vjs. vujd.; ffor. de 
Borudale, xxs. ; Communi equisiario, v]s. viijd. ; Joh. Tupe 
pro dysforthe, xiij,?. iiijd. Summa, 17 Os. Od. 

Conventui In habitu, xlli. xvj. xd. ; Priori in regardo per 
Annum, xiijs. iiijd. ; Supriori in consimili, iijs. iiijrf. ; Cantori 
in con'li, iijs. uijd. ; Succentori in con'li, xxd.\ Diaconibus 3 
Claustri in con'li, iijs. iujd. ; It' Alijs quatuor officiarijs in habitu, 
vfo'. vjs. vd. Summa, 47 85. 3^. 

[53] Solucio debiti Antiqui.* D'no Abbati de parcoludae, iij^t. ; 
Joh'i Malore seniori, iijs. xd. ; Balliuo de gysburgh pro Amerci- 
amento de Anno 34, iijd. ; Joh'i Been in j vacca, viijs. vjd. ; 
Vxori gilb' yoman de Penreth pro decimis W. Harope, ixs.; 
Th. gest pro d . . . 5 eiusdem, viijd. ; Th nne Malthous, xiijs. iiijcZ. ; 
Blekjmsope ebor. pro vino, ii]li. ; W mo Smythe de Aldfeld, 
xxvjs. viijcZ.; Joh'i garvase, xxs.; Johannse Burton ebor., viijs. ; 
W mo harope, viij<s. ; Executoribus Walteri Taylyour, v]s. vujd. ; 
De Creditoribus Joh'is esby per d'nm Abbatem vt patet com- 
potum (sic) bursarij Anno 53, xvijfo'. iijs. viijd. ; Item eisdem 
per eundem vt patet compotum (sic) bursarij Anno 54, 
xlfo'. xviiJ6-. vj^. ; Th. Day in j vacca in habitu, viijs. ; W mo 
knapton, vijd. ; It. Conuentui in lana per d'nm Abbatem, 

1 Sandall, the bursar ? 

2 Erased. 

3 The a and the contraction for us have been carefully scratched out, 
In 1457-8 acoiV has been similarly erased, but is just perceptible. Perhaps 
the scribes hesitated between the forms diaconis and diaconibus, both of which 
were in use. D'Arnis under Diacon. 

4 Heading repeated, sccunda manu, fifteenth or sixteenth century. 

5 Effaced by a blot. 



xxxiijs. iiijd. ; Joh'i brerton coco ebor., xiiijcL ; laboranti in feno 
apud burton A 55, iiijd.; Th mai Day, xviijd. ; Henrico Twaytes, 
Is.; Joh'i glasyn ebor., xxxs. ; Th mje lawson, viiJ6'.; Joh'i Atkyn- 
son de lytton, xijd. ; Joh'i Wyndshour de Malhom, ijd. ; Joh'i 
Tomson, xxxiijd. ; W mo Sarvand, xs. iijd. ; Th msK byllyngton, vd. ; 
\ymo Malthous, xviijs. xjd. ; Henrico lytton, ijs. ; W mo Askvvith 
de Calfalhous, vjs. ixd. ; Joh'i kendell de pistrino, xiiijs. jd. ob. ; 
Joh'i lambard Ib'm, xiiijs. jd. ob. ; Joh'i Aclam, iijli. xjs. viijd. ; 
Priori S'cse Trinitatis, iiijli. ; Ric. Haxby, iiijK. ; W mo Malyore, 
xxvjs. viijd. ; Joh'i Neusom qweldric, iiijs. ; Ecclesise de Rypon 
pro Swanlay 55, ijs. ; Th m ' e Jacson ebor. in solucione per Waclyn 
et ten. de Marton, xxvjs. jd. Summa, 94 Qs. lid. 

[54] Solucio Debiti Noui. Joh'i Edmundson de Marton, 
viijcZ. ; Ro to Coke de eadem, ijs. ; Joh'i Sysson de eadem, ijs. i]d.\ 
Th. Edmundson de eadem, xijd. ; Joh'i gybson de eadem, \\i\d. ; 
Aliciae Harpour Ib'm, iij<s. ; Vicario de Toplyfe, ijs. ; Johannse 
Colyn, xxiijs. viijcZ. ; Vicario de Toplyfe, xfo'. ; Joh'i Scalesb}% 
iijs. iiijd. ; D'no Will'mo bolland, xxs.; Isabella Sn^th, iij. ; 
Joh'i Tupe de Raynton pro granis, etc., liijs. ; Mag'ro Joh'i 
Sendall, xLs. ; Priori de Xouo burgo, ixs. ; Joh'i Harpour, xiiijs. ; 
Jac. fawcyd, xxx^.; Joh'i Dobson, vijfo'. ; Ric. peeke, xxxix^. vd. 
Nota - ob.', W mo huberd, xxviJ6\; Th mx longlay, vijfo'. vijs. iiijd. ob.; 
Ric. kendell, xxjs. ixd. ; Th ma; qwyte pro decima de Aldfeld de 
Anno 55, vli. iijs. iijd.; D'no Abbati, Ixjli. xvj. iijd ; Priori, 
lijs. ; Th mje karlele, xix. ijd. ; Th m * qwyttyngton, xxxvs. iiij^. ; 
Th maj Monketon, xxxvs. iiijc^. ; W mo knapton, iiij^. iiijd. ; 
Joh'i esby Cellerario, (blank); Th. horsforth, xxvjs. viijd. ; 
Ro to Mydylburgh, xxxiijs. vjd. ; Th. qwetlay, xxviijs. iiijd. ; 
Joh'i Seton, vli. iiijs. xd. ob. ; In Expensis Autumpnalibus apud 
Morkar Anno 55, xjs. vj^Z. ; In Composicione feni in pratis 
Monasterij eodem Anno per Isabell Raskell, ijs. ijd.; Jac. 
Mawd per W m Tollar, xvjs. iiijd. (25 18s. 5jeU 
[55] Th m * Clesby, xvjs. ixd.; Th mai Swynton, xxxvjft. ixs. ijd. 
ob.; Joh'i Stokton, xls.; W mo Apylton, v^'. ixs.; W mo Burlay, 
xxvijs. vijd. ; Th mae Suton, xxxijs. xd. ; Joh'i Segfeld, xlijs. vjd. ; 
Joh'i lucas, xviijs. vjd. ; Ro to Ache, xxvjs. vjd. ; W mo horsforth, 
xvjs. xd. ; Joh'i Selby, xijs. iiijd. ; Th mai Day, xxs. vjd. ; Th m!C 
qwyttyngton pro melle, xxxjs. ijd. ; D'no Abbati de parcoludae, 

BURSARS' BOOKS. 1456-7 35 

xxxviijfo'. xviijs. xd.; Priorissse de Monkton, xxxs. ijd. ; Joh'i 
Burnet de Skypton, xxxvs.; W mo Cartar de Neusom, iijs. iiijd. ; 
Joh'i lewce, xxijd. ; Ric. hornar, xxiijs. xd. ; Th mae Robynson, 
xxvs. iiijd. ; W mo Haryson, ijs. vjd. ; Joh'i olyfe, xixd. ; W mo 
Seriantson de Mallom, ijs. jd. ; Th nifL Hyn Ib'm, vs.; Rogero 
Elyson, xvs.; W mo Tod, xxs.; W mo Dale de Neusom, xviijd. ; 
Joh'i Thornton Kerby Wyske, xs.; Th. Smyth de Balderby, 
ijs. mjd. ; Joh'i Atkynson de lytton, xijd.; Henrico luge de 
haltongyll, ijs. vjd.; Th ma; lambard de kylnsay, viijs. xd. ob.; 
Joh'i lambard Ib'm, xiijs. vjd. ; Ric. lamberd Ib'm, xxiijs. vjd. ; 
W mo Hogson Ib'm xiJ5. ijd. ; W mo kyd, xvs. ; Joh'i Juse (Inse ?), 
iiijU. vs. ; Relicts Henrici Tenand in solucione debiti sand., 1 ixd. ; 
Ric'o Wilyamson de kyrkbewyske, xiiijd. (112 5s. 2d.) 
[56] Joh'i Qwyxlay, vijli. iijs. ijd.\ Joh'i Brown de Midlow- 
hous, xlvij,s. d 2 xd. ; Th mt Nevsom, vjs. vjd.; Agnetae knoll de 
ffoxhope, ixs. ; Joh'i knoll Ib'm, vijs. vjd. ; W mo Raner de 
qweldryke, ijs. iiijd. ; Ro to Baytes de dacre, xxs. ; W mo lemyng, 
xxvjs. viij^. ; Stephano Talbott, xx<9.; D'no Joh'i mydilton, 
iiijli. ; Elenorae Darnbruke, xxs. ; Joh'i Wythys, xix^'. vjs. viijd. ; 
Joh'i Pottow, vijli. ; W mo Wrampan, xxxiijfo'. xviij<s. viij^. ; 
Joh'i Rand, xxvjs. viijd.; Joh'i Burnet, xxs.; D'no Abbati de 
Melsa, xls. ; Rectori de Tanfeld, vs. ; Vxori Joh'is Boon, 
xvjs. viijd.; W mo Askwitli de Calfalhous, xjs. vijd.; W mo 
Askwith Catori, xvjs. viijd. ; Th ma: Percyvell, xiiijs. xjd. ob. ; 
Th mae taylyour de hospicio, vli. xvijs. ixd. ; vxori eiusdem, 
xxvjs. xd. ; Ro to Setyll, xxiijs. jd. ; W mo lemyng coco, iiijli. 
ixs. vd. ; Ro to leydes, xs. ixd. ; Edmundo kendell, xxd. ; W mo 
kendell, vjs. ixd.; Ro to harope, iijli. xvijs. ijd.; Joh'i kendell 
de pistrino, xiijs. ixd. ; Joh'i lambert Ib'm, xs. xd.; Ro to 
Tanfeld, xxviijH. xiij,s. iiij^. ; W mo Walkyngham, vjli.; Joh'i 
Dobson, xxiijli.; Joh'i haryson de Tanfeld, xiijli. xviijs. viijd. ; 
Stephano blacewfe, xixli. xiiijs. vjd.; Th mae hawthorn, xxiijfo'. 
xvjs. viijd. ; Joh'i Rand prseter id quod supra, xls. ; Balliuo de 
Craven pro Amerciamento in solucione debiti Sand., 1 xd. ; 
Joh'i Scalesby in solucione debiti sand., 1 iijs. iiijd. ; Rogero 
Willyamson de Malham, ijs. ijd. (223 7s. 

1 The entries thus made probably refer to debts due to Sandall the bursar, 

2 For debet ? 


[57J Joh'i haryson de parcoludae, vijli. xiijs. iiijd.; R to Mawde, 
xxijs. viijd. ; Th mx Ouerend, xxviijs. iiijd. ; Th ma; Robynson, 
(blank); Ecclesise ebor., xxxvjfo'. xiijs. xd. ; Joh'i Cur', vj/i. 
xiiijs. xd. ; Radulpho ouerend, iiijli. xvijs. iiijd. ; Th mje Setj'll, 
xvs. viijd. ob.; Joh. Been, xxs. ixd. ; Ric. lambard, vs. iiijd. ob.; 
W mo Wartyr, xvijfo'. xvs. xjd. ; Joh'i Wederall, ii]li. xiijs. iiijd. ; 
Jac. Mawd, xixs. viJ6Z. ; Joh'i Cakar, xvij^. xjd. ; W mo Setyll, 
xs. xjc?. o&.; Joh' Man, xlvj<. xjcZ. ; Th niai ketloc, iiijs. vjcZ. ob.\ 
Joh'i Bolland, xxj^.; Joh'i yong, xs. ixd.', Ro to ketyllwell, 
xxxij^. ; Joh'i harlsay, xiijs. iiijd. ; Joh'i Benson, vjs. vijd. ob. ; 
Joh'i Robynson Carectario, ujli. xiiijs. iiijc^. ; Petro fferrour, 
iijli. xixs. viijd. ; Joh'i West, uijli. vs. iiijd. ; D'no Joh'i Marshall 
rectori ebor., iiijli. ; Mag'ro Joh'i Marchall, iiijli. ; Ric. bolton, 
xijs. v]d. ob.; Ro to Colynson, iijZi.; Johannae Burton, xxxvs.; 
W mo Sallay, xls.; Joh'i Burton, ii]li. xs.; D'no W mo Bolland, 
vjs. viijd. ; Ric. Kendall, xxjs. ixd. ; W mo gollwate, iijli. vjs. viijd.', 
Vicario de farnham in parte de xiijs. iiijd., vjs. viijd. ; Joh'i 
Watson in debitis sand., vijs. viijd. ; Joh'i gren Wallar per 
diuersos patet tutivill in parte, xxxjs. ixd. ; Ro to Elyson in 
solucione debiti, viijd. ; W mo Cartar de kyrkby wiske, iijs. iiijof. 
(129 7<s. Id.). Summa, 490 18s. Id. 

[58] Terrce emptce. De Ro to Jacson de Raynton per Joh'em 
Tape in parte, xxs. ; W mo Sawer et filio suo pro vno Messuagio 
cum tribus bouatis terrae apud Raynton, iijZ*. iij-s. 4cZ. ; ffilio 
dicti Sawer pro dicta materia, iijs. iiij^. ; Joh'i Sawer pro dicta 
materia, xxd. ; In Expensis Th. Swynton et Joh'is qwj^xlay 
pro dicta materia, xixd. Summa, 4 9s. 

In expensis factis pro materia de Crostvvat vt plenius patet 
per tutivillum Anni prsesentis, xxli. vs. iijd. 
Summa, 20 5s. 3d. 

Bladum emplum. De Joh'e Tornson de Anderby pro vj 
Acr. iij Rod. frumenti et siliginis, xxxvs. ; De eodem in iiij 
bus. pis. et ij bus. Auen. seminat., ijs. ijd. ; In xiiij Acr. et ij 
Rod. de Warland, ixs. viijd. ; Pro messione de vij Acr. nuper 
Ro u Tomson, iiijs. ijd.; W mo qwyte pro decimis Bladi de 
Aldfeld pro ij bus. annis praeteritis, vli. vjs. viijd.; Item pro 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1456-7 37 

praedictis pro prsesenti Anno, liijs. iiijd. ; Mag'ro Joh'i M'chall 
pro decimis de burton lenard, xli. xijs. iiijd. 
Summa, 21 3s. 4d. 

Expensae circa Ecclesiam de Crostwat hoc Anno vt plenius 
patet per Tutivillum, xxfo'. vs. iijd. 

Summa, 20 55. 3d. 1 

[59] ffrumentum emptum. De Joh'e haryson de Melmerby, 
iiij q'rs iij bus., xxjs. xd. ; De praeposito de Marion, xxix qr. 
vj bu., vijli. viijs. ixd. ; De prseposito de Anderby, xx qr. 
vj bu., vli. iijs. ixd. ; De prseposito de galghay, viij qr. iiij bu., 
xlijs. vjd. ; De Tenent. de kyrkeby Wyske, viij qr. j bu., 
xls. vijd. ob.\ De Neusom, v bu., iijs. }cl. ob.; De 
prseposito de Dysforth, xj qr. ij bu., Ivjs. ijd. ; De Tenent. de 
How, ij qr. vj bu., xiij<s. ixd.; De Tenent. de Pycall, iij qr., 
xvs.; De Sutton, xij qr., iijli.; De Steph. Talbott, iij qr., xvs.; 
De Th. Swynton, j qr. vj bu., viijs. ixd. ; De Tenent. de Syn- 
derby, ij qr. iiij bu., xijs. vjd. ; De Tenent. de Staynlay, j qr., 
vs.; De W mo Stabyll de Arkyndan, x qr., Is.; De Rectore de 
Copgraue, v qr., xxs. De praeposito de Raynton, xix qr., 
iiijfe'. xvs.; De Tenent. de balderb}^, xlix qr. vij bu., xijZ*. 
viijs. u]d. ; De Joh'e Heryson de Tanfeld, x qr., iijli. xvjs. viijc^. ; 
De Relicta Petri Ward, j qr., vjs. viijd. ; De Joh'e Dobson per 
vices, xxvij qr., viijli. xs. ; De Joh'e Askewith de Burton, xx qr., 
vjfo'. xiijs. iiijc^. ; De Joh'e Roclyfe de Mylby, j qr., vjs. viijd. ; 
De Th. ffarmore de dysforth, ij qr., xvs. viijd. 
Summa, 254 qis 2 bus 

67K. 8s. 3d. 2 

[60J Siligo empta. De Willelmo Cartar de Neusom, iij bu., 
xviijd. ; De praeposito de Staynburn, ij qr. j bu., viijs. vjd.', 
De Stephano Talbot, vij bu., iijs. vjd. 

Summa. Suma, 3 q r ters 3 bushells. 
Suma denariorum, 13s. 6d. 3 

Ordium emptum. De praaposito de Anderby, xxix qu. 
iiij bu., xliijs. iiijd.; De Steph. Talbott, ij qu., vjs. viijd.; De 

1 In a seventeenth century hand. 

2 In a seventeenth century hand ; should be 68 19s. 

3 In a seventeenth century hand. 


Tenent. de Synderby, j qu. iij bu., iiijs. vijd ; De praeposito 
de Raynton, xx qu. iiij bu., ii]li. viijs. iiijeZ. ; De Tenentibus de 
Pycall, vij bu. ij pc., iijs. jd. ob.\ De Tenent. de Melmorby, 
x qu. v bu., xxxvs. vd. ; De praeposito de Marton, xxxv qu., 
vli. xvjs. viijd, ; De Tenent. de Growellthorpe, j qu. vj bu., 
ixs. ijd.] De Tenent. de Galghay, xij qu. iiij bu., xls. xxd. ; 
De praeposito de Dysforth, xxxix qu. j bu., vjli. x$. ; De 
praeposito de Balderby, xxij qu., iijZi. xiijs. iu]d. ; De praeposito 
Joh'e Norton, xx qu., iiijli. ; De Joh'e Haryson de Tanfeld, 
xx qu., vli. i De Joh'e Dobson, xx qu., iiijK. ; De W mo Smyth, 
iiij qu., xiijs. iiijd. ; De Cellerario in patria, xij qu., xls. ; De Rad. 
Andrason, j qr., iijs. iiijd. ; De W mo Pulter, iv qr., xiijs. iiijd. ; 
De Ro to Cuke, j qr., iijs. iiijd. ; De Ro to Smyth, ij qr., vjs. viijd. 
[61] De Joh'e Ryche, j qr., iij^. iiijd. ; De Bramton, j qr., 
iijs. iiijd. ; De Joh'e Sysson, j qr., iijs. iiijc^. ; De Th. Neusom, 
iij qr., xs.; De Joh'e Neusted, ij qr., vjs. viijcZ. ; De Joh'e 
Haryson de Tanfeld, xlvij qu., xijK. iiijs. vjd. ; De Joh'e Dobson, 
xx qu., ni]li. ; De Joh'e Askwyth de burton, xij qu., xls. ; De 
W mo Stabyll de Arkynden, xv qu., iiijZi. 

Summa. Suma Hordei, 357 qrters 2 busheiis 2 P eck ^i 
Suma pecuniarum, 69 18s. 5d. ob. 2 

Avence Emptce. De Tenentibus de Anderby, vij qu. iiij bu., 
xijs. vjd. ; De prseposito de Balderby, viij qu., xiijs. m]d. ; 
De Tenent. de Dysforth, xlvj qu. iiij bu., iijZt. xvijs. iijrf. ob.\ 
De praeposito de Galghay, xxxv qu. iiij bu., lixs. \}d. ; De 
Tenent. de Grewelthorpe, v qu., viij s. iiij d.\ De Tenent. de 
kyrby Wyske, iij qu. j bu., vs. i\d. ob.\ De Tenent. de Marton, 
xj qu. iiij bu., xixs. ijcL ; De Tenent. de Pycall, vij bu. ij pc., 
xviijd. ; De Tenent. de Raynton, iiij qu., vjs. viijd. ; De Tenent. 
Steph. Mydylton, xx qu., xxxiijs. iiijd. ; De Joh'e Qwarfe, 
iiij qu., vjs. viijd. ; De Joh'e Haryson de Melmorby, v qu., 
viijs. iiijcL ; De Rob to Dycson de Staynburn, xx qu., xxxiijs. 
iiijcL ; De Joh'e Roclyfe de Mylby, iij qu., vjs. ; De Relicta Petri 
Ward, iiij bu., xd. ; De Joh'e Rych de Marton, j qu., xxd. 
[62] De Ric. Wygilsworth, iij qu., vjs.; De Joh'e Hall, ij qr., 

1 Should be 361 qrs. 2 bu. 2 pcs. 

2 In a seventeenth century hand ; should be 07 3s. 5%d. 

BURSARS* BOOKS, 1457-8 39 

iiijs. ; De Rob to Neusted, iij qr., vjs. ; De Alano Exilby, iij qu., 
vjs. ; De Matilda Cravyn, j qu., ijs. 

Summa. Sufna, 187 q 4*> 2P 

Suma denar., lo 11 17 s 4< l 

Pisce Emptce virides. De prseposito de Marton, iiij qu., xixs. 
Summa, 19s. 

Summa totalis Bladi, 153 12s. 3jd. (8jd.) 
Summa totalis Expensarum. 1 


Receptus. De rem., (blank). 


De lana vendita. De lana optima vendita iiij sacci xv pet. 
di., xiijli. vs. iijrf.; De lana media xxiiij pet. di., xls. iiijd. ; 
De lana nigra j sacc. ij pet. di., xxiiijs. xjd. ; De lana grisia, 
(blank); De Refills, (blank); De loccis, x pet., vijs. ixd. 
Summa saccoruni, 7 sac. J st. 2 
Summa, (16 8s. 6d.), 16 17s. 3d. 

De pellibus ouium venditis, xxxviijs. \]d. 


[64] (De) stramine palijs et fimo venditis. Apud Marton per 

Joh'em Harper, xviijs. vijc?.; Apud lennard Burton, ijs. iiijd. 

Summa, 1 Os. lid. 

De satis facientibus. De relicta Simonis Yowdale in panno, 
xs. vjd. patet. 

De Eventibus. De feno decimali de Aldfeld, vjs. ; 3 De 
Joh'e Kendell de Morker pro decimis Agni et lanse, xvjd. ; 
De Exitibus Aueriorum hoc Anno, vjs.; De feno decimali 

1 Cannot be determined. 

2 Reckoning twenty-six stones to the sack, but the amount varied con- 

3 vjs. crossed out. 


de Burton, xiiijs. viijd. ; De collacione ad Capellam Michaelis, 
vjs. ; De decim. de Kylnsay, xLs. ; De decim. de Bradlay, (blank) ; 
De Tenentibus de Bychopsyd, xxxiijs. }d.; De Bollerschaw, 
xxxijs.; De Colow, xxs.; De Thornton Episcopi, xjs. ; De 
Oblacione ad Capud Sancta? Annse Et ad Sanctum Alredum, 1 
xjs. xjd. q a . Summa, 8 16-s. OJcZ. 

[65] De Extractis Curiarum. De Galghag, Micha 1 56 ijs. vd., 
paschae 56 (blank) ; De Balder by, xvdL ; De Marton, xiiijd. ; 
De Qweldryke, (blank) ; De Aldburgh, (blank); De Slennyng- 
forth, (blank)] De Aldfeld, (blank)- De Morkar, (blank); De 
Cayton et Ryplay, (blank) ; De Staynburn, (blank) ; De Brymbem 
Hartwith et Dacre, (blank); De Bevrlay et Syxforth, (blank); 
De Mallom, (blank); De Kylnsay, (blank); De lytton, (blank); 
De Dysforth, (blank) ; De Ranyngton, (blank) ; De Thorpvnder- 
wod, (blank); De Marston, (blank). 

Summa, (0 6s. 10d.), 4s. lOd. 
De porcis venditis, vs. 

De Equis venditis, nichill. 

[66] De blado vendito, (blank). 

De Plumbo vendito, 2 iijli. xiijs. iiijcZ. 

De Tanno vendito, (blank). 

De Monacho Tannarise, xii]li. vs. vi]d. 

De caseo et butiro venditis, xxjs. vd. 


De Auerijs venditis, (blank). 

1 Among the treasures of Fountains was *' j pece of Saynt Ane scalpe 
sett in a pece of sylver ungilt " (Mem. Fountains, i, 289). They probably had 
also a relic of St. Aelred of Rievaulx (see Walbran's note, loco cit.). The 
monks of Fountains tried to obtain the body of St. Robert of Knaresborough 
soon after the death of that hermit saint on September 24th, 1218, doubtless 
intending to enshrine it in their new choir, then in course of erection (Vol. i, 
171). They had a supposed rib of St. Lawrence (Vol. i, 289). 

2 Much concerning lead, lead ore, lead ashes, etc., is to be seen in Vol. i, 
402-405, and Vol. ii, 91. 

BURSARS 5 BOOKS, 1457-8 41 

De pedebus (sic) compotorum Magistri Aueriorum. De Calfal- 
hous per W m Askwith, vs. ; De Syxforth per Joh'm Jacson, vs. ; 
De Hastahous per Emmotam Bolton et W m Thacwra, vli. ixs. ; 
De Dacre per Katerinam Bates et Joh'm Ward, lijs. iijd. ob.', 
De Brimbem per Rob 'turn Thacwra, viijd ; De Estholmhous 
per W m Bolton, xxd. ; De Brangerhous per Th. Benson, xs. v]d. ; 
De Aldburgh per Th'm lytstar (Desunt ccetera), xxs. 

(De pratis venditis, latter part.) 1 

[67] De Catton, xs.; De Anderby, iiijli. : De Pycall, xijs. ; 
De Yarnwyke, vjs. viijd. ; De Blatoiikare, xxvjs. viijd. ; De 
Scotton, iiijs. ; De Stanburn, iijli. xvjs. ; De Colcroft et Been- 
croft, xjs. iiijd. ; De Brothyrton, ijs. ; De Cowton et Qwenholm, 
(blank)-, De Merkyngton, (blank); De Byplay, (blank). 
Suinma (of De pratis venditis), 44 4s. Od. 2 
De Allerdale; De Crostwate cum Hamlectis, xvli. xs.; 
De Stantwate et Watendlandes, xvijfe*. vjs. viij^. ; De Espnes, 
xls.; De Cokyrmowth, xijd. 

Summa, 34 17s. Sd. 
De Ecclesia de Crostwate, (blank). 


Summa totalis rec. vsque ad arniuas fnrmas, 146 19s. Id. 3 
[68] Annuce firmce. (1) As above, in 1456-7, but reads 
Scatburgh, and the rent of Marston is vi]li. xiiijs. vjd. 

Summa prima, (115 Qs.'Qd. ob.), 115 5s. lOJd. 

(2) Reads howgrafe, Pykall, Rowell. 

[69] Summa secunda, 153 11s. 5d. ob. 

(3) Reads Skypton, Scabidneuton, Grenbere, Esby. 
[70] Summa tercia, 93 16s. 3d. 

(4) Reads Wardermask, Pott, Dalhag, Growelthorp, Galgha, 
Bradwat. Summa quarta, 118 17s. Qd. 

(5) Reads Lunglay, Byrcohous, Eveston and Eadem are 
under one entry, Ripon and Eadem also, Yngerthorpe, Waller- 

1 x\ leaf is missing here. It seems to have contained the latter part of 
De ped. comp. Mag' ri averiorum, the whole of Ovium, De Bosco, De Pannagio, 
and the beginning of De pratis venditis. The leaf has been lost after the 
accounts were cast up in the seventeenth century. 

2 As computed before the leaf was lost. 

3 This amount cannot now be verified. 


twat, Markyngton, Ib'm omitted under Hart with, etc., Neuhous, 

Bowrtwat. Summa quinta, 101 1 5s. 3d. ob. 

[71] (6) Reads Ilkela, Bradla, Kelcare is altered to Gylcare, 

lyverseg, fferebryg, Hundsflet. 

[72] Summa sexta, 73 4s. 2d. 

(7) Enters Mallom and Mill together, and omits Ib'm. 
Reads ffornagylhous, Malwaterhous, xxxs. iiijd. ; Holmknottes, 
Nethir Bordlay, Colgilcote, Thresfeld, Apyltrewyk. 

[73] Summa septima, 70 17s. 2d. 

(8) Reads Arnclyfcot, Nethyrhesylden, Haltongill, Gren- 
feld coych, Studhirdhall. 

[74] Summa octaua, 80 10s. 4d. 

Summa Annuarum firmarum, (blank), 807 18s. O^d. 

Summa totalis rec. cum Rem., (blank). 

[75] ffirmce forinsecce. As in 1456-7, but with the readings: 
fferebrig, Ilkelay, Arnsforth, Skarburgh. Opposite to Morkar, 
in seventeenth century hand, " y e Comp. to y e P'bend." 

Summa, 85 13s. Sd. ob. (14s.) 

[76] Expensce grangiarum. Morkar. Custodi Ib'm in mer- 
cede, xiijs. iiijd. ; Joh'i Setyl Ib'm, xiiijs. ; Will'mo Kendel Ib'm, 
xvs. viijd. ; Stephano Ouerend Ib'm, xiiijs. ; Edmundo Kendel 
Ib'm, xjs. v]d. ; In Expensis Autumpnalibus Ib'm, xxxvs. ixd. ; 
Pro flfalcacione pratorum Ib'm, xxiijs. iiijd. ; Pro Arracione 
Ib'm Joh'i qwarfe, viijd. ; Pro Runcacione Ib'm, iijs. vijd. ; 
In vno hoper Ib'm, iiijcZ. ; In Cariag. bladi de Aldfeld ad Morkar, 
xviijd. ; In Textura pann. pro Wyndoclose, ijs. ; Pro Trituracione 
Ib'm, xxjs. i]d. ob. Summa, 7 16s. lOJd. 

Haddokstayns. Custodi Ib'm in Manerio, xiijs. iiijd. ; 
Georgio Raskell Ib'm, xiiijs. ; Rob'to Tomson Ib'm, xiiijs. ; 
In Exp'n Autumpn. Ib'm, xiijs. vjd. ; In vno hoper Ib'm, iiijd. ; 
Ric. Raner ad aratrum, xijd. ; In Trituracione Ib'm, (blank)', 
In Reparacione muri vaccariae, viijd. ; Pro ffalcacione pratorum 
Ib'm, xxxiijs. iiijd. Summa, 4 10s. 2d. 

Brymbem. Custodi Ib'm in Mercede, xiijs. iiijd. ; ffilio 
eiusdem Ib'm, (blank) ; Expensis autumpnalibus Ib'm, xxvjs. ijd. 
[77] Pro ffalcacione Ib'm, xijs. ; Pro Runcacione Ib'm in 
parte, iijs. vjd.; Pro Trituracione Ib'm, (blank). 
Summa, 2 15s. Od. 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1457-8 43 

Expensce Orriorum Decimalium. Marion. Custodi Ib'm 
in mercede, xvjs. viijd. ; Pro Colleccione bladi decimalis Dysforth 
et carr., xlvs. \\\\d.\ Pro Coll. bladi dec. de Marton et carr., 
xixs. ixd. ; Pro falcacione Orti Manerij Ib'm, xviijd. ; Pro 
Trituracione Ib'm, xxixs. iiijd. ob.; Pro Ventilacione Ib'm, 
vs. xd. ; Custodi bourn Ib'm, vs. ; In reparacione orrei decimalis 
Ib'm in parte, iijs. ijd. Summa, 6 6s. l\d. 

Ranyngton. Custodi Ib'm in mercede, xxs. ; Pro Colleccione 
et Carr. bladi decimalis Ib'm, xxs. ; Pro Coll. et Carr. blad. dec. 
de Astynby, xxviijs. ; Pro Trituracione Ib'm, xijs. \\i\d. ; Custodi 
bourn Ib'm, vs.', Pro ffalcacione et fenacione Orti manerij 
Ib'm, viijs. viijd.; Pro Reparacione Orrij dec. Ib'm, ijs. xd.; 
Pro Ventilacione Ib'm, (blank); Pro Coll. et Carr. blad. dec. 
de Dysforth qr. An., 1 (blank)', Pro Crebris Ib'm, etc., (blank). 

Summa, 4 16s. lOd. 

[78] Balderby. Gustodi Ib'm in mercede, xxs.; Pro Collec. 
granorum decimalium et cariagio, 2 xls. ; Pro Trituracione 
eorundem, xxiiijs. ii]d. ob. quadrant; Pro Ventilacione Ib'm, 
i]s. ; Custodi bourn pingvium Ib'm ex conuencione, iijs. iiijcL ; 
Pro ffalcacione pratorum in manu d'ni Ib'm et fenacione et 
cariagio, 2 (blank); Pro Reparacione orrij decimalis Ib'm in 
parte, ijs. Summa, 4 11s. l\d. 

Lennard Burton. Pro Colleccione granorum decimalium et 
cariagio 2 Ib'm, viijs. viijd. ; Pro Trituracione Ib'm, xiijs. viijd. ; 
Pro Ventilacione Ib'm, xxc?. ; Pro ffalcacione et fenacione orti 
dec. Ib'm, vjd. ; Pro Reparacione Orrei dec. Ib'm, (blank). 
Summa, 1 4s. Qd. 

ffalcaciones et ffenaciones. Pro ffalcacione pratorum monas- 
terij, xliijs. i\d. ; Pro Eodem apud Morcar, (blank); Pro 
ffenacione in pratis mon., xjs. vijd. ; Pro ffalcac. et fen. de 
x acr. prati apud Qweldrike, vijs. ; Pro ffalcac. apud Thorpe 
pro hospicio Ebor., (blank); Pro ffalcac. de Monkeyng, vjs. 
Summa, 3 7<s. 9d. 

[79] Expensce Magistri Aueriorum. Magistro Aueriorum in 
feodo, xxvjs. viij^. ; Pro Custodia stirckettes per Joh'm 

1 Quartarius anni ? 

2 Or cariacione ? MS. has car' only. 


Hesylden, xiiijs. ; Pro Custodia Crochuus, vijs. ; Pro Custod. de 
iiij bourn apud Dae re, iiijs. ; Pro Gust, de Cowsyde per Job. 
Brown, xiiijs. ; Pro Succisione Vlceti bobus communitatis per 
W m Bestan, vjs. ijd.; Pro hyemacione vnius Juvencae communi- 
tatis, viijs. ; In agitacione aueriorum per W m Setyll, xijd. ; 
Pro Custodia aueriorum et Bosti 1 per W m qwelhous, xxs. ; 
Pro agitacione aueriorum per Th. Lambart, vjd. ; In Expensis 
in arsura stirckettes, xxijd. ; In agitacione aueriorum et ovium 
per W m Brown, iiijs. ; In agit. aueriorum et stirkettes per 
vices, iijs. ; Thomse Darnbruke pro captura Miner' per vj acras, 
xxvjs. viijt/. ; Joh'i Setyll pro Custodia Bouett', xs. ; Eidem pro 
Custodia equorum, iiijs.; Pro agitacione aueriorum a kylnsay 
per vices, iiijs. vjd. ; Pro pastura de liiij bourn in Bost' 2 de 
kylnsay per Joh. lalandes, xvs. ; Pro Custodia stirckettes per 
Ric. ffavsyd, xs. ; Pro factura Muri in Est end per eundem, 
xiijs. iiijeZ. ; Pro Custodia de Crochuus per eundem, xs.; Pro 
Companagijs stirckettes, vjs. ; Pro Custodia Vlceti apud 
Dalhag per W m quelhous, xs. Summa, 10 19s. Sd. 

Expenses, Magistri Ouium. Pro Custodia Multonum in 
restate per R tum proctor, xiijs. i\i]d. ; Pro Custodia Multonum 
de Colgylcote, xxvjs. viijd ; Pro Custodia de Morcar in sestate 
per T. Prest in parte, iiijs. ; Pro Custodia ouium per Henricum 
Hesylden, xls. ; Ro to Setyll pro custodia Jerciarum, xiijs. iiij d. ; 
Eidem pro agitacione ouium, v]d. ; Pro agit. ouium per W m 
Setyll, vjd. ; Pro Custodia Multonum in sestate apud Chapel- 
hous, xiijs. iiijcZ. ; 

[80] Pro agitacione ouium et equorum per filios Petri Vard, 
ijs. ; Pro Custodia Ouium de Mydlowhous, xs. ; Pro Cust. de 
hogg' per W m brown et Ric. Ouerend, vjs. ; Pro vno Cado 
bituminis, vijs. jd. ; In xvj Multonibus, xxjs. viijcZ. ; Pro Custod. 
agnorum per Th. Ayrton, xs. ; Eidem pro Custodia hogg' per 
duos annos, xvjs. ; Item pro Custodia hogg' apud brimbem, xs. ; 
Pro Custod. equorum communitatis, viijs. iiijtZ. ; Item pro 
Custod. agnorum, xs. ; Pro Custod. ouium per Joh'em SetylJ, 
viijs.; Pro Custod. ouium de Chapelhous. xiijs. iiijd. ; Pro 

1 So in MS. without any contraction mark. 

2 So in MS. with cross of " t " turned up. 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1457-8 45 

Custod. ouium de Morcar per annum per R. Lambart, xvs.; 
Pro Custod. hogg' per eundem, vijs. 

Summa, 12 165. Id. 

Lociones et Tonciones. Apud Chapelhous, iijs. vjd. ; Apud 
Dacre, vs. ; Apud Colgilcot, ijs. vijd. ; Apud Midlowhous, 
viijs. vijd. ; Apud Ouerbordlay per proctour, iijs. iiijd. ; Item 
Ib'm per Rob'tum Schortfrend, iijs. iiijd. ; Apud Northcote, xs. ; 
Apud Nutwithcote, iijs. iiijd.; Apud ffornagilhous, xxd.; per 
W m Setyll de Northcote, xvs. ; per Joh'em lalandes, iijs. iiijd. ; 
per Ric. Becwyth, vjs. viijd. 

Summa, 3 6s. 4d. 

[81] Vinum Emptum. Joh'i Aclum, Ijs. viijd.; Will'mo Wells 
in parte, ujli. vjs. viijd.; Joh'i Cocyll in parte, xxiijs. iiijd.; 
Joh'i Blenkensope pro ij pipis vini, vjfo'. xs. ; Thomse Hawthorn, 
ii]li. xiijs. iiijd.; In vino nouo d'no Abbati, ijs. ijd. ob. 
Summa, 17 Is. 2|d. 

fferrum Emptum. Pro Wayncloytes de vxore Joh'is Boon, 
xxd. ; Pro ij ml lednale ij c dowbil spikyng et ij c horsnale, v]s. ijd. ; 
Pro fferrura equorum communitatis versus mare bina vice, iiijs. ; 
Pro fferrura equorum per vices, xxd.; Pro Clauis emptis de 
Th. Machan, vjs. viijd. ; Pro Clauis empt. pro Tectura Refectorij, 
iiijs. iijs. 1 ob.\ Pro ix vomeribus, vs. ijd.; In ferrura equorum 
communitatis versus boream, xxd. ; In ferr. eq. Will'mi harope, 
xiiijd. ; Pro factura c Clauium 2 probatorio, iiijd.; In ferr. eq. 
Ro 11 Sandall et bursarij per vices, iiijs. iiijd.; In Osmundis, 
viijd. ; In vj c ferr. de Th. Armorer, xxxs. ; In Clauis pro Reparac' 
apud Balderby, iijs.; In Consimili apud Rypon, xxd.; In ferr. 
eq. apud Marton per vices, xxijd. ; In con'li apud Balderby 
per vices, xvd. ob. Summa, 3 15s. 7d. 

[82] Species emptce. In Speciebus et Medicinis emptis de 
Joh'e Belton, xiijs.; Ro'to Colynson pro Speciebus per vices, 
xxviijs. jd. ; In puluere vitali d'no Abbati et vna Medicina, ijs.; 
In j li. piperis zinziperis. ijs.; In Amigdalarum v li., xvd. ob.\ 

1 So in MS., probably by mistake for iijd. 

2 So in MS., probably by mistake for Clavorum. 


In Speciebus emptis pro vijs. xjd., vijs. xjcZ. ; In Speciebus 
emptis ad portam 1 per vices, iijs. 

Summa, 2 17s. 3|d. 

Allecia et Pisces. In xx piscibus salsis de W mo Wrampan, 
vJ5. viijdL ; In ij pise, salsis, xxiiijd. ; Joh'i Wedyrall pro pissis 2 
Salsis et Alleciis per vices, iijK. ; In v xx pise. Salsis, xlijs. xd.; 
In Salsis salmonibus, xxxviijs.; In xij quartarijs salis cum 
cariagio, xlviijs. ijcL 3 ; Pro prsedicta sale supra, xxs. 4 ; W mo 
Wrampan pro iij xx Stokfych, xiijs. iii]d. 
Summa, 11 105. "M. 

Warnesturce Emptce. In ij dos. Cerse de vxore Joh'is 
Boon, xiijs. ; Ro to Colynson Ebor. pro vj dos. cerse, xxxvjs. ; 
Thomse Armorer pro iiij dos. vj li., xxviijs. ; W mo Morr pro 
Cera, xijs.; In ij lagenis olei de eodem, ijs. \]d. ; In j dos. cerse, 
viijs. ; In viijli. picis, xijd. ; In iij lagenis M'ellis de Alicia Har- 
pour Mart on, iiij-s. 

[83] In j dos Cerae de Agnete Boon, vjs. vujd. ; In vij li. Cerse 
de diuersis, iijo\ ixd. ; Xpoforo Buth pro xxxviij lagenis olei, 
xxxviij^. ; W mo Wrampan pro ij dos. ceroe, xiij*. iiijfZ. ; In 
Bitumiiie empto ij lagen., ijs. ; In Cera empta de x tortis, 
xxvjs. viijd. ; In Cera empta de R to Colynson, vjs. viijcZ. ; In 
ij dos. ceraa de vxore Joh'is Boon. xvjs. ; In oleo empto Ecclesise 
et Cameras d'ni Abbatis, vjs. ixd. ; In ij vln. Sacc', 5 v]d. ; 
In iij Chald. salis cam carriagio, xlviijs. ijc^. 
Summa, 13 105. Sd. 

Staurum Emptum. Relictse Ro u Bayttes pro j equo Carr. 
pistrin., xjs. viijd. ; Joh'i Bychope pro iiij porcis, xs. : In ij 
equis cum j pullo de Katerina Deen, xxvjs. viijcZ. ; Joh'i Merle, 
xxjs. viijd. ; Thornse Darnburgh pro j equo stabulo Abbatis, 
xlvj<9. viijcL; Adae fTawcyd pro j equo, xxvjs. viijd. ; Stephano 
Midilton pro j apro, viijs. ; Ric. ffawcyd pro ij equis stabulo 
Abbatis, iijfo'.; Thomse Darnburgh pro j equo, xlvJ5. viijd. ; 

1 At Durham merchants came " to utter ther waires " in the parlour or 
outer locutorium (Rites, ch. xxiii). 

2 So in MS. here, elsewhere " pise." 

3 This line is erased. 

4 This also. 

5 Ends with the usual contraction for is ; read sacci. 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1457-8 47 

Thomae kyd pro j equo, xlvjs. viijd. ; Ro to Proctor pro j equo, 
xxj-5. viijd. ; In j sue cum vj porcellis lib. porcarise, iijs. ; Joh'i 
Dawson pro j boue pingui lib. coquinse, xijs. 

Summa, 17 Is. 4d. 
[84] Denarij liberati D'no Abbati, (blank). 

Moriacho Coquinse, xxvijfo'. xviijtf. vijd. 

Monacho Tannaria?, (blank). 

Magistro Aueriorum, (blank). 


Magistro Ouium, (blank). 
Magistro Operum, (blank). 


Magistro Miner 89, (blank). 
Procurator] Conuentus, x\li. xvjs. xd. 

Sunima totalis vsque varias Expensas, (blank). 

[85] Fa-nee expensce (Severall Expenses). 1 Nicholao Duffeld 
Scolari in Rata per vices, vli. ; Collector! d'ni papaB, vijs. ; D'no 
Regi pro Bostayn, xiijs. vd. ob.\ D'rio Comiti Northumb. pro 
dominio de Arnclyfe, xxxiijs. iiijcL ; D'no Archiepiscopo pro 
Curiyngarth apud Ripon, xiijs. iiijrf. ; Eidem pro Tenura Joh'is 
qwixlay Ib'm, iiijcZ. ; Eidem pro Tenura in Otlay, viijrf. ; 
Mag'ro de Rybsten pro Aldfeld, ijs. ; Monti Jerl'm pro Tenura 
in Anderby, vd. ; D'no Will'mo plumton pro Aldfeld, vs. ; 
Heredibus W 1 Tempest pro Aldfeld, xxvjs. viijrf.; Vicario de 
Kyrkeby Malsherth pro decimis deNyderdale, iijfr. ; fforestarijs 
de lytton dale, xxxiiijs. viijrf. ; Vxori W. Tollar de pathelabryg 
ex conuencione, xiijs. iiijd.; Joh'i Qwyxlay pro Tenura in 
Ripon, xs. ; Henrico Yong pro Tenura in Mallom, x-s. ; Com- 
munitati Ciuitatis Ebor. pro Gogyle, viijr/. ; Castro de Skipton 
pro Wyndbanke, iiij^. ; In Spuma per annum, xs. ; Clericis in 
die Sancti Thoma3 Apostoli, vijs. ; Monti Jerusalem, xs. ; In 
v acris j Rod prati lib. manerio de qweldric cum falcacione, 

1 In seventeenth-century hand. 


xxiiijs. vjd. ; In medicinis d'no Abbati, vjs. viijd. ; In via 
coriducta de gylberto kyrkby ex convene! one, xijd. ; In feno 
empto pro equis d'ni Abbatis apud qweldric, vjs. ; In pabulo 
pro xxiiij bobus communitatis apud Balderby, vijs. ; In j 
equo conducto per Joh'm Harlsay versus Crostwat, xvjd. ; 
In conduccione vnius viri informantis d'no Abbati viam, 
xviijd. ; In pergameno et papiro et scriptura vnius billse, xvijd. ; 
D'no de Scrope per W m Askwith de pott pro vaccis ne nocerent, 
xx6\ ; In factura vnius billse per Emotam bolton in parte, 
iiijd. ; In vigilacione de fell per W m la.wson per x noctes, 
iijs. iiijd. ; W mo Plumland pro Colleccione de qwycfall. ijd. ; 
In labore filiorum W. Hogson a kylnsa ad Monasterium et 
alibi per vices, iiijs. vjd. ; Joh'i Strangwase portanti vasa 
Bragot, xxd. ; In feno empto apud pro bobus et equis com- 
munitatis Ib'm Marton, ijs. vjd. 

Summa hujus lateris, 22 - - 1 ob. 1 

[86] In consimili per filios Ric. lambert per vices, njd. ; In 
discis scan's per W m Duffeld, iijs. vjd. ; In ocrijs et reparac. 
ocrearum et pro sotularibus bursario, xs. xjrf.; In pastura 
aueriorum captorum per vicecomitem pro viridi cera, ijs. vjVZ. ; 
In expensis Tenent. apud qweldric pro eadem, v]d. ; Joh'i 
Bedale pultario pro volatilibus erga carniprivium, viijs. \\d. ; 
In mensa tt'amilorum custodientium equos communitatis apud 
qweldric, iijs. viijd. ; In feno empto pro equis communitatis 
Ib'm, iij-9. uijd. ; In perquisicione lapidum ad Manerium balderb}^ 
Marton et Monasterium, xxviijs.; Joh'i kyd in negocijs officij 
per vices, iiijd.; .In Mensa Joh'is Pottell apud Nutwithcote, 
xxd. ; In Carnibus caprinis Relictse petri Ward, viijd. ; In feno 
empto de Ro to Dowgles, viijd.; Pro custodia equorum com- 
munitatis per W m ffolard in ripis Aldfeld, xviijc?. ; In vno pari 
Rotarum de Ric. Pott communitati, xxiijs. iiijrf. ; In mensa 
Will'mi Sparth apud Ripon, iijs. vd. : Balliuo de Ripon pro 
firma burgagij Joh'is bychop, viijd.; In x li. seris pro magna 
olla brasinagii (?), 2 xvrf.; In auenis pro Can*, pistrini, xvjrf. ; 
In pergameno et papiro emptis per vices, iiijs. ijd.; In diuersis 

1 These sums are entered in the seventeenth-century hand, as are the 
translations of headings. 

2 Three strokes like "in " following b a s, and a curl over. 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1457-8 49 

emptis erga Natalem d'ni, iiijs.; In pergameno alias, viijd. ; 
Thomae Toppam pro perquisicione bouett' furtiue ablatis, xs. ; 
In vna capa bursario, vijs. vjd.; In volatilibus d'no Abbati, 
vjd. ; Ric. P} T cryng in pare de Clavecordes in parte, ijs.; In 
filo albo, vjd. ; In pergameno et papiro, ij<9. ; Cuidam pro 
emend, vestiment., xxd. ; In viridi Tartaryn pro vestiment., xd. ; 
In Bultyngclose, xjd.; In ij parvis cadis pro oleo, xijd. ; In 
conduccione equi de ebor. ad Monasterium, vijd. ; In pergameno, 
xiijd. ; In auro pro d'no Abbate, viijd. ; Junioribus fratribus in 
Minucionibus, xijd. ; In feno empto apud Balderl^ pro equis 
et bobus pinguibus Ib'm, vijs. 7-1-11 (7 85. lid.). 

[87] Pauperibus in cena d'ni. xijs. iijd. ; puero hospicij 
in panno, xviijd. ; pro emendacione aspersorij argent., 1 ixd. ; 
In vno pare de Molans pro freno, vjd.: In papiro per vices, 
xxd.; In vno felthat bursario, ixd.; In Emendacione per Joh'em 
R}'play, xxvj.5. viijd. ; In xxv pellibus de Budge pro d'no 
Abbate, iijs. ; In vij vln. nigri Ryban pro d'no Abbate, vjd. ; 
Mag'ro Joh'i lancastr' pro quadam scriptura, etc., xvjd. : 
In iiij qwales d'no abbati, xd. ; In vno hausorio coquinse Abbatis, 
viijd. ; In vna billa Citatoria, viijd. ; In xij pellibus de budge 
d'no Abbati, xviijd. ; In vno gasket, xviijd. ; Episcopo Carleolensi 
pro subsidio et Curia de Crostwat, xxxiiij.s\ ; Balliuo de West 
AwcJand pro plaustris communitatis, vjd.; In perdicibus d'no 
Abbati, xjd. ; Pro reparacione orrologij per Rob. Middilburgh, 
vjd. ; In Rasura panni per Joh'em Tynlay, xijd. ; In hope 
empt., ijs. ; In semine Canabi, viijd. ; Pro Custodia xij Juratorum 
in materia Ric. banke, xijd. ; In emendacione ollse seneae de 
Haddokstayns, iiijd.; In pane empto apud Ripon pro d'no 
Egremonth, vjd.; Ro to Sadelar de Ripon pro em'd. cellar. 2 
communitatis, iiijs. viijd.; Vxori Th m?e Taylyour pro suicione 
linearum camerae Abbatis, xvjd.; In vno Mirto d'no Abbati, 3 
xxij<$. 4 ; In iij qwares papiri, xijd.; In panno albo pro Tunica 
bursario, ij.s. vjd. ; In xxiiij Rastris, ijs. ; In papiro et scripturis 
billarum per Th. Malthous, xiiijd.; In Can vase pro lanaria, 

1 Not long before the suppression the abbey possessed " a strynkyll of 
sylver ungilt " (Vol. i, 290). 

2 Pro emendacione sellarum. 

3 Crossed out. 

* Altered from xxijd. 


ijs. v]d.\ In Clauis pro tectura refectorij, ijs.; In ij Seris emptis, 
i\i]d. ; Pro Mundicijs abductis de Deen, ijs. xd.', In j pare 
precularum d'no Abbati, vs. viijd. ; In Cultellis et sirotecis 
pro seruientibus ad nat'em xpi, vs. \xd. ; In iij quart. Carbonum 
Marinorum de Th. Batman, iiijs. (6 Us. 2d.) 6 13s. Id. 
[88] In vna patella et olla aerea emptis apud Ripon, xjs. xd. ; 
In Sotularibus Joh'i esby, vijd. ; In consimili Ro to Wrekes, 
xviijd. ; Xpofero Duffeld in consimili, xijd. ; Joh'i Darnbruke 
in consimili, xviijd.; In nigro Serico d'no Abbati per vices, 
ijs. }d. ; Vxori Ro tl Reyd ex conuencione pro carnibus bourn, 
iiijs. ; Joh'i Sanderson pro reparacione de palasio apud Thaciay, 
iijs. vjd. ; Pro factura serarum per W m Smyth, xijc/. ; Pro 
Curacione equi d'ni Abbatis, ijs. vjd. ; In Cultellis Coquinse, 
ijs. viijd. ; In Scafis et scutellis de Joh'e Schau, iijs. xd. ; pro 
perquisicione de vj fodyr plastyr, ijs. ; In medicinis d'no Abbati 
per vices, xs. iiijd. ; Cuidam de Dent pro Materia Smertwat, ijs. ; 
Pro factura de Carpentwyrke in parte, ixs. vijcL ; Pro Cordis 
pro plaustris de Haddokstans, viijd. ; Pro Tinctura vnius 
scapularis d'ni Abbatis, ijs. vjd. ; In lineo pro flameolis, xxjrf. ; 
Cuidam de gyllyng pro gatlaw, iiijrZ. ; In gallinis emptis d'no 
Abbati, xjd. ; In cordis pro carpentarijs, ixd. ; In suicione 
linearum d'no Abbati, vd. ob. ; In vna bursa d'no Abbati, xd. ; 
In vno pare Caligarum Abbati, xiiijd ; In vno pare Cirotecarum 
vicario de Toplyfe, ixtZ. ; In j pare cultellorum Joh'i Marchall, 
xd.; In Smigmate, iiijd. ; In vna Sera Camera Abbatis, vjrf. ; 
Breuiatori, xd. ; In papiro, iiijd. ; In filo Colorato, xixd. ; Pro 
ficubus d'no Abbati, vjd.; In pergameno d'no Abbati, xjd. ; 
In Medicinis d'no Abbati et conuentui tempore pestilencise, 
xijs. ; Doctori Rievall' in regardo et familo suo, vijs. viijd. ; 
Mag'ro Marton et familo eiusdem pro Curacione, vijs. iiijd. ; 
Custodi de Galghay pro carbonibus, vd. ; Joh'i Hewyke pro 
labore in inquirendo terras nostras, iijs. iiijd.; Matilda3 Craven 
pro rnensa duorum (puerorum) 1 serratorum, vijd. 5 . 7 . 2 ob. 
[89] Vni breuiatori, iiijd. ; Puero Philippi gluuer portanti 
pira, ijd. ; In vrenalibus d'no Abbati, iiijd. ; In filo d'no Abbati, 
i\d. ; Joh'i Been pro j claue, ijfZ.; Cuidam querelanti pro 
Smertwat, xi]d. : W mo harope pro scapular' emend', ijs.; 

1 Erased. 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1457-8 51 

Nicholao Duffeld, vjs. viijd. ; In piscibus recentibus pro d'no 
W ms Scrope, ijs. vd.\ In Medicinis d'no Abbati, ijs.; In Clauis 
emptis d'no Abbati, xjd. ; Laborantibus circa ortum Cuni- 
culorum, xjd. ; Th mae Schepard pro labore ad lymkyln, viijs. ; 
Pro Nouaculis et acuaciorie earum. iijs. iiijd. ; W mo Smyth pro 
Securi et claue d'no Abbati, xviijd. ; Eidem pro ferrura equorum 
communitatis, iiijd.; Eidem pro pastura aueriornm Joh'is 
Ranald. xiijs. iiijd. ; Th ma? Ayrton pro diuersis laboribus infra 
Monasterium, viis. ; Eidem pro labore in Molendino, viijs. ; 
In leps et skeps Joh'i Schau, iiijs. ijd. ; Joh'i Benson pro labore 
ad lymkyln, ii js. iiijd. ; Eidem pro labore ad pontem de Ketyl- 
well, ijs. viijd. ; In vna olla empta de W mo , i]s. ijd. ; In Carbonibus 
liberatis diuersis offic' Monasterij per W m Ask with, iijli. xvijs. ; 
pro Cribris et Red3 T ls ad balderby, v^. ; W mo Raner in j toga 
de Roset, ijs. iujd. ; In j pelle damali pro ocreis d'no Abbati, xd. ; 
Joh'i lytylfar in j toga pro pronisione salis, iijs. xd. ; In xx vln. 
linearum lib. cameras Abbatis, vjs. viijd. ; In x In. 1 linearum 
pro Refectorio et hospicio, xiij^. iiij^. ; In x vln' promptuario 
Abbatis, iij<s. iiijcZ. ; In consimili Ib'm, ijs. vjd. ; In reparacione 
frenorum et Cellarum communitatis, iiijs. iKd. ; In Mundacione 
fossae manerij de balderby, iiijd. ; In Signis et volatilibus d'no 
Northumbrian, xxvij^. ; In Carbonibus Marinis, vs. : In Collec- 
ciorie plantarum pro fossa apud Marton, iij.s. ixd. ; In Consimili 
apud Balderby, viijs. iiijd. ; Gwidoni Roclyfe pro Materia Ric' 
banke, vjs. viijd. ; D'no de Cowsby pro Th. batman de New- 
som, 2 xijd. 11-18-0. 

[90] In Cordulis emptis, vijd. ; In j securi et sera, xd. ; In filo 
aureo et serico pro vestimentis, ijs. ijd.', In nucibus auelan' 
d'no Abbati, vjd. ; Joh'i Stocton pro scriptura per vices, iijs. 
ixd. ; In Cepis coquina?, ijs.; pro Melle coquinae, iiijs. vijd. ; 
Briano Roclyfe pro materia de Ilketon, xxvjs. viijd. ffamilo 
eiusdem pro eadem, iijs. iiijd. ; Joh'i Burton pro preparacione 
lanaj, ijs. xjd.', Pro Captura talparum 3 et peUibus earundem, 
ijs. viijd.: In Sirotecis Th mae Wytham, xiiijd. ; Joh'i Smalwod 

1 " x In' " in MS. 

2 See Vol. ii, 27. 

3 In a Durham Bursar's Roll of 1335-6 one " Thomas Talpator " is men- 
tioned twice (Ace. Rolls, 528, 529). 


pro Sigillacione acquietanciee, iiijs.; pro ffactura tortarum per 
j secularem, xviijcZ. ; Tn panno lineo pro flammeolis, xviijrf. ; 
In panno d'no abbati pro Rasura, xijd. ; Studio Oxoniensi pro 
contribucione, xs. ; Nuncio d'ni de Bemund, iijs. iiijd. ; Juniori- 
bus in Minucionibus, xvijrf. ; ffilio Joh'is Paslew levato de 
fonte cum expensis, xx.s. ixd. ; Henrico Tvvates pro procuracione 
assercior contra barike, xxs. ; In solacijs factis Rogero Ward 
et Joh'i Raskell apud Ripon, ijs. viijd. ; In papiro de Mappa 
mundi, viijd. ; ffratribus emittendis ad ordines, ijs. xjd. ; ffratri 
Joh'i Skelton, viijd. ; In pice et Rossyn pro Navibus, iijs. iiijf/. ; 
vni seculari pro Capage et plantis, xxd. ; In Cultellis d'no 
Abbati, ijs.; In perdicibus, xiijcZ. ; In papiro et pergameno, 
iJ5. xd. ; In pellibus pro Tunica d'no Abbati, vs. ; In puluere 
pestilencise, xujd. ; In Medicinis confratribus, xviijd. ; In vij 
lad' Merlerse vsque balderby, viJ5. viijfZ. ; In Merlera vsque 
Marton, xiij:?. iiijd. : Vxori Joh'i (sic) Boon in fagotis ex con- 
uencione, v-s.; Ro to Bramhow pro Sissura pann' conuentus, 
iiijs. ; Pro factura sepium circa clausis aulae de Raynton, viijd. ; 
In ferio empto apud Marton pro equis conventus et bobus, 
viijs. xd. ; D'no de Cosby per Th. Batman, xijd. 9.0.7. 

[91] Pro Spunoclose, iiijd. ; Pro feno empto apud Raynton, 
ij-s. viijd. ; Gwidoni Roclyf pro consilio suo cum Abbate, 
vjs. viij^Z. ; Pro factura de fagotis apud qweldric, vli. vij s. xd.; 
Pro bosco et subbosco in skelfall, iiijli. viijs. iiijc/. ; Pro factura 
fagotis in skelfall, xxvs. viijd. ; pro factura Cepium Ib'm, xs. ; 
pro suicione linearum d'ni, iiijc?. ; In iij vln. panni pro Rasuris 
conuentus, xijd.: In consimili domino Abbati, xijd. ; In Medi- 
cinis d'no Abbati, iijs. iiijcZ. : In Cariagio Tanni apud brimbem, 
vi]d. ; In Beyre empt., iiijc^. ; In ij ligaturis pro biga conuentus, 
iiijd. ; Portanti potum ad Brimbem, iiijd. ; In vngventis d'no 
Abbati, iiijcZ. ; In albo ferro pro absconcis, vijd. ; pro factura 
de Rayles in parco, xviijd. ; In Cereis emptis et reparacione 
Kbrorum, xiiijd ; In j pare sotularum d'no Abbati, xijd. ; pro 
vna Tabula ad Altare S-cse M 36 de Crostwate, xxvj^. viijd. ; 
pro Custodia bosci et hulceti apud Dalhag, xx.; In vna Cella 
pro Catore, xvjd. (15 Is. 8d.) 

Summa, 77 - - 8 (77 9s. Id.). 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1457-8 53 

Pannus linens. Dno. Abbati in vij vln. linearum, ijs. vjc/. ; 
In bucasy d'no Abbati, xjd.; In vij vlnis liberatis Maneriaj 
de kylnsay, xxjd.: Promptuario d'ni Abbatis in xx vlnis, 
vs. xd. ; Domui Infirmorum Monachorum in lin', viijcZ. ; Pro 
puluillis de brimbem in lineis, viijd. ; D no Abbati pro diuersis 
Ten. de balderby in iij xx vln., xxs. 

Summa, 1.12.4. 

[92 1 Pannus laneus (Washing Cloathes). 1 D'no Abbati in 
ij vlnis per bursarium, xxd. ; Eidem in ij vlnis pro scapulare, 
vs. ; D'no Abbati et Cellerario in j dos. albi de blawfront, 
xxs. ixd. Summa, 1.7.5. 

Reparations (Reparac 'ons). In x acr. pratorum et di. 
pro tectura diuersorum tenementorum queldric, 2 xxxvjs.; 
In reparacione de Wathdyk per diuersos, xviijd. ; In rep. 
piscariae per Th. Hudson, iijs. ; In rep. domus nuper Xpof . 
gybson Ib'm, iijs. ; In reparac. ten. apud Rughclose per Job. 
Hesilden. xxvjs. viijd. ; In rep ten. apud Heton per W m Burlay, 
xxijs.; Et pro factura de iij c rode sepium circa boscum bradlay 
per eundem. xljs. viijd. ; Pro factura defencionis inter nos et 
Abbatem de Sallay per H. Hesilden, xxvj<s. viijrf. ; In repara- 
cione tenurse suse in meremio et carpentura, xiiJ6\ iiijrf. ; In 
factura Cepium circa partem silua? de Kylnsay, vjs. vjd. ; In 
reparacione vaccarise de Trope per Joh'm Raner, iiijcZ. ; In rep. 
diuersorum ten. apud bostan per con tum3 Th. Malthous, vli. 
xvs. iiijfZ. ; In rep. yaccarise de potte, vs. ; In rep. noui aedeficij 
Ib'm per Th. Askwith, vijs.; In rep. vaccarise de Dacre per 
katerinam battes, xxvs. viijc^. ; In rep. domus fumosae Ib'm per 
eandem, viijtZ. ; In rep. muri vaccarise de Trope per Joh. Raner, 
iiijd. ; In Tectura de thruglanloge per Joh. Atkynson, ijs. vujd. ; 
In reparac. ten. Ro u Atkynson, iijs. xd. ; In rep. Manerij de 
Marton vidz. camerse et stabuli, ixs. xd. (18 11s. Od.) 
[93] In factura Riparum de Nyd per W m Askwith, xiijs. iiijtZ. ; 
In rep. tenurse Henrici Milner de Ripon, ijs. xd. ; In rep. 
vaccariaa de Ouerbordlay per Jh. Tomson, xxs. ; In rep. ten. 

1 A curious mistranslation. 

2 For hay to be used as thatch 1 See Glossary, under Tectura. 

3 Contractum ? 


Joh'is Tomson de Mallom, iij-s. ; In rep. muri de kowsyd per 
Ro tum Atkynson, yd. ; In rep. muri circa aulam de kylnsay per 
Joh. greyn, iiijs. vjd. ; In factura de Wateryates per Th. buke 
pro ij annis, iiijs. ; In rep. ten. Th. Barbor ebor., ij<9. xjc/. ; In 
rep. ten. Joh'is brown de Midlohous. xijd. ; In rep. orrei Will 'mi 
Wate, xvjd. ; Pro factura Cepium et paludis (sic) per W m bestan, 
iijs. iiijd.; In aedificio nouse domus per Math, knoll, xxvijs. 
viijd. ; In x threfe straminis pro tectura per Ric'm lambart, 
iijd. ; In ij foder Watlyng per Joh. lambart et W m , xijcZ. ; In 
factura cepium apud galghay per Ro tum Dowgles, xxd. ; In 
fac. Riparum per Joh. Yowdale in borudale, xxs. ; In Car- 
pentura orrei Joh'is Adamson de Swynton, vjd. ; In consirnili 
per Th. Cartar Ib'm cum eleuacione quasi de nouo, xxjs. vd. ; 
In reparac. tenure W 1 Hesilderi de Rughclose, vs. ; In factura 
cepium per Ric'm bratwat. vijd. ; In rep. vnius pipi plumbei 
per Crosdale ebor., xixd ob.\ In rep. tenurse nuper T. Waikar 
et alibi per Henricum Wryght, \\\]s. ; In rep. vstrinae Will'i 
Mawnbe Ib'm, iij t 9. \i\\d.\ In rep. tenurse Agnetis blacamour 
Ib'm, iij*.; In Carpent. circa tenuram nuper Xpofori gybson 
per Henricum Wryght, \\i\s. vijd. : In rep. ten. nuper Th. Waikar 
per Joh. Tomson, xvjd. ; In rep. orrei Th. Spayn Ib'm, ijs. vjd. ; 
In rep. stabuli Ib'm et factura claus' aulse per W m Mawnby, 
xiijd. ; In rep. circa ten. nuper Xpof. gibson et Th. Waikar, 
ijs. jd. ; In consimili per W m Raner, vjs. iijd. ; In con Mi per 
R tum laueroke, iiijd. ; In cori'li per Suerte (or Snerte ?), xiijcZ. ; 
In rep. orrei Th mae laueroke per W m Raner, vjs. jd. ; In factura 
cepium et foss' per Ro tum Schepard apud estfeld, xijcL ; In 
Carpentura circa ten. Xpof. gibson Joh'is schepard per Th. 
bug, vij-s. viijd. ; In rep. cotagij Nich. Haryson, vd. ; In con'li 
per Joh. Hunt ad ten. Th. Waikar, xiiijd. ; In rep. orrei Henrici 
Hudson, ijd. ob. ; pro factura sepium circa boscum de kylnsay, 
xs.; In reparac' diuersorum ten. in Marton hoc anno plenius 
patet tutivall, iij-9. xjd. ; In repar. diuersorum ten. apud Sutton 
et Melmorb}^ per Joh. Haryson, iijii. vijs. xd. (12 13s. 3d.) 
[94] In reparacione cotagij Joh'is Mawnby, etc., ij*. xc?. ; In 
potu dato lab. in dobatura ten. Th. Waikar, ijs. : In expensis 
circa ten. nuper Xpof. gibson, vijd. ; Joh'i Mawnby pro munda- 
cione fouearum ten. Th. W'alkar, xviijd.; Ro to Moscrope pro 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1457-8 55 

labore circa ten. Xpof. et Molend., xijd. ; In eleuacione Tenurse 
Th ma3 Walkar et in clau', xijd. ; In repar. ten. Xpof. per familum 
Joh'is Newsom, xvjd. ; In Mundacione de Sandhilkar, vd. ; 
In Clau' empt. pro Ten. Xpof. per Joh. Newsom, xxijcL; In 
reparacione piscariae per Th. Hudson, i]s. ; In repar. ten. Th. 
Walkar per W m Thornton, xs. vjd.] In factura sepium apud 
brimbem per W m bestan, iiijd. ; In eodem (sic) per Th. haxby, 
ijs. ; In reparacione ten. nuper Joh'is Askwith, Ivijs, vd. ; In 
reparac. per W m Hornar apud sykes, viijd. ; In repar. de Skel- 
buse 1 per W m Horner, xxd. ; In rep. ten. nostri in Conyston, 
iij-9. iiijd. ; In factura sepium circa Mordyke apud Chapelhous. 
vjs. viiid. ; In fac. sepium apud flatwith et Aldburgh, ujs. iiijd. ; 
In reparacione piscarise Ib'm, ijs. : In factura sepium apud 
Conyngarth per Ric. Pott, xviij^. ; In reparacione de Ryls in 
parco, xijc/. ob. ; In factura sepium de Horslay per Ric'm 
Potte, vs. iiijd. ; In rep. ten. Joh'is bychope in Ripon, xxs. viijd. ; 
In rep. Will'i Horner de Bowurthwate, xiiJ6-. vjcZ. ; In rep. 
supportac' Riparum de Nydd per W m Askwith. xiij.s. iiijrf. ; 
In rep. Manerij de Marton, vd. ; In rep. Murorum de Waynforth, 
iJ6\ xd. ; In factura sepium circa ortum cuniculorum, x]d. ob. ; 
In fac. eepium apud Sutton per Steph. Midilton, xs. ; In rep. 
ten. Joh'is Merle de Ripon, xxjs. vjd. : In reparac' Magni 
horrologij per W m Smyth, ij<s. xd. ; In reparac'' tenurse Will'i 
ffolard, xixrf.; In rep. ten. Th me longlay, ijs. ; Will'mo Sawer 
et socio pro sarracione in Monasterio pro reparacione, xjs. viijd. ; 
In factura nouae domus Will'i Jacson in valle in parte, xxvijs. 
viiid. ; In factura sepium et reparacione de pales apud brimbem 
per bestan, vijs. ; pro reparacione facta apud Nutwithcote et 
factura sepium Ib'm per Ric. becwith, xxviij-s. vd. ; In 
reparacione facta apud Haddocstans per Hicson in tectura, ixs. ; 
In con'li per eundem ad stabulum Abbatis conuencione, 
viijfi. ixd. (14 12,9. 5d.) 

[951 In factura orrei Joh'is Jacson, xs. ; In repar. ten. Rob. 
elsworth, ijs. vjd. ; Pro factura Riparum de Nyd per W m 
plumland, viijd.; pro factura sepium apud Bradsty Wod per 
Joh. lowte, xviJ5. xd. ; Will'mo Sawer et dalby pro serrat', 
ijo'. ; pro factura sepium Joh'em Haxby, xxtZ. ; In reparacione 

1 Or, possibly, Skewuse ? 


ten. Ro u Elsworth, ijs. vjd. ; Pro succisione focalise et factura 
sepium per Joh'm lowte, xiiijs. xd. ob. ; Pro ligacione librorum 
per Ro lum Medilburgh, ijs. iijd. ; Joh'e balderby pro pictura 
pann', ijs. ixd. ; Ro to Glasyar pro reparacione fenestrarum, ijs. ; 
In reparacione lucernarum, ijs. ; Pro factura fossae apud 
Heched, xxd. ; Pro factura fossarum in orto d'ni Abbatis, 
xvijd. ; Priori novi Monasterio (sic) pro j Mantello, vjs. viijd. ; 
Eidem pro pise' et Seylfych, iijs. iiijd. ; Will'mo gybs pro 
factura sepium in parco et alibi per dietas, xxs. vjd. ; Will'mo 
haryson pro succisione focalium et factura sep' brimbem, 
xxxiijs. ; Th mae Schepard pro factura sepium apud Eched, 
vij,s. vjd. ; In reparac' domus Joh'is Malthous quasi de nouo, 
xviijs, iiij^. ; Item, xijd. ; Ric. bolton pro rep. tenementorum 
iiostrorum in patria patet compotum suum, lix,s. uijd. ; \V mo 
gybs pro factura sepium in clausis Monasterij, iij.s. viijc/.; 
Joh'i folwod vitrario pro reparacione fenestrarum in ecclesia, 
xs. vii]d. ; Pro factura sepium per Job. Sawnderson et fratrem 
suum, iijs. vjd. : Pro consimili per Radulfum grantlay, xiiijd. ; 
Joh'i folwod supra, iijs. viijd. ; Pro mundacione de fontans 
dieke apud qweldric, xxviij-s. xd. ; In rep. ten. Ib'm in manu 
d'ni patet compotum Ro u Schepard, xxxvij^. viijd.; In rep. 
Calceti Ib'm per diuersos, xxiijs. xd. ; In factura fagot' Ib'm 
per pr8epo?itum, xxiij^. viijd. ; Pro factura et reparacione 
domus Th. Walkar Ib'm, xlviiJ6'. xjd. ob.\ In factura sepium et 
fossarum circa ten. de Crostwat, xxs.\ In Reparacione Coronae 
et Cistse s'cse Annas, x]d. ; In rep. ten. Th mae lambard de kyhisay, 
ixs. \\d.\ In rep. domus Stephani Mydylton et factura sepium 
Ib'm, xiij#. viijd. ; In rep. orrei Joh'is Swetyng de Anderby, 
xxs. i]d. (23 3*. 2d.) Summa, 67 195. lOd 
[96] Stipmdia Operariortim (Workmens Wages). Joh'i 
Ryplay pro factura horrologij in parte, xiiJ6'. m]d. ; Ric' Hornar 
et bestan pro perquisicione de garth wod per vices, viijs. x]d. ; 
Joh'i greyn Wallar per Th. knoll, iiijs. iiijd. ; Eidem per Ro tum 
elyson, xvs. ; W mo Rychmund per Ric. birtwat pro perquisicione 
lapidum, xs. ; W mo Sawer per eundem, xvjd. ; Eidem et socio 
per Joh'm Malthous in j boue, xij-9. iiijd. ; W mo Setyll pro 
labore ad Manerium de Kylnsay . viijd. ; W mo Setyll in Rotaria 
per vices, vjs. xd. ; Duobus Scotis in mercede, ij.9. ijd. ; W mo 

BURSARS* BOOKS, 1457-8 57 

gybbes pro labore in Monasteries per dietas, iiijs. vjd. ; Vitriario 
in mercede in parte, iiij-s. iiijd. ; Rogero Starke in parte, xijd. ; 
W mo Sawer et socio pro sarracione, xxvs.; Th maB Schepard pro 
labore circa Monasterium, xx<l ; Ric. Hornar pro labore per 
dietas, xiijs. vijd. ; Joh'i Wreekes in reparacione rotarum, vjd.; 
Th. bettes in plumbaria per dietas, vs. ixd.; Ric. Hornar in 
reparacione vasorum, iij<s. viijd. ; W mo Hornar per dietas, 
iiJ5. viijd. ; Ro to ketylwell per dietas in plumbaria, xxs. \d. ob. ; 
Seruo W mi Smyth laboranti in fabrile per dietas, vjs. ; Waltero 
Sawer et socio per dietas, xixs. vd. ob.', W mo Hudson in fabrile, 
xxvjs. vii ]d. ; Th mae Longlay Carpentario per annum, xlvjs. viijd. ; 
Ric'o kendeil per annum, xxvjs. viijd. : Joh'i Swale pro labore 
apud Mart on per dietas in parte, xijd. ; Joh'i Ryche pro labore 
Ib'm vid3 circa stabulum et columbarium, vs.; Cuidam mun- 
danti foss' de Rowell per dietas, ijs. viijd. ; W mo Dunsforth pro 
labore ad Aldburgh Wod cum Ric. Tate, xijd. ; Joh'i Hostilar 
pro labore apud Marton pro qwykwod et apud Sels, etc., xd. 
Summa, 14 Us. 8d. 

[97] Cariagia (for Carryages). In cariagio feni ad Manerium 
nostrum in qweldric et pro tectura diuersorum tenementorum, 
xviijs. }d. ; In car. j foder plumbi a Dacre ad Warsell per Joh'm 
Ward, vjd. ; In car. de vj ladis plaster de brimbem ad kylnsay 
per T. Schortfrend, iijs. ; In consimili per Joh'm Tomson de 
bordlay, xijd. ; In car. meremij de kylnsay ad Thurganlug per 
Th. Deen, ijs. iiijd. ; In car. merem. de kylnsay ad Arnclyfe 
per Th. parke, xd. ; In con'li pro vj lad. meremii ad Darnb'chous 
et ffoxhope per Joh. lambard, ixs. ; In con'li pro vj lad. ad 
litton per eundem, vjs. ; In con'li pro ij lad. lanse ad Monas- 
terium per eundem, xvjd.; In con'li per Joh'm Lambard de 
kylnsay, vjd. ; In car. meremij vsque ffoxhope per W m lambard, 
xxd. ; In car. de ij c asserum de sumerbrig ad kylnsay per W m 
Bland, xijd. ; In carr. meremij ad ffoxhope per Ro tum elyson 
per vices, iijs. v]d. ; In con'li per Relictam Joh'is preston, 
xviijcZ. ; In con'li per Joh'm Atkynson, xviijd. ; In carr. bitu- 
minis de Moil, ad kylnsay per W m Setyll, xijd.; In carr. de 
viij lad. meremij ad ten. Carter de Swynton, iiijs. ; In carr. 
lanae ad Mon. per Ric'm becwith, viijd.; In carr. bladi de 
Aldfeld ad Morkar per W m ffolard, ijs. ; In con'li per Ric'm 


Pott, ijs. vje?. ; In con'li per Joh'm qwarfe, vjs. xd. ; In carr. 
vnius hogshed vim, ijd. ; In exp. carr. ad Rale pro carbon', 
vijs. viijd. ; In carr. vini a Cellario ad vsam, iiijd. ; In carr. 
bigis ad Hartylpole in parte, vs. ; In carr. plumbi ad W m 
Wrampan, i]d. ob. ; In carr. frumenti de burton ad Monasterium, 
ijd. ; In carr. tortarum et bituminis ad vsam, ijd. ; In carr. 
brasij a Tanfeld ad Monasterium, vjs. viijd. ; In carr. granorum 
a Thorpe ad Mon. per W m Smj r ht, viijs. ; In carr. decimarum 
de Aldfeld per diuersos tenentes, vijs. vjd. ; In carr. brasij 
per tenentes de Milbe, xijd. ; In carr. vini per eundem per 
vices, iiijs. ; In carr. decimarum a Marton ad Mon. per diuersos, 
xiijs. xd. ; In carr. lanae a kylnsay ad Mon. per W m Setyll, xvjd. ; 
In carr. granorum decimalium de Marton et Johannis Dobson 
ad Monasterium, xxvjs. ; In carr. plumbi et j cadi corei ad 
burgbryg deinde cum bitumine, ijs. ; In carr. granorum deci- 
malium et aliorum de Raynton ad Mon. per Tupe, xjs. jd. 
(7 Us. 6jd.) 

[98] Pro carr. granorum Mon. per Th. Newsom, xijd. ; Pro 
cariagio plaster asserum et bituminis ad kylnsay per eundem, 
iijs. vd. ; Pro cariag. meremij ad lytton per eundem, iiijs. ; Pro 
carr. lanse per Joh'm lalandes, iiijs. ijd. ; Pro carr. meremij a 
Nutwith ad Ilkton per Ric. becwith, vs. vjd. ; Pro carr. frumenti 
ad Mon. per eundem, ijs. iiijd.; Pro carr. lanae et meremii ad 
lytton per Th. lambard, iiijs. xjd. ; Pro carr. brasij a Tanfeld 
per Steph. Midylton, vjs. viijd. ; Pro carr. vini per Ro tum 
bland, xviijd. ; Pro carr. meremij ad domum Ro u Newsted 
balderb}' per diuersos, xijs. anno praeterito; Pro carr. de xij 
foder feni decimalis de disforth ad Marton per Joh. Harper, 
iijs. ; Pro carr. de Mosse et sabuli per eundem, xiijd. ; Pro carr. 
de j q'rt vij bu. frumenti de Balderby ad Mon. per Joh. Daget, 
xixd. ob.', Pro carr. Meremij de Aldburgh ad balderby pro 
ten. Ib'm hoc anno, Et carr. luti spinarum pro foss' apud sels, 
et focali patet tutivill, xxixs. viijd. ; Pro carr. granorum 
decimalium cum bladis Ro u Tomson per Joh'm Colyn, xxs. 
hoc anno; Pro carr. de iij xx lad' Merlerse et ix lad' per ten. 
Disford ad terras in manu d'ni, xxiijs. (6 3s. lOJc?.) 
Summa, 14 Os. 5cZ. 

fctJRSARS' BOOKS, 1457-8 59 

Dona (Rewards). Ro to Davyson in pratis apud qwel- 
dryke, vs.', W mo Howson in consimili Ib'm, iiijs.; Ro to 
ffoxholes in con'li Ib'm iiijs. ; W mo W\^bsay in con'li 
Ib'm, iiijs. ; Ballivis inter vsam et Darwent, iiijs. ; W nl 
Downom per compotum Th mae Malthous, iijs. iiijd. ; Joh'i 
Marom per compotum eiusdem, xxd. ; Stabulario de Kyrksted, 
iiijd. ; Radulpho Harbotell per eundem, vjs. viijd.; Monacho 
de borudale, 1 vjs. viijd. ; W mo Malthous et Joh'i Ward pro 
labore ebor. contra banke, vjs. viijd.; Joh'i Newsom in toga 
de kendell per Abbatem, ijs. iiijd. ; Th mas Cur' in pari botarum, 
xxd. ; latamis apud qweldric, vjd. ; Gwidoni Roclyfe pro labore 
suo in materia banke, vjs. vii]d. ; Joh'i Poplay in j boue per 
Joh'm franklan, xiijs. iiijd. (4 6s. 6d.) 

[99] Ministrallo cseco, vjd. ; Gildae crucifixi de Rypon, xi]d. ; 
lusoribus de Topclyfe, iiijd. ; Ministrallis Th mae Harryngton, 
viijd. ; ffamilo Joh'is Markynfeld portanti perdices, ijd. ; 
Ministrallo W mi Plumton, viijd. ; Episcopo puerili de Ripon, 
iijs. iiijd. ; Ministrallo Ro u Danby, viijd. ; Vni stulto de bella- 
landa, iiijd. ; lusoribus de Thyrske, xijd. ; Ministrallo d'ni 
Northumbr., viijd.; Ministrallo Ro 11 Roos, vjd.; Ministrallo 
Ro u laton, vjd. ; ffamilo d'ni de bemund, xijd. ; ffamilo balliui 
de kyrkby malshart, vjd. ; Xpof . Wylstrope, xxd. ; vni fabu- 
latori ignoto, vjd. ; ffamilo Jacobi Strangways, xxd. ; Ministrallo 
W l Evyrs, viijd. ; Mag'ro Joh'i Scherman pro consilio, xxd. ; 
duobus portantibus qwykfall, ijd. ; duobus scotis, ijd. ; ffratribus 
prsedicatoribus Ebor., xxd.; Th mae Walworth, xijd.; Ro to 
gatscarth versus Crostwat, viijd. ; ffamilo Ro* 1 Warcope, viijd. ; 
vni monacho de Combe, iiijd.; Thomse Cur', iiijd.; Joh'i Wal- 
worth, xijd. ; ffamilo Joh'is Redman, iiijd. ; ffamilo Nich. 
gyrlyngton, xijd. ; vni homini de Dent, iiijd. ; ffamilo nuper 
Mag'ri Ro* 1 Thornton, xijd.; Ministrallis d'ni de Egremunth, 
xijd. ; Joh'i Stafforth, iijs. iiijd. ; Ministrallis Beuerlaci, xvjd. ; 
Ministrallis d'ni de Arundale, xvjd. ; Ro to Wafroner, vjd. 
(1 12s. 2d.) 

[100] Vni pauperi de qwallay, iiijd.; Vni Monacho de Al- 
manea ad Curiam Romanam. xxs. ; Henrico Dyenlay, 
xiijs. iiijd. ; Breuiatori de Melsa, iiijd.; Ministrallis d'ni North- 

1 There was no monastery iix Borrovvdale (see again fo. 112). 


umbria?, iijs. iiijd.; Vni Tenenti Joh'is Pudsay, iiijd. ; Vni 
ffamilo de gevendale, ijd. ; Ministrallo d'ni de beamont, xijd. ; 
Ministrallo d'ni ffythugh, viijd. ; Nuncio d'nse Ward, iiijd. ; 
ffamilo ducis ebor., xxd. ; Monacho de Allerdale, 1 iijs. iiijd. ; 
Mag'ro Joh'i Scherman, iijs. iiijd. ; Nicholao gyrlyngton, 
vjs. viijd. ; Mag'ro Joh'i Worslay, iijs. iiijd, ; D'no Xpof . 
kendale, xijd. ; Mag'ro Ro 10 Rudb}' pro labore cum instru- 
mentis, vijs. ; Joh'i Hewyke, xxd. ; Ministrallis Ebor., xxd. ; 
Ministrallo d'ni grastoke, viijd. ; ffamilo W 1 Tankard, iiijd. ; 
Nicholas gyrlyngton, iijs. iiijd. ; Ministrallo d'ni Northumbrise, 
viijd. ; Ministrallo d'ni de Clyfforth, xvjd. ; ffilio Thomse leydes 
portanti pruna, iiijd.; Cuidam Minstrallo, vjd. ; harraldo d'ni 
Northfolchiae, ijs. ; Nicholao gyrlyngton pro labore in comitatu, 
iijs. iiijd. ; Joh'i Twates pro labore ad Curiam de knarsburgh, 
iijs. iiijd. ; D'no Regi ad manus d'ni Joh'is Nevyle, xxxiijs. iiijd. ; 
Rad. Pygott, vjs. viijd. ; Joh'i Hewyke pro die habenda cum 
banke, vjs. viijd. ; Vni stulto, ijd. ; ffamilo Henrici Thwates 
pro labore in materia banke, iijs. iiijd. ; Puero Radulphi Rad- 
clyfe, ijd. ; ffamilo Ducis ebor. portanti Abbati literam, xijd. ; 
Ministrallis d'ni Regis in parte, iijs. iiijd. (7 Os. Od.) 
[101] ffamilo Joh'is Twates, xijd.; ffamilo d'ni fitzhugh 
portanti ferinam. xxd. ; ffamilo Nicholai gyrlyngton, ijd. ; 
ffabulatori d'ni Comitis Sar., xijd. ; vni pynder de Episcopatu 
Dunelm., iijd. ; Th mae Cur', iiijd.; W mo Howson de ebor. in 
j boue, xvs. ; Monacho de kyrkested, xijd.; ffamilo godfridi 
fych, iiijd. ; ffratribus ad ordines, xxd. ; ffratribus S'ci Augustini 
ebor., xxd.; Aliis duobus ordinibus Ib'm, iijs. iiijd.; lusoribus 
Comitis Westmorland, ijs. ; Episcopo puerili ebor. quia non 
in primo compoto, vjs. viijd. ; Henrico Suthyll, iijs. iiijd. ; 
Ro to Thyrkheld, xxd. ; Ric'o beell, xxd. ; ffamilo Ep'i Cantuarise, 
xijd. ; Cuidam fratri portanti literam d'no Abbati, viijd. ; 
Nuncio d'ni Regis, iijs. iiijd.; Vni pauperi ex praecepto, iiijd.; 
ffamilo d'ni de Clyfforth, xxd. ; Item vni pauperi, ijd. ; Item 
W mo Downom, iijs. iiijd.; Joh'i Raner balliuo, viijd.; lotrici 
in dono, viijd. ; Joh'i bettes portanti ferinam, viijd. ; Ministrallis 
d'ni Regis, vjs. viijd.; Item pueris eorundem, xviijd. ; familo 
Agnetis Sparth portanti selfyche, 2 xxd. ; In Elemosina d'ni 

1 Probably from Holincultram, St. Bees, or Calder. 

2 Seal-fish, not " shell-fish," as printed in Vol. ii, 90. 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1457-8 61 

Abbatis per vices, viijs. vjd. ; Ministrallo d'ni Comitis North- 
umbr., xijd. ; Cuidam militi venienti cum literis regijs, iijs. iiijd. ; 
ffratribus ordinis s'ci Augustini ebor. pro anno praeterito, 
ijs. iiijd. ; ffratribus Minoribus et Albis fratribus Ib'm pro anno 
prseterito, iijs. iiijd.; Ministrallis ebor., ijs. (4 5s. Id.) 
[102] ffamilo Rogeri Ward portanti d'no poma, vjd. ; ffeodario 
Comitis Northumbr., iijs. iiijd. ; Item eidem alias, xxd. ; Diuersis 
ministrallis per d'nm Abbatem, ijs. iiijd.; Capellano Comitis 
Dowgles, xijd. ; Thomse Thwates, ijs. ; Cutbarto Covell, iijs. 
iiijd.; ffamilo Comitis Northumbriae portanti literas, xxd.; 
Nuncio Joh'is katryke, viijd. ; Will'mo gervas portanti literas 
regias, xiijs. iiijcZ. ; lusoribus quibusdam, ijs. iiijd. ; Episcopo 
puerili ebor., vjs. viijd. ; lusoribus de Rypon, ijs. ; Ministrallis 
tribus, xxijd. ; Ro to Thyrkeld, ijs.', Vni generoso equitanti 
Cowton, iijs. iiijd. ; Monacho de Pypwell, xxijd. ; Juuenibus 
pro Minucionibus, xxiijd. ; Ric. beel clerico, ijs. viijd. ; ffamilo 
Joh'is Catryke, xijd. ; Item Junioribus in Minucionibus, xjd. ob. ; 
Joh'i Raskell, ijs. ; Ro to Awkland de Rievalle, ij,s. ; ffilio Th m * 
Becwith, xijd. ; Subballiuo de K^^rkby, xijd. ; Nuncio d'ni 
Egremuth, xvjd. ; Suppriori, xijd. ; Secretario d'ni Sarum, 
iijs. iiijd. ; Doctori RievalP et famulo eiusdem pro materia 
Woburn, xs. ; Thomse Ilderton, iijs. iiijd. ; ffamilo eiusdem, 
xijd.; Petro Danyell armigero, iijs. iiijd.; Radulfo harbotell, 
vjs. viijd.; vni stulto vocato Salomon, iiijd.; Cuidam Captiuo, 
xijd. (4 13s. 8jd.) 

[103] Matri WilTmi Cundall, viijd.; Sorori Ro" Warcope, ijs.; 
ffamilo d'ni Th mE Nevell, xijd.; ffamilo d'ni Joh'is Nevell 
portanti literam, xxd. ; Joh'i Beer familo eiusdem, iijs. iiijd. ; 
Ministrallis d'ni Sar', ijs. ; Junioribus in Minucionibus, viijd. ; 
ffamilo Agnetis Sparth, xijd.; ffratri Thomae byrdlyngton, 
iijs. iiijd.; diuersis captiuis in Mar', 1 xvd. ; duobus Ministrallis, 
xviijd. ; vni pauperi per incendium, viijd. ; Diuersis portantibus 
ferinam d'no Abbati, xd. ; Monacho de Sallay, ijs. ; Ric' Morpath 
militi sepulcri, vjs. viijd. ; ffamilo d'ni Egremuth, xijd. ; Joh'i 
Hewyke, iijs. iiijd. ; Stephano Talbot, iijs. iiijd. ; Ministrallo 
Comitis Sar', xijd. ; Nuncio d'ni Regis portanti privatum 
sigillum, xs. ; Joh'i poplay balliuo, iijs. iiijd. ; ffilio Wyclyfe, xxd. ; 

1 Taken at sea (?) ' 


Mag'ro Th ma? Multon versus terrain sanctam, iijs. iiijd. ; Car- 
pentario in regardo, viijd. ; ffamilo d'ni de Bemund, xijd.; 
In elemosina d'ni Abbatis, vijd. ; Joh'i Markynfeld eunti 
london, vjs. viijd. ; Ministraulis d'ni Regis in parte, vijs. iiijd. ; 
ffamilo d'ni Archiepiscopi Ebor. portanti literam, xxd. ; Jacobo 
Alan de Dent, xijd. ; Cuidam venienti cum Monacho de Crostwat, 
xijd. ; Henrico Duchman versus Curiam Romanam in parte, 
ijs. (3 Us. lOd.) Summa, 25 15s. 9|d. 

[104] Allocaciones et Defalcaciones . - - In Allocacione Ric. 
Waklyn pro ij acr. di. destructis, viijs. ; In All. dicto Ric. pro 
j-acr. ten. T. buchell eo quod clam fugit, iiijs. ; In consimili 
Th. Hudson per decretum Ric. Aske, ijs. ; In all. de Cremesyn- 
close apud balderby in manu d'ni, vjs. viijd. ; In all. firmae 
de Chapelhous ex conuencione iijs. iiijd. ; In all. W mo Thacwra 
de Hasthahous pro iiij bobus furtive ablatis, xliijs. iiijd. ; 
In all. T. lacester pro occupacione officij praepositurae de Otlay, 
xs. ; In all. Ro to Proctour ex conuencione, xxvjs. viijtZ. ; In 
con'li eidem pro le spryng in seperalitate, vjs. viijd. ; In all. 
W mo bestan pro j petra casei et j petra butiri ex conuencione, 
xxd. ; In all. Joh'i Tomson de bordlay ex conuencione, ijs. ; 
Item, xxs. ; In defalcacione firmaa Jenkyn Yowdale ex con., 
iiJ5. iiijd. ; In all. Ric. Brathwat prseposito de galghay ex 
con., xxs. ; In all. ten. Ric. Terre apud qweldryc, xviijd. ; 
In con'li pro ten. Eliae Cracse Ib'm, iiijs. ; In con'li pro ten. 
Xpof. gybson in manu d'ni, xlvs. xjd.; In con'li pro ten. 
Th. Walkar in manu d'ni, xxviijs. vijd. ; In con'li pro morendes 
in manibus Thothorpe, ijs. ; In con'li pro cotagio et orto nuper 
Rogeri Moge, iiijs. ; In con'li pro cotagio nuper beyn, iiijs. ; 
In con'li pro ij acris in estfeld nuper Th. buchell, xiiijd. ; In 
defalc. firmae de Rakarr in manibus Ric. Waklyn, vijd.; In 
Alloc. pro terris nuper Joh'is Haleday, xls. ; In c'li pro cotagio 
nuper Ro u burn, iijs. ; In c'li pro ij acr. in Robryddyng in 
manibus Ric. Waklyn, xiiijd. ; In c'li pro ij acr. in Mergraflate 
in manibus eiusdem, ijs. ; In c'li pro piscaria nuper in ten. 
Ro u barkar, vs. vjd. ; In c'li pro ten. nuper Th mae buchell, 
xs. vijd.; In c'li de iijd. ; penes priorem de Wartyr, iijd. In 
defalc. firmae nouae clausuraa de qweldryc, xiijs. iiijd. ; In con'li 
de vno cotagio in tenura Joh'is Neusom, xijd. ; In all. Th mae 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1457-8 63 

Atkynson de lofthous pro butiro et caseo vltra ex tent am, 
xxijd. ; In c'li Ric. Toppan, xixd. ; In all. Relictse lalandes pro 
le spryng ex conuencione, iijs. iiijd. ; In defalc. firmae Will'mi 
folard ex conuencione, vs. ; In defalc. firmae de Conyston, 
iiijs. viijrf. ; In all. ten. de Anderby pro vij acris occupatis 
per d'nm, vijs. xd. ob. ; In all. eisdem pro ten. in manibus Ro n 
Tomson et pro orto in manibus eiusdem, iiijs. vjd. ; In all. 
Joh'i Tupe pro terris nuper W l gyllyng in manu d'ni, ijs. 
(17 17s. (%/.) 

[105] In all. pro vno equo furato de Monasterio empto de 
Joh'e buke, xvs.; In c'li pro tenementis in bostan in manu 
d'ni, yjli. vjs. ]d. ; In all. W knarsburgh pro pede lanariae, 
xxvjs. jd. ob.; Vxori Joh'is boon in fagotis, vjs.; In all. firmae 
Joh'is Ranald, liijs. iiijcZ. ; In c'li Joh'i heryson de larton quia 
tarde intrauit, ijs. iiije?. ; In defalc. firmae W 1 folard quia non 
in primo compoto, vs. ; In all. Joh'i Gryle ex conuencione, vs. ; 
In c'li Joh'i Brown ex conuencione, vjs. viijd. ; In c'li ten. de 
Milby pro terris Ib'm iniuste detentis, iiijs. iijdL ob. ; In all. 
firmse Alicise Harperour, iijs. ; In c'li Joh'i Daket ex con- 
uencione, xs. ; In c'li praeposito de qweldric pro cotagio Th. 
Taylyour in manu d'ni, ijs.; In c'li pro Molendino in manu 
d'ni per xiij septimanas, viijs. ; In c'li pro ten. Mosdale in 
manu d'ni in parte, iiijs. vijd. ob. ; In c'li pro xiij acris terraa 
in manu d'ni in campis Ib'm, xijs. vd. ob.] In c'li pro cotagio 
Henrici gower, vs. ; In c'li pro morendes in manu d'ni, i]d. ; 
In c'li pro Cowpastour in parte in manu d'ni, xxs. ; In alloc. 
de firma Melmorby detenta per Joh. Norton, iiijd. ; In c'li pro 
Noua clausura apud Rygton detenta per Aldburgh, iiijs. ; 
In c'li pro tenura in manu Joh'is Twates, ijs. vjd. ; In c'li pro 
blabere croft Ib'm, xd. ; In all. ten. Will'mi brown de balderby 
ex conuencione, vjs. viijd. ; In c'li pro ten. Will'mi Sysson, vs.; 
In c'li pro ten. Alani Exilbe, vjs. viijd. ; In all. Joh'i Tuppe 
seniori pro tribus ortis in manu d'ni, xviijd. ; In c'li pro domo 
nuper Th. Ray in parte in manu d'ni, vs. ; In c'li pro ten. nuper 
Th. Bell, iijs.; In c'li pro ten. nuper ffyxby, iiijs. ijd. ; In c'li 
pro terris nuper W 1 Marton Ib'm, ijs. viijd. ; In c'li pro ij 
acris de terris dominicis, xijd. ; In c'li pro vj acris iij Rode 
terrarum dominicarum Inclusis, vjs. viij^. ; In all. Joh'i Tupe 


pro vna toga deficiente, iiijs. ; In all. pro Michelcroft apud 
Dysforth in manu scrope, xjs. ; In c'li pro libera firma Thomae 
gre}^n. viijs. vd. ; In c'li pro ten. Rob'ti byrswyke, xijd. ; In 
c'li pro firma lynns, ijs.; In defac (sic) firmae de ketylwell, xijd.; 
In all. Joh'i harparour de Marton pro j toga deficiente, iiijs. ; 
In all. Joh'i Tupe pro terris nuper in tenura Scharrow in 
manu d'ni. viijs. (20 4s. 6d.) 

1 106] In all. de haldynbanke de Rygton pro ij annis, vs.; 
anno praesenti, xjs. ; In all. firmse de qhwyxlay iniuste detentae 
per banke, vijs. ; In all. firmae de grafton ex conuencione, vjs. 
viijd. ; In all. firmae de Aldwarke, vjs. viijd. ; In all. firmae de 
Marston cum Molend., (blank)-, In all. lib. firmae W 1 Yngylby 
iniuste detentae, iijs. iiijd. ; In all. firmae de Slenyngforth ex 
conuencione, xiijs. 4d. ; In all. firmae de hewyke, ijs. ; In all. 
firmae ten. Ro 11 bekwith ex conuencione, vjs. viijd. ; In all. 
firmae in Byrthwat iniuste detentae per Vavysour, xviij^. ; 
In all. firmae de galghay ex conuencione, xxs. ; In all. 
pro seyls de balderby in manu d'ni, xxs. ; In all. firmae de 
Skarburgh in manu d'ni, xls. ; In all. firmae de Wymbleton in 
manu d'ni, xxvjs. viijd. ; In all. firmae pratorum de gevendale 
iniuste detentae, iiijs. ; In all. firmae de parua vsburn detentae 
per Joh. Mailer, xixcZ. ; In all. firmae Rog' Ward Ib'm detentae, 
ijs. vjd. ; In all. firmae de Mylby, viijs. ; In all. firmae de Stokslay 
in manu d'ni, xiijs. iiijd. ; In all. firmae de Elynstryng iniuste 
detentae, vs. ; In all. fir. de Growelthorpe detentae per Rad. 
Randhalfe, xijd. ; In all. liberae firmae Ib'm detentae per W m 
Tempest, ijs. ; In all. fir. de Eveston pro quarrera Ib'm, xviijs. ; 
In all. fir. de Thornton Episcopi detentae per Walworth, iijs. ; 
In all. fir. de Sowthstanlay in manu d'ni, iijs. iiijd. ; In all. 
fir. de Thorpbyrnsall, iiijs. iiijd. ; In all. lib. fir. Ib'm iniuste 
detentae, xijd. ; In all. fir. Will'mi thwates de Marston detentae, 
iiijs. vjd. ; In defalcacione firmae pratorum de Catton, xijd. ; 
In def . fir. de Scabneuton, iiijs. viijd. ; In def . fir. de Neuby, ijs. ; 
In def. fir. de Grenhamerton, ijs.; In def. fir. de Saynton, ijs. 
viijd. ; In def. fir. de kyrkbe hall, xiijs. iiijd. ; In def. fir. de 
Dromundby, vjs. viijd. ; In all. fir. de qwyxla praeter id quod 
superest de anno praecedente, vijs. ; In alloc. W mo Dunsforth 
pro vno cotagio deficiente ex conuencione senescalli, xvjs. ; 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1457-8 65 

In all. Joh'i Tupe pro terris nuper Joh'is Taylyour in manu 
d'ni, iijs. (14 15s. Id.) 

[107] In all. fir. de Nethyrhesylden pro ij bus Annis, (blank)', 
In defalcacione firmse de Sutton, xxxvjs. ; In consimili firmse 
de Skeldergate ebor., xxxs. ; In con. fir. pratorum de Acastre, 
vjs. viijd. ; In c. f. de Sutton Howgrafe, iijs. iiijd. ; In c. f. de 
Pykall, iiijs. vjd. ; In c. f . de Synderby, viijd. ; In c. f. de 
Skypton, iijs. iiijeL ; In c. f. de North Staynlay, i]s. ; In 
c. f. de Aldfeld cum Molendino, (blank); In c. f. Molendini 
de staynburn, (blank); In c. f. Molend. de Rygton, (blank); 
In con'li pro leys apud Northcowton, ijs. ; In Alloc. pro le 
Mortis pell, pro ij bus annis, (blank); In all. Th. barbour pro 
conduccione ludorum corporis xpi, (blank) ; In all. fir. de Cause 
apud Crostwat in manibus Joh'is Stangger, vjs. viijd. ; In all. 
pro Strandis Ib'm in manu d'ni, vjs. viijd. ; In def. fir. de 
Crostwate, xxijs. viijd. ; In all. ten. Joh'is been de Rypon, 
xxxiijs. iiijd. ; In con'li apud Sandhuton, ixd. ; In alloc. Tho. 
Atkynson Malholm pro j acra detentse per Jh. Malholm, vjd. ; 
In all. ten. in stayngate detentse, vijs. ; In con'li in Petergate, 
(blank); In con'li Juburtgate, (blank); In alloc. firmse de Yarn- 
wyke, iiijs. ixd. ; In all. fir. de kyrklynton, xvjd.; In con'li 
apud Thornton super moram, xxvs. viijd. ; In def ale. firmae 
de kyrkbe Malsharth, ijs. viijd. ; In all. fir. de Aldfeld bankes 
quia ponuntur in separali, xiijs. iiij^. ; In con'li firmae de 
Markyngton, v]s. ixd. ; In defalc. fir. de Cayton,xxs.; In all. 
f. de Schaw et gilkar detentse per Ric. Savell, xvjs. iiijd. ; In 
a. f. de Calton, xxs.; In a. f. de Skarthcote, xxxs. ; In a. f. 
W. Gylyam in kyrkhamerton, xviijs. ; In a. f . de Pykall detent, 
per d'nm fitz Rand., viijs. ; In all. Joh'i Tupe pro terris nuper in 
tenura Joh'is Tupe de dysforth in manu d'ni, vs. (16 17s. lid.) 

Summa, 69 4s. 6Jd. 

[108] In finibus, Breuibus, et Amerciamentis. Balliuo de 
Spoforth pro Secta Curiae, etc., per Ric. Waklyn, vjs. ixd.; 
In Amerciamento Th mae Neusom, etc., ad sectam Joh'is Cun- 
stable pro grangarth, 6:8-; pro Concordia cum Joh'e Hesylden 
pro omnibus clameis suis, viijs. ; pro Copia indictatus penes 
d'nm Abbatem apud Cumbyrland, ijs. viijd. ; In amerc. prsedictis 
apud bostan, xijd. ; Pro concordia facta cum Joh'e knoll, vjs. ; 


pro concordia facta cum Ro to Sylson de lytton, iiijs. ; D'no 
Rad. Pigott vicecomiti pro viridi cera, xxvs. ; pro Scrutinio ad 
W m howson pro dicta materia, vjd. ; In fin' Wapent' pro diuersis 
bouatis terrae in qweldrike, ijd. ; pro Continuacione Curiae penes 
priorem Trinitatis, xiijd. ; pro Concordia facta cum Joh'e kyd 
pro omnibus clameis suis, injli. v]s. viijd. ; Balliuo de Rych- 
mund, iijs. iiijd. ; Th map Clapham per W m kyd et W m Jonson, 
xiijs. viijd.; In Secta Curiae de ketylwell, xijd. ; In fine Ten. 
Joh'is Bychope, viijd. ; In Concordia facta cum Th. Badyrsby 
pro omnibus clameis suis, xxvjs. viijd. ; Joh'i powpla} 7 pro 
amerciamentis in Cravyn ad Curiam Stanclyfe, xliiJ5. viijrf. ; 
Ro to Davyson pro vno Replegiare, xij^. ; In Secta Curise de 
Thornton Episcopi, ijd. ; In extraccione querelarum balliuo 
gysburn, vi\d. ; Thomae Clapham, xl.s. ; W mo Walworth pro 
liberacione districc. capt. per hope, iijs. iiijc/. ; Vicecomiti ebor. 
per W m Wylson, x\s. ; Balliuo Curiae de knarsburg pro amercia- 
ment., ijd. ; In concordia facta cum Ric. Clerke Carpent Maker, 
iijs. uijd. ; In concordia facta cum Th. ffychburn, iijs. uijd. ; 
Pro concordia facta cum Th. hope, xxvjs. viijd. ; Vicecomiti 
lond. pro proclamacione facta super Ric. banke, viijc?. ; Balliuo 
de R^^chmund praeter id quod superest, iij,9. iiijd . ; Pro concordia 
facta cum Joh'e Rawson, ijs. ; Th mse Hornar de gyrsyiigton pro 
amerciamento, xxd ; Henrico Suthyll pro billa facta in materia 
banke, iijs. iiij^. ; Joh'i Catryke pro materia Th. Clapham, 
vjs. viij^. ; Castello de Rychmund pro fine de kyrkby Wyske 
et Newsom, xiijs. iiijd. (19 Is. Id.) 

[109] Rogero Ward ad habend. diem cum Th. Clapham, iiijs. ; 
Eidem ad d'nm Xorthumbr' pro excusacione Th. Horsforth, 
vjeS. viijd. ; Nicholao gyrlyngt' pro labore et scriptura in materia 
banke, iijs. iiijfZ. ; Ma,g'ro Joh'i loncastyr pro labore in materia 
banke, 1 iijs. iiijd. ; Nicholao gyrlyngton pro die habenda cum 
Joh'e Cunstable, iijs. iiijd. ; Gwidoni Elslay pro essonia, xiij. 
iiijd. ; Nicholao Womwell escaccatori pro anno praeterito, 
xiij^. iiijd.; ffamilo eiusdem, xijd.; Balliuo de kyrkeby pro 
querelis vitandis, xijd. ; Xpoforo Wylstrope ad Wap'nt. pro 
nobis, xijd. ; Joh'i Catryke pro materia Ric. banke, vjs. viijd. ; 
Nicholao gyrlyngton Ib'm pro consimili, xs. ; Eidem alia vice 

1 i- Job. glasyn " is inserted between this line and the one next above. 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1457-8 67 

pro con'li, vjs. viijd.; ffamilo eiusdem pro con'li, xxd. ; ffamilo 
Th m * Colt Ib'm pro con'li, iijs. iiijd. ; Monacho de kyrkestall 
portanti literam testimonialem in eadem causa, iijs. iiijd. ; 
Briano Roclyfe pro materia de Ilketon, xiijs. iiijd. ; Offic' 
Castri pro materia Ric. banke, xxs. ; ffamilo Th mse becwyth 
pro dicta materia, xijd. ; Henrico Thwates pro dicta materia, 
xs. ; Subexscaccatori pro dicta materia, iijs. iiijd. ; ffilio vie' pro 
dicta materia, ijs. ; ffamilo Joh'is Twates pro con'li, ijs. ; Th mae 
Clapham pro arreragijs Wap'ntagij, xviijs. ; Nicholao gyrlyngton 
ad Ep'm exestr' pro decimis Aldburgh, vjs. viijd. ft^ 31 ; Pro 
concordia cum Jenkyn fychar, xiijs. iiijd. ; In amerciamento 
Pontiburgo pro ten. de Mylby, xxijs. viijd. ; Balliuo de Stanclyfe 
in Amerciamento in parte, vjs. xd. ; Balliuo de gersyngton ne 
distringat, xxd. ; Georgio Norton pro labore in larigat iuxta 
Aldburgh, vjs. viijd. ; W mo Clapham pro Concordia, xxxiijs. iiijd. ; 
pro fine et Amerciamento in Curia de Spoforth, xxs. ; Joh'i 
Pudsay pro labore contra Jac. Tenand et fratres eiusdem, 
xxxvjs. viijd. ; In fine Wap'nt. per Thomam Batman, iijs. iiijd. 
(16 2s. lOd.) Summa, 34 95. lid. 

[110] Expensce Minutce. In Cotum D'no Abbati, ijd. ; In 
pakthred, ijd. ; In vno pare de galegis W mo Sparth, iiijd. ; In 
vno paruo cado pro oleo, vjd. ; In ij paribus de trace bigse 
communitatis, vijd. ; In capistris, ijd.; In filo albo d'no Abbati, 
iiijd. ; In quatuor tabulis emptis pro cariagio tortarum, ixd. ; 
In vino et piris pro d'no Abbate, xjd. ; In vno felthat pro Th. 
Swynton, vijd. ; In portamine potus de Monasterio ad brimbem 
Abbati, iiijd.; In iiij c Spykyng empt., xiiijd. ; In papiro, viijd.; 
In tycares d'no Abbati, jd. ; In paruo libro Ro to Sand., iiijd. ; 
In vno pari Sirotecarum eidem, iiijd. ; In vno Waranto pro 
Curia inter vsam et Darwent, iiijd. ; In papiro, jd. ; In j herenseu, 
iiijd. ; In triaca pro Joh'e Selby, ijd. ; In j quartern piperis, 
iiijd. ; In zynzyper, jd. ; In Redell cord pro d'no Abbate, jd. ; 
In vno faratro Ro to Thyrkeld, iiijd. ; In iij Seris j pro Monte 
Michaelis Conyngarth et folcote, ixd. ; Pro inquirendo vituli 
Ceruini, iiijd. ; In vno pari sotularum pro W mo Cundall, iiijd. ; 
In depinccione 1 baculi d'ni abbatis, 2 jd. ; In filo empto Camerae 
Abbatis, ijd. Summa, 10s. 9d. 

1 Painting, not " fetching," as rendered in Vol. ii, 89, 

2 Probably only a walking staff, 


[111] Expense Domini Abbatis (Lord Abbott expences). 
In exp'n d'ni Abbatis apud qweldric per vices, vijs. xd.; In 
exp. per Th. Malthous, xxd. ; In exp. eiusdem per Th. Barbour 
in capon', vijd. ; In exp. eiusd. apud qweldryke alias, iijs. jd. ; In 
exp. eiusd. in nauigio apud Acastyr, vijd. ; In exp. eiusd. apud 
qwekhyke per bill., iijs. xd. ; In exp. eiusd. apud Nutwithcote, 
iiijs. ; In con'li apud Rypon pro die habenda cum banke, vjs. ixd. ; 
In con'li ebor. in oblacione, ijd. ; In con'li apud Rypon alias 
dominica quarta xl ma? , vijd. ; Item Ib'm pro die habenda cum 
banke, xixs. iijd. ; In con'li ebor. per tres dies pro materia 
banke, Ivs. jd. ob. ; In con'li pro eundo versus Sallay, xxd. ; 
In exp'n eiusdem ad d'nm Archiepiscopum deinde Ebor. cum 
consilio nostro in Materijs Monasterij, etc., iiijli. xixs.; In 
con'li versus Melsam in parte, iijs. iijd. ; In con'li ebor. reuertendo 
de Melsa, xiijd. ; In exp'n eiusd. apud Nutwithcote per vices, 
xijs. xd. ; In con'li apud Balderby et Topclyfe, ixs. vd. ; In 
con'li apud Marton et Topclyfe, xjd. ob. ; In exp. eiusd. apud 
Rypon pro die habenda cum Markynfeld in parte, xiijd. ob. ; 
In exp. eiusd. apud Brymbem, xjd. ; In exp. eiusd. ebor. pro 
materia Joh'is Tenand in parte, vs. vd.; In exp. eiusd. apud 
balderby, xixd. ob. ; In panno lineo promptuario Abbatis per 
d'nm Abbatem, iiijs. xjd. ob.', In con'li Refectorio per eundem, 
iiijs. xd. ; In exp'n d'ni Abbatis apud brimbem per W m Stavelay, 
xixd. ; In con'li apud Balderby per vices, xvs. ijd. ob. ; In exp. 
eiusd. ad loquendum cum d'no Northumbr., ijs. viijd.; In 
con'li apud Marton, iiijs. ; In con'li apud Topclyfe pro secta 
Curiae vitanda, ijs. xd. ; In con'li apud Marton, vs. vijd.; In 
exp'n apud Rypon pro Materia Ric. banke, vijs. vd. ob. 
[112] In exp. d'ni Abbatis versus Woburn in Creacione 
Abbatis, vli. vjs. viijd. ; In exp. eiusd. a Woburna oxoniam pro 
provisione studendi, xxxvijs. ixd.; In exp. eiusd. ad Melsam 
eundo et redeundo, xxviijs. ixd. ; In exp. eiusd. apud qweldryke, 
ijs. ixd. ; In con'li apud Brimbem, ijs. ; In con'li apud Balderby 
versus d'nm Scrope, vjs. jd. ; In con'li apud Marton, vs. iijd. ; 
In con'li apud Marton per quindenam pro factura nouae fossae 
Ib'm, xiijs. iijd. ; In con'li Ib'm pro eodem opere et alias per 
vices, xiijs. vijd. ob. ; Item Ib'm alias, viijd. 
Summa, 25 4s. 9d. 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1457-8 69 

Expense Itinerancium (Expences in bringinge provision, 
etc.). In exp'n Th* Neusom pro emendis salcis salmoiiibus 
et super prouisione tenencium nostrorum per vices, xxs. ; 
In exp. Harlsay apud Carlell et Crostwat, viijs. ijd. ; In exp. 
Th* Malthous per annum, xiijs. iiijd. ; In exp. eiusd. versus 
Mon. per vices, vjs. viijd. ; In exp. fratrum nostrorum apud 
pott pro feno faciendo, xviijd. ; In exp. officialium apud Arnclyfe 
pro firma colligenda per vices, iiijs. xjd. ; In con'li eorundem 
apud kylnsay in Tonsione ouium, xvijd. ; I. c. e. ebor. per 
Th. Barbor, xxiijd. ; I. c. e. apud kylnsay in Auenis, vjd. ; 
I. c. Ib'm per Sellerarium vt patet compotus W 1 Hogson, 
ijs. xjd. ; I. c. I. per Ric'm lambard, xijd. ; In exp. Cuiusdam 
Monachi de borwdale cum vno familo et equo conductis ad 
Monasterium, viijs. iiijd. ; In exp. bursarij in Auenis per Ric'm 
Burthwate, vjd. ; I. e. W. Mawnby ad Wapentagium pro nobis, 
vjd. ; I. e. Joh. Neusom pro volatilibus emendis, iiijd. ; I. e. 
officialium apud qweldryke per vices, viijs. xjd. ; I. e. officialium 
apud kylnsay per W m Setyll, vjs. ; I. e. Joh'is Tupe in collec- 
cione firmarum et prouisione tenencium ex conuencione, 
xiijs. iiijd. (5 Os. 3d.) 

[113] In con'li apud Nutwithcote per ffratres in fenacione, 
etc., viijs. xd. ; In exp. prioris et Joh'is qwyxlay apud Rypon, 
ijs. viijrf. ob. ; I. e. offic' apud kylnsay per Th. lambard, vjs. ijd. ; 
I. e. Th Swynton et Joh'is Selby apud Crostwat per ix dies, 
xxjs. yjd. ; I. e. eorundem apud ebor., vs. jd. ; I. e. bursarii apud 
Rypon deinde ad Dyghton ad Wapentagium, xd. ; In con'li 
sellerarij et bursarij ebor. et qweldryke in negocijs Monasterij, 
vjs. vjd. ; I. c. W mo Wylson versus Harwod, iiijd. ; I. c. per 
bursarium apud kylnsay in colleccione firmarum, xxd. ; Item 
Ib'm per eundem, xd. ; In con'li per eundem apud Spoford et 
ebor. pro negocijs Monasterij, iiijs. vd. ; In c. per Adam ffawcyd 
versus Holm, ijs. viijd. ; I. c. per Joh. Cur' in Wapentagio 
Clarow, iijd. ; I. c. per bursarium apud Rypon, vjd. ; I. c. ebor. 
pro materia de Crostwate, iijs. iijd. ; In exp. W. Wylson in 
patria, iiijd. ; In con'li per Joh. harlsay ad Th. Wytham, xijd. ; 
I. c. per bursarium in patria per vices pro colleccione firmae, 
iiijs. vijd. ; I. c. Th. Dycunson cum equis communitatis, ijd.; 
In exp. Catoris versus Skarburgh, ijs. ; In con'li per Robertum 


Mawd versus Crostwat, xviijd. ; I. c. per bursarium alias, iiijd. ; 
I. c. per Th. Dycunson in negocijs monasterij, vjd. ; In exp. 
Cellerarij et bursarij ebor. pro materia Crostwat, viijs. vjd. ; 
In con'li eorum ebor. pro Warnestura, ijs. ixd. ; In exp. W l 
Wylson in patria, vijd. ; In con'li per bursarium et Sellerarium 
versus Crostwat ad Curiam, deinde ad Holmcoltrham pro 
certa evidencia videnda, xvijs. iiijd. ; In exp. Carriagij versus 
Mare, vjs. viijd. ; In exp. Adse ffawcyd ad Th. Wytham, iiijd. ; 
In con'li W 1 Wylson in patria, xijd. ; I. c. per Catorem ebor. 
pro oleo, vjd. ; In c. per W m Wylson versus Job. katryke, iiijd. ; 
In c. per Th. Dyconson ad bradlay, vjd. ; In exp. bursarij 
versus Cravyn pro coll. firmarum, xvjd. ; In exp. Th mae Newsom 
in collec. firmarum et . . . provisione tenencium hoc anno 
et provisione salis, xxs. (6 15s. 9|d.) 

[114] Item per eundem ebor. et qweldryke, iijs. iijd. ; Per 
eundem et Cellerarium apud Rypon ad Curiam Canonicorum, 
xijd. ; In consimili per Joh. Cote versus Crostwate, ijs. ; I. c. p. 
bursarium ebor. in negocijs Monasterij, iijs. xjd. ; I. c. p. Joh'm 
Harlsay ad Thomam Wytham, xijd. ; I. c. p. bursarium apud 
Rypon deinde ad Turnum Vicecomitis Tentum apud Wederby 
penes banke cum xij de concilio, etc., xxvs. viijd. ; I. c. p. 
eundem apud Rypon in Nundinis, xv]d. ; I. c. p. eundem et 
Th. Swynton ebor. cum xij Juratis pro Materia Ric. Banke, 
etc., iijli. xjs. ; I. c. p. bursarium in die Ascensionis apud Ripon, 
xijd. ; I. c. p. eundem apud Aldwarke ad d'nm Joh. Conyers 
deinde ebor. ad Nich. gyrlyngton, iiijs. vjd. ; I. c. p. eundem 
apud Ranyngton cum Joh'e qwyxlay ad Curiam S'ci leonardi, 
xi]d. ; I. c. p. eundem versus hull ad Joh'm Aclom, iiijs. vjd. ; 
I. c. p. eundem in Cravyn, xijd. ; I. c. apud Brimbem pro 
colleccione firmarum, viijd. ob. ; I. c. p. Xpof. Duffeld versus 
bradforth, iiijd. ; I. c. p. bursarium ebor. in negocijs Mon. 
per iij dies, iiijs. vijd. ; I. c. p. eundem apud Masham, iiijd. ; 
I. c. p. W m Wylson in Craven, vjd.; In exp'n Prioris et offic' 
cum Joh'e qwyxlay ebor. ad d'nm ep'm exestr. pro materia 
de Aldburgh, xjs. vd. ; I. c. p. Cellerarium et bursarium ad 
eundum Ib'm alia vice, xijs. ; I. c. p. bursarium apud Otlay 
per vices in diuersis negocijs, vs. ; I. c. p. eundem apud Masham 
pro materia Aldburgh, iijd. ; I. c. p. eundem apud Ripon cum 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1457-8 71 

Magistro Rudby notario, viijd. ; T. c. p. Th. Dycunson versus 
Craven, iiijd. ; I. c. p. bursarium apud ebor. per vj dies cum 
legis peritis, x-s. ; I. c. p. Job. Cote versus ebor., iijd. ; I. c. p. 
bursarium apud kylnsay, ijs. vjd. ; I. c. p. eundem ebor. pro 
empcione vim deinde qweldryc, vs. ; I. c. p. W m Wylson versus 
Mydlham, vd. ob.\ I. c. p. bursarium Joh'em Cur' cum Nicb. 
gyrlyngton ebor., iijs. viijd.; I. c. p. bursarium apud kylnsay, 
xd. ; I. c. p. Th a m Swynton versus Dromundby, xijd. (9 Is. Od.) 
[115] In expensis Cellerarij et bursarij cum viij to fratribus 
ad ordines, xxijs. vjd. ; In exp. bursarij ad Henricum Thwates 
per vices, ijs. ; In con'li per W m Wylson versus Craven, iiijd. ; 
I. c. p. bursarium versus Scrube ad d'nm Archiepiscopum, 
iijs. vjd. ; I. c. p. eundem apud Rypon tempore Nundinarum, 
ijs. vjd. ; I. c. p. eundem apud keswyke deinde ad karlele ad 
Sinodum et alibi per quindenam, xiiijs. ixd. ob. ; I. c. p. eundem 
apud Ripon, iijd. ; In exp ? n Th* Horsforth apud Mydilham, 
xijd. ; In con'li per bursarium ebor. et qweldryke, ijs. iiijd. ; 
In exp'n Th* Swynton apud knarsburgh ad Curiam, xijd. ob. ; 
In con'li per eundem ebor. ad communicacionem cum Th. 
Clesby, ijs. vjd. ; I. c. p. eundem apud Rypon in negocijs, 
viijd. ; I. c. p. eundem Ib'm alias, xiijd. ; I. c. p. eundem apud 
knarsburgh ad Curiam, viijd. ; In exp. Ro u Mawd versus 
london, vjs. viijd. ; In con'li per Ro tum bland apud Rypon ebor. 
pro Cera, etc., viijd.; I. c. p. Th. Swynton apud Ripon pro 
empcione bituminis, vijd. ; I. c. p. eundem versus Skarburgh 
pro empcione Warnestura?, viijs. vd. ; I. c. p. Ro tum bland Ib'm 
pro Warnestura, ijs. ; I. c. p. Joh. Harlsay ad Th. Wytham, vjd. ; 
I. c. p. Th. Swynton apud Ripon, vjd. ; I. c. p. eundem ad 
d'nm Jacobum Strangways, xvd. ob. ; I. c. p. eundem ad Curiam 
de Wath pro ten. nostris, viijd. ; In exp. eiusdem ad Sinodum 
de karlell, vjs. ixd. ; In con'li per eundem apud Ripon in 
Nundinis, ixd.; I. c. p. Joh. Thwates, Th. Mawer ebor. pro 
Mat. banke, xviijd. ; I. c. p. Monachum scocia3 apud Ripon, 
xijd. ; In exp. Th* Swynton apud Ripon in die Assencionis, 
viijd.; In con'li per eundem in patria pro colleccione firmarum, 
xviijd.; I. c. p. eundem ebor. et Joh. qwyexlay et apud qwel- 
dryke. vjs. iiijd. ; I. c. p. eundem in patria pro colleccione 
firmarum, xjd. ; In exp. eiusdem in Craven in tonsione ouium, 


xjd. ; In con'li per eundem ad Curiam de Thornton super 
Moram, xjd. ; (4 175. Sd.) 

[116] I. c. p. Ro tum bland ad Joh'm qwates, iiijd. ; In exp. 
Th 36 Swynton ebor. ad episcopum excestriae pro materia de 
Aldburgh in parte, iiijs. ixd. ; In con'li per eundem apud Rypon 
pro dicta materia, xjd. ; In exp. eiusdem in patria pro negocijs 
Monasterij, xjd. ; In exp. eiusdem apud Hull et Melsam, etc., 
vijs. iiijd. ; In con'li per eundem in patria pro colleccione 
firmarum, xvd. ; Item per eundem in Craven, iijd. ; It. p. e. 
ebor. in vino dato concilio nostro, vijd. ; I. p. e. apud Rypon 
ad Ric. Pygot, iiijd. ; I. p. e. apud Marton et alibi, xvd. ; I. p. e. 
pro computacione habenda cum Ric. bychope, xd. ; I. p. e. 
ebor. cum fratribus ad ordines, ijs. xd. ; I. p. e. apud Ryp. 
pro empcione brasij de Joh'e P}^got, xd. ; I. p. e. apud Stokeslay 
ad Curiam, etc., xvijd. ; I. p. e. pro collecc. firmarum in patria, 
vjd. ; In exp. Ro u bland apud Ripon pro negocijs, ijd. ; In exp. 
Th 32 Swynton apud Hull et Melsam ad d'nm Abbatem in 
creacione noui Abbatis Ib'm, iijs. viijd. ; Item per eundem 
apud Skarburgh pro provisione Warnesturaa, iiijs. viijd. ; In 
con'li per Ro tum bland ebor. pro torches bitumine, etc., ixd. ; 
I. c. p. Th. Swynton apud Ripon demorante in patria, etc., 
xxd. ; Item per eundem apud Suttonhowgrave ad Curiam, etc., 
ixd. ; I. p. Ro tum bland ebor. cum Auerijs ad Mercenaries 
nostros, xijd. ; I. p. e. apud Curiam de Thornton super Moram, 
iij^. ; I. p. bursarium apud Ripon cum Rogero Ward, viijd. ; 
I. p. Ro tum bland versus Skarburgh, xijd.; I. p. Ric. Raskell 
versus Crostwate, iiijs. jd. ; I. p. Th. Dicunson versus london, 
vjs. viijd. ; I. p. Th. Clesby in diuersis negociis d'ni Abbatis, 
xviijd. ; I. p. eundem per vices in consimilibus, ijs. vijd.; I. p. 
eundem et Ric. Pygot ebor. pro diuersis Materijs, ijs. viijd.; 
I. p. Joh. Cote et Joh. Pudsay ebor., xviijd. ; In con'li per 
Joh'm Tupe apud Ebor. pro Materijs Monasterij, iiijd. 
(2 17s. lid.) 

[117] In exp'n Joh'is cote versus parcum ludae, iijs.; Item 
per Joh. Wylson versus Joh'm katryke, vjd. ; In exp'n Rogeri 
Ward versus Ravenswath, iiijs. ; In con'li per W m Wylson in 
Craven, xixd. ; In exp'n bursarij apud Rypon deinde ebor. in 
negocijs, ijs. ixd. ; Item per eundem ebor. ad convocacionem, 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1457-8 73 

iijs. ijd. ; It. p. Ro tum Sandall apud brimbem, xjd. ; It. p. eundem 
apud Ripon, ixd. ; I. p. Th. Malthous apud Bostan per vices, 
xxs. ; I. p. Ro tum Sandall ad Wapentagium de Clarow, ijs. ; 
In exp'n nuncij ad Joh. katryke, xd. ; Item Ric. Person ad 
d'nm Egremonth, xvjd. ; It. per Cellerarium apud Topclyfe 
per vices pro Materia J. Tenand, vjs. viijd. ; It. p. Ro tum Wrekes 
in negocijs Abbatis per vices, xxd. ; It. p. diuersos euntes in 
venacione per vices, vs. iiijd. ; It. W mo Askwith ebor. ad d'nm 
Jacobum Strangways, ijs. iiijd ; It. p. Ro tum Sandall ad Wapen- 
tagium, ijs. ; It. Th* Dycunson versus london in parte, vs. vjd. ; 
It. W mo Horsman in negocijs monasterij, xd. ; It. p. Cellerarium 
apud balderby pro empcione granorum, xvjd. ; It. p. eundem 
Ib'm pro Colleccione firmarum, xviijd. ob. ; It. p. Th. Newsom 
ebor. cum Junioribus ad ordines, xxijd. ; It. p. Th. Swynton 
apud balderby harlsay et Cowton, ijs. vijd. ; It. p. Th. Dycunson 
ad Joh'm Catryke, ixd. ; It. p. Th a m Swynton ad Joh'm 
katryke, ijs. iijd. ; It. p. Th. Newsom ad Joh'm Catryke, iijd. ; 
It. p. Th a m Swynton apud balderby, xijd. ; It. Joh'i Cote 
versus parcum ludse, ijs.; Puero de stabulo versus ebor., v]d. ; 
It. Joh'i Walworth versus london cum literis, ijs.; It. Th* 
Clesby versus Scarburgh per vices, xijs.; It. Cuidam Nuncio 
ad d'nm ffitzhugh, xvjd. (4 145. 5jd.) 

[118] In exp'n Joh'is Harlsay ad Tho a m Wytham, xi]d. ; 
In consimili Joh'i Wylson ad Joh'm katryke, viijd. ; In con'li 
Xpofero Cowell ad d'nm Egremuth, ijs. ; Item Joh'i Markynfeld 
ad Mydilham in negocijs, iijs. iiijd.; It. Th* Dycunson ad 
parcum ludae, xvjd. ; It. Joh'i Walworth a lond. cum literis, 
xxd. ; It. Galfrido Pygott versus lond. pro Materia banke, 
vjs.. viijrf. ; It. Cuidam ad d'nm ffytzhugh, xxd.; It. Cuidam 
ad d'nm Th. Haryngton, ijs. ; In exp'n Joh'is Cote ad Joh'm 
thwates, viijd. ; In exp. eiusdem in negocijs d'ni Abbatis, 
ijs. ixd. ; It. Joh'i Bostan versus vallem dei, xiijd. ob. ; In 
exp. Ro 11 ffoxhols in Materia banke, iijs. iiijd. ; In con'li per 
Magistrum Ric. Percy, Joh. Thwates, Th. Becwith, Th. leydes 
apud Wederby pro Materia banke, xiijs. 4d. ; In exp'n Abbatis 
Woburn apud lond. pro Materia praedicta, xxvjs. 8d. ; Item 
Joh'i Harlsay versus Stan burn, viijrf. ; In exp. Th* Swynton 
apud brimbem, vd. ob.; In con'li per eundem apud balderby 


per vices, iiijs. ijd. ; In exp. offic. apud kylnsay, iijs. viijcZ. ob.\ 
In con'li per bursarium apud balderby, viijd. ; Item per eundem 
et Cellerarium apud qweldryke, xjs. vd. ; It. in exp. Joh'is 
Newsom in Wap'nt, xvjd. ; In exp. edmtmdi hexham ad gyrlin- 
ton pro materia Ric. banke in parte, iiijtZ. ; In exp. Ric'i Person 
versus Woburn, xxd. ; I. e. Ric'i Thornburgh apud Tanfeld pro 
Monasterio, iiijd. ; I. e. Th* leydes apud Ripon pro materia 
Joh'is Markynfeld, xvjd. ; I. e. Joh'is ouerend versus Wederby 
cam Monacho extraneo. iiijcZ. ; In exp'n Cellerarij et Th* 
Newsom pro coll. firmse, viijcZ. ; In exp'n Joh'is Raskell et Ro u 
Wrekes in negocijs Abbatis, vd. (4 165. 8JcZ.) 

Summa, 38 3s. lOd. 

[119] Expensce Curiarum (for keeping Courts ) . Apud Malhom , 
Michael., iiijd. ; Ap. Kylnsay, iijs. xd., iijs. ; Ap. Qweldryke, 
iij^., pasce, xiiijc?. ob.; Ap. Aldburgh et galghay, xxd., xxjd. ; 
Ap. Crostwate, xvJ6-. ; Ap. Newsom et pycall, xij^., ixcZ. ob.\ 
Ap. Sutton et Slenyngford, xijc?. ; Ap. Melmorby, ijd. ; Ap. 
Brimbem, viijtZ. ; Ap. Balderby et Newsom, iJ6\ ijd., xxijeZ. ; 
Ap. Thornton super Moram, ixd. ; Ap. Aldburgh, iijs., xijd. ; 
Ap. Marton, ijs. iiijd., xxijd. ; Ap. Raynton, xijd. ; Ap. kyrk- 
bewyske, x\d. Summa, 2 9<s. 3^. 

Clericis et ffeodarijs (Clarkes fees). D'no Will'mo Plum- 
ton, iijli. vjs. viijtZ. ; D'no Thomse Haryngton, xls. ; D'no 
Jacobo Strangways, xxvjs. vii]VZ. ; Thomse Clapham, xxxs. ; 
Thomse Broghton, xxvj. viijd. ; Joh'i Catryke, xxvj<. viijd. ; 
Ric'o Aske, xxvjs. viijcZ. ; Jacobo Metcalfe, xxs. ; Joh'i Malhom, 
xiijs. iiijcZ.; Will'mo Hartlyngton, xls. ; Thomae Belforth, xxs. ; 
Thomaa Becwyth, v^'. 

[120] Joh'i qwyxlay senescallo, xls. ; Joh'i Redman, xiijs. iiijrf. ; 
Ro to Warcope, xiijs. iiijd. ; Vicario de Crostwate, vj^'. xiiJ6\ iiijd. ; 
Mag'ro Thomae Drure, xiijs. iiijd. ; Ro'to Danby, xx6\; Xpof. 
Conyers, xiijs. iiijd. ; Gwidoni Roclyfe, xiijs. iiijd. ; Ro to Tanfeld, 
xiij$. iiij^. ; Henrico Twates, xiijs. iiijd. ; Nicholao gyrlyngton, 
xiij<s. iiijcZ. ; Joh'i Stafforth, xiij. iiijd. ; Joh'i Hewyke, xiijs. 
iiijf/. ; Ric'o Thornburgh, xiijs. iiij^. ; Xpof. Tenand, viiJ5. 
Summa, 39 45. 8d. 

Mercedes ffarmUorum (Houshold servants wages). Ste- 
phano Talbott, xxs. ; Will'mo Stafforth, xx6 i . ; Joh'i Burton, 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1457-8 75 

xxs. ; Joh'i harope, xxs. ; Will'mo lemyng, xxxiijs. iiijd. ; 
Will'mo goltwate, xxs. ; Ro to leydes, xiijs. iiijd. ; Will'mo 
Werell, xxiijs. iiijd. ; Joh'i kendell, xiijs. iiijd. ; Joh'i lambard, 
xiijs. iiijd.; Joh'i Robynson Carectario, xxvs.; Th 33 ketloke 
kyddar, xvjs. viijd. 

[121] Will'mo hubard in bursaria, xviijs.; ffamulo Prioris, 
xiijs. iiijd. ; Joh'i Cote, xiijs. iiijd. ; Ric'o person, xs. ; Th mas 
Percivell familo infirmorum, iijs. iiijd. ; Will'mo Marchall in 
stabulo Abbatis, vjs. viijd. ; Ro to Bland, xvs. ; Communi 
lotrici, xs. ; Ro to Brown in porcaria, xii]s. iiijd. ; Petro ffletcher 
Ib'm, xiijs. iiij^. ; Th m * Taylyour in hospicio, xxs. ; Communi 
Sissori, xxviijs. ; Radulfo ouerend communi lotori, xiiJ6\ iiijd. ; 
Will'mo Askwith catori, xxs. ; Ro to Mawd familo Cellerarij, 
xviij. ; Joh'i West Camerario d'ni Abbatis, xxs. ; Radufo (sic) 
Snathe, xxs. ; ffamilo communis stabuli, v]s. viijd. ; Edwado (sic) 
Crukay ad plaustr. Abbatis, xvj.s. viijd. ; Th ma3 keyng Ib'm, 
xv]s. viijd. ; Ada fawcyd, xx^. ; W mo Wylson, xiiJ6-. iiijd. ; 
Godfrido ffych communi inplasitori, xls. ; W mo Horsman in 
promptuario Abbatis, xvjs. viij^. ; Ric. Barkhous, xiijs. iiijd. ; 
W mo Brown opilioni, iiijs.; W mo Abbot, xvjs. viij^. ; Molen- 
dinario, xx9. ; Communi plaustrario in aestate hoc anno, (blank) ; 
Ro to Thyrkeld, xvijs. iiijd.', Item, viijd. ; Ric. Langton, (blank); 
Joh'i Harlsay, xxvjs. viijd. ; Th mae Diconson, xijs. ; Ro to Ketyl- 
well, (blank); Th mae Crukay puero stabuli Abbatis, ijs. xd.; 
Joh'i Darnbruke puero Cameras Abbatis, iijs. ijd. ; Ro to Wrekes 
puero promptuarij Abbatis, ijs. vijd. ; 

[122] Joh'i Hudswell ad portam, xiijs. iiijd. ; Xpof. Duffeld, 
(blank). Summa, 37 16^. Id. 

Mercedes fforestariorum (Heards wages). As in 1456-7, 
but not quite in the same order, and with the readings qwel- 
dryke, fforestario de Boston, Brimbem, Custodi de Dysforth, 
Equiciario. Summa, 17 Os. Od. 

[123] Priori in Regardo per annum, xiijs. iiijd. ; Suppriori, 
iijs. iiijd. i Cantori, iijs. iiijd. ; Succentori, xxd.; Diaconibus 1 
claustri, iijs. iiijd. ; Sex officialibus in habitu, 
Summa, 9 5s. Od. 

1 Partly erased, as in 1456-7. 


Solucio Debiti Antiqui (Old debts paid). Thomse Jacson 
de Ebor., iijli. vjs. viijd. ; Joh'i Bedale pro volatilibus, (blank); 
Th m * Newsom pro debitis Sand., vijs. ijd. ; Joh'i Darnbruke 
pro j bone lib. communitati, xiijs. iiijd. ; Eidem pro Joh'e 
Esby, vs. ; Joh'i qwytby in debito Sand., xxvs. ijd. ; Th ma> 
Robynson, xxs. iiijd.; Joh'i lister pro Joh'e Esby, xxvjs. viijd. 
Joh'i Brathwate, xiiijd. ; Joh'i Askwith de Burton, xs. vijd. 
Th mae hawthorn de hull, xls. ; Th mE Malthous, xiijs. iiijd. 
Ric. Watson nuper de Swanlay, iijs. xd. ; Th me hawthorn in 
plumbo, iijZ*. xiijs. iiijcZ. ; Joh'i Haryson de parco ludse, xls. 
Stephano Mydylton, xx6\ ; Th mae Darnburgh, vli. xixs. vijd. 
Will'mo Tollar de Pathelabrig, xijs. xd. ; Th mae Taylyour in 
debito Sand., vjs. viijd. ; Ric'o Bolton Carpentario, xxc 
Th mas Armourar per Ric. Waclyn, xxxs. ; Th mae Jacson ebor. 
in lana, xljs. ; Joh'i Haryson per Steph. Midilton, liijs. iiij^. 
[124] Xpof. Chew, xiijs. iiijcZ.; Ric'o Aldburgh (per T. New- 
som), 1 xxs. ; Vicario de Topclyfe (per eundem), 1 xxs. ; Xpof. 
Conyers, ii]li. vjs. viijd. ; Th m golthwat de kyrkbescl^r, xvs. ; 
D'no Th mae Haryngton, vjli. iijs. iujd. ; Stephano Blasels per 
d'nm Abbatem, vj^'. xiijs. iiijd. ; Creditoribus Joh'is esby (per 
eundem), 1 xxxijfo'. xs. ; Mag'ro dementi Vincent Collectori 
d'ni papse, xxviijs. ; W mo Wrampan, xviij^'. ; Joh'i Glasyn, 
ii]li. xs. ; Th mae Hawthorn, mjli.vs. ui]d.', Vicario de ffarnham, 
xlvjs. viijc^. ; Th mae Becwyth, xls. 

Summa, 115 2s. 8d. 

Solucio debiti noui (New debts p d ). D no Abbati de 
parco ludse, iijli. v]s. viijd. ; Xpof. Chew, xixs. iiijd. ; Ric'o 
Hornar, iiijs. viij^. ; Joh'i Haryson de Tanfeld, xxiijs. iiij^. ; 
Agnetse Boon, xljs. iiijd. ; Joh'i Dobson, vli. xs.; Edmundo 
Hexham in debitis Sand., \}s. iiijd. ; Henrico Thwates, Is.; 
Will'mo Stabyll de Arckyden, iijs. iiijd. ; Joh'i Rand de Rypon, 
vjs. viijd. ; Joh'i Cur', iijs. iiijd. ; Joh'i Skelton, ijs. iiijd. ; 
Joh'i Been, iiijd.; Joh'i Man, iijs. iiijd.; Xpoforo Bothe per 
W m Mawnby, xjs. ; Joh'e Mo ur (?) ebor. per Newsom, xxs. vjd. 
Summa, 18 8s. 6d. 

Pannus liberacionis hoc Anno (Cloath bought). 

1 Secunda, manu. 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1457-8 77 

[125] Terrce Emptce (Land bought). Ro to Nnnwyc thorns 
pro Terris in quyxlay in parte, xLs. ; Joh'i Mylner de Carlton 
pro terris emptis de eodem, vjs. ii\jd. ; Th mae Taylyour pro 
terris in Sallay in parte, vs. 

Summa, 2 ILs. 4cl. 

In expensis factis pro Materia de Crostwate. Hoc anno vt 
plenius patet Tutivill istius compoti, etc., (blank). 

Bladum Emptum. Magistro Joh'i Marshall pro decim. de 
Burton, xli. xiijs. iujd. ; Will'mo qwyte pro decim. de Aldfeld, 
liijs. iiijd. Summa, 13 6s. Sd. 

ffrumentum Emptum (Wheat and Rye bought). De 
praeposito de galghay, viij qr. iiij bu., xlvs. iiijd. ; De Joh'e 
Smyth de burton, ij qr., viijs. ; De Joh'e Hyllum de eadem, 
iiij bu., ijs. ; De Henrico Wadeluse Ib'm, vj qr., xxs. ; De Ric'o 
Cuke de eadem, v qr., xxs. ; De Ro to Wadeluse Ib'm, v qr., xxs. ; 
De laurencio lemyng, j qr., iiijs. ; De W mo stabyll de Arkyndon, 
v qr., xxs. ; De W mo Walkyngham Ib'm, x qr., xls. ; De W mo 
Tomlynson de burton, xx qr., iiijfo'. ; De W mo Belforth Ib'm, 
j qr., iiijs. ; De Joh'e Heryson de Tanfeld, v q r iiij bu., (blank). 
[126] (De Growelthorpe, j qr.), 1 (blank); De Henrico Wadeluse 
Ib'm, v qu., xvjs.viijd. ; De Joh'e Smyth Ib'm, v qu., xvjs. viijd. ; 
De Ric'o Chapman, iiij qu. iiij bu., xxixs.; De praeposito de 
Marton, xiiij qu. iiij bu., iijli. ijs. xd. ; De Steph no Midylton, 
xviij qu., iiijli. viijs. vu]d. ; De praBposito de Balderby, xliij qu. 
vij bu., ixli. ixs. xd. ob.; De Joh'e Dobson, xxvj qu., viijfe*. x<s. ; 
De praeposito de Raynton, vij qu., xxxvijs. iiijc^. ; De praBposito 
de Dysforth, v qu. vj bu., xxxs. viijd. ; De Tenent' de Anderby, 
xiij q. iiij bu., iijli. xijs. ; De Tenent' de Pycall, j q r , (blank); 
De Holm, ij qr., (blank). 

Summa, 216 qr. 5 bu., 48 17s. Ojd 

Ordium Emptum (Barly bought). De Th. Newsom, 
iij qr. ordij brasij, xijs. ; De prasposito de galghay, xviij qr. 
iiij bu., iijfo'. xxd. ; De Joh'e Norton, (blank), iiijli. ; De Joh'e 
Smyth burton, iiij qr., xijs. ; De Henrico Wadeluse Ib'm, j qr., 
iijs. ; De W mo Walkyngam, xx qr. brasij, iiijfo'. ; De laurencio 

1 Secunda manu. 


lemyng, ij qr., vjs.; De W mo Stabyll, Iv q r brasij, xli. xvs. ; 
De W mo Walkyngam, (blank)', De W mo Stabyll, xl qr., viijft.; 
De Joh'e Dobson, xxxij qr. brasij, viijft.; De Joh'e Newstred 
balderby, iij q r brasij j bu., xij*. ; De Tenent. de Balderby, 
xviij qr. iiij bu., xlixs. iiijd. ; De Steph. Mydylton, xxxij qr. 
brasij, vft. ixs. iiijd. ; De praeposito de Marton, xlij qr. vj bu., 
vli. vijs. iiijd. ; De Joh'e Newsted, ij qr. brasij, viijs. ; De Ro to 
Swetyng Anderby, j qr., iij s. iiijd. 

Summa, 274 qr. 7 bu., 53 19s. 4d. 

[127] Auence Emptce. De praeposito de galghay, xxiiij qr., 
x\s. ; De Steph. Mydilton, xlvj qr., iiij ft. iijs. iiijd.; De praeposito 
de Marton, xviij q 1 ' iiij bu., xxiiijs. viijd. ; De W mo Set}41 
Swanlay, ij qr. ij bu., iijs. ; De Henrico Wadeluse, j qr., xvjd. ; 
De Joh'e qwytby, j qr. j bu., xviijd. ; De W mo ffolard, j qr. 
iiij bu., ijs. viijd. ; De Joh e Hall, ij q 1 ', ijs. viijd. ; De Ric'o 
Wygilsworth, j qr., xvjd. ; De Joh'e Brown, ij qr., ijs. viijd. ; 
De Joh'e Dakete, j qr., xvjd. ; De Alano Exilby, ij q 1 ', ijs. viijd. ; 
De Ro to Swetyng Anderby, ij qr., iijs. iiijcZ. 

Summa, 104 qr. 3 bu., 8 10s. Gel 

Pisce emptce (Pease bought). De Tenent. de Balderby, 
vj qu. v bu., xxijs. jd. ; De praeposito de Marton, x qu. vj bu., 
xxx vs. xd. Summa, 17 qr. 3 bu., 2 17s. lid. 



[1281 (Blank). 


Bee. De Rem. patet. (Blank.} 

De lana vendita optima, iiij saccis xxj petris, ixli. xs. viijc?. ; 
De lana media, xxj petr. di. 5 xxxvs. ; De lana nigra, vij petr. 
iij li., xiijs. iiij^. ; De lana grisia. xiiij petr., xxvjs. vd. ; De loccis, 
ij petr., xxd. ; De Refusis, v petr., vs. iijd 
Summa, 6 18s. lOd. 


De pellibus ouium venditis, xxxviijs. ijd. 


1 130] De stramine palijs et fimo. 
Apud Marion, viijs. jd. 

De Euentibus et satisfacientibus. De Joh'e Kendell Morkar 
pro decimis vaccarum, vitulorum, et apium, ixd. ; pro absolu- 
cione Ro 11 Newsted de Balderby, vjs. viijd. ; De vicario de 
burton pro feno orti. dec. de burton, iijs. ; De Petro Ward pro 
Absolucione, vjs. viijd. ; De Exit. Aueriorum hoc anno, (blank) ; 
De feno decimal! de burton, (blank); De Oblacionibus ad 
capellam s'ci Michaelis, vjs. ijd. 

Summa. 1 

De decimis de kylnsay, xls. ; De Tenentibus de bychopsyd, 
xxxiijs. jd. ; De Bollerschaw, xxxijs. ; De Collow, xxs. ; De 
Thornton Episcopi, xjs. ; De Oblac. ad capud sc'ae Annae Et 
ad sc'm Alredum, ixs. vd. ob. ; etc. 

Summa, 8 Ss. 9jd. 

De extractis Curiarum. Michael., 57; pasce, 57. De 
Brimbem, (Michael.) iiijfo'. xixcZ., (pasce) xxvs. vjd. ; De 
Qhweldryke (Michael.) xijs. jd., (pasce) xxij^. ; De Galghay, 
(pasce) iiijs. j^. ; De Slenyngforth, (pasce) ijs. viijd. ; De 
kylnsay, (pasce) xxs. ; De Marton, (Michael.) injd. ; De Thorp- 
vnderwod, (pasce) iijs. xj^. ; 

[131] De Balderby, De Aldburgh, De Aldfeld, De Morkar, 
De Caton et Ryplay, De Stanburn, De Bewrlay et Syxf, De 
Mallom, De lytton, De Dykforth, De Ranyngton, De Marston. 2 

Summa, 7 12s. Od. 
De porcis venditis, ixs. iiijd. 

De Equis venditis, xxs. 

De Blado vendito, (blank). 


[132] De plumbo vendito, (blank). 

1 Crossed out. 

2 The last twelve places are left blank. 


De Tanno vendito, (blank). 

De Monacho Tannariae, xiijli. xixs. ixd. 

De Caseo et Butiro, (blank). 

De Auerijs venditis, (blank). 

De Servisia vendita, viijs. viijd. 

De pedibus Compotorum Magistri Aueriorum. De Dacre 
per katerinam Bates, iiijs. ijd. ; De Bramlay per Job. Elyngton, 
iijs. iiijd. 

[133] De Hadd(okstayns) per Joh'm Newsom, iijs. iiijd. ; 
De Westholmhous per Ro tum Askwith, vjd. ; Item per W m 
Thacwray, xvjd. ; De Bowrthwate per W m Sarvand, etc., 
xvjs. ixd. ; Item per Ro tum Scafe, xixd. ; De Syxforth per Joh'm 
Jacson, ixs. vijd. ; De Estholmhous per W m Bolton, xijd. ; 
De Nutwith per Ric. Bekwith, vjs. v]d. ob. ; De Brangerhous 
per Th. benson, xs. jd. ob.\ De hasthahous per W m Thacwra, 
xiiij. iiijd. ; Item Ib'm per Emotam Bolton, xjs. ixd. ; De 
Brimbem per Ro tum Thacwray, xijs.; De Aldburgh per Th. 
lytstar, xLs. ; De pott per W m Askwith, xijs. iijd. ; De Trope 
per Joh'm Raner, ixs. vii]d. 

Summa, 7 ISs. 3d. 

De pedibus Compotorum Mag' ouium (Count of the M r 
of the shepe). De Tranhous per W m knoll, xijd. ; De Apylgarth 
per Ric. Ouerend, xiijd. ; De Hadd(okstanes) per Tlio a m Ayrton, 
vijd. ; De Conyston Mour per Ro tum Setyll, iijd. ; De Northcote 
per W m Setyll, iiij^. ; De Nutwithcote per Ric. Bekwith, iijd. ; 
De Bryghous per Ro tum Benson, 1 xxiijd. ; De Morkar per Ro tum 
Prest et Ro tum lambard, xiijd. ; 

[134] De Brimbem per Ro tum Scafe et Proktour, iiijs. viijd. ; 
De Dacre per Th. Golthwate, iijs. ijd. ; De Warshall per Job. 
West et lalandes, (blank)', De Mydlowhous per Job. Brown, 

. ; De Arnclyfcote per W m Habram, xiijd. ; De Brimbem per 

1 la margin, " this is suposed to be y e man that kept y e Abbottes shepe 
at his house for Worsall." 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1458-9 81 

Job. brown et Ro tum West, ijs. xjd.; De Aldburgb per Th. 
lytstar, ijs. ui]d. ; De ffornagylhous per Henricum Hesylden, 
iijs. xjd. Summa, 1 4s. Wd. 

De Bosco vendito (Wood solde). Apud Aldburgh per 
Ric. Bekwith, xljs. injd. ; Apud Marion Capellae de Dysforth, vs. ; 
Item, xviijs. ijd. ; Apud Thorpvnderwod per Job. Cur', (blank) ; 
Apud Sutton per Steph. Mydilton, (blank); Apud Galghay per 
W m Duffeld, (blank); Apud Brimbem, (blank). 

Summa, 3 45. Qd. 

De Pannagio (for Pannage). Apud Qweldryke, (blank); 
Apud Thorpvnderwod, (blank); Apud Marton, (blank). 

Summa, (blank). 

[135] De pratis venditis. As in 1456-7, but reads Qwel- 
dryke, Elyngthorpe, Gevyndale, Ranyngton, Dysforth, Andyr- 
by, Pykall, Blatonkar, Stanburn, Brothyrton, qwenholm, Crost- 
wate, Stantwate, Cokyrmowth. The sums for the first eight 
entries, blank in 1456-7, and wanting in 1457-8, are 31 9s., 
26s. 8d. t 10s., 4s., 6s., 2s. I0d., 2s. Qd., 3s. 4d. Balderby 
meadows and tithe hay are left blank. The next nine are 
alike in the three years; Markington and Ripley are blank 
in all; Allerdale as in 1456-7. 

De Ecclesia de Crostwate, (blank). 

Summa, 45 13s. Qd. 

Summa totalis rec. vsque ad annuas firmas, 95 16s. S^d. 
[136] Annuce ffirmce (Yearly rents). (1) As in 1456-7, 
but with the readings Skar burgh, Halyda inserted after Darell, 
W 1 Vesce Ib'm, omits Ib'm after York streets, reads Jubertgate, 
Trechour lane, Grangea, Grenhamerton. 

Summa prima, 115 5s. lO^d. 
[137] (2) Reads Meldby, Suttonhowgrafe, Rowell. 

Summa Secunda, 153 11s. 5%d. 

(3) Reads Anderby, kyrkbewyske, Skypton, Scabdnew- 
ton, Newby, Grenbere, Grangea, Cavton, Carlton, Esby. 

Summa Tercia, 93 16s. 3d. 

[138] (4) Reads Dalhag, Carlsmour, larton, Wynxlay, Et 
Symfeld. Summa Quarta, 118 17s. Qd. 


[139] (5) Reads longlay, Grant lay, 1 55. Sd. in one entry, 
Byrcohous, Eveston, 28s. in one entry, Studlay, De Ripon, 
5 75. in one entry, omits Ib'm after molendino, Bewrlay, 
after Morhouse omits Ib'm, Syxforth. 

Summa Quinta, 101 155. 3|d. 

[140] (6) Reads Rypla, Byrthwate, omits de molend. Ib'm 
after Rygton, Gylcar, leverseg, fferebrig, Hundsflete. 

Summa Sexta, 73 145. 2d. Awnlay being 105. more. 
[141] (7) Reads Mallom and mill in one entry. No Ib'm. 
Skothorpe, Arnforth, Wygglsworth, ffornagylhous, Cawpan- 
how, Malwaterhous, 35. less, Nederbordlay, Newhous, Ouer- 
bordla, Threschfeld, Apyltrewyke. 

Summa Septima, 70 175. 2d. 

[142] (8) Reads kylnsay and mill together, Northcote, 
Arnclyfecote, Darnbrukehous, Netl^rhesylden. 

Summa octaua, 80 105. 4d. 
Summa Annuarum ffirmarum, 807 185. O^d. 
Summa totalis Rec. cum Rem. (sine Rent., 903 145. 9(7.). 
[143] ffirmm forinsecce (Tith. rent payde). As in 1456-7, 
but reads Northstrete, fferybryg, Carlsmor, Abbati beatae 
Marine, Ilkelay, instead of Morkar, after " Eccl. de Ripon 
pro," follows " Herlshow " (crossed out), Aldfeld Northous, 
Arnclyfecote, Arnclyfe, Arnforth, kyrkleys, Wescy, Skarburgh. 

Summa, 85 145. 8jd. 

1 144] Expensce Grangearum. Morkar. Custodi Ib'm in 
mercede, xiiJ5. iujd. ; Joh'i Setyll Ib'm, xiiiJ5. ; Will'mo kendell 
Ib'm, xiJ5. ; Stephano Ouerend Ib'm, 1 xiiiJ5. ; Edmundo kendell 
Ib'm Ro to Tomson, 1 xiiiJ5. ; In expensis Autumpnalibus Ib'm, 
xxxiiJ5. }d. ; pro ffalcacione pratorum Ib'm, xxv5. iiijVZ. ; pro 
Trituracione Ib'm, (blank); pro Runcacione Ib'm, (blank); 
pro Cariagio bladi decimalis de Aldfeld ad morkar, (blank). 

Summa, 6 55. 9d. 

Haddokstans. Custodi Ib'm in Mercede, xiiJ5. iiijd. ; Georgeo 
Raskell Ib'm, xiiiJ5. ; Ro to Tomson Ib'm, xiiiJ5. ; In Expensis 
Autumpnalibus Ib'm, (blank) ; In falcacione Ib'm, xxxiiJ5. iiijc?. ; 
In fenacione Ib'm, (blank); In Trituracione Ib'm, (blank). 
Summa, 3 145. 8d. 

1 Crossed out. 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1458-9 83 

Brymbem. Custodi Ib'm, xiijs. iiijd. ; filio eiusdem Ib'm 
in mercede, (blank) ; In Expensis Autumpnalibus Ib'm, (blank) ; 
In Trituracione Ib'm, xjs. iiijd. ; In Runcacione Ib'm, (blank) ; 
In ffalcacione Ib'm, xijs. 

(Summa), 1 1 165. Sd. 

[145] Reparaciones (i) (Repayers). In sedificacione novae 
domus apud Aynderby per W. Daket, vs. xjd. ; In reparacione 
ten. apud Melmorby vid5 Scroton, Dawson, etc., iiijs. vd. ob.\ 
In rep. ten. in Suttonhowgrafe, xxviijs. ixd. ; In factura foss. 
de Rouwell, etc., ijs. viijd. ; In rep. molend. de Rygton, vjs. viijd. ; 
In rep. diuersorum ten. apud Marton 2 et factura cepium Ib'm, 
xxixs. i]d. ; In rep. diuers. ten. in balderby et Cowton vid5 
T. ffychar et aliorum et factura cepium, xliijs. viijd. ob. ; In 
rep. ten. apud Raynton vid5 blacbanc et Th. Bell, iijs. vi]d. ; 
In rep. ten. apud Disford vid3 mynskype et norison, iijs. vjd. ; 
In iij acris pro tectura lib. ten. in qweldric et reparac. Ib'm, 
xxiijs. viijd. ; In factura cepium circa byrkcar et reparacione 
ostiorum 3 decimalis de Marton, vs. vjd. ; In factura cepium circa 
spryng de kylnsay, xvs.; In rep. domus ffumosse apud Pott, 
i]s. iiijd. ; In rep. domus ffumosae apud heton et nouo edificio 
per W. Burlay, etc., xlvjs. viijd. ; In factura murorum inter 
nos et Abbatem de Sallay, xxiijs. iiijd. ; In rep. diuersorum 
tenementorum apud Bostan per Th. Malthous et molend. 
Ib'm, v]li. xixs. ixd. ob. ; In rep. domus ffumosse de brangerhous 
et vaccarise Ib'm, xxxvijs. xd. ; In rep. de Thurcanluge per 
Ro tum Rakes, xijd. ; In rep. vnius hostij apud Otlay, i]d.\ In 
factura noui edificij Henrici Elyson, vjs. viijd. ; In dobatura 
noui (sic) domus in Neusom nuper Joh'is Cartar, iijs. iiij^. ; 
In factura muri de Cowsyd per Rob'tum Proctor, iiijs. iijcZ. ; 
In reparacione barcarise de Ouerbordlay per Joh'em Tomson, 
xxs. ; Pro factura muri de Nedercowsyd per Th. buc, W. buc 
et Joh. buc, xiiijs. ixd. ; In perquisicione lapidum ad Calfalhous 
et Cariagio earum (sic) per W. Horner, vs. vjd. ; In rep. vaccariae 
de holmhous per W m bolton, v]s.; In edificio nouae domus in 
le sykes juxta bowrthwate per visum Cellerarij, xlijs. v]d. ; 

1 Xot inserted. 

" Vid^ jh . . ." inserted. 
3 Supply orrij. 


In Tectura vaccariae de lofthous per Ric'm Toppan et Th. 
Atkinson, xvijs. vjd. ; In Carnibus bourn pro operarijs ad 
kylnsay hall, iijs. iiijd. ; In reparac. ten. apud Mylby per Joh. 
Rowclife, clau' et portis, etc., xvjs. ; In factura cepium apud 
Galghay per Rob. Dowgles, etc., ii]s. iiijd. ; In xvj threue 
straminis empt. pro tectura domus proprij, xxijd. ob.\ In 
factura noui orrij Ric. Brathwate de galghay, xxs. ; In factura 
cepium apud brigbankes, xxd. ; pro factura Riparum in borodale 
per Joh'em yowdale, vjs. viijd. ; In factura Riparum per WilPm 
bolton, viijd. (29 Is. 9d.) 

[146] In reparacione murorum per Will'm bolton de holm- 
hous, iiijd. ; In rep. pavement ebor. et hespes, etc. Ib'm, xd. ; 
In factura fossarum et Riparum apud Calfalhous per W m 
Aswith, xviijs. iiijd. ; In factura de Skelbuse 1 et reparacione 
tenurae suae cum clau', etc., vijs. ijd. ; pro factura le Water- 
yattes per Th. bute in fontans fell, ijs.; In factura fossarum 
et riparum apud Crosthwate per Joh. Wilyamson, vjs. viijd. ; 
In Tectura manerij de Crosthwate in lapid., iijs. iiijd. ; In 
rep. de Thurganloge vidz. in prandio operariorum, xvjd. ; 
In rep. de cotgarth apud balderby, xd. ; In tectura le holm 
iuxta Aulam Ib'm, xviijd. ; In rep. et tectura ten. apud balderby 
vid5 Th. Colyn, Th. ffycher, etc., iijs. vd. ; In consimili apud 
Neusom pro ten. stevynson, iijd. ; In factura cepium de Cot- 
garth, balderby, vd. ; In Carpentura domus fumosae Tunstall 
de Northcowton, vjs. ; In eleuacione noui edificij apud North- 
cowton, xvijd. 6b.\ In Tectura et clauis et cissura asserum pro 
manerio de balderby et stabulo Ib'm, xijs. iiijd. ; Item in 
nota m consimili Ib'm, xviijs. ii]d. ; In reparacionibus factis in Tene- 
to. } mentis de bostan cum Molend. Ib'm, vjli. vjs. vd. ob. ; In rep. 
domus Joh'is Noryson de Disforth, i]s. iiijd. ; pro factura 
columbarij de Raynton, xs. iiijd. ob. ; In rep. molend. et domus 
molendinarij apud Qweldric, etc., xlvs. xd. ob.; In rep. domus 
Th. Walkar Ib'm, vjs. iiijd. ; In rep. de Wathdyc per diuersos, 
xxjs. xd. ob. ; In rep. domus T. Walkar per Th. Buger, viijs. iiijd. ; 
In rep. molend. Ib'm per W. Raner, vjs. ; In consimili per 
Joh'm Walkar, iiijs. vijd. ; In rep. orrij Gilbarti kyrkeby, 
iiijs. vi]d. ; In rep. le Cavcy apud qweldric per diuersos Ib'm, 

1 Or Skewuse or Skewnse ? 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1458-9 85 

xxvijs. ; In rep. Cepium apud Slennyngforth, vs.', In rep. 
domus W 1 qweylhous de dala, xs.; In rep. cepium in parco 
per Rad. Grantlay, xijd. ; In rep. cepium apud Waynsforth 
Holyneyng per Steph. ouerend, viijs.; In rep. diuersorum ten. 
in balderby patet tutiuillum Anno 57, xxxjs. iijd. ; In rep. 
factis apud Disforth et Raynton A 57, viijs. vd. ; In con'li 
apud Newsom per ten. eodem A, xxjs. vijd. ob.\ In con'li 
apud kyrkeby Wyske eodem A, xijs. ijd. (22 5s. l\d.). 

Summa, 51 13s. 4jd. 

[147] 1 . . . apud Dalhag, xxs. ; ...;... on ...;... obynson, 
. . . ; ... tchyrche pro pecunijs accommodatis scolari in 
parte, xxxiijs. iiijd. ; . . . ib' veniend. et redeund., vjs. viijd. ; 
. . . .usdam pro consimili, xxd. ; . . . pell, nigri emp. d'no 
Abbati, xxjd. ; . . . obus serratoribus in parte Mercedis per 
Th. Clesby, ijs. ; . . . Duobus Scotis in consimili , xiiijc?. ; In 
vitrario pro labore circa fenestras ecclesiae in parte, xijd. ; 
In vj vln. roset empt. pro pueris coquinse, iiijs. ui]d. ; In viij 
vln. linear' pro pueris stabuli et coquinae et suissione togarum 
eorum, ijs. x)d. ; In j coopertura et j par lodicum et iij vln. 
linearum camerse d'ni Abbatis, iiijs. vjd. 

Summa, 2 19s. 4d. 

Pannus linens. . . . vln. lin. liberat. Refectorio, . . .; 
(et prom)ptuario Abbatis, xiijs. iiij<^. ; . . . lib. Manerio nostro 
de Marton, iiijs. ; . . . Rad. Andrwson in iij vln., xijd. ; . . . 
nostro de Marton alias . . gibs', vjs. 

Summa, 1 4s. 4d. 

Pannus laneus (Wollen cloths bought). D'no Abbati 
in j amictu, xd. ; W mo Wrampan pro albo panno d'no Abbati 
in parte, vjs. vii]d. ; Joh'i Burton pro vj vln. nigri pro capis 
cellerarij et Th. Swynton, xxs. ; In vj vln. nigri pro d'no Abbate, 
xviijs. iiijd. Summa, 2 5s. Wd. 

[148] Reparaciones (ii). Joh'i . . yn pro reparacione muri 
de ffontansfell, ijs. . . -; 1 Ric. Tollar pro rep. muri Ib'm pro 
parte sua, viijs. . . . ; Joh'i Burton pro mensa carpent. et 
serrat. circa domum Jenkyn Robynson de Ingerthorpe, . . . 
. . .; In factura paruae domus Ric. Tollar, iijs. iiijdL ; In j 

1 Here and below the paper has gone. 


foder lapid. pro tenura in Otlay, xxijd. ; In factura de iiij xx 
rod et xviij rod per Ro tum Proctour apud Nederbordlay, 
uijli. xx . . . ; In con'li pro factura foueae et qwykfall de Ixi 
rod, xxxs. vjd. ; In factura vnius portae apud spryng, yd. ; 
Item pro factura de liij rod apud byrkbanke, xxxvs. iiijd. ; 
In factura sepium ad spryng de kylnsay, xiiijd. ; It. apud 
Molend. per ij dies Ib'm, vjd. ; In reparac. ad Thurganlog per 
Th. Hyen, xxd. ; Item apud Cowsyde, iiijd. ; In factura noui 
orrei per Th. Atkynson de Malhom per decretum ten., xxviijs.; 
In rep. domus fumosae Ro u Atkynson Junioris Ib'm per decre- 
tum ten., xxiijs. . . . ; In rep. ten. Henrici Mylner de Rypon, 
iiijs. xd. ; In rep. vaccariae de Dacre per Relictam bates, xs. xjd. ; 
In rep. nouae domus fumosae Ib'm ex conuencione, xs. ; In rep. 
ten. W 1 Dale de Neusom, iijs. ; In factura sepium circa ]e 
Spryng per Th. Pyper, xd. ; In con'li per Ro tum Dowgles circa 
brigbankes, ijs. iiijd. ; In rep. ten. Joh'is Pacoke, vs. ijd. ; 
In rep. ten. Joh'is Bychope, xxjs. ; In rep. ten. in horsfare in 
Rypon, iiijs. jd. ob. ; In factura sepium et sustentatione muri 
Ib'm, vjs. viijd. ; In factura sepium circa le spryng per W m 
lambard, i]s. viijd. ; pro imposicione de mylnaxiltre apud 
qweldryke, iiijd. ; In reparacione ten. Moscrope Ib'm in parte, 
vijs. ; In rep. diuersorum tenementorum Ib'm cum factura 
sepium, etc., vid5 Walkar gybson Ha^g cum Molend., Iviijs. ijd. ; 
Item in consimili Ib'm praeter id quod supra est patet com- 

potum Ric'i Waclyn praepositi p . . . , x ; In reparac. 

Manerij de Marton per W m Hicson et filium suum. tectura, 2 
(Incomplete) 17 14s. Ijd. 

[149] Expensce Orreorum decimalium. Marton. Custodi Ib'm 
in Mercede, xvjs. viijd. ; pro Colleccione bladi decimalis de 
Marton cum carriagio, xxxiijs. vijd. ; pro Coll. bladi dec. de 
Dysforth cum carr., xlvs. ; pro ffalcacione orti Manerij Ib'm, 
xviijd. ; pro Trituracione Ib'm, xxvjs. ob. ; pro Ventilacione 
Ib'm, iijs. viijd. ; Custodi bourn Ib'm, vs. ; In reparacione orrei 
decimalis Ib'm vidz. in tectura et (reparacione) Cerarum, etc., 
xxxixs. iiijd. Summa, 8 10s. 9Jd. 

1 Leaf partly perished. 

2 One whole leaf, at least, appears to be missing here ; it would have 
contained the remainder of these Reparaciones. 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1458-9 87 

Ranyngton. Custodi Ib'm in Mercede, xxs. ; pro coll. et 
carr. bladi dec. Ib'm, xxs. ; pro coll. et carr. bladi dec. de 
Astynby, xxviijs. ; pro Trituracione Ib'm. xijs. v]d. ; pro 
Ventilacione Ib'm, (blank)} Custodi bourn Ib'm, vs.; In falca- 
cioiie et fenacione orti manerij Ib'm, (blank); In reparac. 
orrij decimalis et tectura Ib'm, (blank). 
Summa, 4 5s. 6d. 

Balderby. Custodi Ib'm in Mercede, xxs.; Pro coll. bladi 
dec. Ib'm cum carriagio, xxs. ; In Trituracione Ib'm, xijs. vijd. 
ob.; pro Ventilacione Ib'm, (blank); Custodi bourn pinguium 
Ib'm ex conuencione, iijs. iiijd. ; In repar. orr. dec. Ib'm cum 
tectura. (blank)] pro fit'alcacione pratorum et fen. Ib'm in manu 
d'ni, ijs. Summa, 2 17s. lljd. 

[1501 Lennard Burton. pro Collec. et carriagio bladi dec. 
Ib'm, . . . ; pro Trituracione eorundem Ib'm. . . . ; pro venti- 
lacione Ib'm, . . . ; pro ffalcacione et fenacione orti decimalis 
Ib'm, . . .; pro Reparacione orrij decimalis Ib'm, . . . 
Summa, . . . 1 

Aldfeld. (Blank.) 

Thorpevndenvod. (Blank. ) 2 

ffalcaciones et fenaciones (Mowing and Hay gettynge). In 
falcacione pratorum Monasterij, xijs. iiijd. ; In fenacione 
eorundem, xviijs. xd. ; In falc. apud Thorpe pro hospicio ebor., 
(blank); In falc. et fen. de Monkeyng, vjs. ; Item in falc. pra- 
torum Mon. prseter id quod supra, ixs. ; It. in falcac. de x 
acris prati apud qweldric pro manerio et repar. Ib'm, vjs. viijd. 
Summa, 4 Is. Wd. 

[151] Expenses Magistri Aueriorum (Expenses of the M r 
of pastures and meadowes). In vigilacione bourn conuentus 
per tres noctes per lalandes, ijs. ; In agestamentis vnius equi 
conuentus per W m knoll Arnclyf, etc., xijd. ; In custod. bosci, 
etc., de Dalhag, xxs.; In hiemacione ijorum Aueriorum per W m 
Ask with, ijs. ; In expensis apud brimbem in arsura stirkettes, 
iijcZ. ; In consimili, ijs. viijd. ; In Custod. stirkettes per Ric. 
ffawcyd, xs. ; pro Custod. de Crochous per eundem, xs. ; pro 

1 All the amounts are faded and illegible, or perhaps left blank. 

2 Some scribblings, including " ffrauricis Steile." 


Companagio eiusdem, vjs.; pro Agitacione Aueriorum per Th. 
lambard, vjd. ; Mag'ro Aueriorum in feodo, xxvjs. viijd. ; pro 
Custod. de Cowsyd per Joh. Brown, xiiijs. ; pro Custod. gregis 
bouett' in aastate cum eduleo, xiiijs. ; pro Custod. de Sleghtes 
cum eduleo, xiiijs. ; In pro custod. de Drapys, xxd. ; pro Custod. 
Stirkettes per Henr. Hesylden cum eduleo, xiiijs. 
Summa, 6 18s. 9d. 

Expensce Magistri Ouium (Expenses of the M r of the 
shepe). Roberto Proctour pro custodia multonum in sestate, 
xiijs. iiijd. ; Pro Custodia de Jerc' apud Conyston, xiijs. uijd. ; 
pro Cust. multonum de Chapelhous in sestate, xiijs. iiijd. ; 
pro Cust. ouium de fTornagylhous, xls. ; pro Cust. Jerc., xiijs. 
iii]d. ; pro agitacione ouium et Agn. ad pathelabrig per W. 
Setyll, vijd. ; pro Cust. multonum de Colgylcote, xxvjs. viijd. ; 
pro Cust. ouium de Morkar in aestate, (blank); pro Cust. ouium 
de Mydlowhous, xs. ; pro Cust. hogastrorum in Apylgarth, vjs. ; 
pro Cust. agnorum per Th. Ayrton, xs.; eidem pro Custodia 
hogg', viijs. ; pro Custodia hogg' apud Brimbem, xs. ; 
[152] Pro Custodia equorum communitatis, vii]6-. iujd. ; Pro 
Cust. ouium per Joh. Setyll, viijs. ; Pro Cust. ouium de Morkar 
per annum, xvs. ; Pro Cust. hogg' Ib'm per eundem, per lam- 
bard, vijs. Summa, 10 2s. lid. 

Lociones et Tonsiones (Washings and clypings). Apud 
Arnclyfcote per W m Abram, iijs. iiijd. ; Apud Chapelhous, 
iijs. vjd. ; Ap d ffornagylhous, xxd. ; Ap d Dacre, iijs. ; Ap d North- 
cote, vs. xd.\ Ap d Conyston per Ro tum Setyll, iiijs. vd.\ Ap d 
Arnclyfcote praeter id quod superest, ijs. xd. ; Ap d Nutwithcote, 
iiij<s. ; Ap d Apylgarth draps, viijd. 

Summa, 1 9s. 3d. 

Vinum Emptum (Wine bought). Pro iij hogges' vini 
rubei, vjfo'. ; pro j hogges' de Th. brerton ebor., xlviijs. iiijrf. ; 
pro iij pyps vini rubei, xiijfo'. ; W mo Wells pro iij hogges' vini 
Rubei, iiijZ?*. ; Th mae Hawthorn, liiijs. iiij^. ; W mo Wrampan, 
iiijli. ; In vino dulce d'no Abbati per vices, iijs. 
Summa, 32 2s. lid. 

[153] fferrum Emptum (Iron . . . ). Agneti Boon pro 
vomeribus in parte, vjs. ; Eidem (sic) pro clauis et pluclowtes, 

BURSARS* BOOKS, 1458-9 89 

viijd. ; In ferrura Equorum offic' per vices, m]s. ixd. ; Agnetae 
Boon pro j c ferri, vjs. ; Joh'i Wythys pro v c ferri, xxxiijs. iiijd. ; 
Eidem pro xxj Wayncloytes, vjs. viijd. ; W mo Wrampan pro j 
Barell de Osmund, xvs.; Eidem pro j m ferri, iijli. 
Summa, 6 125. 5d. 

Species Emptce (spices and apothecaries bought). In 
diuersis speciebus emptis per Bursarium vt plenius patet 
Tutivill, xijs. ixd. ; In Medicinis d'no Abbati, vijd. ; In j li. 
piperis empt. ebor. per clesby, xxijd. 
Summa, 155. 2d. 

Allecia et pisces (Herring and fish bought). Joh'i Wedyrall 
pro (blank) vt plenius patet Tutivill per vices, vijli. xixs. viijd. ; 
Joh'i Marchall de Hertypole pro ij c xiiij piscibus salsis in 
parte, xlvjs. viijd. ; In v c sprottes pro d'no Abbate, xiiijd. ; In 
pise, recent, pro d'no apud scarburgh, iiijd. 
Summa, 10 7s. lOd. 

[154] Warnestura (Waxe and oile bought). In Bitumine 
empto per W m habram, ijs. viijd.; In j dos. serae de vxore 
J'his boon, vijs. ; In ij dos. serse de eadem, xiijs. iiijd. ; In Bitu- 
mine per W m Abbot, ijs. ; In j Cado Bituminis empt. ebor., 
xs. xd. ; In j Cado Bituminis empt. apud Rypon, xjs. vjd. ; 
In ij li. serae pro d'no Abbate, xiiijd. ; In ij dos. Serae de Joh'i 
More, xiijs. iiijd. ; In Tortis de eadem per vices, (blank); In ij 
Cadis bituminis de hoby Rypon, xxijs. vjd.; Joh'ae More pro 
(blank) smigmatis, (blank) ; W mo Huntar pro viij li. Serae, 
iiij<s. viijd. ; In iiij li. di. smigmatis, xijd. ; Xpofero Buth pro 
vno cado olei in parte, vjs. viijd. ; In ij li. seminis sepae, xvjd. ; 
W mo Wescy pro iij dos. serae in parte, xvjs. ; In lagena Mellis, 
xijd. ; In iij Chald. salis cum carriagio, xls. vjd. ; W mo Wrampan 
pro ij lagenis olei et vj lagenis bituminis, vjs. iiijd.; Eidem 
pro ij dos. Serae, xvs. 

Summa, 8 16s. lOd. 

Staurum (Horses and other store bought). De Joh'e 
Bychope pro iiij porcis, viijs. vjd. ; In vno equo Empto de Rye. 
Dyconson Cum vno salet, xxviijs. ; In vno equo de Adam 
ffawsyd, xxxiijs. iiijd.; Pro alio equo de eodem, xxvjs. viijd.; 
In vno equo de Edmundo knoll, xviijs. ; In alio equo de Ric' 



Dyconson, xxxs. ; In j porco de Ro to blacbanke Raynton, 
ijs. vjd. Summa, 7 6s. 8d. 

[155] Denarij liberati d'no Abbati. 1 

Monacho Coquinse. 


Monacho Tannariae. 

Magistro Aueriorum. 
Magistro Ouium. 

Magistro Minerae. 

Magistro Operum. 

Procurator! Conuentus, xlli. xvj-s. xd. 


Summa totalis vsque variae Expensae, (blank). 
[156] Varice Expensce. Nicholao Duffeld Scolari in Rat', vli. ; 
Collectori d'no papae, vijs. ; D ? no Regi pro Bostan, xiijs. vd. ob. ; 
D'no Com. Northumbr. pro dominio de Arnclyfe, xxiijs. iiijd. ; 
D'no Archiep'o pro Cunyngarth apud Rypon, xiiJ5. uijd. ; 
Eidem pro tenura Joh'is Qwixlay Ib'm, iiijd. ; . . . ,- viijd. ; 
. . . Aldfeld, ijs. ; . . . Aldfeld, xxvjs. viijrf. ; . . . pro dec. 
Nedderdale, iijli. ; fforestarijs de lytton dale, xxxiiijs. viijd. ; 
vxori W. Tollar de pathelabrig ex conuencione, xiijs. iiijd. ; 
Joh'i qwyxla pro Ten. in Rypon, xs. ; Henrico yong pro Ten. 
in Mallom, xs. ; Communitati Ciuitatis Ebor. pro gogyle, viijd. ; 
Castro de Skypton pro Wyndbanke, iiijd. ; In Spuma per 
annum, xs. ; Monti JerTm, xs. ; Clericis in die S'ci Thomas 
Ap'li, vijs. ; Balliuo de Rypon pro burgag' ten' Joh'is bychope, 
viijd. ; Hospitali S'cae M. Magdalenae pro eadem, xd. ; pauperibus 
in Cena Domini, (blank); Ecclesiae de Rypon pro dec. de Harls- 
how, xxxs. ; In conduccione ludis corporis x 1 per Th. barbor, 

1 This and the six following entries are left blank, or are wholly faded by 
damp. But see above, pp. 12, 47. 

2 Four lines partly obliterated by solution of galls. 

BURSARS' BOOKS, 1458-9 91 

vjs. jd. ; In vigil, de pyndfald per fil. Relictse Wegylsworth, v]d. ; 
pro labore filiorum W 1 Hogson de Kylnsa ad . . . l per vices, 
iiJ6\ ijd. ; Joh'i Wyndsour pro labore ad Preston in negocijs 
Monasterij, vjd. ; W mo Deen pro vigil' in le fell per x noctes, 
iiJ6\ iiijc/. ; Eidem pro labore suo ad Curiam pro Monasterio, 
iiijd. ; Thomae Deen pro vigil' in le fell per x noctes, iijs. ; Ro to 
Atkynson Juniori pro consimili, xijd. ; In . . . quart, vij bus. 
carbonum marinorum de W mo Cartar, iiijs. xjd. ; In ... 
focal' per Jenkyn Robynson in parte per tres annos patet 
tall., iujli. xjs. ; pro factura vnius grype in pratis de qweldric 
pro e . . . , xvjd. ; In co(nstruccione ?) viae in pratis . . . 
chepard et Waclyn, xvjdL 

1 Here and below the paper has perished. The above entries amount to 
24 Is. ld. 



1446 to 1458. 



[O 1 ] 1 Hie liber intitulat r penes seruos 

siue famulos. 2 

Aldfeld, 12, 34 





Grant] ay 




Ayndyrby, 3 







Hew} T k 







Aueria firmarum, 



25, 26 


Aueria conuentus, 27 








Balderby, 30 






Brathwat, 20 

Dromondby, 45 3 



[O l v.] 1 Eweston, 45 


Bollerchawe, 20, 25 




Exitus orrij, 58 

Brymbem, 44 







[O 2 ] 1 Kyrkhamerton 








Kyrkby Wyske, 66 



Kyrby Mais' 

1 Leaves not numbered in the MS. 

2 A few words have been written over this line in very small and contracted 
writing, not made out. 

3 At the foot of this page has been inserted, ' Memorandum de viij mul- 
tonibus emptis per Johannem Porter de Ric'o Lamberd, ixs. ijrf., et de 
Th. Lamberd xij multonibus. xiijs. xr/. Item eidem per Will. Settyll on' (?), 
viijs. viijd." 














T jfi Tfr^n 



Ljctl tvjll 




Leuer(sege ?) 


s tt n 








NPQ \vr^ 


TVTo T*cf on 

[02V.] 1 ParuaVsburn 

kJv/Cv \V L Ct 

Swanlay, 71 

-*. YJLcl 1 o uv/J. 1 

Marton, 92, 21, 
66 59 

' Padlabryg 

Thornton episcopi 
Thornton super 




-L 111 C-'OiC/l vl 

Thorp vnderwod 












Waller way th 







[O 3 ] 1 


Compotus cum Roberto Malour, xx die Mensis Marcij 
A 46. Idem respondet de Arreragijs ante festum Martini 
46 de xxxvjs. Idem respondet de termino Martini 46 de 
xiijs. iiijd. Summa xlixs. iiijc?. 5. 

Unde liberavit Mon. Mon. (sic) iiij bus. f rumen ti, precij 
iijs. Item Roberto Brown de Sallay in parte mercedis iiij 
bus., prec. iijs. Item idem liberavit Monasterio vj bu. de ordio, 
prec. ijs. vjd. ; Item idem lib. mon. de auenis ix qu. vij bu. 
Summa, 16 . 7 d. S. xxvs. }d. b. 

1 Leaves not numbered in the MS. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 97 

Sic debet idem Rob. clare, xxiiijs. iijd. 

Compotus cum Anes Hwyk, xxvj a die Mensis Maij A 47. 
Idem (sic) respondet de AIT. Pentecostes 46 de iiijs. 

Item de termino Martini 46 de iiijs. 

Summa totalis ; viijs. 

Unde petit Allocacionem de ijs. liberates Carpentario Ric. 
bolton et socio suo. Item in victu carpentariorum pro ijs. vjd. ; 
Item pro clauis emptis, vijd. Summa, vs. jd. 

Item liberavit bursario, ijs. ; debet, xjd. 

Memorandum de Bundis de Melmorby vid5 de Wathm' 
melbuske et per viam viridem ad Morpotte. Item mem. de 
laregate inter li til burton et Aldburgh. 

[O'-v.] 1 Aldfeld. 

Compotus cum relic ta Ric. Hwod, xxvj a die Mensis Maij 
A 47. Idem (sic) respondet de Arr. Pent. 46 de viijs. patet; 
Item respondet de termino Martini 46 de viijs. 
Summa totalis, xvjs. 

Unde petit Allocacionem pro labore Ric. Hwod apud 
molendinam (sic) et apud Morkar et Aldfeld per xxj dies et di., 
per diem, iijd. Summa, vs. iiijd. ob. 

Item petit pro famulo suo per idem tern pus, per diem, ijd. 
Summa, iijs. vjd. 

Summa totalis, viijs. xjd.; debet, 7 : ! 

Unde petit Alloc. de ijs. pro Thoma Longla per instru- 
mentum. Item pro Will. Norton de billse pede Thomse 
Swynton, iijs. ; Item in Allocacione pro reparacione domus 
suae ante festum Pent. 47 de ijs. jd. ; Et acquietat Monasterium 
de omnibus querelis quas habere potest vel poterit habere pro 
viro suo. Et aeque. 
[1] Aldfeld. 

Compotus actus cum Johanne Cur', xxvj ta die Maij A 
47. Idem Job. respondet de Arr. pentecostes 46; Item resp. 
de termino Martini 46 de liijs. iujd. ; Item resp. pro Horslay, 
xxvjs. viijd. 2 

1 Leaf not numbered in the MS. 

2 These four lines are crossed out. 



Compotu* cum Joh. Curr', xxvj die Maij A 47. Idem 
Joh. Respondet de Arr. pedis T. Swynton, liiijs. iiijd.; 1 Idem 
resp. de term. Mart. 46 pro domo mansionis, xxvjs. viijrf. ; 
Item pro Horslay de term. Mart. 46, xiijs. iujd. ; Item pro le 
sowyng de term. Mart. 46, xijd. ; Item pro le spryng de term. 
Mart. 46, iijs. iiijd. Summa totalis, xliiijs. iiijd. 

Unde petit allocacionem pro j xI J de Meld prec., xvjs.; Item 
pro j xi J de Albo prec., xs. 

Summa. xxvjs. ; debet ; xviijs. uijd. 

[I v.] Aldfeld. 

Compotus cum Ric. Plasterer, xxvij die Mens. Maij A 47. 
Idem resp. de term. Mart. 46, v]s. ; Item Recepit de Will'o 
Dutfeld de galghag, vjs. viijd. ; Et ante compotum debebatur 
praedicto pro tempore T. Swynton, 18 : 11-; Unde petit ut 
supra, xijs. viijd. ; debetur, vjs. viijd. ; Item Recepit de Will. 
Duffeld, ijs. iiij^. ; Item Idem Ric. petit pro viij diebus pro 
stabulo carectarij per diem, iijd. Summa, ijs. 
Summa totalis debiti, vs. xjd. 

[2] Aldfeld. 

Compotus cum executoribus Thomse gybson in Vigilia 
Natalis d'ni A 46, per Joh. Curr'. Idem resp. in parte de 
iij li. in j xi J de Albo panno prec., xjs.; Item in Allocacione pro 
Will'o Kyngyswod et Rob. Myddylton latomar (sic), viijs. ; 
Item in pecunia ante compotum, . . . 

Summa, xxxvs. 

Compotus cum eisdem in crastino beat! barnabae Ap'li 
A 47. In Alloc. pro feno recepto de relicta prsedicti Thomse. 
x'njs. iiijr/. ; Item (. . .) 2 pro gatly apud stodla}' Roger, iijs. 
iujd. ; Idem pro Joh. long] ay pro j c de ffagottes in dono, iJ6'. ; 
Item pro Will, ffrankyhcs in parte mercedis ffagottes, ijs. 
Summa totalis, xlvs. viij^. ; 3 d5, 4 : 4- (sic). 

1 Not included in the Summa totalis ; entered secunda manu. 

2 Something like a little " m " with a bold curve over it. 

3 The sum amounts only to 20s. 8rf. This and the next preceding com- 
potus are both crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 99 

[2 v.] Aldfeld. 

Compotus cum executoribus T. Gibson. ijY7. recepit de 
pede T. S., vijli. xij,s. vjd. ; et de firma Martini 46, xxvjs. 
viijcL ; et pro simfeld eiusdem termini, vs. vjd. 
Summa, ixli. iiijs. viijd. 

Unde in pardonacione per decretum senescalli et Cellerarij 
ut patet Billa indentata inter partes vjli. iiijs. viijd. ; et lib. 
Bursario in j dos. Alb., xjs. ; et lib. W. Keyngswod et midilt' 
Cat', 1 viijs. ; et Bursario, xvjs. ; et pro feno empto, xiijs. mjd. ; 
et pro gatla apud studla, iijs. itij^. ; et Joh'i Longla in j 
fagotis, ijs. ; et W ffrankys in mercede, ij^. 

Summa, ix/^. iiijc?. ; d^, iiijs. iii]d. 

[3] Aldfeld. 

Compotus cum Job. Marschall, xvj a die mensis Junij A 
47. Idem Job. resp. de Arr. T. Swynton, ijd. ob.\ Item resp. 
de term. Mart, de vjs. Summa, vjs. i]d. ob. 

Unde petit allocacionem pro Stephano ouerend de 4 : 6 ; 
Item pro vj bu. frumenti prec. bu., ixd. Summa, iiiJ5. vjd. 
Summa, ixs.; debetur (2s. lOd. is due to J. M.). 

Idem Joh. resp. de ffirma de Alto campo de term. Mart. 
46 ; 2 et pent. 47 pro parte sua, iiijs. vd. ; Item pro vna gaulina, 
\]d. Summa, 4:2- 

Summa totalis, xs. vjd. ob, 

Unde petit Allocacionem ut supra de ixs. ; dej, xviijrf. ob. 3 

[3 v.] Aldfeld. 

Compotus cum Willelmo Dykconson, x a die mensis 
fYebruarij 47. Idem resp. de pede Thoma? Swynton ante 
festum Martini 46, ijs. viijd. ; Idem resp. de term. 4 Mart. 46 de 
xs. Summa, xijs, viijd. 

Unde petit allocacionem pro j qr. vj bu. prec. qr., vjs. 

Summa, xs. vjd. 

Item petit Allocacionem pro j qr. Auenarum prec. qr., xxd. 
Summa, xijs. ijd. ; d5, vjd. 

1 Reading doubtful, perhaps one Midilt on, a cater, was referred to. 

2 These contracted forms for 1446, etc., are constantly superscribed secunda 

3 Account confused. 

4 " Patet " interlined. 



Compotus actus cum Will'mo Raper in Curia Michaelis 
55. Idem resp. de pede compoti vt dicit, viijs. Sd. ; et de 
terminis Martini et Pentecostes 55, xxvjs. viijd. ; et pro pratis 
Mich. 54, ixd. 1 Summa, 45 : 1 

Unde liberavit Monasterio in xij bu. frumenti, ixs. vjd. ; 
et in iij qr. ordij, xjs. ; et in ij qr. Auenarum, iiijs. ; et Th. 
Nensom, ijs. ; pro d'na de Sourby 2 pro brasio et dicto Th. alia 
vice, ijs. ; et Th. Belford in feodo, xviijd. ; et petit alloca- 
cionem de, xxd. solutis Joh'i Wansford pro labore suo pro 
concordia facta cum Boltby. Summa, 31 : 8* ; d^, 13 : 5- 

Et pro pratis Michaelis 55, ixs. ixd. 

[4] Aldfeld. Malourhous. 

Compotus cum Joh'e Longlay, xxiiij die Mensis ffebruar' 
de termino Martini 46. Idem Joh. rec. de termino praedicto, 
xiiijs. iiijd. patet. 

De quibus lib. Mon. in vj q'rt. auenarum prec. q'rt., xxd. 

Summa, xs. 
Item in pecun., iiijs. iiijd. 

Summa totalis, xiiijs. iiijd. 

Compotus cum Will'o Marchal in crastino S'ci Ambrosij 
>' 49. Idem petit pro pede T. S., ix.s. x]d. ; Item pro termino 
Martini 46, iijs. iiijd. Summa, xiijs. iijd. 

Unde Rec. in firma Martini, vs. ; Item de Joh. Aukland 
burs., xijd. Summa, vjs. 

[4 v.] Aldfeld. 

Aynderby. Compotus actus cum Johanne Well in Curia 
Michaelis 55. Idem rec' de pede compoti, vjs. ixd. ; et de 
termino pent. 55, xiiijs. ob. ; et rec. pro pratis Michaelis 55, 
ixs. ixd. Summa, xxxs. vjd. ob. 

Unde liberauit Th. Newsom pro brasio empto de d'na de 
Sourby, xxd. ; et in allocacione pro ordio liberate Monasterio 
ex conuencione, xxd. ; et pro consimili pro auenis, vjd. ; et pro 
consimili pro frumento, vjd.; et liberauit Th. Belford in feodo, 

1 " ixd." repeated. 
2 Tliis lady has not been identified. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 101 

xviijd. ; et Nicholao Duffeld in albo di. dos., iiijs. ; et liberauit 

in j boue, xjs. viijd. ; et. lib. T. Swynton pro Warnestura, xi jd. 

Summa, xxijs. vjd. ; debet, viijs. ob. 

Compotus actus cum W Dagett ad idem tempus. Idem 
resp. de pede vltimi compoti, iijs. vijd. ; et de terminis Mart. 
54 Pent. 55, 49 : 8 ; et pro pratis Michaelis 54 et 55, xxjs. viijd. 
Summa, iijli. xvs. 1 

Et liberauit Monasterio in iiij qrt. frumenti, xxvs. iiijd. ; 
et in v qrt. ordij, xviijs. iiijd. ; et in iiij qrt. Auenarum, viijs. ; 
et Th. Neusom pro d'na de Sourby pro brasio, xijd. ; et Th. 
Belford in feodo, xviijd. 54 : 2 ; debet, xxs. xd. Unde xs. 
de firma et xs. xd. pro pratis Michaelis 55, unde lib. in xx 
vln. lin. 6 : 3 et in pecun., iijs. 

Joh. dunsfurd ad idem tempus rec. de pede compoti, xixs. 
vjd. ; et pro firma terminorum Marcij 54 et Pent. 55, xlijs. iijd. ; 
et pro pratis ij acrarum cum termino Michaelis 55, xxvjs. 
Summa, iiijli. vijs. ixd. 

Unde liberauit in iiij qrt. frum., xxvs. iiijd. ; Item v bu. 
frumenti, iijs. xjd. ob.', et in v qrt. ordij, xviijs. iiij^. ; et petit 
allocacionem ex conuencione pro ordio liberate vltimo anno, 
ijs. iiijd.', et liberauit Th. Neusom, ijs. ; pro d'na de Sourby; 
Item eidem, xxd. ; et Th. Belford in feodo, xvijd. 55 : 6; 
debet, 32 : 8 o, vnde de pratis (Mich. 55), 2 14 : 1 ; et de 
firma, 18 : 7 * 0. 
[5] Aldfeld. 

Compotus cum Joh. Curr', iiij die mensis Augusti A 47. 
Idem resp. de Arr. pede Thome Swynton, liiijs. iiijd. 

Item idem resp. de termino Martini 46, xliiijs. iiijd. ; Item 
de termino pent. 47, xliiijs. iiijd. 

Summa, iiijli. viijs. viijd. 
Summa totalis, 7 : 3. 

Unde petit Allocacionem per Will'm Norton, xs.\ Item per 
Joh. Robynson de Sallay, ixs. ; Item per Will'm Carwere, viijs. ; 
Item per Rob. Calton, vs. ; Item pro factura sepium, ijs. ex 

Should be 3 14*. lid. 
2 Superscribed. 


prsecepto Cellararij ; Item pro cariagio Meremij pro orreo Anes 
Hardwyk, ijs. ; Item pro j dosen de Meld, xvjs. ; Item pro j 
dosen de Albo, x$. ; Item pro j dosen panni grisij, xijs. ; Item 
pro Will. Werell, vs. xd. 

Summa, iijli. xixs. xd. 

Sic debet, lixs. ijd. 1 
Unde liberauit ad festum Martini 47, xxxixs. ; debet, 20 : 2. 2 

[5 v.] Aldfeld. 

pore. Compotus cum Joh. Kendell de porcaria xij a die Mensis 
Augusti 47. 3 

One younge whyte mare burned on the neare buttock w th 
A. C. stolne frome Vncerbie the xxx of September laste. 

[6] A. 

Recepta per ffratrem Thomam Swynton a festo S'ci Martini 
53 in yeme vsque ad festum Nat. d'ni nostri Jhu Xpi, etc., 
prox. sequentem. 

De relicta Rogeri Dawson pro absolucione viri sui, xije?. ; 
De Will'mo Stele praeposito de Galgha, iiijs. viijd. ; De d'no 
Abbate apud Ripon, ijs. ; De Joh'e Well de Aynderby, xxd. ; 
De Th. Neusoni, xjs. viijd. ; De dicto Thoma Neusom per manus 
Rob'ti Bland, xs. iiijd.', De Rob'to Gandell per manus Th. 
Spayn, xijd. ; De eodem per manus Joh. Hunte, xxd. 

Summa, xxxiiij^. 

Vnde in expensis dicti Thomse Swynton ebor. pro materia 
Will'i folyfate cum Joh'e Stafford, Henr. Thwates in parte 
expensarum, etc., vjd. ; In consimili per eundem apud Masham 
ad loquendum cum d'no Joh'e Clyfton capellano pro materia 
Potte et Aldburgh penes decimas, etc., iiijcZ. ; In expensis 
Curiae de galghay, iiijd. ; In agistacione Aueriorum in denariatis 
pro Joh'a More, ijd.; In expensis d'ni Abbatis versus harelsay 
in baptizando filio d'ni Jacobi strangways vid5 in donis filio 
Tyrqwyte docenti et informanti viam nobis per Siluam, etc., 
ijd. ; In batell apud Ripon vid3 in vino, ijd. ob. ; In expensis 
famulorum apud Bysshope, 4 iiijrf. ; In pabulo equino ibidem 

1 Should be 63s. 2d. 

2 Should be 24,-?. 2d. 

3 No further entry. 

4 A surname, see a little belo\v. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 103 

ad idem tempus, v]d. ; In expensis Thomae Swynton apud 
Ripon cum Joh'e qwyxlay et dawtre pro die habenda cum 
Thoma Clapham in parte expensarum, etc., vid5 in vino dulci 
et ferrura equorum, etc., xd. 

[6v.] A. 

In consimili apud Ripon pro computacione habenda cum 
Joh'e Bysshope, ijd. ob. ; ffilio Joh'is Cur' pro labore suo cum 
vno equo ad monasterium, ijd. ; In oblacione S'co Wilfrido 
pro ferro adipiscendo pro arsura aueriorum de Warshall per 
Xpoferum Hyrdson, etc., iiijd. ; In ferrura equorum cum 
expensis Rob'ti Bland apud Ripon in negocijs Monasterij et 
in singulis equorum, etc., iiijd. ; Balliuo Curiae de kyrkby- 
malsart pro omnibus amerciamentis perditis in Curia ibidem 
anno praeterito vid5 ante festum Michaelis 53, iiijeL ; Joh'i 
Swythes pro ten. et pratis quae tenemus de hered. Will'i Tempest 
cum arreragijs, et cum termino pentecostes 53 in plena solucione, 
36 : .8 ; Item duobus viris agitantibus averia et vitulos decimales 
de Allerdale vsque Monasteriam, etc., in expensis in parte, xij^. ; 
In expensis Joh. qwyxlay et Th. Swynton apud Padlabrige 
pro die habenda cum Stavelay, etc., in parte, xviijd. ; In 
expensis eorundem apud Ripon versus ebor. alia vice pro 
materia Will'i ffolyfate, etc., xjd. ob.', Sutton, Balliuo inter 
Vsam et darwent, pro continuacione querelarum Joh. Halyday 
et ffolyfate, ijs. ; In expensis Joh. qwyxlay et Th. Swynton 
ebor. cum Bursario, etc., pro materia Will, ffolyfate in parte, 
iijs. iijd. ; In expensis eorundem apud Ripon pro continuacione 
querelarum Walteri Talyor, etc., et versus Wapentagium de 
Clarow tentum apud fflasby, etc., deinde versus ebor. pro ffoly- 
fate, etc., xixd. ; In expensis eorundem ebor. per iij dies et 
iij noctes pro materia dicti ffolyfate, et cum vj equis, ixs. xd. ; 
ffoxhols pro labore suo in assisa apud Howdon in parte, vjs. 
viij^. ; In fferrura equorum Joh. qwyxlay apud Ripon, iiijd. o ; 
Et petit de pede Billse prsecedentis, iiijfo'. jd. ob. 

Summa, vijli. viijs. viijd. ob. 
Et sic debetur compotanti, vli. xiijs. viijd. ob. 

[7] Rec. per dictum Th. Swynton a ffesto Nat. Xpi 53 vsque 
ad festum Purificacionis B'tae Marias 53, etc. De Bursario 


liberat. in dormitorio ad ostium lecti sui, xijd. ; De Rob'to 
Glower de Ripplay j dos. Meld et viij vlnae et di. et vltra albi, 
xxs. ; [Custodi pontis Vse vid3 knoll, etc., pro libera firma 
de Trechourlayn, etc., vs.]; 1 De d'no Abbate, iijs. iiijd. ; De 
Thoma Neusom vna vice, xijd. ; De Joh'e Tupe de Raynton 
sen. in xij vlnis lini, iiijs. ; De Bursario Rob. Sandall versus 
ebor., X6\ viijd. Summa, xls. 

[Vnde liberauit custodi pontis Vse vid3 knoll, etc., pro 
libera firma pro dyvelynstayns, xviijcL] ; l Roberto Bland in 
parte mercedis in ocrijs nouis precij, iiijd. ; Eidem in j pilio 
vid3 ffelthatt, xjd. ; Eidem in j pari sotelar' per Joh'em Bettes 
de Ripon, v]d. ; WilPmo Abbote in j pari sotelarium per eundem 
Bettes, vjd. ; D'no Abbati pro liberatura in j dos. Meld, xvjs. ; 
eidem pro iiij junioribus in albo pro cucullis, iiij. ; tascatori in 
donis apud Marton, ijd. ; vni mundanti stabulum paruum 
iuxta stabulum commune, ]d. ; Item vni transeunti ad Thomam 
Bekwith in negocijs Monasterij, ]d. ; ffilio guydonis Elslay in 
parte pro essonia, iijs. iiij^. ; In xviij qwessyns emptis de 
Rob'to Colynson, vjs. ; In bitumine empto per dictum Thomam 
Swynton in parte, vjs. viijd. ; In expensis prioris et Th. Swynton 
versus Midlam, etc., pro negocijs Mon., etc., cum quinque 
equis, etc., xijd. ; In expensis Th. Swynton apud Brymbem 
et padlabrig et in valle per iiij dies pro visione aueriorum et 
vlceti, etc., viijcZ. 

Memorandum de iij cadis bitu minis emptis de Relic ta 
WilTi Wrampan sen. ante festum s'ci Martini 53 in yeme pro 
36 : 6 et quietus est, et mem. de vj cadis bituminis emptis de 
WilTo Wrampan Jun. ante festum Nat. Xpi pro 30: 

[7 v.] A. 

In expensis Thomse Swynton Joh. Qwyxlay, etc., in vj 
equis apud Brynsall pro die habenda cum Will'mo Stavelay, 
etc., vs. i]d.\ Iii vna cera et claue pro paruo stabulo iuxta 
stabulum commune, vjd. ; In sigillacione certificacionum per 
decanum villae ebor., ijs. ; In perquisicione et sigillacione litterae 
suspens' pro Will'mo . . . 2 et Th. Co well, etc., iijs. iiijd.; In 

1 Crossed out* 

a Name obliterated. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 105 

vino dato concilio nostro pro dicta materia, xiijd ; In expensis 
Th. Swynton ebor. pro dicta materia per iij dies et iij equis, 
iijs. vd. ; In pergameno et papiro emptis pro d'no Abbate, vijd. ; 
Rob 'to Bland in mercede in morte filii sui in singulis equorum 
per vices, xd. ; [Rob 'to Bland in mercede in j ffelthatte, xjd. ; 
Item eidem in sotelaribus in mercede, (blank) J; 1 et petit de 
pede compoti Billae praecedentis, vli. xiiijs. 8 o. 

Summa,- viijfo'. xijs. }d. ob. 

Debetur, vjli. xijs. }d. ob. 

[8J A. 

Rec. per ffratrem Thomam Swynton a ffesto purificacionis 
B'tae Mariae 53 vsque ad festum Annunciacionis B'tae Mariae 
54. De Rob'to Benson de Bryghous in panno albo, vijs. ; 
De WilFmo Rayner de lofthous Absolucio pro filio suo, xxd. ; 
De Joh'e Tupe sen. de Raynton per vxorem Scharow de Dysce- 
ford in Albo, vjs. viijd. ; Bursario Rob'to Sandall versus Ripon 
cum Markyngfeld, etc., iij s. 

Summa, xviijs. iiijrf. 

Unde in expensis in valle de Nyd pro superuisione aueriorum 
per ij dies, vd. ; et in expensis Joh. qwyxlay Th. Swynton apud 
Masham pro die habenda cum Stavelay, etc., in prseuigilia 
Cathedrae s'ci petri, xvijd. ; et in expensis eiusdem cum Joh'e 
Whixlay ib'm pro eadem materia vltimo die ffebr., etc., eisdem, 
etc., ijs. iijd. ; In expensis prioris (et) 3 Th. Swynton et Joh. 
lucas pro sigillacione euidenciarum Relictae Will. Wrampan 
sen. apud Ripon licet non sigillantur ad tune, ijs. }d. ; In vino 
dulci pro d'no Abbate ad idem tempus, viijd. ; In expensis 
Th. Swynton apud Ripon cum Joh'e Merkyngfeld cum littera 
Magistri Ric. Tone pro downom, ijs. viijd.; In exp. eiusdem 
cum dicto Joh'e Merkyngfeld cum dicta littera, etc., iijs. vd. ; 
In exp. eiusdem cum Joh'e qwyxlay apud Masham tercia vice 
pro die habenda cum Will'mo Stauelay, etc., xiiij die mensis 
Marcij 53, etc., xvjd. ; In donis Balliuis Wapent. de Clarow ad 
Curiam tentam apud Asmonderby in die Annunciacionis 

1 Two lines crossed out. 

2 Word repeated. 

3 Superscribed. 


54 B'foe Mariae, iiijd. ; et pecijt de pede billae prsecedentis, 
vjli. xvjs. jd. ob. Summa, vijli. vjs. viijd. ob. 

De r , vjli. viijs. iiijd. ob. 

Memorandum ad loquendum cum Galfrido Jepson. 
[8 v.] Recepta per dictum fratrem Thomam Swynton a festo 
Annunciacionis Beatae Mariae 54 vsque ad ffestum Inuencionis 
S'cae crucis 54. De Bursario Rob'to Sandall, xxxs. ; De eodem 
per manus Joh'is Man, xvjd. ; De eodem in j vlna russeti, 
(blank). Summa, xxxjs. iiijd. 

Unde liberauit Joh'i Stauelay generoso pro concordia, xxxs. ; 
et in expensis eiusdem apud Masham pro dicta concordia, iiijd. ; 
Rayner, Balliuo de kyrkbymalsert, pro tardacione querelae 
penes Stadloke et Andrews et alios, et pro bona voluntate sua 
ne noceret, etc., xijd. ; Bursario Roberto Sandall versus craven 
pro materia decimae de Arnclifcote, etc., xijd. ; Will'mo Abbot 
in mercede in vigilia paschae 54, viijd. ; Joh'i Raner Balliuo 
de kyrkbymalsert pro bona voluntate sua ne noceat et pro 
cessacione querelae Joh. Stadloke Jun. et aliorum, etc., xijd. ; 
et de pede billae praecedentis, vjli. viijs. uijd. ob. 

Summa, viijfo'. ijs. iiijd. ob. 

De r , vjli. xs. ob. 

[9] A. 

Recepta per dictum fratrem Thomam Swynton a festo 
Inuencionis s'cae crucis vsque ad festum Nat. s'ci Joh'is Baptistae 
54. De Roberto glouer de Ripplay pro pellibus ante festum 
s'ci Martini in hieme in parte, xx.s. ; De Will'mo Stele de Galghay 
per filium suum, iiijs. 1 Summa, xxiiijs. 

Vnde liberauit pro expensis d'ni Abbatis versus conuoca- 
cionem apud Northampton in parte, xxs. ; Item in expensis 
eiusdem ibidem, etc., (blank); In expensis ffratris Thomse 
Swynton in arsura stirkett', etc., xiiijd. ; In expensis eiusdem 
apud Ripon cum Cellerario pro computatione habenda cum 
Will'mo Wrampan, etc., vd. ; In exp. eiusdem apud Dacre et 
Brymbem pro deliberatione meremij priori de Bollton vid3 vj 
lign. pro molendino de Appiltrewike in vendicione, iiijd. ; In 
reparacione muri circa lawnd per vices per patricium, iijd. ; 

1 Something in margin not made out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 107 

In Carr. Bituminis a Ripon vsque ad Monasterium, ijd. ; In 
donis Ministrair d'ni de Haryngton, xijd. ; In expensis in 
Craven in tonsura Ovium in parte, iijd. ; Et petit de pede billse 
praecedentis vt patet, vjli. xjs. ob. 

Summa, vijli. xiiijs. vijd. ob. 

De r , vjli. xs. vijd. ob. 

[9v.] A. 

Recepta per dictum ffratrem Thomam Swynton a ffesto 
Nativitatis S'ci Joh. Baptists 54 vsque ad festum S'ci Petri 
ad Vincula 54. De WilTo Dunsford jun. de Aynderby v vln. 
et di panni linei precij xxjd. et in pecan' de eodem xvd., iijs. ; 
De Thoma Neusom pro expensis Curise de Aldburgh in parte, 
xijd. ; De dicto Th. Neusom versus Rychmond et Joh'em 
Caterike, xijcL ; De Roberto Sandale Bursario ad ostium Cellarij. 
i]d. ; De Joh'e Esby Cellerario in vj vlnis panni linei, ijs. 
Summa, vijs. ijd. 

Unde in expensis curise de Aldburgh in parte, xiijd. ob.\ 
Et in exp. Th. Swynton versus et apud Rychmond deinde ad 
Joh. Catrike et ad vicarium de Byrnyston, etc., xijd. ; In 
ferrura per vices, iiijc?. ; In papiro empto per vices, iiijd. ; In 
pergameno empto per vices, iijd. ; In filo nigro et serico pro 
capa, iijd. ; In expensis apud Masham ad loquendum cum 
Magistro de Well et cum d'no Joh'e Clifton pro feno decimali 
tenura nostra in parochia ibidem, vijd. ; In reparacione muri 
circa lawnd in parte per Patricium Atkynson, ijd. ; et petit 
de pede Billae precedentis vt patet ante, v]li. xs. vijd. ob. 
Summa, vjli. xiiijs. vjd. ob. 
De r , vjli. vijs. iiijd. ob. 

[10] A. 

Recepta per dictum fratrem Thomam Swynton a ffesto 
S'ci Petri Aduincula 54 vsque ad festum S'ci Martini 54 prox. 
sequent. In primis de d'no Abbate per vices apud Midlam, 
ijs. ; Item de dicto d'no Abbate ib'm, iiijs. ; Item de Thoma 
Neusom per vices, ijs. iiijd. ; Item de Joh'e Well de Aynderby 
in xx vlnis panni linei, vjs. viijd. ; Item de d'no Abbate in 
vigilia Assumpcioiiis B'tse Marise per Bland, iijs. iiijd.', Item 


de Rob'to glouer de Ryplay pro pellibus, etc., vjs. viijd. ; Item 
de WilFo Duffeld de galghay, iijs. 

Summa, xxviijs. 

Vnde in expensis d'ni Abbatis apud Midlam ad loquendum 
cum d'no Sar. pro, etc., xxijd. ; Item pro ij brevibus perquisitis 
pro d'no Ric'o Archbald monacho, ne exeat regnum, etc., iijd. ; 
In j pari ocrearum empt., etc., i]s. ; In pergameno et papiro 
emptis per vices, viijd. ; In expensis Joh'is Cote ad Joh'em 
Catrik pro materijs Mon., etc., et penes Th. Belforth, viijd.; 
In exp. Rob'ti Wrek ad dictam Johannem Catrike pro materijs 
mon. et Th. Belforth, etc., iiijd. ; In exp. WilPi Abbot versus 
Hull cum auerijs Will'o gawntsted penes Stephanum blasels, 
viijd. ; In vj piscibus salsis emptis pro Coquina, xxd. ; In exp. 
WilPi Abbot pro j vacca de Allerdale dimissa vltra gillynge 
pro et cum Agistamento eiusdem, xjd. ; Will'mo Abbot in 
mercede in vigilia Natiuitatis B'tae Marise 54, xijd. ; In exp. 
Th. Swynton apud Ripon in die S'ci laurencij 54 ad compu- 
tandum cum W Wrampan Juniore vna cum Joh'e Esby in 
parte, etc., vd. 

[10 v.] A. 

In expensis f'ris Thomae Swynton post recessum d'ni 
Abbatis pro diuersis materijs monasterij vid5 ij brevibus, etc., 
xijd. ; In expensis eiusdem apud Rychmund ad loquendum 
cum W ffraunke deinde ad Joh'em Catrike deinde ad Vicarium 
de Byrnyston et alibi pro materia Thomse Belforth et alijs 
materijs mon. per vices, ijs. iijd. ; In scriptura unius billae 
reportatse et sigillatae per WilPm ffraunk de Rychmund pro 
materia Belford, iiijd.; Item Ric'o Garestange clerico curiae 
de kyrkbymalsard pro bona voluntate et ne noceat, etc., 
iijs. iiijd.; In exp. f'ris Thomae Swynton apud Scarburgh pro 
prouisione pise. sals, et pecun. soluend. Joh'i Wederhall pro 
arreragijs in parte deinde ad Briglynton ad communicandum 
cum priore ib'm pro materia de Cay ton deinde ad Abbatem de 
Melsay pro negocijs Monasterij deinde ad Hull pro materia 
Stephani Blasels et pro prouisione fungiae et ad loquendum 
cum Will'mo Gawntsted, etc., per x dies, etc., viijs. iiijd.; 
[In carriagio fungiae vid5 iij c de Hull vsque ebor. in parte, 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 109 

viijd.]; 1 In agitacione aueriorum vsque ad kyrkby Wyske, 
ijd. ; In elemosina apud Hornby per praeceptum d'ni Abbatis, 
i]d. ; In expensis apud Rypon in crastino s'ci Remigii 54, etc., 
vna cum Joh'e Esby ad computandum cum Will'mo Wrampan 
et in alijs negocijs Monastery, etc., viijd. ; 2 In ij cadis Bitu- 
minis emptis de dicto Wrampan, xvjs.; Et pro bitumine 
empto per Thomam litster de Aldburgh, viijd. 

[11] A. 

Et liberauit Will'mo Androwson de Sallay penes Morland 
in parte mercedis dicti Morland, etc., vjs. viijd. ; Et liberauit 
pro expensis Curiae de Aldfeld, etc., iiijd. ; Et in expensis Curiae 
de Growelthorpe, xjd. ; Et liberauit duobus viris agitantibus 
aueria de Allerdale vsque Monasterium, etc., ijs.; In exp. 
Thomae Swynton apud Scarburgh secunda vice, iiijs. vijd. ; 
In exp. d'ni Abbatis apud Beuerlay versus Wapent' de Stayn- 
clyfe tent' apud Thorp Brynsall, iijs. jd. ; In exp. dicti Thomae 
Swynton apud Bolton pro die habenda cum Jacobo Osbaldson, 
etc., in parte, iiijd. ; Thomae Tankard in denarijs, xijd. ; In exp. 
dicti Thomae Swynton apud Thorp vnderwod pro auerijs 
dimissis ib'm per Cellerarium, vjd. ; In exp. eiusdem apud 
Rypplay ad loquendum cum Th. Bekwith et Joh'e Vavasour 
pro materia Jac. Joh'is et Rad. Smerthwate, etc., iii]d. ; In j 
pare Boges, etc., viijd.; Et petit de pede compoti vt patet 
supra, vjli. vijs. iiijdL 

Summa, ixli. xvs. iii]d. ob. 
Sic debetur compotanti, viijfe'. vijs. iiijd. ob. 

[11 v.] A. 

Recepta per ffratrem Thomam Swynton a festo S'ci Martini 
54 in yeme vsque ad festum Natiuitatis Xpi 3 prox. sequentem. 
In primis de Rob'to Glover de Rypplay, xs.; De Xpoforo 
lemyng per vices, iiijfo'. vjs. viijd. ; De Roberto Sandall Bursario 
ebor. in crastino s'cae katerinae 54, xijd. ; De Will'mo Bolton 
de Holmhous per manus Joh'is Esby, vjs. viijd. ; De Will'mo 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Something in margin not made out. 

3 " Purificacionis B'ae Marise " superscribed. 


Hornar de Bourthwate per manus eiusdem, iijs. ; De Will'mo 
Santon de Santon de terminis Martini 53 et Pent., 54 vt dicit, 
iiijs. Summa, vli. xjs. iiijeL 

Vnde liberauit Joh'i Wederall de Scarburgh in parte debiti 
magni pro piscibus emptis per Will. Hull, xls. ; Et liberauit 
dicto Joh'i Wederhall pro c piscibus salsis, liijs. iiijcZ. ; Et lib. 
dicto Joh'i pro allecis, etc., xvjd. ; Et in exp. Thomse Swynton. 
versus Hull ad loquendum cum Th. Howden et abbatem de 
Melsa pro materia prioris de Br3 T glyngton penes tenentes 
nostros pro Cay ton, vijs. xd.\ In portacione- et Carriagio vini 
vid3 j dolium de Hull vsque ebor., etc. f xxd. ; Will'mo Abbot in 
mercede, viijd. ; Item eidem in reparacione botarum per Joh'em 
Betes de Rypon, vijd. ; Et liberauit pro vj vln. blodij empt. 
vltimo anno pro togis Rob'ti Warcope et Vicarij de Crosthwate 
in persolucione, xs. ; Et in exp. Th. kyng et filij Will'i Abbot 
agitantis iiij aueria ad Will'm gawntsted de Hull, etc., (blank] ;* 
Et petit de pede vltimae billse, viijli. vijs. iiijd. ob. 

Summa, xiiijfo'. ijs. ixd. ob. 

Debe r , viij/i. xjs. vd. ob. 

[12] A. 

Recepta per dictum fratrem Thomam Swynton, a festo 
Purificacionis B'tse Maria3 vsque ad festum Annunciacionis 
B'ta3 Mariae 55. De Thoma Neusom vna vice, iijs. iiijd. ; De 
eodem ebor. tempore Assisse, xvjd. ; De Bursario per manus 
Ric. famuli Joh'is qwixlay, xii]s. iiijd. 

Summa, xviijs. 

Vnde allocauit in expensis suis apud knaresburgh ad 
loquendum cum d'no Will'mo Plompton in parte, etc., iijd. ; 
In expensis dicti fratris Thomae Swynton in crastino Valentini 
54 pro die habenda cum Th. Byrtby, etc., vna cum Joh'e 
qwixlay, ixd. ; In expensis apud Rypon cum Abbate pro filio 
Rogeri Ward Baptizato, 2 iiijd. ; In expensis eiusdem ib'm vna 
cum Joh'e qwixlay pro Wapentagio de Clarow et pro empcione 
Bituminis, xyiijd. ; In expensis eorundem ib'm pro quaerend. 

1 In margin, " q r p x ? " 

2 The Wards were a knightly family that had been settled in Ripon from 
early in the twelfth century, and were great benefactors to the Abbey 
(Vol. i, 196n). 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 111 

memorand. in rotulis Curiae d'ni Archiepiscopi pro WilFmo 
Burton, xvijd. ; In donis (blank) Dynlay pro labore suo de 
inquirendo rotul' Curise pro dicta materia Will'i Burton, xxd. ; 
In vno cado Bituminis empto de Will'mo Wrampan, viijs.; 
In exp. apud Brymbem pro superuisione vlceti, yd.; Ministrallis 
d'ni Ponynges in donis in parte, xijd. ; Item pro continuacione 
querelarum penes Will'm Hebden et aliorum in curia de Clarow 
tenta apud Stanburn, xixd. ; In agitacione aueriorum ad Hull 
pro Will'mo Gawntsted penes (blank), etc., per vices, iiijs. 

20 : 11- 

[12 v.] B. 

In exp. versus Rieuall cum Rob 'to Aukland monacho, vjd. ; 
In ferrura equorum per vices, yd. ; Joh'i Rycrofte nuper de 
Morkar in parte mercedis, xs. ; Relictae Joh'is Huberd in parte 
mercedis dicti Joh'is, xviijd. ; Joh'i Barkhous in parte mercedis 
per Ric'm Barkhous, xiijs. iiijd. ; In exp. apud Rypon pro die 
habenda cum Thoma Byrtby, sed non habebatur ad tune, 
xviijd. ; In exp. Rob'ti Bland et Rad. Ouerend ad mare pro 
allecis in parte, xxd. ; In Capistris et cordulis pro Carr. pistrini, 
vjd. ; In vno cado Bituminis empt. apud Rypon per Thomam 
Darnbruke, vjs. viijd. ; In Carr. dicti Bituminis per Ric'm Clerk- 
son, iijd. ; Item memorand. de j c stokfysch empt. de, (blank); 
Corderow de ebor. pro 29 : unde rec. in parte, vs. ; et dies 
solucionis de residue pasch. 55 et Inuent. 55; Item in portacione 
et ligacione et v cordulis pro eisdem, i]d. ; In expensis Rad. 
Snayth versus Hull pro vino Joh'is Cokyll et stokfysch, etc., 
in parte, xijd. ; In expencis fratris Thomse Swynton ebor. per 
iij dies in negoc. Mon. vid5 pro empcione stokfysch et pro 
materia prioris de Bridlyngton Th. Hebden, ii]s. xd.; In vino 
dato concilio nostro pro materia prioris Brigtyngton Joh'i 
Stafford, Suffraganes, et alijs, viijd. ob. ; Item in exp. eiusdem 
ib'm alia vice pro praedictis materijs, iijs. vjd. ; Item in exp. 
eiusdem vna cum Joh'e quixlay apud Rypon pro materijs 
Th. Hebden et Byrteby per ij vices, iijs. vd.; In exp. Joh'is 
Robynson versus Scarburgh pro Warnestura, etc., v]s. ; In 
vino dulci et ficubus et Racemis emptis apud Ripon d'no 
Abbati, viijd. 3 : 8 o. 


[13] B. 

In expensis apud Ripon et Ebor. tempore Assisae cum 
Joh'e qwixlay et concilio nostro ib'm per (blank) dies in parte, 1 
(blank) ; In exp. apud Rypon cum Joh'e qwyxlay ad communi- 
cand. cum dynelay pro materia Will'i Burton et aliorum, xiiijd. ; 
Item Radulpho Ouerend in regardo pro labore suo apud Skar- 
burgh cum carr' pro piscibus, vjd. ; In exp. Th. Swynton Joh'is 
qwixlay ebor. tempore Assisae ten tee ib'm in die S'ci Gregorij 
papae 54 per quinque dies vid5 primo die in piscibus, xviijd. ; 
Item secundo die cum Bursario, Th. Neusom, et alijs, etc. In 
piscibus sali et senapio, etc., xvjd. ; Item tercio die cum Joh'e 
qwixlay sen. et alijs. In piscibus et speciebus ficubus et 
racemis, ijs. jd. ; Item iiij to die cum Ric'o Thornbergh et alijs. 
In piscibus sali et senapio, etc., xixd. ; Item quinto die cum 
Will'mo Dawtre et alijs. In piscibus et speciebus ficubus et 
racemis, xvijd. ob. ; In pane humano et equino per totum tempus, 
iiJ5. ijd. ; In potu per dictum tempus, iij<s. vijd. ; In vino expense 
in hospicio nostro per dictum tempus, ijs. \}d. ; In vino dato in 
villa diuersis generosis vid5 Will'o Tankard, Will'mo Aldeburgh, 
Joh'i Halyday, Jacobo keton, mag'ro Will'mo B3^spham et alijs, 
xijrf. ; In feno empto ad idem tempus, etc., xvd. ob. ; In candelis 
emptis ad idem tempus, etc., ijd. ob. ; In ferrura ad idem tempus, 
vi]d. ob. ; In rasura Th. Swynton, Joh. quixlay et aliorum, i]d. ; 
In ferrura equorum per vices ante istud tempus vid5 equitand. 
ad Curias de Byrdford et Clarow, etc., v]d. ob. 22 : 4* o. 

[13 v.] B. 

Et in exp. apud Rypon vna cum Cellarario et Joh'e qwyxlay 
in vig. palmarum 55 pro die habenda cum Hebden et Byrtby 
in parte, iijd. ; Item pro materia empta pro incausto, etc., iijd. ; 
Item in expensis apud Brymbem vid5 in potu, v]d. ; Item- pro 
Carriagio de ij cadis Bituminis de Rypon vsque Mon., etc., vjd. ; 
In expensis eiusdem Th. Swynton apud Marton, Raynton, et 
Baldyrby, etc., pro colleccione pecun. pro Warnestura per 
vices, etc., in parte, iiijd. ; Et liberauit Joh'i qwyxlay in parte 
feodi sui apud ebor. tempore Assisae tentae ibidem in quad- 

1 Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 113 

ragesima Anno 54, vjs. viijd. ; Et petit de pede compoti billae 
prsecedentis, viijli. xjs. vd. ob. 8 : 19 : 11 o. 

Summa, xiijli. xvs. vd. ob. 

et sic debetur, xijli. xvijs. vd. ob. 

[14] Bost. Balderby. 

Joh. Newsted Jun. rec. de pede Thomae Swynton, xxs. 
viijd. ob. ; Item de termino Martini 46, xxs. viijd. ob. 

Summa, xljs. vd. 

Unde liberauit Monasterio vj quart, frumenti pr. xxxvjs. ; 
Item in vno quart, ordij, iijs. iiijd. 

Summa, xxxixs. iiijd. ; deb., 2:1- 
Rob. Craven de eadem rec. de termino Martini 46, xiijs. ijd. 


Unde petit allocacionem de xijs. vjd. pro messione de xij 
acris et di. terrse nuper in tenura Roberti Wad et pro lowkyng 
eiusdem, vjd. ; Item lib. Joh'i Malour ante compotum, iijs. 

Summa, xvjs.; de ur , xxijd. 

Tho. Hall rec. de pede Thomse Swynton, xxs. vjd. ob. ; Et 
de termino Martini 46, xxjs. ijd. ob. 

Summa, xljs. ixd. 

[14 v.] Balderby. 

Unde lib. Mon. in v qrt. ij bu. ffrumenti, xxxjs. vj^. ; Et 
in ij qrt. ordij, vjs. viijd. ; Item 1 in xiiij vln. panni lanei, iiijs. ijd. 

Summa, xlijs. iiijd. 

Ric. Wygyls worth r. de pede Thomae Swynton, xiiijs. xd. ; 
Et de termino Martini 46, xiijs. xd. 

Summa, xxviijs. viijc^. 

Unde lib. Mon. in iij qrt. iiij bu. ffrumenti, xxjs. ; Et in vno 
qrt. ordij, iij s. iiijd. 

Summa, xxiiijs. iiijd. ; d5, 4:4- 

Henricus Ward r. de pede Th. Swynton, xviijs. xjd. ; Et de 
termino Martini 46, xxs. viijd. ob. 

Summa, xxxixs. vijd. ob. 
Unde lib. Mon. in v qrt. ffrumenti, xxxs. ; d5, 9 : 7 ' o. 

1 " Tho'e Swynton " erased here. 


[15] Balderby. 

Ric. Atkynson rec. de pede Th. Swynton, xxs. viijd. ob.\ 
Et de termino Martini 46, xxs. viijd.; 

Summa, xljs. iiijd. ob. 

Unde liberauit Monasterio in ij qrt. ffrumenti, xijs.; Et in 
j qrt. Auen., xxd. 

Summa, xiijs. viijd.; d$, 27: 9' ob. 1 

Rob. ffox rec. de pede Thomae Swynton, xxjs. viijd. ob.] 
Et de termino Martini 46, xxjs. viijd. ob. 

Surnma, xliijs. vd. 

Unde liberauit Mon. in iiij qrt. ffrumenti, xxiiijs. ; Et in 
iij qrt. ordij, xs. ; Et in ij qrt. iiij bu. Auen., iiijs. ijd. ; Et Joh. 
Malour, vs. iijd. Summa, xliijs. vd., et aeq. 

Joh. Tomson rec. de pede Th. Swynton, xxs. viijt/. ob.; Et 
de termino Martini, xxs. viijd. ob. 

Summa, xljs. vd. 

Unde lib. Mon. in iiij qrt. ij bu. ffrumenti, xxvs. v]d. ; Et 
in reparacione ostiorum orrij sui, ijs. }d. ; Et pro j c dubylspykyng, 
4 * Summa, xxvijs. xjc^. ; deb., xiijs. v]d. 

[15 v.] Balderby. 

Joh. Adylboru' rec. de pede T. Swynton, xxijs. v]d. ob.\ 
Et de termino Martini 46, xxjs. viijcZ. ob. 

Summa, xliiijs. iijd. 
Unde liberauit Mon. in v qrt. ffrumenti, xxxs. 

patet. d3, xiiijs. iijd. 

Will's Hostelar rec. de pede T. Swynton, xxs. viijd. ob.\ 
Et de termino Martini 46, xxs. viijd. ob. 

Summa, xljs. vd. 

Unde lib. Mon. in ij qrt. vj bu. ffrumenti, xvjs. vjd. ; Et in 
j qrt. Auenarum, xxd. ; et in reparacione ostij orrij sui, xxd. ; 
et pro custodia porcorum Monasterij ibidem, xd. 
Summa, xxs. viijd.; deb., xxs. ixd. 

Joh. Newsted senior rec. de pede T. S., xxijs. viijd. ob.; 
Et de termino Martini 46, xxijs. viijd. ob. 
Summa, xlvs. vd. 

1 Should be " 8 06." 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 115 

[16] Balderby. 

Unde lib. Mon. in iiij qrt. ij bu. ffrumenti, xxvs. vjd.; Et 
1 ij qrt. vj bu. ordij, ixs. i]d. 

Summa, xxxiiijs. viijd.; dj, xs. ixd. 

Rob. Hostylar rec. de pede T. Swynton et de termino 
Martini 46, xljs. vd. ob. 
Unde lib. Mon. in vij qrt. ffrumenti, xlijs. 

deb., vjd. ob. 

Alicia Watts rec. de pede T. S., iijs.; et de termino Martini 
46, xviijd. Summa, iiijs. vjd. 

Unde lib. Bursario (unfinished). 

[16 v.] B. 

Denarij leuandi a pede compotorum aueriorum ad festum 
s'ci Martini in yeme anno regni regis Henrici sexti xxxij 2 et 
d'ni 53. De Aldeburgh per Th. Well pro emendis stirkett', 
iiij s.; et in caseo vendito, iijd. 

Summa, iiijs. iijd. 

Unde liberauit michi in parte, xxd. ; et liberauit pro Bitu- 
mine, ij<9 v vijd. ; De Thoma littstar pro stirkettes, xxs. ; et in 
caseo vendito, ijd. ; et in Butiro vendito, i]d. 
Summa, xxs. iiij^. 

Vnde liberauit d'no Abbati, xxs. ; De Nutwithcote per Ric'm 
Bekwith pro caseo vend., vs. viijd. ; et pro Butiro vend., vs. 
Summa, xs. viijd. 

De Holmhous per Will'm Bollton pro 3 stirkett' (vend.), 4 
iiijs.; et pro caseo vend., xijrf. ; et pro Butiro vend., xxd. ; et 
pro emend, stirkett', iijs. 

Summa, ixs. viijd. 

Vnde liberauit in Curia de Beuerla Mich. 54, vjs. vii]d. ob. ; 
De Bourthwate per Will'm Servand pro emend, stirkett', iiijs.; 
De Will'mo Bollton ib'm pro emendis stirkett', vjs. viijd. ; 

1 Something like " m " with a curl over it, repeated. 

2 " Vicesimo secundo " crossed out, and k ' xxxij " (1453-4) superscribed. 

3 " Emendis " crossed out. 

4 Superscribed. 


De Will'mo Hornar ib'm pro emend, stirkett', iiijs.; et pro 
caseo vend., viijd.; et pro Butiro vend., vi]d. 

Summa, vs. ujd. 

Vnde liberauit, ijs.; Et liberauit in Curia de Beuerla, iijs.; 
debet, ii]d. 

De lofthous per Joh'em Rayner pro emend, stirkett', xs. 
it *###** 

[19] De lofthous per Will'm Toppan pro emendis stirkett', 
xiiijs. viijd. ; De Syxforth pro pede compoti Auer., xjs. viijrf. ; 
De Trop per Rob. Thacwra, vijs. iiijd. ; De Hasthahous per 
Will'm Thacwra pro emend, stirkett', vjs. ; De Relicta Ric. 
Bollton ib'm pro emend, stirkett', viijs.; De Dacre per Rob'm 
Bates pro emend, stirkett', vjs. viijd. ; De Pott per Will'm 
Askwith pro emend, stirkett', xxs.; De Joh'e Askwith ib'm 
pro emend, stirkett', xi]d. 
[19 v.] B. 

De Esthedhous per Henr. Atkynson pro emend, stirk., 
iijs. iiijd. ; De Brymbem per Joh'em ketylwell pro em. stirk., 
xijs.; et pro pede compoti auer. vid^ pro Caseo et Butiro, 
(blank)', De Brangerhous per Th. Benson pro em. stirk., viijs.; 
Memorandum quod Th. Colyn r. 2 in die s'ci Math'i Ap'li 54 de 
termino Pent. 54, xxvjs. viijd. ; et pro stabilsyke, ijs. ; et pro 
feno decimali eodem anno, vjs. viijd. 

(Summa, 355. 4d.) 3 

Unde petit allocacionem de pede compoti, xxvs. iiijd. ; et 
pro carriagio feni a kyrkby vsque Balderby vid3 vij foder, 
iiijs. viijrf. ; et pro carr. terrae ad ten. Joh. Hall, xxjc?. ; et petit 
pro carr. meremij ad diet. ten. de Aldburg vsque Balderby, xijd. ; 
et pro labore famuli sui cum j tectore, vjd. ; et pro ij ladis 
spinarum de Northwod vsque ad aulam d'ni, iijcL ; et pro j 
lada focalis, ijd. ; et pro v ladis straminis pro ten. Joh. Hall, vd. ; 
et pro Carr. de iiij qrt. frumenti et siliginis ad Monasterium, 
xvjcL; et pro feno in parte, iiijd. ; et pro expensis diuersis 
ibidem, i]d. Summa, xxxvjs.; de r , ixs. iiijd. 4 

1 Leaves 17 and 18 were missing in 1861. 

2 Over " pet 1 " crossed out. For " recepit." 

3 Not entered in MS. 

4 8d. only apparently; but this debt may be the " pes compoti " mentioned 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 117 

Et petit pro carr. Bladi decimalis Anno 54 pro parte sua 
xijs., et trituracione Bladi Anno prsedicto, iiijs.; et pro Wen- 
tilacione ij annorum et pro tectura domus fumosae, ijs. ; et pro 
j equo, xiijs. iiijd. ; et pro pede Compoti, ixs. iiijd. 
Summa debiti, 41: 8* 1 

Unde rec. in firma pratorum de kyrkby Wyske, xxd. 

[20] B. 

Bollerschaw. Memorandum quod decimo die Mensis ffebru- 
arij Anno domini 1454 Petrus Ward dicit quod computauit 
cum Rob'to Sandall Bursario in vigilia S'cse Trinitatis 54, et 
dicit quod ipse debebat monasterio de ffontibus de pede com- 
poti vltimi facti cum dicto Roberto Sandall, xvijs. ijd. ; et ut 
dicit habet respondere pro firma terminorum Martini 54 et 
Pentecostes 55, xxxijs. Summa, xljs. ijd. 

De qua summa vt dicit liberauit Will' mo Ward de Morkar 
in parte mercedis suse in ouibus, xjs. viijd. ; et Rob'to West in 
parte mercedis suae, vjs. ; et petit pro labore filij sui in agitando 
cues vsque Nuttwithcote, ijd. ; et petit allocacionem pro labore 
suo in portando literas ad perkyn Talbotte et (blank) Hoghton 
per praeceptum Joh'is Esby cum expensis, iijs. ixd. 
Summa, xxj<s. vi]d. 

Et sic remanent, xxvijs. vijrf. ; et memorandum quod dictus 
Petrus computauit pro firma de termino Pent. 55 future; Et 
eciam dictus Petrus legauit d'co Mon. de ffontibus, vjs. vii]d. 
pro, etc. Summa, (21s. Id. ; leaving 27s. Id. due). 

Compotus actus cum Relicta Petri Ward in crastino s'ci 
Eligij 55; eadem r. de pede supra, xxvijs. vijd., et de termino 
Martini 55, xvjs. , Summa, (43s. Id.) 

Unde liberauit Bursario in ij vaccis, xvjs. vjrf. ; Joh'i Man 
et Will'o Golthwate in hiemacione aueriorum, iijs. ; et Rob'to 
West in Mercede, iijs. ijd. ; et pro agitacione Juuencarum cum 
Rob'to West, ijd. ; et petit pro hiemacione aueriorum conuentus 
anno 54, iijs. 25 : 10'; debet, 17 : 9- 

Unde liberauit compotanti per manus Th. Darnbruke in 
j vacca, ixs.; et eidem in j Boue pro j boue liberate Will'mo 
More de ebor. pro sera et oleo, etc., in parte, ixs. vjd. 

D r , ixd. 2 

1 Comes to 40*. 8d. only. 2 Due to the widow. 


[20 v.\ B. 

Rob'tus sandall habet copiam. 

Bowrthwayte. Compotus actus cum Will 'mo Serwand in 
die S'ci Jeronimi 55 coram Th. Darnbruke et Will'mo Askwith 
de Caifalhous. Idem Will'ms Serwand dicit quod debuit de 
pede compoti cum termino Martini 53, vjs. ; et r. pro agesta- 
mento ib'm per ij annos cum termino Martini 55, xlvs. ; et r. 
pro emendis stirkettis anno 54, xxd. Summa, 52s. 8d. 

Unde petit pro Carpentaria domus fumosse ibidem cum 
mensa vnius carpentarij, xixs. vjd. ; et pro factura de ij halandes 
per iiij dies cum mensa, xvjd. ; et pro factura de j heke, iiijrf. 
(Summa, 21s. 2d.)' } d$, xxxjs. iiijd. 1 

[21] Marton. B. 

(Compotus Exitus orrij ib'm per Joh'em Harpur.) 2 Com- 
potus actus cum Johanne Rych tascatori in Curia Michaelis 
Anno regni regis Henrici sexti xxxiiijto. Idem petit pro 
trituracione de xj qrt. vj bu. frumenti prec. j qrt. 3 * ; Summa, 
ijs. xjd. Et petit pro trituracione de xxxij qrt. j bu. sili- 
ginis ad 3 ; Summa, viijs. ob. Et petit pro trit. de xlix qrt. 
ij bu. ord. ad 2 j qrt. ; Summa, viijs. ijc?. ob. Et pro trit. 
de j qrt. ij bu. pisarum viridium, ijd. ob. ; et pro trituracione 
de j qrt. pisarum grisiarum, ijd. ; et pro trit. de xj qrt. auenarum 
ad 2 j qrt. Summa, xxijd. Et petit pro custodia Bourn ib'm 
in hieme, ijs. vjd. ; et petit allocacionem penes Th. k^ynge in 
mercede sua, ij. ijd. in lin'. et petit pro carr. auenarum v qrt. 
per Scisson et Rych, xc/. ; et petit pro ventilacione pro parte 
sua, xvijd. ob. ; et petit pro colleccione decimarum ib'm, vjs. viijd. 

Summa, 28 : 4 3 

Unde recepit in iiij qrt. siliginis precij, xvjs. ; et rec. de 
pede compoti vltimi, xjd. ; et rec. per Rob'tum Alan, iiijs. ; et 
per Joh'em Gibson, ijs. ijd. ob. ; et rec. in firma sua de terminis 
Martini 54 et Pent. 55, viijs. viijcZ. ; et rec. per Joh'em Rych 
sen., vs.] et rec. in j bu. pisarum viridium, iijd. ; et rec. in 
j bu. pisarum grisearum, iij^. 

Summa, 37 : 3* o; d5, 9: prseter ob. 

1 Altered from vd. Should be 31*. 6of. 

2 Crossed out. 

3 Should be 36s. ; the last 6. 8d. has been left out in the adding up. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 119 

Idem r. de xiijs. iiijd. pro stramine et palea venditis. 


Summa totalis debiti, xxijs. iijd. ob. 

Unde petit pro Carr. granorum ad Monasterium per diuersos, 
vs. vjd. 
iijd. Summa, (blank); debet, (blank). et pro f . . .? 

[21 v.j Aueria recepta in festo S'ci laurencij 54 de firmis. 
De Joh'e 5oudale j vacca, vijs. vjd. ; De Jenkyn 5oudale j vacca, 
vijs. vjd. ; De Th. Gest j bou' j vacca, xvjs. ; De Rob. Richardson 
ffyscher ij vaccse, xiijs. ; De Rob'to langstrote j vacca, vjs. viijd. ; 
De Joh'e Atkynson j vacca, vjs. viijd. ; De Th. langstrote 
j vac., vjs. viijd. ; De Joh'e Wilson iij vaccse, xxs.; De Vicar' 
iij vaccse, xxixs. ; De Joh'e Wilson j bou', ixs. 

Item aueria recepta ad idem tempus vt supra de decimis 
et diuersis empcionibus de diuersis ue'tent'. 1 De Will'mo 
ffyscher iij vaccse, xxs. ; et Joh'e Wilkinson ij boues et ij 
vaccse, xxxvijs. ; De Thoma Alanby ij vaccse, xvjs. ; De Thoma 
Stanlow de keswyke j stirkett, iijs. ijd. ; De Joh'e Hereson ij 
vaccse, xiijs. Summa capitum, xxviij. 

Unde Will'mo Wrampan de Ripon xij vaccse cum j stirkett 
(cum j stirkett) 2 prec., iiijli. (vjs.) 3 ; in solucione data in parte, 
etc. (et Will'mo Burton generoso in mercede in parte pro 
xxijs., ij boues); 3 et Joh'i Rand de Rypoh j vacca vend, pro 
vjs. xjd.; Joh'i Burton de promptuario d'ni Abbatis j vacca 
prec., (vjs.; Rogero Ward in j boue Will'mo Stavelay de Brym- 
bem in mercede j Juuenca debilis, iiijs.); 3 Th. Belford iiij boues 
(in de, (blank) ) ; 3 Th. Darnbruke ij vaccse et j juuenca, xxijs. ; 
coquinse abbatis ij vaccse, eidem ij juuencse. 

Memorandum de xix auerijs rec. de Allerdale in vigilia 
s'ci Wilfridi 54 in yeme. Unde ij bou. xj vacc. vj Juuenc. 
Summa, xix. Unde liberauit Rogero Ward in donis j bouem 
Joh'i Burton in mercede j Juuencam prec., vjs.; W Stavela}* 
de Brymbem in mercede j Juuencam, iiijs. ; et Will'mo Lemyng 
coco pro Stephano Blassels vj vaccas prec., (blank); Joh'i 

1 For " vendentibus " apparently. 

2 Repeated and crossed out. 

3 Crossed out. 


Portar et Rob 'to Bland in mercede j bouem, ixs. ; Joh'i Robyn- 
son Carr' 1 in mercede j vaccam, viijs. ; Th. Darnbruke (j sterkett 
cum ij vaccis supra) 2 ij Juuencas j stirkett pro, xiijs. 

[22] B. 

(A line on the top secunda manu, no longer legible.) 

Memorandum de auerijs 3 receptis per fratrem Will'm 
Harope quinto die decembr. de decimis et firmis de Allerdale 4 
Anno d'ni 1452 De Th. Gest j taurus iij vaccae cum j vitulo 
ij bouiculi, xxviijs. viijd. ; De Rob'to Wylson ij boues j bouett', 
xxvs. vjcL ; De Rob'to Langstrote j vacca j stirkett, vijs. vjd. ; 
De Relicta Joh'is Atkynson ij vaccse cum ij vitulis, xijs. ; De 
Joh'e 3owdale iiij stirkett', xiijs. iiijd. ; De Jenkyn 3owdale vj 
twynters, xxxs. ; De Rob'to 5owdale ij twynters iij stirkett' 
j bou. j vacca cum j vitulo, xxxvs. ixd. ; De Rob'to Byrkhed j 
stirkett, iijs. iiije?. ; De Th. 5owdale j Taurus j stirkett, ixs. viijd. ; 
De Margareta Coldale iiij stirkett ',xiijs.iiijc?. ; De Joh'e Atkynson 
de keswyke j bou. iij bouicul. iiij stirkett', xls. ; De Th. Atkynson 
de eadem j vacca cum j vitulo ij stirkett', xvijs. ; De Th. Atkynson 
de Watenland j vacca, vjs. viijd. ; De Will'mo Stage j bou., 
vjs. ; De Th. Makerell j vacca recepta de decimis, vijs. xd. ob.\ 
De Th. Atkynson j stirkett, iij s. \\i\d. 

Summa capitum, Ixij, xijli. xixs. xjd. ob. 

Unde liberauit Monasterio per Th. Bryndholm quinto die 
Decembr. vt patet billa indentata pu' 5 v boues, x vaccas, 
ij tauros, xij twynters, xij trynters, xij stirkettes et ij vitulos. 
Summa Capitum liberatorum Monasterio, Iv. 

De quibus Joh. Merschall in mercede j vacc. 7 : 10* o 6 cum 
agitacione, viijs. vjd. ; 7 Will'mo Merschall in mercede j vacc., 
6 : 8 8 cum agitacione, vijs. ; Joh'i deylyn j vacc., xs. ; Sellerario, 
pro frumento et granis seminandis, (blank)', Et Cellarario pro 
granis xxxviij cum ij vitulis, ixfo'. iijs. iiijcL ; Joh'i ffleschewer 

1 Carriatori '! 

2 Crossed out. 

:i " Liberatis Mon." crossed out. 

4 " Per Th. Bryndholm " crossed out. 

6 Parva ? 

6 Inserted between the lines. 

7 In margin, " per W. Harope." 

8 Inserted between the lines. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 121 

ij Bou., xvjs.; Joh. Swale pro concordia j Bo 1 et vacc., xijs.; 
R. Bland j stirkett, iiijs. ; T. Swynt. j stirkett, 4 : 

Summa, xijli. iijs. xd, ; Et sic in predictis, xvjs. j q a . 

[22 v.] B. 

Memorandum de auerijs liberatis Monasterio per Will'm 
Harope ad festum translacionis S'ci Benedicti Abbatis et in 
decimis agnorum Anno d'ni 1453 vid3 j taur. 8 :, v bou. 
45 : 8 , xxxj vacc. xv auer. junioris setatis, 14 : 5 : 10 
Summa capitum, lij. 

De quibus d'no Abbati de Melsa in solucione debiti x vaccae 
prec., (blank) i Joh'i Bolland Scissori in mercede j vacca cum 
vitulo, viijs. ; Rad. Ouerend in mercede j vacca, viijs. ; Joh'i 
Cakar in mercede j vacca, viijs. ; Thomse kynge in mercede 
j vacca cum vitulo, vjs. ; Will'mo Askwith pro expensis suis 
in Allerdale tempore decimalium agnorum in parte j juuenca 
prec., vs.; Rob'to Bland in mercede j stirkett, iijs. iiijd. ; 
Will'mo Brown in mercede j Juuenca, vjs. viijd. ; Th. Burgh 
j Juuenca mutata pro j tauro liberate monasterio, vjs. viijd. ; 
Coquinae d'ni Abbatis ij Juuencse, xiijs. iiijd. ; Communitati ad 
idem tempus xj stirkett', xls.; Will'mo Wrampan juniori de 
Rypon j taurus x vaccae vend, pro 3: 13 : 4 vnde Minerarijs 
per manus Thomse Darnbruke per vices 50 : iijli. xiijs. 4 ; 
Rob'to Collow j vacca vjs. ; Joh'i Ranald ij ; Communitati j ; 
Joh'i Selby j bou. j vacca, xjs. iiijd. ; Joh. Kendale j Juuenca, 
vs.; Th. Darnbruke j bou., xjs. 

De Edmundo Wren iij vacc., xvijs. ; De Henrico Vllake 
iij vacc., xiiijs. xd. ; De Joh'e Grafe j vacc., vjs.; 1 De Rob'to 
Hogeson j vacc. j stirkett, vijs. ; De Th. lawson j vacc., vs.; 
Th. Dowth j vacc. j vit'l, vjs. vjd. ; De Joh'e 3owdale ij vacc., 
xijs. viijd. ; De eodem iij vacc., xvjs. ; De Jenkyn 5owdale iij 
vacc., xviijs. iiijd.; De Th. Geste ij vacc. j vit'l, xjs.; De Joh'e 
Atkynson j vacc., vs. ; De eodem j bou., viijs. ; De Th. langstrote 
j vacc., vjs. viijd.; De Rob'to langstrote j vacc., vs. viijd.; 
De Rob. ffysch' j vacc., vs.; De Rob. Wilson, fly sch', iij vacc., 
xvjs. vjd. ; De Nich'o Stube j vacc., vijs. vjd. ; De Rob. Alanson 
j vacc., vjs.; De WilTo Stage j bou., ixs.; De Joh'e Stage ij 

1 " Non venit " superscribed. 


bou., xvjs. viijd. ; De Rob. Wilson j bou., xijs. ; De WilTo 
Alanson j taur., viijs. ; De Rob. 5owdale j bouic'l, V6-. v\d.\ 
De Rob'to langstrote j twynter, iiijs. vjd.; De Margareta 
Coldale iiij stirkett', xiijs. iujd. ; De Th. dowthwaite j stirkett, 
ijs. iiijd. ; De Rob'to Byrkhed j vacc. j stirkett, xjs. vjd. ; De 
Ric. ffysch j stirkett, iiij s. ; De Joh. Atkynson j vacc. j stirkett, 
viijs. ; De Henr. Vllak j vacc. j buc'l, vijs. xd. ; Joh. Walkar 
j vacc., vs. ; Joh. leys j vacc., iiijs. 

[23] B. 

Memorandum de auerijs liberatis Monasterio per Will'm 
Harope procuratori de Crosthwate de firmis et de decimis ad 
festum s'ci Bartholomei anno d'ni 1453, per Th. Byrnholm 
vid5 j bou., 7:8-, xiij vacc. x stirkettes et vit'l. 
Summa capitum, xxiiij. 

De quibus Joh'i Huberd in mercede j vacc. cum vitulo, 
vijs. vii]d. ; Rob'to ketylwell in mercede j vacc. cum vitulo, 
ixs.; Petro ffletcher in mercede j vacc. cum vitulo, ixs.; 
Thomse ketloke in mercede j vacc. cum vitulo, viijs. vjd. ; Joh'i 
Merschall in mercede j vacc. cum vitulo, (blank); Joh'i Settyll 
de Morkar j cum vitulo, viijs.; Georgio Raskell de Hadd in 
mercede iiij stirkettes, xiijs. iiijc/.; Th. Darnbruke j bou. vij 
vacc. vend, pro xlvijs. viijd. ; De Joh'e 5owdayle j vacc. j 
vit'l, vjs. viijcL ; De Jenkyn 3owdayle j vacc., vs. mjd. ; De 
Rob'to Byrkhed ij vacc. j vit'l, xiijs. ; De Joh'e Atkynson de 
Watenland j vacc. j vit'l, v]s. \jd. ; De Relicta Joh. Atkynson 
ib'm j vacc., vjs. viijd. ; De Th. Atkynson ib'm j vacc. j stirkett, 
viijs. ; De Rob'to ffysch j vacc., vs. vjd.\ De Will'mo Wayk- 
thwayte j vacc., vs. vii]d. ; De Rob'to Clerke j vacc. j vit'l, 
vijs. v]d. ; De Joh'e Atkynson de Keswyke j vacc. j vit'l, xs.; 
De Joh'e Grafe j vacc., vjs. ; De Th. 5owdale j vacc. ij stirkett', 
xiijs. iiijd. ; De Margareta Coldale j stirkett, iijs. iiijrf.; De 
Joh'e Aschbrige j stirkett, ijs. ijd. ; De Margareta Stage j bou., 
vijs. viijcL ; et Memorandum de j Jumento cum j sequela rec. 
de Mortuario non liberat. monasterio sed vt patet billa in- 
dentata val.. 26 : 8'; Item aliud Jumentum sine sequela 
receptum de Mortuario patet billa indentata non liberatum 
Monasterio sed Rob'to Harope, et dictus Rob'tus harope 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 123 

remisit dictum equum ad Croch 1 cum Rob'to Bland ad festum 
s'ci Martini 53 in yeme, sed Memorandum de auerijs liberatis 
Monasterio vt patet supra vid3 j boue xiij vaccis x stirkettis 
et vitulis. 

Item Memorandum de xiij xx v agnis liberatis Mon. ad 
festum Nativitatis s'ci Joh'is Baptistse 53 de decimis et de 
xxvj multonibus et ouibus receptis de decimis et firmis vnde 
j dat. T. Carlele per vicarium* 

[23 v.J B. 

Aueria liberata Monasterio ad festum s'ci Martini 53 in 
hieme. De Joh'e 3owdale de Staynthwayte j vacea, vjs. 
iiijd.; 2 De Jenkyn 5owdale de eadem iij twynters j sterke j 
vacca j vit'l prec., xxiiijs. iiijd.; De Rob'to 5owdale ij vaccae 2 
ij stirkett', xixs. xd. ; De Th. 3owdale ij vaceae, 2 xijs. nijd. ; 
De Rob'to Byrkhed j vacca 2 j vit'l iij stirkett', xiijs. m]d. : 
De Th. Gest ij sterkett', iiijs.; 3 De Joh'e Atkynson j bouiculus 4 
j sterkett, vs. ixd.; De Rob'to Wilson ij vaccae, xjs.; 5 De Th. 
Langstrote j vacca j sterke, vjs. viijd. ; 6 De Rob'to ffysher j 
bou., viijs. ; 7 De Joh'e Atkynson de keswyke j bouiculus, vs. ; 8 
De eodem j vacca, viijs. ; 9 De Th. Atkynson de Watenland j 
twynter, iijs. iiijd. ; 10 De Margareta Coldayle j vacca, vijs. ; 11 
De katerina Brathwate j sterkett, xxiijc?. ob. ; De Atkyn Wayk- 
whate j sterkett, xxd. ob.; De Petro Thomlynman ij sterkett', 
iij5. iijd. ; De Joh'e Robynson iij sterkett', iiijs. ix^. ; 12 De Joh'e 
Thomlynson ij sterkett', iiiJ5. i\d. ; De Will, hyen (?) j sterkett, 
xviijd. ; De Joh'e Stanger juniore ij sterkett', iiij.; De Atkyn 
Whyte Jun. j Juuenca, iijs. xd. ; De Ric'o Ma} 7 son j Juuenca, 

I Crochouse. 

" symso " superscribed. 
3 " Th. Ouerend " after "" iiij<s.' ! 

" Ro. bland " superscribed. 
"symso " here. 
tt " Car? vacc." (caret vacca). 
7 " symso " here. 
8 W. Merschall liere. 

9 S earth here. 

10 "symso " here. 

II Coquina here; " decim" over next line. 


iijs. viijd. ; De Th. Bull j sterke, i]s. ijd. ; De Th. Hogeson j 
vacca, v]s. xd. ; De Joh'e Mayson j vacca, vs. viijd. ; De Jac. 
Whyte j vacca, vjs. ijd. \ l 

[24] Herryson j Juuenca, iiijs. ; De Ric'o 3owdale j sterkett, 
ijs. iii]d. ; De Will'mo Bryge j sterkett, ijs. xd. ; De Joh'e grafe 
j sterkett, xxijd. ob. ; De Ric. ffysch iiij sterkett', viijs. viijd. ; 
De Henrico Brath j sterkett, xviijd. ; vit'l decimal, iij. 

Summa capitum, (blank) 60. 2 

Unde liberati sunt Monasterio per Thomam Brynholm 
Iviij. 3 De quibus Rob'to Bland in mercede j bouiculus, iiijs. 
iijd.i Will'mo Merschall in mercede j, vs. ; Joh'i Symson pro 
Abbate Mon. Ebor. in parte arr.,decimae de Cowton xx, iiijli. 
xiiijs. ; Joh'i Markynfeld in donis per d'nm Abbatem x sterkett' ; 
Th. Ouerend xv sterkett' prec. xxvijs., vnde in mercede xiijs. 
vjeL, et residuum liberauit Th. Swynton, etc.; Th. ketloke in 
mercede j vacca, viijs. vjd. ; 4 Joh'i qwyxlay in donis j vacca, 
ixs. ; 5 Th. longlay in mercede j Juuenca, vs. ; Will. Stavelay in 
mercede j, vjs.; Joh. Esshton in mercede j vacca, vjs.; Will. 
Brown in mercede j Juuenca, vjs. viijd. ; Joh'i kendale in 
mercede j Juuenca, vs. ; 6 Joh'i kendale iij vituli j sterkett, 
(blank) . 

[24 v.] C. 

Aueria remanentia in manu Magistri super compotum 
aueriorum Henrici sexti tricesimo primo vid5 a d'ni 1452. 

Tauri. In manu Magistri, ij ; Th. Cat our, j ; In Hawra- 
parke, j; apud kylnsay, j ; et in elemosina, ij. 

Boues. In manu knoll, Pycall, xiiij ; (unde j T. Darnbruk 
et j Joh. West pro coquina) 7 Will. Abraham, iiij ; Th. knoll, 
iiij; (W. Holyngton) 7 WiU. Wright, vj ; Will. Tennand, iij; 
Rob. Symson, j ; Will. H'tlyngton, iiij ; Th. Atkynson, ij ; 
(Millom) 7 Rob. Atkynson, ij ; Rog. seriantson, j ; Th. lawson, 
iij , Will, lawson, ij ; Relict. Joh'is Deyn, vj ; Joh. Swyer, ij ; 

At the foot of the page, " iij 9 U ij pdnt r ." 

A cow and a stirk are noted above as wanting. 

See last note. 

This line is crossed out. 

Item xviijd. 

6 This line is crossed out. 

7 Superscribed secunda manu. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 125 

Dicon ffysch, ij ; (j mart, et j vend. Dicon Symson) 1 Th. 
Buke, iiij ; Job. Buk, ij ; In manu Joh'is West, iiij ; In parochia 
de ffoston, j ; Rob. Ward de Suttonhowgrafe, ij ; Pater Thomse 
Pymson, ij ; Will. Hogeson de kylnsay, iiij ; Joh. Lamberd de 
Scarthcote, iij ; Joh. Wygylsworth, j ; Ric. lamberd, iiij ; Th. 
Racse, ij ; Rob. Proctour, vj ; (vnde ij S th Hamt' ?) T Th. 
ffyscher de Baldyrby, ij ; Rob. Hostyllar, ij ; Alan exilby, ij ; 
Th. Batman, ij ; (blank) Bonby, 2 ij ; Ricard. Ward, ij ; Joh. 
Tupe, vj ; In manibus ten. de Thorntonmour, iiij ; (vnde j 
mort. con li j) 3 Joh. Settyl de Aldfeld, ij ; Joh. knoll, ij ; Joh. 
kyd, j ; Got. ffysch j ; (in feod.) 3 Ric. Wright de Baldyrby, ij ; 
et in lard. 4 x Balderby, iiij ; Raynton, iiij ; Marton, iiij ; Joh'i 
ffawx in donis, j ; Joh'i qwyxlay in donis, j ; Joh'i Vavasour in 
donis, j ; Joh'i Walworth in donis, j ; Will. Tankerd in donis, j. 
Summa, vij xx viij. 

[25] C. 

vacc. iiij et in lard. 40. 

Juuencee. 4. 

Au. rem. super compotum an. H. vj xxxij. 

Tauri. In manu Magistri, ij ; T. Catour, j ; In manu reul. (?), 
j ; In Hawrapark apud kilnsa, j ; apud Arnclyf , j ; In elemosina, 
ij. Summa, 8. 

Boues ut supra vi5, 121. 

In lardaria, x; apud Balderby, iiij; Raynton, iiij; Marton, 
iiij ; Brimbem, j ; Morker, j et ibidem, iij ; Joh. fox, j ; J. Wal- 
worth, j; J. Whyxla, j; J. Vauasour, j. 

Summa, 31, et ut supra, 121. 
Summa totalis, 152. 

[25 v.] C. 

Vaccse rem. in lardaria, xlj. 

Bouett' apud Morkar, ij ; apud Brimbem, iiij ; apud Morhous, 
iij; apud Bollerschaw, iij. Summa, 12. 

1 Superscribed secunda tnanu. 

2 Or Bouby ? 

3 Superscribed secunda tnanu. 

4 " In lardaria," in the larder, salted. 


Juuencce. Apud Calfalhous, ij. 

Bollerschaw. Compotus actus cum Relicta Petri Ward 
dominica post Albas 57 vid5 in vig. s'ci Martini 57 eadem 
respondet de pede vltimi compoti vt patet folio supra, 1 xvijs. 
ixd. ; (et de termino Martini 55) 2 et Pent. 56 et Martini 56, 
xxxijs.; et resp. (pro j boue) 2 de (viijs.) 2 vjs. viijd. ex legacione 
in j boue. Summa, 56 : 5 

Unde liberauit compotanti per manus Th. Darnbruke in 
j vacca, ixs. ; et eidem in j boue liberate Will'mo More de 
ebor. pro sera et oleo in parte, ixs. vjd. ; et liberauit Monasterio 
per Joh'em qwarfe in j qrt. f rumen ti prec., v]s. viijd. ; et liberauit 
dicto Mon. per dictum Joh'em qwarfe in Auen., xd. ; et penes 
Robertum lamberd de Morker per Rob'tum Weste, ijs. v]d. ; 
et Rob' to Sandall in j boue, viijs. ; et pro perquisicione eiusdem 
bouis, iijd. 36 : vjd. ; 3 et liberauit Th. Swynton, v]s. viijd. 4 

[26] C. 

Recepciones Aueriorum firmarum post ffestum s'ci Martini 
in yeme 52. 

Tauri. (Blank. ) 

Boues. De Relicta Joh'is Bayn de Mourhous de Beuerlay 
iiij, 40: De Ricardo Pott de Aldfeld j prec., xvjs. 

Bouetti. De Relicta Joh'is Bayn vt supra iiij, prec. 33 : 4 
De Ricardo (Pott de Aldfeld j) 5 ffawsyd ix, 5 : 3 : 6 De 
Thoma Darnbruk, (blank). 

Vaccce. De Rob'to Benson j prec., vjs. ; (Joh'i Newsom) 6 
De Will'mo Bolton de Bourthwate j, viijs.; (Ste . . . talbot) 6 
De edmundo servand j, viijs. ; (Bowrth.) 6 De Thoma Darn- 
bruke ij cum vitulis, xvjs. ; (dacre et holmhous) 6 (De Will'mo 
Bollton de Bowrthwate j vacca q r (?), viijs. ; de Ric'o Toppan 
j vacca, vijs. ; De Joh'e Jacson de Syxford j, viijs. vjrf.) 7 

1 Fo. 20 of the original MS. 

2 Crossed out. 

3 Should be 36*. 9d. 

4 Leaving 13s. still due. 

5 Crossed out. 

Superscribed secunda manu. 
7 Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 127 

Juuencce. De Will'mo Bollton de Bowrthwate j cum vitulo, 
vs. iiijd. ; (lib. lofthous, 1 Talbot, 1 talbot) 2 De Joh'e Jacson de 
Syxford j, viijs. rem. ib'm. 

Sterkett'. De Will'mo Thacwra de Holmhous ij, vjs. iiijd. q a . 

[26 v.] C. 

Liberaciones eorundem ad idem tempus, etc. 

Tauri. (Blank.) 

Boues. Will'mo Gilliam ij prec., xxs. ; debet Joh'i Mylner 
de Ripon ij, 22 : vnde 9: 

Bouetti. Will'mo Bayn ij, xiijs. iiijd. ; Crathorn generoso 
de Cleveland ij in donis, xxs. ; Joh'i gervaus de ebor. ix prec., 
(blank) ; pro d'no Archiepiscopo in donis in installacione sua. 3 

Juuencce. ( Blank. ) 

[27] Liberaciones Aueriorum communitatis post festum S'ci 
Martini in yeme 52. 

Tauri. Ten. de Balder by j prec., vijs. ; Will. Wrampan j, 

Boues. Joh'i Mallom ij prec., (blank); Joh'i Vavasour j in 
donis prec., (blank); Joh'i ffiesschour ij prec., xijs.; Joh'i ffaux 
in donis j prec., (blank) ; Joh'i West in mercede j prec., vjs. viijd. ; 
Rob. Brown de Ingerthorpe pro fr'mo 4 per J. Esby j prec., 
viijs. ; Joh'i Wherfe de Swanlay in mercede j 6:; Ric. Thorn- 
bergh j prec., viijs. ; Rob. Jacson pro concordia ij prec., (blank); 
Will'mo Wrampan Jun. de Ripon j, 9 : 6-; Ric. Ta^our de 
Hadd in mercede j prec., xjs. v]d. ; Joh'i gerwas v, xl(s.) 5 ; 
33 : 9 ij mortui in morina Joh'i Harpour ij. 

Bouetti. Agneti Reyd ex conuencione j ret , xijd. ; Th. 
Swynton j prec., vijs. ; Th. Mawar pro concordia ij prec., 
(blank); Ric. Pott de Aldfeld ij prec., xviijs.; Th. Neusom j 
prec., (blank); Th. Jenkynson j, vs.; Nicholao qwytfeld pro 
concordia ij prec., (blank); Ric'o Jenkynson pro labore pro 
concordia cum dicto qwytfeld j prec., (blank); Joh'i gervaus 
x, iijK. ; pro d'no (abbate versus london per Joh'em Esby); 6 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Superscribed secunda manu. 

3 Archbishop William Booth was installed in 1452. 
* frumento ? 

' pro d'no " superscribed. 
6 Written over " Archiepiscopo in installacione sua " crossed out. 


Joh'i Dogeson de Ripon j, vjs. ; Rob'to yacse de Studelay pro 
concordia ij prec., 13 :4-; Th. Colyn ij, xviijs. ; D'no Archiep'o 
in installacione sua iij cum alijs ix receptis de firmis ; Will'mo 
Stavelay j bouettus in mercede, vs. 

Vaccce. Will'mo Wrampan Jim. de Ripon j, viijs. injd. ; 
Ric'o Raskell Jun. in parte mercedis j, viijs. ; Joh'i kendale de 
Morkar in mercede j, vjs.; Joh'i Selby ij, xijs. ; (Rob'to 
Merbeke pro concordia 1 j prec., iiijs. vjd.); 2 ffawsyed Balliuo 
pro concordia j, (blank) ; Joh'i Wright in parte mercedis j, vjs.;, 
Ric. Merbeke de Walsworthbryges pro concordia j prec., (blank). 

[27 v.] C. 

Juuencce. Joh'i Neusom in parte mercedis j cum vitulo, vs. ; 
Ric'o Peke in parte mercedis j, vjs. iiijd. ; Rob'to Bland in parte 
mercedis j, vs. vjd. ; Rob'to ketyllwell in parte mercedis j, 
vjs. viijd. ; Rob'to Collow in parte mercedis j, vs.; Rob'to 
Merbeke j in mercede, iiijs. v]d. 

Stirkett'. Ric'o Raskell Jun. in parte mercedis ij, vjs. viijd. ; 
Ric'o Peke j pro (blank). 

(Folio 28 has been cut out.) 

[29] C. 

Liberaciones Aueriorum communitatis ad (et post) 3 festum 
s'ci Martini 53 in yeme. 

Boues. Joh. Walworth, j ; Joh'i Vavasour, vj ; Joh'i ffaux, j ; 
Joh'i qwyxlay, j ; Joh. Crakanthorpe, j ; Ric. Barkhous in 
mercede j, xjs. v]d. ; Rob. ketylwell j, ixs. ; (Joh. Cote j, viijs. 
vjd.); 4 Joh'i Robynson Carrectario in mercede j, xjs. ; Joh'i 
kendale de Morkar in mercede j, xjs. ; Joh'i Hudswell; Ric. 
Kendalle carpentario j bou, xs. ; Joh'ae More de ebor. j prec., 
(blank) ; Joh'i Ingylby generoso in donis, ij ; Joh'i qwyxlay in 
donis, j ; Got. ffysch pro concordia j cum W Scarburgh. 

Bouetti. Cognatis Th. Swynton, iiij ; Th. Mawer pro con- 
cordia, ij; Stephano Talbott ij, xvjs.; Will'mo Elyse, ij dimissi; 

1 " in mercede " superscribed and crossed out. 

2 Crossed out. 

3 Superscribed. 

4 Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 129 

Joh'i Elyse, ij dimissi; Thomae Clapham, j in donis; 1 Crakan- 
thorp, j in donis; Joh'i Ingylby generoso in donis, ij; Thomae 
gygard ij pro xvs.; unde j mortuus in agitacione, et liberauit 
pro alio ix bus. siliginis pastoribus, etc., got. ffysch pro con- 
cordia iij, scarburgh ; Rogero seriantson, ij dimissi; W deyn, 
ij dimissi; Katerinse deyn, ij dimissi; (entry unfinished). 

Vaccce. Joh. Strafford in feodo ij, xvs. ; Joh'i Selby moriacho 
j, viijs. ; T. Swynton j, viijs.; Th. Day j, viijs.; Dawtre, j in 
donis; famulo Redman, j in donis; Joh'i Cote, j in mercede, 
viijs. v]d. ; Joh'i Portar in mercede j, vijs. ; Stephano Talbote 
in donis j et in elemosina ad portam in die animarum j ; Joh'se 
More de ebor. j prec., (blank); Joh'se Burton ij prec., (blank); 
(Rob. Collow in mercede j, vjs.); 2 Will. Banyster dimidia 
vacca cum vxore Rede j, iiijs. ; Rob'to Settyll j cum vitulo, viijs. ; 
Brownflete pro concordia, j; Will. Brown in mercede j, viijs. ; 
(Joh'i Settyll) 2 Joh'i Swale generoso, j; Will. Tankerd, j in 
donis; (Joh'i Swale, j) 2 Joh'i Walter, j pro concordia; Got. 
ffysch, pro concordia j sterk; Stephano Talbot, j vacca in feodo. 

[29 v.] C. 

Juuencce. Will. Abbot j in mercede, vjs.; (Rob. Merbek 
in mercede j, iiijs. vjd. sturd.); 2 Rob. West in mercede, vs. ; 
Tho. Settyll j, vjs. viijd. ; Sorori Ric'i Aldburgh, j ; Joh'i Brown 
de Midlowhous j, vjs. viijd. ; Joh'i Bolland pro vigilacione 
aueriorum j, iiijs. 

Stirkettes. Joh'i edson in mercede j sturd., xd. ; Will'mo 
Brown, xxd. ; Petr. ffletcher j, xiiijd. ; Got. ffysch pro concordia, 
iiij cum W Scarburgh in parte de xlijs. iiijdL 

Tauri. In elemos. ad portam, j; Ric. Raskell Jun., Georg. 
Raskell j, viijs. ; (Will. Wrampan Jun. j, vj.); 2 Joh'i Barkhous 
j, ixs. ; In expensis apud Balderby in reparacione ibidem, j. 

(All the written part of folio 30 has been cut out.) 

[31] C. 

Empcio aueriorum firmarum post festum s'ci Martini in 
hieme, 53. 

1 " No* " superscribed. 
Crossed out. 



Tauri. (Blank.) 

Boues. De Ric'o Potte j prec., viijs. iiijd. 

Bouetti. De W qwelhous, iiij; De Joh'e Ellyngton, ij. 

Vaccce. De Will'mo Bollton de Bourthwate j, viijs.; 
(coquin') 1 De Joh'e Jacson de Syxford j, viijs. vjd. ; (bolland 
j, 9:) 1 De Ric'o Toppan de lofthous j, vijs. ; (Seton) 1 De 
Edmundo Seruand j, vjs. viijd. ; in reparacione ten. de Calfalhous 
per Will'm Askwith et Joh'em Ellyngton j, vjs. viijd. ; De Ric'o 
Toppan j vacc., ixs.; lib. lofthous, De Will'mo Hornar j vacc., 
vjs. ; De Joh'e Ellyngton j vacc., vjs. ; De W Bollton de 
Bourthayt j, xs. 

[31 v.] C. 

Juuencce. De Ric'o Potte j, pro vs. (compoti). 1 

Stirkettes. De Thoma litstar j, pro iijs. iiij (compoti); 1 

De Joh'e Jacson de Syxforth iij, pro vijs. vjd. 

[32] C. 

Liberacio aueriorum ffirmarum post festum s'ci Martini 53 
in hieme. 

Tauri. (Joh'i dogeson pro Th. Hodechen j). 2 

Boues. (Blank. ) 

Bouetti. De Will'o qwelhous iiij pro, (blank)', (De Joh'e 
Ellyngton, ij); 2 Thomse Bekford pro concordia, ij; Stephano 
Blassels pro vin' (?), vj; Joh'i dogeson pro Th. Hodechen, ij. 

Vaccce. Joh'i Bolland j in mercede, ixs.; Joh'i Seton 
monacho in habitu j, vijs. (vjd. ; De Edmundo servand pro 
absolucione j; De Ric'o Raskell sen. j pro absolucione; De 
W Bollton de Bourthwate j prec., ixs.) 2 

Juuencce. De W qwelhous, ij. 

[32 v.] C. 

Debita quae Abbas de ffontibus debet Abbati Monasterii 
Beatse Mariae ebor. ad festum Pentecostes Anno regni regis 
Henrici sexti xxix. 

De tempore Will'i Howthorpe nuper Ballivi dicti Mon. 
beatse Marie ebor. vt patet in compoto suo ibidem, xW. viijs. 

1 Superscribed. 

2 Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 131 

\\ijd. ; De tempore Galfridi Blakey Balliui ib'm post ipsum pro 
iiij annis per annum 35 : yijli. ; De tempore Symonis kygley 
Balliui ib'm post ipsum pro iiij annis per annum 35 : vi]li. 
Summa, xxiiijfo'. viijs. iiijcL 

Inde soluit de tempore Galfridi Blakey vid5 eidem Gal- 
frido, xls. ; Item soluit die to Symoni kyghley cum vij marc, 
de precio j fodir plumbi et cum Ixvjs. viijd. per man' Rob'ti 
Hertford, 1 viijli. Summa, xli. 

Et sic debentur dicto Abbati Mon. b'tae Marise Ebor. per 
dictum Abbatem de ffontibus, xiiij^. viijs. iiijd. ; (et petunt 
pro vno alio anno tempore Symon Dighton, xxxvs.; et pro ij 
annis tempore Maunforth (?) vid5 ad festum pent. 58, ujli. xs.) 2 

Memorandum de (iij^'.) 2 vli. vjs. iujd.; de tempore k}^ghley 
et pro ij annis Alex. Maunforth ad festum pent. 58, iijli. xs. 

[33] C. 

Empciones ouium (firmarum) 3 post festum s'ci Martini 51 
in yeme. 

Hurtardi. (Blank.) 

Multones. De Thoma Darnbruke rec. de ten. in villa de 
Nyd de extractis curise, xij ; De Thoma Darnbruke, xx prec., 

Oves. De Th. Darnbruke rec. de ten. in villa de Nyd 
de extractis Curise, x. 

Hogg'. De dicto Th. Darnbruke vt supra j. 
-j- Mem. de xiij ouibus venditis Ric'o Bekwith pro vs. ; Unde 
liberauit T. S. per j porcum in parte, ijs. ; et eidem alia vice, 
ijs. ]d. ; et in expensis in agitacione ouium per vices et vnccione 
eorundem et in carriagio bituminis, xjd. 

[33 v.] C. 

(The whole page is blank.) 

[34] Ret. 4 Sterkett' ad ffestum Pent. Anno d ? ni 1454. De 

Morkar per Joh'em kendall, xix; De Haddokstayns per Ric'm 

1 Something seems to be wrong here. 

2 Crossed out. 

3 Superscribed. 
* Or " Rec." 


Raskell sen., xxx, et in emendis eorundem, ij; De Brymbem 
per Joh'em ketylwell viij, et in emendis eorundem, vs. iiijd., 
et in allocacione eidem pro j vacca deficiente, j , et in vendicione 
super eundem xj, pro xliiijs. ; De Aldburgh per Thomam Well 
v, et in emendis, vs., vnde liberauit iiijs., dj, xi]d. ; De 
Thoma litstar ibidem, (blank)', De Nutwithcote per Ric'm 
Bee with x, et in emendis, iiijs. ; De Bramlay per Johannem 
Ellington x, et in emendis, v]s. ; De Potte per Will'm Ask with 
xiij, et in emendis et in vendicione super eundem j, pro iiijs.; 
Item Joh'es Askwith liberauit vij, et in emendis, iij<s. vjd. ; 
Item Thomas Askwith liberauit iiij, et in emendis, ijs. viijd. ; 
Item Henr. Hochons lib. v, et in em., vs., et lib. et seque; 
De lofthous per Ric'm Toppan v, et in emend., iijs. iiijd., et 
in vend, super eundem j, pro iiijs. ; Item per Joh'em Rayner 
ib'm ij, et in emendis, xijd., et in vend, super eundem ij, pro 
viijs. ; Item per Th. Robynson, Atkynson v, et in em., iiijs. 
viijd., et in vend, super eundem j, pro iiijs. ; De Bourthwate 
per Will'm Bollton xx, et in emendis, iij,s. uijd.; 1 Item per 
Will'm Horner ib'm x, et in emendis, iiijs. ; 2 (vnde liberauit per 
J. Esby, iijs., et mihi in arsura stirkett' 55, xijd. et seque) ; 3 Item 
per WilPm Servand ib'm x, et in emend., vs.; (vnde liberauit 
in arsura stirkett' anno 55 in j stirkett, iijs. iiijd.); 3 De Calfhal- 
hous per Will'm Askwith, xiiij ; De Holmhous per Will'm 
Bollton v, et in emendis, vs. 

[34 v.] C. 

De Syxford per Joh'em Jacson xx, et in emendis, xs.; De 
Dacre per Rob 'turn Bates xix, et in emendis, v]s. viijd., 4 et 
in allocacione eidem pro vaccis deficientibus j ; De Hasthahous 
per Relic tarn Ric. Bollton xij, et in emend., vs., et in vend, 
super eandem di sterkett', pro ijs. ; Item per Will'm Thacwra 
xij, et in emendis, xijs., et in vend, super eundem di. sterkett', 
pro ijs. 

(Folio 35 is wanting, and the recto of 36 is blank, but marked 
" C " at the top,) 

1 Over " vjs. viijd." crossed out. 

2 After " vs." crossed out. 
8 Secunda manu. 

4 Over " xiijs. iiijcZ." crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 133 

[36 v.] C. 

Aldburgh. Compotus actus cum Th. litstar super com- 
potum Aueriorum Henrici sexti xxxiij c '. Idem r. de xxs. 
iijd. ob. de pede compoti aueriorum eodem anno et (de xvij) 1 
vjd. de pede compoti ouium. 

Summa, xxs. ixd. ob. 

Unde liberauit in j stirkett in Arsura stirkett' ad festum 
Inuencionis 54, iijs. iii]d. ; et liberauit Will'mo Sawnderson pro 
concordia, xs., et liberauit Bursario Rob'to Sandall, vjs. vii]d. ; 
et petit allocacionem pro agestamento aueriorum de allerdale, 
ixd. ob. Summa, xxs. ixd. ob. 

Thomas Well r. de vs. pro emendis sterkettis et de xxijd. ob. ; 
pro Butiro et de pede compoti ouium, ixd. 

Summa, vijs. (xd. ob.) 1 vi]d. ob. 

Unde petit pro pastura aueriorum de Allerdale et aueriorum 
pro Joh'e litster, xxd. ; et petit pro bitumine, xijd. 

[37] C. 

Compotus actus cum Joh. qwerf iiij to die Nouembr' 54. 
In primis r. de firma sua per ij annos, x]li. vjs. vii]d. ; Item 
idem respondet de viij bobus sibi accommodatis, precium 
cuiuslibet, xjs. ; Item de Agestamento ij vaccarum per ij annos 
quas habuisset et non habuit; Item pro extractis Curise (blank). 
Summa, (blank). 

Vnde liberauit monasterio dicto viij boues sibi accommo- 
dates. Item pro firma sua in parte vij boues, precium cuiuslibet, 
ixs. Summa, (blank). 

Item liberauit viij vaccas s . q . 2 promisit cellerario, prec. 
cuiuslibet, vjs. viijcZ. ; Item liberauit monacho Bras, iiij qrt., 
viijs. ; Item stabulo d'ni Abbatis di. qrt. Auen. ; Item cellerario 
et Bursario ij qrt. prec., iiijs.; Item promisit cellerario xij qrt. 
frumenti prec. qrt., (blank)', Item promisit eidem cellerario 
viij qrt.; Auenae prec. qrt. (blank). 

[37 v.] C. 

Liberaciones Aueriorum communitatis ad et post festum 
S'ci Martini in hieme 54. 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Each letter with a contraction-mark, for " suas quas" [?]. 


Tauri. Joh'i dogeson pro Th. Howthen j, (blank)', Joh'i 
Robynson, Carrectario, j, vjs. viijd. ; Rob. Smyth de Burton 
lenerd j vend, pro vs. 

Boues. Joh'i Walworth in donis, j ; Joh'i Vavasour in 
donis, j ; Mag'ro Thomae Drewry pro j equo empto communi- 
tati, ij ; Ric'o Barkhous in mercede j, xs. ; Joh'i Wederhall de 
Scarburgh j, (blank)', Rogero Ward generoso in donis, j; Joh'i 
ffawkes in donis, j; Thomae ketloke j, xs. ; Ric'o Thornbergh 
ij prec., xiiijs.; Joh'i qwixlay, j; Item ad vaF, 1 j; j mort. apud 
Balder by. 

Bouetti. Thomae Belford pro concordia in parte, iiij ; 
(Rogero Ward in donis, j); 2 Joh'i dogson pro Th. Hodschen, ij ; 
Stephano Blassels per WilPm lemyng, vj ; Rob'to West in 
mercede j, vjs. ; Item godfray Plompton in donis, ij ; Joh'i 
qwixlay, ij ; Will'mo lothlay pro concordia, j ; Joh'i Malghum 
de fforest pro concordia, j ; Godfray Plompton in donis, \\s. ; 
Joh'i Withes ij pro concordia; Joh'i Watson Balliuo de Craven 
pro labore suo ne noceat, ij ; Will'o Tankerd in donis, ij ; Joh'i 
Harpour ij prec., xvjs. ; Rob'to Dicson de Staynburn, j ; Item 
apud Marton j mortuus; Joh'i Brown j, vijs. ; Ric'o TaLpur de 
Hadd ij in mercede, xvijs. ; W kyd j in accommodacione ; 
Rob'to Settyl ex accommodacione, ij. 

[38] D. 

Vaccce. Thomae Day in habitu j, viijs. ; Thomae Swynton 
in habitu j, viijs. ; In morina, j; Will'mo Ward de Morker in 
mercede j pro vijs. vjd. ; In furto, j; Will'mo More de ebor., 
(blank)-, Joh'i Seton in habitu, j; (vxori greyn in donis, j); 2 
Mag'ro Thomae farleton j in donis; (Joh'i Robynson, Carrectario, 
in mercede) ; 2 Joh'i kendale de Morkar in donis, j ; Joh'i Hudswell, 
Ric. Kendale carpent' in mercede j, ixs. ; Stephano Blassels 
per Will'm lemyng, j; Thomae Bekforth ij prec., xvijs. ; Rob. 
West in mercede, vjs. ; Will'mo Abbot in mercede j, vijs. ; 
Joh'i Merkynfeld, j ; Joh'i Raskell de Ingerthorpe pro concordia, 
j ; Will. Askewith de Calfalhous j Juuenca, vjs. viijd. ; In morina 
in Craven, ij. 

1 Vallem (Nidderdale). 

2 Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 135 

Sterkett\ Joh'i kendale de Morker in mercede j pro ijs. ; 
Rob. West in mercede j, ijs. ; Joh'i Rayner Balliuo in donis, j ; 
Joh'i Scathloke Jun. pro concordia eciam pro mercede vid5 
iijs., j; Henr. loblay pro runcacione in mercede, j; Will'mo 
Plomtreys j pro concordia. 

Vitulce. Joh'i kendall de Morkar j prec., xijd. 

[38 v.] D. 

Empciones Aueriorum post festum S'ci Martini in yeme 54. 

Tauri. De Will'mo Bollton de Bourthwayte j, viijs. 1 

Boues. De W Thacwray de Hassthahous j prec., xiiijs. 
communitati; De Joh'ne Well de Aynderby j prec., x]s. viijd. ; 
De Rob'to Cammyll j prec., xs. v]d. ; (Will'mo Abbott Th. 
ketloke, II:); 2 Ric'o Blacwell de Thorntonmour j, xs. v'njd. ; 
De Noryson de Dysceford j prec., xvs. ; lib. Joh'i Wederhall pro 
Warnestura; De W Harpour clerico ij pro xxs.; lib. Joh'i 
Stafford in feodo, xxs. ; De Henr. Hesilden j pro xs. ; coquinae 
Abbatis; Stephano Midilton j, xiiijs. coquinae Abbatis; Joh. 
Tupe j, xiJ5. coquinae; De Johanne Herrison vj pro uijli. 

Vaccce. De Will'mo Bollton de Bourthwayte j, viijs. ; 
liberati ibidem ad Hardwike; De Will'mo Hornar ib'm j vacca 
cum vitulo prec., ixs. ; (Th. Horner de garsyngton); 4 De Joh'ne 
Jacson de Syxford ij vaccae cum ij vitulis prec., xvijs. ; vnde 
j lib. W bolton de Holmhous ad Hardwyke et j lib.; Will'o 
Askwith de Calfalhous ad Hardwike ; De Henr. Hochonson de 
Esthedhous j vacca cum vitulo prec., ixs. ; lib. lofthous ad 
Hardwike; De Will'mo seruand j vacca (cum vitulo) 5 fetosa; 6 
De Joh'ne Sparow de Wynkeslay j pro viijs. ; De Will'mo 
Bolton de Holmhous j, vjs. viij^. lib. communitati. 

" g u " superscribed, for " communitati " [?]. 

2 Superscribed. 

3 Probably for " communitati," for the kitchen of the convent, not that 
of the abbot. 

4 Superscribed. 

5 Crossed out. 

6 Superscribed. 


[39] D. 

Juuencce. De Rob'to Tupe de Dysceford j pro (viijs.) 1 
vijs. viijd. 

Bouetti. (Blank. ) 

Stirketti. De Will'mo Thacwray de Westholmhous ij prec., 
viijs. lib. communitati ; De Rob to Benson de Brighous iij 
prec., ixs. vnde j vend.; Joh'i Darnbr' pro 2: et ij lib. commu- 

Vituli. De W Askwith de Pott ij prec., ijs. (viijd.); 1 De 
Joh'ne Askwith ib'm j pro xvjd. 

[39 v.] D. 

Memorandum quod Xpoferus de Warsall liberauit anno 54 
j bouem ad Bal'; 2 Joh'i Mallom de fforest j bouem; Rob'to 
Dycson de Staynburn j bouem; Ric'o Thornbergh, ij bou'; 
(ett') 3 et apud Marton, j bouem mortuum Joh'i qwyxlay, j. 4 

[40] Recepta sterkett' ad festum pentecostes Anno d'ni 
MiU'imo cccc mo quinquage mo quinto. De Morkar per Joh'em 
kendale, ix; De Haddokstayns per Joh'em ketylwell, xxiiij, et 
in emendis eorundem, xijs., et in vend, super eundem j pro 
iiijs., et in allocacione, (blank)', De Aldeburgh per Thomam 
Well, iiij, et in emendis, iijs., et in vend, super eundem j pro 
iiijs.; Per Thomam litstar ib'm, ij, et in vend, super eundem 
iij pro xijs.; De Nutwithcote per Ric m Bekwith, ix, et in 
emendis, (iijs.), 5 ijs. iiijd., et in vend, super eundem j pro iiijs. ; 
De Bramlay per Joh'em Ellyngton, x, et in emendis, iiijs. ; De 
Potte per Will'm Askwith, xiij, et in emend., xiijs., et in vend, 
super eundem; De Esthedhous per Henr Hochonson, v, et in 
emendis, iijs. iiijd., et in vend, super eundem, ij pro viijs. ; 
In lofthous per Thomam Robynson, vij, et in emendis, iiijs., 
et in vend, super eundem di. sterkett' pro ijs. ; De Ric'o Toppan 
ib'm, v, et in emendis, (blank), et in vend, super eundem, ij, 
et di. pro xs., vnde liberauit j vitulum pro ijs.; De Bourthwaite 
per Will'm servand, xiij, et in emendis, vs., vnde liberauit 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Balliuum ? 

3 Crossed out. 

4 The whole paragraph is crossed out. 

5 Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 137 

j sterkett Taur. pro vs., etc.; De W Bollton ib'm, x, et in 
emendis, iijs. iiijd. ; De Will'mo Hornar ib'm, xiiij, et in emendis, 
vjs., vnde liberauit ad idem tempus in parte, iiijs. ; De Calfal- 
hous per Will'm Askwith xvj ; De Holmhous West per WilPm 
Thacwray, v. 
[40 v.] D. 

De Estholmhous per Will'm Bollton, iiij, et in emendis, 
xxd. ;* De Syxford per Joh'em Jacson, xv, et in emendis (xs.), 2 
viijs., 3 et in vend, super eundem v pro xxs. ; De Hassthahous 
per Will'm Thacwrey, v, et in emendis, xijd., et in vend, super 
eundem, vj, et di., xxvjs., et in allocacione pro vaccis de- 
ficientibus, j; De Relicta Ric'i Bolton ib'm, vij, et in emendis, 
vijs., et in vend, super eandem, v, et di. pro xxijs. ; De Dacre 
per Rob'tm Bates, xx, et in emendis, vjs. viijd., et in vend, 
super eundem x prec., xls.; De Brangerhous per Thomam 
Benson, xij, et in emendis, viijs. (q' 12 :), 3 et in vend, super 
eundem iij prec., xij s.; De Brymbem per Rob 'turn Thacwrey, 
xv, et in emendis, xs., et in vend, super eundem j prec., iiijs. 

(Folio 41 is missing.) 

[42] D. 

(Vendiciones et liberaciones ouium communitatis post festum 
S'ci Martini in hieme, 1454. Rob'to Huddoke in parte mercedis 
j, xijd. ; Rob. Benson de Brighous j ouis cum agno, xd., soluit 
per 4 T. Dernb'; Joh'i Huddeswell Ric'o Kendall carpent. j 
multon, 5 xvjd.; Will'o lemynge xx multones, xxs., soluit T. S.; 
Th, ketloke dominica prox. post festum Assumpcionis 55 j ; 
W Abbote pro filio Will'i dawtre capellano j ; W Tollar de 
Malwaterhous in vend, pro j porco ; Th. Ouerend in mercede j ; 
Item eidem j mutato et expensis in coquina Abbatis.) 6 

Aueria liberata Monasterio per Ric'm geffrason in festo S'cae 
Katerinae Virginis anno d'ni 1455. Per Th. geste ij vaccae 

1 " xxd." over an erasure. 

2 Crossed out. 

3 Superscribed. 

4 MS. has " p " with a loop, but it seems to be meant for " per." 

5 Either wrongly for " multo," as they write " bou " for " bos," or for 
multonem," an accusative after vendidit or liberavit understood. 

6 The whole of this paragraph is crossed out. 


prec., xijs. ; Item per Joh'em 3owdale j vacca j vit ? l prec., 
vjs. ; Item per dictum Joh'm ^oudale ij Juuencae, ixs. iiijd. ; 
Item per Jenkyn 5oudale j bouett., vs. vjd. ; Item per Th. 
3oudale j vacca, vjs. iiijd. ; per Th. Alanson j vacca, vs. (decim') ; x 
per Will'm Harope j vacca j vit'l empt. de (blank) Vllake, 
viijs. iiijd. ; per eundem j vacca, xs. ; per eundem j Juuenca, 
iijs. iiijd.; Item per eundem j vitl., ijs. iiijd. ; Item per Th. 
langstroth j Juuenca, vs. : Item de decimis, xxxj vit'l. 

Sumrna, xlvij. 

Vnde vend. Th. N. v twynters, xxiijs. ; vnde Joh'i Burnett, 
24:; et Th. Dernbruke vij pro xxxvs.; et Rob 'to Bland j 
(liberat. Joh'i Dobson pro firma) ;* et in mo', 2 j ; et ad sutton, x ; 
et Aldfeld bankes, xvj ; et in custodia Will. Abbot, ij ; et lib- 
erauit Th. Newsom, Th. Swynton in pecun', iijs.; et j mort. 
apud Morkar Joh'i Settill de morkar in mercede j, ijs. vjd. ; 
Rob'to lamberd in mercede j, ijs. v]d. 

[42 v.] Aueria empta in Allerdale ad festum Assumpcionis 
Beatae Mariae Virginis 55, et liberata Monasterio per Will'm 
Harope. In primis ix vaccse emptae pro iijli. iijs. ; Item xvj 
Twynters et stirkettes empt. pro iijli. vd. ; Item ij sterkettes 
empt. pro iijs. iiijd. ; Item iij vaccae, j vitulus et j taurus pro 
xxxijs. vjcZ. 

Summa capitum xxxj, j vitulus. Summa denariorum. 3 
Vnde in vend. Joh'i Dobson de Thornton brige pro bladis 
emptis per Cellerarium ix vacc. pro iijli. iijs. ; Item eidem xvj 
Twynters et sterkes pro iijli.', Item Joh'i Settyll de Morkar 
in mercede ij sterkettes, v*. ; In donis ffratribus praedicatoribus 
ebor. in vigilia nativitatis Mariae 55 j vacca; In donis cognato 
d'ni Abbatis de Richmundshir j vacca, j vit'l, et remanent 
communitati j taurus, j vacca (cum j vitulo) 4 Th. Darnbruke, 7 : ; 
Et notandum quod Joh'es Dobson rec. de prsedicta summa pro 
bladis emptis vt patet supra per Cellerarium in dictis Auerijs 
iiijli. et residuum liberauit Th. Clesby vid3 x\s. ; pro Th. Belford 
et (WilTmo Harope, iij* 1 .); 4 Dobson debet 3 ' 5 

1 Superscribed. 

2 Monasterio ? 

3 Amounts to 7 19. 3d. 

4 Crossed out. 
6 Superscribed. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 139 

Memorandum de xxx stirkettes apud morhous de Beuerlay 
ad festum S'ci Martini 55 vnde xx twynters x sterkettes. 

[43] D. 

Quaere post folio (sic) 57. 1 

Liberaciones aueriorum communitatis ad et post festam 
S'ci Martini in hieme 55. 

Tauri. Joh'i Dobson, j. 

Boues. Joh'i qwyxlay, j ; in donis Joh'i Wederall de 
Scarburgh, j ; (Joh'i Walworth in donis) 2 pro Warnestura, 
13: 4 ; Th. kyng Edward crokay in mercede j, 13 : 4 ; Th. 
Neusom j, 7: ; gammyll. Joh. thomlynson de gawt^e, j; 
Joh'i Symson j, xjs.; Joh. Pott et R. Bland, j; in mercede 
(blank) quondam Roh. Raynald (Ric. Bolton et Swale j, x.); 3 
Joh'i kendale de Morkar in mercede, xijs. 

A. Bouett\W. ffranke, ij ; in donis Ric'o Schorthous de 
ponte burgi ij prec., 16: ; Joh'i lupton in mercede j, iijs. iiijcL; 
Henr. kyd, j; Ric'o bollton, W Swayle j, xs. ; Th. Horner j 
in parte de xvs. ; (Th. Hope de Sallay pro concordia. ij); 3 
Joh. Tupe j, vjs. viijd. ; Steph'o Hamerton in donis, iiij ; Ric'o 
Clerkson in fur to, ij. 

B. Vaccce, quaere post. Th. gygard in vend, ij pro (blank); 
Roberto Colow in vend, ij, (blank); Th. Vnythorn de Slenyng- 
ford in vend, ij pro (blank); W Wyndsour in dimiss., j. 

Juuencce. WilTmo Brown in mercede j prec., iiijs. ; Ric'o 
Weldam clerico in donis, j; Th. Tankard in donis, j. 

Stirkett'. Ric. ffawsyed, j; Joh. Brown, j ; Th. Ayrton, j, 
in mercede, xviijd.; Joh. Hesylden, ij. 

Vitur. (Blank.) 

A. Memorandum de vij bouiculisvenditisWill'moWrampan 
ad vjs. iiijd. j, 44 : 4* ; Vnde liberauit Th. Hope pro concordia, 
xx6\ ; et Th. Darnbruke in parte debiti de 33 : 4 , xxiiijs. iiijd. ; 
Empciones aueriorum firmarum hoc anno quaere folio 200 fere 
in fine libri. 

1 Secunda inanu. The whole of fo. 43 recto is crossed out, being repeated 
in a revised form on fo. 57. 
a Superscribed. 
3 Crossed out. 


[43 v.] D. 

Vaccce. (A. quaere ante.) 1 Stephano Talbot in mercede j, 
viijs. ; Th. Swynton j, 8 : ; Th. Day j, 8 : ; Joh'i Clay in mercede j, 
xs. ; Joh'nae More de ebor. j prec., 9:; Joh'i kendale de Morkar 
in mercede j, vs. ; (vend. lib. ij sterkettes). 1 

Memorandum quod Joh'nes ketilwell nuper de Hadd 
liberauit in vigilia asoensionis vid3 v to die Maij in praesencia 
Joh'is Esby. Th. Swynton, Joh'is Selby monachi, Joh'is 
qwixlay, Will'i Duff eld,- Will. Askwith, de Ric. Raskell sen., 
Ric'o Raskell jun., et aliorum (quaere post, fere in fine). 2 In 
primis ij tauros, ix boues, xxiiij vaccas et Juuencas cum 
xxiiij vitulis, et nota, pro maiori parte omnes Juuencae; iij 
Juuencas fetosas, xxx vaccas, non fetosas, ix Juuencas, et 
vltra hac iiij vaccas, vnde j poked, et j ut dictum erat tune 
fetosam. 3 

Bouett'. Joh'i sqwyer de preston in dimissione, j et in 
ezcambio pro j boue; Joh'i Byrnand generoso in donis, ij ; 
Priorissae de yedyngham, ij. 

[44] D. 

Memorandum quod Ric'us Raskell sen. nuper de Hadd 
liberauit Monasterio de ffontibus in vig. Ascensionis 1456 ad 
manus Joh'is Esby et Th. Swynton, iiij boues vnde j vend.; 
per Th. S., Ric'o Raskell sen. pro xs. lib.; Rad. pullan pro 
firma, ut patet infra, et ij vend, per Joh. Esby, Ric'o Raskell 
sen., xxs. ; et j in manu communitatis (liberat. Askwith de 
Burton), 4 x vaccas et Juuencas, xxx multones et oues. 

Et memorandum de illis x vaccis et Juuencis venditis per 
J. Kendale, pro iijli. vjs. viijd. ; vnde Joh'i Esby versus london 
pro materia Barike circa festum trinitatis 56, xls.; et Joh'i 
Sawer de growelthorpe, etc., xs. (13 :4*); 4 et Th. Swynton 
versus ebor. pro communitati ante festum corporis xpi 56, xs. 

1 Superscribed. 

2 In margin, secunda manu. 

3 The whole paragraph crossed out. 

4 Superscribed. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 141 

[44 v.] D. 

Brymbem. Compotus actus cum Rob'to Thacwra xiiij 
die Julij 57. Idem r. de pede compoti aueriorum Henrici 
sexti 35, iiijs. ; Vnde petit allocacionem pro mercede autumpn. 
56 per familiam suam, xi]d. ; et petit allocacionem pro expensis 
d'ni abbatis ibidem per vices in potu et pullis, xd. ob. ; et 
petit allocacionem de nijd. in returno pro j juuenca, etc., 
debet, xxjd. ob.', Item 13 : 4 ; 15 : 1 o. 

[45] Eueston. 

Compotus cum Joh'e Steuens de Eueston de termino 
Martini 46. Item (sic) r. de iiijs. vjd. de termino Martini 46. 

Item r. de termino pent. 47 de iiijs. v]d. 
Summa totalis, ixs. 

Vnde petit Allocacionem pro pede billse Thomse Way 11, 
iijs.; Item de vs. per Walterum Monkton; Item reparacione 
vnius ostij, vijd. ; Item pro Will, lyndsay, iiijd. ; Item in bursa 
super compotum, }d. Summa, ixs. et seque. 

[45 v.] E. 

Dromondby. Will'ms Gunter in crastino S'ci Job. Bapt. 58 
dicit quod liberauit Th. Neusom vnde non computauit, vid^. 
Joh'i Hewyke in feod., (xiijs. iiijrf.) 1 vjs. viijd. 2 ; Item eidem in 
(40) 3 57, vjs. viij^. ; Th. Neusom ij boues, xxs.; Item dicto 
Th. Neusom in vig. trinitatis 58 in ij bovibus, xviijs. ; et eidem 
in pecun., ijs. ; et liberauit in viijfe*. cepse, iiijs. viijd. ; et 
liberauit in crastino s'ci Joh. Baptistae 58, xijd. 

Joh. pakoke ad idem tempus dicit quod liberauit j bouem 
Th. Neusom, xs. ; Joh'i Hewyke per vices, xiijs. iiijd ; et 
liberauit in crastino Joh'is Baptistae 58, xiiijs. iiijd. 

[46] E. 

Recept' per ffratrem Thomam Swynton a festo Annun- 
ciacionis Beatse Mariae vsque ad festum Nativitatis S'ci Joh'nis 

. l Crossed out. 

2 Superscribed. 

3 Crossed out. 


Baptists 55. - De Will'mo Sysson de Balderby in die Ascensionis 
55, xxd. ; De Joh'ne Dagett de eadem per manus Th. Neusom 
eodem die, etc., xijd. ; De Rob'to glower de Rypplay in cena 
d'ni 55, vjs. viijd. ; De eodem Rob'to ad festum Inuencionis s'cae 
crucis 55, vjs. viijd. ; De Th. Neusom rec. de diuersis tenentibus 
de Baldyrby, etc., vt patet in paruo libro suo, etc., per manus 
Rob. bland, vijs. iiijd. ; De Thoma Neusom feria iiij ta in septi- 
mana pentecostes 55, vjs. viijcL 

Summa, xxxs. 

Vnde dictus Thomas Swynton liberauit Joh'i Scharpe 
sutori pro labore suo circa harnas. carr. in parte, xij^. ; Et 
liberauit vxori Bayn de Ripon pro clausura empta pro sedifica- 
cione pandoxatrise, etc., iiijs. ; Item (blank) lame de Studelay 
pro carr. plumbi pro W cuke de Bows, etc., iii]d. ; Item in 
agitacione aueriorum captorum per balliuum wapent. de 
Clarow a dyghton vsque Mon., etc., iiijd. ; In expensis dicti Th. 
Swynton apud Rypon et in patria pro colleccione pecun. pro 
Warnestura per vices in parte, ijs. ijd. ; In (expensis) 1 eiusdem 
apud Rypon cum Joh'ne qwixlay pro diebus habendis cum 
Balliuis Wapentagij de Clarow et diuersis materijs Monasterij 
per vices, etc., et pro visione et locacione vnius sepis apud 
Mildeby inter tenuram nostram ibidem et terram Joh'i s 
Ingleby, etc., iiijs. vd. 
[46 v.] E. 

Et liberauit Ric'o Seyle de Rypon tinctori pro concordia 
facta per Joh'em Martyn, Thomam Tanfeld, et Joh'em qwixley 
pro clameo suo penes terr. et ten. (blank) Trompe in Staynbum 
in plena solucione, etc., vjs. viijd. ; Et liberauit in expensis 
d'ni abbatis apud knaresburgh feria quinta ante festum pent. 
55 pro die habenda cum Ric'o Bank de qwixley in parte vid5 
in donis Ministrallis Ponynges et in elemosina ibidem. v\d. ; 
Et liberauit Henr. Dynlay pro tribus Replegijs, etc., xxrf. ; 
Item filio dicti Henrici in donis, xijd. 2 ; Et liberauit Joh'i 
Rycrofte nuper de Morkar in plena solucione mercedis et 
conuent. 3 suse vid3 xxix die Maij 55 feria 5 ta pent. 55, xx<s. 

1 Superscribed. 

2 '' xxd." crossed out. 

3 Probably " conuentionis." 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 143 

viijd. ; In expensis apud Rypon ad loquendum cum d'no 
Joh'ne Byrtteby pro continuacione penes Bell, etc., iijd. ; 
Et liberauit vxori Th. Darnbruke pro expensis d'ni Abbatis 
apud Beuerlay (blank) die Junij 54 versus Wapent. de Craven 
in plena solucione de 3 : 1 , xiijd. ; Et in expensis in Arsura 
stirkett', ijs. ]d. ; Et in exp. in tonsura ouium, viijd. ; Et Will'mo 
Wyrrell pro Bowttyiigclath et in pecun. stoc', xijd. ; Rob'to 
Bland in mercede vid5 in potu folardis (in expensis in apud 
blank), 1 \]d. ; Item petit de pede vltimi billac prsecedentis vt 
patet folio praecedente 13, xijfo'. 17 : 5 o. 

Summa, xvli. vijs. ]d. ob. 
et sic debetur, xiijli. xvijs. jd. ob. 

et notandum quod Rob'tus Sandall Bursarius habet copiam 
Billse praecedentis, etc. 

[47] E. 

Recepta per dictum flratrem Thomam Swynton a festo 
Nativitatis S'ci Joh'is Baptistae 55 vsque ad festum S'ci 
Michaelis 55. In primis de Thoma Neusom rec. de W Hunter 
de dromonby (in ou'), 1 xxs.; Item de eodem in xx vln. lini rec. 
de Th. Smyth de Neusom, vjs. viijd. ; De Joh'ne Kendall sen. 
de Morker pro decimis ouium et agnorum de 54, xijd. ; De 
Bursario versus Ebor. prima vice, xiijs. iiijd ; De Joh'ne Cure, 
vjs. viijd. ; De Th. Neusom, iijs. iiijd. ; De Bursario secunda 
vice, viijs. iiijd. ; De d'no abbate per manus Rob'ti Bland lib. 
ebor. ad diem comitatus, vjs. viijd. 

Summa, iijli. vjs. 

Unde liberauit Joh'i Porcass versus Allerdale in decim. 
Agnorum, etc.. xvijc?. ; Et liberauit in expencis d'ni Abbatis 
apud padlabrige versus Garegrafe pro communicacione habenda 
cum cum Abbate furness, etc., vijd. ob.', Et in expensis Thomae 
Swynton apud Raynton Baldyrby et Alibi pro colleccione 
pecun. pro Warnestura et pro prouisione Agnorum decimalium 
et Aueria (sic) de Crosthwate, ixd. ; Et liberauit d'no Abbati ij 
vlnas nigri panni dat. Priori de Nouo Monasterio portanti d'no 
selfysch, viijs. ; In expensis apud Rypon ad communicandum 
cum Will'mo Wrampan et in alijs negocijs Monasterij, etc., 
iiijd.; In pise, recent, empt. ib'm, etc., pro d'no Abbate, iiijd. ; 

1 Superscribed. 


In expensis ad Wapentagium de Clarow tentum apud Wals- 
worthbryge xiiij mo die Julij praeter id quod Joh'nes Cure 
soluit, etc., vd. 

[47 v.] E. 

Item pro continuacione querelarum Ric. Banke de Qwyxlay, 
xxd. ; In expensis apud Scarburgh pro prouisione piscium 
salsorum deinde ad Melsam in negocijs Monasterij et apud 
Hull, etc., vjs. ijd.; Et liberauit Joh'i Wederell de Scarbargh 
pro Warnestura empto anno praeterito 54 in parte, xxxvs. iiijcl. ; 
Item eidem ad idem tempus in panno lineo, vjs. ; In expensis 
Rob'ti Wrekes ebor. pro vasis vitreis, etc., vjd. ; In exp. Thomse 
Swynton et Joh'is qwixlay ebor. ad communicandum cum 
Joh'ne Catrike penes Smerth et Hogeson pro Auerijs ablatis, 
et pro prouisione concilij habendi erga comitatum pro materia 
banke, etc., ijs. xd. ; In exp. ebor. ad diem comitatus penes 
banke, etc., in parte, iijd. ob.\ In piscibus marinis emptis d'no 
Abbati in vigilia s'ci Laurencij 55, vijd. ; In exp. Th. Swynton 
Joh'is quixlay, etc., ebor. tempore audiendi et determinandi 
per vj dies, scilicet infra octav. assumpcionis B'tae Marise anno 
d'ni 1455, et pro die habendo ibidem cum Joh'ne Maleuerer 
pro Blabericrofte et parua Vsburn, etc., vid3 primo die, In 
pane, potu, etc., xijd. ; In exp. eorundem apud Ripon eundo 
ebor., viijd. ; In exp. eorundem ebor. secundo die, ijs. vd. ; In 
ferrura ad idem tempus, xd.', In exp. eorundem tercio die 
ib'm, ijs. viijd. ; In exp. eorundem ib'm iiij to die et cum Joh'e 
Vawse, iiijs. vd. ; In exp. eorundem ib'm v to die scil. omnium 
praedictorum, iiijs. vijd. ; In exp. eorundem ib'm sexto die, 
etc., iijs. ijd. ; In exp. eorundem ib'm vij mo die, ijs. vijd. 

(Leaf not numbered.) 

(recto.) In expensis in vino per idem tempus, etc., iiijs. v)d. ; (vxori 
Th. Jacson 3:1* vnde debetur 17 -); 1 In pabulo equino, etc., 
iiijs. iujd. ; In piscibus missis d'no abbati ad Thorp feria 4, 
etc., ijs. iiijd. ; In papiro, et pane pro celebracione missse ad 
Thorp, jd. ; In vino dato ffraunke generoso et ceteris generosis 
ne noceant, etc., xd. ; In denarijs Joh'i Stafford pro labore suo 
in materia penes Joh'em Maleuerer pro Blaberycroft et parva 
Vseburn, iijs. iiijd. ; In expensis Th. Swynton Joh's qwixlay 

1 Superscribed. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 145 

et Will'i Dawtre apud Ripon pro die habenda cum WilTmo 
Clapham generoso, etc., xxjd. ; Et liberauit Joh'i Corderow de 
Vsegate in ebor. pro stokfysch in parte de 24 :, xiijs. ; In 
expensis eorundem vid5 T. Swynton, Joh'is qwyxlay, Will'i 
Dawtre, etc., apud Ripon pro communicacione et die habenda 
cum preedicto Willelmo Clapham et pro prouisione Curise de 
Ripon pro tenentibus et famulis nostris de Hadd et Morkar, 
iiijs. i]d.; Item in j ffelthatt pro equitacione, xd. ; In expensis 
Th. Swynton, Joh'is qwixlay ebor. ad diem Comitatus penes 
Ric'm Banke et pro responsione danda consilio d'ni Joh'is 
Nevile de Cotyngham pro materia Joh'is Man quondam filij 
Petri Man, 1 etc., et pro communicacione cum J. Tanfeld, 
vijs. i]d. ; In expensis Th. Swynton apud Balderby Raynton et 
Mar ton pro prouisione granorum et in valle pro recepcione 
denariatarum pro Warnestura per quinque dies, xviijd. 

6 : 12 : 5. 2 
(verso.) Et petit de pede billae praecedentis, xiijfo*. xvijs. ]d. ob. 

Summa, xxli. vjs. yd. ob. 2 
Et sic debetur, xvijft. U. ob. (16 175. 4fd.). 3 
[48] Recepta per Th. Swynton a festo s'ci Michaelis 55 vsque 
ad festum s'ci Martini 55 in hieme. De Joh'e (Will'mo) 4 
Raper de Raynton in ix vln. panni linei prec., 3 o j vhi. 
Summa, i]s. vijd. ; De (blank) ffaldyngton in xx vlnis linei 
hardyn prec., vs. ; De Rob'to glover de Rippley in nundinis 
hiemalibus 55 per Porter et Bland, 13 : 4 *; De Joh'e Jacson 
de Syxford in j dus' russeti per Th. Darnbruke, viijs. ; De 
Relicta Ric'i greyn de kyrkby Wyske de term. Martini 54, 
xviijd. ; De Rectore ib'm pro selionibus super lyncolbargh, 
etc., et super ThystyJflate, etc., xijd. ; (De Rob'to gamyll de 
Thorntonmour in j boue, xs.); 5 De Ric'o Blacwell de eadem 
de termino pentecostes per Ric'm Wilkynson, etc., iijs. iiijd.; 
De eodem per manus Th. Neusom de term. Mart. 54, ijs. yjd. ; 
De Rob'to Palyser de Sandhoton de term. Pent. 55, ixs.; De 

1 On this family, see Vol. I, Index. 

8 Not including 3s. Id. superscribed above. 

8 Deducting from the debt 3s. Id. credit. 

4 Superscribed. 

5 Crossed out. 


WilTmo Dagett de Aynderby in xx vlnis lini, vjs. iijeZ. ; De 
eodem in pecun., etc., iijs. ; De Joh'ne Neusted de Balderby 
per vxorem, ijs. ; De Will'mo Wilkynson de Aynderby, ijs. 

Summa, 59 : 6 

Unde liberauit pro expensis factis apud knaresburgh per 
dictum Th. Swynton, Joh'em Selby, Joh'em Vausour, Steph'n 
Midilton, Will'm Duff eld, et cum familia eorundem pro die 
habenda cum Joh'ne Man vid5 secundo die octobr. 55, ijs. 
vii]d. ; Et in expensis versus et apud Scarburgh pro empcione 
Warnesturae vid5 per septimanam, vjs. xcL ; Et liberauit 
Joh'i Wederall de Scarburgh pro Warnestura empta vltimo 
anno in parte de 6 : , iijfo". ; Et liberauit eidem pro Warnestura 
empta hoc anno in parte, iiijs. i]d. ; Et in expensis apud Marton, 
Raynton et Balderby, etc., pro empcione granorum, etc., viijd. 

[48 v.] E. 

Et liberauit in expensis Carriagij versus mare pro Warnestura 
in festo xj milium virginum 55, iijs. iiijd. ; Et. lib. in exp. J. E. 
per Rob'm Mawd versus london, vjs. viijd. ; In exp. Curiae 
Balderby, Neusom, etc., in ferrura, iijd.; In exp. Curiae Galghay 
et growelthorp, xd. ; In exp. Cur. de Slenyngford et Sutton, 
iujd. ; Will'mo Abbot in mercede in prseuigilia Symonis et 
Judae, vjd. ; In exp. T. Swynton, Joh'is qwyxlay, etc., apud 
knaresburgh ad Cur. tentam ib'm in crastino S'cor. Symonis 
et Judae 55 pro kyrkbyhall et Scawray penes Rob'tum Bek- 
with, etc., xvjcZ. 6b.\ In exp. Rob'ti Wrekes ad summonend. 
Curiam de qweldryke, etc., iiijd. 

4: 7 :ll-(i). 

Et petit de pede billae compoti praecedentis, xvij^'. vd. ob. 
Summa Summa, xxj^'. viijs. iiijd. ob. (5d.). 
et die debetur, xviij viijs. iiijd. ob. 1 

[49] ff. 

Recepta per dictum ffratrem Th. Swynton a die to festo 
s'ci Michaelis vsque ad dictum festum s'ci Martini 55. De 
Joh'ne Roclyfe de Myldeby per manus Joh'is Harpour et 
Th. gygard, etc., de termino Pent, vt dicit, ijs. vjdL ; De Th. 

1 Apparently repeated from the line above by inadvertence. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 147 

Playn de Slenyngford rec. de R. Craven, ijs.; De Ric'o Blak- 
well de Thorntonmour per fratrem suum, iijs. viijd. ; De eodem 
Ric'o per maims proprias, ijs. iiijd. ; (De eodem in j boue empto 
in vigilia omnium sanctorum 55, xs. viijd.) ; l De Matilda Crawen 
de Baldyrby in j dos., 7 : 6 , et in xx vlnis, 6 : 4 , lini de 
termino pent. 55 in parte, xiijs. xd ; De Ric'o Waclyn de 
qweldryke, etc., per vices, xiijs. iiijd. 

Summa, xxxvijs. viijd. 

Vnde liberauit Joh'i Burnett de Skypton pro x qrt. bras, 
ordij emptis pro iiij marcis in parte solucionis in die omnium 
sanctorum 55, xxs. ; Rob'to Merbek baler in parte mercedis in 
die omnium sanctorum 55, xijd. ; In expensis ad curiam de 
Ripon et pro communicacione habenda cum vxore Joh'is 
Arthyngton in parte, ii]d. ; In expensis ib'm cum Joh'ne qwyxlay 
versus ebor., xjd. ; In donis (blank) proctour famulo Will'i 
Ma^ore portanti literam ad gyrlyngton pro materia Banke, 
i]d. ; In exp. ebor. ad Curiam de qweldryke, etc., ixd. ; Et 
liberauit Bursario pro expensis ebor. ad dictam Curiam, v]d. : 
Et Joh'i Corderow in plena solucione pro c stokfysch, xs. ; 
Et Rob'to Bland in mercede per vxorem Joh. Corderow, xijd. 

[49 v.] ff. 

In conuencione pro gramine pro bobus mittendis pro 
Warnestura, vd. ; In scissura nigri pro collobio, \}d. ; In expensis 
Rob'ti Bland versus Allerdale in decimis villarum, vjd ; Et 
petit de pede compoti billse prsecedentis, xviij/i. viijs. iiijd. ob. 

Summa, xxiiij^'. xijs. v]d. (20 4s. OJ^.). 2 
Et sic debetur compotanti, xxijZ?'. xiiijs. x^. (18 6s. 4|d.). 

Vnde diuersis creditoribus suis vid5 Stephano Talbo t, 40 :; 
Th. litstar, 6:8-; vxori Joh'is Bisshope, 6:8-; Joh'nse 
Burton de ebor., 22: ; Th. Darnbruke, (blank)', vxori Th. 
Darnbruke, (blank)', Will'mo Gawsted de Hull, xvjs. viijd.; 
vxori eiusdem, xjs. iiijrf. ; Item Joh'nse More de ebor., (blank)', 
Th. Beleby de ebor., (blank). 

Bursarius habet copiam billse praecedentis, 6 : 4 : 1 0. 

1 Crossed out. 

2 There appears to be an error of 4 8s. 5irf. 


[60] ff. 

Recepta per dictum Th. Swynton a festo S'ci Martini in 
hieme 55 vsque ad festum purificacionis B'tse Marise 55. In 
primis de Rob'to Glover de Ripplay, vjs. viijd. ; De Th. 
Robynson de lofthous, iijs. vjd. ; De Henr. Milner de Ripon de 
terminis Pent. 55 Mart. 55, vjs. vjd. ; De Joh'ne Ellyngton de 
Bramlay pro emend, sterkettes, iijs. ; De priore de Bradlay 
pro firma Martini 55 de Bradlay in parte, vjZt. 6:8*; Item 
de eodem ad idem tempus per manus Burlay, etc., xxd. ; De 
Joh'ne Tupe de Raynton per (blank) Noryson de Dysceford 
cum j Juuenca nota perdunt 18, vijs. vjd. ; De Ric'o Raskell 
sen. pro j boue sui proprij, xs. : De. Th. Neusom apud Ripon 
prima septimana 40 mae , xijd. ; De Rob'to glouer de Ripplay 
sabbato primse septimana 40 mae , iijs. ; De Will'mo knarsburgh 
pro lana, iiijfo'.; De Th. litster et Joh'ne Symson ex mutuo, 
liijs. iujd. ; De Joh'ne Neusom per manus Rob'ti Bland de 
firma Martini 55, Ivjs. 8 ; De Ric'o Waclyn per manus eiusdem 
pratorum Michaelis 55, xiijs. iiijd. ; De Ric'o Toppan de lofthous, 
ijs. Summa, xvjfo'. iiijs. xcZ. (18 145. I0d.). 

Unde liberauit pro expensis Joh'is Eseby, Th. Swynton, 
Joh'is qwyxlay apud Ripon pro die habenda cum vxore 
Arthyngton et ad Curiam ib'm pro diuersis materijs mon., xxe. ; 
Et liberauit Ric'o geffrason et socio suo pro expensis suis 
versus Allerdale post decima vitulorum 55, xvjd. ; Et in expensis 
Joh'is Esby, Th. Swynton cum Joh'ne Markynfeld, Joh'ne 
Catryke apud Bedale pro die habenda cum W person de 
. . . wswike 1 parke, etc., iijs. xd. ; Et lib. Jacobo keton de Ripon 
in donis pro labore suo ad Curiam de Burbrige pro materia 
Joh'is Huberd sen. et jun., etc., in parte de 12", ixcL ; Et 
pro sera equina empta de Joh'ne Darnbruke, v]d. ; et in ex- 
pensis ebor. ad diem comitatus feria 2 a aduentus d'ni 55, iiijd. 


[50 v.] ff. 

Rob'to Merbek pro arsura de di. fod. plumbi pro Scarburgh 
in parte (q r 2 :), 2 xxrf. ; Will'mo Walkyngham pro iij qrt. 

1 Partly blotted, illegible. It seems to begin with C or E. 

2 Superscribed and crossed out. 


f rumen ti pro 18 : in parte, xs.; In expensis Th. Swynton ad 
Rob'tum Danby deinde ad Richmund pro Curia ib'm ad 
respondent, repleg. pro auerijs captis in kyrkbywiske, etc., 
iiijs. ; cum Joh'ne Catrike, etc., i]d.', Clerico Curise vid$ 
Weldam pro essonia querelarum et in donis, iiijcL ; Rob'to 
Merbeke pro arsura de di. fod. plumbi pro Scarburgh in parte, 
viijd. ; In expensis Rob'ti Bland versus Richmund pro con- 
tinuacione querelarum ib'm penes Aueria Th. Neusom capta 
kyrkby Wiske, viijd. ; In exp. Thomse Swynton apud Ripon ad 
computandum cum WilTmo Wrampan, etc., in parte, xd. ; 
Joh'i Wederall de Scarburgh pro Warnestura per manus 
Rob'ti Merbeke in festo purificacionis 55, xxs. ; Will'mo 
Walkyngham pro iij qrt. frumenti in persolucione, viijs. ; 
pro custodia et perquisicione vnius sterkett (per ketilstringe), 1 
iiijcZ. ; Thomse Eseby de coquina abbatis, viijd. ; In expensis 
apud Ripon, etc., i\d.\ In portacione plumbi de probatorio 
ad plumbariam, i]d. ; In exp. apud Ripon pro die habenda 
cum Will'mo clapham per qwyxlay et dawtre vid5 in crastino 
Julianae virginis, etc., xiiijeZ. ; In expensis Rob. Bland cum 
euidentijs pro materia Banke et monialium de Synningthwaite, 
viijd. ; Will'mo Clapham de Ripon generoso pro concordia in 
parte de 3 : 6 : 8 *, xxs. ; In exp. Th. Swynton in valle pro 
superuisione Aueriorum, etc., per vices, xiijd. 

50 : 7 2 

[51] ff. 

Rob'to Merbeke in Cathedra s'ci Petri 55 pro sufflamine 
plumbi, xxd.; In exp. Thomas Swynton et Joh. Symson ebor. 
ad communicand. cum decano ebor. pro materia Rob'ti tanfeld, 
iij s. xd. ; Et liberauit decano ebor. in parte de xx marcis penes 
Rob'm Tanfeld, etc., prsesente Joh'ne Symson, vjfo*. xiijs. 4 ; 
et in expensis apud Ripon cum Senescallo, etc., in parte, vjd. ; 
Item in exp. ib'm cum Joh'ne qwixlay et Will'mo Dawtre 
penultimo die ffebr. 55 pro die habenda cum Will'mo Clapham 
ibidem, etc., ijs. vd. ; In exp. apud Brymbem pro superuisione 
aueriorum ad vice turn et in vaUe de nyd, iiij^.; Item in exp. 

1 Secunda manu. 

2 70s. Id. 


eiusdem ib'm pro septimana, ixcL ; Rob'to Merbek pro carr. 
plumbi de smeltmyln ad Ripon pro Joh'ne Wederall de Scar- 
burgh, xijd.j Item Rob'to Garscarth de Allerdale portanti 
priori literam, viijcL ; Item in exp. apud Ripon ad computandum 
cum Joh'ne Man, etc., et in negocijs Monasterij cum Joh'ne 
qwixlay, xijd. ; Et de pede billae preecedentis, xxijfo'. xiiijs. xd. 
Summa, xxxijfo'. xixs. iiijd. (34 4s. 4d.?), 
Et sic debet, xvjfo*. xiiijs. vjd. (15 9s. 6d.1). 

[51 v.] fif. 

Recepta per dictum Th. Swyiiton a festo purificacionis 55 
vsque ad festum Inuencionis s'cse crucis 56. De WilTmo 
Ask with de Pott per Joh'em Portar, vjs. viijd. ; (De Th. Darn- 
bruke ex mutuo, xxxiijs. iiijcL); 1 De Ric'o Toppan et Th. 
Robynson de lofthous in ij porcis per Will'm Askwith de 
Calfalhous, iiijs. iiijd. ; De Th. Neusom ad assisas ebor. in 
40 ma 55, ijs. viijd. ; De Ric'o Wyglesworth de Balderby in j 
dos. alb., 9:6-; De Joh'ne Jacson de Syxford per vxorem 
suam in cena d'ni 54, 6 : 8 ; De Thoma Neusom apud Ripon 
vid5 in crastino Ambrosij 56, viijd. ; De Rob'to glover in 
Rypplay in die ascensionis 56, vs. ; De W Askwith de Pott pro 
Rob. bland in die ascens. 56, vjs. viijcZ. ; De Rob'to Croke de 
Marton in crastino Inuenc. s'cae crucis 56, viijs. 

Summa, Is. i]d. 

In expensis vid5 in nouo vino empto propter Joh'em 
Catrike, vjd. ; In exp. apud Ripon pro mutuacione pecun. de 
W Wrampan sed non habetur ad tune, ixdL ; In exp. in valle 
de Nyd pro superuisione Aueriorum et apud smeltmyln, etc., 
iiijcL ; In reparacione ferramentorum pro le smeltmyln pro 
W. Smyth, iijd.; In exp. Joh'is qwyxley Th. Swynton, etc., 
apud Ripon versus assisas ebor., etc., et in ebor. in parte, 
xiijd. ; In exp. eorundem ib'm vidj apud Ripon pro die habenda 
cum dicto W Clapham vid5 pro soluc., xls. ; soluend. dicto 
W Clapham pro concordia et pro sigillacione vnius acquietanciae 
et liberacione ib'm fratri Th. Swynton, etc., xijcZ. 

3 : 11 

1 Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 15 1 

[52] ff. 

Item Rad. Pullan pro granis diuersis emptis per Joh'em 
Eseby Cellerarium A 1454 in plena solucione, xli. xiijs. iiijd.; 
Nich'o Buke pro labore suo ad le smelt, iijs. ui]d. ; Rob'to 
Merbeke pro conshnili, iijs. iiijd. ; Thomse Golthwate ad plaustr. 
de le bal5, xijd. ; Ric'o Ouerend in mercede in vigilia paschae 
56, v]d.; Will'mo Abbot in mercede in vig. pasch. 56, vjd.; 
Joh'i qwarfe pro carr. de j fod. plumbi de Abbotwath vsque 
Ripon vid5 pro labore suo, xxd.; W Madensell in die s'cae 
paschse, iiijd. ; In expensis Th. Swynton ad Magistrum Robertum 
danby deinde ad lemynge pro materia Joh'is Constable vna 
vice, etc., viijd. ob.\ In exp. ad Joh'em Marton pro materia 
Th. Hope de Sallay, etc., vid5 apud Ripon, vjd. ob.\ In exp. 
Joh'is qwixley Th. Swynton apud Ripon pro die habenda 
cum relic ta Arthyngton et ad Curiam et Comitatum ib'm, etc., 
xvjd. ; Will'mo Madensell in donis per prseceptum Abbatis, 
xxd. ; In exp. Th. Swynton apud Marton et Topclyfe ad 
loquendum cum d'no North., 1 vd. ; Will'mo Madensell in mercede 
in exitu suo, etc., xijd. ; In carr. plumbi ad Scarburgh per 
Merbeke de Ripon pro Joh'ne Wederall in plena solucione, vjs. ; 
De Nich'o Duffeld in parte Ratae suae per Will'm Duffeld, 
vjs. viijcL ; In exp. apud Crosthwate in synodo Karl, in parte, vd. 

12 : 2 : 9- * 

[52 v.] ff. 

In expensis d'ni Abbatis apud padlabrige redeundo de 
Craven in prseuigilia pentecostes 56, viijd. ; Nich. Buke et 
Rob'to Merbeke pro arsura plumbi in crastino pent. 56 in 
parte, xxd. ; In exp. ebor. in die comitatus tenti feria 3 a ante 
festum Corporis xpi 56 per Th. Swynton et Joh'em qwixlay, 
5<s. 8 ; In denarijs Nich'o gyrlyngton pro labore suo ad idem 
tempus, iijs. iiijd. ; Item pro scrutinio vnius copise obligacionis 
penes Ric'm Banke, iijs. iiijd. ; Item in donis Henr. davyson 
pro labore suo et pro j replegio tociens quociens, etc., ad idem 
tempus, etc., xxd. ; In exp. Thomae Swynton in arsura sterkett' 
et in Craven pro die habenda cum Will'mo knoll de Tranhous, 
etc., per septimanam, ijs. viijd.; Will'mo Abbot in mercedo 

1 Northumberland. 


in die s'ci WilPi ebor. 56, ijd. ; loge de Swanlay pro carriagio 
plumbi de stanlay vsque Thorp vnderwod pro decano ebor. penes 
Rob. Tanfeld, xvjd. ; (Th. Eseby de Coquina Abbatis, viijd.); 1 
Item pro agitacione Aueriorum communitatis de Balderby ad 
Monasterium, iiijd.; Item pro agitacione ouium communitatis 
per filium Will'i Merschall, iijd. ; Item pro locione et tonsione 2 
ouium coquinse Abbatis, vjd.; In reparacione botarum Th. 
Swynton, vijd. ; In expensis apud kylnesay et alibi in locione 
et tonsione 2 ouium in parte, viijd. ; In expensis in craven pro 
colleccione firmarum pro solucione facienda Th. Clapham, etc., 
in parte, xiiijd. ; Et de pede supra vid5 billae praecedentis, 
xvjfo'. xiiijs. vjd. 

Summa totalis, xxx/i. vs. ijd. 

Et sic debetur, xxvjfo'. xvs. 

[53] ff. 

Recepta per T. Swynton a festo Inuencionis s'cse crucis 
56 vsque ad festum (s'ci petri quod dicitur ad uincula Michaelis) 3 
56 Natiuitatis s'cse Mariae 56. In primis de Joh'ne Thornton 
de kyrkbywyske in pecun., viijs. iiijd. ; De vicario de Crosthwate 
in decimis Agnorum per vices, xiijs. iiijd. ; Item de eodem per 
(blank) Hexham pro iiij agnis venditis, xxiijd. ; Item de eodem 
per (blank) pro agn. vend., iijd. \ Item de eodem per filium 
Joh'is sowdale pro agn., iiijd. ; Item de Will'mo Johnson 
Alison pro pratis Mich. 55 in parte, ijs.; De vxore Rob'ti 
Coldalman de arreragijs firmarum in parte, ijs. vd. ; De Ric'o 
Raskell sen. pro ij bobus sui proprij, xxs.; et quaere rec. post 
in fine libri vid5 de Craven, etc., xvjfo*. xiiijs. i]d. ; De Joh'e 
Tupe de Raynton in j boue, xvs.; De Will'mo kyd per vices, 
xiijs. iiijcZ. ; De Rob'to palisser de Sandhoton per vices, xijs.; 
De W Steven de Newhous per vices in pane, xviijs. 
Summa totalis, xxijfo'. xiij^. 

Vnde liberauit clerico escheatoris comitatus ebor. in donis 
per praeceptum Abbatis, xxd. ; Et in exp. Th. Swynton, Will'i 
Abbot et Rob'i Bland apud Crosthwate in decim. Agn. per 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Written " tons," perhaps for " tonsura." 

3 Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 153 

iij septimanas, xjs. ; In expensis Joh'is Broghton ib'm cum 
vij equis, iijs.; In Agitacione Agn. decim. per Rob'tum gats- 
earth et alios duos viros pro mercede et expensis, ixs. viijd. ; 
WilPmo Bland pro labore suo cum carr. in Craven cum 
meremio et pro lana, etc., per iiij dies cum prandio, etc., viijd. ; 
Th. Ayreton in vigilia s'ci laurencij 56, xijd. ; Rob'to gatscarth 
de Allerdale pro labore suo ad Joh'm Broghton cum litera 
d'ni abbatis in parte, iiijd. ; Rob'to Bland in reparacione 
ocrearum per Th. Toppan sutorem, vijd. 

[53 v.] ff. 

In exp. dicti Th. Swyiiton in Craven pro eleuacione 
denariorum et denariatarum per Th. Clapham, Will. Cokson 
Rectoribus de Brynsall et vicario de Arnclife, etc., per x dies 
in parte expens., etc., xvjd. ; In exp. got 1 ffysch, Will'i kyd, 
Adae ffawsyed in nundinis de Settyll pro vendicione Aueriorum 
receptorum et ouium rec. de firmis cum alijs Agitantibus 
Aueria, ijs. vijd. ; Th. Clapham per manus Will'i kyd in die 
Nat. s'ci Joh'is Baptistae 56 in parte de ixfo'., iijli. 6:8*; 
Item eidem per manus (blank) crombeke famuli sui liberat. 
apud Settyll in prseuigilia s'ci laurencij 56 per manus got 1 
ffysch, Will'i kyd et Adae ffawsyd, xLs. ; Item eidem Th. Clapham 
apud Skyppton in crastino s'ci laurencij 56 per manus Th. 
Swynton in plena solucione de ixfo'., etc., iijli. xiijs. iiijd. ; 
Rectoribus de Brynsall pro decimis de kylnsay pro ij annis 
praeteritis liberatis per manus de kyd in crastino Assumpcionis 
Beatae Mariae, xxvjs. viijd. ; Will'mo Cokson de garsyngton in 
plena solucione pro plumbo liberate d'no Th. Haryngton, etc., 
xxxiijs. iiijd. ; Will'mo Dicson vicario de Arnclife pro termino 
pent. 56 praesente (blank) Silson de litton Ad. ffawsyd, xs. ; 
In exp. Will'i Wilson ad Joh'em Catrike cum literis abbatis, 
iijd. ; In exp. Joh'is quixlay cum Th. Swynton ad assisas ebor. 
cum vino dato girlynton et guidoni Roclife in parte, xviijd. ; 
familiae nostrae versus Scociam in parte expensarum suarum, 
iijs. iiijd. 
[54] ff. 

Joh'i Corderow de ebor. pro j c stokfysch emptis pro 20 : 
in 55 in parte illorum 20 : , viijs. ; In exp. Will'i Abbot ad 

1 Gotfridi. 


Rob'tum Hall, iiijd. ; In Agitacione aueriorum de Allerdale per 
Rob'tum gasscare et Joh'em (blank) rec. de firmis per Joh'm 
3oudale, iijs. ; In exp. Xpoferi Duffeld ebor. pro Mag'ro Th. 
ffarleton, ijd. ; Nich'o gyrlyngton pro labore suo in materia 
Joh'is Constable ad assisas tentas ebor. in praeuigilia Bartholomei 
56, vjs. viijd. ; Will'mo Askewith de Burton iuxta Masham pro 
granis prec., xxs. ; (Bursario in iij vlnis Carsay); 1 In perdicione 
Aueriorum ouium et Aprum vend, pro Th. Clapham apud 
Settyll, etc., xjs. 8 ; In exp. dicti Th. Swynton . . . 2 Mag'ro 
Th. farleton ad Burgh subtus Staynmor ad loquendum com- 
municandum et obuiandum vicarium de Crosthwate, sed non 
venit, etc., cum iiij equis, vjs. vijd. 

17 : 3 : 4- 

Et petit de pede vltimse billse liberate Bursario ad festum 
s'ci Martini in hyeme 55, xxvijfo*. xvs. 

Summa totalis expens. Martini, etc., xliijli. xviijs. iiijd. 

debetur, xxijfo'. xvijs. iijd. 

[54 v.] Recepta per dictum fratrem Thomam Swynton a 
festo Nativitatis B'tae Mariae vsque ad festum s'ci Martini in 
hieme. De Joh'ne kendale de Morkar seniore pro decimis 
all., viijd. ; De Will'mo Askwith de Potte per manus Will'i 
Abbot, xs. ; De Th. Neusom in crastino s'ci Michaelis 56, 
v]s. viijd. ; De Will'mo Askwith de Potte per Will'm Abbote in 
nundinis hiemalibus 56, vjs. viijd.; De Rob'to glower de 
T. Rypplay ad idem tempus, vjs. viijd.; De Joh'ne Well de 
Jacson Ayndyrby in j boue ad idem tempus, xiijs. ; De eodem ad idem 
ebor. tempus in pecun., xijd. ; De Will'mo Wilkynson de eodem in j 
boue ad idem tempus, xjs. ; De (blank) Wenslay de Raynton in 
xx vln. lini, vjs. ijd. ; De Rad. Androwson de Marton in ij pese 
9 11 lini, xs. vijd. ; De Ric'o ffaldyngton de dysceford in xvj vln. 
di. lini, iiijs. vd. o; De Joh'ne B3^sch prseposito de Marton in 
nundinis yemalibus 56, iijs. ; De Will'mo Newson de Dysceforth 
ij boues, xxvjs. ; De Ric'o Mynskype de eadem ij bouett', xviijs. ; 
De Joh'e Neusom de firma de qweldryke, xiijs. iiijd. ; De Ric'o 
Waclyn de firma pratorum ibidem, xiijs. iiijd. ; De Th. Neusom 
rec. de ten. Baldyrby Ayndyrby, etc., per manus Rob'ti Bland 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Obliterated. 


MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 155 

pro Joh'ne Dobson vt patet in computacionibus diuersorum 
tenencium de eisdem villis, etc., liberatis T. S., liijs. nijd. ; De 
Th. lawson de Haltongill, ijs. ; De Agn. knoll de ffoxhope j 
vacca cum vitulo, ixs. vjd. ; De relicta Henr. Tennand de 
Arnclife, iiijs. iijd. ; De WilTmo Abraham per vices, iijs. i]d. ; 
De Henrico elisson de Haltongill, iiijs. ; De Th. knoll de ffoxhope 
per filium suum in j Juuenca, vijs. v]d. ; De Rogero Williamson 
de Mallom, iiijs. vjd.; De Rogero seriantson, xijd.; De relicta 
Joh. deyn de eadem in j boue, xvs. ; De W lawson j vacca, ixs. ; 
De relicta Joh. Wyglesworth de Scarthcote, xxijd. ; (De W 
steven de Newhous, vjs. viijd.); 1 De W Hesilden de Rughclose, 
iijs. iiijd.; 2 Item de eodem per vices in pann. et pecun., xls.; 
De Henr. elisson de Halltongill, vjs.; De Rogero elisson de 
eadem in multonibus, xxviijs. ]d. ; De Joh'ne Preston de litton 
per filium suum, vs. ; De W Tennand de Arnclife, ijs. ; De W 
dagete de Aynderby, ixs. ijd. ob. ; De Rob'to Th'son, vjs. viijrf. ; 
De W Raper, iijs. iii]d. ; De Joh. Dunsford, iijs. ui]d. ; De 
Rob'to (gammyll) 2 in auerijs et pecun., xxixs. ; De Rob. Blak- 
well, xiiijs. ; et W Brown, vs. vcZ. ob.; De Isabella Smyth in 
auerijs lino et . . . , 3 xvs. ; De W scisson, iijs. vd. ; De Joh'ne 
scruton de Melmerby, viijs. ; De Joh'ne gudrike in ij bouibus, 
xxijs. Summa, xxiijfo'. ixs. vd. ob. 

[55] G. 

Vnde liberauit Rob'to Merbeke Baler dominica infra Oct. 
Natiuitis s'cse Marise pro labore suo apud lez smeltes, xd.; 
Et in expensis Joh'is Seton, Thomse Swynton, Joh'is qwyxlay 
apud Ripon ad commumcandum cum Ric'o Pygotte pro 
materia Relictse Mch'i Rycrofte, etc., xviijc?. ; Item Ric'o 
Pygote penes dictam Relictam Nich'i Rycrofte vid5 pro ij 
qrt. siliginis in plena solucione, vjs. viijd. ; In exp. Th. Swynton 
apud Rieuallem, Bellalandam et Melsam pro scrutinio et 
perquisicione vnius bullse generalis, etc., pro materia ecclesise 
de Crosthwate, iiijs. vjd. ; In exp. eiusdem apud Scarburgh 
deinde ad Hull pro preuisione et empcione Warnesturae, vs. iiijd. ; 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Superscribed. 

3 The word looks like " pec " or " poc," with a final curl as if for " er." 


In portacione de v c stokfysch ad aquam apud Hull, \]d. ob.\ 
In ferrura ad idem tempus, iijd. ob.', Joh'i Wederall de Scar- 
burgh pro Warnestura empto anno 55 in parte, xxxvs. ]d. ; 
Rob 'to gatscarth in crastino s'ci ffrancisci portando literam 
abbati, vjd. ; Item pro vna claue empta pro camera cellerarij, 
ijd. ; In j pare sotelarium Joh'i Esby puero, iijd. ; Item eidem 
in pecun. pro alio pari sotelarium, iijd. ; In exp. Th. Swynton 
in patria vid5 apud kyrkbywyske, Balderby, etc., pro collec- 
cione firmse pro solucione granorum, etc., ante nundinas 
yemales 56, vd. ; (Item Th. gygard pro j qrt. frumenti in 
nundinis yemalibus 56, iijs. iiijd. ; It. 9:9 -); 1 In expens. Th. 
Swynton apud Ripon in nundinis yemalibus 56, xiiijd. ob. ; 
Jac. ffawsyed in parte mercedis pro custodia de ffleghtes ad 
idem tempus, 3:4-; WilTmo Abbote in mercede ad idem 
tempus, xxd. 3 : 2 : 2 o. 

[55 v.] G. 

Sandall habet copiam, etc. Thomse Jacson de ebor. pro 
vino et liberatura in parte vid5 in Auerijs, pann. lin., etc., 
in nundinis yemalibus 56, iiijli. vs. ixd. ; In exp. Th. Swynton, 
Joh'is quixlay apud Northaluerton ad communicandum cum 
d'no Jacobo Strangways et pro die habenda cum Joh'ne laton 
de Neusom pro dominio et alijs de Neusom vid5 pro ten. Th. 
Batman, xvjd. ; In exp. dicti Th. Neusom Swynton apud 
Marton, et ferrura apud Aluerton, etc., vjd. ; D'no ep'o karl. in 
parte de v marcis, etc., xxs. ; In exp. apud Marton et alibi in 
ferrura, et(c.), viijd. ; Rob'to gascarth cum vno alio viro 
agitanti Aueria de Allerdale, ijs. ; In exp. Curiee de Aldburgh 
in parte, vjd. ; Joh'i Askwith de Burton iuxta Masham in parte 
de 9 : pro bladis, xxxiijs. iiijd. ; In exp. Curise de Galghagh, vjd. ; 
In exp. Cur. de Growelthorpe in parte, viijd. ; In exp. Th. 
Swynton, Joh'is Selby ebor. pro materia eccl'ise de Crosthwate 
et ad communicandum cum episcopo karliolen., etc., vjs. vd. ; 
In exp. eorundem et Th. Cleseby ibidem, xiijd. ; Joh'i Selby 
pro materia eccl'ise de Crosthwate, etc., xxs. ; Joh'i Corderow 
de ebor. pro stokfysch in plena solucione de xxs., xijs. ; In 
exp. Th. Swynton apud Marton, Raynton per ij dies, etc., xd. ; 

1 Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 157 

In ferrura ad idem tempus, etc., ijd. ob.; In exp. ebor. ad 
Curiam de qweldrike in parte, ixd. ; Joh'i Dobson pro granis 
emptis per Bursarium J. Eseby vt patet infra folio 63, liijs. 
iii]d. ; Item eidem pro consimili vt patet ib'm, xjs. xd.\ (Joh'i 
Askwith de Burton pro consimili vt patet ib'm, xxxiijs. iiijd.); 1 
Ric'o Raskell Jun. pro consimili vt patet ib'm, vijs. iiijd. ; 
<l r Th. Gygard pro consimili vt patet ib'm per vices, xs. ; 2 Ad. 
ffawsyd in mercede in denariatis, xxviijs. jd. ; In perdicione 
pecunise de denariatis receptis, etc., vs. ; W Brown, W Abbotte 
in j vacca, viijs. ; Joh'i harpour in feodo j bou., xjs. ; Item 
coquinse abbatis j bou., xvs. ; Item Communitati j Juuenca 
cum vitulo, ixs. vjd. ; Item Communitati ij bou., xixs. 

18 : 4 : 7 o. 

Et de pede billae prsecedentis, xxijli. xvijs. iijd. 
Summa, xliiijfo'. iiijs. jd. 
debetur, xxli. xiiijs. vi]d. ob. 

[56] D'ns Abbas habet copiam istius. Kec. per dictum Th. 
Swynton, etc., post festum s'ci Martini in hieme 56. De 
WilPmo Askwith de Potte per Joh'm filium suum, vjs. viijd. 

Memorandum quod istud folium tarn recepta quam expensa 
intitulatur in billa cum receptis et expensis libri sequentis vt 
patet ibidem folijs 24, 26, 27. 

Memorandum quod heec summa vid3 6:8* ponitur cum 
alia summa in libro 1 nouo vt patet folio 25, et summa totalis 
ibidem cum praedictis 6 : 8 vt patet in billa prima liberata d'no 
abbati 7 : 9 : 10 et expensa subscripta ponuntur in dicta 
billa prima, vid3 8 : 2 : 7 et sic debetur in prima billa, 
xijs. ixd. ; Vnde in expensis apud Marton versus qweldrike et pro 
empcione granorum, v]d. ; In consimili apud Burbrige in ferrura, 
i]d. ob.', In con'li ebor. et cum concilio nostro docto, etc., 
xijd. ob.\ In pane inuncto pro d'no, \}d.\ In donis famulo 
Rogeri Ward portanti d'no literam, iiijd. ; In expensis apud 
Scarburgh hi empcione Warnesturae, vijs. iii]d. ; In ferrura 
per vices, vd. ; In v xx x fathom de Ridelcord, ixd. ; In baiulacione 
allec. alb. de vno loco ad alium, jd. ; pro quaesicione aueriorum 
communitatis per Ric'um geffra, \d.\ Joh'i Wederall de Scar- 

^Crossed out. 

*"vj. viijd." crossed^out. 


burgh pro Warnestura empta quadragesima anno 55 in parte 
solucionis, iijli. ; In reparacione ocrearum, vjd. ; In donis Ric'o 
Burgh famulo Joh'is Redman in parte de iiijd., ijd. ; In expensis 
versus Cristall pro mutuacione pecun., iiijd. ; In Agitacione 
aueriorum ad Will'm More de ebor., ijd.; Joh'i Esby versus 
london, iijs. iiijd. ; In exp. in Craven pro colleccione firmarum 
in aduentu 56, ijs.; (Thomae Clapham per manus Will'i kyd 
pro Wapent. fin. et lib. firm, de Mallom in parte, xiijs. iiijd.); 1 
In exp. Th. Swynton cum Cellerario apud Ripon pro materia 
Will'i Clapham in parte, etc., vd.; In vij vlnis albi liberati 
nouicijs, vijs. vijd. ; Rob'to gatscarth in exp. ad Allerdale in 
parte, ]d. 4 : 5 : 6 

[56 v.] G. 

Item d'no Abbati in die s'ci Thomae Ap'li per Joh'm West, 
vjs. viijd. ; In expensis Will'i Wilson ad Joh'em Catrike, viijd., 
It., ijd.} Will'mo Clapham de Ripon pro concordia in parte 
de 13:4-, vjs. viijd; (Steph. Midilton, 6:8'); 2 Thomse 
Golthwate in vigilia Nativitatis d'ni per filium suum, ijs. ; 
Nich'o Buke pro Merbeke ad idem tempus, xxd. ; Rob'to Merbeke 
ad idem tempus, xxd. ; Joh'i Selby Bursario ad idem tempus, 
iiijd.; gervas famulo d'ni regis (per manus), 3 iijs. iiijd.; In 
iiij or paribus cultellorum pro nouicijs, xvd. ; In exp. Rob'ti 
Maud ebor. cum litera ad famulum regis (ad gerwas), 4 vjd.; 
In exp. Th. Swynton Joh. qwixlay, etc., apud Ripon in 
octauis s'ci Joh'is euangelistse 56 pro die habenda cum clapham, 
xiijd. ; In exp. eiusdem apud Marton Balderby, etc., pro super- 
uisione orrij decimalis, iiijd.; In exp. Rob. Bland ad kylnsay 
cum litera Th. Clapham, iijd. ; In exp. Joh'is Catrike, Joh'is 
Eseby et Thomae Swynton apud Padlabrige pro die habenda 
cum Th. Clapham, xxjd. ; Balliuo Joh'i Robynson de Skipton 
pro Amerciamentis perditis in Curia de Skipton ad sectam 
Will'i Calf herd, etc., viijd.; Item eidem pro fine de Wyndbanke, 
iiijd.; In capistris emptis apud Ripon, jd. ; In ferrura, iijd.; 
In exp. Thomse Swynton in Crawen per septimanam prseter 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Superscribed, 

3 Crossed out. 

4 Superscribed. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 159 

billam liberatam vxori Will'i kyd de 2 : , xijd. ; In exp. eiusdem 
apud padlabrige redeundo, etc., v]d. ; In diuersis materijs 
emptis pro incausto, iijd. ; In exp. d'ni abbatis apud Brymbem 
dominica ante purificacionem Beatse Marias cum viij fratribus 
et Th. Bekwith, ijd. ; In vna sella empta de vxore Will'i Warter 
pro communitate, ijs. ; Joh'i Sawer de Growelthorpe per Will'm 
fratrem suum in parte de 6 : 8 , xxd. ; (Joh'i kendale de Morker 
grangiario pro Auerijs captis per, etc., 6 : 8'); 1 Nich'o Buke 
smeltar, etc., xd. ; Joh'i Esby Cellerario pro materia Stephani 
Talbote, etc., xls. ; Item dicto Joh'i Eseby, xijd. 

3 : 17 : 1- 

Et de pede Compoti, xxfo'. xiiijs. vijd. ob. 

Summa totalis expens., xxviijZ^. xvijs. i]d. ob. 

Et sic debetur, 28: 10 : 6 o ' 

[57] G. 

Liberacio Aueriorum communitatis ad et post festum S'ci 
Martini in hieme 1455. 

Tauri. Joh'i Dobson, j. 

Boues. Joh'i qwixlay in dono, j ; Joh'i Walworth in 
dono, j ; Joh'i Thomlynson de gawtris in dono, j ; Joh'i Wederall 
de Scarburg j vend., xiijs. \\i\d.\ Th. kyng Edwardo crokay 
j in mercede, xiijs. nijd. ; Th. Neusom j, vijs. ; gammyll Joh'i 
Symson j, xjs. ; Joh'i Porter, Rob'to Bland in mercede j, xs. ; 
quondam in custodia Joh. Raynold, Joh'i kendale de Morker 
in mercede j, xijs. 

Bouetti. Will'mo ffranke in don., ij ; Bic'o Schorthous de 
ponte burg ij, xvjs. ; Joh'i lupton in mercede j, iijs. iiijdL ; Henr. 
kyd, j; Ric'o Bolton, W swale in mercede j, xs. ; Th. Horner 
j in parte (8 :) 2 de xvs. ; Joh'i Tupe j, vjs. viijcZ. ; Steph'o 
Hamerton in don., iiij ; (Ric'o Clerkson, ij); 3 Th. gygard ij, 
xiiijs.; Rob'to Collow ij, (xiiijs.) 3 16: ; Th. Vnythorn de 
Slenyngford ij, xvjs.; Priorissae de 5edyngham in don., ij ; 
Joh'i Byrnand in don., ij ; Steph'o Talbot in don., ij ; Will'mo 
Wrampan, vij, 44 : 4 (nota infra -f-); 4 (+ vnde Th. Hope pro 

1 Crossed out. 
8 Superscribed. 
3 Crossed out. 
* Superscribed, 


concordia, xxs. ; et Th. Darnbruke in patre de 33 : 4 *, xxiijs. 
iiijd., accommodatis Th. Swynton), 1 Will'mo Burton Jun. in 
don., j; (Will, kyd j dimissus); 2 gott ffysch, ij. 

Bouetti dimissi diuersis et excambiati. W Wyndzour, j ; 
Joh'i sqwyer, j ; filio Th. Montforth, ij ; Joh'i Mallom, iiij ; 
Will'mo Buke, ij ; Will'o kyd, j ; Joh'i Hostiller, ij ; W Wright, 
ij ; Will'mo Hertlyngton, ij ; rec. in aestate 56 (Ric'o Clerkson, 

ij). 2 

[57 v.] G. 

Vaccce. Steph'o Talbot in mercede j pro viijs. ; Th. Swynton 
in habitu j, viijs.; Th. Day in habitu j, viijs. ; Joh'i Clay in 
mercede j, xs. ; Joh'ae More de ebor. j, ixs. ; Joh'i kendale de 
Morker pro ij sterkettes j prec., vjs. viijd. ; Th. Horner j, vijs.; 
Xpofero Norton j vacca in dono Joh'i Brown j vacca, ixs. ; 
Item memorandum de j vacca vendita Joh'i Rand qu. per 

Juuencoe. Will'mo Brown in mercede j, iiijs. ; Ric'o Weldam 
clerico in don., j; Thomae Tankerd in don., j. 

Sterkett'. Ric'o ffawsyed j, iiijs. ; Joh'i Brown j, iiijs. ; Th. 
Ayrton in mercede j, xviijd. ; Joh'i Hesilden, ij; Ric'o Peke j 
pro Cellerario. 

BouicuV. Memorandum de x venditis pro iijZi.; Vnde 
d'no ep'o karliolensi, xxvjs. viijd. ; et Th. Clapham, xxvjs. 
viij^. ; et pro carr. pise. Warner, vs.; et Th. Darnbruke ex 
mutuo, xxd. 
[58] G. 

Memorandum de v sterkettes venditis Th. littster anno 56 
pro xxs. ; Vnde lib. Thomaa Swynton, vjs. viijcL ; et Joh'i 
Symson, Balliuo de Richmond, iijs. iiijd. ; et Ric'o Kendale 
sen. in elemosina d'ni, iijs. iiijeZ. ; et Ric'o Skarr pro gatlay, ijs. ; 
debet 4:8- 
[58 v.] G. 

Balderby. Exitus orrij ib'm facti in crastino s'ci petri ad 
vincula per Th. Neusom. 

ffrumentum. Idem respondet de xiij qrt. vij bu. per 
mensurani cumulatam. 

1 At foot of page. 
'Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 161 

De quibus 1 liberauit Monasterio per talliam. xvij qrt. vj bu. ; 
fratribus de Richmund, vj bu., et tascatori ex conuencione, 
j bu. Summa, xvij qrt. vij bu. et sic de incremento iiij qrt. 2 

Siligo. Idem resp. de xxj qrt. vj bu. per mensuram cumu- 
latam. patet. 

De quibus liberauit Mon. per talliam, xxiij qrt. v bu.; 
Th. Darnbruke, j qrt. ; Joh'i Bollond, j qrt. ; Th. longlay, ij bu. ; 
tascatori ex conuencione, j bu. ; Item Hilton pro factura de 
Cotgarth in mercede, ij bu., xd. ; Item Th. (Tankad) 3 Darnbruke, 
j qrt. Summa, xxvij qrt. ij bu., et sic de incremento, v qrt., 4 

Ordium. Item resp. de xj qrt. iiij bu. per mensuram 
cumulatam. patet. 

De quibus liberauit Mon. per tall., xvj qrt. vj bu., et tasc. 
ex conv., j bu. ; Th. Neusom ex accommodacione, ij bu., et in 
expensis pro columb., ij bu. 

Summa, xiiij qrt. iij bu., 4 etc., de ij qrt. v bu. 5 

Auence. Idem r. de v qrt. vij bu. per mensuram cumu- 
latam. patet. 

De quibus liberauit Mon., j qrt., et in expensis d'ni Abbatis 
ibidem per vices, ij qrt.; et in exp. equorum d'ni et familiae 
ib'm per iij septimanas, ij qrt. ij bu. ; et in exp. bourn ib'm, 
ij qrt. ; et tascatori ex conv., j bu. 

Summa, vij qrt. iij bu., etc., de j qrt. iiij bu. 

Pis. gris. Idem resp. de iij qrt. iij bu. per mensuram 
cumulatam. patet. 

De quibus lib. (blank) et tascatori ex conv., j bu. 

Pis. virid. Idem respondet de v bu. receptis per mensuram 
cumulatam. patet. 

De quibus liberauit Mon., iiij bu., et in expensis columb. 

[59] G. 

Marion. Exitus orrij ibidem facti feria 2 ante festum 
Michaelis per Joh. Harpour. 

1 Sc. exitibus. 

2 He has given out 4 qr. 6 bu. in excess of what he was responsible for, 

3 Crossed out. 

4 Should be 17 qr. 3 bu. 
6 Should be 2 qr. 7 bu. 



ffrumentum. Idem r. de xix qrt. receptis ibidem mens. 
cumulata. patet. 

De quibus lib. Monast. per tall., xxiij qrt. j bu., et custod. 
in companagio, j qrt. 

Summa, xxiiij qrt. j bu. ; Et sic de incremento v qrt. j bu. 

Siligo. Idem r. de xlij qrt. vij bu.; receptis ib'm mens. 
cumulata. patet. 

De quibus lib. Monasterio per talliam, (xix qrt.) 1 xxvij qrt. 
iiij bu. ; W Hicson pro mercede in labore apud Marton, ij qrt. 
ij bu. ; Rob. Wallar et Segf. in mercede, iiij bu., tascario ib'm 
et Will. Hall tascario, v qrt. iij bu. ; Joh'i Harpor in com- 
panagio, ij qrt.; Joh'i Benson in mercede, iij bu. (xiijd. ob. ); 2 
et Pet. Bland in mercede, vj bu.; et Joh'i Harpor per Rog. 
fraward, ix bu.; et eidem per vxorem Boyn, vj bu.; et pro 
Gust. Bourn, j qrt.; Nich. Buk, ij bu. ; Th. Whiet pro dec. 
de aldfeld, iiij qrt. ij bu. ; Ric. lamberd tasc. in mercede, iiij bu. 
ad 4 * o; W. Brown, iiij bu., xx^. ; Joh. Hobson carectario in 
mercede, iiij bu.; Joh. Man, ij qrt.; in solucione debiti pro 
Brasio, 6:8*; ffratri Th. losels in festo Marise Magdalense, 
iiij bu. . . d in elemosina; Gott. ffischere, ij bu.; T. Goldthwate, 
j qrt. in mercede ; et Rog'o ffraward carpentario ex conuencione 
pro factura noui orrij Joh'i Harpour ex convencione, iiij bu.; 
et dicto Joh'i Harpour pro labore suo ex conuencione circa 
dictum orrium, iiij bu. ; Joh'i Rych tascatori in mercede, j qrt. 
53 qrt. Summa, (53 qr. 4 bu.). 

Ordium. Idem r. de Ixiiij qrt. ij bu. receptis ibidem mensura 
cumulata. De quibus liberauit Monasterio per talliam (patet), 2 
iiij xx iiij qrt. iiij bu. (et Joh'i Man in solucione debiti per Brasij 
ij qrt.). 3 

Summa, iiij xx vj qrt. iiij bu., et sic de incremento, xxij qrt. ij bu. 8 
Et sic de incremento, xx qrt. ij bu. 

Awnce. Idem r. de xv qrt. iiij bu. rec. ibidem mensura 
cumulata. patet. 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Superscribed. 

3 Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 163 

De quibus lib. Monasterio, xvij qrt. iiij bu., et in exp. (Tni 
abbatis et officialium ibidem per vices vij bu.; et in expensis 
in custodia Bourn, j qrt. 

Summa, xix qrt. iij bu., etc.; de increment o 
iij qrt. vij bu. 

[59 v.] G. 

Pisce virides et grisice. Idem r. de j qrt. ij bu. pisarum 
viridium recept. ibidem mensura cumulata. Et de v qrt. 
v bu. pisarum grisiarum recept. mensura cumulata. 
Summa, vj qrt. vij bu. 

De quibus lib. mon. per tall, pisar. virid., j qrt. v bu. ; 
et pisar. gris., j qrt. j bu.; Joh'i Wherfe pisar. gris. et W 
Setill, iiij bu., 14 ; et Job. Ruche tasc., j qrt., 2: ; et in vendi- 
cione Joh'i Harpour, v bu., xvd.; Th. Scysson v bu., xvd.; 
Alicise Harpour v bu., xvd. ; Joh. Scysson v bu., xvd.; Rob. 
Cuke v bu., xvd. ; Joh. Rych j qrt., in mercede ijs., eidem 
j bu., iijd. (Summa, 8 qr. 4 bu.). 

Brynibem. Exitus orrij ibidem in festo xj mill, virginum. 

Siligo. Idem r. de xvj qrt. vj bu. per mensuram cumulatam. 

De quibus liberauit Mon. per talliam, xvj qrt. ; et in semine 
ibidem, iij qrt. ij bu; (et Ric'o lamberd, iiij bu.; Item eidem, 
ij bu. di.^et W stauelay, vij bu.). 1 

Summa, (xix) 2 qrt. vij bu. ij p c (debet. j qrt. v bu. et di.). 8 

Et Auence. Item resp. de(l), 4 xlvj 5 qrt. iiij bu. 5 mensura 
cumulata. patet. 

De quibus liberauit Mon. per tall., xxviij qrt. v bu. ; Will'mo 
Stauelay in mercede, j qrt. ; Ric. lamberd, j qrt. ; Nich'o Buke, 
j qrt.; Th. Golthwate, j qrt.; Steph'o Ouerend, j qrt.; Th. 
Tal5our, ij qrt.; et in semine ib'm (xiiij), 6 xv 7 qrt. iiij bu. ; et 

1 Interlined secunda manu. 

2 Crossed out, and " xx " written under. 

3 Confused and crossed out. 

4 Crossed out. 

6 Superscribed. 
8 Crossed out. 

7 Superscribed. 


in expensis equorum d'ni abbatis ib'm, vj qrt. ij bu.; Th. 
Swynton, ij qrt. iiij bu. 

Summa, (Iviij) 1 lix 2 qrt. vij bu.; debet (iiij qrt. iiij bu.). 8 
Mercedes autumpnales 57 apud Brymbem. Will. Wate 
xvj dies, ijs. viijd. ; Joh. leute iiij dies et di., ixd. ; Rob. Herrison 
iij dies, vjd. ; Th. Catour xvj dies, ijs. vii]d. ; Will, leute iij dies, 
vjd. ; Ad. West per Rob. West per ix dies, xviijd. ; Katerin 
West per v dies, xd. ; Item per Joh'm West per v dies, xd. ; 
Item per Will. West iiij dies, viijd. ; Item per Will. Dougell 
per j diem, ijd. 11:1. 

[60] G. 

Mercedes autumpnales apud Haddokstanes. g t4 Joh'i 
Burton per ij dies, iiijd. ; Jenkyn Blesdale per v dies, xd. ; 
Isabellas Rob'son per ij dies, iiijd. ; Emotae qwyte per ij dies, 
iiijd. ; Patricio lamberd sen. per vij dies et di., xvd. ; Isabellas 
Raskell per v dies et di., xjd. ; Ric'o Lamberd jun. per j diem 
et di., iijd.; Adam Heron et vxori per xj dies, xxijd. ; Vxori 
Edwardi Crokay per vij dies, xiiijcL ; Elense Trustyn per v dies, 
xd. ; q t4 Notson per j diem (iiijd.), 5 ijd. ; (blank) Wrightson per 
j diem, ijd. ; Joh'i Penreth per ix dies, xviijd. ; Alicise Blesdale 
per ix dies, xviijd ; Margaretae Crokay per ix dies, xviijd. 

Summa, 12: 11 . 

[60 v.] G. 

Raynton. Exitus orrij ibidem in vig. s'ci Michaelis 57 per 
Joh'm Tupe anno d'ni 1457. 

ffrumentum. Idem respondet de ix qrt. receptis ib'm per 
mensuram cumulatam. 

De quibus liberauit Mon. per talliam, xj qrt. (iij bu.); 8 et 
tascatori ex conuencione, ij bu. 

Summa, xj qrt. ij bu., etc.; de incremento, ij qrt. ij bu, 

1 Crossed out. 
1 Superscribed. 

3 Crossed out. 

4 Meaning not apparent. 

5 Crossed out. 

6 Superscribed secunda manu, but not counted. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 165 

Siligo. Idem resp. de xxiiij qrt. receptis ib'm per mensuram 
cumulatam. patet. 

De quibus liberauit Mon. per talliam, xxj qrt. (iij iiij bu.); 1 
et Joh'i Bestan ex prsecepto d'ni abbatis in don., v bu.; et 
Rob'to Settyll de Conyston, iiij bu. ; Will'mo Banyster, iiij bu. ; 
Th. Settyll, ij bu. ; Joh'i grefe per Joh'em Selby, iij bu. ; et pro 
factura nouae clausse in terris dominicis ib'm, ij qrt. iiij bu. ; 
Rob'to Bland, j bu.; cuidam generoso vocato Multon in donis 
per dn'm abbatem, ij bu. ; Tyrqwytte in donis, iiij bu. ; Cottes 
Balliuo in donis, iiij bu.; Joh'i Tupe pro colleccione firmarum, 
iij qrt.; et pro factura noui columbarij, iiij bu.; Th. Darnbruke, 
iiij bu. Summa, xxxj qrt. j bu., etc.; de vij qrt. j bu. 

Ordium. Idem resp. de xxvj qrt. receptis ib'm per men- 
suram cumulatam. 


De quibus liberauit Mon. per tall., xxxij qrt. iiij bu. ; Joh'i 
Man, ij qrt. 

Summa, xxxiiij qrt. iiij bu., etc.; de viij qrt. iiij bu. 

Avence. Idem resp. de j qrt. iiij bu. mensura cumulata. 


De quibus liberauit Carr. versus mare per vices, j qrt. 
vj bu., et in expensis Bourn ib'm, j bu. 

Summa, j qrt. vij bu., etc.; de incremento (3 bu.). 
Pis. Idem r. de j qrt. j bu. mensura cumulata. 

De quibus liberauit in expensis porcorum, j qrt. iiij bu. 2 


Memorandum quod steuenson peciit pro tectura orrij 
decimalis de lenerd burton vids ab ostio occidentali vsque 
ad ostium orientale de fine Boriali, iijs.; et pro factura et 
fenacione 3 pomerij orrij decimalis ib'm ex conuencione, iiijd. ; 
et pro dobatura eiusdem finis ex conuencione, xiiijd. ; et pro 
carr. de iiij ladis Bladi decimalis viijd. ; et in expensis T. S. 
ib'm, }d. 6b.\ et in exp. Jenkyn Rob'son, etc., ib'm, iijd. 5. 

1 Superscribed secunda nianu, but not counted. 
* Presumably by mensura rasa. 

3 The MS. has fen. The meaning probably is, "for the making and 
getting of the hay of the Applegarth." 


[61] G. 

+ Per Th. Darnbruke j qrt., 3:4-; Ric. Barkhous iiij bu., 
ijs. ; Item Jenkyn Rob'son ij bu., 12-; Item j bu. debit (?), 
iii]d. ; Joh'i Herryson j bu., 6 ; Isabellae Rob'son, j bu. 

Memorandum de diuersis bladis liberatis Monasterio de 
decimis de lenerdburton a festo s'ci Martini 56 vsque ad festum 
s'ci Martini 57, xxiij qrt. ij bu. 

ffrumentum. Mem. de (v qrt. v bu.) 1 xxiij qrt.ij bu. 2 liber- 
atis Mon. per tall, in Nativitate 56 xpi. Item iiij bu. crapis 
(horsf); 2 Rob'to Bland iij bu., 18 ; Jenkyn Robynson ij bu., 
xijdL; Th. S. pro W kyd j qrt., 3:4-; Item per vices 
liberatis Semini ix bu. Jenkyn Rob'son. 

Ordium. Item de (x qrt. vij bu.) 3 xiiij qrt. v bu., 4 liberatis 
Mon. per tall, et Th. Darnbruke per vices, j qrt.; Steph'o 
Ouerend, ij bu. (iiij b. pro Jenkyn Rob'son); 4 Th. kynge, j bu. ; 
Joh'i qwarfe, j qrt. ; (apud Morkar in semine, iiij bu.) ; 5 segbruk. 
Item iiij bu. crapis. 

Pisce grisice. Item de (v, iiij qrt. iiij bu. liberatis) 5 (v) 6 
xij qrt. iij bu. ; 7 Th. Day pro porcis et apud Morcar pro semine, 
iiij bu. ; Stephano Ouerend in mercede, iiij bu. ; Ric'o Kendall in 
mercede, ij bu.; prec. (viijd.) 8 vijd. ; 9 Item Rob. Bland, j bu., 
3-0; Jenkyn Rob'son, j bu., 3 o; laurencio lemynge ij bu., vijd. 

Siligo. x Rob. Bland, j bu., iiijd. o ; Jenkyn Robynson, iij bu., 
xjdf. 6; (Th. E.); 10 Jenkyn Rob'son per (Th. Darnbruke), 11 j qrt. 
3:4-; Item ij bu. Th. langlay et Ric'o kendale pro colleccione 
bladi decimalis, ixd. 

AuenoB. x Joh'i Darnbruke, iij bu. ; vxori Th. darnbruke, 
ij bu. et vltra; et Mon. per talliam, ix qrt. iiij bu.; Item Joh. 
Raskell, j qrt hi donis. 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Superscribed. 

3 Crossed out. 

4 Superscribed. 
6 Crossed out. 

6 Crossed out and superscribed. 

7 Superscribed. 

8 Crossed out. 


10 Crossed out. 

11 Superscribed. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 167 

Pisce virides. Th. horsf , v bu. ij pc. 

Stramen frumenti venditum Wadilafe xxiij trefse, xxd. ; 
vicar ' xviij trefse, 20 ; Item 11 (xj) trefse Joh'i Herelsay, xxiiij 
trefse; et super orrium decimale, 1 (50) trefae; stramen ordij Job. 
qwarfe, liiij trefae; stramen pisae Will. Herrison, ijs.; stramen 
auense, 1 trefae; stramen sUiginis eccl'ie, iiij trefse; palea 
frumenti Burnett, viijd ; palea Auense stenouse, vijd. ; fenum 
decimale venditum, 57*; pro campo Bor (?), xd. (qwytte); 1 
Hillom et Bocher, ijs. 11 ; Steuenson, 8: ; Memorandum de 
12 lib. Jenky Rob 'son pro vicario pro stramine. 

[61 v.] G. 

Marker. Exitus orrij ibidem facti per Joh. kendale a 
festo s'ci Martini vsque ad festum s'ci Martini 57. 

ffrumentum. Idem resp. de xx qrt. rec. de tascario per 
mensuram cumulatam de Rob 'to Settyll et de xvj qrt. per 
mens. cumulatam Blesdale, et de v qrt. rec. per mensuram 
rasam. Summa, xlj. 

De quibus liberauit Mon. per talliam, xxxj qrt. iiij bu.; 
X et in semine ibidem, v qrt. ; Ric'o Barkhous, iiij bu. ; Rob'to 
Settyll, j qrt.; et eidem pro custodia ouium ex conuencione, 
j bu.; et eidem ex conuencione pro trituracione, j bu.; Item 
Jenkyn blesdale ex conuen., j bu. 


Memorandum de vij qrt. frumenti liberatis ad Morkar post 
festum Michaelis 57. Joh'i kendale et WilTmo Stavelay, 
ij qrt. v bu. pro semine; Th. Langlay ad idem tempus, iij bu., 
21 ; vxori Bland pro mercede autumpnali 57 apud Morkar, 
ij bu. iij pc.; Jenkyn Rob'son, j bu.; Item ad Nativ. Xpi 57 
Rob. Bland, j bu. ; Rob. Huddoke, j bu., 7 * ; (Joh. Orison in 
carnipriuio, j bu., 6 ; Jenkyn Rob'son, ij bu., 12 ; Item eidem, 
j bu.; debit., iiijrf.). 2 

Liberat. ante Nat. Xpi 57 Jenkyn Rob'son, ij bu., 10 ; 
Joh'i Herrison, j bu., 5 ; Rob. Bland, j bu., 5 ; Joh. Rob'son 
carr., iiij bu., 20 : ; Will. Huberd, ij bu., 10 ; Th. ketloke, ij bu., 
10 ; Will. Merschall, ij bu., 10 ; Joh'nae fferrour, ij bu., 10 ; 

1 Superscribed. 

2 Crossed out. 


(Joh'i kendale de Morker, iiij bu. in edulio); 1 Rob. Huddoke, 
j bu., 5 ; Joh'i Herrison, iij bu. in carnipriuio; Joh. Jakes, j bu. 

[62] G. 

Ric'us kyd pet*. 2 vnde rec. per Joh. Lamberd, 

xxjd. ; et per Ric'm Atkynson de Mallom, xd. 

Th. Golthwate pet*. 2 vnde rec. per Th. Darnbruke, 

xs. ; et per Rob'tum Bates in ij ; Item, iijs. iiijcL ; et per 
eundem, vs. ; et per Henr. loge in j equo, xs. 6 

Will. Pykhall pet*. 2 vnde rec. per Henr. elisson, 

iiij s. \\d. 
[62 v.] G. 

Will. Banyster pet*. 2 vnde rec. per Rogerum 

Bland, iijs. iiijd. 

Will. Golthwate pet 1 . 2 vnde rec. in j per Bates, 

ijs. viijd. ; et in liberacione Tho. Neusom, iijs. iiijd. ; Item ib'm, 
xjs. iii]d. ; et per Th. Batman de Neusom, xijs. 
[63] Memorandum de (q r ) 3 xx qrt. frumenti empt. de Joh'ne 
Ask with de Burton iuxta Masham pro vijfo'. et de xij qrt. bras, 
ord. pro xls., anno d'ni 1455. 

Summa, ixli. 

Vnde rec. de Th. Swynton in festo Inuenc. sc'ae crucis 56 
in parte 56, xxs. ; et per cellerarium, xiijs. iiijd!. ; et per Th. 
Swynton in Curia Michaelis de Aldburgh, vjs. viijd. ; et per 
eundem dominica die ante festum s'cor. Symonis et Judse 56 
per manus Ric'i Bekwith, xxvjs. viijd. ; et per manus Rogeri 
peke, xxijd. in compoto Selby. 

Memorandum de xx qrt. frumenti empt. de Joh'ne Dobson 
pro vjZi., et de xx qrt. emptis Brasij ordij de eodem pro iiijZi. 
A d'ni 1455 per Th. Swynton, etc. 

Summa, xli. 

Vnde rec. per manus Th. Darnbruke de Auerijs de Aller- 
dale, xxxvs. ; et rec. per dictum Th. Swynton in xl Multonibus, 
xlvjs. viijd. ; et in xl ouibus, xls. ; et rec. per dictum Th. Swynton 
in x sterkettes, xLs.; et rec. per eundem Thomam in j tauro 

1 Crossed out. 

1 Blank space follows. 

3 Superscribed. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 169 

iij vaccis prec., xxvjs. vjd. ; et rec. super compotum 
dominica ante festum sancti Martini 56, xjs. xd. 

Item memorandum de xxj qrt. frumenti empti de die to 
Joh'ne (B.) 1 Dobson per J. Esby Cellerario, vijfo'.; et de xij qrt. 
frumenti empt. de eodem, uijli. ; Item vna vice xiiij qrt. brasij 
ordij, (3fo\ 10,s. ) 2 ; Item x qrt., viij qrt., xx qrt. ad 5: j qrt., 
(9li. 105. ). 2 Summa, xxiiijfo*. 

Vnde rec. per Ric'm ffaldyngton de Dysceford, xviijs.; et 
dominica prox. ante festum S'ci Martini in Hieme 56, liijs. 
iiijd. ; et rec. dominica tercia in quadragesima 56 per manus 
WilTi Polltar et Rob'ti bland, vijfo*. ; et in xix sterkett' rec. 
apud Nutwithcote et (Aldburgh ?) Bramlay, iijli. vjs. viijd. ; 
Item x bouett', ii]li. xs., 36 ; Item xx sterkett', 5s., 37, iiijfo'. 
(5Zt.); Item 38 in xiij bouiculis cum j tauro 4 : 6 : 8 et per 
Toppa.n, Robynson, et Rayner in vli. ijs. 30 : 16 : 8 (sic). 

[63 v.] G. 

Item memorandum de ij qrt. frumenti emptis de Ric'o 
Raskell jun., 7 : 4 ; et receptis in die s'cor. Symonis et Judae 
56, vijs. 4 et seque, prsesente Ric'o Pykring. 

De Th. Gygard j qrt. frumenti in nundinis yemalibus 56; 
Item de eodem j qrt. frumenti in festo s'ci Andreae ap'li 56; 
Item j qrt. in die concepcionis 56 Beatae Mariae 56 (j qrt.); 3 
Item j qrt. in die Epiphaniae 56. 

Vnde rec. per Joh'm Eseby Cellerarium in festo concep- 
cionis 56, iijs. iiijei ; et residuum per Th. Swynton per vices. 
Memorandum de vij qrt. frumenti receptis de Rob 'to Settyll 
et Joh'ne Blesdale tascatore apud Morker de blado de Haddok- 
stanes. Vnde liber atur Mon. per talliam Th. Horsford in 
crastino S'cae Agathae 56 xiij qrt. vij bu. et liberatur ad Morkar 
pro semine iiij qrt. per mensuram rasam, et Agnetae Ouerend 
pro mercede autumpnali 56, ij bu. ij pc.; in mercede in parte 
et tasc. ib'm ex conuencione, ij bu. 

[64] G. 

Jenkyn Blesdale pet* in vigilia s'cae luciae virginis; Idem 
petit pro trituracione de xvj qrt. frumenti prec., iiijs.; et pro 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Omitted in the MS. 

3 Crossed out. 


trituracione de xxx qrt. iiij bu. Auenarum, vs. jd. ; et pro 
parte sua de ij qrt. ordij, ijd. 

Et Idem Jenkyn Blesdale in die s'cse Annae 60 petit pro 
trituracione apud Morkar in hieme 58 vid5 pro v qrt. vij bu. 
frumenti, xvjd. ob. ; et pro viij qrt. auenarum ib'm, xvjd. ; et 
pro falcacione apud Hadd. anno 58 pro parte sua, xiijs. vjd. ; 
nota Rob. lamberd et pro falcacione apud Hadd. anno 59 in 
parte (per vj dies) 1 et apud Burton j diem, iijs. iijd. ; Vnde rec. 
per Joh. lamberd cum Joh'e Rob'son, vjs. vjd. ; Memorandum 
de vij qrt. j bu. siliginis nouse per mensuram rasam. Item 
iij bu. vnde tascatori, iiij bu. in mercede; Item iiij qrt. vj bu. 
siliginis antiquae per mens. rasam. 

[64 v.] G. 

Compotus actus cum W Tollar. (Blank space) Vnde 
recepit per Joh'm lamberd in j boue, xiijs. iiijd. ; et per Billyng- 
ton, iijs. viijd. ; et per Joh. Lamberd in j boue, xijs. ; et recepit 
in j oue anno 53, xiiijd. ; Item iiij, iijs. iiijd. eodem anno; Item 
anno 56 per Will'm Abbott ij oues prec., ijs.; Item j multo, 
xvjd.; Item j multo, xxd. ; Ric. Peke pet*; (blank space) Vnde 
recepit per Will'm Dunsford in siligine, xxd.; et per J. Tupe 
in iiij vln. hardyn, xijd. ; Item iij vln. lini et j qrt., xijd. ; et 
per Rogerum bland, vjd. ; et per eundem in frereeyng, xijd. 

[65] H. 

[All but a small canton of this leaf is cut out.] 

(Haltongill) 2 Marion. (Vend. Bosc. per Joh'em Harpour; 
Joh'i Crakhall, vijd. ; Th. Emondson, xjd. ; Rob. smyth, vijd. : 
Joh'i Rych tascatori, xiiijd. ; Vicario de aldburgh, xvjd.) 2 
[65 v.] [Blank.] 
[66] H. 

Marion. Boscus venditus. Compotus actus cum Joh'ne 
Harpour in Curia Michaelis 55. Idem r. de vijd. pro bosco 
vendito Joh'i Crakhall, et de xjd. de Th. emondson, et de 
vijd. de Rob 'to smyth, et de xiiijd. de Joh'e Rych tascatori, 
et de xvjd. de vicario de Aldburgh. 

Summa, iiij s. vijd. 

1 Superscribed. 

2 Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 171 

Vnde liberauit ij serratoribus de Ripon pro serracione pro 
nouo manerio ib'm, xxd. ; et pro serratura tabularum pro dicto 
manerio, xd. ; et pro clauis emptis, xijd. ; et pro j belclaper, ]d. ; 
et pro mensis dictorum serratorum per vnum diem et di., v]d. ; 
et in (blank), vjd. 

ffimus venditus. 

Th. Clerk, iiijcZ. ; Job. gibson, iiijd. ; Job. Rich Tascatori, 
iijd. ; Rob. Cuke, iijd. ; Job. Raynton Jun., i]d. Summa, xvjd. 
Vnde liberauit super compotum, vii]d. 

Stramen et palea vend. 

Joh'i Rycb tascatori in palea et stramine, ixd. ; Joh'i 
Crakhall, ]d. ; Job'i Rych, busband, ijcL ; Job'i Brampton, xvd. 
ob.\ Rob. Smyth, ijs. ; Will. Polltar, xiijd. ; Joh'i Gibson, yd.', 
D'no Rad. Byrd, v]d. ; Tb. Scisson, (blank). 

Memorandum de promissis erga festum Inuencionis et s'ci 
Joh'is Baptistse 57. De Elizab. Gren, vs. iiijd. ; Job. Thornton, 
xiijs. i]d. ; Tb. Brown, xijs.; Rob. gayns, xvd. ob. ; Job. Dale, 
ixs. viijcZ. ; Will. Topclife, xiijs. iiij^. 

[66 v.] H. 

Kyrkby Wysk. Compotus act us cum Elizabet Greyn in 
Curia Michaelis; eadem r. 1 de terminis Martini 54 et Pent. 55, 
xs. y]d. patet. 

Vnde liberauit in j dos. Albo (sic) prec., 2 ixs. v]d.', Tb. 
Neusom, et dicto Th. in pecun., iijs. ; et liberauit dicto Th. in 
v qrt. di. Carbonum marinorum, vs. iijd. q a d; et liberauit 
super compotum, xviijd. 

Summa, (blank), et seque. 

Eadem r. de termino Martini 55, vs. iijd. 

Vnde liberauit hi sepis, vs. iijd. et aeque ; Item eadem habet 
respondere pro parte sua de Wymanbar, xijd. ; Job. kendale 
de Morkar petit, (blank space); vnde rec. per Job. lamberd, 
iiijs. i]d. ; et per Th. lawson in j vacca, xs. v]d. 

[Folia 67, 68 are wanting.] 
[69] Empciones granorum ad nundinas yemales. 

1 " Respondet " or " recepit " ? 

2 A stroke curled and looped on itself, its meaning is riot apparent. So 
on fo. 43. 


Dysceford. Frument. 4:, ord. 3:, Auen. 16 * ; Job. Scharrow, 
frument. j qrt., ord. ij qrt.; Rob. Tupe, frument. j qrt., ord. 
ij qrt., Auen. j qrt.; Joh. Noryson, frument. j qrt., ord. ij qrt., 
Auen. ij qrt.; Esabell mynskype, ord. j qrt., Auen. j qrt.; 
Ric. ffermery, ord. iiij qrt. iiij bu., Auen. iij qrt.; Rob. Bergh, 
ord. j qrt.; Will. Clerkson, ord. j qrt. 

Kyrkby Wyske. Frum. 4:8% silig. 4 :, Auen. 18*; Ric. 
Williamson, frum. iiij qrt., silig. ij qrt., Auen. iiij qrt. Pis.;- 
John Thornton, frum. j qrt., silig. j qrt., Auen.. j qrt.; Th. 
Brown, frum. j qrt. iiij bu., Auen. ij qrt. 

Raynton. Frum. 4:, silig. 3:4', ord. 3:, Auen. 16*; 
Joh. gudryke, frum. ij qr. iiij bu., silig. j qrt., ord. iiij qrt., 
Auen. ij qrt.; Rob. blankbanke, frum. ij qrt.; Joh. Wenslay, 
frum. j qrt. iij bu., silig. j qrt., ord. ij qrt. 

[69 v.] H. 

Dacre. Compotus cum relicta Rob'ti Bates dominica in 
albis 57. Eadem r. de arreragijs, xxvs. ixd. ; et de firma 
pentecostes et Martini 56, xls. ; et de pede compoti aueriorum, 
xxvs. vd. ; (vnde liberauit Bursario). 1 

Summa, iujli. xjs. ijd. 

Vnde liberauit Rob 'to Sandall per filium Wate in j vacca 
cum vitulo, ixs. ; et petit allocacionem de vs. in j vacca furta 
capta et in allocacione eidem pro Boscis suis et Carr. commu- 
nitatis in pastura sua per viij annos, xiijs. iiijd. ; et liberauit 
Th. Darnbruke in solucione debiti Rob'ti Sandall in parte, 
Ijs. xd. ; et liberauit Rob'to Sandall, viijs. ; per Joh. Ward et pro 
custodia aueriorum communitatis per Ric. Ward quondam 
apud lutsterton, 2 iiijs. 

Summa, iiijK. xjs. ijd. 

[70] H. 

Calfhahous. Emota Calton r. de pede Sandall, xixs. iijd. ; 
et de pede compoti Henrici sexti 33, ixs. vijd. ob. ; et de pede 
compoti 56, 34, 3 xxvijs. iiijd. 

Summa, Ivjs. ijd. ob. 

1 Crossed out. 

2 So, apparently, in the MS. " Lutterstaiies " ia probably meant. 
3 A.D. 1456, 34 Hen. VI. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 173 

Vnde petit allocacionem pro carr. de iij Ml. sclates ad 
Brangerhous, xijs. iiijd. ; et pro consimili ad domum propriam, 
xijd.; et in reparacione domus fumosse ib'm, ijs. ; et pro j 
boue mortuo apud Brymbem ex antique, iijs. iiijd. ; et com- 
munitati in j tauro et j vacca, xiijs. iiijd. ; et pro factura sepium 
per prseceptum Th. Jenkynson forestarij, ijs. 

Summa, 35: (32*. 2d.); debet, xxjs. ijd. 5 (24s. OJd.). 

Eadem per Job. filium suum in vigilia Ap'lorum Philippi 
et Jacobi 57 resp. de pede supra, xxjs. ijd. o; et de pede compoti 
Aueriorum Henr. sexti 35, xiiijs. 

Summa, xxxvs. i]d. ob. 

Vnde liberauit Rob' to Sandall in ij sterkettes, viijs. ; debet 
27 : 2 o; vnde petit allocacionem de viijs. pro factura et 
mundacione de smeltemyln ex conuencione facta per Th. 

Will'mo Thacwra r. de pede Rob'ti Sandall, xiijs. jd. ; et 
de pede compoti Henr. sexti 33, xiiijs. vijd. ob. ; et de pede 
compoti Henr. sexti 34, xxvjs. v]d. 

Summa, 55 : 2 o. 

Vnde liberauit communitati in j boue, xijs. vjd., patet ; 
debet 42 : 8 o. 

Vnde liberauit Rob'to Sandall in j vacca, vijs. ; et commu- 
nitati in j vacca, vjs. viijd. ; debet 29 : ob. 

Idem dominico in albis 57 r. de pede supra, xxixs. ob.\ et 
de pede compoti Aueriorum Henr. sexti 35, xiijs. iijd. ob. 
Summa, xlijs. iiijd. 

Vnde liberauit communitati in ij bouibus, xxvs. ; vnde j 
in manibus eiusdem WilTi adhuc j. 

[70 v.] H. 

Memorandum de xij qrt. pisarum grisiarum. Item iij qrt. 
iiij bu. pisarum viridium vnde granatoris (?), x xj qrt. iiij bu. ; 
Item j qrt. j bu.; Joh'i Smyth, j qrt.; Rob. bland, iiij bu.; 
Jenkyn Robson, iij bu.; T. Swynton, iij bu.; Joh'i Kerry son, 
j bu. ; Will, kendale de Morkar, iij bu. ; Jenkyn Rob 'son, j bu. 
pisarum viridium; Steph'o Ouerend, j bu. ; viridium Th, 

1 MS. " g*nor e ." 


Ayreton, j bu. viridium; Joh'i Neusom, j bu.; (Jenkyn Robyn- 
son, j bu. viridium pisarum); 1 Item viij qrt. auenarum. 

[71] H. 

Swanlay. Compotus actus cum Joh'ne Qwarfe in crastino 
Mariae Magd. Idem r. de termino pent. 57 pro firma, Ivjs. viijd. 

Vnde liberauit Joh'i Esby et Th. Swynton in quadragesima 
in xiij vlnis albi, xs.; et Will'mo Wirrell pro speuma, xs. ; et 
petit allocacionem penes Will'm Settyll pro labore suo rotarum 
per dietam in parte, xs. ; et ecclesise de Ripon pro decimis 
de Swanlay liberatis in festo Nativitatis s'ci Joh'is Baptistse 
57 ad manus Th. qwyte, ijs. 

Compotus actus cum Ric'o lamberd tascatore in crastino 
Andrese ap'li 57; Idem petit pro trituracione de xvj qrt. vj bu. 
siliginis, iiijs. i]d. ; et pro trituracione de xlvj qrt. iiij bu. 
auen., vijs. ixd. ; et pro trituracione apud lenerdburton tempore 
seminacionis frumenti 57 vid5 x qrt. cum Jenkyn Rob'son 
vid^ per xij dies, xxd. 

Summa, xiijs. viijd. (135. 9d.). 

Vnde petit de Th. Swynton in j sterkett, iijs. viijd. ; et 
rec. per eundem apud Brymbem in vj bu. et di. siliginis, ijs. 
vii]d. ob, ; et per Th. Horsford in iiij bu. siliginis, xxd. ; et 
de eodem j bu. frumenti, v]d. ; et rec. apud Marton in iiij bu. 
siliginis, xviijd. ; et per Th. Horsford in ij pc. pisarum viridium, 
iijd. ; et de eodem in ij bu. siliginis, ixd. ; et recepit de Th. 
Swynton in j qrt. auenarum apud Brimbem, xvijd. ; et per 
eundem in pecun., iiijd. 

Summa, xijs. ixd. ob.; debetur, xd. ob. (\l\d.). 

Et petit pro labore suo ad carbon, marin. per iij dies, v]d. ; 
et pro labore suo apud Brymbem in obturacione plaustri cum 
fimo per iij dies et di., vijd. 

Summa, xxiijd. ob. debetur, et debetur eidem pro labore 
suo ad kylnsay cum calce, iijd. 

[71 v.] H. 

Denarij liberati seruientibus post festum Martini. Joh. 
Robson versus mare de resid. exp., viijd. (xvjd.); 1 Th. Ayrton, 

1 Crossed out, 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 175 

ijd.; (R. Bland, iiijd.), It. viijd., xd., yd.; It. eidem j Bou., vjs., 
in ij sterkes ijs. xii]d.; R. Bland, iiijd., Item iijd., Item iiijd., 
i]d., 6- j ariet, xvjd. ; It. vj cues, ijs. vjd., viijd., xxd.; R. 
Lamberd, viijdL in kars., Item viijd., vijd. ; W. kendale, xvjd. 
in consimili, Item viijd., Item vjd., 18*; W. lambarde, viijd. 
in consimili; Steph. Ouerend, viijd. in consimili, It. viijd., 
It. viijd., 8', 18', It. in frumento, (blank)', J. Setill, viijd. in 
consimili, Item viijd., It. 9'; W. Abbot, viijd., It. viijd., xd., 
et in j sterk, iiijs. vjd., 7 cum 6 : 10-; W Brown, vjd., It. 
vjcZ., ij oues, xxd., j hogg, iijd. ; Jenk. Rob'son, xij^., iijrf., 
xviijc/.; Ric. Peek, viijd., Item, j sterk iiijs. ; W. Stauela, 
xvj^., xjd. ; T. keyng, xvj^., ixd., xd., j ouis, vd. (?); Ric. 
lamberd tascatori, iiijei, ij sterkes, iijs. viij^., xviijrf., It. 9'; 
T. ketloc j bou., vs., j ouis, ixd., iiij jerc., xiiijd. ; W. lemyng 
j vacca, ixs. ; Steph. Talbott in ij vaccis, xvjs. ; Job. kendale, 
Morcar, j vacca, ixs. xviijd. ; W. Diconson in j vacca, vijs. ; 
Ric. Newsom j sterk, iijs. iiijd., Item ij sterkes, vs. xd.; Petro 
fletchar j sterk, iijs. ; Th. ayr, (blank) ; Ad. ffawsied iiij sterkes, 
xiijs. iiijd.; Job. Pottow j sterk, iiijs. ; Patan Atkinson j Ariet., 
xiiijd ; W. Tollar de Ponte j Ariet., xxd. ; Ric. Ouerend j ouis, 
iijd., v]d. ; Job. kendale de Morkar Jun., xviij<^. ; Jenkyn 
blesdale, xviij^. 

[Folio 72 is torn out.] 

[73] I. 

Will. Dayrell in pellibus, ijs. iiijd. ; 2 Rob. Mawd, xd., ijs. 
i]d. ; Ric. Person, ijs.; Job. Darnbruke, vijd. ; Job. kendale de 
pistrino, vijd., xxi]d. ; Job. lamberd ib'm, iiijd., xxijc^. ; Rob. 
Wrekes, vijd., xxd.; Xfero Duffeld, iijd.; Tb. Esby, viijd. ; 
Rob. ledes, xxd.; Ric. Barkhous iiij bu. frumenti, ijs.; Rob. 
Settyll j qrt., iiijs. xviijd. ; Tb. longlay in cornibus vaccarum, 
etc., viijs. \d.\ Tb. Tal5our in Auen., iijs. 

[73 v.] I. 

Empciones Aueriorum de firmis a festo S'ci Martini 51 
vsque ad festum s'ci Martini '56, scilicet per quinque annos, 

1 Secunda manu. Meaning not evident. 

2 Theae entries appear to relate to payments made to the persons named; 
some in kind. 


tempore Rob'ti Sandall Bursarij. (De W seruand j vacca 
per Th. Darnbruke lib. ad Hardwik ibm., 8:); 1 De eodem j 
Juuenca per eundem lib. W Askwith de Calfalhous, 6:8'; 
(De W bolton de Holmhous ij vaccae lib. ibm., 18 : 10 o); 1 
(De Ric'o Toppan de lofthous j vacca lib. coquinae, 7 i); 1 De 
Joh'ne qwarfe j bou. lib. communitati, 11 :; (De Joh'ne Jacson 
de sixford j Juuenca communitati, 8 i); 1 Item ij sterkettes 
communitati, 8 : ; De Joh'ne Ellyngton de Bramlay j bou. 
communitati, 13 : 4 ; (De Ric'o Potte j bou. j vacc., 13 : 4 
nota vacc.); 1 De Joh'ne kyd ij bou. lib. W Weste, 20 :; 

q r De W Bolton de Holmhous j Juuenca 7 : T. darnbruke; 
(De Rob'to Bates ij vacc. communitati, 18 :; Item ij sterkettes 
communitati, 6 : 8 -) 1 ; (De W Thacwra j bou., 12I6'); 1 

q r (De Emmota Bolton j taurus) 1 j vacca, 13 : 4*; De Rogero 

q r Bell j vacca 8 : ; De Joh'ne Hartcastell ij Bouetti, 9 : T. 
Darnbruke; De W Duffeld j vacca, 10 :; (De Ric'o Sparrow 
j vacca, 8 : coquinae); 1 (De W Hogeson de kylnesa j vacca, 
8:6' Cellerario) j 1 (De Elena Deye de Malhom j bou., xjs. 

q r Cellerario; Item eidem j bou., 12 i); 1 (q r vnde); 2 De Th. 
Scharpe j vacca lib. ad Morkar per Th. Darnbruke, 6:4*; 
(De W qwelhous, vj) 3 (ij) 4 bouetti (ij Juuencae, 8 : Cellerario); 5 

q r De Henr. Hesilden ij vaccae, xvjs. viijd. q r ; (De Joh'ne 
q re EUyngton per Th. Darnbruke, 6:8- nota et q r ); 6 (De 
eodem ij boues, 28 : 4*) 7 ; De Steph'o Midilton j bou., 14 : 
coquinae; De Joh'e Tuppe de Raynton j bou. coquinae, 12 : 
55; (De Joh'ne Jacson ij vaccae, 17 : communitati); 7 De W 
servand j sterkett taur., 5 :, Item j vacca, 9 : 6 lib. lofthous. 

[74] I. 

(De W Horner ij vaccae, 15 : vnde j communitati et j 
coquinae) ; 7 (De Joh'ne Rayner de lofthous j vacca communitati, 
7 : 6 lib. ad hardwik ib'm) ; 7 De Rob'to Benson iij sterkettes, 
9 : communitati; De Ric'o Toppan de lofthous j vit'l, 2 :; 

1 Crossed out. 
1 Superscribed. 
* Crossed out. 
4 Superscribed. 
8 Crossed out. 

6 Two or three letters not made out. 

7 Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 177 

(De W Bolton de Bourthwate j vacca, 10 : communitati ; 

Item j taurus, 8 : communitati); 1 (De eodem j vacca, 8 : lib. 

ad Hardwike ib'm) ; l Item ij vaccse communitati, 16 : q r ; (De 

W Bollton de Holmhous j vacca com'ti, 6 : 9 'J; 1 De Joh'ne 

Herryson de Melmerby vj bou., injli. ; De Katerina Deyn de 

Mallom j bou. in aduentu 56, 15 : communitati. T. SwjTiton; 

(De Rob 'to gammy 11 j bou., 10 : 6 anno 56; Item ij bou., 

19 : communitati q 1 "); 1 (De Ric'o Blacwell j bou., 10 : 8 -) 1 56: 

De Th. Brown j bou., 10 : 6 . 56; De Ric'o Williamson j bou., 

11 : 56; De W Wate j Juuenca, 6 : coquinee 56; De W. lawson 

q r j vacca, 9: communitati 56; De Rob'to Bates j vacca 10 : 

q r communitati ; De Agn. knoll j vacca, 9:6-; De W Thacwra 

q r de Hasstalhous ij vaccse cum ij vitulis, 19 :; De eodem ij 

q r bouett' et ij vacc., 32 : Cellerario; De eodem j vacca, iiij 

sterkettes, 24 : 4 * communitati; (De Rob'to Proctour j taurus, 

10 : communitati); 1 (De Joh'ne Well de Aynderby j bou., 

11 : 8*) -, l De Will'mo Thacwra de Holmhous ij vaccse cum 
vitulis, xviijs. ; De eodem ij bouett' Cellerario, xijs. ; Item eidem 
ij bou., xxs. ; De eodem ij sterkett', vjs. viijd. ; Item ij ster- 
kettes, viijs. ; De eodem j vacca, xs. ; De Rob'to gammyll ij 
bou., xixs. 

[74 v.] I. 

Empciones ouium ad idem tempus. De Ric'o ffawsyd j 

9uis, 6 ; De Ric'o lamberd viij multones, 9:2; (De Th. 

Multon xij multones, 13 : 10) j 1 De W Settill (blank) oues, 

8:8-; Joh'i Porter in mercede, (blank) ; (De Th. Darnbruke 
q r iij hurtardi communitati, 6 :); J De Joh'ne Hertcastell xx 

multones, 23 : 4 ; T. Darnbruke (De Rob'to Proctour xxvij 

multones, 33 : 8 porter); 1 (De W T qwelhous xx multones, 
q r 30 : Cellerario); 1 De Joh'ne Jacson 10 multones, 10 :; Th. 

Dernbruke (De relicta Will'i Thomson ix multones et j 

hurtardus, 11 : 8); 1 De W qwelhous xj multones, 20 : 

[Folia 75, 76 have been cut out, and the same cut has gone 

half through folio 74.] 

[77] K. 

Dromonby. Memorandum quod WilFms Hunter habet 

respondere de pede compoti in libro Bursarij folio 58 ; 

1 Crossed out. 


facti secum feria 3 cla ante Dominicam in passione 52, xxvs. 
iiijcZ., et de terminis pentecostes 53 et Martini 53, xxvjs. viijd. ; 
et de terminis pent. 54 et Mart. 54, xxvjs. viijd. ; et de terminis 
pent. 55 et Mart. 55, xxvjs. viijcZ. ; et de term. pent. 56, xiijs. 
iiijd. Summa, (blank). 

Vnde liberauit in j equo liberate communitati per manus 
Thomse Neusom prec., xiijs. ; et posito in parco monasterij et 
deinde furtiue ablato; et petit allocacionem pro reparacione 
domus fumosae ibidem per visum Thomse Neusom, xijs. ; et 
pro empcione tabularum et faetura trium ostiorum, xxd. ; et 
petit allocacionem de ijs. solutis pro Amerciamentis praedictis 
pro defalcacione sectae Curiae ib'm licet iniuste, et liberauit 
per manus Thomae Neusom in xvj hogges prec., xiijs. viijd. ; 
et liberauit dicto Thomae Neusom (pro empcione salis vt dicit, 
vjs. viijd. ; et dicto Thomae in vj ouibus cum Agnis, vijs. ; et 
dicto Thomae apud 5arome, xs. ; et dicto Thomae in j Boue 
et j vacca, xvjs.); 1 in xix ouibus cum Agnis, xxjs. xjdL 

Memorandum de xxxijs. rec. de diuersis tenentibus de 
Balderby et liberatis Th. Swynton per manus Rob'ti et dicto 
Th. Swynton per manus eiusdem bland, iijs. ; WDunsfurd 
et eidem per manus eiusdem, rec. de Petro Scruton, iijs. iiijd. ; 
et eidem per eundem, rec. de Th. Brown de kyrkbywyske, 
iiijs. ; et eidem per eundem; rec. de Rob. Blakbanke, vs.; et 
eidem per eundem, rec. de Joh'ne Wenslay, ijs. xcZ. ; et eidem 
per eundem, rec. de W Raper de Raynton, iiijs.; et eidem 
per eundem, rec. de W. Bell, ijs. Summa, 36 : 2 . 

[77 v.] K. 

Dromoriby. Joh'nes Pakoke in vigilia corporis x 1 56 r. 
de pede compoti in libro Bursarij folio 46, xxvjs. xd. ; et de 
terminis pentecostes 53 et Martini 53, xxvjs. viijd. ; et de 
dictis terminis pent. 54 et Mart. 54, xxvjs. vii]d. ; et de ter- 
minis pent. -55 et Mart. 55, xxvjs. viijd. ; et de termino pent. 56, 
xiijs. iiijdL Summa, (blank). 

Vnde liberauit Th. Neusom ut dicit pro empcione salis, 
vjs. viijd. ; et dicto Th. in vj ouibus cum Agnis, vijs. ; et dicto 
Thomae apud 5arome, xs. ; et dicto Th. in j Boue et j vacca, 

1 Crossed out. 

MEMOEANDtTM BOOK, 1446-1458 179 

[78] K. 

Recepta Aueriorum per Rob'm gatscarth, etc., in festo 
xj milium virginum 56. De Th. 5oudale iij sterkettes, xs. ; 
De Rob'to Byrkhed iij sterkettes, ixs. viijd. ; De eodem Rob to 
j vacca, viijs. ; De Joh'ne 5oudale j vacca, vijs. vjd. ; De eodem 
Joh'ne iiij sterkettes, xiijs. iiijd. ; De Th. gest j sterkett, ijs. 
iiijd.; De Rob'to Wilson j (vacca) 1 juuenca 2 j sterkett, ixs. ii]d. ; 
De Joh'ne j vacca, viijs. ; De eodem Joh'ne j vacca j sterkett, 
viijs. viijd. ; De vxore Joh'is Atkynson j vacca, vijs. iiijd. ; 
De Rob'to 3oudale j Bouett., vijs. iiijd!. ; De eodem Rob'to j 
sterkett, ij<s. iiijd. (dimissus apud farwol?); 3 De eodem Rob'to 
j sterkett, iijs. iiijd. ; De Joh'ne 5oudale juniore j vacca, viijs. ; 
De Joh'ne 3oudale seniore j vacca, vijs. v]d. 

Summa, xxiiij. 

Vnde Will'mo lemyng xiiij sterkett' j bouett' j Juuenca, 
(blank); Will'mo Tankard in denar. (?) j vacca, Joh'i Barbour 
de Ripon j vacca pro sanacione Joh'is Herrison quondam de 
Biga Abbatis in parte de 10 :, communitati ij Juuencae, com- 
munitati ij vaccse, W Huberd j vacca, 8 : 

Item memorandum quod Joh'nes 5oudale liberauit Rob'to 
gatscarth pro expensis suis primo tempore, iiJ5. iii]d. ; Item 
ijs. vjc^. ; Item pro caryyinge ij equorum, xijd. 

[78 v.] K. 

Memorandum de Auerijs liberatis Monasterio per manus 
Rob'ti gatscarth in crastino decollationis s'ci Joh'is Baptist* 
56 et rec. de tenentibus in Borowdale per Joh'em 5oudale. 

In primis de Joh'ne ^oudale j vacca et j vitulus, viijs. ; 
Item de eodem ij twynters, xs. ; De Rob'to 5owdale j vacca et 
j vitulus, vijs. uijd. ; Item de eodem j vacca, viijs. ; De 
Th. Gest vacca, viijs. ; Item de eodem j vacca, vjs. iiijd. ; 
Item de eodem j taurus, vs. viijcZ. ; De Th. langstrote j 
vacca, vijs. iiijd. ; De Joh'ne langstrote j Juuenca, vs.; De 
Joh'ne Atkynson j vacca, viijs. ; Item de eodem j vacca, 
vijs. iiijd. ; De Rob'to Wilson j vacca, viijs. ; De relicta Joh'is 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Superscribed. 

3 Secunda manu. A letter or two indistinct at the end. 


3oudale j vacca, viijs. ; De Th. Atkynson j vacca, vijs. 

De Joh'ne Wilson ij boues, xixs. ; De Vicario iij vaccse vnde j 

Joh. Strangar sen., et j Benson et Studherd, vnde lib. Rob'to 

Hall et Will'mo Crake de Malton carpentmaker pro j havyrion, 

etc., empt. per d'nm Abbatem in parte solucionis j vaccse et j 

vitulus pro viijs., et nota vitulum dimissum per viam et per- 


[79] K. 

Recepta sterkett' ad finem Pentecostes Anno d'ni Mill'inio 
quinquagesimo sexto. De decimis de Allerdale xxviij, vnde ij 
mortui, j furtus, rem. xxv; De Morkarr xx, Item ij pro j vacca; 
De Brymbem xiiij, et in emendis iiijs., et in venditis iij, xs. ; 
De Hadd per Joh'm ketilwell xxvij, et in em'd. ixs., et in 
vend, super eundem iij, xijs. ; De Aldburgh per Th. Well v, 
et in emendis iiijs. et v vend. Th. litstar, xxs. ; De potte per 
Will'm Askwith x, et in emendis iijs. iiijd., et in vend, super 
eundem (j et di. vjs., iiijs.), 1 ij et di. xs. ; Item per Joh'm Askwith 
v, et in emendis xijrf. ; Item per Th. Askwith iij, et in em'dis 
ijs. ; Item per Henr. Atkynson v, et in em'dis iijs. iiijd. ; De 
Bramlay per Joh'em Ellyngton x, et in em'dis iijs. Joh. Dobson ; 
De Calf alhous per Will'm Askwith xv, nota ; De West holmhous 
per Will'm Thacwray, et in em'd. xijd. ; De lofthous per Ric'm 
Toppan viij, et in em'd. ijs., et in vend, super eundem j pro iiijs. ; 
De Bowrthwate per Will'm Servand xv, et in emend, j ; -j-De 
Will'mo Homer xv, et in em'd. iiijs. ; De Will'mo Bollton x, 
et in em'd. ijs. ; De lofthous per Th. Robynson ix, et in emend, 
iijs. ; De Trope per Joh'm Rayner vij. et in em'd. iiijs.; 
-(-De Estholmhous per Will'm Bolton v, et in em'd. ijs. viijd. ; 
vnde liberauit 2:8*; De Syxford per Joh'em Jacson xx, et in 
em'd. vs.; De Hasthalhous per Emmotam bollton xij, et di. 
et in em'd. ijs. ; De Will'mo Thacwra xij, et di. et in em'dis 
j, et iijs.; De Dacre per Rob'tum Bates xxx, et in em'd. j; 
De Brangerhous per Th. Benson x, et in em'd. iijs. iiijd. ; De 
Will'mo Askwith de Potte j vit'l. empt. xijd. ; De eodem per 
Henr. Atkynson j vit'l. empt. xiiijrf. 

1 Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 181 

[79 v.] K. 

Debent apud Balderby, 13 : 13 : 8 ; Denarij leuandi per, 
etc., in festo Michaelis 56 de termino pentecostes 56 et arreragijs ; 
Aynderby per Will'm Wilkynson cum pratis 51 : 8 , et habet 
respondere pro ellers, et Will'mo Dogette ib'm pro 10 :, et 
habet respondere pro pratis 16 : 10 , et pro ellers; De Rob'to 
Thomson ib'm de arreragijs 53 : 6 , et de pent. 56 16 : 10 *, et 
pro pratis, vnde liberauit 6 : 8 , et Th. Belford in feodo ijs. xd. 
debet; De W Raper prec. ellers 18 : 4-; De Joh'ne Well 
prec. ellers 6:7; De Joh'ne Dunsfurd prec. prat, et ellers 
21 : 1 o; De Will'mo Dunsfurd cum pratis prec. ellers 58 : 6 o, 
vnde liberauit T. N. (?) 5:; Balderby per Ric'm Wiglesworth 
19:6-, vnde liberauit T. Swynton ijs. iiijd. ; De Will'mo 
Wiglesworth 5:3', vnde lib. dicto Th. xijd. ; De Isabell smyth 
de termino Mart. 56; De Alicia Neusom de term. Pent. 56, 
xijd. ; De Matild' Craven 19 : 10 , vnde de term. pent. 56, 11:, 
et residuum negat, vnde lib. Th. Swynton xijd. ; De Joh'ne 
Brown 11 : 1 , vnde lib. Th. Swynton ii]s. iiijd. ; De Joh'ne 
Thomson 18 : 9 *, Item 4- vnde liberauit dicto Th. ijs. ; Th. 
ffysscher 10 : 6-, vnde liberauit dicto Th. ijs.; De Will'mo 
Scisson 12 : 8 6; De Joh'ne Hall 13 : 10 *, vnde lib. dicto Th. 
iiijs. ; De Rob'to Neusted 24 : 3 o, vnde lib. d'co Th. iijs. iiijd. ; 
De Alano Exilby 24 : 10 o, Item 7 bu. frumenti, vnde lib. 
iijs. iiijd. ; De Joh'ne Neusted 45 : 2 vnde lib. iijs. injd. ; De 
Joh'ne Hostiller 10:8* o q a d vnde lib. xijd. ; De Joh'ne 
Dagette 20 : 11 o q a d, vnde lib. ijs. iiijd. ; De Joh'ne Wright 
3 : 17 : 1 ', vnde liberauit xxd. ; De Rob'to Atkynson 16', 
et liberauit xvjd. 

Memorandum quod Joh. Erie respondet de 16 :, et de 
termino martini 54, 20 : 8 o. Summa, 36 : 9 . (Nota 32:) 1 
Vnde liberauit Monasterio in j qrt. iiij bu. frumenti 9 :, et in 
ij qrt. iiij bu. ordij 10 :, Joh'i Wright in mercede 16 , et pro 
carr. meremij 13'. Summa, 21 :5*; debet, 15 : 4 . Vnde 
petit pro grano supra 16 ; debet, 14 : 1 . Idem r. de 14 : 1 , 
et de termino Pent. 55, 20 : 8 5. Summa, xxxiiijs. 9 o. 
Vnde liberauit Th. Neasom 5:, et pro mercede vnius tectoris 
per xij dies 5:, et famulo eiusdem 4:, et pro prseparatione 

1 In a void space ; connection not apparent. 


straminis 3:, et pro labore, carriagio et succisione spinarum, 
et pro muracione orrij 6:, et pro mundacione fossse apud 
Habigsike 8 , et pro carr. straminis 2:, et pro succissione et 
carr. temple 8 , et pro carr. de Aldburgh 12 et pro carpent., 
orrij 5 : in parte, et Th. Swynton xijd., Th. Neusom 12 , et 
pro carr. de Aldburgh 12 . Summa, 35 : 4 ; debetur, 6 d. 1 

[80] K. 

Neusom per Th. Batman 3 : 16 : 0* ; Kyrkbywyske per 
relictam WilTi greyn 5:9-; De Joh'ne Thornton T4 : 9 ; 
De WiU'mo lech 4 : 10 ; De Th. Brown 17 : 10 ; De Ric'o 
Williamson 34 : 6 5, et de termino Martini 56, 12 : 6 ; et 
pro pratis Neusom per Th. Smyth 7 : 4 , et pro term. Pent. 
56, 6 : 8 * ; et pro patholm cum termino Martini 56, 4 : ; Item 
r. de termino Martini 55, xxs. viijdL ob., vnde petit de pede 
supra yjd. d, et liberauit in j qrt. frumenti ante festum s'ci 
Martini 55, 6 : 8 , et in ij qrt. frum. 10 : 8 , et pro carr. granorum 
ad orrium 2 : 8 . Summa, 20 : 6 0; debet i]d. Et petit 
allocacionem ex conuencione pro -termino Martini 55, 3:4'; 
debet, 3 : i]d., et lib. byrdsall xijd. ; debetur, iiijs. \]d. ; Idem 
John'es Erie r. de termino pent. 56, xxs. viijd. ob. 

Summa, (blank). 

Vnde petit allocacionem de iiijs., de pede compoti supra. 
Item i]d., et soluit pro merlera empta apud kyrkbymour 
viijcZ. ; et pro factura et mundacione vnius fossse iuxta seles 
ex conuencione xijcZ. ; et pro emendacione sepium circa seles xd., 
et in consimili apud cremesenclose xvijd., et pro factura feni 
in eadem clausura pro d'no pro parte nostra ixcL, et Th. 
Neusom ixd., et pro carr. de xl ladis merlerae iijs. iiijd. ; et 
petit allocacionem de vs., ex conuencione pro prseteritis et 
cum termino pent. 56. Summa, 17 : 11 . 

[80 v.] K. 

Gilbertus gybson (kyrkby) 2 tenet j messuagium et vnam 
Bouatam terrae et redditus ixs. iijd., et j acram di. prati infra 
claus. suam vs. iiijd., et iiij Acras in norhtflat iijs. 

1 The calculations in this account do not work out as stated. 

2 Superscribed. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 183 

et j Acr. super yole vijd., et iiij acr. ad finem gardini sui vocati 
Movsecrofte ijs. iiijd., & iij Acr. super Sowthflat xxjd., et ij 
Acr. super Hungirhill xiiijd., et iij Acr. in Heistang xxjd., 
Item tenet Raykar vjs. viijd., et in Wargate vjs. viijd., Growel- 
holm xjs. Summa, xlixs. xd. 

Rob'tus Barcar tenet j toft cum 5 Buttes eidem pertinen- 
tibus, redditus per annum xixd., j Acr. terrse in norgtflat 
J. H. xd. t et j acram in estflat vijd., j piscariam vocatam Reid- 
wylowe xjs., Item tenet j messuagium cum certis Buttis in 
crofto ij Acrarum terrse super le hale, j acram super person- 
milhill, Item foreyng xx ped. xjs. iiijd., Item tenet vnum 
clausum vocatum holmhawe xxs., in Mergrisflat ij Acras, ijs. 

Summa, xlvijs. iiijd. 

Job. Acclam tenet j piscariam iijs. iiijd., Will. Barkar tenet 
j Cotagium cum crofto et re. iiijs., Priorissa tenet j Acr. terrse 
voc. Tbikhedran vijd., Rob. lauerok tenet j Messuag. et j toft, 
ij Cotagia cum Gardin', et re. vijs. vjdL, et xiij Acras et di. 
in Stangeflate 1 ixs. ]d., litiholmhaw vs., et j Acram in northe- 
flate xd.j iiij Acras super yole ijs. iiijcL, iij Acras in larbuttes 
xx jd., Bekdyek xviij^., j acram vijd., in est norbtflat ij Acras 
xiiijdL Summa, xxixs. i]d. (9d.). 

[81] K. 

Job. Suert tenet j toftum vastum xij i]d. 9 Acras in Bran- 
croft xiiijd., in Mergraflat xij^., et in sendbuttes ij Acras 
xijd., (Bou 5 quondam Bosch vs. iijd.), 2 et pro di. bou. quondam 
Busschels ijs. vijd. ob. 

Summa, v]s. ixd. ob. 

Will, lowtbir tenet vnum quondam Messuagium cum orrio 
redditus per Annum iiijs., Jac. Porter per Acram xd., Rob. 
Suert tenet j Cotagium iiijs.. ffrabrile iii]d., j acram terrae in 
norhtflat xd. t et in Mergarflat ij acr. di. ijs. v]d., et pro j orto 
iuxta domum suam v\d., et Idem tenet di. bou. terrae quondam 
Xferi gibson. Summa, (viijs. ijc^., xs. ixd. ob.) 2 i]s. vi]d. t et 
pro di. bou. terrae quondam Busschels ijs. vijd ob. 
Summa, xiijs. iiijrf. ob. 3 

1 Heading doubtful. 

2 Crossed out. 

8 Not including the first two entries. 


Ric. Terre tenet j Cotagium r. per Ann. iijs. ; Helias Crakse 
r. in Anno iijs. ; (Joh. Newsom ij Cotagia iiijs.); 1 D'ns Rob. 
Capell tenet j Cotagium cum crofto et tofto vasto. et re. iiijs. 
v]d. ; Joh. Mawnby Jun. (at y e kyrkstele) 2 tenet ij Cotagia 
cum ij croftes vjs., xiij Acras terrae in Grangeflat ixs. i]d., 
j Acram super yole vijd., di. Acr. super Greynlandys iijd. ob. 
le Beke, v]s. viijd., ij Acras in Mergarflat ijs. 

Summa, xxiiijs. viijd. ob* (vnde in manibus J. Neusom 
litilbek xxd.). 

Joh. Neusom tenet j Cotagium cum crofto r. iiij<s. ; Will. 
Walkar tenet j messuag. et j Bouatam terrae r. ixs. iijd., iij 
Acras in estfeld xxjd., j Acram in Hewra vijd., j rodam in 
kyrkhamflat ]d. 5 q a , Item in Betsonfeld iijs. vjd. o, j acram 
di. in cristkirkland ixd. ob. 

Summa, xvs. xjd. ob. q a . 4 

[81 v.J K. 

Joh'na Harlthorp tenet j Cotagium quondam messuagium 
cum crofto et orto iiijs. ; Thomas Mosdayll tenet j Messuagium 
et j Bouatam terrae r. ixs. iijd. ; (Rob. Langlandes); 5 Johannes 
Schepard junior tenet j Messuagium j Bouatam terrae r. ixs. 
iijd., iij acr. in northwra xxjd., ij acr. in kyepridding xiiijd., 
j acr. in frerridding vijdL, j acr. in londriberghe vijd., j acr. 
di. in estfeld xd. ob., medietatem de Gathedridding iiJ5. iiijd.. 
j acr. in estfeld xd., Item i]d. ob. 

Summa, xviijs. vd. (Id.). 

Rob'tus Schepard tenet j Messuagium et j Bouatam terrae 
ixs. iijd., Item j aliam bouatam vs. iijd., xiiij Acr. in Gren 
ridding et hobridding iiij<s., iiij Acras in Ryridding ijs. iiijd., 
iij Acras j rodam in rowgholm xxiijd. ob., j Acram et di. in 
kyrkamflat xd. ob., ij Acras j rodam in kyperidding xvd. ob. 
q a , ij Acras di. in estfeld xvijd. ob., j rodam prati in moseyng 
vjd., in Wragat vj5. viijd., in Norghtflat j Acr. xd. 
Summa, xxxiiijs. vd. q a d. 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Superscribed. 

3 Not including the first four entries. 

4 Including only Walker's tenuresl 

5 Superscribed. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 185 

Thomas Hunt tenet j Messuagium j toftum j Bouatam 
et di. terrse xijs. ixd. ob., ij Acras in estfeld xiiijd., ij Acras in 
kyepridding xiiijd., ij Acras in kirkhamflat xiiijd., j Acram et 
di. in Swanridding et frerridding xd. ob., j rodam prati in 
moseing vjd., Item medietatem de Gathedridding, Betrinding, 
chaungeridding iijs. iiijd., in Mergraflat iijs. iiijd., in Norghtwra 
j Acr. di. xd. ob., j Acram in estfeld vijd. 

[82] K. 

Summa, xxvs. iiijd. ob. (9jd.). 

Joh'nes Walkar tenet j messuagiam j bouatam terrse et r. 
ixs. iijd., j acram di. et di. rod. xijd. q a d in kyrkhamflatte, 
j acram di. in cristkyrkland xd. ob., di. acr. in Northwra iijd. 
ob., ij acras in Hestange xiiijd., j acram in Northflate xd., j 
rodam in Moseynge vjd., Item in Betsonfeld iijs. vd. 

Summa, xvijs. iiijd. q a d. 

Th. Bugge tenet j Messuagium j paruum ortum, Item 
aliud toftum iuxta Xpofer. gibson xvijs., et super londyrbarg- 
syke di. acr. iijd. ob. super yole, j acr. vijd. super grenlandes, 
di. acr. iijd. ob. in Northwra, di. acr. vijd. in hewra, ij acras 
xiiijd. in Mergraflate ijs. viijd. 

Summa, xxj<s. viijd. ob. (22s. Id.). 

Nich'us Henryson tenet j cotagium et r. iiijs., et tenet di. 
vnius bouatse terrse ijs. vijd. ob. , ij acram in Northfeld xiiijd., 
j acram in estfeld vijd. 

Summa, viijs. iiijd. ob. p't' terr' halid. 
Thomas Busshell tenet j Messuagium et r. iiijs. et tenet in 
Hewra ij acr. xiiijd., et in Northwra iij acr. xxjd., et tenet in 
growelholme iiijs. }d. 

Summa, xjs. vijd. (11.5.), Item pro Sandilkar, 8 : 8 o. 
Joh'nes Mawnby tenet j Messuagium ij Bouatas terra} 
xiiijs. vjd., iiij acras in Hewray ijs, iiijd., ij acras in kypryddynge 
xiiijd., in Rogholm ijs. vjd., j cotagium cum crofto xxd., in 
estfeld j acram vijd. (et ibidem di. acr. iijd. 0&.), 1 in Moseynge 
xd., iiij acras quondam Will'i Mawnby ijs. iiijd. ob. ; in Betsonfeld 
5:2-, (In kyrkamflate et larebuttes di. acr. iijd. ob. ). 2 
Summa, xxxjs. ob. (It. 7 -) 2 (31s. 5d.). 

1 Superscribed. - Crossed out. 


[82 v.] K. 

Will'ms Mawnby tenet j cotagium et r. ijs., j Messuagium 
j rodam di. terrae xjs. xd. ob., iij acras in Auneriddynge xx]d. t 
ij Acras in Alkokriddynge xiiijd, ij acras in Hewray xiiijd, 
j Acram in North wray vijd., ij acras in kypriddynge xiiijcL, 
j acram di. in Robynriddynge xd. ob., ] acram in estfeld vijd., 
ij acras di. in Rogholm xvijd. ob,, di. acr. in frereriddynge 
ii]d. ob., iij parcellas in Rob'triddyng ijdL, halrogholm xxd., 
in herogholm j acr. j rod. vijd. ob., in North wra ij acr. xiiijd., 
et tenet j paruum or turn iuxta domum suam viijd., Item 
keldkar' vijs. quondam 10 : 

Summa, xxxiijs. ob. (34s. Z^d.). 1 vnde in manibus Ric'i 

Waclyn j cotagium pro ijs. 

Joh'nes Hunte tenet j messuagium j Bouatam terrae, ixs. ii]d., 
ij acras di. in Northwray xvijd. ob., j acram quondam Henrici 
Potter xd. ob., iij acras di. in Hewray i]s. ob., ] acram j rodam 
in Rogholm vijd. ob., j acram in kypriddynge vijd., ij acras di. 
in Estfeld xvijd. ob., j rodam in Mosey nge vjd., j acram j rodam 
in Westnorthfeld viijd. ob. q a d, j rodam in kyrkamflate 
}d. ob. q a d, di. acr. in estnorthfeld iijd. ob., In bettsonfeld 
vs. ijd., iiij acras di. in lawrogholm xviijd. 

Summa, xxiiij^. vijrf. ob. q a d (l\d.). 

Joh'na langwath tenet j cotagium et r. iiijs. vijd. ; Ric'us 

Beyn tenet j cotagium nuper Joh'nsa ffewlar et r. iiijs. ; Will'ms 

Batty tenet j cotagium et r. iij 5. ; Joh. laueroke tenet ij cotagia 

Joh'nes j Bouatam terrse ( 1 1 : 8 ); 2 (nuper in tenura Joh'is Thomson, 

Thomson e t r . vjs. vijd. ob.), B et tenet j acram di. in Hewra xd. ob., ij 

acras in kypriddynge xiiijd., di. acr. in kyrkamflate iijcZ. ob., 

j acram in Hewra quondam anabl' porter vijd, di. acr. in 

frerriddynge iijcL ob., j acram super Bramcrofte vijd.. di. acr. 

super Owsflate iij^. ob., di. acr. super langlandes iijc?., j acram 

super sandbuttes vjcL 

Summa, xjs. (vd. ob.f viij^. 45 

1 One xiiijd. seems to have been overlooked in the adding up. 

2 Superscribed. 

3 Crossed out. 

4 Superscribed. 

5 lls. 5%d. if the 65. l^d. crossed out be included. The reason of the 
alteration to 11s. Sd. is not apparent. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 187 

Joh. Thomson tenet cum j bouata terrae et cotagium 1 
cum diuersis parcellis pro iiijs. 

[83] K. 

Th. Walker tenet j Messuagium j Bouatam terrae cum 
tofto (12 :) 2 et crofto xs. vijd., j rodam prati in Moseynge vjd., 
j rodam prati ibidem xd., iiij acras in Northwra ijs. iiijd., iij 
acras in hewra xxjd., j acram in kyrkamflate vijd., ij acras in 
kypriddynge xiiijd., iij acras in le gerthe xviijd., j acram in 
estfeld vijd.. j acram in Northflatt xd., j placeam vastam, 
j sellion eidem pertinentem iuxta domum suam iiijd., clausuram 
de pyghall vijs., j acram in frerridynge vijd. 
Summa, xxviijs. vijd. 3 

Rog. Moge j cotagium et reddit. iiijs. ; Joh. Thomson tenet 
j cotagium r. iiijs., et r. pro di. bou. terrae ijs. vijd. ob., Item di. 
bou. terrae quondam Joh'is Schepherd ijs. vijd. ob., (et ante 
quaere ex altera parte folii prsecedentis) ; 4 Rob. Schepherd sen. 
tenet j messuagium cum crofto, etc., et r. vijs., et j bouatam 
terrae vs. iijcZ., ij acras in kypriddynge xiiijd., j acram di. in 
North wray ixd. ob., j acram in estnorthfeld vijd. 
Summa, xiiijs. ixd. (9|^.). 5 

Thomas Wright tenet j Messuagium ij Bouatas terra? 
xijs. iijc^., et pro orto iijs., ij acras in kyrkamflate xiiijd., j 
acram in Hewray vijd., di. acr. in Swanriddynge iijd. ob. 
Summa, xvijs. iijd. ob. 

Th. Spayn tenet j Messuagium Bouatam terras ixs. iijd., 
et tenet ij acres in Northwra xiiijd., ij acras in Northfeld 
xiiijd., iij acras in estfeld xxjd. 

Summa, xiijs. iiijd. 

Th. laueroke tenet j Messuagium Bouatam terrae ixs. iijd., 
iij acras in estfeld xxjd., ij acras in estnorthfeld xiiijd., j acram 
in Westnorthfeld vjs., j acram in kyrkamflatt vijd., ij acras 
in Hewra xiiijd., j acram di. hi Northwra xd. ob., j acram di. 
in Ryeriddynge xd. ob. 

Summa, xxijs. iijd. 

1 MS. has " & cot.," for " etiam cotagium ? " 

2 Superscribed. 

3 Not including the 12s. superscribed. 

4 The reference seems to be to fo. 81 v. of the MS. 
6 Only including the last five entries. 


[83 v.] K 

Thomas Hudson tenet Hartwithriddynge et r. ijs., et tenet 
ij acras in Northfeld nuper Rob'ti laueroke xiiijd., ij acras in 
Northflate xxdL, Joh. Newsom. 

Summa, (blank). 

Rob'tus Moscrope tenet j Messuagium j Bouatam nuper 
Joh. Mawnby sen. quondam Th. gowar, et r. ixs. iijd., Item j 
acram di. in estfeld viijd. ob., } acram in Brancrofte vijcL, 
j acram in North wray vijd. 

Summa. xjs. }d. ob. 

Ric'us Waclyn tenet j Messuagium j bouatam terrae, et 
reddit. ixs. ujd., vj acras vocatas Rayker iijs. vjc?.. ij acras in 
kypriddynge xiiijd., j acram in londyrbarkslace vijd, iij 
acras di. in North wra ijs. ob., j acram in estfeld vijcL, iiij acras 
in Syvyriddynge xxd. } et tenet de tenura patris sui j acram in 
Westnorthfeld vijd., j acram in estnorthfeld vijcZ. 
Summa, xixs. x]d. ob. (19 : 11 o). 1 

Joh. (Rob'tus) 2 Schepherd sen. tenet di. Bouat. terrse, et 
r. 3:7' o, iij Buttes j acram in estfeld vijd., Burdonriddynge 
vJ5. Samma, (xjs. xd.) 2 viijs. 11 d, 9 : 2 (105. 2^d.). 

Ric'us Blawncherd tenet j Messuagium ij Bouatas terrae 
xiiij^. v]d., j acram in estfeld vijd., j acram in Ryeriddynge 
vijd^., in Wray gate iij s. iiijd. 

Summa , xixs. 

Xpoferus gibson tenet j messuagium j Bouatam di. terrai 
xxvjs. viijrf., iij acras in Sowthriddynge xxjd., vynergarth 
xijrf., ij acram in Erbar xiiijd., j acram in Wranglause vijd., 
iiij acras in leuerestales ijs. iiijcZ., iij acras in Mikylriddynge 
iij<s., j acram in Robinriddynge xd., ij acras in Morendes ij5., 
j gardinum vjd., iij acras in kypriddynge xxjci, vj acras in 
kelkarflat iij. vjcZ., Sandilker viijs. viijcZ. ob. 
Summa, ]iij^. ixd. ob. 

[84] I. 

Will. Stevenson tenet j Mess, j Bouatam terrse, nuper 
Joh. Chessyer ixs. iijd., iij acras in Rakar xx]d., ij acras in 
Estfeld xiiijd. Summa, xiJ6\ ijd. 

1 Superscribed and crossed out. 

2 Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 189 

Joh'es Stillyngflete (Margaret graystoke) 1 tenet j Cotagium 
Th. Saunderson (Agn. Blakmour) 1 tenet nuper Rob. 
Almoth j cotagium iijs., Joh'nes Penrose tenet j cotagium 
nuper Alic. laueroke et r. iiijs.; Will. Darell tenet ij acras in 
Brandcrofte (halid) 1 et r. xiiijd. ; Henr. Hudson tenet j cotagium 
quondam Ric'i Brade cum pomerio xs. ; Item j Bouatam terrse 
vs. iijd., j acram in Hewra vijd, ij acras in Mergrafeflat ijs. 
Summa, xvijs. iijd. (30^. Qd.). 

Will'ms laueroke tenet iij cotagia vjs. (8:), 1 3 acras in 
Kipriddynge (xij acr.) 1 xxjd., j bouatam v-s. iijd., iij acras di. 
vid5 di. acr. in grenlandes, in larebuttes, langlandes, owsflate, 
hestange (ij acras xiiijd.), 1 j acram (7 )* et West northfeld, 
j acram ijs. ob., ij acras in Northfeld viijrf., iiij acras in Mergra- 
flate iiijs., portariddynge (iij acras) 1 xxjd., Betsonclose iij^. 
iiijd., et super sandbuttes xiiijrf., Item j acram ib'm iiijc^. (v 
acras in estfeld ijs. xjd, in rieriddyng j acras 7 

29 : 9 o 2 concedit ex conuencione 26 : 8 -). 3 

Will'ms Rayner tenet tenuram quondam Will'i catell 
(iiiJ5.), 4 et iiij acras in Mergraflate ijs. Summa, vj. 

Will'ms Rayner tenet j cotagium quondam Walteri Merschall 
et r., (blank); Joh'nes Towthorpe tenet morendes et r.. (blank); 
Joh'nes Neusom tenet Cowpastour et r. 40 : 1 ; Joh'nes 
Spoford tenet (ij cotagia) 5 j cotagium et r. iijs. ; Joh'nes Neusom 
tenet in Wragate 6 et r. iijs. iiijd., et in Mergrauflate iiij acras et 
r. iiijs. ; Jacobus Portar tenet j acram in estend et r. xd. 
Summa, (blank), patet 

[84 v.] 1. 

Rob'tus Amy tenet ij acras in londerberslake et r. xiiijd., 
j acram in Westnorthfeld vijc?. Summa, xxjd. 

Gwydo Roclife tenet Wyginholmes et Morendes iii]li. xijs. ; 
Molendinum ventriticam r. per annum xviijs. ; D'ns Joh'nes 
Merschall rector ecclesise ib'm 7 tenet ortum Manerij ib'm et 

1 Superscribed. 

2 Not including 14d. inserted above. 

3 Secunda manu. 

4 Superscribed. 
6 Crossed out. 

6 Holding not specified. 

7 No parish mentioned. 


r. per anunm xs. ; Item tenet ij tofta in vno orto insimul, et 
r. iiijs., et tenet Sowthstow cum le lawnd m]li. vs., et tenet 
graungarth r. xxvjs. viijd., Item tenet j cotagia quondam 
Mergrafe. Summa, (blank). 

Will'ms Amy in a r. iijs. ]d. ; Thomas Walkar in a r. iiijd. ; 
Will'ms Mawnby r. iiijd. ; Joh'nes Crake r. iiijd.; Rob'tus 
Burn r. xijd. ; Nich. Dagett ijd. ; Rob. Schepherd r. }d. ob.', 
Rad. Acclom per Th. Waclyn r. jd. 6b.\ prior de Wartre pro 
fine, etc., r. iijd. Summa, vs. ixd. 

Nota decasum firmse factum per Will. Downom. Wragate 
solebat reddere firmam xxiiijs., firma modo 20 : decasus iiijs. ; 
Betsonclose 24 : decasus iiijs. ; Keldkar 10 : decasus iijs. 

Parcus ibidem separaliter in manu d'ni continens xx acras; 
Darelhage simili modo et continens xij acras; Agn. Darell 
priorissa de Thikheued respondet pro vna acra terrse in Mos- 
crofte et redditus per annum vijd. 1 

[Folia 85, part of 86, and 87 and 88 are missing.] 
[86] Denarij recepti per Th. Swynton in Curia Michaelis 56. 
De Rob to Palissar de Sandhoton 8 :, Item 4 :; De W Dagett 
de Aynderby 9:2- 6; De Rob'to Thomson ib'm 6:8-; De 
W Raper ib'm 3 : 4 ; De W Dunsfurd, (blank) ; De Joh'ne 
Dunsfurd 3 : 4 - ; De Rob'to gamyll de Thorntonn 10 :; De 
eodem ij boues 19 :; De Rob'to Blacwell 10 :, Item 4 :; De 
Isabella smyth de Balderby 3 : 8 ; De eadem x vln. lini 3 : 4 ; 
De eadem j vacca 8 :; De W Brown vs. 5d. o\ De W Sysson 
3 : 5 ; De Joh'ne Scroton de Melmerby 8 : ; De Joh'ne gudryke 
ij bou. 22 :; Joh'i Harpour. 

[86 v.] Expensa Ebor. per fratres T. S. 56 et Joh'm Selby 
circa festum omnium sanctorum, In ferrura et cand. 2 ]d.; 
In carne dominica die vijcL ; In die omnium sanctorum viijd ; 
In j auca vd. ; In pane d'no abbati jd. ; In nauigio jd. ; In cena 
in die omnium sanctorum vd. ; In die animarum in j auca vd. ; 
In cena eodem die vijd. ; In cena feria 4 ta vd.; In gentaculo 
feria 5 ta 8 ; In pane, potu, et pane equino per idem tempus, 
etc., 3:1- 

1 See 127 v. 

2 Candles ? 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 191 

[89] M. 

Mallom. Th. Atkynson recepit de pede T. S. ijs. iiijd., 
et de termino Martini 46, xvs. 

Summa, xvijs. iiijcL 
Vnde liberauit T. Harrington in solucione debiti xvijs. iiijd. 

patet et seque. 
Job. Hien(?) 1 rec. de termino Martini 46, xvs. vjd. 

Vnde petit allocacionem pro pede T. S. xiiijs. 

patet; debet, xviijd. 

Rog. WilTmson rec. de pede T. S. iiijs. iiijd., et de termino 
Martini 46, xiijs. iiijd. Summa, xvijs. viijd. 

patet et seque. 
Margar' Ward rec. de arrerag. ixd.. et de term. Mart. 4s. ixd. 

Summa, xviijd. 

Job. Wyndzour rec. de Arr. xijd., et de term. Mart. 46, 
xiijs. iiijd. Summa, xiiijs. ui]d. 

Vnde liberauit d'no T. Harrington xiiijs. iiijd. 

patet et seque. 
Job. Bonison (?) 1 rec. de term. Mart. 46, xiijs. iiijcZ. 


Vnde petit allocacionem pro pede T. S. vs. xd., et lib. d'no 
T. Harrington vijs. v]d. 
[89 v.] M. 

Will, seriantson rec. de term. Mart. 46, vs. ii]d. 

Vnde lib. d'no T. Harrington vs. iijd. 

patet et seque. 
Job. Hurtlow rec. de Arr. vs., et de term. Mart. 46, vs. 

Summa patet. 

Vnde lib. vt dicit d'no T. Harrington xs., et seque; Rob. 
Stachous rec. de Arr. iijs. iiijcZ., et de term. Mart. 46. iijs. iiijd. 

Summa, vjs. viijrf. 
Vnde lib. d'no T. Harrington vjs. viijd. 

patet et seque. 

Rog. Seriantson rec. de Arr. vijs. viijd., et de term. Mart. 
46, ixs. vjd. Summa, xvijs. \\d. 

1 Readings^doubtful. 


Vnde lib. d'no T. Harrington vjs. viijd. 

patet; debet xs. vjd. 

Will, lawson r. de term. Mart. 46, viijs. vjd. ; vnde petit 
allocacionem de pede T. S. vjd., et d'no T. Harrington viijs. 

Summa, viijs. vjeZ., et seque. 

Rob. Atkynson respondet de vj$. iiijd. de Arr. et de term. 
Mart. 46. xs. Summa, xvjs. iiijfZ. 

Vnde lib. d'no T. Harrington xvjs. iiijcL 

patet et seque. 
T. Atkynson rec. de Arr. ijs. iiijd., et de term. Mart. 46, xvs. 

Summa, (blank) (Us. 4cL). 
Vnde lib. d'no T, H. (entry unfinished). 

[90J M. 

Joh. Ayrton rec. de Arr. in et de term. Martini xxeZ. ; Ric. 
Wyridzour rec. de Arr. iijs. iiijeL, et de term. Mart. 46, xd. ; 
T. Lawson rec. de term. Martini 46, ixs. vjd. ; vnde petit pro 
pede T. S. xd., et d'no T. Harrington viijs. viij^. 
patet et seque. 

Rob. Settyll qusere in libro vltimo Rob. Sandall et folio 77. 

[90 v.] M. 

Compotus actus cum Joh'e Mawd super compotum Aueri- 
orum Henrici sexti xxxiij cio . Idem petit de pede compoti facti 
per Robertum Sandall vt patet in paruo libro famulorum 
xlvs. iijd., et petit pro labore suo apud Morkar super domum 
Bou. ibidem per iiij dies, rec. per j diem iijd. Summa, xijrf. 
Et petit pro labore suo ad Molendinum Brasiae infra Monas- 
terium per iiij dies xijd., et pro consimili ad Tannariam per 
iiij dies xijd., et pro consimili ad stabulum et orrium d'ni 
Abbatis per vnum diem iijd, et ad aulam hiemalem per vnum 
diem iijc?., et petit pro labore suo apud Marton circa Aulam 
Manerij ib'm per decem septimanas xvs., et petit pro labore 
famuli sui ib'm per vnum mensem rajs., et pro consimili apud 
harcastell super vaccariam ib'm vid5 pro ix rodis iij q a rt 
xxxixs., et pro deposicione lapidum ib'm et posicione ijs. iiijd., 
et apud Morhous per ij dies vjd., et pro perquisicione de iij 
Ml lapidum apud Eueston xs., pro manerio de Marton. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 193 

Summa totalis, 5 : 19 : 7 et pro tectura apud Bordlay 
vs., 6 : 4 : 7 ' 

Vnde rec. in mensa apud Hardcastell vt patet compotum 
T. Toppan xJ5., et rec. de Will'mo Malthous de Galghay iiiJ5. 
iiijd., et de Joh'e Tupe de Raynton iiJ5. iiijd., et rec. in ij bu. 
(blank) apud Marton xxd., et in j boue pro xiJ5. per Ric'm 
lamberd et per Job. lamberd de kilnesay viiJ5., negat., et in 
j petra lanae per Will, kyd xxd., et in firma sua pent, et Mart. 
54, xx5. ; 50 : (3 25.); debetur, 3:9:7' (3li. 2s. Id.). Vnde 
rec. in ij bu. pis. virid. xijd., et per Will, servand iiijs. ijd., et 
Th. Darnbruke in ij bouibus xx5., et per Joh'm lamberd viJ5., 
et (per T. Darnbruke in ij bouibus xxs.), 1 et per Joh'm lamberd 
in j boue ix5. 

[91] M. 

Compotus actus cum Rob' to ketylwell in die s'ci dementis 
Mart iris 54. Idem petit de pede compoti vt patet in libro 
Bursarij xxxiijs. vd., et petit pro labore suo in Monasterio 
tempore Joh'is Selby magistri operarum Anno 53 per Cxi 
dies, rec. per diem iijd. Summa xls. (355.) et petit pro labore 
suo in dicto Monasterio per v xx dies anno 54, xxv5. vjd. (255.), 
et petit vnam togam iiijs. 

Summa, iiijli. xviijs. xjd. (4/t. 175. 5d.). 

De qua summa rec. per Tbomam Swynton in vna vacca 
vJ5. viijrf., et de eodem in vno boue ix5., et de eodem in vna 
alia vacca fecunda 1x5., et petit per Joh'em Selby in iij bu. 
siliginis prec. iJ5. vjd., et per eundem in j bu. frumenti xjd., 
et rec. per Ric'm Portar viiJ5., et per Henr. Elysson in vna 
equa xiiJ5., et rec. per eundem Henr. in vna vacca grassa X5., 
et rec. per Joh'em Selby in stramine apud Brymbem iJ5., et 
rec. per eundem in focalibus iJ5., et rec. per Thomam clerk 
de Marton in ij bu. frumenti prec. iJ5., et rec. per eundem 
in iiij bu. ord. iJ5., et per Thomam Horsford in ij pc. pis. virid. 
prec. vd., et rec. per Joh'em Selby in j qrt. frum. prec. vs. iiijd. 
Summa, ii]li. xiJ5. xd. 

Et sic debetur dicto Roberto xxv5. xjd. (?) vnde recepit 
per praedictum Thomam Horsford in ij pc. pisarum viridium 

1 Crossed out. 


prec. id quod supra est iijd., 1 per Th. Clerke de Marton ijdL, 
prec. id quod supra est, et per Joh. ketilwell iijs. vjcZ., et per 
Joh'em Frankleyn in j vacca viijs., et per Henr. Elisson xxs. ; 
et per Joh'm Atkynson in j vacca viijs. 

[91 v.] M. 

Compotus actus cum Will'mo Ward nuper de Morkar in 
die s'ci Nicholai 54. Idem petit pro labore suo per duos Annos 
ad festum S'ci Martini 54 in hieme partim apud Swanlay et 
partim apud Morkar vid5 recepit apud Swanlay primo anno 
xij<s. ; et apud Morkar secundo anno xiijs. m]d., et petit pro 
agitacione ouium vsque Skitbrig conductus per Bursarium xd., 
et pro agitacione aueriorum et vigilacione eorundem apud 
Toft^ates per vices viijrf. Summa, xxvjs. xd. 

Vnde petit de Bursario in vna vacca cum vitulo apud 
Morkar ixs., et rec. per Thomam Darnbruke in vna vacca 
virjs.. et per Petrum Ward xjs. viijd., et per Thomam Billyngton 
vs. m]d. Summa, xxxiijs.; debetur, vijs. \]d. 

Vnde petit pro labore suo apud Morkar conductus per 
Joh'm Selby per vj dies vjd., patet, debetur, vjs. viijd. 

Compotus actus cum Joh'ne Settyll ad idem tempus vt 
supra. Idem petit pro mercede sua apud Morkar per duos 
Annos ad festum s'ci Michaelis 54, xxviijs., et petit pro vigila- 
cione et agitacione Aueriorum apud Toftyate, Thorpvnderwod, 
Baldyrby et alibi per vices xxijd. 

Summa, xxixs. xd. 

Vnde recepit de pede vltimi compoti supra ijs. x]d. 6b., et 
rec. per Th. Darnbruke in vna vacca cum vitulo de Allerdale 
viijs., et rec. per Ric'm Sparow de Wynkeslay iiijs. ijd., et per 
Joh'em Settyll in Auen. xvjd., et per eundem in Auen. ijs., 
et rec. de Rob 'to Smyth de Marton in viij vlnis lini ijs. viijcL, 
et rec. de Joh'ne qwarf de Swanlay iiijd. ob., et per Joh'em 
Selby in Auenis xxd. 

Summa, xxiijs. i]d. ; debetur, 26:8- 

Vnde rec. in Auerijs suis apud Morkar vltima conuencione 
viijd., et per Joh'm Scisson de Marton cum edward iiijs. 

1 5d. just above, but I2d. for two bushels, fo. 90 v., is M. for two pecks. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 195 

[92] M. 

Compotus actus cum Th. longlay eodem die. Idem petit 
de pede vltimi compoti vt patet in paruo libro Rob'ti Sandall 
iiijli. ixs. ii]d., et pro mercede a festo Nat. S'ci Joh'is Baptists 
54 vsque ad dictum festum S'ci Nicholai 54, xxs.. et pro labore 
suo apud Marton per dietam ante dictum festum Nat. s'ci 
Joh. Baptistse xvs. vjd. 

Summa, v\li. iiijs. ixd. 

Vnde petit apud Marton in iiij bu. siliginis iijs. iiijd., et 
rec. per Joh'em Esby vjs. viijd., et per Will'm Smyth de Aldfeld 
in Aracione vjs. viljd., et rec. in firma sua de terminis Pent, 
et Mart. 54, vs. xd., et per Joh. Tupe in j bu. silig. xd., et in 
extractis Curise de Aldfeld et Morkar xijd. 

Summa, xxiiijs. vjd. (4d.); debetur, 5 : 5 

Vnde rec. per Thomam Neusom xijd., et per (Joh'm Rich) 1 
Rad. Andross 2 cum (Ric'o Rad.) 3 kendale viijd., et per Joh'm 
Rich xijd., et per eundem iiijd., Item ijd., et per Joh. Scisson 
in lino ijs. vijd., et per Joh'm Rich tascatorem in panno ijs., 
et in j pare sotelarium vijd., et pro Will. Pultar cum Rob'to 
ledes 6 : 8 in lino. 

[92 v.] Marton. 

Compotus actus cum Rob. Cuk praeposito de Marton xj 
die Mensis Maij A 47. Idem Rob. r. de termino Martini 46, 
xijli. vii]d. patet. 

Vnde Idem petit Allocacionem pro ij qrt. ff rumen ti prec. 
qrt. vjs. Summa, xijs. 

Item de j qrt. pis. virid. prec. qrt. vjs. viijd., (Item pro 
xx qrt. ordij prec. qrt. iijs. iiijrf.), 3 Item petit pro xxiiij qrt. 
et iiij bu. ord. prec. qrt. iijs. iiij d. 

Snmma, ui]li. xxd. 

Item petit pro x qrt. et iiij bu. Auenarum prec. qrt. xxd. 
Summa, xvijs. v]d. 

Item petit allocacionem pro carriagio granorum a burbryg 
versus Monasterium de iiij xx xv qrt. iiij bu. prec. qrt. iiijd. 
Summa, xxxjs. xd. 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Superscribed. 

3 Crossed out. 


Item petit pro carriagio decimarum de Marton versus Mon. 
de iiij xx et vij qrt. prec. qrt. ijd. ob. 

Summa, xviijs. (18s. l^d.). 
Item Tascario ib'm in parte mercedis vijs. 

[93] M. 

Item Priori de Newburgh pro firma fornicis (read fornacis) 
xxj.9. 4 ob. q a . patet. 

Item petit Allocacionem de vs. pro Ric. bolton Carpentario 
per Radulfum Androwson de termino Martini 4s. ; Item pet. 
Alloc. de xijd. ; Item pro ij qrt. ordij prec. qrt. iijs. iiijd., Summa 
vjs. viijcZ. ; Item pro j qrt. et iiij bu. frumenti prec. qrt. vjs., 
Summa ixs. Summa, (ixs. xijs.). 1 

(Item de vjs. viijd. lib. burs, super compotum ) l 

(Item Joh. Pulter petit pro vij qrt. carriagio de vij qrt. 1 
brasij), 2 (a Burgbrig versus Mon. prec. qrt. nijd. 
Summa, ijs. iiijd.) 3 

Item Rob. praepositus petit alloc. pro clauis emptis Apud 
Rypon pro tenement' Rob. Smyth vjd. ; Item Idem petit 
alloc. de xvjd. lib. Tascario ibidem, 

Et petit alloc. de xxs. pro firma W. pulter Martini 45, 
(11 : 6 : q a ) 4 ut infra. 

Summa, 11 : 12 : 10 5 q a ; debet 7:9- q*d. (?) 

[93 v.] Melmorby. 

Compotus cum Tho. grason vltimo die Mensis Maij A 
1447. Idem r. de firma villse de termino Martini 46, iijZt. 
xixs. ijd. patet. 

Vnde liberauit T. Neusom ante compotum per talliam 
iiijs. ; Item eidem T. in xx vln. panni lanei 5 vs. vjd. ; Item 
eidem Alia vice xijd. ; Item eidem alia vice apud Rypon xvjd. ; 
Item lib. Mon. in j qrt. frumenti per talliam de firma T. Waltare 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Superscribed. 

3 Crossed out. 

4 Superscribed. 

5 Perhaps " linei," blotted in MS. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 197 

vjs. ; Item lib. Mon. per Job. Herryson in vj qrt. Auenamm 
per talliam prec. qrt. xxr/. Summa, xs. 

Item in ij qrt. Auenarum Will. Wryghtson iijs. iiijd. ; Item 
in ij qrt. ordij Ric. Webster vj-s. viijd. ; Item in ij qrt. ordij 
Will. Wryghtson vjs. viijd. ; Item in viij qrt. ordij Will, dawson 
xxvijs. viijc/. Summa, u]li. xijs. v]d. (2d.) 

Et prsedictus T. liberauit Monasterio per W. Dawson j qrt. 
frumenti, prec. vjs. 
[94] Melmorby. 

Et dictus Will, dawson liberauit T. Newsom ante compotum 
iijs. ; et per T. Grason lib. super compotum T. Neusom \\d. ; 
et lib. W Banister iiij porcellos per (blank) iiijs. 

Summa, xiijs. i]d. 

Summa totalis, iiijli. vs. viijd. ; debet, vjs. vjd. 
(4li. Us. 4d.; debt, 12^. 2d.) 

Memorandum de vij Jercijs venditis Will'mo Settyll de 
Swanlay per W. Abbot pro 5:8- lib. Th. Swynton in die 
Malachiae 1 56; Th. kyng j ou. in mercede ixd. ; Joh'i Rob'son 
j ou. in mercede viijd. ; Paton Atkynson j ou. in mercede vjd., 
pro factura et emendacione murorum; Th. Schepherd j agn. 
vend. iijd. Th. Swynton. + W Abbot in mercede per Ric'm 
Raskell sen. j ou. et j agn. 16 respiciarum 2 (eius) 3 +: com- 
potum dicti Will'i Abbot quia habuit tantum per d'cm Ric'm 
etc., in Auenis. 
[94 v.l M. 

Marion. Will. Pulter r. de term. Martini 46, xxs. ; Vnde 
liberauit J. AwkF v]s. viijd., et Monasterio in ij qrt. ordij 
vjs. viijfZ., et in j qrt. di frumenti ixs., et pro Carr. grani a 
burghbrig ijs. iiijt?. vt supra. 

(Summa, xxiiijs. viijcZ. ; debetur iiij.9. viijd.) 3 

Et lib. Rob. Brown de Sallay in ordio iiijs. viijd., et lib. 
Rog. Bland in granis iiij,s. 

Summa, xxxiijs. iiijd. ; debetur, xiijs. iiijc^. 

Memorandum quod Joh'nes Esshton de porcaria rec. per 
Thomam Swynton a d'ni 1453 in j vacca de Allerdale vJ5. 
et rec. anno regni Regis Henrici sexti xxxj in vj ouibus ijs. 

1 In Cistercian Calendar, Nov. 5. 
* So in MS. apparently. 
'Crossed out. 


i]d. ; Item in iiij ouibus xviijd. ; Item in ij ouibus xcL, et rec. 
per Th. Horsford in j bu. pisarum viridium vjd., et rec. de 
pede compoti Porcari j ; Will. Settyll petit, (blank) ; vnde 
recepit per Job. Settyll de Northous ijs. ixd. ; Item per eundera 
xvjd., et per W. kyd in j equo xjs. v']d. 

[95] M. 

Compotus act us cum Ric. lamberd tasc. de Brymbem in 
die s'ci Nich'i 54. Idem petit de pede vltimi compoti fact! 
secum iiijs. i]d., et petit pro trituracione de v qrt. ij bu. siliginis 
apud Brymbem xvd. ob., et pro trituracione de viij qrt. ij bu. 
ordij xvjdL, et pro trituracione de xx qrt. ij bu. Auen. iijs. vd., 
et petit pro labore suo ibidem conducto a festo Assumpcionis 
B'tse Mariae 53 vsque ad festum S'ci Martini in hieme 53, iiijs., 
et petit pro labore suo ib'm per ix septimanas ante festum 
S'ci Martini 54 in yeme iiijs., et petit ex conuencione ij bu. 
frumenti et 5 bu. siliginis vel precium. 

Summa, x viij s. i]d. ob. 

Vnde recepit per Will'm Plomland iiijs., et rec. apud 
Brymbem in ij bu. siliginis xviijd., et rec. per Ric'm lamberd 
de kylnesay in ij petr. lanse prec. iiijs., et per Rob'm ffarebarn 
de Scawray in ij bu. ord. xv]d.. et rec. apud Brymbem in ij 
bu. siliginis xviijd 

Summa, xij^. iiijd. ; debetur, vs. xd. ob. 

Vnde recepit per Th. Horsford Monachum granarij in j 
bu. pisaram viridium v]d., et rec. de pede compoti Hogg' apud 
Hadd Henr. sexti xxxij do ijs. xjd., (et per Job. lamberd vjs.) 1 

Compotus actus cum Ric'o Kendale Carpentario eodem die 
vt supra. Idem petit de pede vltimi compoti vt patet in paruo 
libro Bursarij vs. v]d. et petit pro mercede a festo S'ci Martini 
52 vsque ad festum pentecostes 53, 5s., et petit pro mercede 
terminorum Martini 53 et pent. 54, xjs. 
Summa, xxjs. v]d. 

Vnde recepit per Thomam Neusom apud Baldyrby per 
vices xiijd., et rec. apud Marton per assignacionem Joh'is 
Esby in iiij bu. siliginis iijs. iiijd., et per Rob'm Smyth de 
Marton in panno lineo vjs. viijd. 

1 Secunda manu. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 199 

[95 v.J M. 

Et rec. per Joh'em Esby xijd., et rec. per Joh'em Rich de 
Marton, husband, in vno porco vjd., et per xpoferum lemyng 
in sotelaribus v]d., et rec. de d'no Abbate ad festum Nativ. 
S'ci Joh'is Baptistse 54, vjd., et in di. bou. cum Joh'e Hudswell 
vs. Summa, xviijs. vijd. ; debetur, ijs. xjd. 

Compotus actus cum Ric'o Barkhous eodem die vt supra. 
Idem petit de pede compoti vt (per) 1 patet in paruo libro 
Bursarij xxviijs. iiijd., et petit pro mercede terminorum pent. 
54 et Martini 54. xxs. Summa, xlviijs. iiijd. 

De qua summa recepit in ij petris casei xvjd., et rec. apud 
Brymbem in ij bu. siliginis prec. xxcZ., et rec. per Thomam 
Playn de Slenyngford per preceptum Rob. Sandall in j qrt. 
Auen. prec. ijs. viijd., et per eundem in iij bu. ordij prec. ijs., 
et de Bursario in j vlna russeti prec. viijd., et rec. per Thomam 
Darnbruke in j Boue communitatis prec. xs., et rec. de Bursario 
ad pasch. 54 in pecun. viijd. 

Summa, xixs. ; debetur, 29 : 4 

Vnde recepit per Ric'm Pott de Aldfeld ijs. iiijd., et rec. 
in j qrt. Brasij ordij per Joh'em Segefeld (Th. Day) 2 prec. 
(vs.) 3 iiijs., 4 et per Th. Horsford in j bu. pis. virid., vjd., et rec. 
per Rogerum Bland iijs., et rec. de Thoma Cleseby Monacho 
Tannariae in di. dacre corr. xiijs. iiijd., (et rec. per WilPm knares 
burgh in caseo prseter id quod supraponitur xijd., et per eundem 
in (blank) ijs.). 5 

Quaere compotam ejus in libro Rob'ti Sandall vltimo et 
folio 44. 

[96J M. 

Compotus actus cum Joh'e Beyn' de ffabrili in die s'ci 
dementis Martyr is 54. Item petit pro labore suo in fabrili 
tempore Thomae Horsford Magistri operarum, vid5 a festo 
s'ci Andreas 51 ap'li vsque ad festum Purific. B'tac Maria; 
iij s. iiijd., et petit a dicto festo purific. vsque ad idem festum 

Crossed out. 
Crossed out. 
Secunda manu. 


Anno 52 reuoluto xviijs., et petit per ij Annos prox. sequentes 
ad festum purif. 54, xxxvjs. 

Summa, Ivijs. iiijd. 

Vnde rec. per Joh'm Selby in j vacca vijs., et rec. per 
eundem apud Swanlay in Auenis xxd., et rec. per eundem 
apud Brimbem in iiij bu. ordij prec. ijs., et rec. per eundem 
iiijd., et per eundem in ij vlnis albi xxjd., et in ij vlnis lini 
vijd., et rec. in vna toga de vxore Ric. Raskell ijs. xjd., et 
rec. in vna toga de Joh'e qwarfe iijs. iiijd., et de Bursario in 
ij vlnis albi prec. xxd., et rec. de Thoma Ouerend in vna tunica 
vs., et rec. de Joh'e Selby in pecun. iiijd. 

Summa. xxvjs. vijd. ; debetur, xxx6. ixd. 

Compotus actus cum Th. Settyll in vigil ia S'ci Andreae 
54 ap'li. Idem petit pro labore suo apud Morker per ij Annos 
ad festum S'ci Martini in hieme 54. xxviijs., et petit de pede 
vltimi compoti facti per Bursarium vs. vijd. 
Summa, xxxiijs. vijd. 

Vnde recepit in Amerciamentis perditis pro fractura alti 
pomerij iijs. iiijd., et rec. de Th. Horsford in j bu. pisarum 
viridium vt dicit prec. vjd., et rec. per manus Th. Darnbruke 
in j Juuenca vjs. viijd., et per Joh'em Tupe de Raynton 
iijs. iiijd., et rec. de Bursario in ij vlnis russeti prec. xviijd. 
Summa, xvs. iiijd. ; debetur, xviijs. iijd. 

(Et rec. per Joh'm Tupe in lino ijs. vjd.). 1 

[96 v.] M. 

Compotus actus cum Th. Ouerend feria 3 ia prox. post festum 
s'ci Andrese ap'li. Idem petit de pede vltimi compoti vt patet 
in paruo libro Bursarij xxxvijs., et petit pro mercede ij Annorum 
cum termino S'ci Patri aduincula xls., et petit pro j equo 
liberate communitati prec. xvjs. 

Summa, iujli. xiijs. 

Vnde recepit per Thomam Darnbruke in j boue commu- 
nitatis viijs., et rec. in firma sua ij Annorum vid5 pro pratis 
de Wynkeslay cum termino Michaelis 54, \i\js iiijd., et rec. 
per Thomam Swynton in sterkettis de Allerdale in parte 
xii]s. iiijd. Summa, iijli. xiiijs. viijd. 

1 Secunda manii. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 201 

Et sic debetur, xviijs. iiijcL, et iij togse ex conuencione 
prec. xs. Summa totalis, xxviij.s. iu]d. 

(Vnde rec. per Joh'm Scisson xs. de Marton.) 1 

Compotus actus cum Rob'to Benson de Rotaria eodem die 
vt supra. Idem petit pro mercede ij Annorum ad festum 
Nativitatis xpi 54 prox. futurum iijfo'. xjs., et pro ij togis ex 
conuencione prec. (blank). 

Summa, (blank). 

Vnde recepit de Joh'e Selby magistro operarum xiijs. iiijd, 
et rec. de Joh'e Jacson de Wynslay xvjs. viijeif., et rec. de 
Rob'to Bekwith de Scawray xxxvjs. 

Summa, iijZi. vjs. ; debetur, xiijs. 

[97] M. 

Compotus actus cum WilTmo Abbot in crastino s'ci Nich'i 
ep'i super compotum Aueriorum Henrici sexti xxxiij cio . Idem 
petit de pede vltimi compoti vt patet in libro Bursarij anno 
52, folio penultimo xxiijs. ixd., et petit pro mercede a festo 
S'ci Martini 53 vsque ad festum Inuencionis S'cse Crucis 54 
per conuencionem iijs. iiijd, et a dicto festo Inuencionis 54 
vsque ad festum S'ci Martini in hieme xs. 
Summa, xxxvijs. jd. 

De qua summa rec. per Th. Darnbruk in j vacca commu- 
nitatis prec. vijs., et rec. de Thoma Swynton per vices i]s. iiijd : 
et rec. per dictum Th. in reparacione ocrearum per manus 
Joh'is Bettes de Ripon v]d., et rec. de Joh'ne Ward de Galghay 
in rotis xxd., et rec. de Joh'e Stevens de Eveston xxijcL, et 
rec. de Thoma Billy ngton de Thornton in aptura et suicione 
vestimentorum xijcZ., et rec. in vij Agnis per Joh'em Portar 
xxd, et rec. per Ric'm Raskell sen., in iiij bu. Auen. xvjrf., et 
rec. in amerciamentis, etc., iujd. 

Summa, xvijs. viijcZ. ; debetur, 19:5- 

Vnde rec. per Th. Horsford in j bu., pisarum viridium 
vjd., (et rec. per Joh'em Cure in (blank) siliginis (blank) ). 1 

Compotus actus cum WilTmo Wirell de pistrino ad idem 
tempus vt supra. Idem petit pro mercede duorum Annorum 
ad festum s'ci Martini 54 in hieme xlvjs. viijrf., et petit pro 

1 Secunda manu. 


factura j paris Calach coquinae abbatis iiijd., et pro factura ij 
parium Calach pro Catore viijd., et petit pro cirpis emptis et 
expensis in labore suo in officio iiijd., et pro factura le stromes 
vjd. Summa, xlviijs. vjd. ; Item j toga. 

[97 v.] M. 

De qua summa petit de pede compoti vltimi vt patet in 
paruo libro Bursarij vjs. vd., et rec. in potu per ij Annos cum 
termino S'ci Martini 54, viijs. viijd., et rec. de Ric. Potte de 
Aldfeld xiiijd., et rec. de Thoma Toppan de Hartcastell xiijs. 
iiijd., et rec. de Rob'to glover de Ripplay xijd., et per Thomam 
Buke xd., et rec. per praedictum Ric'm Potte de Aldfeld prseter 
id quod supra est ijs. iiijd., et rec. per Joh'em qwerfe xvjd., 
et rec. per Ric'm Raskell sen. xvjd., et rec. per Rob'tum glover 
praeter id quod supra est in pann. vs., et rec. per Rogerum 
Bland vjd., et per Thomam Horsford in j bu. pis virid. vjd. 

Summa, xliijs. vd. (42s. 3d.); debetur, vs. ]d. (us. 3d.). 

(Et rec. per Joh'em lamberd xs., et per Rob'tum Alan 
iiijs., per J. Rich. 3 : 9 -,) 1 

Compotus actus cum Joh'e Kendale de pistrino ad idem 
tempus. Idem petit de pede vltimi compoti vt patet in paruo 
libro Bursarij xjs. iijd., et petit pro mercede ij Annorum cum 
termino Martini 54, 26 : 8 

Summa, xxxvijs. xjd. 

Vnde rec. per Joh'em Tupe sen. in viij vln. lin' ijs. viijd., 
et de eodem in ij vln. ruset xxd., et per Thomam Buke in ij 
vln. ruset, xviijd., et per Rob'm glover de Rypplay in ij pellibus 
v]d., et de Joh'e Man in j toga xd., et de Bursario iiijcZ., et de 
Joh'e Man iiijd., et de Bursario alias vjd., et de (blank) qwitteby 
de Aldfeld viijd., et de Bursario jd., et de Cellerario in j vln. 
ruset xd., et de Th. Scysson de Marton in iiij vln. lin. xvjd., 
et de Joh'e qwerfe in j toga ijs. ixd., et de Joh'e Settyll de 
Aldfeld in ij vlnis albi prec. xijd. 

Summa xvjs.; debetur, xxjs. xjd.; (15s.; deb., 22s. lid.). 

Vnde rec. per Th. Neusom viijd., et per R. Bland in ruset xd., 
(et rec. per Joh. Settyll de Northous xviijd., et per Joh. Tupe 
in ruset iiijs. vjd., cum socio suo). 1 

1 Secunda manu, 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 203 

[98] N. 

Compotus act us cum Joh'ne Huberd ad idem tempus vt 
supra. Idem petit de pede vltinii .compoti vt patet in paruo 
libro Bursarij xxvs. ijd., et petit pro mercede ij Annorum cum 
termino Martini 54, xxvjs. viijd. 

Summa, Ijs. xd. 

De qua summa recepit per Joh'em Tupe sen. in panno 
lineo iijs. iiijd., et rec. de Joh'e Settyll de Aldfeld northous in 
j vacca xs., et rec. de Thoma Darnbruke in j vacca de Aller- 
dale vijs. viijd.,et de Will'mo kyd in j vacca firmar' viijs. vjd., 
et rec. de Bursario per vices iiijd., Item de eodem xiijd., et per 
Th. Neusom ijs., et rec. per Ric'm Raskell sen. xijd., et rec. per 
Thomam Darnbruke xijd., et per Thomam Swynton in die 
obitus sui xviijd., et relicta eius cum filijs legauerunt Monasterio 
pro absolucione eiusdem Joh'is xiijs. iiijd. 

Summa, xlixs. ixd. ; debetur, iij togse prec. xijs. 

Vnde relicta eius habet billam, etc. 

Compotus actus cum Will'mo Huberd ad idem tempus 
vt supra. Idem petit pro mercede ij Annorum cum termino 
Michaelis xxxvjs. patet. 

Vnde rec. per Thomam Playn de Slenyngford in ij qrt. 
iiij bu. Auen. vs., et rec. per Thomam Neusom iiijd., et per 
Bursarium viijd., et rec. per eundem ijs., et rec. per Petrum 
Scroton de Pykall in xx vln. lin' vjs. viijd., et rec. per Ric'm 
Potte de Aldfeld viijd., et per Will'm Smyth de eadem xviijd. r 
et rec. per Will'm knaresburgh in ij petris lanse prec. iiijs., 
et rec. per Rogerum bland v]d. 

Summa, xxjs. iiijd.; debetur, xiiijs. viijd. ; (19s. 6d. ; deb., 
16s. 6d.). 
[98 v.] . N. 

Compotus actus cum Joh'ne Rycrofte nuper de Morkar 
super compotum Aueriorum Henrici sexti 33. Idem petit 
pro mercede ib'm pro dimidio Anni ad festum Inuencionis 
S'cae Crucis 53, vijs., et petit de pede vltimi compoti in paruo 
libro famulorum Bursarij xxiijs. ijd., et pro mercede in le fell 
a festo Inuencionis s'cse Crucis 53 vsque ad f'm Michaelis 53 
vid3 pro custodia de le Crochous xs., et petit pro edulio iiijs., 


et pro vigilacione Aueriorum a pud gyrsfald et Cowsyde per ij 
noctes xijd. 45 : 2 

De qua summa recepit per Rie'm lamberd de kylnesay xs., 
et rec. in ouibus communitatis xd., et per Bursarium iiijd., et 
per Thomam Horsford in j bu. pisarum viridium vjd., et rec. 
per Thomam Swynton in pecun. xs., et rec. in amerciamentis 
perditis pro fractura pomerij alti iijs. iiijd., (et rec. per Will'm 
Hogeson de Kylnsay in j bu. brasij ordij viijd.). 1 

Summa, (blank) (25s. Sd.)\ debetur, xxs. viijd. (195. Qd.). 

Vnde dictus Joh'es Ricrofte habet indenturam paruam de 
papiro scripto, etc., (et rec. per predictum Th. Swynton in 
pecun. xxs. viijd. et seque). 

Compotus actus cum Rad'o Ouerend ad idem tempus vt 
supra. Idem petit de pede compoti vltimi iiijli. vijs. xd., et 
pro mercede ij Anno rum cum termino Martini 54, xxiijs. iiijd., 
et pro ij togis vjs. viijd. 

Summa, vli. xvijs. xd. 

Vnde recepit per Th. Swynton in j vacca de Allerdale prec. 
viijs., et rec. per Ric'm sparow vjs. viijd. 

Summa, xiiijs. viijd.; debetur, vli. iijs. iiijd. (2d.). 

Et rec. per dictum Ric'm sparrow ijs., et per Th. Scharpe 
ijs. ixdL, et per Ric'm Sparrow vjs. viijd. 

[99] N. 

Compotus actus cum Rob'to lamberd, custode ouium apud 
Morker ad idem tempus supra. Idem petit pro custodia 
gregis ouium de Morker a festo Inuencionis S'cse Crucis vsque 
ad idem festum 54, xvs., et pro vigilacione Aueriorum per iij 
noctes ixd. Summa, xvs. ixd. 

Vnde recepit in j sturd oue iijd., et in pede compoti ouium 
vd., et rec. per Will'm Hogeson de kylnesay vs., et de Bursario 
iiijd., et de pede compoti ouium Henrici sexti 32, ijd. 
Summa, vjs. ijd. ; debetur, ixs. ^ r ijd. 

(Vnde rec. per Th. Scharpe ijs., et per Rob 'turn ffarbarn 
xv jd.) 

Compotus actus cum Joh'e West ad idem tempus vt supra. 
Idem petit de pede vltimi compoti in alio libro, iijli. iijs. ijd., 

1 Secunda manu. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 205 

et pro mercede ij Annorum in camera abbatis, cum termino 
Martini 54, x\s., et pro mercede apud Warshall tempore prse- 
dicto xxvjs. viij. Summa, (blank) (6 9s. IQd.). 

Vnde recepit in ij vln. lin. vi]d., et in v ou. iijs., Item in 
iij ouibus xxd., anno 31 in j vacca (blank) et eodem anno in j 
Bouett' iiijs., et eodem anno in j Juuenca iiijs. vjd., et eodem 
anno in j oue vd., et in iiij ouibus ijs. vjd., et per Will'm Kid 
xs., et per Th. lamberd in j boue xiijs. iii]d., et per Joh'em 
lamberd ixs. vjd., et per Will'm kid xixs. vjd., et per Xpoferum 
Hudson penes Henricum Elisson xs., et per eundem penes 
Ric'm lamberd ixd., et per dictum xpoferum in ij vlnis ruseti 
xvjd., et in j Boue communitatis viijs., et in j tauro vs. vjd. 
et de pede compoti ann. Henrici sexti 29, xxiijd., et de pede 
compoti ann. Henr. sexti 30, vjd., et de ped. compotorum ann. 
31 et 32 xxijd., et in j vacca communitatis Henrici sexti 30 
vj<s., et in j boue Henr. sexti 32 (blank), et in vij multonibus 
venditis super compotum de grege de Darnbrukhous cum 
pellibus vs. vd., a Henr. sexti 31 et a 30 in iiij Jun. xxs., 
et eodem anno in j multone xvjd. (quaere ex altera parte.) 1 

[99 v.] N. 

Et de Rob' to Schortfrend in j Juuenca vs., et per Will'm 
kid xixs. vjd., et per Joh'm Neusom vijd. ob. 

Compotus actus cum Will' mo Hudson smyth de Aldfeld 
super compotum Aueriorum Henrici sexti 33. Idem petit de 
pede compoti Joh'is Aukland xxijs. vi]d., et pro mercede ij 
Annorum et di. cum termino Martini 51, vfo'., et Idem petit 
penes Will'm Wyrrell xxs., et penes Ric'm Ouerend xvjd. 
et penes Joh'm Yonge vijd., et penes Will'm Hobert xviijd, 
et petit pro factura ij Cultellorum liberatorum promptuario 
abbatis xxd., et petit penes Rob' turn Huddoke ii]d., et penes 
Rob'm Bland xvjd., Item penes eundem Bland ijd., et penes 
Th. longlay v)$. viijd., et penes Joh'em Pottow vs. iiij^., et 
petit pro medicinis emptis pro filio d'ni Clifford xxd.f et petit 
penes Rob'm Sandall Bursarium ijs. viijfZ., et penes Joh'em 
Barkhous iijs. iujd., et penes Joh'em Portar in ferrura eqai 

1 Secunda manu. 

2 For some interesting remarks by Walbran on this entry, see Vol. ii, 106. 


sui per iij annos iiijs. iiije?., pro ferrura equorum Carr. pistrini 
xvjd., et petit pro ferrura equorum communitatis per iij annos 
praeteritos vt patet tallia Bursarij xxs. viijd. ob., et pro ferrura 
equorum WilFi Harope vt patet tallia iijs. jd. ob., et petit penes 
WilTm Stavelay de Brymbem in ferrura xxjd., et petit pro 
factura vnius Mylnspyndill xi]d., et pro ferrura equorum 
Cellerarij iiijd., et penes WilFm ketloke iiijd., et petit pro factura 
sufflatorij pro le Bales iijs. iiijd., et pro factura de ij Awndyrynse 
liberat. cameras d'ni abbatis iijs. ui]d. et pro 

[100] N. 

ferrura equi Thomae Horsford iiijd., et petit pro diuersis 
liberatis Monasterio in opere et ferrura vt patet billa Joh'is 
Selby xv6\ ixd. Summa, 11 : 4 : 9 * 

De qua summa recepit in firma sua apud Aldfeld de tribus 
Annis compJetis cum termino Pent. 52, liiijs., et rec. in firma 
sua pro le Crukgarth et orto eorundem cum dicto termino 
Pent. 52, xxs., et rec. in firma sua de ij annis et di. cum termino 
Martini 54, xlvs., et rec. in firma sua de Horslay iiij annorum 
cum termino Inuencionis sanctae crucis 55 pro parte sua iiijfc'., 
et rec. in ij Bouettis de Allerdale xiiijs., et rec. in j vacca per 
Joh'em Weste viijs., et rec. in j vacca per Joh'em Olife viijs. 
Summa, 11 : 9 : 

Compotus actus cum Rob'to Mawd in die S'cae Luciae 
Virginis, anno 54. Idem petit de pede in a li xxvs., et petit 
pro mercede ij Annorum cam termino Martini 54, xxxvjs. 
Summa, ii]li. xijd. 

Vnde recepit per Bursarium iiijd., Item per eundem vjd., et 
in iij vlnis albi ijs. iijd., et in ij vlnis ruseti x viijd., et per Joh. 
Esby in j par Botarum et Calcarium ijs. xd. y et per eundem 
in sotularibus vijc^., et per eundem xijd., Item viij^., Item in 
j pare sotelarium vijd., et in ij vlnis ruseti ijs. ijcL, et in j pare 
Botarum Ripon de hoby ijs., et london xj^., et in j vlna et j 
qrt. albi xij^., et in j vlna de kan5ett xijd., et in j arcu apud 
lyncoln iJ5., et ebor. in sotelaribus vij^., et in j vlna ruset de 
Joh'e qwarfe xd. } et in j par Botarum ijs., et pro fustian xviijdL, 
et per Joh'em Tupe sen. in lin. ixd., et per Th. Darnbruke in 
j equo xxvjs. 8 , et per Joh. Tupe vjs., et per Joh'em lamberd 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 207 

viijs. vjd., et in ij pellibus damarum ijs., et in ij pellibus ouium 
viijd , et in iiij par sotelarium ijs., et in j sella curn fraeno 
rec. de Waltero sadlar vijs., et in j pare stiropladyrs et j Coler 
xiid., et in ij vlriis di. ruseti de Joh'e qwerfe ijs. v]d. 

Summa, iiij/?'. xvjd. ; debet, xxs. iiijd. 
(Et per Joh. Tape xv\d., in lino et per eundem in viij 
vlnis lini ijs. viijd., Item in j pare botarum iijs., Item in repara- 
cione ij par. botarum xvjd., Item vij par. sotelarium iiijs. ]d. } 
Item j par botarum iijs.) 1 

[100 v.] N. 

Compotus actus cum Petro fferrour eadem die vt supra. 
Idem petit pro pede compoti vltimi vt patet indenturam sigill. 
iiijli. viijs. viijd., et petit pro mercede Pent, et Martini 54, 
(blank). Summa, (blank). 

Vnde recepit per Joh'em Selby in j vacca ixs. v]d., et rec. 
de xpofero lemyng in ij par. sotelarium xd. ; debetur, 3 : 19 : 8 

Compotus actus cum Joh'e Man, (blank). 

Vnde recepit per Th. Neusom xijd., Item per eundem xijrf., 
et per Th. kid xxviijs., et per Will'm kid xvcL et in ij par 
sotelarium xiiijd, et per Bursarium Robertum Sandall iiijd., 
Item per eundem viijd., Item xijd., Item xi]d., Item jd., Item 
i]d., Item viij^., Item ijd. ob., Item xxjd., Item viijd., Item 
xvjrf., Item vii]d., Item xiiiid., Item xxijd., Item vjd., Item ij.s., 
Item xd. } Item xijd., Item in j vln. di. albi iiijd., et in v vlnis 
lini xx]d. ob., Item ij vln. di. lini xd., et in v vln. ruseti iiijs. ijd. 
ob., et in j vln. albi per Joh. Neusom vjd., et per Th. Neusom 
in ij vln. lini viijd., Item per eundem in ij vln. lini viijd., Item 
per eundem in xiij vln. lini iiijs. iiij (s. ), 2 et per Will'm Steyle 
de galghay in j Boue prec. xiiijs., et rec. per Th. Atkynson de 
Mallom xixs., et per Rogerum Elisson de Haltongill in Juuenc' 
iijs., et per Joh'em Herrison de Melmorby in siligine per vices 
iiijs. viijrf., et per Th Playn in vj bu. ordij ijs. v]d., et per 
eundem i qrt. frumenti v]s., et per eundem iiij bu. frumenti 
iijs. iiijd., et per eundem in ij petr. lanae iijs. vu]d. } et per eundem 
in j porcello iJ5., et per Th. kid in ij Bouettis xxviij-s., et j (j) 3 

1 Secunda manu. 

2 So in MS.; evidently a clerical error for 4d. 

3 Repeated in MS. 


vacca ixs. per eundem, et per Will'm kid xvd., et per Job. 

Neusom ]s., et in vij par. sotelarium iiijs. jd. } Item in j pare 

botarum ijs. iiijd., Item per J. Neusom in ij Juuencis xjs., 
et in pastura vnius equi per eundem ijs. 

[101] N. 

Compotus actus cam Joh'e Portar in die S'cae luciae Virginis. 
Idem petit de pede compoti vltimi vt patet in alio libro 
xxijs. ixd., et pro mercede ij Annorum cum terniino Martini 
54, xls. Summa, (blank) (62s. 9d.) 

Vnde recepit in firma sua apud Aldfeld duorum Annorum 
cum termino Martini 54, xxvs. iiijd, et in j vacca communitatis 
vij s., et in j sterkett communitatis ijs. v]d., et in iij ouibus 
xviijd., et in agnis iijs. iiijd., et per Th. Swynton iiijs., et in 
vij ouibus iijs. iijd., et per Joh'em Wylyn iiijd., et per Th. 
Swynton ijs. ijd., et per Th. Neusom ixd., et per Bursarium in 
lino xxd., et in j qrt. Auenarum rec. apud Swanlay xxd., et in 
di. boue cum Roberto Bland iiijs. v]d., et in ij ouibus xijcL, et 
in amerciamentis viijd., et in j Multone per Will'm Hogeson 
de kylnesay xiiijcZ. 

Summa, iijli. xd. ; debetur, xxiijrf. et iij togae. 

Compotus actus cum Joh'e Hudswell ad idem tempus. 
Idem petit de pede vltimi compoti vt patet in paruo libro 
Bursarij xxxiijs. iiijcL, et petit pro mercede ij Annorum cum 
termino Martini 54, l xxvjs. viijd., et pro mercede vxoris suse 
lotricis in Anno et di. ad festum purificacionis 53, xvs. 
Summa, n]li. xvs. 

Vnde recepit in di. Boue cum Ric'o kendale vs., et in di. 
vacca cum dicto Ric'o iiijs. vjcL, et rec. per Joh'em Tupe sen. 
in albo viijs., et rec. per Ric'm kendale in lino xxeL, et rec. per 
Bursarium per vices xiiijcL, et in iiij ouibus ijs., et in firma 
sua ij annorum cum termino Martini 54, xiiijs. xd., et in amercia- 
mentis perditis in Curia vujd. 

Summa, xxxvijs. xd. ; debetur, xxxvijs. i]d. 

Vnde recepit per Th. Horsford in j bu. pisarum virid. vjcL 
et per Will. Settyll de Northcote iijs. iiij^., (et per eundem 

" 54 " repeated. 2 Secunda manu, 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 209 

[101 v.] N. 

Compotus actus cum Will'mo Merschall ad idem tempus 
vt supra. Idem petit pro mercede vj Annorum cum termino 
Martini 54, rec. in anno pro mercede 6 : 8 , et pro toga 2 : 9 

Summa, u]li. (?) et petit pro prostracione monticulorum 
xxd. Summa, iijZi. (?) xxd. 

Vnde recepit per Bursarium iiijd., et rec. per knoll de 
Tranhous xvjd., Item per Bursarium viijd., et per Joh'em 
Settyll de Aldfeld northous in j qrt. Auenarum xxd., et per 
Th. Playn de Slenyngford xvjd., et rec. de pede vltimi compoti 
vt patet in longo libro Thomae Swynton de computis famulorum 
folio 16, iijs. ]d., et in firma sua apud Northous v Annorum Is., 
et in firma sua apud Aldfeld pro j anno cum termino Martini 
54, ixs. x]d., et in amerciamentis Curise de Aldfeld iij-s. v]d. 
Summa, ujli. xjs. xd. ; debet, x$. ijd. 

(Et rec. de Joh'ne Settil de Northous xxd.) 1 

Ric. kendale Carpenter ad idem tempus petit de pede 
supra vt patet folio 95, i]s. x]d. } et pro mercede apud Swanlay 
a 46, xijs., et pro j toga ijs. iijd. Summa, xvijs. i]d. 

Vnde recepit de Will'mo knaresburgh ijs. i]d. y et de Joh'e 
Aukland xvjd., et de Th. Neusom in lino per vices vt patet 
libros eiusdem iijs. viijd., et rec. in j toga ijs. i\]d. 
Summa, ixs. vd. ; debetur, vijs. ixd. 

(Vnde rec. per Th. Scisson in lino iiijs. i]d.) 1 

Compotus actus cum Rob'to Huddoke ad idem tempus vt 
supra. Idem petit de pede vltimi compoti vt patet in paruo 
libro Bursarij Iviijs., et petit pro mercede ij Annorum cum 
termino Martini 54, xls. 

Summa, iiijfc*. xviijs. 

Vnde recepit in j oue viijd, et rec. per Thomam Clerk de 
Marton in iiij bu. Auenarum xiijd., et in di. bu. pisarum 
viridium prec. iijd., et per WilTm Smyth iijd., et per Henr. 
Buke in aracione terrae suae ijs., et plus et rec. in j dos. albi 
prec. vjs. viijd., et rec. de Bursario per vices viijd. 

Summa, xjs. vijrf.; debetur, m]li. vjs. vjd. (5d.). 

1 Secunda manu. 


[102 1 ] N. 

Relicta Will'i Skipton scissoris ad idem tempus petit de 
pede compoti in albo libro Job. Esby xxiij-s. 

Compotus actus cum Roberto Harope. Idem petit de pede 
vltimi compoti vt patet in paruo libro Bur sari j folio 7, xxiiijs., 
et pro mercede ij Annorum cum termino s'ci Martini 54, xls., 
vnde recepit in j pare Calcarium prec. vjd., et rec. in j pare 
sotelarium prec. vjd., et in pecunia vjd., et rec. per Joh'em 
Esby in iij vln. kanyete prec. iij-s., (et per Th. kyd in j equo 
xxvijs. viijd). 1 

Compotus actus cum Thoma percwell famulo Infirmitorij 
Monachorum ad idem tempus. Idem petit de pede compoti 
vltimi vt patet in paruo libro Bursarij xs. vd., et petit pro 
mercede ij Annorum cum termino sancti Martini 54 in dicto 
Infirmitorio vjs. viijcZ. Summa, xvijs. ]d. 

Vnde recepit de Bursario in ij vln. di. lini xijd. ob., et rec. 
de W Hull in j pare sotelarium prec. vjcL, et rec. in corr. 
tannar. vjd., et de Bursario jd., et rec. in albo pro ij togis ex 
conuencione iiijs. 

Summa, ijs. jd. ob. ; 2 debetur, xiiijs. xjrf. cb. 

[102 1 v.] Compotus actus cum Joh'ne Bolland de Scissoria 
ad idem tempus vt supra. Idem petit de pede vltimi compoti 
vt patet in paruo libro Bursarij xviijs., et petit pro mercede 
ij Annorum cum terminis Martini 54, xls., et pro filo per dictum 
tempus xiijs. iiijcL, et pro companagio xvjs. 
Summa, iiijZi. vijs. iiijc^. 

Unde recepit de Joh'ne Settyll de Aldfeld northous ixs., et 
rec. per Thomam Ouerend ixs., et rec. in j vacca communitatis 
ix5., et rec. de W Malthous in j qrt. ordij iiijs., et rec. apud 
Baldyrby in iiij bu. siliginis iijs. iiijcZ., et de Thoma Horsford 
in j bu. pisarum viridium prec. vjd., et de eodem in ij pc. 
eorundem (sic) pisorum 3 iijcZ., et rec. penes Joh'em qwitby 
iiij 5., et rec. in j vacca debili de Allerdale iiij 5., et rec. in j 

1 Secunda manu. 

* Not including the 4s. last entered. 

8 MS. has " pis.," as usual, but the feminine form is used in full on p. 78, 
and has been generally adopted in this edition. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 211 

vln. de kanyett vjd., et in amerciamentis perditis in Curia de 
Aldfeld xijd., et rec. in firma sua per ij Annos cum termino 
Martini 54, xxs. iiijeZ. 

Summa, iijfe*. iiijs. x]d. ; debetar, xxijs. vd. 

Compotus actus cum Rob'to Bland ad idem tempus vt 
supra. Idem petit pro factura sepium apud Montem Michaelis 
ixs. xd. ob., et pro factura de le Ryls in Croke vt patet tall, 
ijs. v]d., et pro falcacione in Monasterio anno 49, vs., et pro 
factura sepium apud Stapilholm iiijs. } et circa Monasterium, ad 
mensam nostram xxijd., et pro falcacione et factura sepium cum 
Rob'to Harpour tempore Walteri Monkton Magistri operarum 
xvs. v]d., et pro falcacione tempore Th Horsford magistri 
operarum vs. iiijd., et pro factura sepium in Aldfeldbank xxjd., 
et pro consimiK iuxta molendinum de Aldfeld xijd., et pro 
mercede cum Bursario et in negocijs Monasterij per vnum 
annum et di. xxiijs. iiijd., et pro mercede ij Annorum cum 
termino Martini 54, xxxs., et pro expensis versus Synnyrig- 
thwate et knaresburgh vjd., et pro expencis versus Allerdale 
xv jd., et petit penes Will'm Wilson in rus. xd., et penes Joh'em 
kendale de pistrino in rus. xd., et petit de pede compoti Joh'is 
Aukland ijs. ixd. 

[102 2 ] 1 Et pro factura sepium apud Smethihill vjd., et petit 
pro trituracione apud Swanlay tempore Will'i Sam (?) Magistri 
grangiarum vjd., et petit pro factura fagotorum pro coquina 
abbatis per j diem ijd. Summa, 5 : 7 : 6 o. 

Vnde recepit per Joh'em Malthous anno 49, iijs., et per 
Joh'em Emundson de Marton ijs. viijd., et per Will'm Tod in 
lana vjs. iiijd., et per Thomam Lamberd in lana vs., et per 
Joh'em Thomson in j vacca vijs., et per Joh. Emundson de 
Marton i]s. iujd., in brasio et per Will'm Pultar de eadem in 
brasio iiijs., et per Joh'em Constantyn de Northcote in j equo 
xiiij.s. viijd., et per Thomam Swynton iiijd., et per Joh'em 
Semar de ebor. in sotelaribus ijs. iiijd, et per Joh'em longlay 
ijs., et in j oue Henr. sexti 29, iiijeZ., Item eadem anno j v]d., 
et in iij Multonibus a 30, xvijd., et eodem anno in j oue vd., 
et anno 31 in j Multone xijd., et per Joh'em Esby in obitu 
filij sui vii]d., et per Th, Swynton ad idem tempus in]d. } et 

1 Two leaves in succession are numbered 102. 


per dictum Thomam apud Croch iiijd., et in j pare ocrearum in 
parte iiijd., per euiidem et in j pare sotelarium per eundem 
yjd., rec. de Joh'e Betes de Ripon et per eundem in j ffelthatt 
xjd., et cum Joh'e Porter in di. Bou. de Allerdale anno 54, 
iiijs. vjd., et in ij sterkettes allerdale vjs. viijcL, et in j Bouic'l 
iiijs. iijd., et de Bursario viijd., et in j pelle damae xiiijd., et in 
ij Arietibus xxd., et apud Marton anno 54 in vj bu. siliginis 
vs., et apud Balderby iiij bu. iijs. iiijd., et apud Marton in 
iiij bu. ord. ijs., et per WilPm smyth xviijd., et per Will'm 
knaresburgh in Caseo x]d. } et in j Juuenca communitatis a 
Henr. sexti 31, vs. vjdL, et in j qrt. siliginis anno d'ni 47, 
uijs., et in j qrt. Auenarum apud Slenyngford per Joh'em 
Mody i]s., et de Steph'o Midilton apud Ripon in j qrt. Auenarum 
ijs., et per eundem ib'm in vj bu. ordij ijs. ijd., et de Bursario 
in ij vln. di. ruseti xxd., et in ij bu. pisarum viridium per 
Joh'em Selby xijd., et per Joh'em Tupe in j qrt. siliginis iiijs., 
Item in j qrt. silig. ib'm iiijs., et per Joh'em Malthous 

[102 2 v.] N. 

vjs. vtijd., et per eundem xxd., et per Rob'm Settyll de Morkar 
cum Rogero Bland et Ric'o Peke in j vacca pro parte sua 
iiijs., 9 r 9 t9 1 , dicti Rob'ti Settyll de Morkar, et in j bu. frumenti 
per Joh'em Settyll ixd., et in firma sua apud Aldfeld Pent, et 
Martini 54, vjs., et pro orto ibidem viijd., et rec. apud Marton 
cum Radulpho grantelay in ij bu. siliginis xijcZ., et in ij qrt. 
silig. rec. per vices at patet in computacionibus officialium 
diuersorum viijs., et rec. per Thomam Horsford in j bu. 
pisarum viridium vjd., 7 : 3 : 8 ; debet, 36 : 1 5. 

Et rec. per Thomam Swynton in ij paribus sotelarium rec. de 
Will'mo Blenkowe xijd., et rec. per dictum Th. Swynton in j 
sella vetusta (et per Joh'em Tupe, (blank), et per Joh'em 
Semer in viij paribus sotelarium iiijs. viijd., Item j par. botarum 
ijs. iiijciL Item j reparacione (sic) botarum xiiijd., et per Rob. 
glouer in pann. ijs. v]d.) 2 

Compotus actus cum Edwardo Crokay ad idem tempus vt 
supra. Idem petit de pede compoti vt patet in pamo libro 

1 Qusere compotus ? 
8 Secunda manu. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 213 

Bursarij xiijs. iiijd., et pro custodia ouium apud Brymbem 
in hieme 52, vjs. viijd., et petit pro falcacione pratorum in 
Monasterio Anno 53, ijs. iiijd., et petit pro carriagio de v xx 
foder focalis ad bigas communes xs., et petit pro labore suo 
ad Carriagia abbatis per Annum integrum cum termino Martini 
54, xvjs. Summa, xlviijs. iujd. 

Vnde rec. in firma sua apud Northous per annum xs., et 
de Joh'e setill ib'm iijs., et in j bu. pisarum viridium anno 53, 
vjd., et per Will'm kid vjd. et per 

[103] N. 

Joh'em Riche de Marton iiijs. v]d., et in ij ouibus xijd., et in 
iiij bu. ordij ijs., et in j vacca de W Horsmann de lutterstaynes 
prec. xs., et in j vacca de W Hogeson de kylnesay ixs. vjd., 
et in amerciamentis apud Brymbem, etc., ijs. v]d. 

Summa, xliijs. vjd.; debetur, vs. xd. (4s. I0d.). 
(Vnde rec. per Joh'm Scisson cum Joh'ne Settill iiij 5., et 
per Job. Rich, husband, iijs. ixd.) 1 

Compotus actus cum Ric'o Bollton Carpentario ad idem 
tempus vt supra. Idem petit de pede vltimi compoti xls. xjd., 
et petit pro labore suo apud Bourthwayte in domo feodi ibidem 
per vj dies ijs. vjd., et pro consimili apud Calfhalhous per 26 
dies viijs. xd., et apud Hartcastell per xiiij dies vs. xd., et apud 
Wynslayhous per ij dies xd., et apud Galghay in factura nouse 
domus fumosae Will'i Duffeld per viij septimanas et iij dies 
xxiijs. xjc^., et apud orrium Joh'is Raynald per ij dies et di., 
xijd. ob. (Not cast up.) (4fo\ 3s. 10-|^.) 

Vnde recepit per Joh'em Jacson de Syxford viijs. v]d., et 
per Will'm servand de Bourthwayte iijs. ij^., et per Will'm 
Duffeld ijs., et per Joh'em Jacson in j vacca ixs., et per Rad. 
Androwson de Marton xxd. } et per Joh'em Jacson de Syxford 
vijs,, et rec. in mensa apud Calfhalhous iijs. xd., et rec. per 
Th. Playn de Slenyngford in ij pet. lanse prec. iijs., et rec. apud 
Galghay xs. vjd., et rec. in mensa apud Galghay vjs. v]d. cum 
socio suo, et rec. de Th. Toppan de Hartcastell xiijs. viijd. cam 
mensa, et in mensa cum Joh'ne Raynald vjd., et rec. per Will. 

1 Secunda manu. 


Haskwith de Calfalhous iiijs., et per T. Toppan xs., et per Will. 
Duffeld iijs. iiijd. (cum) 1 socio suo tantum (?), et per Rad. Andro- 
son per vices iijs. viijd 3:- 9 : 4 ; debetur, 14 : 6 o. 

[103 v.] N. 

Compotus actus cum Will'mo Stavelay custode de Brym- 
bem ad idem temp us vt supra. Idem petit de pede vltimi 
compoti vt patet in paruo libro Bursarij u]d., et petit pro 
mercede ij Aimorum cum termino Martini 54, apud Brimbein 
xiijs. iijd., et petit pro ouis, pulletis, etc., receptis et captis de 
vxore sua per ij Annos prec. iijs. iiijd. 

Summa, xvjs. vijd. (IQd.). 

Vnde rec. in j Bouett. communitatis vs., et rec. in j vacca 
de Allerdale vjs., et rec. in j Juuenca de Allerdale debili prec. 
iiijs. et rec. apud Brymbem in iiij bu. Auen. xd., et rec. ibidem 
in j qrt. ordij iiijs., et rec. apud Marton in iiij bu. pisarum 
iijs. iiiid. ; negat. 

Summa, xxiijs. ijd. ; debet, vjs. vijc^. (66. 4^.). 

Et Item rec. in j oue communitatis iijd., et rec. per Th. 
Horsford in ij bus. pisarum xijd. 

Compotus actus cum Joh'ne Robynson de Carr. pistrini. 
Idem petit de pede vltimi compoti vt patet in libro, et petit- 
pro mercede quinque Annorum cum termino Martini 54 rec. 
in anno '5. Summa, (blank). 

Vnde rec. per Thomam Waile in lana vs., et Anno 50 per 
Henr. Buke xd., et rec. per Joh'em Tupe sen. in porcellis xjd., 
et rec. per Nich'm Ricrofte v]d., et rec. per Thomam Buke 
iiij s. v]d. } et per Thomam Pymson ijs. xcZ., et rec. per eundem 
in j Boue xijs. vjcZ., et rec. per Th. Neusom ijd., Item per 
eundem v]d., et rec. per Bursarium vjrf., Item per eundem 
alia vice viijdL et anno 51 per eundem xijrf., et rec. per Will'm 
Hogeson de kylnesay in j vacca viijs. i]d., et rec. 

[104] N. 

per eundem in pann. iiij,9. viijc?., et rec. per Joh'em Tupe sen. 
in ij porcellis anno 49, xxcZ.. et rec. eodem anno per Bursarium 
viijd., et per Joh'em Tupe in lino xijd., et rec. de Bursario per 

1 Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 215 

manus Thomse Day xijcZ., et per Bursarium iiijd, Item per 
eundem iiijd., et rec. per Th. Cleseby }d., Item per Bursarium 
xijd., Item per eundem viijd.. Item per eundem in ij vln. albi 
xiiijc?., et rec. in j bouett' communitatis anno Henr. sexti 31, 
xjs., et rec. in j vacca de Allerdale anno d'ni 54 prec. viijs., 
et rec. per Rob'm Glover de Ripplay viijd., Item per eundem 
viijd, et rec. in quinque ouibus prec. xixcZ., et rec. apud Morkar 
in j qrt. Auen. prec. xxr/., et rec per Thomam Horsford in ij 
bu. pis. virid. prec. xijd., (et per Joh'rn Tape in ruset viijs., 
et per eundem in iij vln. albi ijs. iijd). 1 

(Not cast up or balanced.) 

Compotus actus cum Ric'o Person de stabulo abbatis. 
Idem petit de pede compoti in alio libro paruo Bursarij xiijs. 
iiijd., et petit pro mercede vnius Anni et di. cum termino Martini 
54, xvs. Vnde recepit per Bursarium xijd., Item per eundem 
ijs. ijd., Item per eundem iiijd., et per eundem in ij vln. lini 
vii]d., et per eundem in albo cum Rob'to Wrekes iiijdL et per 
eundem in j vln. vij qrt. 2 panni xxjcL, et in ij vln. de lino xd., 

[104v.] N. 

et rec. per eundem in j vln. ruset vijd., et per eundem in ij 
vln. di. albi prec. ijs. iiijd., et per eundem in j vlna albi xijd., 
et per eundem in ij vln. albi xvjd., et rec. per Th. Neusom in 
ij vln. lini prec. viijd., Item in paruo libro Thomse Neusom per 
vices xvjd., et rec. per Rob'm glover de Ripplay xiiijd., et per 
Joh'em Pakoke xijs., et per Henr. Elisson in j equo prec., xxs., 
et per Joh'em Thomson de Baldyrby viijc/., et rec. per Joh'em 
Semar de Ebor. in botis ijs., Item per eundem viijd., Item in 
iij par. sotelarium xviijd.. Item in j pare Botarum ijs. vjs., 
Item in j pare Botarum ijs. viijd, Item in ij par. sotel. xiiijcL, 
et rec. per Joh'em qwarfe iijs. xd., (Item in ix par. sotel. vs. iijcZ., 
Item in reparacione botarum xd., et in j pare botarum iijs., 
Item j par bot. iijs., Item j par bot. iijs., et per Joh. Scisson in 
lino ijs. xd.). (Not cast up or balanced.) 

Compotus actus cum Thoma ketloke dominica 3 aduentus 
d'ni. Idem petit pro mercede terminorum pent, et Martini 

1 Secunda manu. 

2 2 J ells. 


54, xvjs. viijd. Vnde recepit in j Boue communitatis anno d'ni 54 
prec. xs., et rec. de pede vltimi compoti vt patet in paruo libro 
Bursarij xs. i]d., et rec. de Ric'o Potte de Aldfeld iiijs., et rec. 
de Joh'ne Settyll de Aldfeldnorthous in ou. xd., et rec. in 
pisis iiijd. 

Summa, xxvs. iiijd. (25s. 2d.)i debet, viijs. viijd. (8s. 6). 
(Et rec. per Th. Schoppe i\s. v]d.) 1 

[105] 0. 

Ouerhesilden. Ric. ffawsied rec. de pede T. S. vjs. viijd., 
et de term. Martini 46, xlvjs. viijd., et de firma de Horton 
eiusdem termini xxvjs. viij. 

Summa, iiijK. 

Vnde petit allocacionem pro frenles Wapentagio in 
Amerciament' iijs. iiijd., et Henrico franklan pro concordia 
vjs. viijdL, et pro oust, de le Crochouse xs., et pro companagio 
iiijs., et pro factura muri in le Estendvs., et in expensis pueri 
portantis literam d'ni Abbatis Morimundi xijrf., et d'noT. Har- 
rington T. S. debit, d. in parte xiiijs., et lib. J. E. xxvjs. viijd. 
Summa, (blank, 70s. Sd.)', debet, ixs. uijd. 

Compotus actus cum patan AtkjTison. Idem petit (blank). 
Vnde rec. per Bursarium iiijd., et rec. per Th. Horsford in j 
bu. pisarum viridium vjd., Joh'es Barkhous petit (blank). 
Vnde petit per Ric'um Pott viijdL 

[105 v.] 0. 

Compotus actus cum Joh'ne Pottow. -- Idem petit de 
pede compoti vltimi vt patet in libro Bursarij seruorum folio 
iiij to xxs. ixd. Vnde recepit in Caseo vjd., et rec. per Bursarium 
anno 51 per vices vjd., Item per eundem ijdL, et rec. per Joh'em 
Cure in Mensa ijs. vjrf., et per Steph'm Midilton in fagotis ijs., 
et per Will'm Hawson ixs., et per dictum Steph'm Midilton in j 
Boue prec. xiijs. iiijd., et per Bursarium per vices anno 50, xijd., 
Item per eundem xijd., Item xijd, Item viijcL, et per eundem 
anno 51. v]d., Item i]d., Item viijrf., Item iiijrf., Item iiijeZ., et 
rec. apud Brimbem in ij bu. siliginis xxd. 5 et per Will'm smyth de 
Aldfeld vs. iiijd. et rec. per Will'm knaresburgh xxvjs. vjd., et 

Secunda manu. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 217 

per eundem alia vice xijs., et per Thomam Horsford in ij bu. 
pisarum viridium xijd., et rec. per Thomam Neusom xxd., 
Item per eundem viijd, Item viijd., et rec. per Joh'em Buk in 
j bone xijs., et rec. per Joh'em kouldwell iijs. iiijd., et rec. per 
Steph'm Midilton per vices vjs., et in amerciamentis p 1 in 
curia de Aldfeld per vices viijd., et per Joh'em Malthous 
iijs. iiijd., et per Joh'm Jacson de Wynslay in j boue 15, et per 
Joh'm Herrison de Melmorby in siligine ijs. viijd., et per Th. 
Clesby xi]d. ob., et per eundem vd., et per Th. Horsford a 
52 in ij bu. pisarum viridium xij(d.), et per eundem a 53 j bu. 
pisarum viridium vjd., et per eundem a 54 j bu. frumenti xd., 
Item j bu. siliginis (blank), Item j bu. j pc. pisarum viridium, 
Item per eundem a 55 j bu. frumenti, 

[106] 0. 

ij bu. siliginis ij bu. pisarum viridium, Item per eundem a 66 

j bu. frum. xd., j bu. silig. ixd. 

(Not cast up or balanced.) 

Compotus actus cum Rob'to Led5. Idem petit de pede 
vltimi compoti vt patet in paruo libro Bursarij folio 13, xixs. 
ixc?., et petit pro mercede ij Annorum cum termino Martini 54, 
xxiiijs. Vnde rec. de Bursario per vices iiijd., Item per eundem 
in ij vln. di. albi ijs. vjd., et per eundem in iij vln. j qrt. lini 
xviijd., et rec. per eundem in iiij vln. albi iij s., et rec. per 
Thomam Neusom in ij vln. lini viijd., et per Thomam Wajde 
viijd., et per Rob'tum glover de Ripplay vna vice xijd, et rec. 
per Semar de Ebor. in ij par. sotel. xijd., et per eundem in j 
pare botarum ijs. xd., et rec. per Joh'em qwerfe iiJ6. ijd., et 
per Th. Neusom iiijd., Item per eundem viijd., et rec. pei 
Petrum Grysthwate de Rigton xxjs., et per Joh'm Semar in 
v par. sotel. ijs. xjd., et per Will'm Pultar cum Th. longlay in 
lino 6:8- (Not caet up or balanced.) 

[106 v.] O. 

Compotus actus cum Joh'ne Benson. Idem petit de pede 
vltimi compoti nil, (et memorandum quod Joh. Benson dimisit 
seruicium suurn apud Morkar ad festum Pent. 50, quia Joh. 

1 The scribe was probably going to write per vices here, and seems to have 
forgotten to erase the per. 


Ricroft fuit seruus ibidem immediate post ipsum), 1 vnde 
rec. in pede vltimi compoti vt patet in paruo libro Bursarij 
folio 28, ijs. xd., et ib'm in amerciamentis iijs. iiijd., et rec. 
per Joh'em Portar in ou' 2 i\d., et per Rogerum Bland xijd., 
et rec. apud Morkar in j qrt. Auen. xxcZ., et rec. per Henr. 
Buke xvjd., et rec. per Ric'm Benson vs. iii]d. 

Compotus actus cum Joh'ne Burton, (blank). Vnde 
recepit per Bursarium anno 51, xij^., et per eundem anno 52, 
xijd., et per eundem xiiijd., et rec. in j vacca de Hassthahons 
viijs. vjcL, et rec. per Joh'em Semar de ebor. vjd. in sotelaribus, 
et rec. per Bursarium xije?., Item viijcZ., Item ijs., Item in j 
Boue xijs., Item per eundem in alio paruo libro suo in j vlna 
albi vijeZ., et rec. per Thomam Neusom in iiij vln. lini xvjd., 

[107] O. 

et rec. per Joh'em Esby ad Natale 52, (blank), et rec. per Wili'm 

knaresburgh vjs. viijd., et per eundem xxd., et rec. per Thomam 

Neusom viijd., et rec. per Thomam lamberd de kylnesay 

xxiiijs. viijcZ., et rec. in j vacca de Afterdate ad festum S'ci 

laurencij 54, (blank), Item in j Juuenca de Allerdale ad festum 

S'ci Wilfridi 54 prec. vj,s., et rec. de Thoma Wayle per vices 

(blank), et rec. de Will'mo Duffeld praeposito de Galghay in j 

Boue xiijs., (Joh. Lamberd petit (blank), Vnde rec. per Joh'm 

lamberd vJ5.) 3 

[107 v.] 0. 

Compotus actus cum (Relicta Willmi) 4 Wartre Carpentarij. 
-j- Idem (sic) petit de pede vltimi compoti vt patet in paruo 
libro bursarij folio quinto, xvijZi. xvs. x]d., vidj ad festum 
S'ci Andrese Ap'li 54, et dicta relicta petit pro mercede dicti 
Will'i Wartre pro ij Annis ad festum S'ci Andrese Ap'li 52, 
xli. viijs., et petit a dicto festo S'ci Andrese Ap'li 52 vsque ad 
festum Nat. S'ci Joh'is Baptistse Anno 53, vid5 pro xxix septi- 
manis Iviijs., et pro mercede apprenticij sui per iiij annos iiijfo'., 
et petit pro ix porcis ex conuencione xxvijs., et pro locione 
panni linei Monasterij per ij annos, vid5 6, 7, per vxorem suam, 
xxs. 37 : 8 : 11- 

1 Secunda inanu, in upper margin. 

2 More likely ouis than ouibus or oue. 

3 Secunda manu. 

* Altered from Will'mo. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 219 

Vnde recepit post fest. s'ci Martini in hieme per Bursarium 
ijs., et Anno Regis 31 in j vacca prec. viijs., et rec. per WilTm 
knaresburgh per vices xiijs. iiijd., Item per eundem vijs., Item 
per eundem liberati vxori eiusdem vijs., et per Th. Horsford 
in j bu. pisarum viridium vjd., Et disallocatur ei pro Absencia 
viri sui operantis apud Thyrske per xj septimanas xxijs., et pro 
consimili apud Ripon per xviij septimanas xxxvjs., et pro 
consimili apud Beuerlay per xxix septimanas Iviijs.., et in 
denarijs per Th. Horsford iiijfo'., et per Will'm Hull Monachum 
Tannarise iijs. iiijd, et per d'nm Abbatem per manus Joh'is 
Neusom vs., et per Th. Swynton in Tann', iijs. iiijd., et per 
eundem in pell, vitul. vjd., et per eundem in correis per vices 
vd., et per Will'm Hull in officio Braseriae in iij qrt. vj bu. brasij 
ordij xv<9., et per eundem in ij bu. ordij viijd., et per eundem 
in ij bu. brasij auen. viijd., et per Will'm Sam in officio Braseriae 
in j qrt. iiij bu. ordij bras, vjs., et per Joh. Segefeld in j qrt. 
bras. ord. iiijs., et per Joh. Seton in granario in j bu. frum. ixd. } 
et per eundem liberati Ric'o Carter in j bu. pis. virid. vd., et 
per Th. Swynton in officio Bursariae in ij vaccis xvijs., et per 
Joh'em Selby in officio granarij in iij bu. pis. virid. xviijcL, et 
per Th. Neusom vjs. viijd., et per Joh'em Esby in j vacca 
communitatis viijs., et per Th. Wayle in lana xxs., et per 
Will'm knaresburgh in lana xviijs. iiijd., et per eundem in 
caseo xijd. ob. , et per Th. Swynton in ij porcellis vjd., et rec. 
in die sepulturae eius per Joh'em Esby et per Joh. Selby xvs., 
et rec. in pane potu et companagio per septimanam et viij (sic) 
ut patet supra, videlicet septimana xiiij panes in to to ij qrt. 
iiij bu. prec. xvjs. viijd., et septimanatim vj lagense seruicise. 

Summa, xxix^., et in companagio septimanatim secundum 
indenturam eius, xixs. \\i\d. 

(Not cast up or balanced) 

ri08] 0. 

Ric'us Bettes petit de pede vltimi compoti vt patet in 
-f paruo libro Bursarij folio quinto ijs., videlicet ad festuni 

S'ci Siluestri 50. Vnde recepit per Ric'um lamberd in j boue, 
+ xiJ5. Ric'us Raskell jun. petit de pede vltimi compoti vt patet 

in paruo libro Bursarij folio sexto vid3 ad festum Epiphaniae 


50, iijs. vd. et vnam togam. Vnde petit per Will. Hogson de 
kylnesay in xij ouibus viijs. 
[108 v.] 0. 

-j- (Compotus actus cum Rob'to Harope. Idem petit de pede 
vltimi compoti vt patet in panic libro Bursarij, folio septimo 
xxiiijs., et petit pro mercede (de) 1 pro ij Annis cum termino 
Martini 54, xls.) 2 

Compotus actus cum Joh'e Cote. Idem petit de pede 
vltimi compoti (blank). Vnde recepit post festum S'ci Martini in 
hieme per Bursarium et famulos suos, In primis per dictum 
Bursarium vjd, Item viijd., Item per manus Joh'is Man xijcZ., 
Item iiijei, Item viijcZ., Item in iiij vln. lini prec. xvjcL, Item 
in ij vln. lini prec. xd., Item in di. dos. albi prec. iiijs., Item in 
ij vln. russeti ijs. vjcL, Item in ij vln. lini prec. viijd., Item j 
vln. albi ixcZ., Item in j vacca (communitatis) anno d'ni 53 
prec. vjs. viijd., Item in j pare sotela-rium prec. vijd.. Item in 
j pare Botarum prec. iijs., Item in j pare sot. vijd., et rec. per 
Will'm kid in j equo prec. xvjs. vjd., (Item in ij pare sotel. 
xiiijd.). 3 
[109] P 

Compotus actus cum Will' mo lemyng coco. Idem petit de 
pede vltimi compoti vt patet in paruo libro Bursarij folio 29, 
et petit pro mercede pro quinque Annis cum termino Martini 
54, (blank). Vnde recepit post festum S'ci Martini 51 per 
Bursarium xxd., Item xijcZ., Item xxd., Item in iiij vln. lini xvjd., 
Item per Th. Neusom in ij vln. lin. viijcZ., et per eundem in 
iij vln. lini xijd, et rec. per Th. Wayle xs., Item per eundem 
xs. xdL, et per Bursarium rec. de Rob'to Neusted in ij bouibus 
xvjs. ]d. ob. 

Compotus actus cum Will'mo Scharpe de coquina abbatis. 
Idem petit de pede vltimi compoti vt patet in paruo libro 
Bursarij folio 36. Vnde recepit per Bursarium post festum 
S'ci Martini 51, iiijd., Item in lino ij vln. ixd., Item in ij vln. 
j qrt. alb. xxijd., et per. Th. Neusom in ij vln. lini ixd., Item 
rec. in ij stagis prec. xij s., (et per patrem suum vjs. viijd.) 3 

1 Crossed out. 

2 The whole entry crossed out. 

3 Secunda manu. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 221 

[109 v.] P. 

Compotus actus cum Th. kyng de plaustro abbatis. Idem 
petit de pede vltimi compoti vt patet in paruo libro Bursarij 
folio 24, iiijs. ijd., et petit pro mercede per ij Annos cum termino 
Martini 54, xxxiijs. iiijd. Vnde recepit per Joh'em Tupe sen. 
xvd., et per Math'm Sawnderson xijd, et rec. per Bursarium 
post festum s'ci Martini 51, iiijd., Item iiijd., Item i]d., Item in 
ij vln. russeti xijd. ob., et rec. per Joh'em Eseby iiijd., et rec. 
in j vacca cum vitulo de Allerdale anno d'ni 53, vjs., Item in 
iij ouibus xviijd, Item in ij ouibus ixd., Item in iij ouibus 
xijd., et anno Regis 31 in iij ouibus cum Rob'to Brown in 
parte ixd, Item in iij ouibus xd., Item in agnis iijd., Item per 
Th. Horsford in ij bu. di. pisarum viridium xvd., Item per 
Joh'em Tupe sen. in j porco xijd.. Item in panno lineo viijrf., 
et rec. per Th. lamberd de kilnesay iijs. iiijd., et per Joh'em 
Ryche de Marton xxijd., Item rec. apud Marton in ij bu. ordij 
prec. xijd., et rec. per Joh'em Cure in (blank) siliginis (blank) 
et per W. Haskwith de Calfalhous i]s. vjd. 

[110] P. 

Compotus actus cum Rob'to Brown de Porcaria. Idem 
petit de pede vltimi compoti vt patet in paruo libro Bursarij 
folio 22, xija. x]d., et petit pro mercede ad plaustrum abbatis 
per Pent, et Martini 53, xvjs., et petit pro mercede in porcaria 
per annum cum termino Martini 54, xiijs. iiijd., et pro auxilio 
in Braseria viijd. 42 : 11 

Vnde recepit post festum s'ci Martini 51 per Bursarium 
(iiijd., Item iiijd.), 1 Item in iij vln. lini xijd., et rec. per Rogerum 
Bland per vices (iij-s.) 1 xijd., 2 et rec. per Th. Horsford in iij bu. 
pisarum viridium xviijd., et per Joh'em Esby iiijd., et in iij 
pellibus ouium xijd., et per Rob 'turn glover (xijd., et in ij 
ouibus xijd., et in iij ou. xijd., Item in iij ou. xijd., Item in j 
oue iiijd.), 3 Item Anno Regis 31 in iiij ou. (ixd.) 3 xvjd., 4 Item in 
j (b) 5 oue (xxjd.) 5 post festum Martini 54, vd., 6 et rec. apud 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Superscribed. 

3 Crossed out. 

4 Superscribed. 
6 Crossed out. 
8 Superscribed. 


Marton in j qrt. ord. prec. iiijs., et in j qrt. Auenarum xxd., 
et in j Boue de Joh. Selby ixs., et in j vacca de eodem vijs., 
et per T. Day in j hogg iijs., et de d'no abbate uijd. per T. 
Horsforth. Summa, xxxjs. vijd. ; debetur, xjs. m]d. 

Joh. yonge petit (blank). Vnde recepit per Joh'm Settyll 
de Northous ijs. 
[110 v.] P. 

Compotus actus cum Rob'to Weste. Idem petit de pede 
vltimi compoti (blank). Vnde recepit per Thomam Scharpe xs., 
et rec. perBursarium postfestum s'ci Martini 51, iiijd., Item in 
ij vln. lini viijd., Item in j Juuenca communitatis anno d'ni 53, 
vs., Item in j bouett. communitatis anno d'ni 54, vjs., Item 
eodem anno in j vacca communitatis vjs., et in j stirkett com- 
munitatis ijs., et per Th. Billyngton de Thornton (ijs.) 1 h"ijs., e * 
in j bus. pisarum viridium (v]d.) l xd., et rec. per Joh'em Tupe 
sen. ijs. iiijd., et per WilTm kid iijs. iiijd., et per Th. Buke 
iiijs. ixd., et per Petrum Ward xd., et per Will'm lawson viijs., 
et per Th. Scharpe de Colowe iiijs., et per Will'm Hogeson de 
kylnsay viijs., et per Rob'm Atkynson vijs. iiijc/., et per Pet'm 
Ward vjs., et per Joh'em Pane iijs. (iiijd.) 1 viijc?., (et per 
Rob' turn Atkynson de M.), 1 et rec. per Th. Scharpe de Collow 
xijs., et per Ric'm Tollar in 9* or j* (?) 2 j vacca viijs. xcZ. 5 et 
per Adam Weste ijs., et per (blank) Billyngton de Thornton 
Episcopi vijs., et per pet'm Ward iijs. i]d., et rec. de pede 
compoti ouium de Brymbem anno regni regis Henrici sexti 
34, xxijd., et rec. in j oue prec. xiiijrL, 1456 in purificacione 
vxoris suse et pro pede compoti ouium Henr. sexti 35, xxd., 
et per patrem suum vid5 Ad. West vs. 


Compotus actus cum Rob'to Callton. Idem petit de pede 
vltimi compoti (blank). Vnde recepit per Bursarium post festum 
s'ci Martini 51, iiijd., Item per eundem iiij^., et in ij ouibus ixd., 
et in amerciamentis perditis in Curia de Aldfeld per vices ijc?., 
et rec. per Th. Swynton ijd., et in j oue iijc?., in iiij bu. Auen. 
apud Swanlay xd., Item in ij ouibus ixd., et per Th. Horsford 

1 Crossed out. 
* Superscribed. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 223 

in j bu. pis. virid. vjdL, et rec. per Joh'em Settyll viijd., et per 
Rob'tum Settyll ]d. 

Compotus actus cum Joh'ne Wright de Craven in crastino 
s'ci Valentini 53. Idem petit (de) 1 pro 2 pede compoti in billa 
Au(eriorum) 3 31 13 : 10 , et pro custod. de Cowsyde 10 :, 
et pro agitacione ouium Monasterij per vices 6 , et pro vigila- 
cione per vj noctes 12 . 25 : 4 - 

Vnde recepit per Th. Darnbruke vjs., per knoll, pikall, xs., 
et per eundem pro Th. Pymson iijs. iiijd., (et per eundem 
xxs.), 4 Georgius Raskell petit (blank). Vnde rec. per Henr. 
Buke in j equo vijs. 

[Ill v.] P. 

[120] Compotus actus cum Will'rno Burton. Idem petit pro 
(blank). Vnde recepit per Bursarium xijd., Item ijd.. Item per 
manus Th. Cleseby iiijd., Item in ij vln. j qrt. lin. xjd., Item in 
ij vln. albi ijs., Item in ij vln. lin. viijcL, Item in iij vln. ruseti 
iijs., Item in ij vln. albi ijs., et rec. per Joh'em Esby in ij vhi. 
di. kan5ete ijs. vjd., et per Will'm knaresburgh iijs. iiijd., et 
per Th. Horsford in ij bu. pis. virid. xijd., et per Clerke de 
Marton xiijd., (et per Billyngton vjd). 5 

Compotus actus cum Will'mo Brown in crastino Annuncia- 
cionis Dominica? 55. Idem petit de pede vltimi compoti vt 
patet in magno libro Joh'is Esby, folio 28 (?) xixs. xj^., et 
petit pro mercede pro (iij bus, tribus) 5 Annis (ad dictum festum) 5 
ij vid5 pro cust. hogg xvjs., 6 AnnunciacionL? dominica; 55, 
Item petit pro mercede trium aestatum xijs. 
Summa, xlvij5. xjd. 

Vnde recepit (per Bursarium post festum s'ci Martini 51 
per Joh'em Esby viijcZ., et rec. in j Juuenca de Allerdale anno 
d'ni 53, vjs. viijd.), 7 Th. Burgh, 8 Item eodem anno in j Juuenca 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Superscribed. 

3 MS. has " Au'." 

4 Secunda warm. 

5 Crossed out. 

6 Superscribed. 

7 Crossed out. 

8 Superscribed. 


prec. vjs. vii]d., Item eodem anno in j vacca communitatis 
viijs., Item in j sturd sterkett communitatis xxd., et rec. per 
Rob'tum glover de Ripplay xijd., Item rec. in j oue vijd., 
Item in ij ouibus xd., Item in (pecun.) 1 ou. 2 njd., Item in j 
oue vjdL, et rec. per Th. 

[112] Q. 

Billyngton de Thornton vjd., et per Th. Horsford in j bu. 
pisarum v]d., et per Joh. Whitteby de Aldfeld ijs., et rec. 
de eodem in panno in ij vln. di. xxijd. ob., et per Rob'm glouer 
in j pelle u]d. 

Summa, xxvs. vijd. ob. (245. 7^.); deb r , xxijs. iijd. ob. 

Compotus actus cum die to Will' mo Brown in vigilia Inuen- 
cionis s'cae crucis. Idem petit de pede supra vt patet xxijs. 
iijd. ob.,et petit pro agitacione Aueriorum et ouium ad coquinam 
a festo (Annunciacionis B'tae Mariae 55), Inuencionis s'cae 
crucis 55 2 vsque ad idem festum anno reuoluto iiijs., et pro 
custodia Hogges in hieme 55 in le Appilgarth cum Rob 'to 
Settyll pro parte sua iiijs., et pro labore suo pro agitacione 
Aueriorum et ouium ad coquinam a festo Inuencionis s'cae 
crucis 56 vsque ad idem festum anno reuoluto iiijs. 
Summa, 34 : 3 o. 

Vnde recepit in j Juuenca communitatis iiijs. et in di. vacc. 
cum Will'mo Abbot iiijs., et rec. in iij Agnis per Will'm Abbot 
xvd, et rec. per Th. Billyngton xijd., et in di. hurtardi cum 
Ric'o Ouerend pro parte sua iiijd., et in j bu. pis. virid. vjd., 
et per Johannem ketilwell in aracione vijd., et per Th. Swynton 
ad pasch. 57, v]d., et per Rob'tum glower per vices ijs. vjd., 
Item x]d., et pro absolucione vxoris suae iijs. iii]d. 
18 : 11 ; debetur, 15 : 4 o. 

Compotus actus cum Rob. Collow. Idem petit de pede 
vltimi compoti vt patet in paruo libro Bursarij folio 18, vijs. 
iijd., et per Joh'em Portar iij<s., et petit pro mercede Martini 3 53. 
Vnde recepit in j vacc. de Allerdale anno d'ni 53, vjs., et rec. 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Superscribed. 

3 Martinmas wage. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 225 

per Th. Horsford in j bu. pis. vjd., et rec. in j Juuenca com- 
munitatis vs. 

[112 v.] Q. 

[130] Compotus actus cum Relicta Thomae Pymson in crastino 
Ascensionis d'ni 55. Eadem petit pro mercede viri sui xjs., 
et pro custodia Agnorum Henr. sexti xxxij , xs., et eadem petit 
pro mercede dicti viri sui versus Scarburgh per qninque dies 
xd.> et pro labore suo circa equos cum Rob. West iijs. iiijd., 
et petit pro vj bu. siliginis ex conuencione iijs. 28 : 2 

Vnde recepit per Will'm Hesylden ijs. iiijei, et per Ric'm 
lamberd xjs., et per Will'm Steven in j equo xs., et per Rob'tum 
Elsworth iijs., et per knoll de Arnclifcote iijs. iiijd., et per 
Will'm Settyll de Northcote in j boue xijs., et per Maw knoll 
de ffoxhope iiijs., et per Th. Swyhenton in pecun. vd., et per 
eundem in Cirothecis et pellibus ouium xviijd., et per eundem 
in ij multonibus pro nupcijs suis ijs. iiijd., et rec. de pede 
compoti ouium de Brymbem H. sexti xxx, iiijs. 53 : 11 ; 
(debetur) 1 debet, 25 : 9 , et xvij oues et iiij xx Agn. et habet 
respondere pro compoto ouium de Brymbem. 

Compotus actus cum Will'mo Abbot apud Brymbem feria 
sexti in prima septimana 40 mae 55, vid3 in preuigilia s'ci petri 
in Cathedra 55. Idem petit de pede supra vt patet folio ante 
97, xixs. (vijd.), 2 et petit pro mercede in hieme 54, vid5 a festo 
S'ci Martini 54 vsque ad festum Inuencionis s'cae crucis ex 
conuencione iijs. iiijd., et pro custodia hogg' vid5 Cxj ad idem 
tempus iiijs., et petit a dicto festo Inuencionis 55 vsque ad 
festum s'ci Martini 55 ex conuencione x,s. 

Summa, xxxvjs. ixd. (865. 4d.). 

Vnde recepit per Thomam Horsford in j bu. pisarum viridium 
anno 53, v]d., et rec. per Rob'm Settyll de Conyston in j 
Jumento vjs., et rec. in di. bou. cum Th. ketloke vs. iijd., et 
rec. de Thoma Swynton vjd., et rec. per W m Brown in j multone 
xijd., et rec. per Joh'em ke til well in auenis xd., et per Will'm 
ffolerd de Aldfeld ijs., et per Will'm Smyth in ferrura viijd., 
et per Th. Dernbruke in pecun. iijs. iiijd., et per Th. Billyngton 

1 Crossed out, the meaning being that the widow owes to the accountant 
25s. Qd., not that it is due from him to her. 

2 Crossed out. 


vjd., et de pede compoti hogg' a regis H. 6, 34, xijdL, et in 
amerciamentis iu]d. 

Summa, xxjs. xjd. ; debetur. 1 xiiijs. xd. (14s. 6d.). 

[113] Q. 

Compotus actus cum Relicta Joh'is Portar. Eadem petit 
de pede compoti viri sui vt patet folio ante 101, xxiijcL, et iij 
togas prec. xijs., et petit pro mercede viri sui terminoruin 
pent, et Martini 55, xxs., et pro mercede de termino pent. 56, 
xs., et j togam iiijs., et petit pro agitacione ouium et agnorum 
de Allerdale vsque Nutwith xvijd., et de Nutwith vsque in 
craven xviijcL 50 : 10 

De qua summa recepit de Math'o Sawnderson in x (hogg 5 ) 2 
Agnis iijs. iii]d., et recepit in firma sua de termino (Mart.) 2 
pent, et Martini (et pent.) 2 55, vjs. viijc?. (xviijs. iiijd.), 2 (et 
pro Crokgarth pro termino Pent. Mart, et pent. 56, xs.), 3 et 
per Joh'em Settyll de Aldfelnorthous in j qrt. Auen. xxijfL, 
(et per eundem in aracione viijd), 4 et rec. in ij petr. casij 
xvjcL, (et rec. per Rob'tum Glover de Rypplay in parnio iijs.), 4 
et rec. in di. Bou. cum Rob'to Bland vs., et rec. in xj hogg' 
vs. iijd., et rec. in j multone vendito Will'o toller de Mal- 
waterhous xiiijd., Item in j multone xijcZ., Item j mult on. 
viijd., et per Th. Swynton ijs., et in amerciamentis curiae de 
Aldfeld et morkar viijd., et rec. per Will'm smyth in aracione 
et ferrura equorum iijs. xd., et per eundem in aracione xx]d., 
et (per ara/cione per eundem vid5 j rodae). 4 

43 : 10 (44s. 6d.); deb r , vijs. (65. 4d.). 

Et not a Rob'm Glouer pro panno iijs., rec. per Rob'm 
Benson de Brighous vt patet libro Bursarij folio 58, iiijs. vjd., 
et per Joh'em Setyll de Northous viijd. 
[113 v.] 

[140] Compotus actus cum Thoma Ayrton in crastino ani- 
marum 57. Idem petit pro custodia in ffell pro parte sua 
A 54 et 55, xxs., et pro custodia de Cowsied A 56 et a 57, xxs. 

1 In this case, as in many others, a balance was due to the servant, who 
had received less than he had earned and claimed. 

2 Crossed out. 
8 Superscribed. 
4 Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 227 

Vnde recepit per Rob'tum Atkynson de Mallom ijs. viijd., et 
pro Agestamento (A 56) 1 in Cowsyde (vjs.) 2 vs., 3 et in j equo 
de J. Atkinson de Mallom xs., Item per Joh. Wyndsour iijs. 
iiijd., et per Joh. Ayr ton iiijs. iiijd., et per W m Hesilden viijs., 
et per T. Hyen vjd., et per J. Brown xijd., et per T. Swynt' 
i]d. t et per eundein in lino ij vln. viijd, et in denarijs ]s. xd., 
et in karsa vd.. et per eundem xijd., et in j Boue communitatis 
vjs., et in ij sturd sterkes ijs. viijd., et in j Correo Bouis 4 et pro 
Agestamento in Cowsyed xijd. A 57. 
47 : 7 - (485. Bd.). 

Et nota quod dictus Th. habet bill am de 6 : 8 de manu 
Joh. esby. 

Compotus actus cum Will'mo Abbote apud kylnsay in 
vigilia s'cor. ffabiani et sebastiani 56. Idem petit de pede 
compoti vt patet ex altera parte folij prsecedentis xiiijs. xd., 
et petit pro mercede _a festo s'ci Martini 55, vsque ad festum 
Inuenc. s'cae crucis ex conuencione, vid3 pro superuisione 
aueriorum communitatis iijs. iiijd., et pro mercede a dicto 
festo Inuencionis 56 S'cse crucis vsque ad festum s'ci Martini 
56, vid5 pro feodo magistri ouium, et pro alijs, etc., xs. 
Summa, xxviijs. i]d. 

Vnde recepit per Th. Swynton in vigilia paschae v]d., Item 
per eundem alia vice ijd., et per eundem in nundinis yemalibus 
56, xxd., et in di. vacc. cum Will'mo Brown iiijs., et rec. in 
ix agnis iiijs. viijd., et in j oue vd., et rec. per T. Horsford in 
j bu. pis. virid. vjd., et per Th. Billyngton iiijd., et rec. per Th. 
Swynton per manus tyndlay vijd., et per Th. Scharpe (xijd.) 5 
iijs. viijd. Summa, xvjs. v\d.\ debetur, xjs. 

[114] R. 

Rypplay. Compotus actus cum Rob' to Glover in crastino 
s'ci WilTi Bituricensis. 6 Idem r. de xxxiiijs. jd. de pede compoti 
Anni prsedicti, et de iijli. viijs. pro iiij c pellibus occis. in coquina 

1 Superscribed. 

2 Crossed out. 

8 Superscribed. 

4 MS. has " Bou'," perhaps for " Bouino." 

5 Crossed out. 

6 Archbishop of Bourges, 06. 1209. In Cistercian Calendar, Jan. 10. 


per Annum, et de iiijs. iiijcZ. pro iiij c mortes et de iiijs. iiijriL, 
pro xlij pellibus mort. per talliam. 

Summa, vi]li. xixs. ixd. 

Vnde petit allocacionem pro reparacione tenement! sui vt 
patet billam vijs. ixd., et liberauit d'no Abbati in x pellibus 
ouium ijs. vjcZ., et Rob 'to Midil burgh in ij pellibus damarum 
in habitu iiijs., et Will 'mo Wilson in parte mercedis in iiij pell. 
ou. xvjd, et Rob'to Mawd in parte mercedis in ij pell, dama- 
rum ijs., et Rob'to Bland in consimili in j pelle dama3 xijrf., 
Th. Pymson in Cirothecis et pellibus ouium pro nupcijs xviijdL, 
Joh'i Selby monacho pro Autumpno in Cirothecis ijs. vjc/., 
Will'mo Wyrrell in iij pellibus ouium in mercede xijd., Th. 
Monkton Monacho in habitu viijs., (et petit allocacionem pro 
emend, pell, mortes vjs. viijcZ., et petit alloc. ex conuencione 
vjs. viijd., et petit alloc. pro emend, pell, mortes vid5 de les 
mortes xxvjs.), 1 et petit pro emend, de Ie3 mort5 xxxiiijs. vd., 
et pro emend, pell. Agn. vjs. viijd., et ex conuencione vjs. viijd., 
et Joh'i Rob 'son Carr. in mercede viijcZ., et Roberto Wrekes 
iiijd, et Joh'i Darnbruke in pellibus ouium vjcZ., et penes 
Will'm Sam per Will'm Askwith vjs., et in panno blodio pro 
liberatura xvs., et in albo pro Junioribus vs. et in allocacione 
pro xlij mortes xijd., et Will'mo Wilson in mercede in pell. 
ouium xviijeZ. 

Summa, vli. ixs. vjd. (5 10s. 1^.); debet, 50 : 3 (49s. Sd.). 

Vnde liberauit Th. Swynton in die s'ci Johannis ante 

Portam Latinam 54 in pecun. xxs., et liberavit per billam 

viijs. iiijrf., et Will'mo Brown in parte mercedis 

[114 v.] R. 

[150] Et liberauit Joh'i Esby Cellerario iijs. iiijd., et Thomse 
Swynton in nundinis hiemalibus 54 per manus Rob'ti Bland 
vjs. viijcZ., et liberauit Will'mo Wyrell in panno vs., et Rob'to 
Brown in mercede xijcZ., et Rob'to Wrekes xijcL, et Joh' 
Selby, magistro operarum in iij dos. sirotec. iijs. iiijcZ., et Joh'i 
Darnbruke xijd., et Rob'to Bland in sirotecis ijd., et in expensis 
autumpnalibus apud Brymbem in iij paribus sirotecarum iijd., 
et liberauit Rob'to Sandal! in sirothecis iiijd., et Ric'o person 

1 Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 229 

in pellibus xiiijd., et Joh'i Cakar in pellibus xijd., et Rob' to 
Led5 in pellibus xijd., et liberauit pro reparacione et emenda- 
cione tenementi sui iiijcZ., (et liberauit Th. Swynton apud 
Rypplay in praeuigilia s'ci Martini 54). l 

Snmma, liiijs. xjd. ; debetur, iiijs. viijd. 

[115] R. 

Rypplay. Compotus actus cum dicto Rob'to Glover in 
prseuigilia S'ci Martini. Idem r. de iiij c pellibus occisorum in 
coquina, prec. le c 13 : 4 Summa, liijs. iiijc?., et rec. de ij 
et di. pell, mortes cum emend, xxxiijs. iiijd. 
Summa, iiij/j. vjs. viijcZ. 

Vnde petit allocacionem pro pellibus occisorimi ex con- 
uencione vjs. viijdL, et petit allocacionem pro le mortes ex 
conuencione xijs. vjd., et liberauit Thomae Swynton in prseuigilia 
s'ci Martini in hieme 54 in parte xs., et in allocacione eidem 
pro pede compoti supra iiij<s. viijd., et liberauit Willelmo Wilson 
in pell. v]d., et Will'mo Brown in pelle iijd. 

Summa, (blank, 1 14s. 1d.)\ debet, iiij marcas iijs. vd. 2 

Vnde liberauit in vigilia S'COB Iucia9 virginis 54 in vij vlnis 
ruseti prec. vs., et liberauit michi apud Rypplay primo die 
trahitur ApriHis 55 in parte vjs. viijc/., et liberauit michi in festo Inuen- 
cionis S'cse Crucis 55, vjs. viijcZ., et liberauit michi per man us 
Joh'is Portar et Rob'ti Bland in mmdinis hiemalibus 55, 
xiijs. iiijcZ., et liberauit Rob. Bland in mercede in ruseto i]s. vjd., 
et W Wilson ij pell. v]d., et in cirothecis ijs., et in pellibus 
xijcZ., et Ric'o Peke in j pelle ijd., et Cellerario iiijc/., et Th. 
Redman in iij pellibus xijd., et Cellerario et famulo suo in iij 
pell, xijd, et Joh'i Robynson carr. ij pelles viijdL, W Brown in 
j pelle iijcZ., Relictae Nich'i Rycrofte xxcZ., Ric'o Person xiiijd., 
Joh'i lamberd de pistrino xijd., Joh'i Robynson carr. 
Joh'i kendale de pistrino ijs. iiijd. , Joh'i Beyn ij pelles 
Joh'i Selby 3 dos. Cirothecarum iijs. iiijcZ., Rob'to Wrekes j 
pellem iiijc?., Joh'i Robynson Carr. iiijs. ijc?., Will'mo Brown 
ijs. vjd., Th. Ouerend xviijd, Rob'to Mawde xcZ., Ric'o Person 

1 Crossed out. 

* Neither this balance nor the marginal note seems to be intelligible. 


[115 v.] R. 

[l6o] Compotus actus cum Rob 'to Glover de Rypplay in 
crastino S'ci edmundi archiepiscopi 55. Idem respondet de 
iiij c pellibus occisorum in coquina, prec. le c 13 : 4 Summa, 
liijs. iiijd., et r. de j c di. iiij pellibus (10 :) 1 2 13 : 4 3 cum emend. 
eorundem 4 vijs. Summa totalis, iijli. xiijs. iiijcZ. 

Vnde petit allocacionem pro Ie5 mortes vijs., et petit 
allocacionem pro pellibus occisorum ex conuencione vjs. viijcZ., 
et liberauit super compotum vjs. viijd., debet, 53 : 4 (535.), 

trahitur (et liberauit in sabbato primo septimanse 40 mae 55 in pecun. 

tantum u ^*' et n ^erauit michi per Joh'em Selby monachum in iij vln. 

seruos. albi, et Joh'i Selby in panno vijs. viijd., et liberauit per billam 
xxiijs. ixd.), 5 et liberauit michi in prseuigilia Annunciacionis 
B'tae Marise 56 in auro vjs. viijcL, et in alia pecunia iijs. (xijd.), 5 
et liberauit Will'mo Mawnsell in j pelle damse xd., et Joh'i 
Selby et Thorna? Swynton monachis in albo vijs. viijrf., et 
Rob 'to Mawd in ij pellibus muttel' v'ujd., Jenkyn Robynson in 
iij pell, muttel' xd., Will'mo Wilson in ij pell, viijd., Joh'i 
Darnbruke iij pell, xjd, Joh'i Hudeswell in j pelch xviijcZ., 
Rob'to Cuke, Waller, iiijd., Will'mo Segefeld in pellibus xd.. 
In cirothecis liberatis Th. S. xxcZ., et liberauit in iiij pellibus 
ouium pro organis xiiijd., Will'o Huberd in j pelle iijcZ., Ric'o 
Pereson in j pelle damse iijd., Joh'i Portar in panno iij<s., et 
Th. S. in sirothecis xijcL, et liberauit dicto Th. Swynton in 
pecun. iij s., et liberauit michi in die Ascensionis 56, vs. 
59 : 7 ; debet, xiijs. ixd. 

[116] R. 

Compotus actus cum Rob'to lamberd in vigilia S'ci Willelmi. 
Idem petit de pede vltimi compoti vt patet folio supra 
ixs. vijd., et petit pro custodia ouium de Morkar per duos 
annos ad festum Inuencionis s'cae crucis 56 inclusive xxxs., 
et petit penes Th. Settill pro j oue iiijd., et petit pro vigilia 
in le fell per j noctein iiijd. 

Summa, xls. ii]d. 

1 Superscribed. 

2 Crossed out. 

3 Superscribed. 

4 So in MS., for i- eamndern." The four odd skins with the buying came 
to la. 

6 Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 231 

De qua summa recepit per Thomam Scharpe ijs., et rec. 
per Joh'em Rych de Marton, Husband, in lino ijs. ixd., et rec. 
per Rob'tum West in hiemacione Aueriorum ijs. vjd., et rec. 
per Ric'm lamberd de kylnesay in ou. iiijs. vjcL et rec. per 
Joh'em lamberd de kylnesay in j equa xijs. iiijd., et rec. per 
Will'm Settyll de Northcote in ij petr. lanae iijs. iiijd., et rec. 
in j sterkett de Allerdale per Th. Darnbruke ijs. vjrf., et rec. 
in Amerciamentis apud Morkar viijd., et rec. in pede compoti 
ouium Henr. sexti xxxiiij to viijd., et in amerciamentis in craven 
(blank) 31 : 3"; debetur, ixs. 

Compotus actus cum dicto Rob 'to lamberd in vigilia Inuenc. 
s'cae crucis 57. Idem petit de pede supra ixs., et pro custodia 
ouium de Morkar a dicto festo Inuencionis 56 vsque ad idem 
festum a reuoluto 57, xvs., ex conuencione, et petit pro custodia 
de ij c hogges a festo Michaelis 56 vsque ad festum Inuenc. 
s'cae crucis 57 ex conuencione ij qrt. siliginis vijs. 

Summa, xxxjs. 

Vnde recepit in decimis ijorum aueriorum ad pasch. inclusiue 
ijs. viijd., et rec. per Joh'em Jacson de Syxford in hiemacione 
Aueriorum iiijs. \~jd., et rec. per Th. Swynton in j vln. carsey 
et ij vln. lini xvjd., et pro Agestamento j vaccse in Westend le 
fell xijd., et rec. in j qrt. Auenarum apud Morkar in quad- 
ragesima 56, xxd. 

Summa, 11 : 2 ; debetur, 19 : 10 

Vnde rec. per Rob'tum ffarbarn xijd. 

[116 v.] R 

Marion. (Exitus orrij ib'm per Joh'em (Rych) 1 Harpour. 
Ide r - de ix qrt.) 1 

Marton. Compotus actus cum Joh'ne Rych tascatore 
ibidem in Curia Michaelis 56. Idem petit pro trituracione de 
ix qrt. v bu. frumenti ijs. vd., et pro trituracione de xxxj qrt. 
vj bu. (siliginis) 2 vijs. xjd., et pro trituracione de Iv qrt. ij bu. 
(ordij) 2 ixs. ijd. ob., et pro trituracione de xv qrt. ij. bu. 
Auenarum ijs. vj ob., et pro trituracione de vj qrt. iiij bu. 
pisarum viridium et grisiarum xiijd., et petit pro custodia 
Bourn in hyeme ex conuencione ijs. vjd, et pro colleccione 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Superscribed. 


Bladi decimalis vjs. vu]d., et pro ventilacione Bladi decinialis 
ex conuencione xxd., et pro factura de x rode sepium inter 
pomerium aulae et ten. Th. Clerke vd., et iuxta Byrkar in 
consimili xjcZ., (et pro consimili ib'm x]d.), 1 et pro Moldhyls 
ujd., et petit pro mundacione fossae de Staynbrygedike pro 
parte sua viijd., et petit pro feno empto pro Bobus pinguibus 
xv]d. Summa, 38 : 6 

Vnde recepit in firma sua de terminis Martini 55 et Pent. 
56, xijs., et rec. in pede compoti anni praecedentis 55 vt dicit 
iiijs. vd. ob., et rec. per Th. Clerke anno prseterito iijs. xd., 
et rec. in ij qrt. iiij bu. siliginis xs., et rec. in iiij bu. pisaruin 
grisiarum xijd., et rec. per Th. Scisson vs., et per Joh'm Rich, 
Husband, xijd. Summa, 37 : 3 o\ debetur, xiiijd. ob. 

Et rec. per Thomam Clerke xiiijd. ob., et aeque, et petit j 
qrt. siliginis pro Custodia bourn. 

[117] S. 

C. cum R. Glover in Concepc. B'tae Mariae A 56. Idem 
r. de pede supra xiijs. ixd. 

trahitur. Vnde liberauit W Wirell in pelle cerui ijs. iiijd., R. Mawd xd., 
Ric. Ouerend vjd., W. Brown xjd., T. de Coquina viijd., R. 
Wrekes vi]d., W. Segf in cirotecis jd. } Ric. Person in lana ijs., 
Item pro Organis xjd., J. darnb. vijd., Bland viijrf., kendale 
de Pistrino vijrf., lamberd ib'm iiijd., Xpof. Doff' iijd. 

11 : 3-; debet, ijs. jd. (Gd.). 

Idem r. de ij. jd. supra et de iiij c pellibus occisorum in 
ooquina a praecedente, et j c xxxvij pellibus mortes ad 13 : 4 
Summa, iijli. xs. ixd. 

Summa, iijfo'. xijs. xd. 

Vnde liberauit T. S. in nundinis hiemalibus vjs. vii]d., 
et in vij vln. albi vii]s. vjd., et petit Allocacionem de v^. vijd., 
pro mortes hoc A patet tall., et in allocacione eidem pro peHibus 
agninis et mortes ex conuencione vjs. viijd., et Rob. Wrekes iijd. 

Summa, xxvijs. viijd. ; debet, xlvs. i\d. 
propter Vnde liberauit Thomae Swynton in ii dos. cirothecarum 


tantum. P rec - ij 5 -? e ^ eidem in pecun. in festo s'ci Joh'is Beuerlaci 57, 
vs., et liberauit Rob. ledes in j toga xxd., Rob. Bland in j 

1 Superscribed. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 233 

toga xxd., et Rob 'to Wrekes in j toga xxd., et liberauit dominica 
3 a in aduentu 57 Rob'to Mawde in j toga ijs. i]d., et Joh'i lamberd 
ad idem tempus in j toga xxijd., et Joh'i kendale de pistrino 
in j toga xxijd., et liberauit ad idem tempus in ij dos. cirothe- 
carum pro autumpno ijs., et Th. Swynton per manus Rob'ti 
bland xxd., Will'mo Abbot in pell, xxd, Joh'i kendale custodi 
de Morkar iij pelles xd., Joh'i Esby iiij pelles xiiijd., Rob'to 
Wrekes ij pelles vijd., Rob. Randall j pellem iijd., Adae ffawsyed 
j parem cirothec. ijd., et Th. Swynton in panno vs. xd., Rob. 
Sand' j dos. parium cirothecarum xijd., Will'o Brown in panno 
iijs., Rob'to Bland in panno iiijs. viijd. 

[117 v.] S. 

[180] Dyscfard. Joh. ffaldyngton liberauit vt dicit (de ter- 
minis Mart, et Pent.) 1 (Pent. 54) 1 2 ante Pent. 56, j qrt. 
frumenti 6:8-, iiij qrt. ordij 13 : 4 , iiij qrt. Auenarum 
v]s. viijd., Joh'i Dobson in ij bouibus xviijs., Item in panno 
lineo iiijs. vd. ob., et in j equo viijs., et Joh'i Tupe in panno 
lineo iijs. ixd. 20 : 10 o 3 ; (60*. 10|d.). 

Stephanus Talbot petit (blank). 

Vnde rec. per Will'm Wate iijs. ui]d. 

[118] Memorandum quod debentur d'no Abbati de ffontibus 
In festo Martini 55 suse firmse Martini de ten. in Allerdale per 
Joh. Wilson de esknes, xiiijs. ; De Joh'ne Atkynson et matre 
eiusdem, xxxs. }d. ; De Rob. langstroth et filijs, Ivijs. ii]d. ; 
De Th. Geste, xvs. xd. ; De Th. Atkynson, xxijs. xd. ; De Rob'to 
Wilson, xvijs. ijd. ; De Rob'to Rich'son ffisch, 4 xxjs.; De Th. 
langstroth, vijs. i]d. ; De Will'mo Dowth, iiijs. xd. ; De Alano 
^owdale, lvj9. vijd. ; De Rob'to Mch'son de Penreth, viijs. viijd. ; 
De Relicta Joh'is 5oudale, xxijc^. ; De Joh'ne 5oudayle, xlixs. 
y]d. ; De eodem de pecun. rec. de tenentibus et rem. in manibus 
suis, v]s. iiijd. ; De Jenkyn 3oudale, vijs. vj^. ; De Th. 5oudale, 
v]li. iijs. vd. ; De Rob'to Byrkheued, iiij ft. ijs. iii]d. ; De Rob'to 
5oudale, xxxj,s. ixd. 6; De Vicario d'no Th. Staynlow, (blank); 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Superscribed. 

3 This cannot be meant for the sum of the above deliveries, which amount 
to 60s. 10%d. 

4 Fisherman ? 


De d'no Joh'ne Stag, xxxixs. iiijd. ; De Margareta Stag, xjs. ijd. ; 
De Will'mo Stag, iijli. vjs. viijd. ; De Th. Atkynson, v]li. xvs. 
viijd. ; De Joh'ne Atkynson, ii]li. vjs. viijd. ; De Rob'to Wilson 
ffysch, 1 xxvs. ijd. ; De Will'mo Jonson alison, iiijs. ; vnde soluit 
T. Swynton, ijs. ; De Rob'to Clerke, iijs. xd. ; De Jenkyn Brynd 
holm pro Th. filio suo, ijs. ; De Rob'to Coldaylman, vjs. ; vnde 
soluit Th. Swynton, ijs. yd.; et W Harope, vijd. ; Th. Sle, 
xvs. ]d. ; Joh. Sle, xs. viijd. ; W. Sle, (blank) ; Hered. Joh. yle, 
9:8*; Joh. aldcorn, ij<s. ; Rob. Jacson, ijs. ; Will. Wakwhith, ijs. ; 
Joh. Wakwhith, ijs. 

[118 v.] Sclenyngforth. 

[190] Exitus Orrij de Balderby in praevigilia s'ci lucae euan- 
gelistse 55 per Th. Neusom. 

Idem respondet de x qrt. iij bu. receptis per mensuram 
cumulatam. patet. 

De quibus liberauit Monasterio per talliam iiij qrt. iiij bu., 
et in donis ffratribus carmelitibus de Aluerton in capitulo 
suo ij qrt., Galfrido Pycote in donis j qrt. iiij bu. et Rob'to 
Atkynson pro custodia hogg' pro edulio in parte j bu. ij pc., 
et tascatori ex conuencione j bu. et Mon. pro carr. Mon. v qrt. 
iiij bu. Summa, . . . 

Sihgo. Item respondet de xj qrt. iiij bu. receptis per cumulatam 

mensuram. patet. 

De quibus liberauit Monasterio per talliam vj qrt. iiij bu., 
Stephano Midilton v qrt. (iiij bu.), 2 et Rob'to Atkynson vj bu. 
ij pc., et tascatori ex conuencione j bu. 
Ordium. Idem respondet de xj qrt. receptis per mensuram cumulatam. 


De quibus liberauit Mon. xj qrt. iij bu. per talliam et 
tascatori ex conuencione j bu. 
Auenae. Idem respondet de iij qrt. receptis per mensuram cumulatam. 


De quibus liberauit in expensis officialium, etc., iij qrt. 
vj bu., et tascatori ex conuencione j bu. 

Pisse. Idem respondet de j qrt. v bu. receptis per mensuram 

cumulatam. patet. 

1 Fisherman ? 

2 Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 235 

De quibus liberauit Mon. per talliam vj bu. pisarum viridium 
et dicto Monasterio iiij bu. pisarum grisiarum et tascatori ex 
conuencione j bu. 

Memorandum de xxiiij qrt. v bu. carriatis ad Monasterium 
et ideo nota bene quia per talliam patet nisi xxiij . 

[119] S. 

[200] Memorandum de denarijs et denariatis rec. per Th. 
Swynton in craven pro Th. Clapham. De Rogero Elisson 
j vacca, j vitulus (mort.) 1 prec. viijs. xd., per Bursarium; De 
Henrico loge iij oues, iijs. iiijd., per Bursarium; De Th. lawson 
iij oues, iij s. iiijd., per Bursarium; De Xpofero tenand vj oues, 
vijs. iiijd., per Bursarium; De Henrico Elisson ix vlnse carsey, 
iijs., per Bursarium; De Th. lawson j ouis ij agni xviijd., 
venditi got. fisch pro xvjd. ; perduntur ; De Georgio knoll j vacca, 
viijs. viijd, ; De Will'mo Wright de Arnclife, ixs. vd. ; De Joh'ne 
Tennand de litton, xvjd. ; De Will'mo Hesilden de Rughclose, 
iijs. iiijd.; Vnde Th. Clapham per manus Will'i kyd in die 
Nat. s'ci Joh'is Baptistse 56 in parte de ixli., iijli. vjs. viijd. 
[119 v. | Kyrkbywyske. Rob'tus Sandall habet copiam. 

Compotus actus cum Joh'ne Thornton in Curia Michaelis 
55. Idem respondet de xvjs. iijd. de arreragijs et de termino 
pent. 55, xs. Sumrna, . . . 

Vnde liberauit Th. Neusom vna vice circa festum Purifi- 
cacionis 54, iiij s., et eidem alia vice vjs. viijd., et eidem iijs. 
iiijd., et ffrendles Wapentake xd., et Wardes et fin'(?) xxd., et 
pro carriagio ferri a kyrkby Wyske vsque Balderby iiijd. 
Xpoferus Hirdson petit (blank). Vnde recepit per Henr. 
Elisson xs., et per Ric'm lamberd ixd. 

[201] Empciones Aueriorum firmarum a festo S'ci Martini 55 
in hieme. 

Tauri. De Emmota Bolton de Hastahous j pro vjs. viijd. 
communitati, De Rob 'to Proctour j xs. communitati. 

Boues. De Jenkyn Wrighte de Balderby ij pro xvjs., 
(liberati W Walkyngham pro frumento, perduntur 12 -), 1 De 
Joh'ne Tupe de Raynton per (blank) Noryson j prec. 15 : lib., 

1 Superscribed. 


Joh'i Weedall pro Warnestura, (De W Thakwra de Hasstha- 
hous ij pro xxvs. adhuc permanentes secum), 1 De Rob'to 
gammyll de Thorntonmour ij, xixs. communitati. 

Bouetti. (Blank). 

Vaccce. De Joh'ne Rayner de Trope j lib. ad Hardwike, 
Trope vijs. v]d. ; De Rob'to Bates de Dacre j, liberata Joh'ae 
More de ebor., De Will'mo Thacwra de Holmus j cum j vitulo 
xs., lib. ibidem ad Hardwyke, De W. Thacwra de Hasthahous 
j pro vjs. 8 , (Joh'i (Dobson) 1 Settyll in mercede 8 :), 2 De W 
qwelhous de Dal ay j pro vijs., (Th. Darnbruke, Th. Swynton),' 
De W Horsman ib'm j (fsetosa)' 2 pro ixs. (Potte), 2 De Joh'ne 
Horsman j pro (blank), (Joh'i Dobson), 2 De Emota Bolton de 
Hassthahous j vjs. (viijd.), 3 Joh'i Dobson, De Petro Ward j, 
ixs. communitati, (De Elisabet Smyth de Balderby j viijs., 
Will'mo Brown et W Abbot in mercede viijs.). 3 
[120 v.] 

Liberaciones Aueriorum firmarum. 

Tauri. (Blank). 

Boues. Will'mo Abbot et Th. ketloke in mercede j xjs. 

Compotus actus cum Will'mo Brown dominica in passione 
d'ni 58 anno finiente. Idem petit de pede compoti supra vt 
patet f. 130, xvs. iiijd. ob., et pro agitacione aueriorum et ouium 
ad coquinam d'ni abbatis a festo Inuencionis 57 vsque ad 
(idem festum 58 ex conuencione iiijs.), 3 festum Michaelis 57, 
iiijs., et pro custodia hogg' a festo Mich. 57, vsque ad festum 
Inuenc. 58 s'cae crucis cum Ric'o Ouerend pro parte sua iijs., 
et pro agitacione aueriorum et ouium ad coquinam d'ni abbatis 
a festo Inuencionis 58 vsque ad festum Michaelis 58, iiijs. 
Summa, xxvjs. iiijd. ob. 

Vnde recepit per manus Will'i Abbote post festum Martini 
56 in ij ouibus xxd., et per eundem j Multonem vd., et in j 
bouetto vs. communitatis, et in (j v) 3 di. vacc. cum Ric'o 
Ouerend iijs. vjd., et per Rob 'turn Glover de Ripplay in panno 
iijs., et per Th. Swynton vjcZ., et in j bu. pisarum viridium per 
Th. Horsford anno 57, vjcZ., et in j oue vjd, ad festum nativitatis 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Superscribed. 

3 Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 237 

xpi 58, et per Th. Swynton in ij bu. Auenarum apud Morkar 
iii]d. 15 : 5-; debetur, 11 : prseter 6b. (10<s. lid.). 

Et habet respondere de pede compoti hogg' de Appilgarth 
per ij annos, debetur j : 
[121] (Blank). 


[121 v.] Compotus actus cum R. Sand. Bursario super com- 

potum Aueriorum A d'ni M^cccliij et 56, 32 1 per fratrem 

T. S. Magistrum aueriorum, etc. In primis dictus f rater 

Robertus petit pro Auerijs de Allerdale liberatis communitati 

ad festum translacionis s'ci Benedicti Abbatis 53 vt patet 

supra iijH., Item eidem ibidem prseter id quod liberatum fuit 

minerarijs ib'm xxiijs. \\i\d., Item dictus Th. S. per T. Darnb. 

in j Boue et vij vaccis xvijs. viijd., de Auerijs de Allerdale 

ad festum S'ci Bartholomei 53 vt supra, Item eidem T. in 

xx vj Multis (sic) captis apud Crosthwate in decimis agnorum 53. 

Item dicto T. S. vt patet tutiuill Bursarij post festum Martini 

52 in j ariete de Rob. Benson xvjcZ., In j vacca de W kyd xs. 

Empciones vitulorum, agnorum, et porcellorum a pascha 

vsque ad finem Natiuitatis s'ci Johannis 57. In primis in 

+ iij porcellis emptis de Joh'ne kendale de Morkar, vt in 

expensis in coquina in 3 a septimana post pascha 57 iij (pore') 2 

-f et 4 septimana j xvjd., De Th. kynge j vitulus xviijd., iiij ta 

+ septimana incipiendo in festo s'ci petri ep'i 57, 3 De Jenkyn 

Robynson j vitulus xxijcL, v ta septimana vid5 festum yuonis 4 

-h nota, De Joh'ne Barkhous j vitulus xxd. dominica infra oct. 

q' Ascensionis 57, Item de xx pullis emptis pro xixd., tamen non 

+ adhuc expenduntur, De Th. kyng j vitulus xiiijd. in septimana 

pentecostes 57 feria 3 a in vigilia s'ci Will'i archiepiscopi. 5 

[122] Aueria remanentia in manibus diuersorum tenentium in 
Craven ad festum Inuencionis s'cae crucis. In primis apud 
Mallom, In manibus Th. Atkynson ij, Rob'ti Atkynson ij, 
Rog. seriantson ij, Th. lawson iij, Will, lawson iij, katerina 

1 1453-4 was the thirty -second year of Henry VI. 

2 Superscribed. 

3 St. Peter of Tarentaise, whose day in Cistercian Calendars is May 8. 

4 St. Yvo or Yves, a Breton priest; May 19 in a Cistercian Calendar. 
6 St. William of York, whose day is June 8 in York Calendars. 


deyn iiij, Will, deyn iiij, Apud Arnclife in manibus Ric'i ffysch 
j, Apud Preston in manibus Joh'is Sqwyer, Apud Bordley in 
manibus Rob'ti Proctour (ij vj) 1 iiij, Apud Darnbrukous, Th. 
Buke iiij, Joh. Buke ij, Apud Arnclifcote in manibus knoll, 
pikall, xij, et in manibus Will'i Abraham iij, Apud litton in 
manibus Rob'ti Symson j et Apud Arnclife in manibus Will'i 
Wright iiij, In manibus Will'i Tennand ib'm ij, et in manibus 
Th. knoll ib'm iiij, Will'mus Hertlyngton habet illos iiij, Apud 
Kylnsay in manibus Will'i hogeson et filij eiusdem iiij, Ric. 
lamberd iiij, Th. lamberd j nota (?) kendale, Joh. Constantyn j, 
Will's SettyU j, T. ffischer Balderby ij, R. Hostilar ib'm ij, 
Alan exilby ij, Joh. Tup vj, Joh. knole ij, Joh. ]ad' j, Joh. 
(Raner) 1 Ranold 2 vj, Et in lardario hiemali x, et pro stauro in 
manu magistri apud Balderby iiij, Pant. 3 iiij, Marton iiij 
(Brimbem) 4 Morkar ij, Swanla viij, Will'mo kyd j (qu. in manu 
propria), 4 (Rob. Settyll j et nota Rob. Settill habet j al.), 4 
Rob. Settyll ij. In margin (105) 4 104. 

Bouetti remanentes in manu Magistri ad festum Martini, 55. 

Tauri remanentes in manu Magistri (viij unde) 5 iij, Th. 
Catour j, Will, qwelhous j, Will. Richmund j, Apud kylnsay j, 
Th. Jenkynson j. Summa, . . . 

Vnde j mort in manibus Th. Catour. 

Memorandum de j c xvj bobus remanentibus in manu 
Magistri ad festum Martini 56 cum lardario et cum illis qui 
sunt apud Marton Rayntoii et Balderby, Item super Ric'm 
Clerkson ij, Th. Rutte j bou., Joh'i (sic) Mallom de fforresta j 
[122 v.] Empciones granorum tempore Curia? Michaelis. 

Marton. De Joh'ne Scisson, iiij bu. frumenti, 6 iij qrt. 9 : 
Ordij, j qrt. 18 Auen., (vj bu.) 7 j qrt. Pis. virid.; De Joh'ne 
Edmondson, ij qrt. ffrumenti, iij qrt. Ordij, ij qrt. Pis. 
virid.; De Joh'ne Rych, iiij bu. ffrumenti, j qrt. Ordij, ij 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Superscribed. 

3 Panteria, the pantry ? 
* Crossed out. 

6 Superscribed. 

6 These grain accounts are in a tabular form in the MS., with the names of 
grains in the nominative case at the tops of columns. Here they are printed 
in the genitive in order to make sense. 

7 Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 239 

qrt. Auen., j qrt. Pis. Virid. ; De Rob'to Smyth, j qrt. ffru- 
menti, j qrt. Ordij, j qrt. Pis. virid.; De Th. Emondson, 
iiij bu. ffrumenti, j qrt. iiij bu. Ordij, j qrt. Auen., j qrt. 
Pis. virid.; De Will'mo polt', j qrt. ffrumenti, ij qrt. Ordij, 
j qrt. 4 bu. Pis. virid. ; De Joh'ne gibson, iiij bu. ffrumenti, 
j qrt. iiij bu. Ordij, ij qrt. (4 bu.) 1 Auen.; De Th. Clerk, 
iiij bu. ffrumenti, ij qrt. Ordij, ij qrt. Auen., j qrt. Pis. 
virid.; De Joh'ne Raynton, iiij bu. ffrumenti, ij qrt. Ordij, 
j qrt. Auen., iiij bu. Pis. virid.; De Rob'to Cuke, iiij bu. ffru- 
menti, (ij qrt.) 1 Ordij, j qrt. Auen., j qrt. Pis. virid.; 
De Joh'e Raynton sen., iiij bu. ffrumenti, ij qrt. 4 bu. 
Ordij, j qrt. Auen., iiij bu. 4:6- Pis. virid.; De Rob'to 
Alan, j qrt. 4:8* ffrumenti, iij qrt. 9 : Ordij ^ iiij bu. 9 : 
Auen., j qrt. Pis. virid.; De Rad. Androwse, iiij bu. ffrumenti, 
j qrt. Pis. virid. ; De Th. Scisson, iiij bu. ffrumenti, ij qrt. 
Ordij, iiij bu. Auen., j qrt. Pis. virid.; De Joh'ne Risch (?), 
iiij bu. Ordij, j qrt. Auen., ij bu. Pis. virid.; (Elena Wollour, 
j qrt. iiij bu. Ordij, j qrt. Auen., ij qrt. Pis. virid.). 2 

Baldyrby. De Will'mo Scisson, iiij qrt. ffrumenti, ij qrt. 
Ordij, ij qrt. 5 bu. Auen., j qrt. Pis. virid.; De Joh'ne New- 
sted, iij qrt. ffrumenti, j qrt. Pis. virid.; De Joh'ne Erie, 
ij qrt. ffrumenti, iiij bu. Pis. virid. ; De Ric'o Wyglesworth, 
j qrt. iiij bu. ffrumenti, j qrt. iiij bu. Ordij, j qrt. Auen., 
iiij bu. Pis. virid.; De Alano Exilby, ij qrt. ffrumenti, j qrt. 
Ordij, ij qrt. Auen.; De Joh'ne Dagett, ij qrt. ffrumenti, 
ij qrt. Ordij, iij qrt. Auen., iiij bu. Pis. virid.; De Th. ffysscher, 
j qrt. iiij bu. ffrumenti, j qrt. Ordij ; De W Brown, j qrt. 
ffrumenti, iiij bu. Pis. virid.; De Joh'ne Brown, ij qrt. 
ffrumenti, ij qrt. Ordij, j qrt. Auen.; De Joh. Hall, ij qrt. 
ffrumenti, ij qrt. Ordij, ij qrt. Auen.; De Joh. Thomson, 
ij qrt. iiij bu. ffrumenti, j qrt. Ordij, j qrt. Auen.; (De 
(Ric'o) 3 Will'o 4 Wyglesworth, ij bu. ffrumenti, j qrt. Ordij, j 
qrt. Auen.; De Th. Smyth, j qrt. ij bu. ffrumenti; De Rob'to 
Neusted, iiij qrt. ffrumenti, ij qrt. Ordij, iij qrt. Auen.). 5 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Secunda manu. 

3 Crossed out. 

4 Superscribed. 

5 Secunda manu. 


[123] De WilPmo (Dagett), 1 ij qrt. ffrumenti, vj qrt. Ordij, 
j qrt. Auen., j qrt. Pis. virid. ; De Joh'ne Well, j qrt. ffrumenti, 
iiij qrt. Ordij, j qrt. iiij bu. Auen., iiij bu. Pis. virid.; De 
(Job.) 2 W Raper, iij qrt. ffrumenti, iiij qrt. Ordij, j qrt. 
iiij bu. Auen.; De Joh'ne Dunsford, . . . ; 3 De W ffall, . . .; 3 
De WilPmo Wilkynson, ij qrt. ffrumenti, iiij qrt. (j qrt. 
silig.) 4 Ordij; De Rob'to Thomson, j qrt. ffrumenti, iiij qrt. 
Ordij, iij qrt. Auen.; De Will'o Dunsford, iij qrt. ffrumenti, 
iiij qrt. Ordij, ij qrt. Auen. 

Galghay. De Will'o Stele, j qrt. ffrumenti, iij qrt. Ordij, vj 
qrt. Auen.; De Joh'e Ward, j qrt. ffrumenti, iij qrt. Ordij, vj 
qrt. Auen.; De W Malthous, j qrt. ij bu. ffrumenti, iij qrt. 
Ordij, iiij qrt. Auen.; De Joh'e Well, j qrt. ffrumenti, iij qrt. 
Ordij, iiij qrt. Auen.; De Ric'o Brathwate, j qrt. ffrumenti, 
ij qrt. Ordij, iiij qrt. Auen.; De W Duffeld, j qrt. iiij bu. 
Ordij, iij qrt. Auen. 

Memorandum de xx qrt. ordij brasiati empt. (de Rad. 
Pullan) 4 a 1454, vjli. xiijs. iiijd., et de eodem vj qrt. ordij 
brasiati ad 5 : 4 j qrt. xxxijs., et de eodem vj qrt. f rumen ti 
ad 8 : j qrt. Summa, xlviijs. 

Summa totalis, xli. xiijs. iiijcZ., qua summa Th. Swynton 
liberauit dicto Radulfo Pullan xxiij cio die Martij 1455, et anno 

[123 v.] Memorandum de xiiij pesese Plumbi rec. de pan- 
doxatria q. ponderauerunt iiij f. 6 (iij w. 6 v pet.), venditis 
Will'mo Wrampan in parte de xxli. liberatis d'no Abbati 
versus london in festo purificacionis B'tae Marie. 

Item de j f . 7 de smeltled pro decano ebor. vend. W Wrampan 
pro iijli. vnde Rad. Pullan pro granis in parte de 10 : 13 : 9 
iijfo'., Item memorandum de j fod. ij w. iiij pet. plumbi liberati 
d'no Joh'i Merschall custodi fabricse ecclesiae ebor. penes 
decanum ebor. et Robertum Tandfeld, Item memorandum de 
(j fod.) 8 xviij w. ut dicunt liberatis dicto d'no Joh'i Merschall 

1 Superscribed. 

2 Crossed out. 

3 Amounts too confused to be made out. 

4 Superscribed. 

5 Foder. 

6 Wey ? 

7 Foder. 

* Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 241 

penes dictum decanum et Rob'tum Tanfeld vid$ de Baled', 
Item Joh'i Wederall j w. rec. in plumbario in prseuigilia s'ci 
Cuthberti, Item memorandum de x (blank) et de vij pese de 
smeltled liberatis Joh'i glassyn. 

(4 f. 2 w. (8) 1 5 2 pet.) 3 

[124] Empcio vitulorum pro coquina abbatis per Th. Swynton 
(incepta) 4 in festo s'ci Ambrosij 56. De Rad. Grantlay per 
Rob'm Bland j, xxiijd. ; De Ric'o Peke ij pro ijs. xjd.; De Rad. 
Ouerend j pro xvijd. ; De Ric'o Barkhous j, xxijd.; De Rad. 
Ouerend j, xvjd. ; De Ric'o Peke j, xxjd. ; De Will'mo Smyth j, 
xvjd.; De edmundo stabyle j, xvjd. ; j q* 5 et solucio vsque ad 
dominicam ante ascencionem 56. De Rad. Ouerend j pro 
xvjd. (q 1 ) 6 in die ascens.; De relicta Joh'is porter j (q 1 ) 6 , xvjd. ; 
De Rad. Ouerend j (q') 6 , xvjd.; De Will'mo Abbote (q*) 6 , 
xvijd. ; De Will'mo Smyth j (q*) 8 , xixd. ; nota in feria 5 ta in 
septimana pent. 56; De Will'mo lemynge iij Agni in (q 1 ) 6 die 
trinitatis, ijs. ; De Joh'ne kendale de Morkar seniore ij Agni 
in die corporis xpi 56; De Rad. (q*) 6 Ouerend j vitulus, xvijd. ; 
De Will'mo (q 1 ) 6 Smyth j, xxd. ; Item de Th. Darnbruke apud 
Hadd (q 1 ) 6 j de communitate; De Ric. (q 1 ) 6 Barkhous j, xxijd. ; 
Th. Jenkynson j, xxijd. 

Memorandum de denarijs et denariatis receptis in Craven in 
festo s'cor ffabiani et sebastiani, etc., 56. De W Tod de 
Haltongill xv]d., et W Abraham de Arnclifcote xxd.; De vxore 
Will'i Thomson de Colgilhous, iijs. iiij^. ; De Will'mo Steven 
de Neuhous, vjs. viijd. ; De Joh'ne Thomson de ouerbordlay, 
vjs. viijcZ. ; Item xvd. ; De Magot' Nelson de preston per manus 
Will'i Abbot, iijs. iiijd. ; De WuTmo bland de lynton, iiijs. ; De 
vxore lalandes per filium suum, v9.; De Joh'ne Preston de 
litton seniore, vs. ; De Henrico Elisson de Haltongill, vjs. 
[124 v.] Memorandum quod Will'mus Man rec. in vigilia 
Ascens. 1456, vid5 v to die Maij, prsesentibus Joh'ne Esby, 
Th. Swynton, Joh'e Selby Monacho, Joh'e qwixlay, Ric'o 

1 Crossed out. 

1 Superscribed. 

5 Scribbled at foot of page. 

4 Superscribed. 

Or 9* ? 

Or 9* ? Superscribed. 



Raskell sen., Will. Duffeld et Will. Askwith, etc. In primis, 
ij tauros, ix boues, xxv vaccas (vnde) 1 fsetosas, xxx vaccas non 
faetosas, ix Juuencas. 

Et memorandum quod Joh'nes ketilwell liberauit Mag'ro 
Aueriorum ad idem tempus praeter praedicta iiij vaccas vnde j 

Memorandum quod Will'ms Man liberauit in crastino 
Inuenc. s'cse crucis 57, ij tauros, vij boues, Iviij vaccas, vnde 
xxxij faetosas et xxvj non faetosas. + 16 : 14 : 2 - 2 

De Joh'ne Thomson de Ouerbordlay, vjs. viijd. ; De Joh'ne 
Thomson de Mallom, xs. ; De Roger o Williamson, iijs. ui]d. ; 
De Rob'to Scalhous, iijs. iiijd. ; De Will'mo lawson, iijs. ; De 
Th. lawson, vjs. ; Th. Atkynson, ijs. v]d. ; De Rob'to Atkynson, 
iijs. iiijd. ; De Joh'ne Hurtlow, iijs. ijd. ; De Th. kyd, vjs. viijd. ; 
De Henrico Hesilden, vs. ; De Joh'ne Pome, xviijd. ; De Relicta 
Henr. Tennand, iijs. iijd. ; De Will'mo Steven de Newhous, 
xiijs. iiijd. 3 : 11 : 1 

De Th. lawson de Haltongill, ijs. ; De Agnete ante festum 
Nat. X 1 56, knoll de ffoxhope j vacc. cum j vitulo, ixs. vjd., 
(mutato cum W. kyd), 3 De relicta Henrici Tennand de Arnclife, 
iiijs. iijd., et Will'mo Abraham de Arnclifcote, xviijcZ. ; Item de 
eodem, xxd. ; De Henrico Elisson de Haltongill, iiijs. ; (De Th. 
knoll de ffoxhope j stag j sterkett Juuenc', xvs. vijd. ; Item 
de eodem, ijs.); 4 Item de eodem per filium suum j Juuencam, 
vijs. vjd. ; De Rogero Wiliamson de Mallom, iiijs. v]d. ; De 
Rogero seriantson ib'm, xijd. ; De relicta deyn ib'm j bouem, 
xvs. ; De W lawson ib'm j vacc., ixs. ; De relicta Joh'is Wigles- 
worth, xxijd. ; Item de Joh'ne Preston de litton per filium 
suum, vs. ; De Henrico Elisson de Haltongill, vjs. 14 : 17 : 4 5 
[125] Memorandum de denarijs et denariatis receptis per 
Bursarium et Th. Swynton in Craven vid5 pro ixl. soluendis 
Th. Clapham Balliuo in parte solucionis de 3 : 6 : 8 
Per Burs. Vid5 per Bursarium rec. de Xpofero Tennand de litton, 
vj oues, vijs. iujd. ; De Th. lawson de Haltongill iij ou., iijs. iiijd. ; 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Including the sum of 3 Us. Id., a, little below ? 
8 Superscribed. 

4 Crossed out. 

3 The meaning of this sum is not apparent. The moneys named in this 
paragraph amount only to 3 12s. 9d. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 243 

De Henrico loge de eadem in iij ou., iijs. iiijd. ; De Rogero 
Elisson in j vacca cum vitulo (mort.), 1 viijs. xd., (et de Henrico 
Elisson (W kyd) 1 in xij vln. carsey iiijs. (viijd.), 1 vnde Bursario 
iij vln. prec. xijd., et residuum vid5 ix vln. venditum per Th. 


wynton De Th. lawson de Haltongill in j oue cum ij Agnis prec. 
(xviijd.), 2 (xxd.) 34 xxijd.; 5 De Will'mo Wright de Arnclife 
in pecun., ixs. vd., et de Joh'e Tennand de litton in pecun., 
xvjd. ; De Georgio knoll de ffoxhope j vacca, viijs. viijd. ; De 
Relicta WilTi Thomson de Colgilhous in x ouibus, xjs. viijd. ; 
De Henrico et Joh'ne ffysch de Arnford in j boue, x]s. viijd. ; 
De Agneta knoll de ffoxhope iiij agn. prec., iij 5.; De Edwardo 
knoll ibidem x agni prec., vijs. v]d. ; De Th. knoll ib'm j vacca, 
viijs. ; De georgio knoll j vacca et j vitulus, xs. ; (De Joh'ne 
Preston de litton jun. in iij ouibus, iijs. ixd.); 6 (De Th. knoll j 
stag, j sterk, cum pecun., 17 : 7 W. Kyd); 7 De Joh'e Atkynson 
ib'm j bou., xijs. vd. ; De Henrico litton, (blank); De Rob'to 
Symson, iiJ5. iiijd. ; De Rob'to Elisson ib'm v agni prec., iijs. 
vjd ; De Rogero Elisson de Haltongill, (blank); De Henrico 
loge ibidem, vjs. viijd. ; (Item vs. xd.); 7 De Henr. Elisson ib'm, 
ijs.; (Item xxd.) 78 (It. 28), 9 xxd. ; 10 De Thoma Lawson j vacca 
cum j vitulo prec., xs.; De eodem j fily stage prec., vijs. viijd.; 
De Xfero Tennand ij felystages prec., xvjs. (vjd.); 11 De Arnclif- 
cote per knoll, Pycall, in pecun., xs. ; (It. iiJ5. iiijd.) ; 12 De eodem 
in j vacca et j sterkett, xjs. ; De Will'mo Abraham ibidem j 
vacc., vijs. vjd. ; De Will'mo Settyll de Northcote, iijs. iiijd. ; 
De Relicta Joh'is lalandes de Chapelhous per Rob'tum lalandes, 
xvs. ; De Joh'ne lamberd de Scarthcote, iij s. ; De Relicta Joh'is 

1 Superscribed. 

2 Crossed out. 

3 Superscribed. 

4 Crossed out. 

5 Superscribed. 
8 Crossed out. 

7 Superscribed. 

8 Crossed out. 

Crammed in and crossed out. 

10 Superscribed. 

11 Crossed out. 

12 Superscribed. 


Wiglesworth, xijd. ; De Th. lamberd de kylnsay, iijs. ui]d. ; 
De Ric'o lamberd ib'm, viijs. ; De Will'mo Hogeson, vjs. ; (De 
Joh'ne Hogeson); 1 De eodem per Joh'em filium suum in pecun., 
ijs., et j vacc., vijs. ; (De Henr. Elisson de Haltongill per W. K., 
xxd. ; De Joh'ne Preston de litton in viij multonibus per eundem, 
ixs. xd.); 1 (W kyd vj, vijs. vjd.). 2 13 : 3 : 1. (13 55. 3d.) ? 3 

Memorandum quod iste recepit totum cum parte folij 
praecedentis ; inscribitur cum billa longae liberaturae Rob. 
Sandall, etc. + 

[125 v.] Stramina et palese vend, apud Marton per Joh'em 
Rich, tascatorem, a d'ni 1454. Joh'i Rich tascatori in stramine 
et palea, ixd. ; Joh'i Crakall in stramine, ]d. ; Joh'i Rich, Husband, 
in stramine, ijd. ; Joh'i Brampton in stramine et palea, (ijs. 
ixd.) 4 xvd. ; Rob. Smyth in stramine et palea, ijs. ixd. ; Will. 
Polltar in stramine, xiijd. ; Joh'i gibson in palea, vd. ; D'ns Rad. 
Byrd in stramine, vjd. ; Th. Sysson in stramine, xvrf. 
Summa, 8:3: o (Ss. 3d). 

Vnde petit allocacionem penes Joh'm gibson pro carriagio 
gran. vid5 iij qrt. vijd. ob., et penes Thomam Scisson pro 
carriagio de vj qrt. ij bu. gran, xiijd. ob., et penes Joh'em 
Brampton pro carr. de ix qrt. gran, xxijd. ob., et penes Rob m 
Smyth pro Carr. de ix qrt. gran, xxijd. ob. 5:6', rem. 2 : 9 o. 

Memorandum quod Ric'us Toppan et Thomas Atkynson 
ceperunt logiam de lofthous a festo Inuencionis s'cae crucis 
Anno d'ni 1454, vsque ad finem quinque Annorum plenarie 
completorum, cum xl vaccis communitatis, xij Juuencis, et 
vj sterkett' communitatis, reddendo inde secundum con- 
suetudinem Aliorum tenencium in valle, vid5 sterkett' Caseum 
et Butirum, et secundum consuetudinem antiquitus vsitatam, 
et durante dicto termino, redden tibus per Annum pro Agesta- 
mento, xiijs. iiijd., etc., et ipsi reparabunt et supportabunt 
logias suas secundum consuetudinem aliorum tenencium, etc. 

Extracta Curise de Balderby pasch. xxix, vs. \d.\ Mich. 
xxx mo , xijd. ; pasch. xxx mo , Mich'is xxxj mo , pasch. xxxj mo , 
Mich'is xxxij do , \\s. xjd. ; pasch. xxxij do , viijs. 

1 Crossed out. 
1 Superscribed. 

3 This account is so confused that it is difficult to cast it up correctly. 

4 Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 245 

Denarij leuandi de pedibus compotorum anno Henrici sexti 
34. De Syxfoud (sic) t u]li. xiiijs. jd. ; De Dacre, Ivjs. vi]d. ob.\ 
vnde penes Th. golth., 10 ; De Pott, xxxiijs. iiijd ; De Brym- 
bem, 25 : 2 , vnde 13 : 4 , sic debet, 11 : 10 ; De W servand, 
xjs. x]d. ; De W. Horner ib'm, iiijs. ijd. ; De Joh'ne Rayner, 
viijs. ; De Rob'to Benson, xijd. ; De Ric'o Toppan de lofthous, 
13 : 6-; De Th. Atkynson, viijs. ijd. ; De Joh'ne ketilwell, 
12 : ; De Emota Bolton, xxxvjs. v]d. ; De W Thacwra de 
Hassthahous, xlijs. viijd. ob. 

[The next leaf has been cut out previous to the present num- 

[126] Memorandum y i (yer) 1 yes er y e thynges y 1 Joh. ketil- 
well asks alowans of efter his rekennynge at Martynmes y e 
3ere of our lord 1454. In primis for vj kye wedrawn in y e 
fell, iijli. ; It. for a meyr takyn for tax, 13 : 4-; Item for ortys 
wantynge ap d B 2 for vij 3ere in y e 5ere, 3:4*. S'm a , 23 : 4 . 
It. for epheds a 5ere, xiijs. iiijd. ; It'm for twa 5ere at you had 
skragfald for epheds to mende, 6:8-; It. for a foder hay 
deliu'd at b 2 to abbot hors, 4 : ; It. for y e floks att klyppynge 
gangynge ou' y e pastour by iij ^ere, xs. ; It. for viij kye of 
Northpastour gangyn ou' y e pastour ye sam' tyme, 6:8-; 
It. for gate of v meyrs in wynt', 3:4-; It'm for wantyng of 
iij oxen of counand ap d Hadd, 6 :; It' pen' Ric'm Rask', ijs. 
viijd. ; It. pro j equo liberate Ric'o Clerkson, 18 :; Item petit 
allocacionem pro j grege multonum per ij Annos, 13 : 4 ; 
Item x petr. casei, 6:8-; Item skragfaldflatt, 3:4- 

Memorandum quod Joh'nes Jacson de syxford super com- 
potum anni Henrici sexti 28 r. de arreragijs xxijs. vd., et de 
terminis pent, et Martini 49, xxvjs. viijd, et de pede compoti 
aueriorum eodem anno, xiijs. iiijd. patet. (62 : 6d.) 

Vnde liberauit Joh. Esby in j vacca, vjs. viijd., et Will'o 
Stauelay in j fili, vjs. ; Joh'i Ward de Swanlay in j fili, vs. iiijd., 
et pro coopertura domus feodi sui, iijs. vd. 

Summa, (21s. 9d.); debet, xLs. (40s. 9d.). 
[126 v.] De lofthous. Memorandum quod Will'ms Toppan 
respondet de pede compoti in libro Bursarij Rob'ti Sandall 

1 Crossed out. 

8 Probably some place in Craven, perhaps Beamsley, or Burnsall. 


vid5 ante festum s'ci Martini 51, viijs. xd., et pro agestamento 
Pent, et Martini 52, vjs. viijd., et pro pede compoti aueriorum 
Henr. sexti xxxj, viijs. ob. 

Summa, xxiijs. vjd. (ob.). 

Vnde liberauit Bursario per Th. Benson in j vacca, vs. ijd., 
et pro carriagio meremij vsque Trope, ijs. iiijd., et liberauit 
Joh'i Esby pro bullok de Rigton pro concordia in parte, ijs. 
Summa, ixs. vjd. ; debet, xiiijs. ob. 

Et habet respondere pro emendis sterkett' ad festum Pent. 
53, vjs. viijd., et in vend., 18 : 

(Syxford. Memorandum quod Joh'nes Jacson ad idem 
tempus r. de pede compoti in alio libro Bursarij xxviijs. viijd., 
et de pede compoti aueriorum Henr. sexti xxxj, ixs. vijd., et 
pro agestamento Pent, et Martini 52, xxvjs. viijd. 
Summa, ii]li. iiijs. xjd. 

Vnde liberauit Bursario in j Juuenca viijs., et eidem in 
denarijs ijs., et W. Tollar de Ponte in j vacca ixs., et Ric'o 
Bolton carpentario viijs. vjd., et pro signo S'ci Wilfridi viijd. 
Summa, xxviijs. i]d. ; debet, xxxvjs. ix^. 

Idem Job. super compotum aueriorum Henr. 6 de pede 
supra 36 : 9 % et pro agestamento Pent, et Martini 53, xxvjs. 
viijd. Summa, (blank, 63s. 5d.). 

Vnde liberauit Bursario ijs.; Item eidem apud Ripon vjs., 
et communitati in j Juuenca viijs., et Ric'o Bolton in j vacca 
ixs., et Joh'i Bolland scissori per Th. Darnbruke in j vacca 
viijs. vjd. Summa, xxxiijs. vjd. ; debet, xxixs. xjd. 

Idem Joh. r. super compotum aueriorum anni H. 6, 33, 
per Th. Darnbruk de pede supra xxixs. x]d. t et pro agesta- 
mento Pent, et Martini 54, xxvjs. viijd., et de pede compoti 
anni 32, xjs. viijd., et 33, xijs. 

Summa, mjli. ixd. (3d.). 

[127] Vnde liberauit T. S. in arsura sterkett' in ij sterkett' 
viijs., et Ric. Bolton vijs., et cellerario in vj ouibus vjs. viijd., 
et Bursario apud Ripon vjs. iiijd., et (Th. Darnbruke viijs.). 1 

Summa, xxxvjs.);' 2 debet, lijs. ixd. 
(Sum. 28s., making the debt 52s. 9d.) 

1 Crossed out. 

2 Including the 85. crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 247 

Idem Job. super compotum aueriorum Henr. 6, 34, per 
vxorem suam r. de pede supra lijs. ixd., et de terminis pent, 
et Martini 54, xxvjs. viijd., et de pede compoti aueriorum 
eiusdem anni xxviijs. 

Summa, vli. xvijs. yd. (5 7s. 5d.). 

Vnde lib. Th. Darnbruke in x multonibus xs., et com- 
munitati in ij vaccis xvijs., et W Sam vijs. iiijd., et Th. 
Swynton in j dos. roset viijs. 

Summa, xliijs. iiijd. (42s. 4d.); debet, iijli. xiiijs. }d.) 1 

Syxford. Memorandum quod Joh'nes Jacson respondet de 
pede compoti ante festum S'ci Martini 54 (55), 2 ixs., et recepit 
pro Agestamento terminorum Pent, et Martini 55, xxvjs. viijd., 
et recepit pro pede aueriorum Henrici sexti xxxiiij to , xxijs. 
Summa, Ivijs. viijd. 

Vnde liberauit Th. Swynton in Cena d'rti 56 per vxorem 
suam in parte vjs. viijd. 

[127 v.] Denarij leuandi de tempore Joh'is Hunte de qwel- 
dryke. De Rob'to Suerte, xxiijd. ; De Th. laueroke, (xiijs. vd.),' 2 
debet, xs. ]d. ; De Joh'ne laueroke, iiijd. ; +De Joh'ne Schep- 
herd, vd. ; De Joh'ne Mawnby, (iiijs. iijc^. q a d.),' debet, ijs. 
iijd. q a d. ; +De Joh'ne Thomson, xiijd. ; De Rob'to laueroke, 
(vijs.) 2 (5 : 9 ), 2 3 debet, iiijs. ; +De Rob'to Moscrope, (xijs. 
ixd., debet, xs. ix^., Item iijs. vjc^.); 4 De Helia Cracse, iijs. iiijd; 
De W Mawnby, vs. xd. ; De Ric'o Beyn, ijs. ; De Joh'ne Mawnby 
(Jim., ijs. ijd., debet, xd.), 4 Item de eodem pro ten. Moscrope 
pro termino Martini 54 pro parte sua ijs. 8 et pro j acra terrae; 
De Th. Spayn, vijd. ; De Rob'to Amy, xxd. ; De Henr. Hudson, 
(xiijs. ixd.), 4 - debet, ixs. ixd. ; De Joh'e styllyngflete, iiijs.; De 
Nich'o Henryson, iiijs. ij^. q a d. ; De Jacobo Portar, xd. ; +De 
Rob'to Schepherd sen., xvijd. ; De (blank) Sawnderson, xijd. ; 
De Th. Thowthorp, ijs.; De Th. Walkar, iiij^. libere; De Will. 
Mawnby, iiijd. lib.; De Joh. Crake, iiij^. lib.; De Rob'to Burn, 
xijd. lib.; De Nich'o Darell, ijd. lib.; De Rob'to Schepherd, 

1 The whole of this former Syxford account is crossed out. 

2 Crossed out. 

8 Superscribed. 
4 Crossed out. 


]d. ob. lib.; De Rad. Acclom per Th. Waclyn, jd. ob. lib.; De 
Priore Wartre, iijd. lib.; De Priorissa de Thikheued pro Thik- 
heued Rayn, vi]d. ; +De Gilberto kyrkby, xxs. ; De Th. Busshell, 
(vs.) 1 iiijs., (3 : 12 : 7 d qM.) 1 ; De Job. Hunte pro . . . 2 suis 
dimissis in ten (?) Xpoferi gibson, v]s.; Joh. Hunte, 7 :; De 
(Ric'o Waclyn et) 3 Th. Busshell, viijs. viijcZ. ob. 

(4 : 9 : 9 d q"d.);* 4 : 18 : 5 d qd.; (55 : 4 : 10 o); 3 
(5 85. 4d.?) 4 

[128] Den. leu. de tempore W. lauerok. \-De Nic. Harriss, 

viijs. xd. ; Jenk. stillingflet, iiijs. ; Henr. Hudson, i]s. 

Denarij leuandi tempore Joh. Neusom. De Joh. Schepherd 
Jun., vd. ; Th. Spayn, ijs. ixd. ; Joh. Hunte, iiijs. praeter q a d. ; 
Rob. suert, xvijd. ; Joh. Magneby sen., ixs. vjd. ob.; Will, 
laueroke, (iiijs. vjd. o6) 5 xviijd. ; (Ric. Blanncherd, i]s. viijd.); 5 
ta " Joh. lauerok, ij*5. i]d. ; Ric. Beyn, ijs. jd. ; Nich. Herrison, ijs. ; 
Item de Joh'ne Neusom, 6 :; Rob. laueroke, 9 :; Joh. Magneby 
at y e kyrkstele, xijs. viijd. o; Th. Hunte, xvs. ob.\ Item xi]d. ; 
Helias Crakse, xiiijd. ; Gilbertus kyrkby debet xxvijs. ; Rob. 
Moscrope, xxijs. vjd. ; Henr. Hudson, xijs. iijd.; Johanne 
Herlethorpe, (blank); Th. laueroke, xiijs. iijcZ. ; Joh. Schepherd 
sen., xxiijeL ; Th. Hudson, ijs. 

Memorandum quod W. Ask with dixit secreto inter ipsum et 
T. Darnb. et T. litster quod W. D., etc., abstulerunt ab eo v 
Boues (3 : 6 : 8 -), 5 j Vaccam (6 : 8 -), 5 et j Bouett' (6 :8'), 5 
et j equam (26 : 8 -). 5 5 : 6 : 8 

Joh. Askwith dicit quod dictus W. Downam cum suis 
tulerunt ab eo j vaccam (10 :), 5 iiij Bouiculos (16 : 8 -), 5 et j 
equum, (26 : 8 -). 5 Summa, 53 : 4 

T. Askwith dicit quod dictus W. D. cum suis tulit j equum 
(23 : 4 -). 5 Summa, 9 : 3 : 4 

[128 v.] Recepta lanse apud kylnsay in tonsura Ouium ad 
ffestum Nativ. s'ci Joh'is Baptistae 1454. 

Crossed out. 

A word not made out, perhaps " ovibus." 

Crossed out. 

Account too much confused to be verified. 

Crossed out. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 249 

Multones. De Chapelhous, ix xx ij; De Ouerbordlay, x xx j; De Colgil- 
cote, (blank)\ De Midlowhous, ix xx xviij ; De ketylwell, xiij xx iij ; 
De Arnclifcote, x xx v; De . . . 

'Ones. De Midlowhous, xxij xx vij ; De Morkar, x xx vj ; De Tranhous, 

v xx iij. 

Jerciae. De Conyston, ix xx xv. 

Recepta lanse apud kylnesay in tonsura ouium ad festum 
s'ci Ricardi Ep'i 1 1455. 

Multones. j) e ketelwell, ccxij ; De Midlowhous, viij xx xiij ; De Colgilcote, 
ix xx xij; De Chapelhous, xj xx xj, De Arnclifcote, ix xx xvj; De 
Ouerbordlay, x xx xij. 

De Midlowhous, cccxxvij ; De Tranhous, v xx ij; De North- 
cote, x xx xiiij; De Morkar, vij xx vij. 

Jerri*-. j)e Conystonmour, ccc. 

Recepta lanse apud Kylnesay in tonsura ouium ad festum 
s'ci Ricardi ep'i 1 1456. 

Multones. j) e Chapelhous, j c iiij xx v; De Brastywod uel Netherbordley, 
j c iij xx viij; De Ketelwell, j c v xx ij; De Colgilcote, ijiiij xx xiij ; 
De Morkarr, j c xxviij ; De Tranhous, v xx xiiij ; De Dacre, (blank) ; 
De Nutwithcote, (blank). 

Jerciae. j) e Conystonmour, iij c lvij, (M* xxix). 2 

[129] Rob'tus Scayfe habet respondere de pede compoti 
Multonum de Brimbem Anno regni regis Henrici sexti xxviij, 
xxijd., et de pede compoti Multonum ibidem xxix, xrf., et 
de . . . , 3 xiijd., et Anno xxxj, xi]d., (quaere et dicto anno de 
grege de Malwaterhous xjd.), 4 et anno xxxij, xjd., et a xxxiij , 
ijs. jd., et a xxxiiij to , xiiijd., et a xxxv to , ijs. 

Memorandum quod Ric'us (Cowhyrd) 4 quondam tenens 
de ffornagilhous habuit in le fell xxvj catalla et nota v oues 
pro j catallo. 

Denarij leuandi de Aynderby cum termino Pent. De 
Will'mo (Wilkinson),* Ijs. viijd.; Will'mo Dyett, xxvs. o; De 
Joh'ne Dunsford, 34 : 5 ; De Will'mo Roper, xxj. ixrf.; De 
Rob'to Thomson, 3: 19:5-; De Joh'ne Well, 20:; De 
Will'mo Dunsford, 53 : 8 d 

1 April 3. 

2 Secunda rnanu, perhaps refers to multonea. 

3 A word destroyed. 

4 Superscribed. 



WilTms Stele, 12 : 
Job. Well, 6:4- 
Ric. Brath, 3 : 6 o 
W. Malthous, 6 

Will. Duffeld, 6:8- 
Job. Ward, (blank). 

W. Stele, 3:- (4 : 4 -) 1 (j : 4 

11 o f 
(W. Duffeld)' Job. Ward, 3 : 

12 : 8- o; debet, 11: 
Will. Malthous (56 :), 2 55 : 4 
Job. Well, 51 : 4 
Ric. Brath., 48 : 
Will. Duffeld, 3 : 11 - o. 

[129 v.J Nomina famulorum seruiencium in Monasterio per 
ordinem Alphabeti, etc. 

A. D. 

3 . . , Abbotte opilio, 97, 130, 


Patan Atkynson laborer, 105 
Th. Arton, 140 


Job. Burton, pincerna, 106 
Rob. Bland, seruus, 102 (103)* 
Will. Brown, opilio, 120, 201 
Will. Banystar, waynman, 62 
Ric. Bettes, plumbar, 108 
Job. Blesdale, tascator, 64 
Rob. Brown de porcaria, 110 
Ric. Bolton, carpenter, 103 
Ric. Barkhous, fforester, 95 
Rog. Bland, laborer 
Job. Bolland communis scis- 
sor, 102 

Job. Barkhous, laborer, 105 
Job. Benson, Waynman, 106 
Rob. Benson de Rotaria, 96 
Job. Beyn de ffabrili, 96 
Will. Burton generosus, 129 

1 Superscribed. 

2 Crossed out. 

3 A word destroyed. 

4 Crossed out. 


Job. Esshton, laborer, 94 
Will. Elyse De Brimbem 


Petrus fferrour de communi 

stabulo, 100 

Jenkyn fforster de Brimbem 
Petrus ffletchar de porcaria 


Will. Golthwate cocus, 62 
Th. Golthwate de Bal?, 62 




Joh'es Cote, yoman, 108 
Ric. Clerkson de Hadd 
Joh. Cakar de coquina abbatis 
Rob. Cuke, Waller 
Edward Crokay Waynman, 


Rob. Collow de Hadd, 130 
Rob. Callton de Porcaria, 129 
Th. Catur, communis catur 
[130] I. 


Joh. Kendale de Morkar, 66 
Th. Ketloke, kyddar, 104 
Rob. Ketylwell, plumbar, 91 
Ric. Kendale, carpenter, 95, 


Th. kyng, Waynman, 109 
Joh. Kendale de pistrino, 97 
Ric. Kyd, 62 


Will. Lemyng, cocus, 109 
Ric. Lamberd, tascator, 95, 71 
Th. Langlay, carpenter, 92 
Rob. Ledes, cocus, (105), 2 106 
Will. Lemyng, carpenter 
Rob. Lamberd, opilio, 99, 170 
Joh. Lamberd, 107 

Will. Merschall de stabulo 

abbatis, 101 

1 Crossed out. 
8 Superscribed. 


Rob. Harope, barbour, 102, 108 
Rob. Huddoke, Milner, 101 
Will. Hudson, faber, 99 
Joh. Huberd, porcarius, 98 
Xpofer Hudson de Warsall, 200 
Will. Huberd de Bursaria, 98 
Joh. Hudson (Well) 1 de camera 

Prioris, 101 
Will. Hudson de Warsall 


Th. Ouerend, catur, 96 
Rad. Ouerend, lotor, 98 
Ric. Ouerend, oppilio 


Joh. Portar, oppilio, 101, 140 
Ric. Peyke, Waynman, 64 
Th. Percy veil de infirmitorio, 


Th. Pymson, opilio, 130 
Joh. Pottow, latter, (104), 2 105 
Ric. Person de stabulo abbatis, 

Will. PykaU, 62 


Joh. qwixlay, senescall 
Joh. qwarfe de Swanlay 


Joh. Raynald, fforester 
Joh. Rycrofte de Morkar, 98 
Jenkyn Robynson, tascator 
Ric. Raskell senior 
Joh. Raner, opilio 
Joh. Robynson, carriator, 103 



Jac. Mawd, laborer, 90 Georg. Raskell de Hadd, 120 

Joh. Merschall Rob. Raper 

Job. Mawd, famulus Celle- Ric. Raskell Jun. de ffabrili, 

rarij, 100 108 

Joh. Man, famulus Bursarij, Ric. Rayner de carr. 



Job. Rych, tascator, 170 

Th. Newsom, collector firma- 


Will. Norton de Rotaria 
Joh. Newsom de camera abbatis 

[130 v.] Memorandum quod Rob. Scafe liberauit de grege 
Bouett'. Will'o Bolton de Holmhous ij, et vsque Waynford j, 
et vsque Brymbem j Juuencam. 


Will. Stafford 
Rad. Snayth 
Will. Smyth, ffaber, 99 
Will. Stavelay de Brimbem, 


Joh. Settyll de Morkar, 91 
Will. Skipton de Scissoria, 102 
Rob. Settyll de Morkar, 90 
Rob. Sclater, laborer 
Will. Segefeld, laborer 
Rob. Scafe, opilio 
Th. Settyll de Morkar, 96 
Will. Settyll de Swanlay, 94 
Will. Scharpe de Coquina 

abbatis, 109 


Steph. Talbote, generosus, 180 
Rob. Thirkeld, generosus 
Th. Tail3our de Hospicio 
Ric. Tal5our de Hadd 
Will. Toller de Padlabrig, 64 

V, W. 

Will. Wartre, carpenter, 107 
Will. Wirrell, de pistrino, 97 
Will. Wilson, de promptuario 
Rob. West, Studherd, 110 
Joh. Westyngton 
Joh. West de cameris abbatis, 


Th. Vttynge 
Rob. Waller, laborer 
Joh. Ward, tascator 
Will. Ward de Morkar, 91 
Joh. Wright, 120 


Joh. Yonge, laborer, 110 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 253 

Expensa Aueriorum in coquina a festo s'ci Martini 55 vsque 
ad festum s'ci Martini 56. Tauri viij, Boues xxv, Bouett' 
xvij, Vaccae iij xx xj, Juuencae iij, ad portam j taurus. 

[A leaf has been cut out here previous to the present numbering.} 

[131] Porci et porcelli Recepti de Job. Tupp. In primis 
porcelli vj prec., xiiijd. Summa, 7: Item viij porcelli prec. 
viijd. Summa, (5 : 4 -). 1 Item vj porcelli prec. porcelli, xd. 
Summa, vs. Item porci iij, prec. porci, xvd. Summa, (vjs. 
ii]d.) 2 iijs. ixd. Summa, xxjs. ]d. 

Vnde Rec. de Joh. Aukland, (blank). 

Memorandum quod Th. Swynton liberauit Bursario vnam 
billam con tinen tern recepta per dictum Th. a festo s'ci Martini 
55 vsque festum natiuitatis s'cae Mariae 56, 37 : 18 : 2 , et 
expensa ad idem tempus 40 : 13 : 1 , sic deberetur vltra 
recepta die to Th. 54 : 11 

Aueriae recepta per Will'm Downam et socios suos. De 
Ric'o Benson, ix vaccae, j jumentum cum j sequela; De Joh'e 
Pakoke, xj vaccse; De Ric'o Tollar, xiiij vaccae; De Will'mo 
knoll, xiiij vaccae, j equus, j jumentum; De Joh'e Dyeson, 
vij vaccae, j bou, j sterkett; De Th. kyd de Westsydhous, vj 

[131 v.] Memorandum quod iste liber propter seruos quietus 

Memorandum quod Walterus Monkton petit pro pede 
T. S., vijs. i]d. ob., et pro habitu Martini 46, xiijs. iii\d. 
Summa, xxs. v]d. ob. 

Vnde petit de j li. piperis, xjd. ; In ruseto, xiiijd. ; Item de 
Bursario in die Ascensionis, viijd. ; Item de eodem, iii]d. ; Item, 
vs. Summa, viijs. jd. ; debetur, xijs. yd. ob. 

12 : 10 : 9 o. 3 

Will. Knapt' petit. 

Vnde rec. de J. E. penes T. Darnbruk, iijs. 

a b c d d d. 4 

1 Superscribed. 

2 Crossed out. 

3 An isolated memorandum. 
* Mere trials of a pen ? 


Memorandum de v qrt. (iiij bu.) 1 brasij ordij et de x qrt. 
brasij auenae liberatis pandoxatori ante introitum Job. Aukland 
in festo s'ci nicolai 48. 

Memorandum quod Job. Aukland recepit de Job. Esby 
fratre cellararij in vigilia s'ci (Chuth) 2 Cuthberti 43, xlvj qrt. 
Auenarum per mensuram rasam. 

Brasium ordij emptum a 49. De Will, ffox v qrt. ; De 
Rob. Crauen, j qrt. ; De Pet Man bras, (ord.), 3 xxij qrt. (4 bu.) ; 3 
De ordio, vij qrt. iiij bu. ; De Rob. gell de brasio ordij, (illegible) ; 
De Rob. gell de brasio ordij, vj qrt.; De Radulfo Jonson de 
Mar ton, j qrt. 

[132] (The lining of the cover.) A conventional heart in outline 
and some slight memoranda. . . , 4 in hieme anno d'ni Mill'mo 
. . . reuoluto Tauri v, Boues xxv, Bouett' ... in elemosina 
ad portam j taurus. 

3 XX 3 dacrse 4 corria. 

3 XX 5 dacrae 3 corria. 

Dm. suum De Rec. Expens., 32 : 7 : s. suum Dnm. Rec. 
cor. Expens. 45 dacr. 8 cor. De ij ij, 30. 5 

Expensa Aueriorum a festo S'ci Martini in yeme 52 vsque 
ad idem festum 53. Bou. xxviij, Bouett. xliij, Vaccae Iv, 
Juuencae iiij, Tauri viij, ad portam j taurus j vacca. 
[132 v.] (Blank). 

Each of the forel covers is stiffened by six leaves of strong 
paper, on which is written some very florid Mass music on 
five-line staves. This cannot be studied without taking the 
binding entirely to pieces. The following words of the Gloria 
appear: "In terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis. Glorifi- 
camus te gratias agimus tibi propter magnam gloriam tuam. 
Domine fili vnigenite. Qui tollis peccata mundi miserere nobis. 

1 Superscribed. 

2 Crossed out. 

8 Superscribed. 

4 The leaf is partly destroyed. 

5 Mostly mere pen trials. 

MEMORANDUM BOOK, 1446-1458 255 

Qui sedes ad dexter am patris miserere nobis. Quoniam tu 
solus sanctus. Tu solus altissimus. Laudamus te, benedicimus 
te, adoramus te, Domine. Amen," and musical directions: 
" Tenor," " Contra Tenor." To the first syllable of " Amen " 
there appear about forty-two notes. This is interesting as 
perhaps showing the sort of music that had been in use at 
Fountains when the book was bound, c. 1450. Other leaves 
taken from choir-books and used as end-leaves, are referred 
to in Vol. ii, 99. 


Page 21, line 14. For Malsherd, read Malsherth. 

21, 19. For Wyston, read Evyston. 

22, 8. For Cav. .(?), read Cavcy. 

25, 2, 15. For calcarum, read calcarium. 

26, 18. For Sand, read Sand. 

,, 35, 3. For lewce, read lewte. 

,, 49, ,, 2. For Toppam, read Toppan. 

,, 48, ,, 34. For brasinagii (':), read brasinii (?). 

58, 32. After luti, insert (et). 

65, 33. To follow Ric. Waklyn, vj*. ixd.; 

Th nise Cur' in pari botarum, xxd. ; latanio 
apud qweldric, vjd.; Gwidoni Roclyfe pro 
labore suo in materia banke, vjs. viijd. 


The following abbreviations are used in this Glossary : D'Arnis, for The Lexicon 
of D'Arnis, published by the Abbe Misyne, 1866. E.D.D., English Dialect Dictionary. 
N.E.D., New English Dictionary. P.P., Promptorium Parvulorum. W.W., Vocabu- 
laries, edited by Wright and Wiilcker, 1884. 

ABSCONSA, a lantern. 

ABSOLUCIO (defunctorum). A term said to have been applied to the Order for 
the Burial of the Dead, as it still is by Roman Catholics, with reference 
to the Collect Absolve, qucesumus, Domine, animam famuli tui, etc. In 
1311 absolution was pronounced on the graves of a father, mother, and 
grandfather, as a condition on which their descendant was to restore 
certain lands to the Church (Whitaker, Richmondshire, i, 111). For 
references to the present volume, see the Index. The term may have 
denoted something more than the Burial Office. A correspondent of 
Maundrell the traveller wrote to him about a Greek Bishop sending 
several priests to pray for and absolve a man who had died without 
absolution, on the discovery of his body about ten years after his 
death (Letter dated April 12, 1700, in Maundrell's Journey from 
Aleppo, 6th ed., 1740, p. 152). 

AGISTACIO, agistment. 

AGITACIO, driving of sheep or cattle. 

ALBUM FERRUM, tin-plate, iron whitened by a thin coating of tin. Not made 
in England before the seventeenth century, but evidently imported. 
Fr.,fer-blanc; Sc., white iron, 1773 (Boswell, Tour to Hebrides, Aug. 19). 

ALBUS (pannus), " white," i.e. cloth of undyed wool, for the Cistercian habit. 
PL, albi, " whites," habits. 

ALL/ECIA or ALLECA, usually herrings, sometimes, according to D'Arnis, 
sardines and anchovies. 

ALLOCACIO, allowance. 

AMERCIAMENTUM, a small fine. 

AMICTUS, an amict or amyt, now called an almuce, a choir vestment made of 
silk or woollen material, totally distinct from the Eucharistic amictus 
or amice, of linen. 

APOSTATA, one who has abjured his religious faith or monastic vows. 

ARIET., for Aries; see Bou. 

ABMARIUM, an aumbry, cupboard, or locker. 

ARSURA, (1) branding of cattle with St. Wilfrid's burning-iron to keep off 
murrain, or with initials or other owners' marks; (2) the smelting of 

ASPERSORIUM, a sprinkler for holy-water. 

ASSERCIOR, p. 52, perhaps a writ so called. 

ASSERES, laths, rafters, etc. 

AUCA, a goose. 

AULA HIEMALIS. Sir William Hope thinks that this hall " might have been 
the south end of the farmery hall, which had a fire, and had evidently 
been made into a comfortable place." Letter, March 18th, 1917. 

AVELLAN.E, filberts or cob nuts, but, according to W. W. in three places, 

AVERIA, cattle as distinct from sheep. 

AWNDYRYNSE, andirons or fire dogs, to support burning logs over a hearth. 


BALED, p. 241, some kind of lead ? 

BALER, apparently a man who baled water at the smelt-mill, to wash away 

the crushed matrix from the lead ore. Robert Merbeke was a baler 

at the " smeltes," and was employed in arsura and in sufflamine plutribi. 
BALES, bellows. 
BAL;?, Tho. Golthwate was a servant de Bal%, and was employed ad plaustr. 

de le bal%, as appears among payments connected with smelting and 


BARCARIA, a sheephouse. W.W. 
BATELL, battels in the present university sense, in this case, wiiu> at Ripon, 

1447, p. 102. Earliest quotation in N.E.D., 1557. 
BEYRE, beer, 1457-8, p. 52. Beer was distinguished from ale by being hopped. 

" Hoppe, sede for beyre. " P.P. According to a rime in Baker's Chronicle, 

quoted by Izaak Walton in the Complete Angler, " Hops and turkies, 

carps and beer, came into England all in a year." 
BIGIS, in p. 58, seems to mean in or by two-horse conveyances. 
BLADTJM, a general term for corn of all sorts. 
BLAWFRONT, a term for certain white cloth, probably derived from the name 

of the man from whom it was bought, which occurs p. 20, and in 1436 

there was a merchant in York of the same name. Alan Blaufrunt or 

Byaufrunt witnesses early undated charters in the Fountains Chartu- 

lary, ed. Lancaster, pp. 629, 630. 
BLODIUS, blue. 

BOST', BOSTI, either connected with Bostar, a byre, or with Boscus, a wood. 
Bou, commonly stands in these MSS. for Bos ; see ARIET. 
BOVETTUS, a bullock. 
BOVICULUS, a small bullock. 
BOWGES, par de, leathern bags or bougets slung on a bar or yoke across a 

horse's back for carrying water; hence the heraldic " water-budgets." 
BOWTTYNGCLOTH, a bolting cloth for sifting flour. 
BRAGOT, bragget, a drink made of honey and ale fermented together. This 

word is one of the few of Celtic origin that have survived in English. 
BRASERIA, the brewhouse or malthouse. 

BRASINAGIUM or BRASINIUM ?, p. 48, the brewhouse. Reading quite doubtful. 
BRASIUM, malt. 

BREVE, a brief or writ, often denoted by its first words. 
BREVIATOR, a drawer-up or writer of briefs. 
BUCASY, bocasin, fine buckram for linings. 
BUDGE, woolly lambskin used as fur. It was so used in the Cambridge B.A. 

hoods until about 1860. 
BULTYNGCLOSE, pi. of Bowttyngcloth, q.v. " Clothes " is still pronounced 


BURSARIA, the bursary. 
BUTTES, small pieces of land separated in various ways from the adjoining 

lands; see N.E.D., under Butt, sb 6 . 

CADUS. a cade or barrel, for tar, oil, etc. Cadus corei, p. 58, a cade made of 

leather, or containing leather. 
CALASH, an obsolete form of galosh or golosh, in earlier use a wooden sho or 

sandal, or a wooden-soled shoe, not as now an over-shoe. N.E.D. 
CALIG^:, shoes, or hose. W.W. 
CAMERA, rooms or lodgings, usually in a large block of buildings and assigned 

as a residence for a particular person, as in the case of '" chambers " 

in the Inns of Court. 


CAND', p. 190, probably candles. 

CAP AGE, p. 52, cabbage. In 1458, King's College, Cambridge, bought Ib. 
of " cabeche " seed for 4s. Rogers, Hist. Prices, iv, 277. 

CAPIAS UTLAGATUM, a legal writ for the arrest of an outlaw. 

CAEBONES, charcoal, " coals " in the earlier sense. Mineral coal was dis- 
tinguished as carbo maris, or sea coal, until, first in coal-producing 
districts and then generally, this kind took the name of " coal," the 
vegetable product being then distinguished as " charcoal." Carbznes 
and carbones marini are both mentioned inp. 51. 

CARECTA, a cart. 

CARECTABIUS, a carter. 

CARIAGIUM, carriage of goods. 

CARMELITES, the White Friars, who derive their origin from a colony founded 
on Mount Carmel in the twelfth century. 


CARPENTMAKER, either a carpet maker or a carpenter. Carpent for carpet is 
recorded in the N.E.D. 

CARPENT WYRKE, carpenters' work. 


CARS AY, CARSEY, kersey, coarse woollen cloth. " White kairsey " or " white 
cloth " was bought at Ripon in 1542 for " men that shulde have gone 
to the Borders " when the English beat the Scots at Solway Moss, 
Vol. I, p. 406. 

CARYYNGE, conveying, leading. 

CATOR, the catour or caterer. 

CAUCY, a causeway or path, 

CAV., pp. 22, 256, caucy. 

CELLA, for sella, a saddle. 

CEPE, ccepce, onions. 

CEPES, for sepes, a hedge. 

CERA, (1) wax; (2) for sera, a lock. 

CERA RUBEA ET VIRIDIS, different kinds of wax for sealing different docu- 
ments. Green wax was used for Estreats, q.v.; henc3 they were often 
known as viridis cera. Red for other purposes. 

CERTIORARI, breve de, a writ for information or assurance. 

CHALDER, a chaldron, 4 quarters or 32 bushels. 

CIROTHEOE, chirothecce, gloves. 

CLAU', clavis, key, or clavus, nail, according to context. 

CLAVICORDES, pair of, 1457-8, p. 49. The earliest stringed instrument with 
a keyboard. The earliest quotation for the word in N.E.D. is of 
1483. See PAIR. 

COLLOBIUM, a sleeveless tunic or tabard. 

COLUMBARIUM, a pigeon-cote. 

COMMUNITAS, the monastic community; also the communitas civitatis Ebor. 
and de Scarburgh. 

COMPANAGIUM, food taken with bread. D'Arnis. Apparently used in these 
accounts in the wider sense of food for herdsmen. 

COMPOSICIO FENI, haymaking. 

CORODIUM, a corrody, i.e. an allowance in money or board and lodging to a 
" paying guest " sojourning in a monastery, granted in return for 
money or other advantage. 

CORRIUM, corium, an animal's hide. 

COTGARTH, a garth or enclosure round a cottage. 

COTUM, p. 67, probably by slip of pen for Cotun, cotton. 

COUENAND, p. 265, covenant. 


CRAPIS, crap, is (1) chaff; (2) buckwheat. N.E.D. Crappe, in old French, was 
grain trodden underfoot in the barn, mixed with dust, etc. That may 
be the sense on p. 166. 

CREBBA, cribra, sieves. 

CBESSAND, p. 10, probably a cresset. 

GRISTALL, Kirkstall, as in 1518 at Ripon. Mem. Ripon, iv, 294. 

CULTELLI, knives, supplied in pairs, and probably used as knives and forks 
now are. 

DACRA, a dicker, i.e. ten, a term used in counting hides. 

DEFALCATIO, a reduction on a rent. 

DEFICIENS, failing to give milk, or to produce a crop, or missing altogether. 

DENARIATA, money's worth, often in these accounts the equivalent of a stated 

sum paid as wages in kind, or received as rent. 
DIACONES CLAUSTRI, certain officers, probably in deacons' orders, who received 

a small gratuity, pp. 33, 75. 
DIETA, a day's work. 
DOBATURA, daubing, plastering. 
DOMUS FUMOSA, a smoke-house for curing bacon, beef, and, perhaps, salmon 

and other fish. So in America. Uncle Remus tells the little boy how 

Brer Rabbit cut up the carcase of his cow, " en stow it 'way in de 

smoke-' ouse." Chap. xx. 
DON., usually stands for dono, or, with the usual contraction for ' is,' donls. 

The plural seems to be often used for a single present, in or among 

the presents made. 
Dos., dozen. Wax was sold by ths dozen, probably a dozen candles of 

standard size. Also textiles, of which a dozen ells seem to be indicated. 
DRAPA, a sheep or cow fatted for the kitchen after its milk has dried up ; 

a drape. 

ELEVACIO, (1) raising a building in height ?, p. 54 ; it cost, with nails, only 
I2d., p. 55; (2) levying or " raising " of money, p. 153. 

ELLERS, p. 181, a dialect form both of elders and of alders. The wood of the 
alder resists decay while wet, and was used for water pipes. " Olders " 
are frequently mentioned with " hassels " and " hollyns " in Vol. I, 
415418. It is probably the alder that is meant in these accounts. 

EPHEDS, p. 245. E.D.D. has heaf-hod, the home or homestead, from heaf, 
to settle a new flock of sheep in its pasture, and of sheep, to cling to 
the same spot. The shepherd sees that the sheep are hea/ed or settled. 
This may, perhaps, explain Epheds. 

EQTJISIARIUS, the man in charge of the stables. 


ESCHEATOR, an officer who made inquests of titles by Escheat, that is, forfeiture 
of lands, etc., to a lord within his manor, by the death of a tenant 
leaving no heir, or for other reasons. 

ESSONIA, essoign, an excuse for one summoned to perform suit in a court. 

ESTREAT, a certified extract, especially one relating to fines, etc. 

EVENTUS, certain profits accruing to the abbey. 

EXITUS, (1) cattle or poultry sent out; produce of mares; (2) offal or viscera 
of animals, used as tripe, etc. See Durham Account Rolls, glossary. 

EXTRACTA CTJRIARTJM, issues or profits of holding courts. 

FABRILE, the blacksmith's shop. 

FALCACIO, reaping or mowing, whether with a sickle or with a scythe. Hec 
falx, a sykyl or a seth. W.W. 


FAMILUS, famulus, a servant. 

FARATRUM, feretrum, a bier or hearse. The payment of 4d., p. 67, may have 

been for the use of it on one occasion. 
FENACIO, compositio jeni, haymaking. 
FEODARIUS, a feudatory or vassal. 
FILI, a filly. 

FILY STAGE, a filly " stag " or young mare. 
FIRMA, (1) rent; (2), land rented, a farm held by a tenant. 
FIRM^E FORINSECLE, rents paid by the abbey to churches, etc., outside its own 

FLAMMEOLUM, pp. 50, 52, a kerchief. W.W. Named with Mass requisites in 

a York Guild inventory, therefore, also, probably a v> il for a chalice 

or pix, or a towel. 
FLEGHTES, p. 156, possibly flights of young pigeons; see N.E.D., under 

Flight, sb 9 ; or, perhaps, the name of some place. 
FLEKES, hurdles. 
FOLARDIS, p. 143, perhaps foolards or professional fools, from fool, a jester, 

with the pejorative suffix -ard, as in drunkard, sluggard, etc. The 

word foolard is not recorded in N.E.D. " Will, ffolard " occurs five 

times; in his case it may have been a surname, not a description. 
FOREL, a parchment or vellum cover for a book, p. 254. 
FUNGIA, stockfish. W.W. 

GALEGIS, par de, perhaps braces or " suspenders," called " gallows " and 
" gallowses " in dialect and U.S.A.; or, possibly, some sort of galliga- 
skins, galoches, or leggings. 

GARN, yarn. 

GARTHWOD, material for girths or wooden hoops. See N.E.D. , under Garth 
and Girth. 

GASKET, p. 49, 1457-8, a small rope ? See N.E.D., where the earliest date 
is 1622. 

GATE " of 5 meyrs " (mares), p. 245, the same as " gangyn over y e pastour," ib. 

GATLA, GATLAY, GATLY, GATLAW, GATLAWS, gate-law or gate-leave, right 
of way. 

GAULINA, gallina, hen. 

GENEROSUS, one of the abbot's gentlemen. On those of the Prior of Durham, 
see Rites, ch. xlvii. 


GOGYLE, pp. 12, 90. I have not found any explanation of this word. See 

GRANUM, grain, frequently pi., as if referring to various kinds of corn. 


GRISIUS, grey or brown. " Grey " and its equivalents in Latin, French, and 
German often means brown, or " whity-brown. " Brown paper is often 
called grey paper, and the habit of the Grey Friars is brown, described 
as " russett " in 1406. Archceologia, Ixvii, 179. See Pisas GRISIJE. 

GRYPE, a grip or open drain to carry off water. 

GYRSFALD, p. 204, perhaps Grass-fold. 

HALANDES, HALLANS, partitions in cottages, particularly between the outer 

door and the fireplace. 

HALID, p. 189, probably a memorandum of the surname Haliday. 
HARDYN, a rough fabric made of the coarser parts of flax or hemp separated 

by heckling. 
HAUSORIUM, a bucket or a ladle. W.W. 


HAVYRION, a habergeon, i.e. a sleeveless coat of chain armour, also a rough 

garment worn as a penance " on hire naked flesshe," as in Chaucer, 

Parson's Tale. 

HERE, a heck, i.e. a door divided across, each half opening separately. 
HERENSEU, a heronsew, old Fr., heronceau', earlier, heroncel, a little or young 

heron, now, in dialect, any heron. 
HESPES, hasps for doors or windows. 
HOGG, a young sheep, weaned, but not shorn. 
HOGGASTEB, a young ram, not yet a Hurtard, q.v. 
HOPE, pp. 13, 49; cost 2s. at Scarborough, so probably hops, not a hoop. 

HORBOLOGIUM MAGNUM, p. 55. Probably a great clock set up within the 

church, similar to one at Durham that was wantonly destroyed in the 

nineteenth century. 

HOBSF, p. 167, probably short for Horsfall or Horsford. 
HOBSENALE, a horse-shoe nail. 
HOSTIUM, ostium, a door. 
HULCETUM, ulcetum, q.v. 

HURTARDUS, a full-grown ram, one that can " hurt," butt, or strike. 
HUSBAND, a husbandman who is a householder, especially a manorial tenant. 


INCLUSUS, an anchorite. 

INCBEMENTUM, increase or improvement, to which was opposed Decrementum, 

or abatement. 

INDICCIO, indictacio, indictatus, indictamentum, an indictment. 
INPLACITOB, the plaintiff in an action at law. 

JANTACULUM, a breakfast ; " a dynere." W.W. 

JEBCA, jercia, a young ew r e that has not become an ovis matrix. 

JUMENTUM, a mare. 

JUVENCA, a heifer. 

JUVENES, juniores fratres, the novices. 

KAN^ETT, KANYETE, cloth made at Canete in the province of Cuenca in Spain, 
and sold under the name of that town. N. & Q., 12th series, ii, 538. 


KENDELL, green woollen cloth made at Kendal. Of such was the dress of 
" Three misbegotten knaues, in kendall Greene," Shakespeare, Hen. IV, 
pt. 1, ii, iv, 246. 

KIDDEB, one of the abbey servants, a maker of " kids " or faggots. 

KLYPPYNGE, sheep-shearing. 

LAD', LADE, load. 

LANABIA, the wool-house. 

LATTEB, an abbey servant who made or fixed laths. 

LAWND, a lawn or portion of grass enclosed. 

LEPS, LEAPS, baskets. 

LEVATUS DE FONTE, a godson. The infant was held over the font by the 
sponsors while the interrogations were made, and then delivered by 
them to the priest for the act of baptism, after which " patrini ac- 
cipientes infantem de manibus sacerdotis levent eum de fonte." 
Manuale Sarum. 


LEYS, LBAZE, common pasture. 

LIBELLUS, p. 13, a declaration of an action in the Civil Law. 

LINEA, a linen piece, or garment. 

LINUM, linen cloth, as in Rev. xv. 6, Vuig., often called pannua linens. 

Locci', " locks," short clippings of wool coming from about the legs, belly, 

and tail of the sheep; the lowest class of wool except " refuse." 
LOWKYNG, weeding. 
LYCARES, liquorice. 

MALACHITE DIES, in Cistercian Calendars, Nov. 5. 

MANARIUM, manerium, manor. 

MANDATUM PAUPERUM, the ceremonial washing by the abbot of the feet of 

poor men, with the bestowal of alms, on Maundy Thursday, of which 
goodly ceremony " there is a graphic account in Rites of Durham, 

ch. xxxvii, with a note on p. 255. 

MARTS, Martinmas cattle killed, salted, and smoked for winter. 
MELD, probably medley cloth, of mixed colour. 
MENSA, board, provision at table. 

MENSURA CUMULATA, heaped measure; M. RASA, " stricken " measure. 
MERCENARIUS, a merchant. 
MERLE, merlera, marl. 

MINERA, the lead mining, extensively carried on by the abbey in Nidderdale. 
MINUCIO, the periodical blood-letting in a monastery. 
MIRTUS, p. 49, priced at 22s., altered, probably by mistake, from 22d., a 

myrtle. But possibly a wine-gauge; see D'Arnis. 
MOLANS, par de, p. 49, the two pieces forming a bit for a bridle. 
MOLDHYLS, molehills. 
MONACHUS COQUINJE, a monk in charge of the kitchen. M. Tannarice, one in 

charge of the tan yard. M. Granarii, in charge of the granary. 
MONTICULI, p. 209, molehills. 
MORENDIS, moor ends ? 
MORINA, murrain. 
MORTS, originally dead animals as distinct from slain beasts, then, later, skins 

of such animals, especially of sheep and lambs, but also of cattle. 
MORTUARIUM, p. 122, a mortuary, a testator's best animal. See Durh. Ace. 

Rolls, Glossary. 

MULTO, " a wether or a moton." W.W. 
MUNDICI/E, p. 50, results of clearing out sludge from ponds or the like, e.g. 

the fishponds of Deen, or Fontansdicke at Wheldrake. 
MUTTELLUS, a small wether, from Mutto, a variant of Multo. 
MYLNAXILTRE, the great axle in a watermill or windmill. 

NAVIGIUM, p. 190, ferry or other river traffic. 
NEGOC', negotium or negocia, always in contracted form. 
NIGER (pannus), black cloth. 
NOVACTJLA, a razor. 

OBTURACIO (plaustri), loading. 

OCRE^E, boots. 

OFFIC', officiates, persons holding offices in the monastery. 

OLLA, " a potte, a flaget, a crocke." W.W. 

OLLA ^NEA, " cytel, sed ideo additus aenea quia est et olla fictilis, id est 

crocca." W.W. A bronze pot or flagon. 
OPILIO, a shepherd. W.W. 
ORRIUM, horreum, a barn. 


ORTUS, hortus, a garden, garth, or orchard. 

ORTUS CUNICULORUM, a coney garth. 

ORTYS, ORTS, refuse scraps, especially of food and fodder. In p. 245 fodder 
refuse is meant, and it appears to have had a money value. The 
term used to be applied to spinning refuse, as in Bloomfield's ballad 
of " Richard and Kate," " sweep up your orts, and get your hat." 

OSMUND, a fine quality of iron, formerly imported from the Baltic in barrels 
of small rods or bars, hence the common plural form Osmunds. 

OVES, a general term for sheep, especially for oves matrices. 

PAIR, formerly not only two but a "set of things forming a collective whole." 
N.E.D. Thus, a pair of beads, p. 50; a pair of steps, probably an iron 
ladder, p. 11. Hence, a complex musical instrument, as a pair of 
organs, clavichords, p. 49; virginals, bagpipes. Often two, as a pair 
of boots, shoes, gloves, etc., and " a pair of knives," used as a knife 
and fork are now. 

PALASIUM, a paling. 

PALUDIS, p. 54, apparently a wrong genitive of palus, a stake, here a paling: 
pales, p. 55. 

PANDOXATRIA, the brewery, from pandoxatorium, an inn. 

PANIS EQUINUS (panis " equus," p. 14), horse-bread, made of beans, bran, 
etc., still used as food or refreshment for horses in some parts of Europe. 
Distinguished from panis humanus on p. 112. 

PANIS INUNCTUS, p. 157, probably " bread and butter." 

PANNAGIUM, pannage, the right to put swine to feed on acorns, beech-mast, 
etc., in the lord's woods. Roadside pannage is a privilege still enjoyed 
by the poor in Bucks., and elsewhere. 


PAR PRECULARUM, a " pair " or string of beads, now called a chaplet or 
rosary. See PAIR. 

PARVA DOMUS, p. 85. As it cost only 3s. 4d. to make this place, it may have 
been something like St. Cuthbert's casula, " quotidianis necessitatibus 
apta." Bedce Vit. S.C., xxi. The terms " little house " and " petty " 
are still current in Yorkshire in that sense. 

PATET, usually written p^;. Properly impersonal and intransitive, as " ut 
patet infra," or " patet " simply. Used with per, as " per talliam 
patet," " patet per billam." But the per is often omitted, as " ut 
patet libros ejusdem," " ut patet billam." Sometimes it is causative, 
and has its nominative, as " ut patet tallia," " patet compotus." 

PECTIN', pecunia or pecunice, always contracted. The meaning of pecun* 
stoc\ p. 143, is not evident. 

PELCH, or PELTH ? Mentioned with hides, p. 230. Perhaps a pilch, pellicium, 
an outer garment of hairy or woolly skin, or a pelt, a raw hide. 

PELLES AGNINI, so written in full, p. 232. Usually pell, agn., which might 
stand for pelles agnorum. 

" PELLES MORTES, vid;? de lez mortes," p. 228. See MORTS. 

ing hides of beasts killed for food, as distinct from PELLES MORTES. 

PELLES occis. IN COQUINA, for P. OCCISORUM, which frequently occurs, mean- 

PELT PERGAMENI, a skin of parchment. 

PENES, concerning, with reference to, p. 95, corresponding with propter on 
p. 253; on behalf of, p. 240; in the case of, pp. 18, 70; in favour of, 
p. 244; at the hands of, p. 205; in the hands of, 151. 

PES COMPOTI, or simply PES, the " foot " or balance at the end of an account. 

PESE, piece; lini, p. 154; plumbi, p. 240. A " piece " of a textile is a length, 
varying according to material from 10 to 25 yards; of lead, a half pig, 
about 176 Ib. N.E.D, 


PICTURA PANNI or PANNOBUM, making " painted cloths," formerly much used 
as wall decorations, and still familiar to Shakespeare, who introduces 
" Slaues as ragged as Lazarus in the painted cloth," Hen. IV, 1, iv, ii, 28; 
see also Tr. and Cr., v, x, 47. 

PILIUS, pileus, a cap. 

PIPER ZINZIPERIS, perhaps ground ginger. 

PIS^E, pease, usually written pis,, but Pise, p. 78, with other Latin names of 
grain, so probably Pisce, not the English Pise for Pease. PiscB is an 
early example of the singular Pise or Pease being mistaken for a 
plural, whence arose the seventeenth century singular Pea. At 
p. 210 we have eorundem pis. for pisorum, from pisum, of which pisa, 
pi. pisce, is a collateral form. 

CRISIS, Pisum arvense, the common " gray " or field pea, with purple 
flowers, and brown when ripe. See GRISIUS. 

VIRIDES, a common variety of Pisum sativum, the white or garden 
pea, with white flowers and the peas light green when ripe. Still an 
article of diet, soaked and cooked in the ripe state. 

PISTRINUM or PISTRINA, a bakehouse. 

PLUCLOYTTES, plough clouts, iron plates fixed on the sides of ploughs, fastened 
by " clout nails." 

PLUMBARIA, the plumber's shop. 

POKED, pocked, suffering from cow-pox, from the pustules of which vaccine 
matter was originally obtained, and may be now. 

POMERIUM, in classical use, the open space kept free from buildings behind, 
i.e. outside, the walls of a city; in medieval use, an apple-garth or 

PORCARIA, a piggery. 

PORRUM, leek. 

PORTAMEN, carriage. 

POTELL, a pottle, half-a-gallon. 

PR^EPOSITTJRA, the office of a prcepositus, in these accounts usually a farm 
bailiff or " agent." 

PR.EVIGILJA, the day before a vigil. 

PROBATORIUM, the novices' lodgings. 

PROCTOUR, p. 45, probably Robert Proctour, who is frequently named. 

PROMPTUARIUM, the spence or buttery. W.W. 

PHLVIS PESTILENCIJE, p. 52, Pulvis vitalis, p. 45. In reply to an enquiry in 
Notes and Queries, the following reply appeared, March 17th, 1917 : 
" Pulvis pestilencice will probably be the powder against pestilence, 
afterwards included in our old London pharmacopoeias, which con- 
sisted of the powders of sanders wood (white, red, and yellow), basil 
seeds, Armenian bole, cinnamon, dittany, gentian, and tormentil roots, 
the seeds of citron and sorrel, pearls, sapphires, and the bone of a stag's 
heart. Pulvis vitalis would, in all likelihood, be a somewhat similar 
composition, one of the uses of the above, says Culpeper, being to 
" cheer the vital spirits and strengthen the heart. C. C. B." 

PURCYVANT, a pursuivant, p. 19, in this case a j \inior heraldic officer attached 
to a particular nobleman. 

PYNDFALD, a pinfold or pound for the confinement of stray or distrained 

QWESSYN, a cushion. 

QWYKFAKL, pp. 48, 59, 86. The haws that fall from the hawthorns in winter 
(N. Lines., c. 1910). They may have been collected for the propagation 
of quicksets, or the term may have been applied also to the quicksets 


QWYKWOD, quicksets. Fitzherbert says that quicksets should be got in the 
wood, of whitethorn and crab, which are the best, though holly and 
hazel are good. Blackthorn is bad; it spreads into the pastures and 
tears the sheep's wool. This direction explains collectio plantarum 
pro fossa, p. 51. 

QWYTTE, p. 167. Perhaps the surname " White." 

R. The abbreviation " r." may stand for recepit, recepta, respondet, reddit, 

redditus, etc., according to the context. 
RASTRUM, a rake. 
RASURA, noviciorum, p. 13. The reference probably is to the first tonsure; 

panni, the shearing of the nap off newly- woven cloth, formerly done 

by hand, with the square-ended shears sometimes represented on 

RAT', rata, pp. 47, 90, 151. " Rata pars, portio cuique contingens." 

D'Arnis. Here, probably, a sum of 5 assigned to the maintenance 

of a scholar, out of which, on one occasion at least, he returned 6a. 8d. 
REDLYCH, p. 25. Probably the same as " Redlys," a kind of red leather. 


REFFUS, refuse wool, inferior to Zocci, q.v. 
REGARDUM, a reward or gratuity. 
REPLEGIA, replevin, the restoration of goods distrained on security to have 

the matter tried in a court of justice, and to return the goods if the case 

be decided against the original owner. 
REPLEGIARE, to redeem a thing detained by another. Replegiare de averiis 

is a writ brought by one whose cattle are distrained or impounded. 
RESPICI^:, p. 197. Things assigned by legal decision ? D'Arnis gives 

" Respiciare, sententiam pronuntiare. " 

RIDELCORD, cord either for making riddles, or for " ridels " or curtains. 
ROGACIONES, the processions on the three Rogation Days, formerly called 

" gang days." 
ROTARIA, the wheelwright's shop. 
RUBEA CERA, see next after CERA. 
RUNCACIO, weeding. 
RUSETUM, RUSSETUM, russet, a coarse homespiwi woollen cloth of a reddish 

brown colour, used for liveries of servants, e.g. of stable boys and 

kitchen boys, pp. 14, 85. 
RYLS. pp. 55, 211, rails, e.g. for a park fence. 

SACCUS, sackcloth. 

SAGUM, say, a fine cloth resembling serge. 

SALET, a light globular piece of armour for the head. 

SAND., p. 76, thrice. Probably short for Robert Sandall, bursar, who is fre- 
quently mentioned in the Memorandum Book. 

SCAFA, a bowl. W.W. 

SCAPULARE, a scapulary, i.e. a short cape with a hood, covering the head and 
shoulders only. One made of sagum was provided for the abbot, p. 16. 

SCISSOR, a cutter-out, henc^, a tailor. 

SCISSORIA, the tailor's workshop. 

SCUTELLA, a salver or waiter, mentioned with scafce, bowls, p. 50; also a scuttle 
(basket), named with sportce, p. 9. 

SELES, perhaps willow-holts. See N.E.D. under Seal, sb*. 



SELION, a ridge or narrow strip between two furrows formed in dividing an 

open field, also a " narrow-land " of indeterminate area. N.E.D. 
SELLERARIUS, cellerarius, the cellarer. 
SEM, see SEYM. 
SENAPITJM, mustard. 
SENESCALLUS, a seneschal, one entrusted with the administration of justice 

and the control of domestic arrangements in a royal or noble household. 
SEPA, cepa, onion. 

SEPARALE, severalty, private ownership. 
SEQUELA, a foal at the heels of a mare. 
SERA, cera, wax. 

SERA EQUINA, a horse-lock or shackle 
SERVISIA, cerevisia, ale. See BEYRE. 
SEYLFYCH, " seal-fish," seals, which may not have been considered to come 

under the Benedictine and Cistercian rule against quadrupeds in 

monastic diet. Both seals and porpoises frequently appear with fish 

in the Durham Account Rolls, and " pisces et Seylfych " are associated 

in the Fountains Bursars' Books, p. 56. 
SEYM, sagma, a seam or packhorse load. 

SIGNUM S. WILFRIDI, St. Wilfrid's burning-iron. See ARSURA. 
SIGNUS, cygnus, a swan. 
SILIGO, in classical Latin, white wheat, or fine wheaten flour; but in medieval, 

rye, the unground grain. 
SINGULUM, cingulum, a girth. 
SISSOR, scissor, q.v. 
SISSURA, tailoring. 
SMELTEMYLN, a mill for grinding lead ore, which was extensively worked in 

Nidderdale. See BALER. 
SMELTES, iez, the smelting works. 
SMELTLED, probably lead direct from the smelt-mill, or reduced from " lead 

ashes," the oxides that are formed on the surface of melted lead, from 

which the lead can easily be recovered. See Durham Account Rolls, 

SMIGMA, soap. 
SOTULARES, shoes. 

SPECIES, spices, including almonds, medicines, etc. 
SPORTA, a " lepe " or basket. 

SPROTTES, sprats, possibly smelts from the Tees estuary. 
SPRYNG, a " spring " or plantation of young trees. 
SPUMA or SPEUMA, yeast. 
SPYKYNGS, spike nails. 
STABILSYKE, p. 116, perhaps a stable drain that T.C. had made, or stable 

drainage that he had collected, which would be valuable for tillage. 
STAGIS, " stags," young horses, colts, or fillies. See FILY STAGE. 
STAURUM, live stock other than sheep and cattle; mostly horses. 
STERKETTES, STIRKETTS, young stirks or bullocks. Sterks and sterketts are 

classed with TWYNTERS, q.v., p. 138. 
STOCKFISH, salt cod or ling, often sun-dried, largely imported from Iceland and 

Norway, hence called " Iceland fish," and bought at Hull, York, and 

STOR', see under PECUN'. 
STROMES, strums, wicker baskets placed inside the bungholes during the process 

of brewing, to strain off the clear liquor. From p. 202 it would appear 

that they were sometimes made of rush matting. 


STUDHERD, pp. 180, 252. A servant, probably one in charge of a stud of 

horses. See " Places named." 
STURD, suffering from the staggers, giddy, from water on the brain. E.D.D. 

Hence the low prices. See Index. 

Succisio, spinarum, etc., p. 182, cutting down; ulceti, p. 44, mowing. 
SUFFLAMEN, plumbi, p. 149, smelting or melting. 
SUFFLATORIUM, p. 206, probably the iron pipe of the bellows in a forge or 

smelt mill. 

TABULA, p. 52, a retdbulum or reredos, or other painted or sculptured work of 
a similar kind. 

TALL, tallia, a stick split lengthwise, on which a notch is cut across the 
junction while the two pieces are held together, one notch for each 
article counted, so that the half notches fit or tally one with another. 
One half of the stick is kept by each party to the transaction, and so 
the reckoning appears, " ut patet per talliam." The " stocks," or 
bakers' halves, that fit the swatches, foils, or counterstocks, may still 
be seen hanging on their carts in some places on the continent, so that 
each loaf delivered may be recorded by a notch on two sticks, one, the 
stock, travelling with the baker, and the other, the swatch, foil, or 
counterstock, retained by the customer. See N.E.D., under Swatch. 

TANNARIA, the tanyard, where the barkhouse and the barkmill that are 
mentioned in Vol. I, pp. 308, 309, 386, would most likely be. 

TANNUM, oak bark used in tanning. 

TARTARYN, " a rich stuff, apparently of silk, imported from the East, probably 
from China through Tartary." N.E.D. 

TASCARIUS, tascator, terms frequently occurring in these accounts, and 
apparently denoting foremen or taskmasters who looked after the 
threshers and other labourers. 

TECTURA, the covering in of a building with any roofing material, such as 
tiles, slates, etc., but especially with what is now called " thatch." 
The term tectura was applied to coarse grass as well as to other materials 
used for thatch, pp. 53n, 83. Medowthake is frequently mentioned 
in the Durham Account Rolls. Bede says that St. Cuthbert's cell 
and oratory were covered foeno ; the Metrical Life says " thekyd 
with hay." Symeon uses the same term in relating how Walcher's 
monks re-roofed ruined Jarrow. An old woman in Lincolnshire, 
c. 1815, said that there were so many snakes and adders about that 
they were forced to set thack afire to get rid of them, meaning the 
rough grass growing around; and the word " thacke " is used in 
the same way in the Bottes/ord Manor Rolls, quoted in Peacock's 

TEMPLE, hazel rods fixed across thatch to keep it in its place. E.D.D. 

THREVE, thrave, properly a " stook " consisting of a variable number of 
sheaves, but many passages in which the word occurs read as if it 
there meant only a single sheaf or bundle. 

TOLT, a writ by which a cause was removed from a court baron, that of the 
lord of a manor, to the county qourt. Anglo-Fr. , tolte, toulte ; Med. 
Lat., tolta, from toller 'e, to take up, lift. 

TORTA, tortia, a torch; connected with torquere, to twist. 

TRANSUMPTUM, a transcript or extract. 

TREFA, a thrave, sez THREVE. 

TRIACA, theriaca, an antidote to venomous bites and other poisons, often 
carried in a " treacle-box " attached to the girdle. 

TRITURACIO, threshing. 

TRYNTERS, three-year-old cattle. 


TUBNUS VICECOMITIS, Sheriff's Turn, the King's court in a county, in which 
the Sheriff was judge, taking a " turn " or circuit through the shire. 

TUTIVILLUS, TITIVILLUS, TiTiviL. The name of a little devil who, according 
to a Cistercian legend, collected fragments of words dropped in Divine 
service and carried them to his master, the " accuser of the Brethren," 
in a bag. Hence, a tell-tale or tale-bearer. In these Accounts the 
name frequently occurs, and it seems to be applied to some Memo- 
randum Books, perhaps such as contained records of bad or doubtful 
debts. So we find " patet per tutivillum Bursarii," " per tutivillum 
anni praesentis," etc. In the medieval Mysteries or Miracle Plays 
the merry devil Tutivillus is employed in much of the comic business. 

TWYNTEBS, cattle of two winters old. 

ULCETUM, apparently the same as ULcea, a pasture. D'Arnis. 

UBENALIS, a Jordan or chamber-utensil, or a flask for the same purpose, or 

for that of medical inspection. 
USTBINA, a bakehouse; Ustrinum, a kilnhouse. W.W. But in the Ripon 

Chapter Acts, 1485, 371, we find " hayr pro ustrina," hair-cloth for a 

maltkiln, so that ustrina had both meanings. 

VENTILACIO, winnowing. 

VEBMYON, vermilion or cinnabar, much used in illumination of MSS., etc. 
VINUM DULCE, Malmsey or some such wine, about twice the price of the 
ordinary red or white Bordeaux or claret, formerly known as " Gascony." 

WAFBONEB, one who provided wafers or biscuits, p. 59, here used as a surname. 

WAPENTAGIUM, a wapentake, or, a Wapentake Court. 

WARLAND, p. 36. There is a North Yorkshire word Ware, meaning " barley 

or oats, as distinguished from wheat or rye." 
WABNESTUBA, miscellaneous stores of oilmen's commodities, groceries, etc. 

See lists on pp. 11, 46, 89. 
WATEBYATES, waterways, drains. 
WATLYNG, material for wattles. 

WAYNCLOGTS, wainclouts, iron plates fixed on the axles to resist wear. 
WEDBAWN, wi'drawn, withdrawn, p. 245. 
WYNDOCLOSE, winnowing cloths. See BULTYNGCLOSE. 


The principal references are to the volumes and pages of Memorials of Fountains, 
to the Chartulary edited by W. T. Lancaster, P.S.A., in 1915, and to the pages in the 
present volume ; many more of these references will be found in the General Index. 

ABBOTWATH, in Warsill Grange, see WARSILL. 

ABYRFORD, Aberford, on the Cock, 15 m. S.W. of York. 

ACASTER, Acaster Malbis, on the Ouse, 5 m. S. of York. 



AISMONDERBY, a manor in Ripon, associated with Bondgate. 

ALDBURGH, (1) Aldborough, on the Yore, about 1 m. S. of Masham (I, 56n, 
327) ; (2) Aldborough by Boroughbridge. 

ALDFELD, Aldfield, on the Skell, 3 m. S.W. of Ripon. 


ALDFELDNORTHOUS, in or near Aldfield. 

ALDWARKE, on the Ouse, about 5 m. below Boroughbridge. 


ALLERDALE, the N.W. part of Cumberland, extending from the Solway to the 
Duddon, and including the barony and forest of Copeland. 

ALMANEA, Germany. 


ALUERTON, Northallerton , 11 m. N.X.E. of Ripon. 

ANDERBY, Ainderby Quernhow, on the Swale, 6 m. N.E. of Ripon. 

APILGARTH, see Index, an orchard. There were the East and West Applegarths 
at Fountains, I, 309, the pomerium altum, p. 204, and the pomerium 
aulce at Marton, p. 232. There were also lands in Malham called 
le Applegarth, I, 37 In, 388n, occupied as a sheep pasture, p. 88. 

APILTREWYKE, Appletrewick, on the Wharfe, 7 m. N.E. of Skipton. 

ARKYNDAN or ARKYNDEN, probably Arkendale, 3| m. N.E. of Knaresborough. 

ARNCLYFE, Arncliffe in Craven, 3 m. W. of Kettlewell. 

ARNCLYFCOTE, 2 m. S. of Arncliffe. 

ARNFORTH, ARNFORD, ARNSFORD, Arnforth in Craven, II, Index. An ancient 
residence about a mile from Long Preston, near the Ribble. 

ASERLAY, ASERLAW, Azerley, 4| m. N.W. of Ripon. 

ASTYNBY, Asenby, on the Swale, 6 m. N.E. of Ripon; see NEUBY. 


AWNLAY, Ainley, in the par. of Elland, adjoining Fixby. 

AYNSTY, the wapentake of Ainsty, adjacent to York, and with it forming 

the county of the city of York. Drake says that " in old writings " 

it is called " Ancitty," i.e. On city. 

BALDERBY, Baldersby, on the Swale, 4 m. N.E. of Ripon. 

BEENCROFT, BENCROTFE, named with COLCROFTE; q.v. Perhaps the same as 
Beaneftate, in the manor of Brimham, I, 313. 


BEKDYEK, p. 183. 

BEKE, le, p. 184. Some beck or brook. 

BELLA LANDA, Byland, q.v. 

BEMSLAY, Beamsley, on the Wharfe, 5 m. E. of Skipton. 


BETRINDING, p. 185. 

BETSONCLOSE, p. 189; BETSONFELD, pp. 184, 185. Probably the same place. 

BEUERLAY, Bewerley, on the Nidd, llm. N. W. of Ripley. 

BINGLAY, Bingley, on the Aire, 5J m. N.W. of Bradford. 

BIR, see after BYLAND. 

BIRDFORD, Birdforth, 5 m. S.E. of Thirsk, on an affluent of the Cod Beck. 

It gives its name to a wapentake. 
BISHOPSIDE, llm. S.W. of Ripon. 
BITURICUM, Bourges in France. 
BLACBANKE, at Rainton, pp. 22, 83. There was also " Blacke banke," a 

sheep pasture in Bordeley Manor, I, 409. 

BLATONCAR, near Busby, in the par. of Stokesley in Cleveland. 
BLAWFRONT, see Glossary. Perhaps a place-name originally. 
BOLLERSCHAW, pp. 79, 95, 117, 125, Bollershaw, I, 254. 

of Ripon. 
BORROWDALE, a parish and valley in Cumberland, 7 m. S. of Keswick, I, 256, 


BOSCH, p. 183. 
BOSTON, BOSTAYN, BOSTAN, ST. BOTULFUS, on the Witham, 30 m. S.E. of 


BOWRTHWATE, Bowthwaite, 5 m. N. of Pateley Bridge, I, 276n, 338. 
Bows, Bowes, 6 m. S.W. of Barnard Castle. 
BRADFORTH, Bradford, in Yorkshire, on Bradford Beck. 
BRADLAY, (1) Bradley, 2 m. S. of Skipton; (2) Bradley, 3 m. N.E. of Hudders- 

field, I, 2 8 In; here the abbey had much landed property; (3) Bradley, a 

house of Austin Canons, in Leicestershire. It had only two canons. 
BRADSTY WOD, Brasty Wood, in Mas ham, with Kirkby Malzeard, I, 315. 

BRAMCROFTE, p. 186; BRANDCROFTE, p. 189; BRANCROFT, pp. 183, 188. 
BRAMLAY, Bramley Grange, near Kirkby Malzeard, I, 321. 
BRAMTON, " Probably Brampton Bier low, near Rotherham." Chart., 140/j,. 
BRANGERHOUSE, I, 255; BANGERHOUSES, I, 315, parcel of the manor of 


BRATWATE, BRADWAT, Braithwaite, near Kirkby Malzeard. 
BRIDLINGTON, on the E. coast of Yorkshire, where was a priory of Austin 


BRIGBANKES, pp. 84, 86. 

BRIGHOUSE, p. 136, near Pateley Bridge, in the manor of Bewerley, I, 344, 346. 
BRIMBEM, Brimham, 3| m. N.W. of Ripley, I, 312. 
BROTHIRTON, Brotherton, II, 15, 3m. N.E. of Pontefract. 


BURGH SUBTUS STAYNMOR, Brough or Burgh Castle in Westmorland, 5 m. 

N. of Kirby Stephen. 

BURNESTON, 4 m. S.E. of Bedale. 
BURNSALL, on the Wharfe, 7 m. N.E. of Skipton. 


BURTON JUXTA MASHAM, High Burton, about 1 m. N., or Low Burton, f m. 

E. of Masham. 

BURTON LEONARD, 4 m. S.E. of Ripon. 
BUSSCHELS, p. 183. 
BYLAND, the Cistercian Abbey of Bella Landa, 5 m. S. of Old Byland, and 

8 m. S.E. of Thirsk. 
BYRKBANKE, p. 86. 
BYRKCAR, p. 83; BYRKAR, p. 232. 
BYRKEBY, Birkby, 6 m. N.W. of Northallerton. 
BYRKOW, BYRKHOW, BYRCOHOUS, named between Grantley and Hungate, 

pp. 4, (41, 82), also p. 95. Birkhouse, II, 16, in charter of 1196, next 

after Grantley. The Birchou named in Chart., 107, seems to have been 

near Newby on Swale. 
BYRTHWATE, BIRTWATH, Birthwaite, 1 m. N. of Ripley. 

CALDSTANFELD, two tenements in Bewerley, I, 345. 

CALDWELL, an extinct vill near Marton le Moor, I, 258n. 

CALFALHOUSE, CAFFALHOUSE, a grange connected with that of Brimham, now 

called Calvel and Covill Houses, I, 340; formerly Calf hill and Calffeld, 

I, Index. 

CALTON, on the Aire, 7 m. S.E. of Settle. 
CARLESMOR, named in the Valor, I, 256, and in the Annuce ftrmce, together 

with Swetton, pp. 4, (41, 81), between Dalhagh and Growelthorpe, 

near Kirkby Malzeard, Chart., 372; perhaps now extinct. 
CARLISLE, on the Eden, 80 m. N.W. of Ripon. 

CARLTON, (1) 3 m. S.W. of Stokesley; (2) 4 m. S.W. of Middleham. 
CASTLAY, Cast ley, in the par. of Leathley, 2 m. N.E. of Otley. 

CATTALL, on the Nidd, 10 m. W. of York; CATTEHALL, 1198, II, 15. 
CATTON, (1) on the Swale, 5 m. S.W. of Thirsk, named between Rainton and 

Melmerby, p. 4; (2) High and Low Catton are 1^ m. S. of Stamford 

CAUPANHOW, COPMANHOW, I, 256, 369n, " Capon Hall " is at the foot of 

Fountains Fell, 4 m. N.E. of Settle. 
CAUSE APUD CROSTWAT, pp. 22, 65. A calcetum or " caucy," as at Wheldrake, 

pp. 56, 84; the rent must have been for way leave. 
CAUTON or CAVTON, named between Yarm and Dromondby, p. 4; perhaps now 


CAV., p. 22, see CAUSE. 
CAYTON, in SOUTH STAINLEY, q.v.; named with Ripley, p. 1; I, 55, and 

Note 8, 319. 
CHAPEL HOUSE, a sheep farm in Malham Moors, I, 256, 368, 378, 1 m. S. of 

KILNSEY, q.v. 
CLAROW, Claro Wapentake, in which Ripon and Fountains are situated, 

between the Yore and the Nidd. 

CLEVELAND, the hilly district in the N.E. corner of Yorkshire. 
CLOTHERUM, Clotherholme, 2J m. N.W. of Ripon. 
COGILCOTE, a sheep farm in Malham Moors, I, 368, 379. 
COKYRMOUTH, Cockermouth, in Allerdale, where the Cocker falls into the 

Cumberland Derwent. 


COLGILHOUSE, Cogilhouse in Craven, I, 256. 
COLOW, Coloo, I, 256. 

COMBE or CUMB, a Cistercian Abbey in Warwickshire, 5 m. S.E. of Coventry. 
CONISTON, in Craven, on the Wharf e, over against KILNSEY, q.v., I, 378. 
CONISTON MOOR, p. 80, at Coniston. 

CONYCHTON, p. 22, perhaps Coniston in Craven, alias CONYESTON, CONYNG- 


COPGRAUE, Copgrove, 3f m. N. of Knaresborough. 


COTOM, Coatham, near Redcar, 6 m. N.W. of Guisborough. 

COWPASTOUR, p. 189. 


COWSBY, COSBY, COUSEBY, Cowesby, 6 m. S.E. of Northallerton. 

COWSIDE, COWSYDE, CowsiED, in Langstrothdale, 5 m. N. of Fountains Fell, 

I, 311. 

COWTON, Cowton Grange is in the par. of East Cowton, 8 m. N.N.W. of North- 
allerton, I, 86n. North, South, and East Cowton lie within a mile or 

two of one another. 
CRAVEN, the hilly district extending from the sources of the Ribble and the 

Wharf e, about 30 m. S., and from the Wharf e near Addingham on the 

E. to the Forest of Holland on the W. 

CRISTALL, Kirkstall, p. 158, as in Memorials of Ripon, IV, 294. 
CROCK, p. 212, see CROKE. 

CROCHUUSE, Crock House, in OVER HESYLDEN, q.v. 
CROKE, a close of meadow, alias ELSAYBUSK, in Hashay Grange in the manor 

of Brimham, p. 211; I, 351. 
CROKGARTH, p. 226. 

CROSTWAT, Crosthwaite in Allerdale, on the Derwent. 
CRUKGARTH, p. 206. 
CUNYNGARTH APUD RYPON, a conyng erthe, cony garth, or rabbit warren. 


DACRE, 4 m. S.E. of Pateley Bridge, I, 352. 

DALHAGH, DALAGH, DALA, DALAY, Dallow Gill and Dallow Moor are about 

10 m. W. of Ripon. 
DAI/TON, probably Dalton, about 1 m. E. of Huddersfield, mentioned with 

other places in that neighbourhood, p. 5. 
DARELHAGE, p. 190. 

DARELL (terrce), the Darell fee in Wheldrake, II, 15. 
DEEN, p. 50. These were two fishponds in Fountains Park called the Great 

and the Little Deane. 

DENT, on the rivulet Dent, 16J m. N.W. of Settle. 
DERNBRUCHOUS, just within the angle formed by the meeting of two streams, 

2| m. S.W. of ARNCLIFFE, q.v., I, 372. The Darnebrucks or Darn- 

broughs had also a place in Bewerley, I, 361. 
DISHFORTH, DYSFORTH, DYSCEFORD, on a small affluent of the Swale, 5 m. 

N.E. of Ripon. 

DROMONDBY, Dromundby with Buskby, 2 m. S. of Stokesley. 
DYGHTON, Deighton, 5 m. N.E. of Northallerton, or else North or South 

Deighton near Wetherby, or Deighton near Huddersfield. 
DYVELYNSTAYNS, p. 104, probably in York, 


EAST, see EST. 


ECHED, see HECHED. Ditching at " Heched " and hedging at " Eched " 
come into the same account, p. 56. 

ELAND, Elland, on the Calder, 3 m. S.E. of Halifax. 

ELYNGTHOBPE, Ellenthorpe, on the Yore, 1 m. E. of Boroughbridge. 

ELYNSTBYNG, Ellyngstring, 3 m. N.W. of Masham. 

EPISCOPATUS DUNELM. " The Bishopric," i.e. the land between Tyne and 
Tees, in which the Bishops of Durham had temporal jurisdiction. 

EBBAB, p. 188. 

ESBY, (1) Eseby near Baldersby, now extinct, Chart., 958; (2) Easby in Cleve- 
land, 4 m. E. of Stokesley. 

ESPNES, in Allerdale, pp. 3, 41. " Esknes," p. 233, is, perhaps, a clerical error. 

ESTEND (east end), p. 189. 

ESTFELD (east field), pp. 54, 62, 188, 189. 

ESTFLAT (east level), p. 183. 

ESTHEDHOTJS, pp. 116, 136. 

ESTHOLMHOUS, pp. 41, 137; I, 254, 342. See HOLMHOUSE. 


ESTON, in Cleveland, 4| m. S.E. of Middlesbrough. 
EVESTON, Eavestone, 6 m. S.W. of Ripon. 

FABNHAM, 2 m. N. of Knaresborough. 

FABWOL ? p. 179. 

FELBBYGH, p. 95. 


FEBYBBIG, Ferrybridge, on the Aire, 1| m. N.W. of Knottingley. 

FLASBY, 4 m. N.W. of Skipton. 

FLATWITH, p. 55. There was a wood called FLATWITH SPRING in the grange 

of NUTWITHCOTE, q.v., I, 382, 387. 
FLEGHTES, see Glossary. 
FOGEYNG, p. 21, in ARNCLIFFE, q.v. 
FOLCOTE, named with OVER BOBDLEY, q.v., p. 5. 
FONTANSCALE, in the par. of Horton in Ribblesdale, named with STUDHYRD- 

HALL, p. 6. 

FONTANSDICKE, p. 56, a ditch at WHELDRAKE, q.v. 
FONTANSFELL, Fountains Fell, a hill 5 m. N.E. of Settle, alt. 2,191 feet; it 

was a great sheepwalk in the manor of Malham, I, 310. 
FOREST, pp. 134, 136. 
FOBEYNG, p. 183. 

FOBNAGYLHOUS, p. 5; FONAGYLL, p. 95. In Malham Manor, I, 371. 
FOSTON, 11 m. N.E. of York. 

FOXHOPE, Foxup, 1 m. W. of HALTONGYLL, q.v., I, 373. 
FBENDLESS WAPENTAKE, a popular designation of some district in Craven 

not precisely identified, II, 5 In. 
FREBEEYNG, p. 170. 
FBEBBIDDING, p. 18.~>. 


GALPHAY, GALGHAY, on the Laver, 4 m. N.W. of Ripon. 

GALTBES, the forest so named, which extended from York, 15 m. N.E. to 
Crayke, and thence about 10 m. W. to Aldborough by Boroughbridge. 


GABGBAVE, on the Aire, 4 m. N.W. of Skipton. 





GEBTH, LE, p. 187, some garth or enclosure. 

GEBWAS, Jervaulx, the Cistercian Abbey. 

GILLING, (1) on the Rye, 13 m. N.W. of Malton, where Gilling Castle is; (2) 3 m. 

N.E. of Richmond. 

GIBLINGTON, a suburb of Bradford, but on pp. 74, 147 it is a man's name. 

GIVENDALE, formerly a prebend, 2 m. S.E. of Ripon. 
GOGYLE, see Glossary; possibly the name of some forgotten place. 
GBAFTON, 3 m. S.E. of Boroughbridge. 
GBANGABTH, p. 65; GBAUNGABTH, p. 190. Perhaps a descriptive term for a 

grain garth, rather than a proper name. 
GBANGEFLAT, p. 184. 

GBANTLAY, Grantley, 5| m. W. of Ripon. 

GBASSINGTON, GEBSYNGTON, GEBSTON, on the Wharfe, 8 m. N. of Skipton. 
GBEENBUBY, GBENEBEBY, Greenbury Grange, now a farm near Scorton, 

about 10 m. N.W. of Northallerton. 

GBEN, see Green. 
GBENFELDCOCH, p. 95; GBENEFELL COSHE, parcel of the manor of LITTON, 

q.v., I, 372. 

GUISBOBOUGH, GYSBUBGH, GISEBUBN, in Cleveland, 8 m. N.E. of Stokesley, 

Priory of Austin Canons. 
GYLCAB, KELKABE, p. 5, altered to GYLCABE, p. 42, and written GYLCAB 

prima manu, p. 82; Golcar, 3 m. S.W. of Huddersfield. 
GYBSFALD, p. 204, Grass fold ? 
GYSBUBN, (1) Gisburn in Craven, on the Ribble, 7 m. N.E. of Clitheroe; 

(2) GUISBOBOUGH, q.v. 

HABjGSYKE, p. 182. 

HADD, constantly so stands for HADDOKSTANES, which was probably called 

" Hadd " in common speech. 

HADDOKSTAYNS, Haddockstones Grange, about 1 m. S. of Fountains, I, 317. 
HALE, LE, p. 183. 

HALIKELD, Hallikeld Wapentake, between Yore and Swale, in mid Yorkshire. 
HALBOGHOLM, p. 186. 

HALTONGYLL, 5 m. N.W. of Kettlewell, I, 373. 
HABDCASTELL, p. 193, in the manor of Bewerley, I, 346, 348n. HABTCASTELL, 

p. 213. 
HABDWIKE, TBOPE, p. 236; HABDWYKE, pp. 135, 236. Probably a man 

named Hardwick, who lived at TBOPE, q.v. 
HABEWOOD, HABWOD, 7 m. N. of Leeds. 
HABLSAY, 4 m. N.E. of Northallerton. 
HABLSHOW, HEBLSHOW, pp. 82, 90, the original name of MONS MICHAELIS, q.v. 


HARTLEPOOL, HARTYLPOLE, on the coast of Durham, 40 m. N. of Ripon 

HARTWITH, 4 m. W. of Ripley. Parcel of the manor of Brimham. I, 362. 



HASTAHOUS, HAYSTHAY, or HASHAY GRANGE, parcel of the manor of Brim- 
ham, I, 349. 

HAWKYSWYK, Hawkswick, on an affluent of the Wharf e, 9 m. N.E. of Settle. 


HEBDEN, on the Wharfe, 8 m. N.E. of Skipton. 

HECHED, HEK HED, a close of meadow in NUTWITH COTE, q.v., I, 325. See 

HEISTANG, p. 183; HESTANGE, p. 185. 

HELM, Helme, in the par. of BURNSALL, q.v., I, 255n. 

HEROGHOLM, high rough holm ? p. 186. 


HETON, (1) Kirkheaton, with Upper Heaton, near Huddersfield, Chart., 353; 
(2) Hetton, in the par. of Burnsall, I, 255n. 

HEWRA, p. 184; HEWRAY, p. 186. See HAURAPARKE. 

HEWYKE, Copt Hewick and Bridge Hewick are about H m. E. of Ripon. 


HOBE, Huby in Wharfedale, 1 m. S.W. of RIGTON, q.v. 

HOBRIDDING, p. 184. 

HOLME, 4 m. W of Thirsk. 

HOLME CULTRAM, HOLMCOLTRHAM, a Cistercian Abbey on the Waver, in 
Cumberland, 12 m. S.W. of Carlisle. 

HOLMHAWE, p. 183. 

HOLMHOUSE. Westholme House and Eastholme House were both on the 
Lofthouse Grange estate, I, 341, 342. See LOFTHOUSE. 

HOLMKNOTES, in Craven, p. 5 ; I, 256. 

HOLMUS, p. 236, probably HOLMHOUSE. 

HOLYNEYNG, p. 85, apparently at WAYNSFORTH, q.v. 

HOLY TRINITY, in York, the Benedictine Priory, a cell of Marmoutier in 

HORSEFARE IN RIPON, the place called the Horse Fail'. 

HORSLAY, p. 55. 

HORTON, on the Ribble, 5 m. N. of Settle. 

How, How Hill, Michael How, MONS MICHAELIS, q.v. 

HOWDON, p. 103, probably Howden in Yorkshire. 


HULL, Kingston upon Hull; the river Hull there falls into the Humber, about 

58 m. S.E. of Ripon. 
HUNDGATE, Hungate, 4 m. S.W. of Ripon. 


Hunslet, which adjoins Leeds on the south. 

HUNGIRHILL, p. 183. 

ILKELAY, Ilkley, on the Wharfe, 9 m. S.E. of Skipton. 

ILKETON, parcel of the manor of ALDBURGH (1), q.v.; I, 333. Now Ilton, 1\ m. 

S.W. of Masham. 
JNGERTHORPE, 4 m. S.S.W. of Ripon, I, 379. 

JUBURTGATE, Jubbergate in York. 




KELDKAB, pp. 186, 190, probably KELKABE, q.v. 


KELKABFLAT, p. 188. 

KESWICK, KESWYKE, on the Greta, in Cumberland, about 17 m. S. of Carlisle. 


KETTLE WELL,, KETYLWELL, 12 m. N. of Settle. 

KILNSEY, KYLNSAY, on the Wharfe, 9 m. N. of Skipton, I, 376. 

KIBKBYHALL, a place adjoining Little and Great Ouseburn. 

KIBKBY MALZEABD, or K. MALSHABT, 6 m. N.W. of Ripon. 

KIBKBYSHIBE, the district round Kirkby Malzeard. 

KIBKBYWYSKE, on the Wiske, 4 m. N.W. of Thirsk. 

KIBKHAM, the priory of Austin Canons on the Derwent, 5 m. S.W. of Mal J on. 


KIBK HAMMEBTON, KYBKHAMEBTON, on the Nidd, 9 m. N.W. of York. 

KIBKHEATON, 2 m. E. of Huddersfield. See HETON (1). 

KIBKLEES, a priory of Benedictine Nuns, on the Calder, 4 m. N.E. of Hudders- 


KIBKLINGTON, KYBTLYNGTON, about 7 m. N. of Ripon. 
KIBKSTALL, KYBKSTALL, CBISTALL, the Cistercian Abbey on the Aire, 3 m. 

N.W. of Leeds. 
KIBKSTEAD, the Cistercian Abbey on the Witham, in Lincolnshire, 1\ m. S.W. 

of Horncastle. 

KNABESBOBOUGH, KNABSBUBGH, on the Nidd, 8 m. S. of Ripon. 
KOWSYD, p. 54, see COWSIDE. 
KYBKSTELE, y e , pp. 184, 248, the church stile. It does not appear where it 

KY, see Ki. 

LANGEBHOUS, pp. 5, 23; I, 256, 378; about 1 m. S. of Bordley. See NEDYR- 


LANGEYNG, p. 21, in Arncliffe. 

LANGLANDES, p. 189. 



q.v., and Aldborongh (2). 
LAVEBTON, LAYBTON, LABTON, on the Laver, about a mile S. of Kirkby 


LAWND, LE, see Glossary. 
LAWBOGHOLM (low rough holm), p. 186. 
LEONARD, ST., hospital of, in York. 
LINCOLN, the city. 
LINNS, p. 64. 

LINTON, LYNTON, near the Wharfe, 7 m. N. of Skipton. 
LITILBEK, p. 184. 

LlTIHOLM HAW, p. 183. 


N.E. of Aldborough (2). 

LITTON, LYTTON, 9 m. N.E. of Settle, I, 374. 
LIVERSEDGE, LEUEBSEGE, 6 m. S.E. of Bradford, Yorks. 


LOFTHOUSE, (1) A grange in the manor of Bewerley, I, 334; (2) Lofthouse Hill 
near Knaresborough, CJiart., 458n. 


LONDON, the Metropolis. 


LONGLAY, LUNGLAY, pp. 4, 41, 82, next to Grantley. Lumley farm and 
Lumley Moss are about 1 m. N. of Grantley. 


LOWTHPABKE, the Cistercian Abbey of Parcus Ludce, adjacent to Louth in 


LUTSTEBTON, p. 172; perhaps LOUTEBSTAN, q.v. 
LYNCOLBABGH, p. 145; probably in KIBKBY WISKE, q.v. 

MALHAM, MALLAM, etc., in Craven, on the Aire near its source in Malham 

Tarn, 5 m. E. of Settle, I, 366. 

MALOUBHOUS, p. 100, associated with ALDFELD, q.v. 
MALWATEBHOUS, was at Malham Tarn, where the Abbey had the fishing, 

I, 369, 371. 

MABKINGTON, 5 m. S.W. of Ripon, I, 379. 
MABSTON, Long Marston, 6 m. W. of York. The grange is about 1 m. N.W. 

of the village. 

MABTON, Marton le Moor, 4 m. E. of Ripon. 
MASHAM, on the Yore, 8 m. N.W. of Ripon. 

MELMOBBY, Melmerby, (1) 3 m. N.E. of Ripon; (2) 3 m. S.W. of Middleham. 
MELSA, MELSA Y, the Cistercian Abbey of Meaux in Holderness, 3 m. E. of 


MEBGBAFE, p. 190; perhaps a man's name. 

MEBGBAFLATE, pp. 62, 183; MEBGABFLAT, pp. 183, 184; MEBGBISFLAT, p. 183. 

MlCHELLTOFTE, p. 20; MlCHELCBOFT, p. 64; at DlSHFOBTH, q.V. 

MIDDLEHAM, MIDLAM, MYDYLHAM, 2 m. S.E. of Leyburn; the ruined castle 

is adjacent. 
MIDLOW HOUSE, MYDLOWHOUS, in the manor of Malham and par. of Kirkby 

in Malhamdale. 


MILBY, MILDEBY, \ m. N.E. of Boroughbridge. 

Mi, see MY. 

MONKEYNG, pp. 9, 43, 87. 

MONKTON SUPEB MOBAM, Moor Monkton, on the Nidd, 6 m. N.W. of York. 

MONKTON, Nun Monkton, at the confluence of the Nidd and the Ouse, 7 m. 

N.W. of York. 
MONS JEBUSALEM, the commandery of the Hospitallers of St. John on the 

Mount, near Thirsk. 
MONS MICHAELIS, Mickle How, Michael How, How Hill, or Harleshow, 1 m. 

S. of the Abbey, I, 220n, well shown in woodcut at head of I, Preface. 
MOBDYKE, p. 55, at CHAPEL HOUSE, q.v. 
MOBENDES, pp. 22, 63. See MOUBENDBS. 
MOBHOUS, MOBEHOUSE, MOUBHOUS, Moorhouse, in BEWEBLEY, q.v., I, 344. 


MORIMUND, the once famous Cistercian Abbey, fourth daughter of Citeaux, 
situated in the diocese of Langres, in the modern department of Haut 

MORKAR, a grange close by the Abbey on the south, I, 316. 

MORPOTTE, p. 97, on the bounds of MELMERBY (1), q.v. 

MORTON, 3 m. N. of BINGLEY, q.v. 

MOSCROFTE, p. 190. 

MOSDALE, p. 63. 

MOSEYNG, p. 184. 

MOUSECROFT, a garden so called, p. 1 83. 
MYKYLGATE, Micklegate in York. 


NEDERHESYLDEN, Nether Hesleden, 5 m. N.W. of Kettlewell, I, 374. 

NEDYRBORDLAY, probably Boardley Hall, at the foot of an eminence on 

which is Boardley in Hetton, 3 m. E. of Malham, I, 376. 
NEUBY, (1) mentioned with Asenby, p. 3, so probably the adjoining hamlet 

of Newby on Swale, 6| m. N.E. of Ripon, I, 142, 284, 358; now Newby 

Park. (2) Newby Wiske, 4 m. S.W. of Northallerton, another early 

possession of the Abbey, II, 15. 
NEUHOUS, there was a Newhouse in Dacre, I, 355, and also in Bordeley 

Manor, 409. 

NEUSOM, Newsham, in the par. of Kirkby Wiske, 4 m. N.W. of Thirsk. 
NIDD, (1) the village and parish on the river Nidd, 6 m. S. of Ripon; (2) the 

river. See NIDDERDALE. 
NIDDERDALE, NYDERDALE, the valley of the Nidd, from its sources at and 

about Nidhead Spring at the feet of Great and Little Whernside, 

3 m. N.E. of Kettlewell, to its confluence with the Ouse at Nun Monkton. 


NORTHCOTE, 1 m. N. of Kilnsey, parcel of the manor of KILNSEY, q.v., and in 

the par. of BURNSALL, q.v., I, 329, 375. 

NORTHFELD, p. 188. 

NORTHFLAT, NORHTFLAT, p. 182; NORGTFLAT, pp. 183, 184. 

NORTHSTANLAY, North Stainley, 4 m. N.W. of Ripon. 
NORTHSTRET, North Street in York. 
NORTHWOD, p. 116. 

NORTHWRA, p. 184. 

NOVUM CASTRUM, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 

NOVTJM MONASTERIUM, the Cistercian Abbey of Newminster, near Morpeth, in 

Novus BURGUS, Newborough or Newburgh, a Priory of Austin Canons, 4 m. 

N.E. of Easingwold. 
NUTWITHCOTE, on the Yore, in the par. of Masharn, about 8 m. N.W. of 

Ripon, I, 323. 
NYD, see NIDD. 

OTLEY, on the Wharf e, 10 m. N. of Bradford. 


OTTRYNGTON, North, 3 m. S. of Northallerton, and South, 1 m. further 


OUERBORDLAY, probably Boardley in Hetton, I, 377. See NEDYRBORDLAY. 
OUERHESYLDEN, Upper Hesleden, a mile higher up the stream than Nether 

Hesleden. See NEDERHESYLDEN, I, 374. 
OUSE AND DERWENT, USA ET DERWENT, the wapentake in South Yorkshire 

named from the two rivers. 
OUSEBURN, LITTLE, WSBURN, p. 96; VSBURN PARUA, near the Ouse, 12 m. 

N.W. of York. 
OUSEGATE, in York. 
OWLCOTES, 1 m. N. of Arncliffe in Craven; ULCOTTES, I, 256. There was also 

ULECOTES, in Ripley, Chart., 966. 
OWSFLATE, pp. 186, 189. 
OXONIA, Oxford. 

PADLABRIG, Pateley Bridge, on the Nidd, llm. S.E. of Ripon. 


PATHOLM, p. 182. 

PENRETH, Penrith, on the Eamont, in Cumberland, 60 m. N.W. of Ripon. 


PETERGATE, in York. 

PICKHILL, PYCALL, PYGHALL, on the Swale, 6 m. W. of Thirsk. 

PIPE WELL, PYPWELL, the Cistercian Abbey, 5 m. N.W. of Kettering, in 

PONS, 175, 246. 


POTT, Hilton or Ilton cum Pott is 2 m. S.W. of Masham; for Pott graung see 

I, 329, 416. 

PRESTON, Long Preston, on the Ribble, 4 m. S.E. of Settle. 

QWENHOLM, QWYNHOLM, II, 15, named with COWTON, q.v., pp. 3, 41, 81. 

" Whinholm near Cowton," Chart., 565n. 
Qw, see WH. 

RAINTON, RAYINGTON, 4 m. N.E. of Ripon. 

RAKARR, p. 62; RAYKAR, p. 183. Perhaps connected with Rayeparke lees, 
I, 416, or Roe park leez, 322, in Bramley Grange. 

RALE, some place once famous for its mineral coal. We find mention " car- 
bonum voc. ralycole," in 1473, York Fab. Rolls, 81, and " in carbonibus 
de Rale," in 1485, Ripon Ch. Acts, 374. The place has been supposed 
to be Relly, 1 m. W. of Durham, but Leland says that most of the 
coal used about Richmond was " fetched from Rayle Pitts toward 
the Quartars of Akeland." Itin., viii, pt. 2, 18. 

RAVENSWATH, probably Ravensworth, 5 m. N.W. of Richmond, on Gilling 


REDCAR, at the mouth of the Tees, 7| m. N.E. of Middlesbrough. 

REIDWYLOWE, a fishery, so-called, p. 183. 

RIBSTONE, RYBSTEN, p. 47, a preceptory of the Knights Templars, which, 
after their suppression in 1312, passed to the Hospitallers. On the 
Nidd, 9 m. S. of Boroughbridge, I, 257n. 

RICHMOND, on the Swale, 16 m. S.W. of Darlington. 


RlEBIDDYNG, p. 189; RYBIDDING, p. 184. 

RIEVAULX, RIEVALLE, the Cistercian Abbey on the Rye, 2 m. N.W. of 


RIGTON, 6 m. N.E. of Otley. 

RIPLEY, RYPPLA, on the Nidd, 3 m. N.W. of Harrogate. 
RIPON, on the Skell, 3 m. N.E. of Fountains. 


ROCKINGHAM, on the Welland, in Northamptonshire. 


ROKYSBY, (1) Roxby cum Pickhill, near the Swale, 6 m.W. of Thirsk; (2) Roxby 
in Cleveland, 10 m. N.W. of Whitby. 

" RONWELL, lands formerly so-called between Sutton Howgrave and Kirk- 
lington," I, 255n. Probably a misreading of ROUWELL. See ROWELL. 

ROWELL, pp. 41, 57, 81, without any mark of contraction; ROUWELL, pp. 4, 
23, 83, 96. Three forms in Chart., 964, all with " n," misread for " u." 
Probably " Rothewell" originally. In 1330 a canon of Lincoln appears 
as " de Rothewell" and " de Rowell " in the same document. 

ROWGHOLM, p. 184; ROGHOLM, p. 186. 

RUGHCLOSE, in Malham Manor, I, 256, 368, 409. 

RY, see Ri. 



SANDBUTTES, p. 186; SENDBUTTES, p. 183. 

SANDHILKAB, p. 55; SANDILKEB, p. 188. 

SANDHUTON, Sand Hutton, 3 m. W. of Thirsk, not Sand Hutton, near Bossall, 

Chart., 624n. 
SANTON, comes next before Wheldrake, pp. 3, (41, 81), and in II, 13; there 

is Sancton in the Valor, I, 255; Saynton, pp. 21, 64. Probably Sancton, 

2^ m. S. of Market Weighton. A Santon is mentioned in Chart., 101, 

No. 50. 
SAWLEY, SALLAY, (1) Sawley, near Ripon, 4| m. S.W.; (2) Sawley in Craven, 

on the Ribble, where was a small Cistercian Abbey, II, 159-177, 4 m. 

N.E. of Clitheroe. Its lands adjoined lands of Fountains, p. 53. 
SCABNEUTON, ScABYDNEUTON, Newton upon Swale, in the par. of BUBNESTON. 

q.v., I, 255n. 

SCABBOBOUGH, ScABBUBGH, on the coast, about 50 m. E. of Fountains. 
SCABOW, SCAUBA, ScAWBAY, 1 m. N. of Ripley. 
SCABTHCOTE, p. 21; ScABTHCOiT, in Craven, I, 256, 377. 
SCATBUBGH, p. 41, a clerical error for SCABBUBGH, see p. 81. 

SCAYTHWAT, p. 22. 

SCHAW, named with places near Huddersfield, pp. 5, (42, 82), and II, 15. 


SCOBTON, 5| m. E. of Richmond. 

SCOTHOBPE, SCOTHBOP, on the Aire, 6 m. S.E. of Settle, I, 375. 

SCOTTON, 3 m. N.W. of Knaresborough. 

SCBOOBY, SCBUBE, If m. S. of Bawtry. 

SEAMEB, SEMAB, 3 m. S.W. of Scarborough. 

SEELLS, at Baldersby, p. 23; SELES, p. 182; SELS, p. 57. There is also a place 

called Low Arks or Sealez in Sykes Grange, I, 338. See SELES in Glossary. 
SEPULCBUM, the Holy Sepulchre at Jerusalem. 

SETTLE with GIGGLESWICK, on the Ribble, 15 m. N.W. of Skipton. 
SHIPTON, SCHYPTON, p. 96. There is a Shipton 2 m. N.W. of Market Weighton, 

and another 5| m. N.W. of York, but, perhaps^ Skipton is meant. 
SIGSWOBTH, SYXFOBD, near the Nidd, 2 m. N. of Pateley Bridge, I, 343. 


SIMFELD, p. 99, Symfeld is grouped with Galphay, etc., in the Annuce, firmce, p. 4 

SINDERBY, 8 m. S.W. of Northallerton. 

SINNINGTHWAITE, a Priory of Cistercian Nuns in the par. of Bilton, 5 m. 

N.E. of Wetherby. 
SKELBUSE, or SKEWUSE ? p. 55. 
SKELDERGATE, formerly in York. 

SKELFALL, p. 52, some place where they cut brushwood and made faggots. 
SKIPTON, (1) in Craven, about 9 m. N.W. of Keighley; (2) on the Swale, 6 m. 

N.E. of Ripon. The latter is named between Holme and Scabnewton, 

p. 4. SCHYPTON is one of the forms found in Chart., Index. See SHIPTON. 

Probably Skipton (2) is meant on p. 96. 
SKITBRIG, p. 194. 
SKRAGFALD, SKRAGFALD FLATT, probably Skragfald leez, in the manor of 

Brimham, I, 313. 

SLEGHT, "the Sleghts," in Litton in Craven, I, 311. 

SLENINGFORD, SLENYNGFORTH, 6 m. N.W. of Ripon, on or near the Yore. 
SLOTERGATE, in York, not hitherto identified. 
SMETHIHILL, p. 211. 

SOUTHFLAT, p. 183. 

SOUTHWELL, SUTHWELL, in Nottinghamshire, 6 rn. W. of Newark. 

So WERE Y, SOURBY, a suburb of THIRSK, q.v. 

SOWTHSTANLA, South Stainley, 5J m. S. of Ripon. 

SOWTHSTOW, p. 190. 

SPOFFORTH, SPOFORD, 3 m. N.W. of Wetherby, on a small affluent of the 



STAINBTJRN, STANBURN, 4 m. N.E. of Otley. 

STAINCLIFFE, STANCLIFFE, the Wapentake so named, in Craven. 

CROSTHWATE, q.v., also II, 15, and WATENLAND. 
STANGATE, STAINGATE, Stonegate, in York. 

STANGEFLATE, p. 183, perhaps by " the Stank," in Cayton Grange, I, 219. 
STAPILHOLM, p. 211. 

STOKESLEY, STOKSLAY, on the Leven, 9 m. S.E. of Stockton. 
STRANDES, p. 22, at CROSTHWAITE, q.v., perhaps on the margin of Bassen- 

thwaite Lake. 

STUDHYRD HALL, associated with FONTANSCALE, p. 6; I, 375. 
SUMERBRIG, p. 57, parcel of Dacre Grange, I, 315. 

SUTHSTLYN, p. 23. 


SUTTON, " Sutton juxta Ripon," I, 250. Sutton Grange is 2 m. N.W. of 

Ripon, I, 320. 

SWANLEY or SWANLAY GRANGE, on North side of Abbey Close, I, 317n. 


SWETTON, named with CARLESMOR, q.v. 

SWINTON, SWYNTON, near Masham, 8 m. N.W. of Ripon, I, 332. 





TANFELD, West Tanfield, on the Yore, 6 m. N.W. of Ripon. 


THACLAY, p. 50; in Aldburgh Grange, I, 328. 

THIKHEUED, p. 190; THIKHEDRAN, THIKHEUED RAYN, pp. 183, 248; some 
place connected with the Benedictine Priory of Thickhed, in the par. 
of Thorganby, a small nunnery. 

THIRSK, on the Cod beck, a tributary of the Swale, 22 m. N. of York. 

THYSTYLFLATE, p. 145, probably in KIRKBY WISKE, q.v. 

THORNBERGH, probably Thornborough with Upsall, a hamlet 2 m. N.E. of 
Thirsk. There is another hamlet of the same name 4 m. E. of Masham, 
which is said in Chart., 738n., to be probably the place in which the 
Abbey had land " in Hallikeld Wapentake," though the evidence in 
Chart., pp. 573, 738, seems to point rather to Thornborough with 
Upsall, in Birdforth Wapentake. 

THORNTONN, p. 190. We have no means of knowing which of the many 
Thorntons is here meant. 

THORNTON BRIG, on the Swale, 4 m. N.E. of Boroughbridge. 

THORNTON EPISCOPI, Bishop Thornton, 5 m. S.W. of Ripon. 

THORNTON SUPER MORAM, Thornton le Moor, 4 m. N. of Thirsk. 

THORPBYRNSALL, p. 109; THORP JUXTA BRYNSALL, II, 16, 56n, about 1 m. 
W. of Burnsall. 

THORPE, (1) Littlethorpe, 1 m. S.E. of Ripon, formerly a prebend; (2) near 
the Wharf e, 7 m. N. of Skipton; (3) Grewelthorpe, Chart., 960. 

THORPE WOD, p. 25. 

THORPUNDERWOOD, on the Ouse, 10 m. N.W. of York. 

THRESHFIELD, TRESCHFIELD, on the Wharfe, 8 m. N. of Skipton. 



TOFT^ATES, in Nidderdale, I, 337n, 350n. 

TOPCLIFFE, on the Swale, 4 m. S.W. of Thirsk. 

TOWTHORPE, on the Foss, 5 m. N. of York. 

TRANHOUSE, TARN HOUSE, by Malham Tarn, I, 369. 

TRANHOW HULL, I, 256, 369. 

TRECHERLAYN, formerly in York. " Trichour gayle " is referred to on 
Skaife's Plan of York, 1864, as on the west side of Fossgate. There 
are three other places with the same termination, gayle, perhaps the 
same as gavel, a partition of land. N.E.D., under Gavel, sb 3 . 


TRINITY, the Holy, the Benedictine Priory so dedicated in York. 

TROPE, TROPHOUSE GRAUNGE, I, 348n, parcel of the manor of Bewerley. 

TWATHOUSE, Thwaite House, in the manor of Bewerley and par. of Masham, 
I, 344, 347. 


UNCERBIE, p. 102. Perhaps UCKERBY, 4 m. E. of Richmond, where the 

Abbey had lands, Chart., 190-193; or else UNCLEBY, 6| m. N. of 



VALLIS DEI, the Cistercian Abbey of Vaudey, 1 m. N.W. of Edenham, in 

VESCY, tenura, in York. 
VSBURN, see Ouseburn. 
VYNERGARTH, p. 188. 



of Sawley, near Ripon, Chart., 618-20, etc. 

WALSHFORD, WALCHFORTH, on the Nidd, 3 m. N.E. of Wetherby. 
WALSWORTHBRIGE, Walshford Bridge. 

WARDERMASKE, WARDENMERSK, parcel of the manor of ALDBURGH, q.v., T, 334. 
WARGATE, p. 183. 

WARKWORTH, on the Coquet, 7 m. S.E. of Alnwick. 
WARLAND, p. 36, see Glossary. 

WARSILL, WARSALL, WARSHALL, about 3 m. S.W. of the Abbey, I, 54, 357. 
WARTRE, WARTYR, a Priory of Austin Canons, 5 m. E. of Pocklington. 
WATENLAND, named with STANGQWAT, q.v.; Wattendeland, in II, 15, in Aller- 


WATH, (1) 4 m. N. of Ripon; (2) in Nidderdale, 1 m. N.W. of Pateley Bridge. 
WATHDYC, WATHDYK, at Wath (Ij or (2). 
WATHMERMELBUSKE, p. 97, on the bounds of Melmerby. 
WELL, p. 107, 4 m. S. of Bedale. The hospital was founded in 1342. 
WESTHOLMHOUS, pp. 80, 136; I, 254, 341. See HOLMHOUS. 

WESTSYDHOUS, pp. 6, 253; I, 256, 370. In the manor of Malhani. 
WETHERBY, on the Wharf e, 12 m. N.E. of Leeds. 

WHELDRAKE, QWELDRIG, QHELDRYKE, on the Derwent, 7 m. S.E. of York. 
WHIXLEY, QWYXLAY, QWYXLA, 11 m. W. of York. 



WINSLEY, Wynslay, with HARTWITH, q.v., 4 m. W. of Ripley, I, 364. 

WOBTJRN, the Cistercian Abbey in Bedfordshire, 6 m. N.E. of Leighton 

Buzzard. A daughter house of Fountains. 
WODHOUS, named between Winksley and Galphay, p. 4. 
WOLRONWELL, p. 5, named among places near Huddersfield. 
WOMWELL, p. 21. Probably the name of a tenant. 
WRAGAT, WRAYGATE, pp. 184, 188. 
WRANGLAUSE, p. 188. 


WYMANBAR, p. 171. 

WYMBYLTON, Wombleton, in the par. of Kirkdale, 4 m. E. of Helmsley. 
WYNDBANKE, p. 12, etc. 
WYSTON, p. 21, misread for Evyston, p. 256. See EVESTON. 
WY, see Wi. 

Y ARM, Y ARUM, ^AROME, on the Tees, 4 m. S.W. of Stockton. 

YARNWYKE, JERNEWYK, Chart., 367, an extinct \ lace, formerly near KIRK- 

LINGTON, q.v., I, 255n. 
YOLE, p. 183. 
YORK, EBORACUM, usually EBOR., about 25 m. S.E. of Fountains. 

5, see Y. 


NOTE. An asterisk means that the word occurs at least twice in the same 
page. When " y " follows the initial letter, and sometimes when itself initial, 
it counts as " i " in the Index arrangement. The references given under 
some words may not be exhaustive, in some few cases. 

Abbot, allowance to, 12, 47, 90; alms 
of, 17, 18, 60, 62, 109; almuce for, 
85; andirons for, 206; axe for, 51; 
baptisms by, 102, 110; barn of, 192; 
beads, pair of, for, 50; bedclothes 
for, 85; at Bewerley, 143; birds 
brought to, 18, 49; black cloth for, 
85; black fur for, 85; black ribbon 
for, 49; black silk for, 50; book for, 
25; boots for, 51; bread for, 190; 
at Brimham, 141, with 8 brethren, 
159; bucasy for, 53; budge-skins 
for, 49*; business of, 26, 27, 28, 29, 
31, 72*, 73*, 74; caligse for, 50; 
calves for kitchen of, 241; camera 
of, 49, 50, 51, 67, 85, 205, 206, 
252, oil for, 46, page boy of, 75; 
carriages of, 321; chamberlains 
de camera or de cameris Abbatis, 
75, 252; changing name of, 17; 
at a Convocation, 106; has copy of 
an account, 157*; copy relating to, 
65; cotum for, 67; counsel with, 52; 
cousin of, 32; returning from Cra- 
ven, 151; curing of, 50; debts due 
to, 233; debts of, 130, 131; debts 
paid by, 33*; debt paid to, 34; 
deerskin boots for, 51; drink car- 
ried for, 67; expenses of, 14, see Ex- 
pensse; faggots for kitchen of, 211; 
figs for, 50; fish sent to, 144; fresh 
fish for, 89, 143; meets Abbot of 
Furness at Gargrave, 143; garden 
of, 56; gentlemen of, 250, 252*; 
gratuities to carpenter from, 199; 
guided through wood, 102; at Harl- 
sey, 102; hens for, 50; horse of, 
curing of, 50; horses of, 48, 50, 161; 
household linen for, 85; key for, 
51; kitchen of, 49, 119, 121, 135*, 
137, 149, 152*, 157, 202, 220, 236*; 
kitchen men of, de coquina abbatis, 
251, 252; at Knaresborough, 142; 
knives for, 52; letters for, 60*, 156; 

letters of, 153*; linen for, 16, 50, 52, 
53, for promptuarium of, 68; li- 
quorice for, 67; going to London, 
127, 240; medicines for, 45, 48, 50*, 
51, 52, 89; minstrels engaged by, 61 ; 
myrtle (?) for, 49; receives 6s. 8d. 
on St. Thomas's Day, 158; at Mid- 
dleham, 107, 108; money delivered 
to, 115; nails for, 51; name of, 
changing, 17; oats for, 161; order 
by, 165; oysters for, 25; page boy 
of camera, 75; pantry boy of, 75; 
pantry man of, 75; parchment for, 
50; parchment and paper for, 105; 
partridges for, 14, 49; at Pateley 
Bridge, 143, 151; payment by, 143; 
payments through, 76*; pears for, 
67; presents made by, 124; purse 
for, 50; quails for, 49; riddle-card 
for, 67; at Ripon, 102; scapular of, 
50, 53; sea fish for, 144; seal fish 
for, 143; shaving cloth for, 52*; 
shoes for, 52; sprottes for, 89; sta- 
ble of, 46*, 55, 133, 192, 215; stable- 
boy of, 75; stable-man of, 32, 75, 
251*; staff of, 67; store room of, 
51*, 53, 119, 205; thread for, 50; 
tunic for, 52; unguents for, 52; 
urinals for, 50 ; venison brought to, 
61 ; waggoners of, 75*,221*; walnuts 
for, 51 ; wax for, 89; white cloth for, 
85; white thread for, 67; wine for, 
67; wine, new, for, 45; sweet wine 
for, 88, 105; sweet wine, figs, and 
raisins for, 111; woollen cloth for, 

Abbot, Chr., 7; Will., 10, 32, 75, 89, 
104, 106, 108*, 110, 129, 134, 135, 
137, 138, 146, 151*, 152, 153, 154*, 
156, 157, 170, 175, 197*, 201, 
224*, 225, 227, 233, 236*, 241*, 
son of, 110 

Abbotte, opilio, 250 

Abbotwath, 151 



Aberford, 26 

Abraham, Will, 124, 155, 238, 241, 
242*, 243 

Abram, Will., 2, 10, 88 

Absolution of the deceased, 79*, 102, 
105, 130*, 203, 224 

" A.C." branded on white mare, 102 

Acaster, 3, 23, 65, 68 

Acclam, Aclam, Aclom, or Aclum, 
Joh., 22, 34, 45, 70, 183 

Acclom, Rad., 190, 248 

Account book, writing of, 19 

Accounts, feet of, see Pedes; making 
up, 26 

Acquittance, 52 

Adam stultus, 19 

Adamson, Joh., 54 

Adylborn', Joh., 114 

Aelred, St., oblations to, 79; relic of, 
40, 40n 

Agistment, 9, 87, 102, 108, 133*, 227*, 
231, 244, 246*, 247 

Agreements, 65*, 66*, 67* 

Ainderby, Anderby, Aynderby, Ayn- 
dyrby, 3, 4, 12, 13, 14, 17, 21, 24, 
36, 41, 47, 56, 63, 77, 78*, 81*, 
83, 95, 100*, 102, 107*, 135, 146*, 
154*, 155, 177, 181, 190, 249; 
prsepos. de, 37*; tenent. de, 38 

Ainley, see Awnlay 

Alan or Alen, Henr., 14, 18; Ja., 62; 
Rob., 118,202,239 

Alanby, Tho., 119 

Alanson, Rob., 121; Th., 138; Will., 

Albas, dominica post, 126 

Album ferrum, 52 

Albus (pannus), 13, 101 

Aldburgh, 1, 2*, 4, 31, 33, 40, 41, 55, 
58, 67*, 70*, 74*, 79, 80, 81, 95, 102, 
109, 115, 116, 132, 133, 136, 169, 
180, 182*; Court of, 107*, 156, 168; 
mill at, 4; tithes of, 67; vicar of, 
170*; wood of, 57 

Aldburgh, near Boroughbridge, 97 

Aldburgh, 63; Ric., 18, 19, 26, 76, 
sister of, 129; Will., 112 

Aldcorn, Joh., 234 

Aldfeld, 1, 4, 9, 12*, 33*, 34, 36, 39, 
40, 42, 47*, 57, 58, 77, 79, 82, 87, 
90*, 95, 96, 97*, 99*, 100*, 102, 125, 
126, 127, 195*, 199, 202*, 203*, 205, 
206, 208, 209, 212, 216*, 217, 224; 
court of, 109, 209, 211, 222; mill 
at, 4, 21, 65, 211; tithes of, 162 
Aldfeld and Morkar, Court of, 226 
Aldfeldnorthous, 7, 82, 216, 226 

" Aldfell," 12 

Aldfield Banks, 21, 48, 65, 138, 211 

Aldwarke, 4, 21, 64, 70, 95 

Ale, allowance of, 219; sold, 2, 80 

Alen, see Alan 

Alison (Will. Johnson), 152, 234 

Alkokriddynge, 186 

All Souls' Day, alms on, 129 

Allecia et pisces, 11, 46, 89; see also 

Allerdale, 3, 17, 29, 41, 60, 81, 95, 103, 

108, 109, 119, 120, 121, 133*, 138, 

143, 147, 148, 150, 153, 154, 156, 

158, 168, 194, 197, 200, 203, 204, 

206, 210, 211, 212*, 214*, 215, 218, 

221, 223, 224, 226, 231, 233, 237*; 

tithe cattle of, 180 
Allocaciones et defalcaciones, 19-23, 


Allowances to Officials, 90 
Almanea, monk of, 59 
Almonds, 45 
Almoth, Rob., 189 
Alms at the gate (cattle), 129*; see 

also Bulls, Cows 
Almuce (amictus), F5 
Alphabet, part of, 253 
Altar-bread, 144 
Altus campus, 99 
Aluerton, 30, 156, 234 
Amerciaments (sometimes described 

as Curice, or as perdita in Curiis), 

33, 65, 66, 67, 158, 200, 201, 204, 

208, 209, 211, 213, 216, 218, 222, 

226*, 231* 

Amy, Rob., 189, 247; Will., 190 
Andirons, 206 
Andross, Ra., 195 
Andrews, 106; Rob., 239 
Androwson, Ra., 85, 154, 196, 213, 

214; Will., 109; Ra., 38 
Anne, St., chest of, 56; crown of, 56; 

head of, 40, 40n; oblations at head 

of, 79 

Annuse firmse, 3-6, 41, 42, 81 
Apilton, W., 26, 34 
Apostate, 13 
Applegarth, Apilgarth, 2, 80, 88*, 

165n, 224, 232 237; see also 


Apples brought, 61 
Appletreewick, Apiltrewyke, 5, 42, 

82; timber for mill at, 106 
Apprentice, 218 
Archbald, Ric., monachus, 108 
Archbishop, Curia of, 111*; presents 



of cattle at installation of, 127, 
and notes, 128 

Arkynden, 37, 38, 76, 77 

Armorer, Tho., 10*, 45, 46, 76 

Arnclyfe, 5, 7, 12, 21, 29, 57, 69, 82, 
87, 95, 125, 155*, 235, 238*, 242, 
243; church of, 7; lordship of, 47, 
90; vicar of, 14, 153* 

Arnclyfcote, 2, 5, 7, 10, 42, 80, 82*, 
88*, 106, 225, 238, 241, 242, 243, 
249*; tithe of, 14 

Arnford, Arnsford, 5, 6, 7, 42, 82*, 
95, 243 

Arreragia firm arum, 6 

Arrest, 13 

Arsura Stirccett, 9* 

Arthyngton, Joh., wife of, 147; good 
wife, 148; widow, 151 

Arton, Th., 250 

Arundale, 59 

Ascension Day, 70, 71 

Aschbrige, Joh., 122 

Asenby, see Astenby 

Aserlaw, Aserlay, 4, 95 

Aske, Ric., 17, 32, 62, 74 

Askwith de Burton, 140 

Askwith, Joh., 37, 38, 55, 76, 116, 132, 
136, 168, 180, 248, of Burton, near 
Masham, 156, 157; Rob., 80; Th., 
53, 132, 180; Will., 2*, 9, 13, 14, 29, 
32, 34, 35, 41, 48, 51, 53, 55, 73, 75, 
80, 84, 87, 116, 118, 121, 132*, 134, 
136, 137, 140, 176, 180*, 221, 228, 

242, 248, cator, 35, of Burton, near 
Masham, 154, of Calfalhouse, 135, 
150, 214, of Pott, 136*, 150*, 154*, 
180*, Joh., son of, 157 

Asmonderby, Court at, 105 
Assercior', 52 

Asseres, 57; making of, 84 
Assizes, 112*, 150, 153, 154 
Astenby, Astynby, 3, 8, 9, 43, 87 
Atkinson, 6, 132; Henr., 116, 180*; 
Joh., 6*, 34, 35, 53, 57, 121, 
122, 123, 179, 194, 227, 233, 234, 

243, mother of, 233, relict of, 120, 
122, wife of, 179, de Keswyke, 120, 
122, 123, de Watenland, 122; 
Patan or Paton, 175, 197, 216, 
laborer, 250; Patr., 106, 107; Ric., 
114, 168; Rob., 3, 8, 53, 54, 124, 
181, 192, 222*, 227, 234*, 237, 242, 
jun., 86, 91; Th., 2, 6, 21, 63, 65, 
84, 86, 122, 124, 180, 191*, 207, 
233, 234, 237, 242, 244, 245, de 
Watenland, 120*, 123; Will., 2, 10* 

Attorneys, 17 

Auckland, West, bailiff of, 49 
Aukland, Joh., 100, 197, 205, 209, 

211, 253, 254*; Rob., 61, monachus, 

Audiendi et determinandi tempus, 


Aumbry repaired, 15 
Aunerriddynge, 186 
Austin and other friars, 60, 61 
Autumn (harvest), gloves for, 233; 

wages in, 164* 
Autumpnales expensae, 7, 8*, 34, 42*, 

82, 83; see also Harvest 
A venae emptae, 38, 78 
Averia conventus, 95; firmarum, 95 
Awnlay, 5, 82 
Axe, 51* 

Aynsty, Court of, 24, 26 
Ayr, Th., 175 
Ayrton, Joh., 192, 227; Th., 20, 44, 

51, 80, 88*, 139, 153, 160, 174*, 226 
Azerley, see Aserlay 

B., 245*, 245w 

Bachous, Joh., 24 

Badyrsby, Th., 66 

Bailiffs, 59*, 60, 61; fee to, 17; office 
of (praepositura), 62*, 63 

Bakehouse, 34, 54, 201, 202, 214, 229* 
232, 233 

Baker's cart, 48, 111, 206, 214 

Bakers, de pistrino, 251, 252 

Baldersby, Balderby, 1, 3*, 4, 9, 10, 
11, 13, 14, 15, 19, 23, 26-31, 35, 40, 
48, 49, 51, 52, 58*, 62, 63, 64, 68*, 
73*, 74*, 77, 78*, 79*, 81, 83, 84*, 
85, 87, 95, 112-116, 125*, 127, 129, 
134, 142*, 143, 145*, 147, 150, 152, 
154, 156, 158, 160, 178, 181*, 190, 
194, 198, 210, 212, 215, 234, 235*, 
236, 238*, 239; Closes at, 4; Curia 
of, 146; custos ib'm, 43, 87; Ex- 
tracta Curias at, 244; linen for 
tenants of, 53; the lord's hall at, 
116; manor of, 48, 51, 84; master 
at, 238*; nails for repairs at, 45; 
praepos. de, 38*; shoeing at, 45; 
stable at, 84; tenent. de, 37, 127 ; 
see also Seels 

Balderby, Joh., 56 

Baled, 241 

Baler, 147, 155 

Balz, de, 250 

Balz, le, 151 

Bands for biga, 52 

Banke, Ric., 13*, 14, 25*, 30, 144*, 



145, 151; days to be had with, 68*, 
142; detains rent, 64; proclamation 
concerning, 66 ; see also Materia 

Banyster, Will., 129, 165, 168, 197; 
waynman, 250 

Baptism, 52, 102, 110 

Barber, 251 

Barber or Barbour or Barbor, Joh., 
179; Th., 20, 54, 65, 68, 69, 90 

Barbitonsor, linen for, 16 

Barkar, Rob., 62, 183 

Barkhous, Joh., Ill, 129, 205, 216, 
237, laborer, 250; Ric., 32, 75, 111, 
128, 134, 166, 167, 175, 199, 241*, 
forester, 250 

Barley, 37, 77, 96, 100*, 101*, 113*, 
114, 115, 118, 161, 162, 165, 166, 
172*, 181, 183, 193, 195, 196, 197*, 
198, 199, 200, 204, 207, 210, 212*, 
213, 214, 219, 221, 222, 231, 233, 
234, 238*, 239*, 254; bought, 37, 77 

Barley straw, 167 

Barn (orrium), 84*, 86, 102; doors of, 
repaired, 114; new, making, 162*; 
walling of, 182 

Barrel, of leather, 58; of oil, 89 

Barrels, of tar, 89; small, for oil, 25, 
49, 67 

Baskets (sportse), 9 

Batell (provision), 102 

Bates, Battes, Baytes, 168, relic- 
ta, 86; Kath., 41, 53, 80; Rob., 
6, 35, 116, 132, 137, 168, 172, 176, 
177, 180, 236, relicta, 46 

Batman, Th., 6, 50, 51, 52, 67, 125, 
156, 168 

Batty, Will., 186 

Bayn, goodwife, 142; Joh., relict of, 
126*; Will., 127 

Beads, pair of, 50 

Beamsley, 26, 245n 

Beaumont, dns. de, 52, 59, 60, 62 

Beckford or Bekforth, Th., 130, 134 

Becwyth or Bekwith, Ric., 3, 45, 55, 
57, 58*, 80*, 81, 115, 131, 132, 136, 
168; Rob., 64, 67, 73, 74, 76, 146, 
201; Tho., 24, 27*, 31, 61, 67, 73, 
74, 76, 104, 109, 159, son of, 61 

Bedale, 148 

Bedale, Joh., 14, 48, 76 

Beef, 50; for workmen, 84 

Beel, Ric., 60 

Been, Joh., 33, 36, 50, 65, 76 

Beencroft, 41 

Beer bought, 52 

Beer, Joh., 17, 61; Rob., 18 

Bees, tithes of, 79 

Bees, St., 60n 

Beke, le, 184 

Bekdyek, 183 

Beleby, Th., 147 

Belford or Bellford, materia de, 24 

Belforth, Th., 74, 108*, 119, 134, 138, 

181; Will., 77 

Bell, continuatio penes, 143 
Bell, Hog., 176; Tho., 19, 63, 83, 100*, 

101*; W., 178 
Bellalanda, see Byland 
Bellclapper, 171 
Bellows, 206 
Bellstring, 24n 
Belton, Joh., 45, ux., 14 
Bemslay, see Beamsley 
Bemund, see Beaumont 
Bencrofte, 3 
Benglay, see Bingley 
Benson, 180 

Benson, Joh., 36, 51, 162, 217*, wayn- 
man, 250; Ric., 6, 218, 253; Rob., 

3, 9, 80, 105, 126, 136, 137, 176, 

201, 226, 237, 245, de Rotaria, 250; 

Th., 41, 80, 116, 137, 180, 246 
Bergh, Rob., 172 
Bestan or Bestayn, Will., 18, 44, 54, 

55*, 56, 62, 165 
Bethom, dns., Edw., 17 
Betrinding, 185 
Betsonclose, 189, 190 
Betsonfeld, 184, 185*, 186 
Bettes, Joh., 60, 104*, 110, 201, 212; 

Ric., 219, plumbar, 250; Th., 57 
Beuerlay (Bewerley), 1, 2, 5, 30, 40, 

79, 82, 95, 109, 126, 219; Curia de, 

115, 116 

Beverley, minstrels of, 59 
Beyn, 62; Joh., 199, 229, de ffabrili, 

250; Ric., 186, 247, 248 
Bi and By under Bi 
Bier, 67 

Biga communitatis, 67 ; conventus, 52 
Bigse communes, 213 
Bigis carr., 58 

Billa citatoria, 49; supplicatoria, 13 
Bills, writing of, 49 
Billyngton, 170, 222, 224; Th., 34, 

194, 201, 222-225, 227 
Bingley or Benglay, 31 
Byrched, Rob., 6 
Byrcohous, 41, 82 
Byrd, dns. Rad., 171, 244 
Byrdford, Curia de, 112 
Byrdlyngton, Tho., f rater, 61 
Birds, 51; against Lent, 48; for the 

Abbot, 49 



Byrdsall, 182 

Byrkbanke, 86 

Byrkcar or Byrkar, 83, 232 

Byrkeby, 30 

Byrkhed, Rob., 120, 122*, 123, 179*, 

Byrk .ow or Byrkow, 4, 95 

Byrnand, Job., gen., 140, 159 

Byrnholm, Th., 122 

Byrnyston, Job., 24 

Byrswod, Rob., 22 

Byrswyke, Rob., 64 

Byrteby, 111 

Byrtteby, d'ns Job., 143; Th., 110, 

Birtwat or Byrthwate, 5, 64, 82 

Birtwat, Ric., 56* 

Bychope, Job., 46, 48, 55, 66, 86, 89, 
90; Ric., 72; see also Bysshope 

Bysch, Job., 154 

Bysshope, Job., 102, 103, wife of, 
147; see also Bychope 

Bychopsyd, 40, 79 

Bishop Thornton, see Thornton epis- 

Byspham, Will., 112 

Blabery crofte, 19, 63, 144* 

Blacamour or Blakmour, Agn., 54, 

Blacewfe, Steph., 35 

Blackbank, Blacbanc, Blakbanke, 
Blankbanke, 22, 83; Rob., 90, 172, 

Black fur, 85; see under Abbot for 

Blacksmiths, 250, 251, 252* 

Blacwell or Blakwell, Ric., 135, 145, 
147*, 177; Rob., 155, 190 

Bladum emptum, 36, 40, 77; vendi- 
tum, 40, 79 

Blafrunt, Th., 20 

Blakey, Galf., 131* 

Bland, 107. 145, 232; goodwife, 167; 
Pet., 162; R., 121, 139, 175*; Rob., 
28*, 30, 31, 32, 58, 71, 72*, 75, 102, 
103, 104, 105*, 111, 120, 121, 123, 
123n, 124, 128, 138, 142, 143*, 
147*-150, 152*, 154, 158, 159, 165, 
166*, 167*, 169, 173, 178, 208, 211, 
226, 228*, 229, 232, 233*, 241, 
servus, 250, son of, 105; Rog., 168, 
170, 197, 199, 202*, 203, 205, 212, 
218, 221, laborer, 250; Will., 57, 
153, 241 

Blankets, pair of, 85 

Blasels, Steph., 76, 108*, 119, 130, 

Blatoncar, 3, 23, 41, 81 

Blawfront, 53 

Blawncherd, Ric., 188, 248 

Blenkynsope, 33; Job., 45 

Blenkowe, Will., 212 

Blesdale, 167; Alic., 164; Jenk., 164, 
167, 169, 170, 175; Job., 169, tas- 
cator, 250 

Blind minstrel, 59 

Board (mensa) of carpenters and saw- 
yers, 85, 213; herdsmen, 88*; 
horsekeepers, 15*; sawyers, 50, 171; 
of servants, 48*, 216 

Boards, 178; sawing of, 171 

Boars bought, 11, 46 

Bocher, 167 

Boges, pair of, 109 

Bolforth, Th., 32 

Bolland, Job., 36, 121, 129, 130, 161, 
210, 246; communis scissor, 250; 
Will., 34, 36 

Bollerschaw, 40, 79, 95, 117, 125, 126 

Boltby, 100 

Bolting cloth, 143 

Bolton, 109; Prior of, 106 

Bolton, Emmota, 41, 48, 80, 176, 180, 
235, 236, 245; J., relict of, 11; Ric., 
36, 56, 76, 97, 139*, 159, 196, 213, 
246*, carpenter, 250, relict of, 116, 
132, 137; W., 135*, 176; W., of 
Bourthwate, 177; W., of Holm- 
hous, 176, 177; Will., 2, 20, 41, 80, 
83, 84*, 109, 115*,126*, 130*, 132*, 
135*, 137*, 180*, 252 

Bonby ?, 125 

Bonison, Job., 191 

Book for Abbot, 25; little, of Bursar, 
192, 195, 198, 199, 200, 202*, 203, 

208, 209, 210*, 212, 217, 218*, 219*, 
220*, 221*, 224; another little, of 
Bursar, 215, 218; of Bursar's ser- 
vants, 216, little, of Bursar's ser- 
vants, 203; communitatis,15; large, 
of Job., Esby, 223, another, of Job. 
Esby, 210; little, 67; little, of Tho. 
Neusom, 215; of Rob. Sandall, 12; 
of Th. Swynton, penes servos, 95, 
propter servos, 253; long, of Th. 
Swynton de computis famulorum, 

209, another, 204 
Bookbinding, 56 

Books, of Bursar, 177, 199*, 201, 226, 
245; of Th. Neusom, 209; repaired, 

Boon, Agn., 10, 11*, 46, 76, 88, 89; 
goodwife, 11; Job., 10, 21, wife of, 
11*, 22, 35, 45, 46*, 52, 63, 89* 



Booth, abp. Will, 127n, 128 

Boots, 14*, 15, 48, 51, 59, 108, 206*, 

207*, 208, 212*, 215*, 217, 220, 256; 

as wage, 104; mending, 110, 152, 

153, 158, 215 
Bor' campus, 167 
Bordlay, 6, 15, 57, 62, 193, 238 
Borodale, Joh., 6 
Boroughbridge, Burghbrig, Burbryg, 

Pontiburgus, Pons burgi, 13, 17, 

31, 58, 67, 139, 157, 159, 175*, 195, 

196, 197, 246 ?; bailiff of, 17; Court 

at, 29, 148 
Borrowdale, Bomdale, 29, 33, 54, 84, 

179; monks from, 59, 59n, 69 
Borrowing money, 150 
Bosch, 183 
Bost. Balderby, 113 
Bostan, Joh., 18, 73 
Bosti custodia, 44 
Boston or Bostan (St. BDtulfus), 3, 

23, 24*, 29, 33, 47, 53, 63, 65, 73, 

83, 90, 95; forester of, 75; mill at, 

84; minstrel of, 18; tenements at, 84 
Bothe, Chr., 76 
Botulfus, St. (Boston), 3 
Bou' quondam Bosch, 183 
Bou' terrae quondam Busschels, 183* 
Bouby ?, I25n 

Bourges, St. William of, 227n 
Bourthwate or Bowrthwaite, 5, 42, 

55, 80, 83, 95, 110, 115, 118, 126*, 

130*, 132, 135*, 136, 177, 180, 213* 
Bovata, 184*; see also Bou' 
Bovetti, care of, 9, 44* 
Bow, 206; one given by Abbot, 23 
Bowes or Bows, 29*, 142 
Bowges, 25 
Bowls (scafae), 48 
Boy Bishop of Ripon, 18, 59; of York, 

60, 61 

Boyn, goodwife, 162 
Brade, Ric., 189 
Bradforth, 70 
Bradlay, 2, 5, 26, 27*, 40, 42, 70, 95; 

Prior of, 148*; Wood of, 53 
Bradsty Wood, 55 ; see also Brasty wod 
Braithwaite, Brathwat, Bratwate, 

Bradwat, 4, 41, 95 
Bramcrofte, 186 
Bramhow, Rob., 52 
Bramlay, 4, 70, 80, 95, 132, 136, 148, 

169, 176, 180 

Brampton, Joh., 171, 244* 
Bramton or Brampton, 5, 38, 95 
Brancroft or Brandcrofte, 183, 188, 


Brand, Will., 17 

Branding of cattle, 243; of stirketts, 
87*, 106, 132*, 133, 143, 151 

Brangerhous, 41, 80, 83, 95, 116, 137, 
173, 180 

Brasinagii or Brasinii magna olla, 
48, 256 

Brastywod, 249; see. also Bradsty 

Brath, Henr., 124 

Brathwate, Joh., 76; Kath., 123; 
Ric., 54, 62, 84, 240, 250* 

Bread bought, 49; drink, and food, 
219; and drink at York, 190; 
human and horse, 112 

Breakfast (gentaculum) at York, 190 

Breakfasts (jantacula), 13 

Brerton, Joh., 34; Th., 8S 

Breve in Cancellaria, 13; de certiorari, 
1 3 ; pro deliberacione de prisona, 1 3 

Brevia supplicataria, 13*; several, 13, 
27, 65-67, 108* 

Breviator, 50*, 59 

Brewer, 254 

Brewhouse, 221, 240; office of, 219*, 
221*; site for, 142 

Bridge, allowance for placing, 20 

Bridle, repair of, 13 

Bridles, 49, 51 

Bridlington, 108, 110 

Briefs, see Brevia 

Brigbankes, 84, 86 

Brighous, 2, 80, 95, 105, 136, 137. 226 

Brimham, Brymbem, Brimbem, ] . 2*, 
3, 7, 9, 25*, 27, 28*, 30, 31, 33, 40, 
41, 42, 44, 52*, 53, 55*, 56, 57, 68*, 
70, 73*, 74, 75, 79, 80*, 81, 87, 88, 
95, 104, 106, 111, 112, 116, 119*, 
125*, 132, 137, 141, 149, 163, 164, 
173, 174*, 180, 193, 198*, 199, 200, 
206, 213*, 214*, 216, 222, 225*, 
228, 238, 245, 249, 250*, 252*; 
carrying of drink to, 67; custos de, 
8, 42, 83; films custodis ib'm, 83; 
provision for the abbot there, 141 

Broghton, Joh., 153*; Tho., 19, 27, 
32, 74 

Broon, see Brown 

Brothirton, 3, 23, 41, 81 

Brown or Broon, Joh., 2*, 10, 19, 35, 
44, 54, 63, 78, 80, 81, 88, 129, 134, 
139, 160, 181, 227, 239, sons of, 10; 
Rob., 75, 96, 97, 127, 197, 221, 228, 
de porcaria, 221, 250, in porcario. 
32; Th., 6, 171, 172, 177, 178; Will., 
2, 10*, 11, 19, 32, 44*, 63, 75, 121, 
124, 129*, 139, 155, 157, 160, 162, 
175, 190, 223, 224, 225, 227, 228, 



229*, 232, 233, 236*, 239, opilio, 

Brownflete, 129 

Brushwood, 52 

Bryge, Will., 124 

Bryndholm, Jenk., 234, son of, 234; 
Th., 120, 120n, 124 

Buc, see Buke 

Buchell, Th., 20, 62* 

Bucket ? (hausorium), 49 

Budge, 49* 

Bug or Bugge, Th., 185 

Buger, Th., 84 

Buke, Henr., 209, 214, 218, 223; Joh., 
20, 63, 83, 125, 217, 238; Nich., 
151*, 158, 159, 162, 163; Th., 54, 
83, 125, 202*, 214, 222, 238; Will., 
20, 83, 160 

Bull stirketts, 137, 176 

Bull, Th., 124 

Bullock, died in driving, 129 

Bullocks, 120*-128*, 130*, 134, 136, 
138*, 139*, 140, 154, 159, 160*, 
169, 176, 177, 179, 205, 206, 207, 
212, 215, 222, 236, 238, 246, 248*, 

252, 253, 254*; care of, 44*; in 
summer, 9; pro concordia, 139 

Bulls (papal), examinations of, 17, 
155; redemption of, 17 

Bulls (tauri), 120*, 121*, 122, 124, 
125, 126, 127*, 129, 130*, 134, 135, 
139, 140, 159, 168, 169, 173, 176, 
177*, 179, 205, 235, 236, 242*, 253, 
254*; given in alms at the gate, 

253, 254*; in alms, 124, 125 
Bultyngclose, 49 
Burdonriddynge, 188 

Burgh under Stainmoor, 154 

Burgh, Ric., 19, 158; Th.. 121, 223 

Burghbrig, see Boroughbridge 

Burial of carpenter, 219 

Bur lay, 148 

Burlay, Will., 34, 53, 83 

Burn, Rob., 62, 190, 247 

Burneston or Byrnyston, vicar of, 

107, 108 

Burnett, 167; Joh., 35*, 138, 147 
Burning iron of St. Wilfrid, 103 
Burnsall, Brynsall, or Bornsall, 5, 21, 
95, 104, 245n; church of, 7; rectors 
of, 153* 

Bursar, 27, 28*, 29*, 30, 33*, 69*, 
70*, 71*, 72*, 74*, 76, 89; felt hat 
for, 49; payment by, at door of 
bed, 104, at door of cellarium, 107; 
servant of de Bursar i a, famulus 
Bursarii, 32, 251, 252; tunic for, 49 

Bursary, office of, 219; servant in, 32, 

75, 251 

Burthwate, Ric., 69 
Burton, 31, 34, 37, 38, 40, 58*, 77*, 

79*, 140, 167, 170; vicar of, 79 
Burton, Joan, 36, 129, 147; Joh., 13, 

32, 33, 36, 51, 74, 85*, 119*, 164, 

218,pincerna, 250; Will., Ill*, 112, 

223, gen., 119, 250, jun., 160 
Burton Leonard, 9, 37, 39, 43, 87, 134, 

165, 166, 174 

Burton, near Masham, 156, 168 
Business affairs, 69*; see also Exp. 

Busschels, 183* 
Busshell, Th., 185, 248 
Bute, Th., 84 
Buth, Chr., 11, 46, 89 
Butler, pincerna, 250 
Butter, 80, 116, 133, 244; allowance 

for, 62, 63; tax, 40, 115*, 116 
Buttes, 183*, 188 
Byland, 59, 155 
Byrkheued, Rob., 233; other " By " 

words under Bi 

C, see K 

Cabbage and plants, 52 

Cakar, Joh., 36, 121, 229; de coquina 
abbatis, 251 

Calach, pairs of, 202* 

Calder, 60n 

Caldstanfald, 5, 95 

Caldwell, 7 

Calfalhous, 2, 5, 34, 35, 41, 83, 84, 95, 
118, 126, 132, 134, 135, 137, 150, 
172, 176, 180, 213*, 214, 221 

Calf herd, Will., 158 

Calf lost, 180 

Calfskin, 219 

Caligse, 15, 50 

Calton, 5, 21, 65, 95 

Calton, Em., 172; Rob., 101, 222, de 
Porcaria, 251; Th., 24 

Calvard, Will., 24 

Calves, 120*-124*, 126, 127, 129, 135, 
136*, 138*, 139, 140, 200, 235, 236, 
237*; for Abbot's kitchen, 241 

Camera built at Kilnsay, 28 

Cammyll, 135 

Cancellarius, dns., 27 

Candelabrum, 25 

Candles ?, 190n; for hospice, 112 

Canterbury, " bishop " of, 60 

Cantor, 33, 75 

Canvas for Wool-house, 49 



Capa for Bursar, 14, 49 
Capell, Rob., 184 
Capias utlegatum, 14 
Capistra, see Halters 
Capons, 68 

Captive, present to, 17 
Captives relieved, 61* 
Car, Job., 21 

Care of wood, 87; of wood and pas- 
ture, 16; see also Charge 
Carectarius, 32 
Caret j, 123n 
Caret vacca, 123n 
Carlele, T., 123 
Carlesmor, 4, 7, 81, 82, 95 
Carlisle, 27, 29, 69; bp. of, 26, 49, 156, 

160; synod at, 71*, 151 
Carlton or Karlton, 4, 77, 81 
Carmelites, 19, 234 
Carpenter, Ric., 15* 
Carpenters, 57, 62, 76, 97, 128, 134, 
137, 162, 196, 198, 209, 218, 246, 
250, 251*, 252; cards for, 50 
Carpenter's mate, 213; meals, 118, 

213; work, 84, 213 
Carpent maker, 66, 180 
Carpentry, 50, 53, 54*, 118, 182 
Carr. bigis, 58 

Carriage, 42, 43*, 46*, 52*, 213; of 
corn, 116, 119, 182, 195, 197, 235, 
244*; earth, 116; fish, 112, 160; 
fuel, 213; iron, 235; lead, 16, 142, 
149, 150, 151*, 152; letters, 117, 
147, 150, 156; malt, 196; marl, 182; 
moss, 58; oats, 118; salmon, 16; 
salt, 16*, 89; sand, 16, 58; to the 
sea, 30, 70, 146, 165, and tying up 
of stockfish, 111, at Hull, 156, 
from Hull to York, 108; stones, 83: 
straw, 182; tan, 52; tar, 107, 112, 
131; temple, 182; thorns, 182; 
timber, 16, 102, 116, 153, 181, 246; 
tithe corn, 8, 9, 16, 82, 165, 196; 
tithe hay, 8; white herrings, 157; 
wine, 58*, from Hull to York, 110; 
wool, 16, 153; see also Cariagia for 
many other things 
Cariagia, 16, 57, 58 
Cariag' pistrinse, 1 1 
Carriator ?, 120n 
Carr. communitatis, 172 
Carriers, carriatores, de carr., 228, 

229*, 251, 252 
Carrying of two horses, 179 
Carsay, see Kersey 
Cart (carecta), 14 

Cartar, Joh., 83; Ric., 219; Th.. 54; 

Will., 35, 36, 37, 91 
Carter, 57, 75, 128, 134* 
Carwere, Will., 101 
Castlay, 5 
Castle fines, 24* 
Catell, Will., 189 

Cater, Cator, or Caterer, communis 
catur, 28, 32, 52, 69, 70, 75, 97n, 
Caton, see Catton and Cayton 

Catour, Th., 124, 125, 164, 238*, com- 
munis catur, 251 

Catryke, Joh., 18, 27, 29, 32, 66*, 73*, 
74, 107*, 108*, 144, 148, 149, 150, 
153, 158* 

Cattail, 3, 95 

Cattle, accounts relating to, 172, 173*, 
203, 205, 223, 237, 245, 246*, 247 

Cattle of Allerdale, 237 

Cattle bought, 135, 138, 175, 235; cap- 
tured, 149*, 159, by sheriff, 48; 
care of, 9, 10; carried off, 144; de- 
livered, 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 126, 
127, 128, 130, 133, 137, 138, 139, 
140*; driving of, see Driving; from 
farms, 153, 236; (cow) as a fee, 129; 
(ox) as fee, 135; feed for, 51; keep- 
ing of, 22; Master of, 43, 47; night, 
watching of, 204*; presents of, 127, 
129, 159; received, 119, 120, 126; 
seeking of, 157; as wages, see Wages 

Cattle and sheep, driving of, 10* 

Cattle, sheep, and boars lost, 154, 235 

Cattle sold, 40, 80; stealing of, al- 
leged, 248*; stolen, 180; taken by 
bailiff, 142; tithe, 231; watching 
and driving of, 194; younger, 121; 
see also under their kinds; see also 

Catton, 3, 4, 21, 41, 64, 79, 95 

Caupanhow, 5, 82 

Causeway at Crosthwaite, 22, 65; at 
Wheldrake, 56, 84 

Cauton, 4, 81 

Cayton, 1, 5, 33, 40, 65, 95, 108, 110 

Cellarer, 27, 28*, 29*, 34, 58, 69*, 70*, 
71, 73*, 74*, 83, 85, 176*, 177, 229; 
servant of, famulus cellerarii, 32, 
75, 229, 252; in patria, 38; white 
cloth for, 53 

Chaff and straw sold, see Straw 

Chaff, wheat and oat, 167 

Chamberlain, 32 

Chamber-man, of Abbot, 252; of 
Prior, 251 

Chancellor, 17 



Chapelhous, 3, 5, 10*, 14, 44*, 45, 55, 

62, 88*, 95, 243, 249* 
Chaplain of earl, 61 
Chapman, Ric., 77 
Charcoal, 2, 14, 50, 51 
Charge or Care, of hoggs, 234; oxen, 

231*; sheep, various, and lambs, 

88, 231; see also under names of 


Chaungeridding, 185 
Cheese, 62, 63, 76*, 80, 116*, 199*, 

212, 216, 219, 226, 244, 245; sold, 

115*; and butter sold, 40, 80, 116 
Chessyer, Joh., 188 
Chickens, 237 
Choir-books, 255 
Christmas, gifts at, 50; minstrels at, 

18; provision for, 49; and Midsum- 
mer, gratuities at, 199 
Christoferi tenementum, 55* 
Church, windows of, 85 
Church stile, 184 
Churching of a woman, 222 
Citation, 13*, 25, 27*; bill for, 49; 

of Vicar of Crosthwaite, 17 
Clapham, 158 
Clapham, Th., 24*, 30*, 32, 66*, 67, 

74, 103, 129, 140, 152, 153*, 154, 

158*, 160, 235*, 243; Will., 18, 24, 

29, 67, 150*, 158, gen., 145*, 149* 
Clarow, Curia de, 103, 111; wapentake 

of, 29, 69, 73, 110, 142*, 144; 

wapentake, bailiffs of, 24, 105 
Clavecordes, pair of, 49 
Clay for a bank, 58 
Clay, Joh., 160 
Cleansing of ditches, 57, 182*, 232; 

of Fountains dike, 56; of fovese, 54; 

of ponds (Deen), 50 ; of Sandhilkar, 


Clerici et Feodarii, 31, 74 
Clericus Curise, 149 
Clerk of Escheator, 152 
Clerk, Ric., 66; Rob., 122, 234; Th., 

171, 193, 194, 209, 232*, 239 
Clerke, 223 
Clerks, payments to, 90; on St. 

Thomas' Day, 14, 47; sheriff's, 17 
Clerkson, Ric., Ill, 139, 159, 160, 238, 

245, de Hadd, 251; Will, 172 
Clesby, 13, 89; Th., 16, 27, 29, 30, 

31*, 34, 71, 72*, 73, 85, 138, 199, 

215, 217, 223 
Cleveland, 127 
Clifford, the lord, 17, 18, 19, 60*; son 

of, 205 
Clifton, Joh., dns., 102, 107 

Clock, the great, 55; making of, 56; 
repair of, 49 

Cloister, deacons of, 75 

Close, new, making of, 165 

Cloth, 195, 202, 212, 214, 215, 224, 
226*, 228, 230*, 233*, 236; for 
Abbot's camera, 16; black, 14, 143, 
147, for copes, 85; blue (blodius), 
110, for livery, 228; cutting out of, 
52; fustian, 206; given, 17; grey, 
102; for juvenes, 14; kan^ett, 206, 
210, 211, 223; karsa, Carsey (Ker- 
sey), 16, 154, 176, 227, 231, 235, 
243; kendal, 59; linen, 16, 53, 
68*, 85, 101, 104, 107*, 143, 
144, 145*, 147, 154*, 155, 156, 
170, 194, 195, 196 ?, 198, 200, 
205, 207*, 209, 214, 215*, 217*, 218, 
220*, 221*, 222, 223*, 227, 231*, 
233*, washing of, 218, see also Flax; 
livery, 76; meld, 98, 102, 104*; 
russet, 14, 16*, 51, 85, 106, 145, 199, 
200, 202*, 205, 206*, 207*, 211*, 
212, 215*, 220, 221, 223, 229*, 247, 
253; shearing of, 49; white, 16*, 49, 
85, 98*, 99, 102, 104, 105*, 171, 174, 
200*, 202, 206*, 207, 208, 209, 210, 
215*, 217*, 218, 220*, 223*, 230*, 
232, for novices' cowls, 16*, 104, 
158, 228; woollen, 16, 53, 85, 113, 
196 ? 

Clotherom, 4, 21, 95 

Clothes, trying on and sewing of, 201 

Cloths, various, for Abbot, 16 

Coals (Charcoal), 2, 14, 50, 51; see 
also Seacoal 

Coatham, Cotom, Cotum, 4, 67 

Cockermouth, 3, 23, 41, 81 

Cocyll or Cokyll, Joh., 45, 111 

Coke, Rob., 34 

Cokson, Will., 153* 

Colcrofte, 3, 41 

Coldale, Marg., 6, 120, 122*, 123 

Coldaylman, Rob., 234, wife of, 152 

Colgilcote, 2, 5, 10*, 42, 44, 45, 88, 95, 

Colgylhous, 5, 95, 241, 243 

Colinson, Rob., 11, 36, 45, 46* 

Collar, 207 

Collation, etc., of copies, 17 

Collection, of quicksets, 51*; of rents, 
15, 158, 252; of tithe corn, 43* 

Collector firmarum, 252 

Collobium, 147 

Collow, 40, 79, 222 

Collow, Rob., 121, 128, 129, 139, 159, 
224, de Hadd, 251 



Colt, Tho., 67 

Colwell, Cuthb., 18 

Colyn, Joan, 34; Joh., 58; Th., 84, 

116, 128 

Colynson, Rob., 104 
Combe, monk of, 59 
Comitatu, labor in, 60 
Comitatus at York, 144, 145, 148, 151 
Community (communitas) of the 

monastery, 51, 76, 121*, 235, 236*, 

237, 244; monastic, cattle and sheep 

of, 176, 177, 199, 204, 205, 212, 222, 

etc. ; of Scarborough, 7 ; of the City 

of York, 7, 12, 47, 90 
Companagia stirckettes, 44 
Companagium, 88, 162*, 210, 216, 


Complaints, avoiding of, 66 
Composicio feni, 34 
Compulsoria, 17 
Computation, 72 
Coneygarth, Conyngarth, Cunyngarth, 

12, 47, 51, 55*, 67, 90 
Coniston, see Conyston 
Constantyn, Joh., 2, 151, 154, 211, 


Contumacia placitorum, 24 
Contumacio curise, 25 
Conventui in habitu (payments), 33, 


Convocation, 72 
Conychton, 22 
Conyers, Chr., 24, 31, 74, 76, Couit 

of, 28 
Conyston, 2, 5, 55, 63, 88*, 95, 165, 

225, 249 

Conyston Mour, 80, 249* 
Cook, at York, 34 
Cooks, coci, de coquina abbatis, 119, 

220, 250, 251* 

Copandale or Copyndall, Ad., 12, 18 
Copes, 85, 107 
Copgrave, rector de, 37 
Copies kept, 235 
Corderow de Ebor., Ill; Joh., 145, 

147, 153, 156, wife of, 147 
Cords, 51 
Cordulae, 25 

Corn, 57, 58*, 181; bought, 36; car- 
riage and reaping of, 13; sold, 40; 

see also Grain 
Corpus Christi, play of, 65; conduct 

of same, 90 
Corrody, 12 
Cosby, dns. de, 52 
Cote, Joh., 26, 29, 32, 70, 71, 72*, 73*, 

75, 108, 128, 129, 220, yoman, 251 

Cotgarth, 84*, 161 

Cottages, 62*, 63*, 64; repaired, 54* 

Cottes, 165 

Cottingham, 145 

Council of Monastery, 72, 111, 112; 
twelve of, 70; at York, 17 

Counsel, 59 

Counterpane, 85 

Court, continuation of, 66; suit of, 178 

Courts, 100*; see also Expensae Curia- 
rum and Exp. I tin. 

Coven, Cuthb., 61; dns. T., 28 

Cow in return for curing the Abbot's 
coachman, 179; fat, 193; feeble, 
210; given, 19; given in alms at 
the gate, 254; given to preaching 
friars, 138; stolen, 134; stolen and 
caught, 172; and calf given, 19; 
given to the Abbot's cousin, 138 

Cows, 33, 117, 119*-124*, 125*, 126*, 
128, 129, 130*, 133*, 134, 135, 137- 
140, 155, 160*, 169, 171, 172, 173*, 
175*, 176*, 178, 179*,180*,193,197, 
200, 201, 203-206, 208*, 210-215, 
218-220, 222*, 224*, 231, 235*, 236, 
237, 242*-246*, 248*, 253*, 254 

Cows, deficient, 132*, 137; exchanged 
for corn, 138; halves of, 208, 224, 
227, 236; horns of, as wages, 175; 
injury to or from ?, 48; pocked, 140, 

Cows and Calves, 135*, 138*, 155, 
172, 179*, 180, 194, 221, 242, 243*; 
in calf, 135, 140, 236, 242*; not in 
calf, 242* 

Cowhouse, wall of, repaired, 42 

Cowhouses, 83*, 84, 86, 192; repaired, 

Cowpasture, 22, 63, 189 

Cowell, Chr., 73; Th., 104 

Cowhyrd, Rich., 249 

Cowpmanhow, 95 

Cowsby, lord of, 51 

Cowsyde, 20, 54, 83, 86, 204; agist- 
ment in, 227*; custody of, 10, 44, 
88, 223, 226; wall of, 54 

Cowton, 3, 4, 7, 23*, 41, 61, 73, 83, 
95, 124; clausurae de, 23; grange at, 
4; see also Northcowton 

Cracce or Cracse or Crakse, Elias, 22, 
62, 184, 247, 248 

Craftsmen, 250-252 

Crakanthorpe, Joh., 128, 129 

Crake, Joh., 190, 247; Will., 180 

Crakhall, Joh., 170, 171, 244 

Crapis, 166* 

Crathorn, generosus, 127 



Craven, 5, 10, 14, 26, 29*, 30, 31, 66, 
70*, 71*, 72*, 106, 107, 113, 134*, 
151*, 152*, 153*, 158*, 223, 226, 
231, 235, 242, 245n; ballivus de, 
35; money received in, 241, 242; 
wapentake of, 143 

Craven, Matild., 39, 50, 147, 181; R., 
147; Rob., 254 

Creditors paid, 76 

Cremesyriclose, 62, 182* 

Cressand pro coquina, 10 

Cristall, see Kirkstall 

Cristkirkland, 184, 185 

Croch, 212 

Crochouse, 123n; custody of, 10, 44*, 
87, 203, 216 

Crokay or Crukay, Edw., 75, 139, 159, 
212, waynman, 251, wife of, 164; 
Mary, 164; Tho., 75 

Croke, 211 

Croke, Rob., 150 

Crokgarth or Crukgarth, 206, 226 

Crombeke, a servant, 153 

Crosdale of York, 54 

Crosthwaite, 3, 14, 22*, 26*, 27*, 29*, 
30, 31, 36, 37, 41, 48, 56, 59, 65*, 
69*, 70*, 72, 74, 81, 84*, 143, 151, 
152*, 155, 156, 237; Court of, 49, 
70; eccl. de, 37, 41, 52, 81; papal 
bull concerning, 155; hamlets of, 3; 
manor of, 22, 84; materia de, see, 
materia; monk from, 62; procura- 
tor de, 122; reredos for, 52; sub- 
sidy at, 49; vicar of, 13, 32, 74, 110, 
123, 152, cited, 27, failed to come 
when expected, 154 

Cruke, Edw., 32 

Cuke, Joh., 230; Ric., 77; Rob., 25, 
38, 163, 171, 195, 239, waller, 251; 
W., 142 

Cumberland, 65; sheriff of, 13, 24 

Cundall, N a novice, 13; Rob., 31; 
Will., 15, 67, mother of, 61 

Cunstable, Joh., 65, 66 

Cur' or Cure, Joh., 23, 26, 29, 36, 69, 
71, 76, 81, 97, 98*, 101, 143, 144, 
201, 216, 221, son of, 103; Th., 31, 
59*, 60, 256 

Cure of Abbot's horse, 50 

Curing of Abbot, 50 

Cushions, 104 

Dacre, 1, 3, 5, 10, 35, 40, 41, 44, 45, 
53, 57, 80*, 86, 88, 95, 106, 116, 126, 
132, 137, 172, 180, 236, 245, 249 

Daget or Daket, Joh., 58, 63, 78, 142, 

181, 239; Nich., 190; Will., 24, 83, 

101, 146, 155, 190, 240 
Dakers or Dickers of hides, 199, 


Dala, Dalay, Dalagh, see Dalhag 
Dalby, a sawyer, 55 
Dale, Joh., 21, 171; Will., 35, 86 
Dalhagh, 4, 9, 16, 41, 44, 52, 81, 85*, 

95, 236; care of wood of, 87 
Dalton, 5, 95 
Danby, Rob., 31, 59, 74, 149; Mr. 

Rob., 151 

Danyell, Pet., armiger, 61 
Darby, Laur., 15 
Darelhage, 190 
Darell or Dayrell, Agn., 190; Nich., 

247; Will., 175, 189 
Darell lands, 3, 81 
Darnbruke or Dernbruke, 161; Ele- 

nora, 35; Joh., 32, 50, 75, 76*, 

136, 148, 166, 175, 228*, 230, 232; 

Th., 29, 44, 46*, 76, 117-122, 124, 

126*, 131*, 137, 138*, 139, 145, 147, 

150, 160*, 161, 165, 166*, 168*, 172, 

176*, 177*, 193", 194*, 199, 200*, 

201, 203*, 206, 223, 225, 231, 236, 

237, 241, 246*, 247, 248, 253, wife 

of, 143, 147, 166 

Darnbrukhous, 6, 57, 82, 95, 205, 238 
D'Arnis, Lexicon, 33n 
Daubing, 54, 83 
Daveson, Henr., 24, 151; Rob., 59, 

Dawson, 83; Joh., 47; Rog., 102; 

Will., 22, 197* 
Dawtre, 103, 129, 149; Will., 18, 112, 

145*, 149, son of, chaplain, 137 
Day, Th., 33, 34*, 129, 140, 166, 199, 

215, 222, in habitu, 134, 160 
Day's work, payment by, 56, 57* 
De Allerdale, 3 
De arreragiis firmarum, 6 
De Bosco vendito, 2, 81 
De Ecclesia de Crostwate, 81 
De Eventibus et satisfacientibus, 39, 


De extractis Curiarum, 79 
De Pannagiis, 2 
De Pannagio, 81 
De pedibus Compotorum averiorum, 

2; Comp. Magistri Averiorum, 80; 

cornpotorum ovium, 2; compo- 

torum Magistri Ovium, 80 
De pellibus ovium venditis, 79 
De pratis venditis, 3, 81 
De stramine paliis et fimo, 79 
Deacons of Cloister, 33, 33n, 75 



Death of a son, presents at, 211 

Debt, new, 34; old, 33 

Debts to St. Mary's Abbey, York, 130 

Decanus villse Ebor., 104 

Deen, 50 

Deen or Deyn, Job., relict of, 124, 
155; Kath., 6, 46, 129, 177, 238; 
Rog., 15; Th., 57; Will., 91, 129; 
widow, 242 

Deerskins, 51, 207, 212, 228*, 230*, 

Delivery of Cattle, 159 

Denariatae pro Warnestura, 145 

Denarii et denariatse, 242 

Denarii liberati, 12 

Dent, 50, 59, 62 

Derwent, 59 

Deye, EL, 176 

Deylyn, Job.., 120 

Deyn, see Deen 

Dickers, see Dakers 

Diconson, Ric., 89, 90; Rob., 2, 10; 
Th., 15, 27*, 28, 29*, 33, 69, 70*, 
71, 72, 73*, 75; Will., 99, 175 

Dicson, Job., 6; Rob., 38, 134 136; 
Will., 153 

Diet (companagium, edulium, mensa), 
210, 213, 234, etc.; of carpenter, 
213*; of a servant, 203 

Dighton, 69, 142 

Dighton, Sim., 131 

Dishes, 15, 48 

Dishforth, Dysceford, etc., 1, 3,4, 8, 9, 
14, 15, 20, 22, 31, 33, 37, 40, 43*, 
58*, 64, 65, 79, 81, 83, 84 85, 86, 
95, 105, 135, 136, 148, 154*, 169, 
172, 233; capella de, 81; custos de, 
75; garden or orchard (ortus) of 
manor of, 86; manor of, 86; prsepos. 
de, 37, 38, 77; tenent. de, 38 

Distraint, precaution against, 67 

Ditch, cleansing of, 51 

Ditching, 54, 56*, 58, 68*, 83, 84*, 86 

Dobson, Job., 16, 34, 35, 37, 38*, 76, 
77, 78, 138*, 139, 155, 157, 159, 168, 
169, 180, 233, 236*; Rob., 20* 

Doctor Rievall' and servant, 61 

Doff, Chr., 232 

Dogeson, Job., 128, 130*, 134* 

Dogette, Will., 181 

Dona, 17-19, 59-62 

Doors, 84; making, 178 

Double spiking, 45 

Dovecot (Columbarium), 21, 57, 84 

Dowgell, Th., 14; Will., 164 

Dowgless, earl, 61; Rob., 48, 54, 84, 86 

Downom, 105; Will., 19, 59, 60, 190, 
248*, et socii sui, 253 

Dowth, Th., 121; Will., 233 

Dowthwaite, Th., 122 

Dozens, of cloth, 102, 104*, 220; of 
linen, 147; of russet, 145, 247; of 
wax, 11* 

Drapes (cows), 10, 88; (sheep), 10, 88; 
care of, 88; for kitchen, 88 

Drewry, Mr. Th., 134; see also Drury 

Drink, 112*, 202; carried, 52; carried 
for Abbot, 25; given, 54 

Driving of cattle, 9*, 15, 44*, 88, 103, 
109*, 110, 111, 120, 142, 152, 153, 
154, 156, 158, 224*; cattle and 
sheep, 14, 194; cattle and sheep to 
kitchen of Abbot, 236*; heifers, 
117; horses, 44; lambs, 88; tithe 
lambs, 153; sheep, 44*, 88, 117, 
131, 152, 223, 224*; sheep and 
lambs, 226; stirketts, 44 

Dromundby, 4, 22, 64, 71, 95, 141, 
143, 178 

Drury or Drure, Th., 20, 32, 74; see 
also Drewry 

Dubylspykyng, 114 

Duffeld, Chr., 32, 50, 70, 75, 154, 175; 
Nich., 12, 47, 51, 90, 101, 151; 
Will., 15, 48, 64, 81, 98*, 108, 140, 
146, 151, 176, 213*, 214, 218, 240, 
242, 250* 

Dukett, Job., 19 

Dunsford, Job., 101, 155, 181, 190, 
240, 249; Will., 107, 170, 178, 181, 
190, 240, 249 

Dunsforth, Will., 67 

Durham, Bishopric of, 60; bursar's 
roll at, 5 In; minstrel of, 18; Par- 
lour at, 46n 

Dy, see Di 

Dyeing of cloth, 15; of scapular, 50; 
of thread, 15 

Dyer (tinctor), 142 

Dyeson, Job., 253 

Dyett, Will., 249 

Dynlay, 111, 112; Henr. 59, 142, son 
of, 142 

Dyvelynstayns, 104 

E., J. (J. Esby probably), 146, 216, 


E., Th., 166 
Eastend, 189, 216 
Easter, Court at, 40 
Eastfield, 54, 62, 184*-189 
Eastflat, 183 



Eastheadhouse, 116, 135, 136 

Eastholm house, 41, 80, 137, 180 

East north field, 186, 187*, 188 

East north flat, 183 

Eavestone, 4, 7, 41, 64, 82, 95, 141, 
192, 201 

Ebor., 95; see also York 

Eched, 56; see also Heched 

Edmundson, Joh., 34, 238; Th., 34 

Edson, Joh., 129 

Eels, salt, 11 

Eest, Th., 6 

Eggs, 214 

Egremonth, dns. de, 17*, 18*, 49, 59, 
61*. 73* 

Eland, 5 

Elevacio, 54, 55 

Elingthorpe, 3, 81 

Elingworth, Ric., 13 

Ellers, 181* 

Ellyngton, Joh., 80, 130*, 132, 148, 
176*, 180 

Elslay, Guido, 24, 66, son of, 104 

Elsworth, Rob., 55, 56, 225 

Elynstryng, 4, 23*, 64, 95 

Elyse, Joh., 129; Will., 128, de Brim- 
bem, 250 

Elyson, Henr., 6, 83, 155*, 168, 193*, 
194, 205, 235*, 241, 242*, 243*, 
244; Rob., 36, 56, 57, 243; Rog., 
35, 155, 207, 235, 243* 

Embanking, 54, 55*, 84* 

Emondson, Th., 170, 211*, 239 

End-leaves, 255 

Epheds, 245* 

Equisiarius communis, 33, 75 

Erbar, 188 

Erie, Joh., 181, 182, 188, 239 

Esby, Joh., 9, 11*, 13*, 17, 18, 24, 
26*, 27*, 30*, 34, 41, 50, 76*, 81, 
108, 109*, 117, 127*, 132, 140*, 
148*, 151, 152, 158*, 174, 175, 195, 
198, 199, 206, 210*, 211, 218, 219*, 
221*, 223*, 227, 233, 241, 245, 246, 
bursar, 157, cellarer, 107, 159*, 
169*, 228, f rater cellararii, 254, im- 
prisonment and release of, 17, puer, 
156; Th., 149 

Esbye, a novice, 13 

Escaccator, 17, and his servant, 66 

Eschator, 18 

Esknes, 233 

Espnes, 3, 41 

Essby, 4 

Esshton, Joh., 124, 197, laborer, 250 

Essonia, 24*, 66, 104, 149 

Eston, 4, 95 

Estreats, see Viridis cera 

Eventus, 39, 79 

Evestone, see Eavestone 

Evyrs or Euers, Will., 19, 59 

Evyston, misprinted Wyston, 21 

Ewes, 131, 140* 

Excusatio, 66 

Exeter, bp. of, 25, 67, 70, 72 

Exilby, Alan, 19, 39, 63, 78, 125, 181, 
238, 239 

Exitus averiorum, 39, 79; orrij, 95, 

Expense dni. Abbatis, 14, 25, 68; 
Curiarum, 31, 74; Grangiarum, 7, 
42, 82; Itinerancium, 26-31, 69-74; 
Magistri Averiorum, 9, 87; Magistri 
Ovium, 10, 88; pro materia de Cros- 
twate, 77; minutae, 24, 67; Or- 
riorum decimalium, 8, 86 

Extraccio querelarum, 66 

Extracta Curiarum, 1, 40, 79, 131*, 
133, 195, 244 

Fabric, keeper of, at York, 240 

Fabrile, smithy, 183, 252 

Fabulator, of earl of Sarum, 60; ig- 
notus, 59 

Faggots, 14, 17*, 22, 52*, 56, 63, 98*, 
216; making of, 211 

Fair, winter, 145, 169, 171 

Falcaciones et Fenaciones, 9, 87 

Faldyngton, 145; Joh., 233; Ric., 154, 

Fall, Will., 21, 240 

Familia nostra, 153 

Farebarn, Rob., 198, 204, 231 

Farlton, Tho., 17*, 27*, 134, 154* 

Farmery, see Infirmary 

Farmore, Th., 37 

Farms, cattle of, 126, 129, 130; 
sheep of, 131 

Farnell, Will., 24 

Farnham, vicar of, 36, 76 

Farton, Tho., 29 

Farwol ?, 179 

Fawn, search for, 67 

Fawsyd, 126; a bailiff, 128; Ad., 
26*, 27*, 32, 46, 69, 70, 75, 
89, 153*, 157, 175, 233; Jac., 9, 
34, 156; Ric., 46, 87*, 139, 160, 
177, 216 

Fawx, Joh., 17, 125, 127, 128, 134 

ffelbrygh, 95 

Fell (Fountains fell), 15*, 203, 245, 
249; charge in, 226; night-watching 
of, 48, 230; watching in, 91* 



Felt hat, 25, 67, 104, 212; for bursar, 

49; as wage, 105; for riding in, 145 
Fence between Fountains and Sallay, 


Feodarii, 31, 74 
Feodarius of earl of Northumberland, 


Fermery, Ric., 172 
Ferrour, Joan, 167; Petr., 36, 207; 

de comrnuni stabulo, 250 
Ferrum emptum, 10, 26, 45, 88 
Ferry ? at York, 190 
Ferrybridge, 5, 42*, 82*, 95; capel- 

lanus de, 7 

Festivals, calves and lambs for, 241 
Fewlar, Joan, 186 
Figs, 11, 50, 111, 112 
Fillies, 245* 
Filly stags, 243* 
Fines, breves, et amerciamenta, 24, 


Fire, relief on account of, 61 
Firewood, cutting down, 56* 
Firmae forinsecse, 7, 42, 82 
Fish, 56, 110, 112*; bought, 46; fresh, 

11, 13, 15, 51, 89; for Abbot, 143; 

salt, 11*, 46*, 89; see Salt fish, Sea 

fish, Seal fish, Stockfish 
Fish, Fisher, surnames, see Fy 
Fisheries, 22, 53, 55*, 62, 183* 
Fisherman ?, 233n, 234n 
Fishponds, 273; see also Deen 
Fitzhugh, dns., 18, 60, 73* 
Fitz Randolf, dns., 22 
Flammeola, 50, 52 
Flasby, 30, 103 
Flatwith, 55 
Flax (linum, perhaps linen cloth), 206, 

208, 209* 

Fleghtes, care of, 156 
Fleschewer, Joh., 120 
Flesh-meat on Sunday, 190 
Flesschour, Joh., 127 
Fletcher, Petr., 32, 75, 122, 129, 175; 

le porcaria, 250 
Flocks at clipping, 245 
Foal, 46 

Fodder, 9, 14, 116, 144; for horses, 102 
Fogeyng, 21 

Folard, Will., 48, 55, 57, 63*, 78, 225 
Folardis, 143 
Folcote, 5, 67 

Folefate, Will., 24, 102, 103* 
Folwod, Joh., 56* 

Fonagyll, 95; see also Fornagilhous 
Fontanschale, 6, 95 
Fontansdicke, 56 

Fool called Solomon, 61 

Fools, 18*, 19, 59, 60 

Forel covers, 254 

Forest, 134, 136, 238 

Forest, Joh., 13 

Foresters, 12, 33, 47, 75, 90, 173, 250, 

Foreyng, 183 

Fornagilhous, 5, 42, 45, 81, 82, 88*, 
249; see also Fonagyll 

Forster, Jenkyn, de Brimbem, 250 

Foster, Joh., 14 

Foston, 125 

Fountains, relics at, 40, 40n 

Fountainsfell, 33, 84, 85; see also Fell 

Fowls, 69, 76; bought, 14 

Fox, Joh., 125; Rob., 114; Will., 254 

Foxholes, Rob., 59, 73; Will., 20 

Foxhols, 103 

Foxhope, 6, 35, 57*, 95, 155*, 242*, 

Frabrile, 183 

Franke, see Fraunke 

Franklan, Henr., 216; Joh., 59, 194 

Frankyhes, Frankys, Will., 98, 99 

Frater, see Refectory 

Fraunke, generosus, 144; Will., 108*, 
139, 159 

Fraward, Rog., 162* 

Frendles Wapentake, 24, 216, 235 

Frereeyng, 170 

Frerridding, 184, 185, 186*, 187 

Frerstubyng, 23 

Friars, presents to, Austin, 19, 60, 
other two orders, 60; Carmelites, 
19, wheat, 234; Minor, 19; preach- 
ing, rye, 19, 59, a cow, 138, of Rich- 
mond, wheat, 161 

Frumentum emptum, 37, 77 

Fuel, 58, 91, 116, 193 

Furness, Abbot of, 143 

Furs for tunic, 52 

Fychburn, Th., 66 

Fysch, Dicon, 125; Got,, 32, 60, 75, 
125, 128, 129*, 153*, 160, 235; 
Henr., 243; Joh., 6, 243; Ric., 6, 
122, 124, 238; Rob., 121, 122 

Fyscher (fisherman ?), 119 

Fischere, Godfr., 162 

Fychar, Jenkyn, 67; Rob., 123*; Th., 
83, 84, 125, 181, 238, 239; Will., 119 

Fyxby, 63; ten. nuper, 19 

Galegis, par de, 67 

Galls, effect of, 90n 

Galphay or Galghay, 1, 4, 21, 31, 40, 



41, 54, 62, 64, 74, 77*, 78, 79, 81, 

84*, 95, 98, 102, 106, 108, 193, 201, 

207, 213*, 218, 240; Court of, 102, 

146, 156; custos de, 50; prsepos. de, 

37, 38; tenent. de, 38 
Galphay lees, Galghalez, 4 
Galtres or Gawtrise, 139, 159 
Gammyll, 139, 159; Rob., 23, 145, 

155, 177*, 190, 236 
Gandell, Rob., 102 
Garden at Aldfield, 212; of a manor, 

189; tithe (ortus decimalis), 43 
Gardens, 21, 62, 63*, 187, 188, 190, 

206; with cottages, 183*, 184: 

little, 185, 186 
Garestange, Ric., 108 
Garscarth, Rob., see Gascar 
Garthwood, getting of, 56 
Garvase, Joh., 33 
Gascar, Gascarth, Garscarth, or 

Gatscarth, Rob., 17, 19, 59, 150, 

153*, 154, 156*, 158, 179* 
Gasket, 49 

Gate, 86; spices bought at, 46 
Gatheridding, 184, 185 
Gatlaws, Gatlay, etc., 19, 24, 50, 98, 

99, 160 

Gatscarth, Rob., see Gascar, etc. 
Gawntsted, Will., 108*, 110, 111 
Gawsted, Will, 147, wife of, 147 
Gayns, Rob., 171 
Geffra, Ric., 157 
Geffrason, Ric., 148, 137 
Gell, Rob., 254 
Gendale, 23 
Gentlemen, generosi, the Abbot's, 250, 

252*; of nobles, 17; rewarded, 61 
Gerthe, le, 187 
Gervas, Gerwas, of Gervaus, Joh., 

127*; the king's servant, 158*; 

Will., 61 
Gest, Th., 33, 119, 120, 121, 123, 137, 

179*, 233 
Gevendale, 3, 81 
Givendale, (23n), 60, 64 
Gibs', 85 
Gibson or Gybson, 86; Chr., 22, 53, 

54*, 62, 183, 185, 188; Gilb., 182; 

Joh., 34, 118, 171*, 239, 244*; Tho., 

98, 99 

Gilbertus, dns., 20 
Gilkar, see Golcar 
Gilliam, Will., 22, 65, 127 
Gilling, 22, 50, 108; Will., 63 
Ginger, 45, 67 
Girlington or Gyrlyngton, Nich., 17, 

18, 19*, 31, 59, 60*, 66*, 67, 70, 71, 


Gyrlyngton, 147, 151, 153, 154 
Girths of horses, 25*, 103, 105 
Glass vessels, 144 
Glasyar, Rob., 56 
Glasyn, Joh., 16, 34, 66n, 76, 241 
Glaziers, 56*, 57, 85 
Gloria in excelsis, 254 
Glover or Glower, Rob., 104, 106, 108, 

109, 142*, 145, 148*, 150, 154, 202*, 

212, 215*, 217, 22f, 224*, 226*, 227, 

229, 230, 232, 236 
Gloves, 50, 51, 67, 225, 228*, 229, 

230*, 232*, 233*; for Abbot, 25*; 

2 doz. pr. for autumn, 233; 3 doz. 

pr. for Master of Works, 228, 229; 

for servants, 50; for vicar of Top- 

cliffe, 50; for wedding, 228 
Gluuer, Phil., boy of, 50 
Goats' flesh, 48 
Gogyle, 12, 47, 90 
Golcar or Gylcar or Kelcare, 5, 21, 42, 

65, 82, 186, 190 
Gold (6s. 8eZ.), 230 
Gold for Abbot, 49 
Gold thread, 51 
Golthwate or Golwat or Golqwate, 

Ric., 2, 16; Th., 3, 76, 80, 151, 162, 

163, 168, 245, son of, 158, de BaL?, 

151, 250; Will., 32, 36, 75, 117, 168, 

cocus, 250 
Goodwill bought, 106*, 108; see also 

Goose on Allhallows day, 190; All 

Souls' day, 190 
Gower, Henr., 63; Th., 188 
Grafe, Joh., 121, 122, 124 
Grafton, 4, 23, 64, 95* 
Grain, 181; part payment for, 240; 

provision of, 145*; purchase of, 73, 

146, see also Bladum; sold, 40, 79 
Grains, divers, 151; see also under 

their names 

Grain accounts, 238n; see also Corn 
Granary, monk of, 198; office of, 219 
Granaries, 54*, 55, 56, 219 
Granator, 173 
Grangarth, 65, 190 
Grangeflat, 184 
Granger at Morker, 159 
Granges, 7, 81; Master of, 211 
Grangiarum Expensse, 7 
Grantlay, 4, 82, 95 
Grantlay, Ra., 56, 85, 212, 241 
Grason, Tho., 196, 197 
Grass for Oxen, 147 



Grassington or Gar- or Ger- or Gyr- 
syngton, 66, 135, 153; ball, de, 67 

Grastoke, baro. de, 18, 60 

Graystoke, Mary, 189 

Green, Eliz., 171*; goodwife, 134; 
Job., 54, 56*, waller, 36; Ric., 
relict of, 145; Th., 20, 64 

Greenbank, 26 

Greenbury, 4, 41, 81 

Greenfield coch or coych, 6, 42, 95 

Greenhamerton, 3, 23, 64, 81, 95 

Greenlands, 184, 185, 189 

Green lane, 97 

Greenridding, 184 

Green wax, 24, 48*, 66 

Grefe, Job., 165 

Gretham, Will., 17 

Grewelthorp or Growelthorpe, 4, 21, 
41, 64, 77, 95, 140, 146, 159; Curia 
de, 109, 156; tenent. de, 38* 

Grip, making of, 91 

Grison, Job., 167 

Growelholm, 183, 185 

Gryll, Job., 19, 63 

Grysthwate, Pet., 217 

Gudrike, Job., 155, 172, 190 

Guesthouse man, de hospicio. 252 

Gunter, Will., 141 

Gybs, Will., 56*, 57 

Gygard, Th., 129, 139, 146, 156, 157, 
159, 169 

Gylcar, see Golcar 

Gyrsfald, 204 

Gysburgh, bailiff of, 33 

Gysburn, bailiff of, 66 

H.;.J., 183 

Haberglon, 180 

Habig, 86 

Habigsike, 182 

Habit, claim for, 253 

Habits, allowances for or of, 33*, 

134*; for Officials, 75 
Habram, Will., 80, 89 
Hadd (Haddokstanes), 122, 127, 134, 

140, 145, 170*, 180, 241, 245, 251*, 

Haddokstayns, 2, 3, 9, 49, 50, 55, 80*, 

95, 131, 136, 164, 169; custos de, 8, 

42, 82; manor of, 42 
Halandes, 118 
Haldynbanke, 22, 64 
Hale, le, 183 
Halid', 189 
Haliday, Job., 20*, 22, 62, 103, 112 

Halyda, 81 

Halikeld, 24 

Hall, at Marton, orchard of, 232 

Hall, Job., 38, 78, 116*, 181, 239; 

Rob., 154, 180; Tho., 113; Will., 


Halrogholm, 186 
Halters (capistra), 67, 111, 158 
Halton, Job,, 17 
Haltongill, 6, 35, 42, 95, 155*, 170, 

207, 241*, 242*, 243*, 244 
Hamerton, Steph., 139, 159 
Hamlets of Crosthwaite, 41 
Harbotell, Ra., 17, 19, 59, 61 
Hardcastell, 5, 95, 177, 192, 193, 202, 


Hartcastell, Job., 176 
Hardwik, 176*, 177 
Hardwike, Trope, 236 
Hardwyk, Anes, 102 
Hardwyke, 135*, 236 
Hardyn, 145, 170 
Harleshow, 82; tithe paid for, to 

Ripon, 90 

Harlsay, 30, 73, 102 
Harlsay, 69; Job., 26*, 28, 29, 31, 33, 

36, 48, 69, 70, 71, 73*, 75, 167 
Harlthorp, Joan, 184 
Harness, repairs of, 13, 142 
Harope, Job., 75; Rob., 32, 35, 122*, 

210, 220, barbour, 251; Will., 33*, 

45, 50, 120, 121, 122, 138*, 206, 234 
Harper or Harpour, Alic., 34, 46, 163; 

Job., 2, 12*, 34, 39, 58, 118, 127, 

134, 146, 161, 162*, 163, 170, 190, 

231; Rob., 2, 211; Will., 135 
Harperour, Alice, 63; Job., 64 
Harriss, Nich., 248 
Hartlepool, 58, 89 
Hartlyngton, Will., 31, 74, 124, 160, 


Hartwith, 1, 5, 40, 42, 95 
Hartwithriddynge, 188 
Harvest, 82*, 83; gloves for, 228; see 

also Autumnales expensse 
Harvesting, 113 
Harwod, 25, 26, 69 
Haryngton, dns. de, 107; dns. Th., 

19*, 31, 73, 74, 76, 153, 191*, 192*, 

216; Th., 24, 59 
Haryson, Job., 13, 35-38*, 54, 76*; 

Nich., 54; Will., 35, 56 
Haskwith, W., 221; Will, de Calfal- 

hous, 214; see also Askwith 
Hastahous, Hasthalhous, etc., 2, 41, 

62, 80, 95, 116, 132, 135, 137, 177, 

180, 218, 235, 236*, 245 



Hausorium, 49 

Hawer, Ad. hered., 7 

Hawkyswyk, 95 

Hawraparke, 124, 125*; 

Hawson, Will., 216 

Hawthorn, Tho., 35, 45, 76*, 88 

Haxby, Joh., 55; Ric., 34; Th., 55 

Hay, 15, 25, 57, 79*, 99, 116*, 245 

Hay bought, 48*, 49, 52*, 232; for 

hospice, 112; tithes of, 3, 81 
Haymaking, 8, 9, 34, 43*, 69*, 82, 

87*, 165, 182; brethren at, 69* 
Headstalls, see Halters 
Heaped measure, 234* 
Heart, conventional, 254 
Hebden, 5, 95 
Hebden, 111; Th., Ill 
Heched, 56; see also Eched 
Hedge making, 142 
Hedging, 52*-56*, 83*, 84*, 85, 86*, 

101, 173, 182*, 211*, 232 
Heifers, 119*, 120*, 121*, 124*-130*, 

134, 136, 138*, 139, 140*, 148, 155, 

160, 176*, 177, 179*, 205*, 207, 208, 

212, 222, 223*, 224, 225, 242*, 244, 

246*, 252, 253, 254; in calf, 140; 

with calves, 140, 157; feeble, 214 
Heistang, 183 
Heke, 118 
Helm, 5, 95 
Hempseed, 49 
Henryson, Nich., 185, 247 
Hens, 50, 99 
Henwife, 214 
Hentholm, Joh., 24 
Heptenstell, Will., 26 
Her-, see Har- 

Herald of the Lord of Norfolk, 60 
Herdsman, 86, 87* 
Herenseu, 67 
Herlethorpe, Joh., 248 
Hermit, 18 
Herogholm, 186 
Heron, Ad., 164 
Herrings (Allecia), 110, 111; bought, 

11, 46, 89; white, 157; and other 

fish, 89 
Herryson, 124; Joh., 37, 38, 63, 77, 

119, 135, 166, 167, 168, 173, 177, 

179, 197, 207, 217; Nich., 248; 

Rob., 164 

Hertford, Rob., 131 
Hesilden, Henr., 9, 44, 53, 81, 88, 135, 

176, 242 
Hesylden, J., 10; Joh., 44, 53, 65, 139, 

160; W., 227; Will., 54, 155, 225, 


Hespes, 84 
Hestange, 185, 189 
Heton (Kirkheaton), 5, 7, 53, 83, 95 
Hewra, 184-187, 189; see also Hawra- 

Hewyke, 4, 21, 95 
Hewyke, Joh., 18, 32, 50, 60*, 61, 74, 

Hexham, 152; Edm., 19, 27, 74, 76; 

Joh., 18, 31 

Hicson, 55; Will., 86, 162 
Hides, 65, 202, 210, 219, 224, 229*, 

230*, 233*, 254*; of beasts slain 

"in "kitchen, 227, 229, 230, 232; 

as wages, 175; of marks, 228*, 232; 

of mutte!', 230* 
Hien, Joh., 191; see also Hyen 
High Field, 99 
Hillom, 167 
Hilton, 161 
Hirdson, Chr., 235 
Hiring man to show Abbot the way, 


Hobe or Huby, 5, 95; see also Hoby 
Hobert, Will., 205 
Hobridding, 184 
Hobson, Joh., 162 
Hoby, 89, 206 
Hochons, Henr., 132 
Hochonson, Henr., 135, 136 
Hodechen or Hodschen, Th., 130*, 


Hogastri, 88 
Hoge, Will., 19 
Hogeson, 144; Joh., 244, son of, 244; 

Rob., 121; Th., 124; Will., 35, 69, 

125, 176, 204*, 208, 213, 214, 220, 

222, 238, 244, sons of, 48, 91 
Hoggs, 131, 175, 178, 222, 226*, 231; 

care of, 44*, 45, 88*, 223, 224, 225, 

234, 236 

Hogg accounts, 198, 226, 237 
Hoghton, 117; Henr., 19 
Holm, 4, 69, 77 
Holm, le, hall there, 84 
Holmcultram, 60n, 70 
Holmhawe, 183 
Holmhous, 2, 5, 20, 83, 84, 95, 109, 

115, 126, 127, 132, 135*, 176*, 177, 

236, 252 
Holmhous West (Westholmhous), 


Holmknotes, 5, 42 
Holmus (Holmhous), 236 
Holneyng, 85 
Holy days, business on, 138*, 169*, 

171*, 173, 237*, 241 



Holy Land, journey to, 62 

Holy Rood, guild of, at Ripon, 59 

Holyngton, W., 124 

Honey, 11, 34, 46, 51, 89 

Hope bought, 13, 49; see also Hops 

Hope, 66; H., 13; Job., 13; Th., 13, 

. 66, 139*, 159 

Hoppers, 42* 

Hops ? (hope), 13, 49 

Hornby, 109 

Homer or Hornar, Ric., 35, 56, 57*, 

76; Th., 66, 135, 139, 159, 160, 176; 

Will., 55*, 83, 110, 116, 130, 132, 

135, 137, 176, 180, 245 
Horse, agisted, 87; for baker's cart, 

46; hired, 48; hired for Kettlewell, 

15; and man hired, 69 
Horses, 11*, 12, 49, 52, 117, 134, 153, 

154, 168, 179, 198, 200, 206, 208, 

210, 211, 215, 220, 223, 225*, 227, 

233, 245, 248*, 253; see also Foals, 

Mares, Stags 
Horses of Abbey at various places, 

48*; of Abbot and household, 161, 

163; (staurum) bought, 46, 47, 

89*; care of, 44*, 88; of community, 

15, 18, 44, 69; sold, 1, 40, 79; stolen, 

63, 178 

Horsebread, 14*, 112, 190 
Horsehire, 49 
Horsekeepers, 48 
Horsenails, 45 
Horse-shackle or lock, 148 
Horse-shoeing, see Shoeing 
Horsf , 166 
Horsforth, Th., 34, 66, 71, 167, 169, 

174, 193*, 199-202, 204, 206, 208. 

210,211, 212, 214-217, 219*. 221*- 

225*, 227, 236, monk of granary, 


Horslay, 55, 97, 98, 206 
Horsman, Chr., 23; Joh., 236; Will., 

32, 73, 75, 213, 236 
Horton, 6, 95, 216 
Hortus decimalis, 79 
Hospice at York, 9, 25, 43, 87, 112 
Hospice boy, 49 
Hospitium, 75 

Hostilar, 238; Rob., 125; Will., 114 
Hostyler, Joh., 26, 27, 57, 160, 181 
Housebuilding, 83*, 84 
How, tenent. de, 37 
Howden, 103 

Howden or Howthen, Th., 110, 134 
Howgrafe, 41; see also Sutton How- 
. grave 
Howson, Will., 20, 59, 60, 66 

Howthorpe, Will., 130 

Huberd, Joh., Ill, 122, 203*, relict of, 
111, relict and sons of, 203, jun., 
148, porcarius, 251, sen., 148; Will., 
32, 34, 75, 167, 179, 203, 230, de 
Bursaria, 251 

Huby, see Hobe 

Huddoke, Rob., 137, 167, 168, 205, 
209, milner, 251 

Hudson, Chr., 205*, de Warsall, 251; 
Henr., 54, 189, 247, 248*; Joh., de 
camera Prioris, 251; Th., 53, 55, 62, 
188, 248; Will., 57, 205, faber, 251, 
de Warsall, 251 

Hudswell, Joh., 32, 75, 128, 134, 137, 
199, 208, 230 

Hulcetum (Ulcetum), 16, 52 

Hull, 26*, 70, 72*, 76, 108*, 110*, 
111*, 144, 147, 155, 156; carriage 
of stockfish from, 108; journey to, 
with cattle, 108 

Hull, W., 13*, 210, 219* 

Hundgate, 4, 95 

Hundisflet, 5, 42, 82, 95 

Hungirhill, 183 

Hunt, Joh., 54, 102, 186, 247, 248*; 
Tho., 185, 248* 

Huntar, Will., 89, 143, 177 

Hunting, 73 

Hurdles (flekes), 25 

Hurtard, shared, 224 

Hurtards, 131, 177* 

Hurtlow, Joh., 191, 242 

Husband, 171, 199, 213, 231, 232, 244 

Huthom, d'ns J., 17 

Hwod, Ric., 97* 

Hwyk, Agn., 97 

Hyen, Th., 35, 86, 227; Will., 123; 
see also Hien 

Hyllum, Joh., 77 

Hyrdson, Chr., 103 

Ilderton, Th., and servant, 61 
Ilkelay, 5, 7, 42*, 82, 95; dominus de, 

Ilketon or Ilton, 4, 58, 95; matter of, 


Implacitor communis, 75 
Imprisonment and release of J. Esby, 


Indiccio, 24 
Indictacio, 13 
Indictatus, 65 
Infirmary of monks, 53; man in, 32; 

servant at, de Infirmitorio, 32, 210, 




Ingerthorpe, 5, 41, 85, 95, 127, 134 
Ingilby (Yngylby), Job., 142, gen., 

128, 129; Will, 64, hered., 21 
Inhibition, 17* 

Ink, materials for, 15, 25, 112, 159 
Inplacitor, 32 
Inse ? or Juse, Job., 35 
Inspection of cattle, etc., 104, 105; 

of pasture, 111 

Installation of abp., 127, 128 
Instruments, work with, 60 
Iron bought, see Ferrum; carriage of, 

Iron work for smeltmill, 150 

Jacson, Job., 6, 41, 55, 80, 126, 130, 
132, 135, 137, 145, 154, 176*, 177, 
180, 201, 213*, 217, 231, 245, 246*, 
247*, wife of, 150, 247*; Rob., 36, 
127, 134; Th., 34, 76*, 156, wife of, 
144; Will., 55 

Jailors, gratuity to, 17 

Jakes, Job., 168 

Jenkynson, Job., 173; Th., 127, 173*, 
238, 241 

Jercise, 10, 88*, 175, 197, 249*; care 
of, 44 

Johannes, 15 

Jonson, Ra., 254; Will., 2, 66, 152, 

Juburtgate in York, 65, 81 

Jurors, 70; care of, 49 

Juse or Inse ?, Job., 35 

K., W., 244 

Kanyett, see Cloth 

Karlele, Th., 34 

Kars (Kersey q.v.), 175 

Katryke, Job., 26, 29, 61, 70, 72, 73 

Keeper of bullocks in summer, 88 

Kelcare, Kelkar, or Kelkare, see 

.Kelkarflat, 188 

.Kempe, Will., 22 

Kendal, 27 

Kendell, toga de, 59 

Kendale, 238; Chr., 60; Edm., 7, 35, 
82; Job., 32, 34, 39, 75, 79, 102, 121, 
124*, 128*, 131, 134, 135*, 136, 139, 
140, 143, 159, 167*, 168, 171, 202, 
229, sen., 154, custos de Morkar, 
233, de Morcar, 140, 160, 175, 237, 
251, sen., 241, jun., 175, de pistrino, 
35, 175, 211, 232, 233, 251; Ra., 
195; Ric., 19, 22, 34, 36, 57, 128, 

134, 137, 160, 166*, 195, 198, 208*, 
209, carpenter, 251; Will., 7, 35, 42, 

82, 173, 175 

Kerchiefs ? (flammeola), 50, 52 

Kersey, see Cloth 

Keswyke, 71, 119, 120*, 122, 123 

Ketilstringe, 149 

Ketloc, Th., 32, 36, 75, 122, 124, 134, 

135, 137, 167, 175, 215, 225, 236, 
kyddar, 251; Will., 206 

Keton, Jac., 19, 29, 112, 148 
Ketylwell, 5, 22, 30, 64, 66, 96, 116, 

249*; bridge at, 51 
Ketylwell, Job., 2, 132, 136, 140, 180, 

194, 224, 225, 242, 245*; Rob., 33, 

36, 57, 75, 128*, 193*, plumbar, 251 
Key for Cellarer's camera, 156 
Keys, 9, 50, 84* ? 
Keyng, Th., 27, 29, 32, 75, 175; see 

also King 
Ki and Ky 
Kid or Kyd, Henr., 139, 159; Job., 

48, 66, 125, 176; Ric., 168, 251; 

Tho., 6, 47, 207*, 210, 242, 253; 

Will., 35, 66, 134, 152, 153*, 158. 

159*, 160*, 166, 193, 198, 203, 205*, 

207, 208, 213, 220, 222, 235, 237, 

238, 242, 243*, 244 
Kidder (see Glossary), 32, 75, 251 
Kiln ? (ustrina), 54 
Kiln or oven, rent of, 196 
Kilnsey or Kylnsay, 1, 5, 7, 10*, 16, 

25*, 27, 28, 31, 33, 35*, 40*, 44*, 

48, 56, 57*, 58*, 69*, 71*, 74*, 79*, 

82*, 83, 86, 91, 96, 124, 125*, 152, 

158, 174, 176, 193, 198, 204*, 208, 
214, 218, 220, 221, 227, 231*, 238*, 
244*, 249*; building of camera at, 
28; hall of, 54, 84; manor of, 53, 56; 
mill at, 5; spring (plantation) at, 

83, 86*; tithes of, 153; wood of, 53, 

Kylnesay, Will., 213 

King, the, armiger of, 19; dues to, 47, 
90; payment to, 60, for tithe of 
Boston, 12 

King's armiger, 19; letters, 61*; 
messengers, 17, 28, 31, 60, 61; min- 
strels, 60*, 62; servants, 19, 158* 

King or Kyng, Th., 110, 121, 139, 

159, 166, 197, 221, 237*, waynman, 

Kingswood, Keyngswod, or Kyngys- 

wod, Will., 98, 99 
Kipriddynge, 184*-188*, 189 
Kirkby or Kyrkeby, 30, 61, 116, 182; 

bailiff of, 66 



Kyrkby hall, 4, 23, 64, 95, 146 
Kirkby Malzeard, 4, 21, 59, 65, 95; 

bailiff of, 103, 106*; Court of, 108; 

vie. de, 12, 47 
Kyrkbymour, 182 
Kyrkbeschyr, 76 
Kyrkby, Gilb., 20*, 48, 84, 248* 
Kyrkby wyske, 4, 6, 23, 24, 35*, 36, 

66, 74, 81, 85, 95, 109, 117, 145, 

149*, 152, 156, 171, 178, 235*; 

Court at, 171, 172; Grange at, 4; 

rector of, 145; tenent. de, 37, 38 
Kyrkham, Prior de, 7 
Kyrkhamerton, 3, 22, 28, 65, 95; 

Grange at, 3 

Kyrkhamflat, 184*, 185*, 186*, 187* 
Kirkheton, 96; see also Heton 
Kyrkleys, 82; moniales de, 7 
Kyrklyngton, 4, 21, 65, 95 
Kirkstall (Cristall), 29, 158; Abbot 

of, his servant, 17, 18; monk of, 67 
Kirkstead, 59, 60 
Kyrk stele, 184, 248 
Kitchen, 47, 51*, 123n, 124, 135, 176*, 

177, 224, 237; abbot's, see Abbot; 

beasts slain "in", see Hides; 

boys of, 85; cattle used in, 253; 

driving of animals to, 224; honey 

for, 11; knives for, 50; monk of, 47; 

oil for, 11; T. of the, 232 
Knapton, Will., 33, 34, claim of, 253 
Knaresburgh, 28, 30*, 31, 110, 142, 

199, 211; Court of, 17, 18, 24, 27*, 

28, 60, 71*, 146; Court at, bailiff 

of, 66; St. Robert of, 40n 
Knarsburgh, Will., 63, 148, 203, 209, 

212, 216, 218*, 219*, 223, wife of, 

Knight or soldier with King's letters, 

Knives, 15, 52, 205; for kitchen, 50; 

pair of, 50; pairs of, for novices, 

158; for servants, 50 
Knoll, 209, 243; of Arnclifcote, 225; 

of Pickhill, see Knoll, Pikall 
Knoll, bridge-keeper, 104*; Agn., 35, 

155, 177, 242, 243; Edm., 89; Edw., 

243; Geo., 6, 235, 243*; Joh., 35, 

65, 125, 238; Matth., 54; Maw, of 

Foxhope, 225; Pikall (of Pickhill), 

124, 223, 238, 243 (Will., see p. 6); 

Th., 24, 56, 124, 238, 242*, 243*, 

son of, 155, 242; Will., 2, 6*, 80, 

87, 151 

Kouldwell, Joh., 217 
Kowsyd, 54; see also Cowsyde 

Kyghley or Kygley, Sim., 131* 
Kyldgarschaw, 96 

Labour in law case, 66* 

Labours, divers, 51* 

Labourers, 250*, 252* 

Lacester, T., 62 

Lad', Joh., 238 

Ladle ? (hausorium), 49 

Lalandes, 80, 87; goodwife, son of, 
241; Joh., 2, 44, 45, 58, widow of, 
243; Rob., 243, widow, 10, 20, 63 

Lambard, 88, de pistrino, 232; Joh., 
32, 34, 35, 54, 57*, 75, 125, 168, 
170*, 171, 193*, 198, 202, 205, 206, 
218*, 219, 229, 231, 233, 243, 251, 
de pistrino, 35, 175; Patr., 164; 
R., 45, 175*; Ric., 35, 36, 54, 69, 
125, 162, 163*, 164, 174, 193, 198*, 
204, 205, 225, 231, 235, 238, 244, 
sons of, 48, tascator, 251; Rob., 2, 
9, 10, 80, 126, 138, 170, 204, 230, 
231, opilio, 251; Th., 9, 35, 56, 58, 
69, 88, 205, 211, 218, 221, 238, 244; 
Will., 8, 54, 57, 86, 175 

Lambs, 121, 123, 152*, 178*, 201, 208, 
221, 224-227, 235, 237, 241*, 243*; 
care of, 44*, 88, 225; driving of, 88, 
153; for Trinity Sunday and Corpus 
Christi, 241 

Lambskins, 228, 232 

Lame, a carrier, 142 

Lamp oil, 11* 

Lamps repaired, 56 

Lancaster, Joh., 19, 49 

Lands bought, 36, 77; destroyed, 62; 
inquiry as to, 50; (terrae dominicse), 

Langerhous, 5, 23, 96 

Langeyng, 21 

Langlandes, 186, 189 

Langlandes, Rob., 184 

Langlay, Th., 166, 167, carpenter, 251 

Langstrote or Langstroth, Joh., 7, 
179; Rob., 6, 120, 121, 122, 233, 
sons of, 233; Th., 6, 119, 121, 123, 
138, 179, 233 

Langton, Ric., 32, 75 

Langwath, Joan, 186 

Larbuttes, 183, 185, 189 

Larder, 125*, 125n, 238 

Laregate or Larigat, 67, 97 

Larton or Layrton (Laverton), 4, 63, 
81, 96 

Latami, 256 

Laths (asseres), 57, 58 



Latomar, 98 

Laton, Joh., 156; Rob., 59 

Latter (see Glossary), 251 

Laundress, lotrix, 32, 60, 75, 208, 218 

Laundry man, lotor, 32, 75, 251 

Laveroke, Alic., 189; Joh., 186, 247, 
248; Rob., 54, 183, 188, 247, 248; 
Th., 54, 187, 247, 248; Will., 189, 

Laverton, see Larton 

Law cases, 26*, see also Materia; ex- 
penses, 17 

Lawnd, le, 106, 107, 190 

Lawrence, St., rib of, 40n 

La\vrogholm, 186 

Lawson, Th., 34, 121, 124*, 155, 171, 
192, 235*, 237, 242*, 243, 243*; 
Will., 6, 48, 155, 177, 192, 222, 237, 

Lawyers, bursar six days with, 71 

Lead, 57, 58, 76, 142, 240*, 241; car- 
riage of, 16, 149-152; f other of, 
131; from Grassington, 153; ore, 
ashes, etc., of, 40n; smelting of, 
148, 149*, 151; sold, 40, 79; 
weighing of, 14 

Lead nails, 45 

Lead pipe, 54 

Leaps (baskets), 51 

Lease for 5 years, conditions of, 244 

Leche, Will., 6 

Ledes, Rob., 175, 195, 217, 229, 232, 
cocus, 251 

Leeks, 11 

Legacies, 117, 126, 203 

Legal documents, several, 13, 14 

Lemyng, Chr., 109, 151, 199, 207; 
Laur., 77, 78, 166; Will., 32, 35, 75, 
119, 134*, 137, 175, 179, 220, 241, 
carpenter, 251, cocus, 35, 251 

Lene, Joh'is, hered., 7 

Leonard Burton, see Burton Leonard 

Lent, 167, 168; fourth Sunday in, 68 

Lethlay, Ric., 12 

Letter of Abbot of Morimund, 216; 
testimonial, 67 

Letters brought, 60*, 61*, 62; carried, 
117; carried to and from London, 

Leuerestales, 188 

Leute, Joh., 35, 164* (probably 
Lowte); Will., 164 

Lewce, Joh., 35 (probably Lowte) 

Leydes, Rob., 32, 35, 75; Th., 73, 74; 
Tho., son of, 60 

Leys apud North Cowton, 65 

Leys, Joh., 122 

Li, see Ly 

Libel (a legal document), 13 

Liber communitatis, 15 

Liberatio districc., 66 

Lime, labour with, 174 

Limekiln, 51* 

Lincoln, 206 

Linen Cloth, see Cloth 

Linen for Abbot's camera, 51, 85; for 
Abbot's store-room, 51; for f rater 
and for the Abbot's store room, 85; 
for f rater and guest house, 51; for 
kerchiefs (flammeola), 50, 52 

Linen clothes for stable boys and 
kitchen boys, 85 

Linens, sewing of, 52 

Linns, 20, 64 

Linton, 5, 96, 241 

Liquorice, 67 

Literse suspensoriae, 104 

Litiholmhaw, 183 

Litilbek, 184 

Litilburton, 97 

Litster, Joh., 76, 133; Th., 2*, 41, 80, 
81, 109, 115, 130, 132, 133, 136, 
147, 148, 160, 180, 248 

Litton, 1, 6, 31, 34, 40, 57, 58*, 66, 79, 
96, 153, 155, 235, 238, 241, 242*, 
243*, 244 

Litton dale, 12, 47, 90 

Litton, Henr., 243 

Liversedge, 5, 10, 42, 82, 96 

Loaves, 219 

Loblay, Henr., 135 

Lociones et tonciones, 10, 88 

Lock (cera), for Abbot, 16; for aum- 
bry, 15; and key, 104 

Locks, 9, 50*, 51, 67; for gates, 15; 
repairs of, 86 

Locks, of wool, 39, 78 

Lofthous, 2, 5, 63, 84, 96, 105, 116*, 
130, 135, 136, 148*, 150, 176*, 
180*, 245; lodges at, 244* 

Loge de Swanlay, 152 

Loge, Henr., 168, 235, 243* 

Loncastyr, Joh., 66 

Londerberstake, 189 

London, 17*, 27, 31, 71, 72, 73*, 127, 
140, 146, 158, 240; journey to, 62; 
sheriff of, 17, 66 

London, 206 

Londriberghe, 184 

Londyrbargsyke, 185 

Londyrsbarkslace, 188 

Longlay, 4, 41, 82, 96 

Longlay, Joh., 98, 99, 100*, 211; Th., 



28, 34, 55, 57, 97, 124, 161, 175, 

195, 205, 217 
Losels, fr. Th., 162 
Lost money, 235 
Lost sheep and lambs, 235 
Lothlay, Will., 134 
Louterstan, 96 
Louth Park, 27, 28, 36, 72, 73*, 76; 

Abbot of, 33, 34, 76 
Lowte, Job.., 55, 56; see also Leute 

and Lewce 
Lowthir, Will., 183 
Lucas, Job., 34, 105 
Ludorum conduccio, 20 
Luge, Henr., 6, 35; see also Loge 
Lunglay, 41; see also Longlay 
Lupton, Job., 139, 159 
Lusores nostri proprii, 17; dni. W. 

Plumpton, 18 
Lutsterton, 172 
Lutterstanes, 96, 172n, 213 
Ly, see Li 
Lyncolbargh, 145 
Lyndsay, Will., 141 
Lytton, Henr., 6, 34 
Lytylfar, Job., 51 

Madensell, Will., 151* 

Magister Averiorum, 1, 9, 10, 12, 47, 
87, 88, 90, 124*, 125, 242; Gran- 
giarum, 211; Minerse, 12, 47, 90; 
Noviciorum, 13; operum, 12, 47, 
90, 193, 199, 201, 211*, 228; Ovium, 
1, 10, 12, 44, 47, 88, 90, 227 

Magneby or Mawnby, Job., at ye 
Kyrkstele, 184, 248, sen., 248 

Makerell, Th., 120 

Malachise dies, 197 

Maleverer, Job., 23, 144* 

Malham, Mallom, etc., 1, 5, 12, 21, 31, 
34, 35*, 40, 42, 47, 54, 65, 74, 79, 
82, 86, 90, 96, 155, 158, 168, 176, 
177, 191, 207, 227*, 237, 242*; 
mill at, 5, 42 

Malham, Malghum, Malhom, Mai- 
holm, Job., 21, 32, 65, 74, 127, 134, 
136, 160, 238 

Mailer, Job., 64 

Malore, Malyore, or Malour, Job., 24*, 
33, 96*, 113, 114; Will., 34, 147 

Malourhous, 100 

Malt, 58*, 72, 77*, 78*, 100*, 101, 
147, 162*, 168, 169, 199, 204, 211*, 
219, 254*; of oats, 219, 254 

Malthous, Job., 211, 212, 217; Th., 
14, 17, 29, 33, 49, 53, 56*, 59, 68, 

69, 73, 76, 83; Will., 16, 24, 34, 59, 
193, 210, 240, 250* 

Maltmill at Monastery, 192 

Malton, 180 

Malwaterhous, 3, 5, 42, 82, 96, 137, 
226, 249 

Man, Job., 28, 32, 36, 76, 106, 117, 
145, 146, 150, 162*, 165, 202*, 207, 
220; famulus Bursarii, 252; Pet., 
254; Will., 2, 241, 242 

Man family, j 45n 

Mantle, 56 

Manure, loading waggon with, 174; 
sold, 39, 79, 171 

Map of the World, 52 

Marchall or Merschall, Job., 37, 50, 77, 
89, 99, 120, 122, 252; dns. Job., 
rector Ebor., 36, 189, 240*; Mr. 
Job., 36; Walt., 189; Will., 32, 75, 
100, 120, 123n, 124, 167, 209, son 
of, 152, de stabulo abbatis, 251 

Mare, stolen, branded on buttock, 
102; taken for tax, 245 

Mares, 122*, 193, 225, 231, 245, 248, 
253; and foals, 12, 122 

Markenfield or Merkynfeld, 96, 105 

Markynfeld, day to be had with, 68; 
Job., 59, 62, 73, 74, 105*, 124, 134, 

Markington, 3, 5, 21, 41, 42, 65, 81, 96 

Marl, 14*, 15, 52*, 58, 182 

Marom, Job., 59 

Marr, Will., 46 

Marston, 1, 3, 23, 31, 38, 39, 40, 41, 
64*, 79, 96; closes in, 3 

Marton, 1-4, 8, 9, 12*, 14, 16, 17, 25, 
26*, 29, 30, 31, 34*, 40, 43*, 45, 46, 
48*, 51, 52*, 54, 57*, 58*, 64, 68*, 
72, 74, 79*, 81*, 85, 86*, 96, 104, 
112, 118, 125*, 134, 136, 145*, 150, 
151, 154*, 156*, 157, 158, 161, 162, 
170*, 174, 193-199, 202, 209, 211*, 
212*, 213*, 214, 221*, 222, 223, 
231*, 238*, 244, 254; camera and 
stable at, 53; custos de, 8, 43, 86; 
manor of, 53, 55, 192 

Marton Manor, garden of, 43; hall or 
house of, 86, 192, 232; linen for, 85; 
orchard of, 8, 232 

Marton, nova fossa at, 68*; praepos. 
de, 37, 38, 39, 77, 78*; tenant de, 
38; tithe barn at, 83; Vicar of, 119 

Marton, Mr., and servant 50; Job., 
22, 151; Will., 20, 63 

Marts, 125 

Martyn, Job., 142 



Masham, 25, 70*, 102, 105*, 106, 107, 
108, 254 

Mass music, 254 

Master, see Magister 

Materia de Aldburgh, 70*, 72; decima? 
de Arnclit'cote, 10(5; Banke, 17, 
52, 59*, 00*, 60*, 08*, 70, 71, 73*, 
140, 144*, 147, 149, 250; Ric. 
Banke, 17*, 25*, 20, 30, 49, 51, 
07*, 70, 74, see also Banke, Ric.; 
Bellford, 24, 108; T. Belforth, 
108*; Stephani Blasels, 108; Pri- 
oris de Bryglyngton, 110, 111; 
Will. Burton, 111*; Will. Burton et 
aliorum, 112; Byrteby, 111, 112; 
de Cay ton, 108; Will. Clapham, 30, 
60, 158; concordise, 00; Job. Con- 
stable, 18, 151, 154; de Crosthwate, 
13, 17*, 20, 27*, 28*, 29*, 31*, 09, 
70, 77; eccl. de Crostbwate, 155, 
156; episc. Exon.,25; Will.Folyfate, 
102, 103*; Th. Hope, 151; Th. Heb- 
den, 111, 112; Job. Huberd sen. et 
jun., 148; de Ilketon, 67; Joh'is 
Man, 28, 145; Job. Markynfeld, 74; 
Palesar, 30; Potte et Aldburgh, 
102; J. de Potte, 26; Job. Pudsay, 
30; relictse Nich. Rycrofte, 155; 
Joh'is Savell et Abbatis Qhwallay, 
18; Staveley, 103, 105*, 106; Steph. 
Talbote, 159; Rob. Tanfeld, 149; 
J. Tenand, 26*, 68, 73; Woburn, 61 

Materise monasterii, 68, 108 

Maundy, 14, 49, 90 

Maunforth, Alex., 131* 

Mawd, Ja., 34, 36, laborer, 252; Job., 
192, famulus Cellararii, 252; Rob., 
26*, 30, 32, 36, 69, 71, 75, 146, 158, 
175, 206, 228, 229, 230, 232, 233 

Mawer, Th., 71, 127, 128 

Mawnby or Magneby, Job., 54*, 185, 
247, at ye Kyrkstele, 184, 248, jun., 
247*, sen., 188; Will., 54*, 69, 76, 
185, 186, 190, 247* 

Mawnsell, Will., 230 

Mayson, Job., 124; Ric., 123 

Meadows, 14, 04; of monastery, 9*; 
mowing of, 7, 8*, 9, 82; sold, 3, 41; 
for thatch, 53, 83 

Measure, see Mensura 

Meaux (Melsa), 27, 59, 08*, 72*, 108, 
144, 155; Abbot of, 18, 35, 110, 121; 
creation of new abbot at, 72 

Medicines bought, 45*; for Abbot, 13, 
14; for brethren, 52; for the lord 
Clifford's son, 205 

Melburn, a tenant, 20 

Meld, see Cloth 

Meldby, see Milby 

Melmorby, 4, 19, 22, 23, 37, 38, 54, 03, 

74, 83, 96, 155, 177, 190, 190, 197, 

207, 217; bounds of, 97; tenent. de. 


Melsa, see Meaux 
Mensura cumulata, 161, etc., 234*; 

rava, 167, etc., 254 
Merbeke, Ric., 128, 128*, 129, 147- 

151*, 155, 158* 
Mercedes famulorum, 32, 74 
Mercenarii, 72 
Mergrafe, 190 

Mergraflate, 02, 183*, 184, 189* 
Merle, Job., 40, 55 
Merschall, see Marchall 
Messengers, 52, GO, 01*, 73*, 104; re- 
warded, 18*, 19* 
Metcalfe, Ja., 32, 74 
Michael, St., chapel of, 24, 40; obla- 
tions at, 79 
Michaelis mons, 7, 07 
Michaelmas, Court at, 40 
Michaelmas meadows, 100*, 101* 
Michelcroft, 04 
Michelltofte, 20 
Micklegate, York, 3, 21 
Middleburgh, Rob., 34, 49, 50, 228 
Middleham, Midlam, etc., 25*, 71*, 

73, 104, 107*, 108 
Midilt', cat', 99n 
Midilton, Joh., 35; Rob., 98; Steph., 

46, 55, 56, 58, 76*, 77, 78*, 81, 135, 

140, 158, 176, 212, 216*, 217, 234 
Midlowhous, 2, 5, 10*, 35, 44, 45, 54, 

80, 88, 96, 129, 249* 
Mikylriddynge, 188 
Milby, Mildeby, Meylby, 4, 23, 37, 38, 

58, 63, 64, 67, 81, 84, 96, 142, 146 
Millom, 124 
Mills, 22, 23, 51, 55, 63, 64, 65*, 82*, 

84*, 86; repaired, 83 
Mill-axle-tree, fixing of, 80 
Millspindle, 206 
Miller, 32, 75, 251 
Milner, Henr., 53, 86, 148; Joh., 77, 


Minerse captura, 44 
Miners, 121, 237 
Minstrels, 17*, 18*, 19*, 59*, 60*, 61*, 

111, 142; boys of, GO; rewards to, 


Minuciones, 49, 52, 61* 
Missing leaf, 4 In 
Mistranslation, 53n 
Mody, Joh., 212 



Moge, Bog., 22, 62, 187 

Molans, pair of, 49 

Molecatching, 51, 5 In 

Molehills, 232; spreading of, 209 

Moleskins, 51 

Monachus Coquinae, 12, 47, 90; 

Granarii, 198; Tannarise, 12, 40, 47, 

80, 90, 199, 219 
Monastery, business affairs of, 91; 

closes of, 56; meadows of, 34, 87*; 

mowing of meadows of, 43; part of. 

33; sawing in, 55 
Money borrowed, 27, 28, 29; loss of, 

14, 157; raising of (elevacio), 153; 

to be raised at Aynlerby, 249 ; from 

feet of accounts, 245; and cattle 

received, 242-244 
Monk of Allerdale, 60; extraneous, 74; 

of Kirkstead, 60; of Pipewell, 61 
Monkeyng, 9, 43, 87 
Monkton super moram, 3, 23, 96 
Monkton (Nun Monkton), moniales 

de, 7; Priorissa de, 35 
Monketon, Th., 34, monk, 228; Walt., 

141, 211, 253 

Mons Jerusalem, 12, 15, 24, 47*, 90 
Mons Michaelis, 7, 67, 211 
Montforth, Th., son of, 160 
Moor Monkton, see Monkton super 


Moor-, see Mour- 
Mor, Will., 15 
Mordyke, 55 
More, Joh., 89; Joh'a, 89, 102, 128, 

129, 140, 147, 160, 236; Will., 117, 

126, 134, 158 

Morendes, 20, 22, 62, 63, 188, 189* 
Morhous, 5, 82, 96, 125, 192 
Morimund, Abbot of, 216 
Morland, 109 
Morpath, Ric., 61 
Morkar, 1, 2*, 7*, 9*, 10*, 34, 39, 40, 

42*-45, 57, 79*, 80, 82*, 88*, 97, 

111, 117, 122, 125*, 126, 128*, 131, 

134*, 135*, 136, 138*, 139, 140, 142, 

143, 145, 154, 160*, 166*, 167*, 

168-171, 173, 175*, 176, 180, 184, 

192, 194*, 195, 200, 203, 204*, 212, 

215, 217, 218, 226, 230, 231*, 237*, 

238, 249*, 251*, 252*; Gustos ib'm, 

42, 82 

Morpotte, 97 
Morton, 5, 96 
Morts, 65, 125, 134*, 136, 138, 228*, 

229*, 230, 232*, 235, 238, 243 
Mortuary, 122* 
Moscrofte, 190 

Moscrope, 86, 247; Rob., 22, 54, 188, 

247, 248 

Mosdale, fields at, 63 
Moseyng, 4, 58, 184-187 
Moss, carriage of, 58 
Mount St. Michael, see Mons 
Mourendes, 20; see also Morendes 
Mourhous, 126 
Mousecrofte, 183 
Mowing, 9, 43*, 47, 82*, 83, 86, 87*, 

190, 211*, 213; of meadows, 42*, 


Multon, 137n 
Multon, gentleman named, 165; Tho., 

Multones, 88*; care of, 44*; see also 


Mundicia abducta, 50 
Murrain, 127, 134* 
Mustard, 112* 
Muttell', hides of, 230* 
My, see Mi 
Mydyltranhous, 96 
Mynskype, 83 

Mynskype, Esab., 172; Ric., 154 
Myrtle ?, 49 

N., Th., probably Th. Newsom, 138, 

Nails, 10, 11*, 15*, 45*, 50, 51, 55*, 

84*, 88, 97, 171, 196; making of, 45; 

see also Double spikings, Horse- 
nails, Leadnails, Spikings 
Navigia, 13 

Navigium at Acaster, 68 
Nelson, Magot', 241 
Netherbordlay, 5, 20, 42, 82, 86, 96, 


Nethercowsyd, 83 

Netherhesylden, 6, 21, 42, 65, 82, 96 
Nevell, d'ns Joh., 17, 18, 60, 61, 145 

d'ns Tho., 61 
New building at Pott, 53; enclosures 

62, 63*; houses built, 54, 55 
Newburgh, Prior of, 7, 34 
Newby, 3, 4, 20, 64, 81, 96 
Newcastle, 31 
Newclose, 23 
Newhous, 5*, 21, 42, 82, 96, 152, 155, 

241, 242 

Newminster, Prior of, 56, 143 
Newsom, 4, 24, 35*, 51, 66, 74*, 83- 

87, 96, 143, 146, 156, 168; tenent. 

de, 37 
Newsom, 26, 76; Alic., 181; Joh., 2, 

11, 34, 55*, 59, 62, 69, 74, 80, 126, 



128, 148, 154, 174, 184*, 188, 189*, 
205, 207, 208*, 219, 248*, de camera 
abbatis, 252; Ric., 175; Th., 16, 19, 
30, 35, 38, 58*, 65, 69, 70*, 73*, 74, 
76*, 77, 100*, 101*, 102*, 104, 107*, 
110*, 112, 127, 138, 139, 141*, 142*, 
143*, 145, 148, 149, 150*, 154*, 156, 
159, 160, 161, 168, 171, 178*, 181, 
182*, 195-198, 202, 203*, 207*, 208, 
209, 214, 215, 217*-220*, 234, 235, 
collector firmarum, 252 

Neuson, Job., 22; Will., 154 

Neusted, Job., 14, 38, 78*, 113, 181, 
239, wife of, 146, sen., 114; Rob., 
39, 58, 79, 181, 196, 220, 239 

Neuton, 30 

Nicholson, Rob., 7, 233 

Nidd or Nydd, river banks of, 55*; 
embanking of, 53 

Nidd, village of, 131* 

Nidderdale (vallis), 12, 26, 33, 47, 55, 
104, 105, 134w, 145, 149*, 150, 244; 
tithes of, 90 

Night watching, 230 

Norfolk, see Northfolchiae 

Northallerton, see Aluerton 

Northampton, 106 

Northcot, 2, 5, 10, 45*, 80, 88, 96, 
211, 225, 231, 243 

Northcowton, 84*; see also Cowton 

Northfeld, 185, 187, 188, 189 

Northflat, 182-185, 187, 188 

Northfolchife dns., 18, 19, 60 

Northous, 198, 209*, 213, 222, 226 

North pasture, 245 

Northstanlay, 4, 65, 96; see also Stain- 

Northstreet in York, 23, 82 

Northumberland, earl of, 12, 18, 19, 
25, 26, 28*, 47, 59*, 60, 61*, 66, 68, 
90, 151 

Northwod, 116 

Northwra, 184-188* 

Norton, Chr., 160; Geo., 67; Joh., 19, 
23, 26, 63, 77, prsepos., 38; Will., 
97, 101, de Rotaria, 252 

Noryson, Joh., 83, 84, 135, 148, 235 

Notary, 71 

Notson, 164 

Novices (juvenes, fratres juniores), 13, 
14, 49, 52, 61*, 158*; their depart- 
ment (probatorium), 45, 149 

Nun Monkton, see Monkton 

Nunwycthorns, Rob., 77 

Nut oil, 11 

Nutwith, 58, 80, 226* 

Nutwithcote, 2, 3, 19, 22, 45, 48, 55, 
68*, 69, 80, 88, 115, 117, 132, 136, 
169, 249 

Ny, see Ni 

Oats, 48, 69*, 96, 99, 100*, 101, 114*, 
118, 133*, 161, 162, 163, 165, 166, 
170*, 172*, 174*, 175, 194*, 195, 
197*-201, 203, 208, 209*, 212*, 214, 
215, 222*, 225, 226, 231*, 233, 234*, 
237, 238, 239*, 254; bought, 38, 78; 
malted, see Malt; sold, 38 

Oat chaff, 167; straw, 167; for Abbot's 
camera, 15 

Obediences (shown to a Court), 18 

Oblation made by Abbot at York, 68 

Offic' Castri, 67 

Officials of monastery, 29, 69*; oats 
for, 234 

Oil, 11*, 46*, 89*, 117, 126; bought, 

29, 70 
Olla, 51 

Olla magna brasinagii, 48 

Ollae seneae or serese, 48, 49, 50 

Olyfe, Joh., 35, 206 

Onions, 11*, 28n ?, 51, 141, 171 

Onion seed, 13, 89 

Opilio, 32, 250*, 251*, 252 

Orchard, 189; of hall, 232; the high, 

breaking into, 200, 204; see also 

Applegarth and Marton 
Orders, Holy, expenses for, 28 
Ordination, brethren sent for, 52, 60, 

71, 72; of juniors, 73 
Ordium emptum, 37, 77; see also 


Organ, 230, 232 

Orriorum decimalium expensse, 8 
Orts, 245 

Osbaldson, Ja., 109 
Osmunds, 10, 45; barrel of, 89 
Ostium lecti in dormitorio, 104; Cel- 

larii, 107 

Oswaldi, St., Prior, 7 
Otlay, 5, 12, 28*, 62, 70, 83, 86, 96 
Ottryngton, 18 
Ouse, river, 58* 
Ouse Bridge, keeper of, 104* 
Ouse and Derwent, wapentake, 20, 24, 

30, 59, 67, 103 

Ouse and Derwent, law case between, 


Ouse- or Owsflate, 186, 189 
Ouseburn, Little, 4, 23*, 64, 96, 144* 
Ousegate in York, 145 



Overbordlay, 5, 10, 45, 53, 82, 83, 96, 

241, 242, 249 

Overend, Agn., 169; Job., 26, 74; 
Ra., 32, 36, 75, 111, 112, 121, 204, 
241*, communis lotor, 251; Hie., 
44, 80, 151, 175, 205, 224, 232, 236*, 
oppilio, 251; Steph., 7, 82, 85, 99, 
1(53, 166*, 175; Tho., 36, 123n, 124, 
137, 173, 200*, 210, 229, catur, 251 

Overhesylden, 6, 96, 216 

Oves, 131, 140*; care of, 44*, 45 

Owlcotes, 6, 96 

Oxen, 14, 52, 119*-128, 130*, 133*- 
136, 139, 140*, 141*, 145, 147, 148, 
152*, 154*, 155*, 157*, 159, 170*, 
173, 175, 176, 178*, 193, 199, 200, 
205*, 207, 214, 216-222, 225, 227, 
233, 235-238, 242*, 243, 248, 253*, 

Ox bought, 76; dead, 173; as a fee, 
157; as a legacy, 126; in payment, 

Oxen, care of, 44, 118, 162*, 163; of 
covenant, 245; fat, 49, 87, 232; fat, 
care of, 8; fat, for kitchen, 47; fed 
on oats, 165; fodder for, 48; halves 
of, 199, 208*, 212, 225, 226; keepers 
of, 8, 9, 43*; night watching of, 87; 
pasture of in " Bost," 44; presents 
of, 59, 60; stolen, 49, 62, 139; sent 
for Warnestura, 147; see also Cattle 

Ox hide, 227 

Ox-house, 192 

Oxford, study at, 52, 68; visit of 
Abbot to, 68 

Oysters for Abbot, 25 

Packthread, 67 

Pacoke or Pakoke, Joh., 6, 86, 141, 

178, 215 

Painting of cloths, 56; of staff, 67 
Pales, 55; see also Rails 
Palings, 50, 54 

Palyser, Rob., 145, 152, J90; Th., 26 
Pane, Joh., 222 
Panis equinus, 14*, 112, 190; huma- 

nus, 112 
Pannage, 2, 81 

Pannus laneus, 16, 85; see also Cloth 
Pannus lineus, 16, 85; see also Cloth 
Pannus liberacionis, 76 
Pantry ?, 238n 
Paper, 14*, 25, 48*, 49*, 50, 52, 67*, 

105, 107, 108, 144; for Abbot, 25; 

for account, 14 
Paper map, 52 

Parchment, 25*, 48*, 49*, 50, 52, 105, 

107, 108; and paper, 14, 49, 52 
Parcus Ludse, see Louth Park 
Pardonacio, ( .H> 
Park, 52, 55, 56, 85; at Keldkar ?, 

190; of monastery, 33, 178 
Parke, Th., 57 

Partridges, 52, 59; for Abbot, 14, 49 
Parva domus, 85 

Parva Vsburn, see Ouseburn, Little 
Paslew, Joh., 52 
Pasture (ulcetum), 149 
Pateley Bridge or Pathelabrig, 12, 26, 

27, 28*, 30, 47, 76, 88, 90, 96. 103, 

104, 158, 159, 252 
Patella, 50 
Patholm, 182 

Pavement repaired at York, 84 
Pears, bringing of, 50 
Pease, 165, 172, 214*, 224, 225, 234; 

bought, 39, 78; green, 118*, 161, 

163, 167, 173*, 174*, 193*. 195, 

198-202, 204, 208, 209, 210*, 212*, 

213, 216, 217*, 219*, 221-225. 227. 

231, 235, 236*, 238*, 239*, 240; 

bought, 39; grey, 118*, 161, 163, 

166, 173, 231, 232, 235 
Pease straw, 167 
Pecun. stoc', 143 
Pedes compotorum, 41; comp. Ovi- 

um, 2 
Peeke or Peke, Ric., 34, 128*. 160, 

170, 175, 212, 229, 230, 241* 
Penbruke et Warwyke, duke of, 18 
Penreth, Joh., 164 
Penrith, 33, 233 
Penrose, Joh., 189 
Pen-trials, 254n 

Pepper, 45, 67, 89, 253; see also Piper 
Pepper rents, 4*, 5 
Percy, Ric., 20, 73 
Percy, dns. de, 7 
Percy veil, Th., 32, 35, 75, 210, de 

infirmitorio, 251 
Person, Ric., 28*, 31, 32, 73-75, 175, 

215, 228, 229*, 230, 232, de stabulo 

abbatis, 251; Will., 148 
Personmilhill, 183 
Pestilence, time of, 50 
Peter of Tarentaise, St., 23 In 
Petergate in York, 3, 65 
Peyke, Ric., waynman, 251 
Pickhill or Picall, 3, 4, 6, 22*, 41*, 

65*, 74, 77, 81, 96, 124, 187 ?, 203, 

223, 238, 243; tenent. de, 37, 38* 
Pieces (of lead), 240, 241 
Pigeon cote, new, making of, 165 



Pigeons, food for, 161* 

Pigs, 46, 89, 90, 131, 137, 150, 166, 

19!), 218, 221, 253*; care of, 114; 

little, 197, 207, 214*, 219, 237*, 

253*; sold, 1, 40, 79 
Piggeries, porcariae, 47, 175, 197, 

221*; men employed in porcarius, 

32, 250*, 251* 
Piggott, Rad., 66 
Pileus given, 19 
Pillows, 53 
Pinder, 19; of Bishopric of Durham, 


Pinfold, watching of, 91 
Piper zinziperis, 45 
Pipe well, 61 
Pisae or Pisa ?, 210n; emptae, 39, 78; 

see also Pease 
Pitch, 52 

Plaster, 57, 58; getting of, 15, 50 
Plasterer, Hie., 98 
Plaustrarii, 32 
Players, 59*, 60, 61 
Playn, Th., 147, 199, 201, 203, 207, 


Plomtreys, Will., 135 
Ploughclouts, 10, 88 
Ploughing, 7, 8, 42*, 195, 209, 224, 


Ploughman, 7, 8 
Ploughshares, 10*, 11, 45, 88 
Plumbers, 250, 251; shop" of, 57*, 149, 


Plumland, Will., 48, 55, 198 
Plums brought, 60 
Plumton, 29; Godfray, 134*; Will., 

25, 59, 110; dns. Will., 12, 18, 31, 

47, 74 

Polltar, Will., 169, 171, 239, 244 
Pome, Joh., 242 

Pons burgi, Pontiburgus, see Borough- 

Ponte, de, 175, 246 
Ponynges, lord, 111; minstrels of. 

Poor at Maundy, 90; relieved, 59, 60*, 

61; man relieved, ex praecepto, 60 
Pope's collector, 12, 47, 76, 90. 
Poplay or Powplay, Joh., 59, 61, 66 
Porcass, Joh., 143 
Portariddynge, 189 
Porter, the, 32, 75, 145 
Porter, 177; Anabl', 186; Ja., 183, 

189, 247; Joh., 120, 129, 150, 159, 

177, 201, 205, 208, 212, 218, 229, 

230, relict of, 226, 241, opilio, 251; 

Ric., 193 

Post placed, 20 

Pott, 2, 4, 41, 48, 53*, 69, 80, 83, 95, 
116, 132, 136*, 150, 180*, 236, 245 

Pott, Joh., 139; Ric., 25, 48, 55*, 58, 
126*, 127, 130*, 176, 199, 202*, 
203, 205, 216* 

Potte et Aldburgh, materia, 102 

Pottell, Joh., 48 

Potter, Henr., 186 

Pottow, Joh., 35, 175, latter, 251 

Poulterer, 48 

Pownce ?, Joh., 6 

Prebend., Comp. to ye, 42 

Presents, 104, 111, 124*; by order of 
Abbot, 151, 152; of black cloth to 
Prior of Newminster, 143; two bul- 
locks to Prioress of Yedingham, 
159; cattle, 119, 127*, 129, 139; 
of same to bailiffs ne noceant, 134, 
see also Goodwill; of same pro con- 
cordia, 127*, 128*, 129*, 130, 134*; 
of same to gentlemen, 127, 128*, 
129*, 134, see also Cattle; to Clerk 
of Court, 149; at death of a son, 
211; of oxen, 125*; of rye, 19, 
165; of seal fish to Abbot, 143; of 
wheat to Carmelites of Alverton, 
234 ; see also Dona, Friars, Re- 

Prest, Rob., 80; T., 44 

Preston, 5, 91, 96, 140, 238, 241 

Preston, Joh., 6, 242, 244, relict of, 
57, son of, 155, 242, jun., 243, sen., 

Prince, the, 18 , 

Prior, the, 30, 33, 34, 69, 70, 75, 104, 
105; chamber man of, de camera 
Prioris, 251; servant of, 32, 75 

Prisoner, release of, 17 

Privy seal, 27, 61 

Probatorium, 45, 149 

Proclamation, 66 

Proctour, 80; Rob., 6, 10*, 11, 44, 47, 
62*, 83, 86, 88, 125, 177*, 235, 238; 
a servant, 147; a shepherd, 45 

Procurator of Convent, 17, 47, 90 

Proprietas, 129*, 134*, 160*, etc. 

Pudsay, Joh., 27, 29, 60, 67, 72 

Puer cameras d'ni Abbatis, 32; Cel- 
lerarii, 32; in hospicio, 32; in 
promptuorio d'ni Abbatis, 32; 
stabuli d'ni Abbatis, 32 

Pullan, Ra., 140, 151, 240* 

Pullets, 214 

Pulter, Joh., 196; Will., 38, 195, 196, 
197, 211, 217 

Pulvis pestilencise, 52; vitalis, 45 



Purchases of calves, etc., 237; of 

grain, 238 
Purification (churching), a sheep at, 


Purse, 50 
Pursuivant. 19 
Pycryng, Ric., 49, 169 
Pyghall, 187 
Pygott, Galfr., 73, 234; Joh., 72; Ra., 

60; Ric., 72*, 155* 
Pykhall, Will., 168, 251 
Pymson, Tho., 214, 223, 228, father 

of, 125, relict of, 225, opilio, 251 
Pyper, Th., 86 

Qhwarfe or Qwarfe or Qwerfe, Joh., 
15*, 24, 38, 42, 58, 126*, 127, 133, 
151, 163, 166, 167, 174, 176, 194, 
202*, 206, 207, 215, 217, de Swan- 
lay, 251 

Quails, 49 

Quarry, 21, 64 

Quicksets ?, 28n 

Qw, see Wh 

Qwates or Qhwaites, Joh., 28, 72 

Qwykfall, 86; carrying of, 59; col- 
lection of, 48 

Qwickwood, 57 

Qwyntyn, Joh., 7 

Ra, Th., 22 

Rabbits, 25 

Racse, Tho., 125 

Radclyfe, Ra., boy of, 60; Will., 19 

Rails, '55, 211; in Park, 52; see also 
Pales, Ryls 

Rainton, Ranyngton, Raynton, etc., 
1, 3, 4, 9, 22, 31, 34, 36, 40, 52*, 58, 
70, 74, 79, 81, 83, 85, 87, 90, 96, 104, 
105, 112, 125*, 143, 145*, 148, 152, 
156, 164, 172, 176, 178, 193, 200, 
235, 238; chapel of, 17; custos de, 
8, 43, 87; dovecote at, 84; garden 
or orchard (ortus) of manor of, 9, 
43, 87; three gardens at, 19; hall 
of, 52; prsepos. de, 37, 38, 77; 
tenent. de, 38 

Raynton, Joh., 239, jun., 171, sen., 

Raisins, 11*, 111, 112* 

Rakarr, 62, 188 

Rakes (rastra), 49; 24 for l'2d., 15 

Rakes, Rob., 83; see also Racse 

Rale, 29, 58 

Rams, 175*, 212, 237 

Ranald, Joh., 21, 33, 51, 63, 121, 238; 

see also Raynald 

Rand, Joh., 35*, 76, 119; Will., 16 
Randall, Rob., 233 
Randhalfe, Ra., 64 

Randolph, d'ns fitz, 65 

Raper, Joh., 145, 240, 252; Will., 100, 
145, 155, 178, 181, 190 

Raskell, Geo., 8, 42, 82, 122, 129, 223; 
de Hadd, 252; Isab., 34, 164; Joh., 
52, 61, 74, 134, 166; Ric., 14, 72, 
245, wife of, 200, jun., 128*, 129, 
140, 157, 169, 219, de ffabrili, 252, 
sen., 132, 140*, 148, 152, 197*, 201, 
202, 203, 242, 251 

Rasura noviciorum, 13; panni com- 
munitatis, 15* 

Rata scolaris, 12, 47, 90, 151 

Ravenswath, 72 

Rawson, Joh., 66 

Ray, Tho., 19, 63 

Raykar, 183, 188 

Raynald, Joh., 159, 213*, fforester, 
251; Rob., 139; see also Ranald 

Rayner or Raner, 169; Joh., 18, 19, 
53*, 60, 80, 106, 116, 132, 135, 176, 
180, 236, 238, 245, opilio, 251; Ric.. 
27, 31, 42, de carr., 252; Will., 10, 
35, 51, 54*, 84, 105, 189*, bailiff, 

Razors, and sharpening, 51 

Reaping, 170* 

Receipt of stirketts, 136 

Red wax, 14, 25* 

Redcar, 4 

Redclyfe, Chr., 6 

Rede, goodwife, 129; see also Reyd 

Redlych, 25 

Redman, 22; famulus, 129; Joh., 18, 
31, 59, 74, 158; Th., 32, 229 

Refectory, linen for, 68; nails for roof 
of, 45; roof of, 50 

Refuse, of wool, 39, 78 

Reginaldi hered., 7 

Reidwylowe, 183 

Rents, collection of, 8, 28, 29, 30, 69*- 
74; detained, 64*; reduced, 62, 63*. 

Repairs, of barn doors, 1 14*; of boots, 
15*, 201, 207; of boots and shoes, 
15, 48; of bridles and saddles, 51; 
of broken spoon, 25; of a door, 141; 
of house, allowed for, 97; of saddles, 
etc., 14, 15; of scapular, 50; of 
strinkle, 49; of tenements, 228, 229 

Reparaciones, 16n, 53-56, 83-85*, 86 
see also Varise expenses 



Replegia, 142, 149, 151 

Replegiare, 66 

Respiciae, 197 

Reul ?, 125 

Reward to doctor and his servant, 50 

Rewards to chief officers, 33, 75; for 
work, 112; see also Dona and Pre- 

Reyd, Agn., 127; Rob., wife of, 12, 50 

Ri, see Ry 

Ribbon, 49 

Ribstone, Master of, 12, 47 

Rich, Job., 171, 195*, 199, 202, 213*, 
239, husband, 244, tascator, 244* 

Rich'son, Rob., 233 

Rychmund, 31, 107*, 108*, 160; 
bailiff of, 19, 66*; castle of, 24*, 66; 
Curia there, 149*; friars of, 161; 
hermit of, 18 

Richmund, Will., 56, 238 

Richmondshire, 138 

Ricroft, see Rycroft 

Riddle cord, 15, 67 

Riddles (cribra), 8, 9, 43, 51 

Rievaulx, 40n, 61*, 111, 155; doctor 
of, 50 

Rigton, 5, 19, 22, 63, 64, 82, 96, 217, 
246; mill at, 5, 65 

Ripley, Ryplay, 1, 3, 5, 21, 25, 40, 41, 
79, 81, 82, 96, 104, 106, 108, 109*, 
142*, 145, 148*, 150, 154, 202*, 
215*, 217, 224, 226, 227, 229*, 230, 

Ryplay, Job., 49, 56 

Ripon or Rypon, 4, 5, 10*, 12*-15*, 
18, 24, 25, 26, 27*-31*, 47*-50, 52, 
53, 55*, 61, 65, 68*-74, 76, 82, 83, 
86, 89*, 90*, 96, 102, 103*, 104, 
105*, 109-112*, 119*, 121, 127, 
128*, 142*, 143*, 144, 148*-151*, 
155, 156, 158*, 179, 196*, 201, 212*, 
219, 246*; bailiff of, 48, 90; boy 
bishop of, 18, 59; canons, Court of, 
70; Church of, 7, 34, 82, 90; church 
of, tithes of Swanley paid to, 174; 
Comitatus at, 151; Coneygarth at, 
47; Curia of, 145, 147, 148, 151; 
guild of Holyrood at, 59; Horsefair 
in, 86; Hospital of St. John at, 7, 
of St. Mary Magdalene at, 7, 90; 
nails for repairs at, 45; new manor 
house at, 171; Rogations at, 28; 
ten. in, 7 

Ripon fair, 28, 29, 30, 31, 70, 71* 

Road, making of, 91 

Robertus prsepositus, 196 

Rob'son = Robynson, cf. pp. 228, 229 

Rob'son and Robynson, 169; Isab., 
164, 166; Jenkyn, 85, 91, 165, 166*, 
167*, 173*, 174*, 230, 237, tascator, 
251; Job., 27, 32, 75, 101, 111, 120, 
123, 128, 134*, 158, 167, 170, 174, 
197, 214, 228, 229*, carectarius, 36, 
carriator, 251; Tho., 35, 36, 76, 132, 
136, 148, 150, 180 

Robryddyng, 62 

Robertriddynge, 186 

Robynriddynge, 186, 188 

Roclyfe or Rowclyfe, Brian, 67; 
Brian and servant, 51; Gwido, 31, 
51, 52, 59, 74, 153, 189, 256; Job., 
15, 37, 38, 84, 146 

Rogations at Ripon, 28 

Rogholm or Rowgholm, 184, 185, 186* 

Rokingham, 27 

Roman Curia, 17, 59; journey to, 62 

Roofing, 84 

Roos, Rob., 59 

Roper, Will., 249 

Rosin, 11, 52 

Roughclose or Rughclose, 5, 53, 54, 
155, 235 

Rouwell or Rowell, 4, 23, 41, 57, 81, 
83, 96 

Roxby or Rokysby, 96 

Ruche (Ryche), Job., 163 

Rudby, Mr., 71; Rob., 60 

Rukby, 14 

Runaway tenant, 62 

Rushes bought, 202 

Russet or Roset, see Cloth; for stable- 
boy, 14 

Rutte, Th., 238 

Rych, 118 

Ryche, Job., 38, 57, 118, 162, 163, 
170, 171, 221, 231*, 232, 238, sen.. 
118, tascator, 163, 252 

Rycroft, Job., Ill, 142, 203, 204, 218, 
de Morkar, 251; Nich., 214, relict 
of, 155*, 229 

Rye, 116, 118*, 129, 155, 161, 162, 
163, 165, 166, 170*, 172*, 174*, 195, 
198*, 201, 207, 210, 212*, 216, 217*, 
221, 225, 231*, 232*, 234; bought, 
37; for preaching friars, 19; new 
and old, 170; straw of, for the 
church, 167 

Ryeriddynge, 184, 187, 188, 189 

Ryls (rails), 55, 211 

S., T., or S., Th., probably Tho. Swyn- 
ton, 191, 192, 216*, 230, 232, 246; 
Master of cattle, 237* 



Sackcloth, 46 

Saddle bought de uxore W 1 , 15; for 

Cator, 52; old, 212; and bridle, 15, 

Saddles, 14, 51, 159; repaired. 13, 49, 


Sadilar, Rob., 13, 49 
Sadlar, Walt., a saddler, 207 
Sales of cattle and sheep at Settle fair, 


Salet, 89 
Sallay, 4, 25, 68, 77, 83, 96, 101, 109, 

139, 151, 197; Abbot of, 7; lands 

of, 53; monk of, 61 
Sallay, Will., 36 
Salmon, 11; carriage of, 16; salt, 4(>, 


Salt, 11, 15, 46*, 70, 89, 112*; car- 
riage of, 16*, 89; provision of, 51; 

purchase of, 178* 
Salt fish, 108*, 110, 144 
Saltsalar, exchange of, 14 
Salvers (scutellse), 50 
Salving of sheep, 131 
Sam, Will., 27, 211, 228, 247 
Sancton, Santon, or Saynton, 3, 21, 

64, 96, 110 

Sand, carriage of, 16, 58 
Sandbuttes, 186, 189 
Sand. (Sandall), 22, 23, 35*, 35n, 36. 

76*; Rob., 26, 67* 
Sandall, 172; Rob., 11, 12, 15*, 26, 

29, 30, 31, 45, 73*. 105, 126, 172*, 

173*, 176, 192*, 195, 199*, 205, 207, 

228, 233, 235, 237*, 244, 245; Rob., 

or Sandall, bursar, 33n, 35, 104, 

106*, 107, 109, 117*, 118, 133, 143, 


Sanderson, Joh., 50 
Sandhilkar, 55, 185, 188 
Sandhutton, 4, 20, 26, 65, 96, 145, 

152, 190 

Santon, Will., 110 
Sarum comes, 18, 60, 61; dns., 18, 

19, 61*, 108; d'ni, secretarius, 61 
Sarvand, Will., 34, 80 
Satisfacientes, 39 
Saunderson, Th., 189 
Savell, Ric., 21, 65 
Sawer, Joh., 140, 159; Walt., and 

man, 57; Will., 36*, 56, 159,* and 

man, 55*, 56, 57, son of, 36* 
Sawing, 55*; see also Sawyers 
Sawley, see Sallay 
Sawnderson, 247; Joh., and brother, 

56; Matth., 221, 226; Will., 133 
Sawyers, 50, 55*, 56*, 85, 171 

Say, see Scapula 

Scabneuton, 4, 21, 41, 64, 81, 96 

Scafse, 15, 48, 50 

Scafe, Rob., 3, 80*, 249, opilio, 252 

Scalesby, Joh., 34 

Scalhouse, Rob., 242 

Scapular, dyed and mended, 50; say 

for, 16; woollen cloth for, 53 
Scarburgh, 3, 13, 21, 28, 29, 41, 42, 

64, 69, 71*, 72*, 73, 81, 82, 89, 108- 

112, 134, 139, 144*, 146, 148, 149*, 

150, 151, 155, 156, 157, 159, 225; 

communitas de, 7 
Scarburgh, W., 128, 129 
Scarth, 123n 

Scarthcote, 5, 21, 65, 125, 155, 243 
Scase ?, 3n 

Scatburgh, read Scarburgh, 41 
Scathelos, Joh., sen., 24 
Scathloke, Joh., jun., 135 
Scawra, 5, 96, 146, 198, 201 
Scaythwat, 22 
Scholar, money lent to, 85; rate for, 

see Rata 
Schrope, 24 

Sclater, Rob., laborer, 252 
Scothorpe, 5, 21, 82 
Scotland, journey to, 153; monk of, 

71; soldier or knight from, 19 
Scots, two, 56, 59, 85 
Scotton, 3, 41 
Scribe, 17 

Scrooby or Scrube, 71 
Scrope, 20, 24 ?, see also Schrope; 

dns., 20, 48, 64, 68; dns. W., 51; 

Magister Will., 13 
Scroton or Scruton, 83; dns. Henr., 

15; Joh., 155, 190; Pet., 178, 203 
Scrutinium praesentacionum, 24 
Scrutiny in case of green wax, 66; of 

copy of obligation, 151; etc., of a 

papal bull, 155; of rolls, 13 
Scutellse, salvers, 50; scuttles, 9 
Sea, captives taken at, 6 In 
Seacoal, 15, 50,51, 58,91, 171; labour 

with, 174 

Sealfish, 56, 144; brought, 60, 143 
Sealing of acquittances, 52, 150; of 

bill, 108; of certificates, etc., 104*; 

of evidences, 105 

Secret conference, 248; flight, 20, 62 
Secretary, 61 

Secta Curise, 65, 66*; vitanda, 68 
Seculars, payments to, 52* 
Seed corn, 120, 163*, 166*, 167*, 169 
Seels, Seles, Seyls, or Sels, apud Bal- 

derby, 23, 57, 58, 64, 182* 



Segbruk, 16(5 

Segf., 162 

Segfeld, Joh., 15, 34, 199, 219; Will., 
230, 232, laborer, 252 

Selby, 168; Joh., 26, 27, 28, 30, 31, 
34, 67, 69*, 121, 128, 146, 156, 165, 
190, 193*, 194*, 200*, 201, 206, 
207, 212, 219*, 222, 229, bursar, 
39, 78, 158, master of works, 228, 

229, monk, 129, 140, 228, 230*, 241 
Semar, 28* 

Semar, Joh., 211, 212, 215, 217*, 218 

Sendall, Joh., 34; Rob., 32 

Sendbuttes, 183 

Seneschal, 28, 31, 64, 149, 251 

Separale, 22, 65 

Seperalitas, 62 

Sepulchre, knight of, 61 

Sergentson, Will., 15 

Seriandson, Rob., 124, 191; Rog., 
129, 155, 237, 242; Will., 35, 191 

Servand, Edm., 126, 130; Will., 115, 
118*, 132, 135, 136, 176*, 180, 193, 
213, 245 

Servants of Bursar, 220; of house- 
hold, 74, 75; list of, 250-252; 
money paid to, 174 ; subject of 
memorandum book, 95, 258; vari- 
ous, rewarded, 17*, 18*, 19, 59*, 
60, 66, 67*; see also Dona 

Servus, 250 

Seton, Joh., 34, 134, 155, 219, mon. 
in habitu, 130 

Settle, 153*, 154 

Settyl, fair at, 153 

Settyll, J., 175; Joh., 7, 11, 42, 44*, 
82, 88. 122, 125, 129, 138*, 194*, 
198, 212, 213*, 223, 226, 236, de 
Aldfeld Northous, 202*, 203, 209*, 
210, 216, 222, 226, de Morkar, 252; 
Rob., 2, 10, 35, 44, 80, 88, 129, 134, 
165, 167*, 169, 175, 192, 223, 224, 
238*, of Conyston, 225, of Morkar, 
212*, 252; Tho., 36, 129, 165, 200, 

230, de Morkar, 252; Will., 2, 10, 
36, 44*, 45, 56*, 57, 58, 69, 78, 80, 
88, 163, 174, 177, 197, 198, 208, 
225, 231, 238, 243, de Swanlay, 252 

Sewing of linens, 49, 50 

Seyle, Ric., 142 

Seym, 11 

Sh, always Sch in the MSS. 

Sharow, goodwife, 105; Joh., 20, 64, 

Sharpe, Joh., 142; Th., 176, 204*, 

222*, 227, 231; Will., 13, 220, de 

Coquina abbatis, 252 

Shau, Joh., 50, 51 

Shaving, of T. Swynton and others, 

Shaving cloths, 52 

Shaw, 5, 21, 65 

Shearing, of cloth, 49; of sheep, see 

Sheep, 168, 170*, 175*, 177*, 197, 
198*, 204, 205, 208*, 209, 211*, 
213, 214, 221*, 224*, 225, 227, 230, 
231, 235*, 236*, 242, 243*, 246, 
249*; care of, 10*, 88*, 167, 213, 
230; for a churching, 222; from 
farms, 153; keeper of, 204; with 
lambs, 178*; with two lambs, 243; 
purchases of, 177; sales and de- 
liveries of, 137; summer care of, 
44*; various kinds of, 88; as wage, 
117; for wedding, 225; see also 

Sheep-house (barcaria), 83 

Sheep-master, see Magister ovium 

Sheepshearing, 69, 71, 107, 143, 152*, 
245, 249* 

Sheepskins, 79, 205, 207, 221, 225, 
228*; for organ, 230; sold, 39, 79; 
as wage, 228*; for wedding, 228 

Sheepwashings and Shearings, 45, 88, 

Shell fish, 60n 

Shepard, 20, 91 ?; Joh., 54, 184, 187, 
247, 248, jun., 248, sen., 188; Rob., 
54, 56, 184, 190, 247, sen., 187, 188, 
247; Th., 51, 56, 57, 197 

Shepherds (opiliones), 32, 75, 121, 
129, 250*, 251*, 252 

Sheriff's turn, 28, 70 

Sherman, Joh., 17*, 19, 59, 60; Tho., 
15; Will., 18 

Ships, 52 

Shipton, 96 

Shirwod, Will., 17 

Shoes, 15, 48, 50*, 67, 104, 195, 199. 
206*, 207*, 208, 210*, 211, 212*, 
215*, 217*, 218, 220*; for boy, 156*; 
as wage, 105 

Shoeing of horses, 10, 11, 13, 14*, 15*, 
26*, 45*, 51, 89, 103*, 107, 111, 
112, 144, 146, 156*, 157, 158, 190, 
205, 206*, 225, 226 

Shoppe, Th., 216 

Shortfrend, J., 57; Rob., 45, 205 

Shorthouse, Ric., 159 

Sick, servant of, 32, 75; visited, 26 

Sickness, expenses during, 26 

Sieves, see Riddles 

Sigsworth, see Sixforth 



Siligo empta, 37 

Silk, black, 50; for Abbot, 25; for 

cope, 107; for vestments, 51 
Silson de Litton, 153 
Simfeld, 4, 81, 99 
Sinderby, 4, 23, 65, 96; tenent. de, 

37, 38 

Sinnyngthwate, 211; nuns of, 149 
Sisson, 118; Joh., 34, 38, 163, 194, 

195, 201, 213, 215, 238; Th., 163, 

171, 209, 232, 239, 244*; Will., 19, 

63, 142, 155, 181, 190, 239 
Sixforth, 1, 2, 5, 40, 41, 79, 80, 82, 96, 

116, 126, 130, 132, 135, 137, 145, 

150, 176, 180, 213*, 231, 245, 246, 


Skar', Ric., 24, 160 
Skelbuse ?, 55, 84 
Skeldergate in York, 65 
Skelfall, 52* 

Skelton, Joh., 52, 76; Will., 17 
Skeps, 51 

Skewuse ?, 55n, 84n 
Skins for gloves, 106, 108 
Skipton, 4, 21, 35, 41, 65, 81, 147, 

158*; castle of, 12, 90, 47, 158; 

Court of, 24, 30* 

Skipton, Will., 210, de Scissoria, 252 
Skitbrig, 194 
Skragfald, 245 
Skragfald flat, 245 
Slates, 3,000, 173 
Sle, Joh., 234; Th., 234; W., 234 
Sleghtes, 10; custody of, 9, 88 
Slenyngforth, 1, 2, 4, 7, 21, 31, 40, 64, 

74, 79, 85, 96, 139, 147, 159, 199, 

203, 209, 212, 213, 234; Curia of, 


Slotergate in York, 23 
Smalwod, Joh., 18, 51; Rob., 17 
Smelt, le, 151 
Smeltes, les, 155 
Smelt mill, 25, 150*; making and 

cleaning out of, 173 
Smelter, 159 
Smeltlead, 240, 241 
Smerth, 144 
Smertwat, plea for, 50; Ja., Joh., et 

Ra., 109 
Smethihill, 211 
Smisforth, Will., 21 
Smith (faber, de fabrili), 251, 252*; 

see also Smyth 

Smith's shop (fabrile), 57*, 199, 250 
Smoke-houses, 53, 83*, 84, 86*, 117, 

118, 173, 213; one in Fountains 

Park, 178 

Smyth, Eliz., 236; Hab., 34, 155, 181, 

190*; Joh., 77*, 173; Rob., 38, 134, 

170, 171, 194, 196, 198, 239, 244*; 

Tho., 35, 143, 182, 239; Will., 10, 

33, 38, 50, 51, 55, 150, 195, 203, 209, 

212, 216, 225, 226, 241*, servant 

of, 57, ffaber, 252 
Snathe, Ra., 32, 75, 111, 252 
Snerte ?, 54; Joh., 18n; see also Suerte 
Soap, 50, 89*; for Abbot, 25 
Solatia, 52 
Soldier or knight with King's letters, 

61; present to, 19 
Solomon, a fool, 61 
Solucio debiti antiqui, 76; debiti novi, 


Sourby, d'na de, 100*, 101* 
Souter (sutor), 142, 153 
Southflat, 183 
Southriddynge, 188 
South Stainley, 5, 64, 96 
Southstow, 190 
Southwell, 28 
Sow with pigs, 47 
Sowerby, near Thirsk, see Sourby 
Sowing, 98 
Sparow, Joh., 135; Ric. 176, 194, 

Sparth, Agn., 60, 61; Will., 15, 16, 32, 

48, 67 

Spayn, Th., 20, 54, 102, 187, 247, 248 
Species emptse, 11, 45, 89 
Spices, 112*; see also Species 
Spikings, 67 
Spofforth, 65, C9; ball, de, 65; Curia 

de, 67 

Spoford, Joh., 189 
Spring (plantation), 20, 62, 63, 83, 

86*, 98; inclosure of, 20 
Sprots, 89 
Spunoclose, 52 
Spurs, 25*, 206, 210 
Sqwyer, Joh., 140, 160, 238 
Stable, 33, 54, 57; servant at, 32; the 

common, 104*; little, cleaned out, 

104; little, lock and key for, 104 
Stable boy, 73; the Abbot's, 14 
Stable-men, 59*, 75; de communi 

stabulo, de stabulo Abbatis, 250, 

Stabyle, Edm., 241; Will., 37, 38, 76, 

77, 78*, 116 
Stachous, Rob., 191 
Stadloke, 106; Joh., jun., 106 
Staegger, Joh., 22 
Stafford, Joh., 18, 26, 32, 59, 74, 102, 

111, 135, 144; Will., 32, 74, 252 



Stag', 6; Job., 6, 121; dns. Job., 234 
Stage, Marg., 6, 122, 234; Will., 120, 

121, 234 

Stags (colts), 220, 242, 243 
Stainburn, 1, 2, 3, 5, 27, 31, 38, 40, 

41, 73, 79, 81, 111, 134, 136, 142; 

praepos. de, 37 
Staincliffe, 28, 29; ball, de, 67; Curia 

de, 66; Wapentake of, 109 
Stainlay, 22; tenent. de, 37; see also 

North Stanlay 
Stainthwaite or Stangwat, 3, 23, 81, 


Stangeflate, 183 
Stangger, Job., 65, jun., 123 
Stanlaw, 6; Tho., 119; dns. Th., 233 
Stapilholm, 211 
Starke, Hog., 57 
Staurum emptum (horses, etc.), 11, 

46, 89 
Stavelay, 103, 105; Job., 106; Will., 

8, 68, 104, 119*, 124, 128, 163*, 

167, 175, 206, 214, 245, son of, 8, 

de Brimbem, 252 
Staynbrygedike, 232 
Steel, 25 
Steile, Fra., 87n; Will., 102, 106, 207, 

240, 250*, son of, 106 
Stenouse, 167 
Stephen, 2* 

Steps, pair of, 10 

Stevens, Job., 141, 152, 155, 201, 225, 

241, 242 

Stevenson, 84, 165, 167; Will., 188 

S th Hamt', 125 

Stillingflet, Jenk., 248; Job., 189, 247 

Stirks, 123*, 124, 129, 138, 175* 

Stirketts, 115*, 116*-124*, 127-133*, 
135, 136*, 138*, 139*, 140*, 148, 
149, 160*, 168, 169*, 173, 174, 176, 
177*, 179*, 180, 200, 208, 212, 222, 
231, 242, 243, 244*, 246*, 253; 
branding of, 106; care of, 43, 44, 
87, 88; one divided, 136*; given, 
19; Taur., 137 

Stirrupleathers, 207 

Stockfish (fungia), 46, 108*, 111*, 
145, 147, 153, 156*; tying up and 
carriage of, 111; see also under 

Stockton, Job., 34, 51 

Stokeslay, 4, 23, 64; Court at, 72 

Stone for building, 86; getting of, 48, 
56, 83, 192; laying down and plac- 
ing of, 192 

Stone masons (latami), 59, 98, 256 

Stone- thatching ?, 84 

Stonegate in York, 3, 65 

Store-room man, de promptuario, 252 

Straff ord, Job., 129 

Strainer, 11 

Strandes, 22; apud Crostwat, 65 

Strangar, Job., sen., 180 

Strangways, Ja., 14, 25, 59, 102; dns. 

Jac., 17, 30, 31, 71, 73, 74; Job., 

19, 48 
Straw, 116, 119, 193; bought, 54; 

carriage of, 182; four kinds, 167; 

sold, 39, 79; and chaff sold, 39, 79, 

119, 167, 171, 244*; for thatch, 84 
Strinkle of silver, 49, 49n 
Stroked measure, 167, etc., 254 
Stromes, making of, 202 
Stube, Nich., 121 

Studendi provisio, 68; see also Rata 
Studherd, 180, 252 
Studhyrdhall, 6, 42 
Studlay, 82, 99, 128, 142 
Studelay, Roger, 4, 21, 98 
Sturd heifer, 129; sheep, 204; stirks, 

227; stirketts, 129, 224 
Sub bailiff, 61 
Subexcaccator, 67 
Subprior, 15, 33, 75, 61 
Subsidy, 12 
Succentor, 33, 75 
Suerte, 54; Job., 18, 183; Rob., 183, 

247, 248 
Sufflamen, 149 

Sufflatorium for bellows, 206 
Suffragans, 111 
Sumerbrig, 57 
Sundays, business on, 126, 168, 169, 

172, 173, 215, 236 
Supervision of cattle, 149*, 150; of 

a tithe barn, 158 
Suppers at York, 190* 
Suthill, Henr., 29, 60, 66 
Suthstlyn, 23 
Suton, Th., 34 
Sutton, 2, 4, 21, 22, 33, 37, 54, 55, 65, 

74, 81, 138, 146 
Sutton, a bailiff, 103 
Suttonhowgrave, 4, 23, 65, 81, 83, 

96, 125; Court at, 72 
Swale, 139; Job., 57, 121, gen., 129*; 

Will., 139, 159 
Swanlay, 4, 7, 15, 34, 76, 78, 96, 127. 

152, 174*, 194*, 197, 200, 208, 209, 

211, 222, 238, 245, 251, 252 
Swanridding, 185, 187 
Swans, " signi," 51 
Swetton, 4, 96 
Swetyng, Job., 56; Rob., 78* 



Swineherd, 198 

Swyer, Job., 124 

Swynton, 4, 54, 57, 96 

Swyhenton, Th., 225 

Swynton, Th., 11, 14*, 15, 25-30, 34, 
36, 37, 67, 69-73, 85, 93, 97, 98*, 
99, 101*-114*, 121, 124, 126, 127, 
129, 131, 137, 138, 140*-146*, 
148*-158*, 160*, 164, 165, 166, 
168*, 169, 173, 174*, 177, 178*, 181, 
182, 190*-193, 197*, 200, 201, 203, 
204*, 208*, 209, 211*, 212*, 219*, 
222, 224, 225-237, 240, 241*, 242, 
247*, 253*; his boots mended, 152; 
capa for, 16; collecting money in 
country, 142, 143; in habitu, 134, 
160; presents of cattle to cousins 
of, 128 

Swythes, Job.., 103 

Sykes, 55, 83 

Sylson, Henr., 11; Rob., 66 

Symson, 123n*; Dicon., 125; Job., 
19, 124, 139, 148, 149*, 159, 160; 
Rob., 124, 238, 243 

Synod at Carlisle, 27, 29, 71*, 151 

Syvyriddynge, 188 

Tabula for altar at Crosthwaite, 52 
Tailor, of community, communis scis- 
sor, 250 
Tailors, 32, 75, 121, 210, 246, 252; 

shop of, scissoria, 210 
Talbotte, Perkyn, 117; Steph., 24, 

32, 35, 37*, 61, 128, 129*, 140, 147, 

159, 160, 233, generosus, 252 
Talyour, Ric., 127, 134, 163, 175; 

Th., de Hadd, 252; Walt., 103; see 

also Taylyor 
Tally, 196*, 197, 206, 211, 228, 234*, 

235; delivery by, 161, etc. 
Talpator, Tho., 5 In 
Tan, 219; barking of, 15; carriage of, 

52; sold, 40, 80 
Tanfield, 4, 30, 35, 37, 38*, 58*, 74, 

76, 77; rector of, 35 
Tanfeld, J., 145; Tho., 142; Rob., 17, 

31, 35, 74, 149*, 152, 240, 241 
Tankard, Tho., 109, 139, 160, 161; 

Will., 17, 60, 112, 125, 129, 134, 

Tannery, 192, 210; see also Monachus 

Tar, 46, 57, 58*, 71, 72, 89*, 104*, 

107, 109*, 110, 111*, 112, 115, 131, 

133; barrel of, 44 
Tartaryii, green, 49 

Tascarii, 8, 9, 196* 

Tascatores, 104, 118, 161, etc., 170*, 
171, 174, 175, 195, 198, 231, 234*, 
235, 244*, 250, 251*, 252* 

Tate, Ric., 57 

Taylyor, Job., 20, 22, 65; Th., 32, 63, 
76, 76, 77, wife of, 49, de Hospicio, 
252, and wife, 35; Walt., 33; see 
also Taylor 

Tector, 116 

Tempest, Will., 47, 64, 103, heirs of, 
12, 21 

Temple, cutting and carriage of, 182 

Tenand, Chr., 6, 74, 235, 242, 243; 
Henr., relict of, 35, 155, 242*; J., 
26*, 68, 73; Ja., 25, 26*, brothers 
of, 67; Job., 6, 68, 235, 243; Rog., 
31; Th., 21; Will., 6, 124, 155, 238 

Tenants, a day with, 27; provision 
of, 70; provision for, 69*; to repair 
lodges, 244 

Tenura Vessy, 7, 82 

Terrse dominicse, 20 

Terr ee emptse, 36, 77 

Terre, Ric., 62, 184 

Terrer, Ric., 22 

Thaclay, 50 

Thacwray, Rob., 2, 41, 80, 116, 137, 
141; Will., 2, 41, 62, 80*, 116, 127, 
132, 135, 136, 137*, 173*, 176, 177, 
180*, 236*, 245, de Holmhous, 177 

Thatch, of hay ?, 53, 53w, 83; of 
straw, 54 

Thatcher, 181 

Thatching, 57, 84*, 86*, 117, 245; 
10 i acres of meadow for, 53; three 
acres for, 83; with straw, slate, or 
other materials, see Glossary under 
" Tectura " 

Theriaca for Abbot, 25 

Thikhed, Prioress of. 183, 190, 248 

Thikhedran, 183 

Thikheued Rayn, 248 

Thirkeld, a minstrel called, 18; Rob., 
32, 60, 61, 67, 75, generosus, 252 

Thirsk, 59, 219 

Thistleflat, 145 

Thomas Ap., St., day of, 47, 90 

Thomlynman, Pet., 123 

Thomlynson, Job., 123, 139, 159 

Thomson, Job., 181, 186, 187, 211, 
215, 239, 241, 242*, 247; Rob., 155, 
181, 190, 240; Will., relict of, 177, 
243, wife of, 241; see also Tomson 

Thornbergh, 24 

Thornbergh, Ric., 31, 74*, 112, 127, 
134, 136 



Thorns, 58, 116; carriage and cutting 
of, 182 

Thornton, 190, 201, 222, 224 

Thornton, Job., 35, 152, 171, 172, 
235; Rob., 17, 59, 249; Will., 55 

Thorntonbrig, 27, 138 

Thornton episcopi (Bishop Thornton), 
5, 21, 40, 64, 66, 79, 96 

Thorntonmoor, Thornton super 
moram, 4, 21, 23, 65, 72*, 74, 96, 
125, 135, 145, 147, 222, 236; Court 
of, 72* 

Thorpbyrnsall, 64*, 109 

Thorpe, 5, 9, 43, 58, 87, 144*; decimse 
de, 7 

Thothorpe, 62; Th., 247 

Thorpunderwood, 1, 2, 4, 9, 31, 33, 40, 
79, 81*, 87, 96, 109, 152, 194 

Thorpe Wood, 25 

Thread, 15, 50, 67, 210; black, 107; 
coloured, 50; gold, 51; white, 49, 

Threschfeld, 42, 82, 96 

Thresher, 8 

Threshing, 7, 8*, 9*, 42*, 43*, 82*, 
83, 86, 87*, 117, 118, 167, 169, 170, 
174, 198*, 211, 231* 

Thruganloge, 53, 57, 83, 84, 86 

Thwates or Twates, Henr., 17, 27*, 
29, 32, 34, 52, 60, 67, 71, 74, 76, 
102; Job., 18, 19, 22, 60*, 63, 67, 
71, 73*; Tho., 61; Will., 64 

Thwathous or Twathouse, 22, 96 

Timber, 53, 57*, 58*; carriage of, see 
Carriage; felling of, 12; for Prior 
of Bolton, 106 

Tin plate (album ferrum), 52 

Tithes, carriage of, 58*; case con- 
cerning, 102; of cattle and bees, 
79; collection of, 118; various, 79; 
see also Eventus 

Tithe barns/ repairs of, 8*, 9*, 43*; 
repairs and thatching of, 86, 87*; 
repairs and other expenses of, 43*; 
thatching and plastering of, 165; 
thatch for, 167 

Tithe calves, 148; corn, 58*, 77*, 82, 
117, 232*, carriage of, 16,. 165, col- 
lection and carriage of, 8*, 9*, 86*, 
87*; hay, 3*, 58, 79*, 81, 107, 116, 
collection and carriage of, 8, sale 
of, 167; lambs, 121*, 123, 143*, 
152*, 237; orchard (ortus), 87; 
sheep, 123; sheep and lambs, 143 

Tod, Will. 35, 211, 241 

Toffejates, 194* 

Toga, cloth for, 19; deficiens, 20; 

dyeing of, 19; fitting and sewing of, 
15; given, 18; of russet, 51 

Togas, 13, 51*, 59, 64*, 110, 193, 
200*-204, 209*, 210, 220, 226*, 
232, 233*; allowance of four, 22; 
sewing of, 85 

Tollare, Ric., 6, 85*, 222; Will., 20, 
34, 170, wife of,. 12, 47, de Mal- 
waterhous, 137, 226, de Padlabrig, 
76, 90, 252, de Ponte (not named), 

175, 246 
Tolts, 24 

Tomlynson, Will., 77; see also Thom- 

Tomson, Job., 6, 15, 16, 21, 34, 36, 53, 

54*, 57, 62, 83, 114; Rob., 13, 14, 

36, 42, 58, 63, 82*; see also Thomson 
Tone, Ric., 105 
Topclyfe, 18, 25*, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31, 

34*, 59, 68*, 73, 151; decimse de, 7; 

Vic. de, 50, 76 
Topclife, Will., 171 
Toppan, 169; Ric., 2, 63, 84, 126, 130, 

132, 136, 148, 150, 176*, 180, 244, 

245; Tho., 49, 153, 193, 202, 213, 

214; Will., 116, 245 
Torches, 46, 52, 58, 72, 89; boards 

for carrying, 67 

Towthorpe, a tenant ?, 20; Job., 189 
Traces for biga, 67 
Tranhous, 2, 5, 6, 80, 96, 151, 209, 


Tranhous hull, 5 
Transumptum, 17, 18* 
Treacle (triaca), 67 
Treasurer (of York ?), 28 
Trechour lane in York, 3, 81, 104 
Treschfeld, 5 

Trinity, Holy, Prior of, 7, 34, 66 
Trompe, 142 
Trope, 5, 53*, 80, 116, 142, 180, 236*, 


Trusty n, Elena, 164 
Trynters, 120 
Tunic, 200 
Tunstall, 84 
Tupe, J., 170; Job., 15, 16*, 20*, 22*, 

33*, 34, 36, 58, 63*, 64, 65*, 69, 72, 

125, 139, 148, 152, 159, 164, 165, 

176, 193, 195, 200*, 202, 206, 207, 
212*, 215, 233, 235, 238, sen., 203, 
206, 208, 214*, 221*, 222; Rob., 
136, 172 

Tutivill Bursarii, 237 

Tutivillus, 36*, 37, 54, 58, 77, 85, 89* 

Twates, see Thwates 

Twathouse, see Thwathouse 



Twynter for rent, 138 

Twynters, 120*, 122, 123*, 138*, 139, 


Tyndlay, 227; Joh., 49 
Tyrqwyte, son of, guides Abbot, 102, 


Ughtreth, dns. Rob., 27 

Ulceti custodia, 10, 44; succisio, 44 

Ullake, 138; Henr., 121, 122 

Uncerbie, 102 

Unjust detentions, see Allocaciones 

Uny thorn, Th., 139, 159 

Urinals, 50 

Usa, Usburn, see Ouse, Ouseburn 

Ustrina, 54 

Uttynge, Th., 252 

Vallis (Nidderdale) 

Vallis Dei (Vaudey) 

Vard, Pet., 44; see also Ward 

Varise expensse, 12-16, 47-52, 90, 91 

Vaudey, 73 

Vausour, Joh., 146 

Vavasour, Joh., 109, 125, 127, 128, 


Vavysour, 64 
Vawse, Joh., 144 
Venison brought, 60*, 61 
Vermilion, 25 
Vesce, Will., 81, 89 
Vescy, Vessy, or Wescy, tenura, 3, 7, 


Vessels, repairs of, 57 
Vestment, mended, 49 
Vestments, 51 

Vic' (vicecomitis ?), filius, 67 
Vicar, 180; in Allerdale, 233; straw 

sold to, 167* 
Vicecomites, 66* 
Vincent, Clement, 76 
Vinum emptum, 10, 45, 88 
Viridis cera, 24, 48*, 66 
Vynergarth, 188 

Waclyn, 34, 91; Ric., 20, 76, 86, 147, 
148, 154, 186, 188; Th., 190, 248 

Wad, Rob., 113 

Wadeluse, Henr., 77*, 78; Rob., 77 

Wadilefe, 167 

Wafroner, Rob., 59 

Wages paid in cattle, 119*, 120*, 121*, 
124*, 127-130, 134*, 135*, 138*, 
139*, 140*, 160; in corn or its price, 

198; in money and in kind, 175, 

199, 200, etc.;' of Workmen, 56, 57 
Waggon, loading of, 174; de le bab, 


Waggons, 15, 49 
Waggoner, the common, 75; see also 


Waggoners, 32 
Waggon ropes, 50 
Waile, Tho., 214 
Wainclouts, 10, 11*, 45, 89 
Wainford, 55, 85, 252 
Wainmen, 250*, 251* 
Waklyn, Ric., 62*, 65 
Wakwhith, Joh., 234; Will., 234; see 

also Waykwhate 
Walbran, J. R., 40n, 205n 
Walchfurth brig, 30, 128, 144 
Walkar, 86; Joh., 84, 122, 185; Th., 

54*, 55*, 56, 62, 84*, 187, 190, 247; 

Will., 184 
Walking-staff, 67n 
Walkyngham, Will., 35, 77*, 78, 148, 

149, 235 
Wall between Fountains and Sallay, 

83; making of, 44; sustentation of, 

86; thrown down, 20 
Walls made and repaired, 197 
Waller (craft), 56, 230, 251 
Waller, Rob., 162, laborer, 252 
Wallerthwate, 5, 41, 96 
Walling, 182, 216 
Walnuts (avellanse W. W.), 51 
Walter, Joh., 129; T., 196 
Walworth, 22, 64; J., 125; Joh., 59, 

73*, 125, 128, 134, 139, 159; Th., 

59; Will., 66 
Wandesford, 23; Joh., 100 
Wapentake, arrears of, 67 
Wapentake Courts, 28*, 29*, 30*, 31, 

66*, 69*, 73*, 74; fines, 24*, 66, 67, 

Warcope, Rob., 31, 59, 74, 110, sister 

of, 61 
Ward, d'na, 60; Henr., 113; Joh., 41, 

57, 59, 172, 201, 240, 245, 250*, 

tascator, 252; Marg., 191; Pet., 44, 

79, 117*, 194, 222*, 236, relict of, 

37, 38, 48, 117, 126; Ric., 125, 172; 

Rob., 125; Rog., 19, 23, 52, 61, 64, 

66, 72*, 119*, 134, gen., 134, son of, 

baptized, 110; Will., 117, 134, 194, 

de Morkar, 252 
Ward family, 11 On 
Warder, 235 
Wardermaske, 4, 22, 41 
Wargate, 183 



Warkworth, 30 

War land, 36 

Warner, 160 

Warnestura, 27*, 29, 30, 70, 71*, 72, 

89, 101, 111, 112, 135, 139, 142, 143, 

144, 145, 146*, 147, 149, 155, 156, 

158, 236 

Warnesturae emptae, 11, 46, 89 
Warrant for a Court, 67 
Warsall, 2, 33, 57, 80, 80n, 103, 205, 


Warsall, Chr. de, 136 
Warter, Will., wife of, 159 
Wartre, prior of, 62, 190, 248 
Wartre, Will., relict of, 218, carpenter, 


Wartyr, Will., 36 

Warwyke (Penbruke et), duke of, 18 
" Washing Cloathes," 53, 53n 
Waste place, 187 
Watching of cattle, 129; in the Fell, 

15*; by night, 223; the Fell by 

night, 48 

Wate, fil., 172; Will., 54, 164, 177, 233 
Watenland, 3, 41, 120, 122, 123* 
Water, meadows destroyed by, 20* 
Wateryates, 54, 84 
Wath, Court at, 71 
Wathdyk, 53, 84 
Wathmermelbuske, 97 
Watson, Joh., 13, 36, 134; Ric., 76 
Wattling, 54 
Watts, Alicia, 115 
Wax, 11*, 46*, 71, 89*, 117, 126 
Wax candles bought, 52 
Way, right of, paid for, 48 
Waykwhate, Atkyn, 123; Will., 122; 

see also Wakwhith 
Wayll, Tho., 141, 217, 218, 219, 220 
Weaving, 42 
Webster, Ric., 197 
Wedding, gloves for, 228; sheep or, 

225; sheepskins for, 228 
Wederall, Joh., 36, 89, 108, 110*, 134, 

135, 139, 144, 149, 150, 151, 156, 

157, 159, 241 
Weedall, Joh., 236 
Weeding, 7, 8, 42*, 82, 83, 113, 135 
Weekly diet (companagium septima- 

natim), 219* 
Weldam, Ric., cler. curise, 17 ?, 139, 

149, 160 

Welden (Weldam ?), Ric., 17 
Well, Master of, 107 
Well, 251; Joh., 100, 102, 107, 135, 

154, 177, 181, 240*, 249, 250*; 

Th., 115, 132, 133, 136, 180 

Wells, Will., 10*, 45, 88 

Wenslay, Joh., 172, 178 

Wenslay of Raynton, 154 

Wenslay, a tenant ?, 22 

Werell, Will., 75, 102 

West, Ad., 164, 222, sen., 222; Joh., 
2, 32, 36, 75, 80, 124, 125, 127, 158, 
164, 204, 206, de cameris abbatis, 
252; Kath., 164; Rob., 81, 117, 126, 
129, 134*, 135, 164, 222, 225, 231, 
studherd, 252; Will., 164, 176, a 
wine buyer, 26 

West end le fell, 231 

Westholmhous, 80, 136, 180 

Westmorland, earl of, 60 

Westnorthfeld, 186, 187, 188, 189* 

Westsydhous, 5, 6, 253 

Westyngton, Joh., 252 

Wetherall, see Wederall 

Wethirall, 11; see also Wederall 

Wetherby, 28, 70, 73, 74 

Wethers (multones), 131, 137, 140*, 

155, 168, 170, 177*, 205*, 208, 
211*, 225, 226*, 236, 237, 244, 245, 
247, 249* 

Wh, see Qw, Qhw, Qwh 

Whalley (Qhwallay), 29, 59; Abbot 

of, 18 
Wheat, 58*, 96, 99, 100, 101*, 113*, 

114*, 115*, 116, 118, 126, 133, 149*, 

156, 160, 162, 166-170, 172*, 174, 
175*, 181*, 182*, 193*, 195, 196*, 
197*, 198, 207*, 212, 217*, 219, 
231, 233, 234, 235, 238*, 239*, 240; 
bought, 37, 77; in exchange for ox ? 
127; for seed, 120; sowing of, 174 

Wheat chaff, 167 

Wheat straw, 167 

Wheelhouse (Qwelhous), Will., 10, 
44*, 85, 130*, 176, 177*, 236, 238 

Wheels, 201; making of, 174; pair of, 
48; repair of, 57 

Wheelwright, 250, 252 

Wheelwright's shop, Rotaria, 56, 201, 
250, 252 

Wheldrake (Qweldrig, Qweldryke, 
etc.), 1, 2*, 3*, 7, 9, 15, 20, 21, 22, 
27*, 29, 31, 33, 34, 35, 40, 43, 48*, 
52, 53, 56*, 62*, 63, 66, 68*, 69*, 
70, 71*, 74*, 75, 79, 81*, 83, 96, 
146, 147, 154*, 157, 247, 256; 
Causey at, 56, 84; Court of, 147*, 
157; manor of, 14, 47, 57, 87; 
meadows at, 59*, 91, 154; mill at, 
86*; mill and miller's house at, 84; 
repairs at, 87 



Wherfe, Job., 127, 163; see also 

Whetlay, Th., 34 

Whinholm, Qwenliolm, or Qwynholm, 
3, 41, 81 

Whitby, Qwitteby, etc., 202; Job., 
76, 78, 210, 224 

Wbite Cloth, see Cloth 

White, Whytte, Qwyte, etc., 167; 
Atkyn, 123; Em., 164; Ja., 124; 
Th., 34, 162, 174; Will., 36 

Whitfield or Qwytfeld, Nich., 127* 

Whitley or Qhwetlay, Edm., 13, 17*, 

Whittington, Th., 34* 

Whixley or Qwyxlay, 4, 14, 64*, 77, 
96, 103, 139, 142, 144 

Whixley or Qwixlay, 26, 149; Joh., 
12*, 19, 20, 26, 27, 28, 31, 35, 36, 
47*, 69, 70*, 71, 90*,' 103*, 104, 
105*, 110*, 111, 112*, 124, 125*, 
128*, 134*, 136, 140, 142*, 144*, 
145*, 146, 147, 148, 149, 150*, 
151*, 153, 155, 156, 158, 159, 241; 
Ric., servant of, 110, sen., 112, 
senescallus, 74, 251 

Wi, see Wy 

Widow, gift to, 18 

Wigglesworth, 5, 82 

Wigglesworth, Joh., 125, relict of, 
6, 155, 242, 243, son of relict of, 91; 
Ric., 38, 78, 113, 150, 181, 239*; 
Will., 19, 181, 239 

Wilfrid, St., burning iron of, 103; 
day of, 30; signum of, 246 

Wilkinson, Joh., 119 

Wilkynson,Ric., 145; Will., 146, 154, 
181, 240, 249 

Willelmus, 51 

William of York, St., 237n 

Williamson, 6; Joh., 84; Ric., 6, 35, 
172, 177; Rog., 35, 155, 191, 242 

Wilson, 30; Joh., 6, 72, 73, 119*, 180, 
233; Rob., 6, 120, 122, 123*, 179*, 
233, 234, fisher?, 121; Will., 14, 
26*, 29*, 32, 66, 69*, 70*, 71*, 72, 
75, 153, 158, 211, 228*, 229*, 230, 
de promptuario, 252 

Windmill, 189 

Wyndoclose, 42 

Windows repaired, 56* 

Wyndsowr, Joh., 6, 34, 91, 191, 192, 
227; Will., 139, 160 

Wine, with batells at Ripon. 102; 
bought, 10, 26*, 27, 28, 31, 33, 45, 
71, 88, 144, 156; bullocks ex- 
changed for, 130; carriage of, 58*, 

110; given at assizes, 153; in coun- 
cil at York, 17*, 72, 105, 111*; to 
gentlemen ne noceant, 144; to 
gentlemen in York, 112; for hos- 
pice, 112; new, 45, 150; red, 88*; 
sweet, 88, 103, 105, 111 

Winksley, 4, 21, 81, 96, 135, 194, 200 

Winnowing, 8*, 9*, 43*, 86, 87*, 117, 
118, 232 

Winsley, 5, 96, 201, 217; mill at, 5 

Winsley House, 213 

Winter fair, 154*, 156*, 227, 228, 229, 
232; hall, 192; larder, 238 

Wintering of cattle, 87, 231*; of a 
heifer, 44 

Wirrell, We'll, 32, 143, 174, 201, 205, 
228, 232; de pistrino, 252 

Witham, Th., 51, 69, 70*, 71, 73 

Withes, Joh., 134* 

Woburn, Abbot of, 18, 73; journey 
to, 74; journey of Abbot to, and 
thence to Oxford, 68; materia de 

Wodhous, 4 

Wollour, Elena, 239 

Wolronwell, 5 

Wombleton (Wymbylton), 3, 23, 64, 

Women employed, 164*, 169 

Womslay, Will., 18 

Womwell, a tenant ?, 21; Nich., 66 

Woods, allowance for, 172 

Wood and brushwood, 52 

Wood, etc., care of, 52, 87; sold, 2, 
81, 170 

Wool, 33, 57*, 58*, 76, 148, 153, 193, 
198, 203, 207, 211*, 213, 214, 231, 
232; carriage of, 16; preparation 
of, 51; receipts of, 248, 249*; vari- 
ous qualities of, sold, 39, 78 

Wool house (lanaria), 49 

Woolhouse account, 22 

Woollen, see Cloth 

Workmen, dinner of, 84 

Works, Master of, see Magister 

Worslay, Joh., 60 

Wra, 23 

Wragat, 184, 188, 189, 190 

Wrampan, Will., 11*, 14, 35, 46*, 58, 
76, 85, 88, 89*, 106, 109*, 111, 119, 
127, 139, 143, 149, 150, 159, 240*. 
jun., 104, 108, 121, 127, 128, 129, 
sen., relict of, 104, 105 

Wranglause, 188 

Wrekes, Rob., 32, 50, 57, 73, 74, 75, 
108, 144, 146, 175, 215, 228*, 229, 
232*, 233* 



Wren, Edm., 121 

Wright, Henr., 54*; Jenk., 235; Job., 
128, 181*, 223, 252; Ric., 125; Th., 
24, 187; Will., 6, 124, 160, 235, 238 

Wrightson, 164; Will., 197* 

Writ, see Breve 

Writing of bill, 108; of bills of ac- 
counts, 14*; and drawing up of 
bills, 48*; of documents, 18*; and 
labour, 66; and sealing of legal 
documents, 13*, 14*; paid for, 49, 

Wy, see Wi 

Wybsay, Will., 20, 59 

Wyclyfe, fil., 61 

Wyginholmes, 189 

Wylstrope, Chr., 59, 66 

Wylyn, Joh., 208 

Wymanbar, 171 

Wymbylton, see Wombleton 

Wyndbanke, 12, 24, 47, 90, 158 

" Wyston," 21; read Evyston 

Wythys, Joh., 35 

Yacse, Rob., 128 

Yarm or ^arome, 4, 178* 

Yarn, 15 

Yarnwyke, 3, 4, 21, 23*, 41, 65 

Yearly payment, 57 

Yeast (spuma), 12, 47, 90, 174 

Yedyngham, Prioress of, 140, 159 

Yeoman, 251 

Yle, hered., Joh., 234 

Yole, 183, 184, 185 

Yoman, Gilb., ux., 33 

Yong, Henr., 12, 47, 90; Joh., 36, 
205, 222, laborer, 252 

York (Ebor.), 15*, 20, 21, 23*, 25*- 
31*, 46, 54*, 59, 60*, 61, 68*, 69, 
70*, 71*, 72*, 73*, 76*, 88, 89*, 

103*, 104, 105, 108, 110, 111*, 
112*, 117, 126-130, 134, 138, 140*, 
143, 144*, 145, 147*, 149, 153*, 
154*, 156*, 157, 158*, 160, 211, 
215, 217, 218, 236; abp. of, 7, 12, 
62, 68, 71, 90*; dues to, 47*, see 
Firmae forinsecse; (abp. W. Booth), 
25, 26; assizes at, 150*, 153, 154; 
Church of St. Peter at, 7*, 36; 
Comitatus at, 151; Commissary of, 
14; community of City of, 7, 12, 
47, 90; custos fabricse at, 240; dean 
of, 149, 152, 240*, 241; duke of, 
15*, 60*; expenses at, 112, 144, 
150, 190; friars of, 59; hospice at, 
9, 25, 43, 87, 112; Juburtgate in, 
3, 65, 81; mayor of, 27; Mykylgate 
in, 3, 21; North Street in, 3, 7; 
Ousegate in, 145; pavement (of 
hospice ?) at, 84; Petergate in, 3, 
65; Precentor of, 7; Priory of H. 
Trinity at, 7, 34, 66; St. Leonard's 
Hospital at, 7, Court of, 70; St. 
Mary's Abbey, 7, 82, 130, 131, 
Abbot of, 124; Skeldergate in, 65; 
Slotergate in, 23; Stangatein, 3, 65; 
Trecherlayn in, 3, 81, 104; Vescy 
tenure in, 3, 7, 82 

Yorkshire, sheriff of, 13, 66 

Yowdale or ^owdale, 6; Alan, 233; 
Jenkyn, 7, 62, 119, 120, 121, 122, 
123, 138, 233; Joh., 6, 29, 54, 84, 
119, 120, 121*, 122, 123, 138*, 154, 
179*, 233, relict of, 179, 233, son 
of, 152; Joh., jun., 179, sen., 179; 
Ric., 124; Rob., 7, 120, 122, 123, 
179*, 233; Sim., relict of, 39; Th., 
7, 120, 122, 123, 138, 179, 233 

Yvo, St., 237n 

5, see Y 

DA Surtees Society, Durham, Eng 
20 Publications. 

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